The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on April 30, 1931 · Page 3
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 3

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, April 30, 1931
Page 3
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THURSDAY. APRIL 30, 1931 BLYTHEVILLE; (ARK.) COUNTER NEWS PACE TfTllKi 'Combined from oase one) twice as lanjc as Hie minimum estimate by the bureau of l'ie ainnai sum on which a family of five cm i eat and slay healthy in emcr?fnoy The story about crJorles and vitamins can be bv writing the U S. Bureau of Uvne Ermom'cs V Washington. Wti-jhl ord : nari!v en bc -Increased by n-Jdtii-; 603 cilvles a day to the normal lo? 1 CTOSump- tion, one is advised, and rtecroTn: 1 bv decreasing the die'- bv about 1000 a day. A relucin? diet S^-V.H' cnl do-m principally o-i t!:? fi 1 " Normal diel should run fro'ii aho'i' 2800 for a man doing l:Kht work I" 4000 for a man doiiv; heavy work Kor two women It should run fro~ 2-200 for those using little or no muscular energy to 3300 for these using'. plenty. The' average "census familv" o'. five—two adults and t v ree children under 12—needs ab=ut BO.OOO e\!o- ries a week and the b:ir:au In? 1 suggested thai an attractive die 1 , on that basis can be made out of 70 pounds or 10,000 calorics of vegetable's and fruits. 14 quarts or 8W calories of milk, 14 pounds or J1.IM calories of flesh foo'is, eggs airJ cheese, 12'.-; pounds or 20.000 calo- . ries of.'dry-welghl cereal, 4','_- pounds, or 8000 calories of sugar or sweets j and 4 pounds or 16,000 calories of fat. This would not be a reduclns diel, -however, and assum'js that father and mother do cnly moderately .active muscular work. l-\>ods rich in vitamins of on:, kind or another Include milk. liv;r and kidney, raw or canned toes, lettuce, raw cabbage, raw carrots and turnips, orangss, butter and cod-liver oil. Bui there is far; more -to the vitamin situation thai? that, although no room for il here. A $5.92 Weekly Menu For Family of Five Yesterday's article presented tlr diet devised by Ihe Bureau of Honr,: Ecofcomlcs as one in which a family of'five could subsist for a minimum ol 56.55 a week. The bureau also recenlly presented another diet, based on its own research and formulated by a home economics class at the Eastern High School at Washington, with menus for a week /. using food estimated to cost $9.52 I ] for a. family of five. This food schedule included 50 items .of food, including 3 pounds of cornmeal, 10 loaves o! bread. " pounds of flour, a pan of rolls, ? pound of rice, '10 quarts of milk ] 15 pounds of potaloes, 3 cans of tomatoes, a pound of navy beans about'12 pounds of vegetables— kale, bceis, lettuce, onions, ruta bagas,' peppers, carrots, cabba^t and spinach; 5 pounds of apples, t dozen", oranges, a pound ol prunes a can of butter, oleomargarine, lard and bacon, 2 pounds of sugar, 1? eggs..a can of salmon, three-quarters of a pound of cheese, a pound of lamb, a pound and a quarter of frankfurters, half a pound each of hog liver, sausage, dried beef and ham, half a pound of coffee and a quarter of a pound of tea. Prices on these items, the aggregate being alleged to feed the family al 27 cenls per person per day, were recently current in Washington. The menu for the week, moie varied and attractive than the bureau's $6.55 menu which would cost only 19 cents a day, is given in the accomtpanyinj box. A 89.52 WEEKLY MENU FOR FAMILY OF FIVE This n:enu Ijy the U. S. Dineau of Home Ecencimlcs conlem- plates an avriiKc family of five persons. which is two adults u:uj l! iee children under the age of I'-i. IJreakfast C^'mcal. 'o . mi'.k •a"d su"or. stewe'l prunrs. cheese toa^t (milk toast for two yo'.-iiicr; children), iof~e: for two adulis. irPk for three ciill- < ren . Ilcminy frits, toil m'.lk and sugar. -rifle s^uee. to"s* r d w s ol' wi'^at bread. cnfTec, mi!k. Oatmeal, cinnamon toast, prunes, toffee, milk. eg» on toast for t-,vo youngest children. r' UNO AY Luncheon Nut bread and but- '.cr *Tn^w;ches. apple sauce and cocoa. MONDAY Cream of tomato soup with crouton';. n':<od (ruit salad, pan rolls, tea. milk, mashed carrots for babv. TUESDAY Macaroni au v.ralin, rve bread, apple- fauce. colTcc,- milk. mashed butter?rt r.c"t i fi'r two youngest children. Dinner Etullcd Hani: sleak. browned no'atnos rcw vrgetable salad. who!'; wheat nut breed, neach cobbler with fiuli .sauce, t?a for Qdul's. peachi'S n-d milk for two chllc.'rer 1 . r:iw ci'b- . ! ii-o 'i'lcefcryou!i7- (St chil'l. Ornn?e cup. frizzled beef on toa~l, £C"J;0^d • | '.a'.CC", bread, bnlt"i. cof- fe~ . for adults. Tomato Julcrl c"ck- lall. sautc-1 breatlec snusage, beets and vinegar sauce, l-a 1 :- cd slufT'd potatoes. whole wheat bread, Interplanetary Society Seeks Literally For New Worlds; Members Would Explore Space SHI •J>"? O. 1 ceo/a Society—Personal Hominy grils with n' ilk. cg|?s a la Grldenrcd on toast triangles. coTce, milk, orange juice for two youngest children. Daisy oranges, hom- inv balls with mo- Tars^s. rice muffins, hominy grits with milk for two young- n^t children, coflee. milk. Mush and milk. toast, butter, prunes. cocoa. Broiled bacon, fried cornmeal mush with molasses. codec, *"i'k. !nu°h f'irl milk '— '"'-i v— ..,— -• n*i<Mj."Tl WKDNKSDAY Sulll fra soup. p'B- per hash lor adul's. brown bread a'ld butter flindwlches. prune \ship with custard snuce. creamed carrots for two vcrn-cst children. THURSDAY rice hasll. corn imiffitis. butttr, rno- lasses, be-rt greens fo- two youngest children, gingerbread for the three oldest, tea. FRIDAY Creamed spinach au f-r-ilin. whole wheat drop biscuits, gin- Berbrcad. lea. milk. SATURDAY Bean Foup. croutons. i:nle seasoned with bacon fat. c'nmmcn loast. tin, milk. rice pudding, lea. Potatoes c'-caVoncd with ham. buttered rnhbvr, cornbread. butter. molasses, Brown Bctlv wilh cream, tea, milk. Breaded liver, cabbage escalloprd with .tomatoes, buttered whole potatoes with parsley, bread, butter, baked apples, gingerbread, but not for youngest- chll'J. tea, milk for two youngest children. Salmon loaf with cream sauce, bread- ert tomatoes, mashed potatoes, brrad, butter, steamed custard, tea. m»lk for voun^- C3t child. Ijimb stew, browned rotatces, kale seasoned with bacon. £l'ced oranges, brsac butler, coffee, mil! for two younges children. lll'.C Not lonely dreamers, but an organrrrd liody of iclnillfic rradirrs for the muon. are tin; members or the Interplanetary Sociitv. G. E. Priulray. u|i;»r left, Is vice j.rcsldcnl, uiul Vrofrsscr itobcrl II. (ioil- iliml, upper right, a prominent' inrmbrr. Professor Goddard's e.vpvriiiirntal sl.illon at Camp llevdis Is shown, center, whrrc lie is building roiki'ls lo explore unknown MWCOS above the carUi. UY PAW, IIAKK1SON NEA Srnire Writer NEW YORK, April 28-Just a few years a?o. (l:e man who dareU lo dream of shootln? a rocket lo the- moon was a lone \volf. Alcne In some dim laboratory, alcne in some secluded rural re- 'rcat. he experimented with the swift projectiles which were to carry messages, perhaps human beings, to unknown planets. Townspeople tapped foreheads significantly,- and let, the dreamer alone. Today, in thr American Interplanetary Society. Inc.. he has found a haven where he may plan discuss, dieam in company with 200 other restless Americans who have organized to unify their plans ler making a highway of the heav- I ens. Now Taken Seriously It all starled about three years ago. when half a dozen young men with some »knowledge of scienc and a conviction that the world 1 Tin-onus of visitors yMlcnlay afternoon vUlted OscreU r.omes an.l gardens placed on exhibit lh:oir;h the Oiciviia Wamciis I'riKjrcsslv;' club In obS'.Tvniui; of N.iCuna! Uet- ler ILor.ipp \V:-fk. The places on dUpl.iy Included tho hoiiu-s ol I):, and Mrs. I,. U N(as-:cy. Mr. and Mr.s. O. K. Ma-=- H'SiKil! iin:l Mr., and Mrs. I). S Limey, Imlh uti.l fuinlshril duvinc I the imt jviir, Mis. Guy Jii'y.u: : ". I rr::iodt'!c:l horn'- iin;l iit'.r.i'.'livetiar l d:n. f< Kavdi'i-,:* al Ihe horn? I of MLS. J. L. Williams. Mrs. P. W. wilRlit ar.d Mr;. Ja.ui W. i::- tcn. Mrs. (J. E. HiillcnijJr's lily sum i;:u-den. Mrs. J. W.-Cart- In nml M.-s. i(a!])!i Mcllvaln' 1 in:ivdri:s hi io«n. i>i? co'.nitry cs'.at; ' ULirduis uf M:s. I-'. 1>. .Iiu-obi fin Mrs. A. G. llrifk'-,'. and u nilnla lure ixiol at tin' h-;mc o! Mrs. : Cleve. Other homes on display, cac'.i prOsuitlnu a novel feature of Im- piuvi'int'iil accoinpllihed dvnln^ t'i'.? pasi yrnr, WLMT '.hose o! Miss Hnrna Cos. when- r. farm kiti;l:en ha' bren made mCLiern. Mis. S. L. Ghd Wi, v.iio converted an attic linn I comfortable living? quarters. Mrs G. pcsslbilUlcs of an extra bathroom in a small space, and Mrs. J. W Edrlnglon w!io 1ms rccenlly equipped n n attractive wardrobe n restoreil antiques ol early•-'» ican design. . - The exhibit was arranged for by "' Mrs. J. H. lyjvewell and M/s, W K. Hunt. rnemt:i:i of the Projrts- sive cluij. f '.'_ Mr. anil Mis. Ben H. G;?3n, wiio been on nn extended iliy in California, returned tj t'h'jlr licme here Tuesday cvetiinj. Renew Your Health Dy Purification Any iiliy:iieian will tell you that .. 'Ptiic.l Purification of the Sys- mi is Nature's Kouiulation of ?c-r'ci't lUaltli." V/liy not rid ,1'Ui.H'if o£ rhrnnic u'.lmcnls that '.ic u:Lili.-T.:i]iing your vili'Hty? 'unfy yoi'i 1 entire syaUij. by lak- •ij u tlir.rouf-h coui'co oi Calotabn' -'j:r_-r : or twice a week for Etvural vcl:s—:mcl foe hov/ Nature vc- vrn's yju with health. Ciiloiaua purify the blooil by '•-.- :vnti::i:thc livor, kidneys, stomaclr •ii:il Ixnvcls. In 10 els. and 35 els. Packages. AU dealnri. (Adv.) on Ihe membership has sky-! ground near Berlin, and Ihcre they ockued. Many a promlnenl name »re testing cnmblnalions of llijnld s'iiiciudcd, such as those ol Sir .fuel. According to 1'endray. thcy.' nnl \ wliosc" irdrooms are'FuririshVd inter: Wilkins and Dr. Roberl II. claim thai within Iwo years they Jcddard. probably the foremost! will be sending rockets between American expert on rocket flights.] Europe and America. Parachutes will bc used for liuidlng the projectiles and their 50-pound cargoes cf mall or merchandise. Then they will be refueled, reloaded and flashed back over the Atlantic making the round trip in two hours. Typewriters - - - Adding Machine — Rebuilding — ill:;—Ribbons—Carbon — Adding Machine Rolls Acton Printing Co. Typewriter Dojit. Phone 10 a v-:ry small place indeed, got ll:o hab!t of meeting to Pfixhay. now the soclely's vico -resident, has just returned from Germany after a series of conferences with leaders of the movement there. David Lasscr, another writer on scientific subjects, is prcs- idenl. Purely Scientific Question ' We have associate and active memberships," Pendrny explained, "and about half the total group, I should . r ay. arc engineers, astronomers, scientists and scientific wrlt- eis. Naturally we are cautions about the qualifications of those admitted to active membership. We don't wanl anything to reflect on cur sincerity In the study of 'astronautics.' " Of course there may be no practical value in such an excursion of into lalk Kansas Road Work to Save 3,000 Jobs ; TOPEKA. Kims., (UP) — The ; Kansas slate highway commission;"' will have let contracts supplying ! _^ work for 3,000 men during the [ summer before the month Is end- . ed. Tlie federal government has: contributed $2,000.030 to aid tin; of 40D miles John Deere Implements and Repairs FOR SALE BY , DAN M. DUNCAN At BROWNE & BILLINGS, Old LiCEfcn Pascob, Lilbourn at Wardeil. iira^j-! 'adocia at Steeie, Denton at Hoi-1 nd. J June 28th | Steele at Hayti. Bra^gadocia at j ilbcurn, New Madrid at Pascola. I 'ardcll at Denton, Holland at | ootcr. 1st Half Schedule of S. E. Missouri League Announced The schedule of the S-vitheis 1 MlEEOi'Ti Baseball Association loi the first half of the syl't-Eeasor riicc,' which opened lasi Sundaj ha?= jsst been rEleasrd. , The first half race of the ten Learn] Bunday amateur circuit open' ert on Sunday, April 20th and wil close on June 28th with each team In the loop playing every oihe tram; one game. The schedule follows: April 20th Stcclc at Lilbourn, Cooler a Warden. New Madrid at Bragga docla. Pa^cola at Denton, Hayt at Holland. May 3rd Holland at New Madrid. Lilboun at Hayti, Warden at Pascola, Brag yadocia at Stc.-le. Denton at Cooler May 10th Cooler at Lilbourn. Holland a I'ascola, Stee'.e at Warden. Hay al Braggadocia, New Madrid a Denton. May 17th Warden at New Madrid, Dcnto at Hayti. Lilbourn at Pascolr Holland at Stecle, Brajgadocla a Cooler. May 24th New Madrid at. Lilbourn, Hay at Wardtll, Pascola at, Braggadocii Cooler at Denton, Steele at Ho' land. May 31st Lilbourn at Hayti, Denton l BriReadocla. PascoTa at Steel New Madrid al Cooler, Wardell [ Holland. June 7th Stecle al New Madrid, Pasco! al Wardell. H«>li at Cooler, Brag Eudoda at Holland, Lilbourn a Denlon. June 14th * Denton al New Madrid, Pasco at Rayli, Cooler at Sleele, Hollan nt Lilbourn. Wardell at Btagga dwla. June 21st Blaze Found in West RENO. (UP)— The words Carson 1848," were recently found about Ihe possibilities of traveling IhrcuJh space. Experiments here and abroad with instrument-carry: ins rockets designed lo explore the earth's outer atmosphere centered; their attention on the rocket as the'' only possible vehicle of such distant travel. 25 or 30 million miles- -only a few, o[ roads " antl ,- MUr (. lc |, : days distant for the daring rocket m |i cs o [ highways. WJ other hand, vast might be found! PHILADELPHIA. (UP)—Tlie new pilot. On the mineral wealth new elements, strange animals and! Cnr"tis~ClTni"of men. or even a Utopian civlllza-• whl<;h wll , be ren{ | y [or U5e vlMn \ tlon. Entire new worlds may offer a [cw dnys _ js sM ' (t) bc ,, |C nnjsl thtmselves for colonlzalion, with. Iri6dlc5i bu |, dl . lg (n thc W0f](] UD . nn.uiici.^ iui i.uiuuK.oi.w.1, "••-", medical building in the world DD- new lands to bc won and new seas ]latei , , Jjr p^,,, H K [;i | rt | Si |.' t . on . 1 ' ''(The more they t studied, the morei, As atlcntion they cfeated. The group [of t "Kit of planetary pioneers soon became'.'bc ; .id that none of them expects IOD large lo nieet at the home of, to live to see the day when man j carved into a tree near Mud Lakes i G. B. Pendray. where the first, will be commuting between here in tho Eldorado national forest, it flights of fancy had been made, and any suburban points In the was reported here. The hislori- Th? mcn found, loo, lhat Instead of being unmercifully derided they were bcin? taken seriously. The be sailed, | tains nl , tllc Mfst t ] lscov( , r | CS evidence of the earnestness known to mcrtlcal sc!eilc tho Tnlcrplanetarlans, H should Planting Seed For Sale Mis-Del Nn. 2, @ Sf>0.00 per Ion, Dcifos Bll, @ $15.00 .per ton. Seed ytmranleul pure and germination test 93%. This Mis-Del is one year from breeding station. Stnplo 1 1-8 inch, thirds itself. The most satisfactory cotton I have ever grown. Prices F. 0. B. Grider. Maj. F. P. Jacobs . Gridvr, Ark. our Who Enlisted Here _, , . ^ l cal discovery was made by a Unit- tO 1 raining Lamps ed States forest service trial crew. ! Six Inches of new wood had; American Museum, slronghold of grown over Ihe original bias?. An-' drier tree carved by Ihe famous Four men, who enlisted in the r nited States army through the ical recruiting station, have been ent to training camps- Aubrey Dcavours, city, Bryant 1111 of Lake City and David Winton Haley, of Hughes, Ark., were ent to Fort Crook, Omaha. Neb., tid Howard Missey, of Manila: vas , e ent to Fort Omaha, Omaha. pioneer is still standing in the Kit • Carson pass. I ccnsrrvatism, invited them lo hold Iheir me^lintjs there. About a year ago, the society was incorporated, and from that universe. 13ul even before they starl reach-1 ing for Ihe moon, the society and its foreign associates devote some time to rocket experiments, particularly the development of mall-carrying rcckeis. German engineers have a rocket proving Takes Over Cafe W. M. Bartley, in the restaurant | nisincss here for the past ten years, has taton over the cafe next to Phillips Motcr company on I Vtst Main street. ' | PHILADELPHIA. (UP)—A foun- ain whose silvery stream radiates ill colors of the rainbow \vas one j if the striking features of the re- :ent Electric Show. Ilaytl al Ntw Madrid, Cooler at, money baci Carolina Woman Lost 47 Lbs. In 3 Months and Feels Years Younger I have been takin^ Krnschen Salts for nearly 3 months. I have continued taking one leaspoonfnl in warm water every morning. I then weighed 217 pounds, was always bothered with pains In my back and lower part of abdomen and sides. "Now I am glad to say I am a well woman, feel much stronger, years younger and my weight is 170 pounds. I do not only feel better but I look betlcr, so all my friends say. I shall never bc without Kruschen Salts, will never cease taking my dally dose and more than g' to highly recommend It for the Srent Rood dat. Is In it." Mrs. S. A. Solomon. New Bern. N. C., Jan. 1930." "P. S. You may think r am exaggerating by writing such a long letter but truly I feel so Indebted to you for putting out such wonderful Ealts lhat I cannot say enough." A bottle of Kruschen Salts that last.-, 4 weeks cosls bul 85 cents at Klrby Drug Co.. and druggists the world over. Take one half teaspoon In a class of hot water every morning before breakfast. Attention to diet will help—cut out pastry and fatty meats—go light on potatoes, butler, cream and sugar—the Kruschen way Is the safe way to lose fat. Try one bottle and It not Joyfully satisfied —Adv. 2 FLORSHEIM SHOE riner, b:tter shoe's than-rver before— at new lowered prices — giving 1-lorshehn wor- ers still more per dollar — seltinj AnuVicn's n e w standard of shoe value Always th? smartest, most economical shoe For The Man Who Cares. Now 0 M and HE shoe for now... flexible, airy and easy fitting . . . the cooler, more coinfortaMe shoe for warm weather . . . the Stan- ford Welterweight. Tan or Black "Good Shoes and Hosiery' 5 IS You're the Particular Kind- We've Got Your Hat $£85 = to 8 \V« enjoy calcviiiK to the particular man—because we arc certain that their tastes conform with (.hose of ours. 1'artteiilm- men at 'our shop become easy to s-'cll—as evidenced by experience. Every new straw idea for summer is ,ci mbincd in our selection. Every style feature is presented. Dobb.s and other popular makes. R. D. HUGHES & CO.

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