Oakland Tribune from Oakland, California on September 4, 1971 · Page 30
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Oakland Tribune from Oakland, California · Page 30

Oakland, California
Issue Date:
Saturday, September 4, 1971
Page 30
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.MrtJMf. MofelApt. Hout* MAMAGfc* PLANNING AIDE C'ty of Art*iekh TO br Executive Secretary TV !*··* wwnssaaft M*» V H^ BULLARD OPR U\,^LL,/"\f\L/ V-/I f\ SALES REP P « ^^- «in" OWRATQRS MACHINE SPtC^ALiS T S All*d it* wtv 527 3911 PAY $ 3 5 1 HR CIVIL SERVICE SHOP '* onwr « H ^._^^ i ^.^ OPENINGS a*o AT-- A.* V £.'.. C. -:Ce 262-1006 SECRETARY LEGAL POOL TABU SALE M CONSTRUCTION PERiowKEL of PA*TUE«.T NOMtf SAVtNH A L4AM AS|M. a* E UT» JT , OAKLAND OFFICE .CT|: JB ACCT; CHIEF ACCT °R T OCirW«LL UftVICU A4MNCY Wtocter St n'S.'i iw 3 wt' o ·»» t ' »·«*· ·*·- s«ia-v Live in HAYWARD? DIAL DIRECT COMSMMBR FINANCt MCN IS** X* CMUfeH of ftv 4« $1.. O*k Owttr *rii L*trjl rwaurd. UMOI Maintenance Machinist Electrician brgkn p r · m 1 1 1 1? WorrM j 1 Morni P:*r. -»na saws «« «. « i ira.n V A L E S -« C*H Bon McGovfn Ct, v- Eait Ba» Manwtacturar -at a wmannn opining nr f«d maimmajic* «Ktrxian To appiicanti mvst - BOB WILLDEN WTTER Pun Vtc- LMv )· -Follr. ' 444-IH3 ·ro«. M A NimHi mgm till t. sit ~OoS STIMCRAY B4.H. D»n«b»«JT (nc*tft rMt) «IW. Bvbtaut tUfS. Parla- rlMr tlt.H. Swina ma- $4.« S17-1M4 A tTME FIXTURES. brackets, glass. JMMER SPECIALS INDS San Ltandro S W I M M I N G Pool POMOhboy If "'"" Excl. TOMATOES, trf*. "i awls ST Sar, rRAfLER. I WHEEL E»«l dttMn, at. Set at Ttaco STM TnernhlH. li*nt con- SWtlon, Tons of Surplus Tools Drill pmm. vivo, arbor en hydraulic lacks BONANZA E. 14HI St^ Oat by private ^z^isrjtfs*.* WILL BUY ArgfTHING OF VALUE tn-.W,.Hrt (tin. coins, * ""cSS ajti. Job Resumes $9 o/*m based on U yrs of continuous Oakland. Morris Plan afteriforn training taiioredto your experience.! opportunity for advtncemtnt. At ,«« tr«-.rf. C*n*f*tl. Molv Worrit P1»fi Co. C*l 176] Bro«KHv. OiHUrxJ. for _ _ ability to plan ant) plant wiring and machinery ton tie. NC tiectrical control main teiunct eesirabw. union tnoa wim company pan 'vaitn A wttfart, lite insurance ang dental btnrtlts. Thott interested can tu-ntt tit B7 for appointment. AJl Ett»*l Opportunity REAL ESTATC SALESMEN HELP- CdMArty bf^tf wftH 4TKC4l~ . ;032t 0« and 562-4823 fi'tff ooi'lon at tiMndtna En* Hosivta Raoairis outstanding ' . Ba. outsl skMi Including t n worn t inorttiand IM wpm. Please large reward, Ot-tMi iiAMfcit cat. owu A name collar "WtneY . to'Snoopy Vic. Permit* A Smallev Reward ~ - -WHITE Albino tanaK cat, blue *v*. partly Oftl. WRIST WATCH, Latfr Himiltan diamond, murd, 4tMMl CAT tamaie i«. tray. Marcn, Tnornhill ar«a wtit. led XW-U74 GERMAN SHEPHERD Mate, t to 1 ytar oW. Blk. white, tan. 452 FRANK, HAPPY LOVE YOU, P. I I H T H 0 A Y. DRINKING Problem (AA) may r*lp no fee. Phone UM3H JIRLS needin« friendlv counseling call Adootion Semen. Alameda Cowtty welfare Dooartmtnt. Mil MRS.. 0. PEAKS - Your. Vt" *Jnd St. *»raa* wtH be dtspoMd of within 10 days. Not responsible after that time. Started; Ytm H. Wong parhnent, PERSONS interested In instituting MIS to* .. tMt or Mr. or Mn. John or Lor- ADMITTING clerk, exper. only, raint C«rr u)17 S. **n SI. Concord hoioital. Pleaje send resum »«1» (41S) MS-IOI _ P.O. BOK JIM Son Wandro. UNMARRIED nojo call Be WILL atnpmj«no saw.accMtnt on 10 4)ffl bt~ Aug. 17m, at lg:M a llotit Mut Volvo A Cream cal Erwrtt Adult. Sun. 11 a.m., coffee hrilowshlo. Cathedral at If* Cross- rMds. MUnOf.TCtan VoJtev. AIRCRAFT ENGINE OVERHAUL TO BLOOD DONORS Donors monad by Blood Bank o ACCMA. txm Ci*remontAve, O»k- For appt. tS4-I7I4 WORRIED? See Mrs. Fester. Psv chic life reader. KWp-aevlce Luck DoMfri. n a o o i n e s s , changes. Licensed. 1»E 2Jrd St.. Richmond US-llTfl SAY-0-VISTA tennis A swim club membentilp. 27M611 after t o.m. Riskin's Gem Shop Paaree HAM HCVR alUed A-KW, MJS. VFO rMM HC-10B. OS. 5M-17W. V*- cumnrtiwe P'.l '?" Niitw F ',.° t ** micFl 7 lM Y «Cl F cond.'' 5 St.' comtx. IM-2SM Jwnm. 1.4 tens. Train now for an exciting career with a or Airline Oev, evgHMfind Saturday CwSSR- nflflS'ff'' T^T ^t^T't. Low tuition student Loans available, free job placement bureau. Visa assistance AVIATION SCIENCES ACADEMY i Travel : Ljti'-l ill COP*r. } ,, SKH un*i*r m ; Asking S5» m#5» WLKTRIC: fi 0-4.1 EARN HMMER PAY AS A NURSES AIDE or Medical Recept. Asst. H $ DtPLQVA NOT REQUIRED AMP-cvrd for vtierans rratMng TRAIN A THOME Immediate openings WORLD WIDE filOGRAPHICS 5A40 Geary Blvd., S F. M7-til| *M The Alamoda, S. Jote X7-f451 KCCOUNTANT. Staff accountant for East Bay C.P.A. Firm. J-3 Yrs. ex. . . . . Salary open. Reply Boi Oomlno now In Oakland Museum tor individual wtth master s degree in art, art history A 1 years twwri ence including 1 year supervisory in Strottv 173-1111 An Eoual Opportunity EinMoyer for ACCOUNTANT^T.".A. San JOH C.P.A. firm. DANCE HOSTESSES have recent out), ace. «D . 217-7771. Pttrinovkh A Duranso Must,GOOD PAY SHORT HOURS More dance hostesses art needed tt the Savoy Ballroom, both full time :. Guaranteed wages plus enintant interested in a amential partnerstiiD Interest In an East Bay; A part tjme. f-l?th , Oak. accowntino practice. Send ttorti and salary require Reolv Box MW3J14-2 Oakl toJTirei ib- danc _ ooen ! ore. DANCERS ; . ed of «-!? Are you · good land Trib- dancer? If so, we have toe salary ooeninjfor YOU!! Call Girls GAL- ACCOUNTING CLERK Position requires 1-} years experience in bookkeeping and-or accounting hi accounts payable, accounts receivable or general bookkeeping. Experianc* should be hi a data processing oriented ac : DEMONSTRATE -- ftwttn'S ' part time, hioh comm. J or r Way. An ._ accounrlnf de- ate skHts on It key and calculator. Cat Cox, SIMCO PACIFIC Dr., Oakland. Ca ADVERTISING ASSISTANT Production experience necessary SWAN'S IfTH A WASHINGTON STREETS MAN, trighty exoorio IOB and Conttntnttl exoorionced In Lvcom- haul, for 2 months overseas utign- ment. Ideal for man A wife wno would like to Set Europe *nroute home after assignment compteftd. Contact WAPA7P.O. Box 753. Don vilje, Ca., »4£aX phone (415 «37 ALARM SALES A tltSTALLATION EXCELLENT OPPORTUNITY Opoortunih Rm 12. 143S r Deadline «-W. Eou DISTRIBUTE-MANAGE for w e s t coast rnariofaeturing co. Part or full time. Exceptional Income avail. Call Mr. Ehlert A3HQM FULL kt PART TIME If you are knluW tor a dwllenakig ana rewarding barter witn ine will train you. Sti _ -^^^ \_n c t n 11 v t program available to tnpM wno prefer. Por inHrylcw ohene: MR. WATSOM AMBULANCE DRIVERS, frwst bt ovw 71, have advanced flrjt *M card, know ttw dry. Appiy in person, AOYw Ajnbultnc*, 9C Grove St. Oak. ARTIST, FASHION TOP flight only, at least J yrs recent am., full time, salary open, ~ include profit snaring JJ7- ASST. MANAGER ki Catl Mr. ^T QfERATKtNS SUPERVISOR Mr. Anderson shop. eves. ATTENDANT AUTO PARTS SALESMAN .MS, no teSt or S wk showing clotheii o investment, ago gl-WI. . levelri Z1. SM INSURANCE CLAIMS ADJUSTER 4 to * yrs neaw B.I. ex*erience Will snort D E N T A L ASSISTANT Chalr-ide I N S U R A N C E . D E R W R t aoaressive. last, growing DENTAL RECEPTIONIST. Minimum 2 years experience. General DentW- '. somt chalrside D E N T A L TechnWan, emerteimd ortho- DENTAL ASST. Ex»*rl d o n t i c cnainkte. : area. Hand w( Illen resufti*, st- . _ OAMllflcatlons. Box M7H075»-31 Oak land Tribune DENTAL Tecti for crown work, full time. W7-1H3 Director Planning Research txp A ability m conducNnB Total Ii A program wrttlr- ------ bridgt Typr M worn, rtos -- shorthand: least I years experience. Salary comensurate with exoerh 451-5076 3 vr's . research erty pro program. NOMIC -,,. Jt¥ Agency 143s Grove Way, Hayward ioyal Opportunity Agency DISTRIBUTOR ShaWee P r o d u c t s now have openings, trot tm classes, caii 37«4*M. OPPORTUNITIES UNLIMITED DISTRIBUTORS to service Customers who UK noivpollvtent organic products. H you on Qualify, tarn up to $1S| per wk comm. Part time, full time also im«U 7tM3B» DONUT Matt, mpgrtontea. 4 a ·*. Past worker. i»40ll DRIVERS TRAINING TEACHERS Northern Calrfornla-i Largest Driv- In the entire East Bay. S.F. ana. Very, very goad pay. Mint bt willing to wort * dty wk. Aoory in person, 3501 Geary Blvd., at Sfan- yan, and noor. 5.F. East Mawi St., vtsaMa Ca. ELECTROWNEOI. . reo. MFCO. AiS-gli. Atemeda. ENGINEER-SOILS ' ' ,, -- r*,o»t, consulting firm ' t c t n t l y · Oft- EXECUTIVE SECRETARY East IMV ^yottsjoky. Job^.... ... pkrt P*st record of too sMDffityEi- ceotionai fringe benefits. S a l a r y commensurate with skills MM - *55-*»l. Ptease can GENERAL Office, nart time. 1 days, snaro, good ttleonom voice Blvd Efperience in Imoorted c»c o»rtt 0* nKtssarv Take o»er est»tjl'SMed G' -. territory in Northern Calif. Pttase ence. pioasant teteaiione ptrsanMlty, , att-im JfAUTICIANS. licensed, female, e»-, Oerienced, rmutrad to »»t scato trtttnwftts. We train. COSY work oov. AoDtv 1441 Broadw Suite JTJO. Hours. »-?. BEER MAID~GolJO~Girts, o.»- 71- Eyt FuH Tower, Kt-wWI _ _ Hw* ··CM. rcJjry iUcvfotoTM ToMers · W Jt · atte typ-wrtrs Act Now A In 4 Woaks H«w Fun Al A %3%£H^ Yau need no H.S. !»»· . Tt«» ajyorfvj-im ctessr? Jeus Twrtin*--t»'l anytime 536-2319 MAMZT TMM KNOOl |gH c. I4rn Aufo AAechanics School AH gtawal Incl. b*o A tender ' for Veterans. New York inst (tevMM 1*W) SALESMEN WANTED lirej ·( 47 yun wiM Mi l*t» 1*1 in itnrtititi taittt ·wH gaA .a.a.a.a.a.af'll lta.H_ Mt-M Motel I.M Ffwl gM taT M eVflg.. .f iBaVHM. Fm tatiiftaW^ dm M tat HgwrOTv gMMW^^H · pvnHV ffim tir IHI MttMat. ·it*tti*ti tllHI k HUBl ··.*· ·»' Hr AM t"M n tt · ytn tf F YOU DON'T LOCATE just what you want, it's easy and inexpensive to place get It. a "wanted"«d to 538-5600 MANAGEMENT PERSONNEL Ei ccafiontl Ineemt avallabl* for pto- I pit »irh manaoanvnt Aiifi \_**u. n*art»i*MV *** ^4. r^'i «r part fane, will train. Call Mr. J CENTER INDUSTRIAL ENGINEER Deorc* rtouircd in induitria* tnyi nerr'mg or indtntrtal manaoe^nent. Spm* manufacturine ea*ri«nce · su ry experience'and'ability to pyWic. Call tSt-JKJ. Mr. Roger MANAGEMENT Your ortswrt poii- non IMS closed you m* Limited fu- *u"t, BO!!r:or A fkiancla!? Fa- a more satsltying future A goals, ·rttn our tatt growing CaW. Mntg. co. Mr. Mariana *lf»0 to work plant for maicr firm. B*v rnume to Personnel ManMr, P.O. Box 816. Union Gtv. Cj. Wtl An equal opportunity NSTRUCTOB-HEALTH tlon tor instructor Health Spa for amMflout. minded women, U»tUl. SPA. in Bay Area MANAGCR carevr Are*. TOW up to claim manager ii ·erlod of HIT*. 71 camaany ·ntmtaadunt. Greater Bay . fHF, Bi i BwflOtfMpj wJJ~3m. tTER. An needi a man with 1 phn yean « per. in auto underwrltlnf for _ _ . _. Oakland branch office. Ho. mat be MANUFACTURERS' can able of advancemmt. Call OUtn. OS-]CM tor IntervHw. aeneiil (Sed* its. lap rene*ad. Vtsted contract. Call Jack Sexton 97-23SS for confMtntial Interview INSURANCE Management Secretary -. MASSEUSE, AttracHV* A Acat, expe- ,, rtenctdor wlH train 537-HJ7 IMASSEUSC, tnterorWng, INSURANCE SALESMAN abstainer note to present accounts A secure ones. Must have Lift experience, Lite A Casualty Co. Guaranteed sal ary HDD monttiiv. Excenent oooor Unity to make more money thrown Life Sates. Oakland-Son Leandro- Havwanl areas. SUfO. servkt^lASSEUSES - Women wanted Earn 14 an hr. A un, oart time, be INTERVIEWER Will train. Call Robbtn Lynn ._ 44QO French A French Agency Of Oakland 2li» Franklin St. StrTflr. MECHANIC, Coin machines. Ivkc MS. TOD Pay! CMmnv Inc. SM- MECHANIC JOURNEYMAN own tools. ITVSSB. IANITOR--Eioertenced. R Starting salary MM. ExcM. trtng* benefits. P.O. Box 1JOT. Station E. Oakland »4t)l. MEDICAL tectmoMtbt, licensed, on iO6 SHOP Too pay. HINIST. Swing snrtt. JR. CIVIL SERVICE City of Antioch widt phn benefits variety of beg, To otrform beginning level, cert! Roq. Bj APPLY E OF JR. EXECUTIVE SALES MANAGER furnlshmis. Excellent worknf con dittoTM. Generous employot benefits. Salesman for furniture AND CARPET DEPT. Excellent opportunfty for amWfloial ymng man. Aaoty Macy's Personnel Dept. Concord ntty em- Sun Valley Snapping Macy's is an equaT Center KEYPUNCH OPERATORS KEYPUNCH OPERATORS rMTA 1 ' SERVICE »jClj KEYPUNCH -. _ . only Call After 5 p.m. 5JHea. OPERATORS. Swing LAB TECHNOLOGIST Licensed, experienced, to aoertte n*odern private lab for physician pow, Havward. Sattry open Rgpty B0« Mn4DIJ1_QajBindTribune. KINDERGARTEN " m " " LAB TECHNICIAN. 2 vwrs collige rfatTlitv. Math free. M « c t i * n l c a tnrevgr, caicuivs. Ante to Wt 5* *s. cut _ _ Ctr Sum work. Indefinite merit. WESTERN MEN. INC.. tiit MACDOXALO. RICHMOND ««»·»*" BUILDING MAINTQUNCE 532-1772 trni*q owitH for o»porionced Civil or StTuctwrot tnginoar wrrh 8-10 y*of* r**nt oipwri- Profw**ionol ErtfwwMring bockgtotmd must trxtvdo n ond mointenonc* * (wow-stole, multi-unit eorv MANAGEME NT TRAINEE national ilNEEnatl cvndidates managrmont training. UH salary if you oualifv. Would prefer : MANAGEMENT Bay Area B a s e d manufacturer sacks individuals capaMe of assuming overall management responsibility for recruiting, hiring A training. Can rfart pa-"* time if necnsarv. Excellent income " ttal. Mr. Winnek. Real Estate Salesmen Have openings for »ggretwve full- lime real estate salesmen or en. Modern office facilities In MOLZ'IALTY Valleto firm needs cam. department manager. Must have related background in earner as A vteLli units A 2 yrs. tvof Excel, salary, 5*9-S)g», ext 301 R. E. Salesman Wanted to tendle Business Oeoortun. old My Area Fi t» jQv. win Teacn. Manager LOCAL AUTOMOTIVE CENTER wanted tor Exhaust System Installation. HosMtaliiatlon. in cenMve elan and ooM vacations. To work in MIDAS MUFFLER SHOP in Alameda. Innutre Mr Kapler. Boi(M7iHMa-2 Oakland Tribune. --L.ZJ _ Natiofialn/ knoi^B cothpany tieeff 1 lakn A sorvtc* rep's (Appl) no Mvcstmtnt necuery -- car advan- tageaus. Call aSI-lgji EO£ MASSL or wl ·I or oirtsr, experlencti n, good salary, 5-IUi MASSEUSES -- experienced, Mgh errthwJajtk, experienced Md II- oensed. TOP pay. W-74M t* AM to . ex*, nee. Mint no at- - - - noon. An equal op- POrtunity tiimkiytr SS-f r l t h loci. wHrVcrCfltfeM* S3*VMS3 Sr. B. J. Pa.-iOns or VJss 1C. MEDICAL Laboratory technonorst MEDICAL SECRETARY, *jtp with bookktiplng abiltty for San Ltonovo doctors offla. salary opan, 7P-M57 NURSES RNs-LVNs Aides Orderlies work Staff A County SSL K: Law Tttmnuan. ... Some ·xagrfcnce nre- PAINTER. rau.1liiCtU,lo»rn«vman brush A spray. 14 Hr, tajlJTI PAINTERS, mrav-brwan. Awten · liorwi. t4 tw m-Slst AV. PARKS RECREATION Supervisor City of Antioch anwnv P»U5 own and oVocl rtcreetWi pnwarns. sotnt si clty^ndk To assist dept head in all parks A recreation otan- ing A suoervision. 4o. B A. and ! help f-om Bay Af*a licnn*** to Eirn SJOD or mwt weekly. , follow cutlined leads and stil lorg^ h , , h , , professional instruct-om^ JJSJJJfhL ?LJS!1! fEZffu-^flf! *-"«"·. *·«*' interview Dre-seti aoeroocn. Untaut financ-) apots ft A1.TA BATCI Wttntrr a Rc**M. An Equal : Att4445 Call REAL CfTATt LADIES WITH Ll- la work art fuMttd RIOHT ING TUESDAY-FRIDAY INGS. Call PS-OT* far M 0 R N- "AVON CALLING" Earn money Of your own! Don't vow need «nd want more money of vour very own? Thousands of Mode fulfill tnis wisfi by becoming succen- tul Avon Representatives. You can do it too. Can: Oakland ore* 45157*1 or UM100. San FranciKO area can 4M-OI9S. Berkeley and Nortn _call KJ-H71. SALES 1I*H SILVERVATC Ml. 628-8500 DUtLIN RECEPTIONIST-GIRL FRIDAY, year financt ctrnoany or comparable tioer rn. Send rentmt wtth calMwck numlitr to Charto Don- ntr. OS-^r' "' " ' 3rh St.. Oakland. RECEPT $480 MEDICAL CENTER - _____ hMMv sptci*!lnri . needs a sharp Typist to lundfi COfnotMtiTnl pcrsofinct MM i C4M)' O reports, plan schedvte* far doctors Mus prtsrtenlng all calls and visitors . . . FUN PUBLIC CONTACT POSITION. NANCY LEE EMP AGENCY, 1J» Broadwtr, Sufte TO RECEPTIONIST UgM clerical work reoly BO. MloMOT-4 Oak. Trib Phone SP-JCT StEMODCLIPta NCLFCR Stronj, young otrson. no experience necessary. Should have pickup. Win train to sandblast and snrav paint. Mr. Randy. 7*61 MacArthur Blvd., oak. Ut-lllt SALES -- NoM mature ladies for Watktns cuctotner servtce. Earn » $4 per hour starting. 4M-39U. SALES, oest control, man hr. commission. RETAIL /MANAGEMENT TRAINEES GRAND AUTO nee* Mno traneea! CaJHtmia's laraOjlT of SALES by raoW ekbanslon and new store Dta " n * d '" "* wtlThS: g"IG«TWhyklu.1, *VWr I I I ' l*v '*· * TeWT _ _ ,, , -, rut tv for If ^rtv n*tTr*J OOffMlt^BB * cotleoe or have 1 yewrs of retail experience on_ a feat track, are en- tr^ttic, ambltlows and MOftv we want to talk wtth you. Call: G^ANDAUTO INC. An Eaual OoPOftgnHv Empteyer ROOFING Executive for S*«tt Clari ti _ jMHty- RgjCftncBi r *"'^*^ ComnluiOii And uitry rftnvKt- mmii fvkrtt be tttted. Rcptv PC Box »»7. Sin Jose. Ca ROOFING SALESMAN ExMrtinced. Keof mspecttons, bidding; easy sates to OH per salary + bonvs. 353-4144. ROUTE WORK, 14 hows salary. Tht Derltct ta» for student. Also l man SALES. Need 2 men t* enroll. Contra Cost* Area Union Members m wntoue pavcfwtk msyran jr»m._M'. Burk«rt. 3*1-77B7 SALES ANTIOCH. CA. PHOX6 MS09. S*D- PERSONEL MANAGEMENT, tted^OPDortunlN tarcargar H rlTwm nMiW vffti Ol- fKfnCeM AMAU Co.* ujhv* 4 C*rt or full tim*. TraMiitg, bonus,A joneHtv retktmem Call Mr. MtndMi. 7*- yS^3 YOU OOtrr LOCATI wst wtwt puce « "*g,n»od" ad te get n. Career Opportunity One of the worlds largest twanciai co^oora+ions is seeking B respor*si- b« Individual wttti executive cepac- tv for a permanent ·osttion. Sates exafience heloful but necessary Must be an cstaeltsfw*) travel or relocation. wrne P.O. Bo« On* land c»"fff"" AH r»pitts confidential gtrvctien ond inspection projects. Work for Director of ftte S«rric« Owporrmwnt '«. SUp«- m*ng. coonttnetmq. ortd oVecttno, fnw fvrKtiwt of w**igw, ptows, controctt, Ofid insp«efio«s connwctrd wrnS Bi.ii it*naiic« ond mo4.rniMti.ll pfwflroiw* Solory tortflO: $1 1 55 P*f morrtf, to $1400 OuolhSwd opf! ; conn «r« ir«vitod to suma) ;n confioWce to. Mi M712-0739-3 a*, i · l UMNM BUILDING nUINTENANCE SUPERVISOR Raci-Htlon Cluo n AmrrKan Goif CluO, 7-ft*r-tta oroMct w* urtt. S"m Pools. S)a6l*t, rt*a» w* Camolng. ttc. Management posl tion% o o t " · i g ouic***- VJnusua iring* otnet.ii' _«ii Mr. for aopt, TK-SM Pttwtn SALES OPPORTUNITIES SECRETARY E X P E R I E N C Sho^nand Trniit for enure* related Srt ' P * " ' ' ' iwV^'^rMtMC? Stnd mum* IB $«cr«fry. Bon SIT Oakland. :vit.c umnan anonoont, o*n time, must work naiefctnds. expori- enced only. lUg Mountain Bl ^Service Marvigenkr tar iMdlnf Eaat Kav OM*T*M dm- Great Many __. only. Send Jl poMntlM. utary antn. WRVtCI A!' _ _ _ Aim part ttmt. Apply from « «e It and 1 to 4 weekday*. SIMAS BROS. STATIONS ulSERVtCE and to . M read rtib ad I « * - b h s jjm t o I ddn't art »tt«t $*£"·"£ - * " ·· ««- MM (Aaal). 1 etr- met is COMMON HORSE SENSE is wtwf I want. If you are over 71 and can live on Mi to SIN I w« tor *« first 3 to 5 weeks, I'd ilk* talk to you. - :land Mr. East .-11 t.m. JWJW i to SERVICE station only, good moctL abilKy. Toe p*y A SALES MWIN6 MYl U TO M Publishers representative has «evw- al optningi in itudtnt sales dtot. Full time summer, part time during school- EKCI. earnings. Call TO4SIS Sales Just 3 Per Week and you are :i S* upper bracket -no canvassing Nationally known tionalfieMi profeuional you owe to you' wit* and family to call me it T17-44S5 Mr. F. E. Devlin HEAK-O of WALNUT CREEK STEAM r»R6$$6«. A HAMQ JRON- ER « _. .... .... guaranteed to start, or mission. 7iMai iALES--commnysMM saHimon warrt- ed for selling to Mr A restaurant trade, call for appt a»HI» P.R. MEN NEEDED service mwrH-mllllon dotlarcomputer o business: no coinaetinon! "·{SALESMAN selling, specialized truck fautanW Must tove knowtedgt of trueF and diesel tnginM. Send. some to OUXH3 w^arwr^CoflS Rd, Havward, CaH(. »4547 . onjy. SALES MANAGER For expanding carpet A horn* fur nUrtins firm. Exner kneed In . HIV' *T*|lfMfl) wV OfHCC Pf Carpet twrWic* · ntosS kALESLADY. fotl or part time our Tabiewart Dept. 21-45. H» tMxIMe. No t Aim 1 knee reauir Average part time H7 weekly: I time fITI weekly, commlslon A m/s. Position parmongnt. Car nee wry. Mrs. Lancaster t4»-U10 SALESLADIES. Beellne Fast.:jns has TOT vhtrv uUmM0 nwrvcn. No ceilettinq or orihwing. Car net, SI-M* SALESMAN WANTED used E. 14th St. San tOTt for interview SH-Ti Alex Chevron. 5*M MacArttwr Blvd. Oakland. iEftvlCE Statton . t-lt \m Harrljon. Oakland. ExtrtMOty and v salary . a.m. Mon. through Sat. Blvd.. Oakland. Park SHEETMETAL Experienced press broke; oertna- ntnt ttnohivmcntjmiBt do ownHt- havo loots* gw prgcWon oquiprnont. Pramhan DOV. SeseWs «ri svtrtmt. 483-2804 up and chocking SHEETMETAL O»'IM»fHoll ffl, anhf wpertoncod noad_i SOLDERER. Electronics, lyn. ptrienct. Ttmnorary. yt-Si Stl 14th St. 5th Floor. Oakland abte ki our have tood · STENO fJitwi qprmttlr tnttil- EmoryirHtt onta. Mvst fhorfnand A typing. A rgeard f«cl. . United California Bank. JBM CtrMIt Have Something to Sell Fast? GO... 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