Naugatuck Daily News from Naugatuck, Connecticut on December 15, 1949 · Page 11
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Naugatuck Daily News from Naugatuck, Connecticut · Page 11

Naugatuck, Connecticut
Issue Date:
Thursday, December 15, 1949
Page 11
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What's Doing In Naugatuck A Calendar of Events Today, Tomorrow and Every Day," »rf Wednesday, Deo. 14 Public card party, sponsored by Magnolia Encampment, Odd Fellows hall, 8:30 p. m. Meeting of Salem school Paront- Tcnchcr association. 8 p. m. Thursday, Dec. 15 Santa Land* by Helicopter, 3:15, in Nauxatuck. Meeting of the Naupatuck Valley Dotachijocnt. Marine Corps League, Odd Fellows hull, 8 p. m. Meeting of the Nau;:»tuck Numismatic AsHoclollon, town hall, 7:30 p. m. Friday, Dec. 10 Sdce'-inR of the Indies' auxiliary of the Naugatuck' Valley Dezuch- ment. Mnrine Corps (League. Odd Fellows hall, 8 p. m. Christmas concert, Naugatuck High school A CuipeHi choir, ] school auditorium. 8:15 p. m. ' Social meeting, entertainment, Pond Hill Community club, 8 p m. Saturday, December 17 NEWS-Solem Playhouse Christmas Party for Youngsters Salem 9 n. m. Naugntuck Junior Woman's club Yuletlde dance. Hotel Elton, Wa- tcrbury, 9 p. m. to 1 o m. Sunday, 'Dec. 18 Eagles children's Christmas party, 2 p. m. in Odd Fellows Hall. Carol Sing by children of Qlcn- ridcc area- sponsored by West S'.oe Community Club, 4 p. m. Naugauick Council of Catholic Women, annual Christmas tea and entertainment in Columbus hall, 2:13 p. m. Monday, December 19 Kleclion of officers.. Contcnnlu! lodRc. No. 100. IOOF, Odd Fellows hall, -i p. m. Regular monthly meeting, Naugatuck Followcraft Aa«n., Masonic Tomplc. Church street, 8 p. m. Sworn in as Judge OFFICE MOVF.S Mrs. Donnld C. Wood of Uio NHI:- tLunk Bnrvlnc for Voli-rnmi Ol'flrr IHIH boon notified lliul on Mimtliw, Dec. 19, the Watrrrbury V«t.i'i'tinn oil ice will be located at 2B Ku-ld Htroot, fu:roHM from Die Wulrrbuiy Armory. Announcement of thfi i:liiui){(! waH nmdti by Harry 'J', Wood, VA nn«.K<!f for tho Htat.c. A. cake CAKK HAI^E snlfi will be held SaUir- Judge William H. Haiti. FORMER GOVERNOR of the Virgin Islands, William H. Hustle (above), 45, of Knoxvillc, Tenn., is shown being sworn In at a special ceremony in Philadelphia as a Judge of Iho U. S. Circuit Court of Appeals. He is the first Negro to hold such a tudiclal position. (International) CORN MUFFIN MIX* HEASANT CMANBE FROM IBUD Serve corn muffins, hot or cold, made with Flakorn. Delicious flavor. Crisp, tender texture. And always the same sure results because Flakorn ingredients are precision-mixed. W<»lne»<lny, December 21 Mooting, Chrlslmns party, Arrtor- Ican Loglon auxiliary, Memorial Homo, 8 (p. m. Mectlni; of Post No. 17, Amerl| can L*Klon, l.o(jlon Memorial j Homo, Cedar street, 8 p. m. Wcdncscliiy, DivccinlM'l 21 CliriHtmaM party, mofitlng, Prospect stroot school Paront-Teocher iiHHnclatlon. meeting- 7:30 p. m., party, 8 p. m. Tliimclny, npcoinlKsr 22 Community Carol Sing, Horso- shoe on Th« Greon, 8:SO p. in. Slclghrldc Ball, N.'VUguuck Wo- mnn's club JuriiorctloB. C>>lldren's Christmas party, Pond Mill Community club. 7 p. m. Wednesday, !>«<:. 28 Holly Hop, sponsored by Parish Players, Conffrogationnl parish hotMte, younj; peojpilu, 7 to 9 p. m., adults, 9 p. TO to 1 a. m. 302 SKILLS NKKDEH Production of a alnglo bifocal lonx for «|(IH«CH roqulrou it tolul of 302 skills. GREEN GIANT PEAS 2 NO 303 OQC CANS »» NIBLETS WHOLE KERNEt CORN 12 OZ CAN 17 C BEECH-NUT BABY FOODS CHOPPED 2 7 *f 29 C STRAINED 4 4 j^ 2 39 C KIMIID BISCUIT OLD MOTHER HUBBARD 2 PKG CAT FOOD CANS 2r ARMOUR'S TREET IUNCMJON MEAT CRISCO VKHTAUI . SHOftTtNINO IB CAN 31 C CAMAY SOAP IVORY FLAKES IVORY SOAP IVORY SNOW SOAP OF BIAUTIFUl WOMEN SAFE FOR SILKS & WOOLENS CAN 3LB CAN REG CAKES LARGE PKG 83 C MAC ** 28 C QUICK SUDS FOR DISHES OXYDOL DUZ BORAXO .W(ASH£SiM<HITE WITHOUT BLEACH DOES EVERYTHING LBPKG27c 8 OZ PKG 16 C BORAX 2 LARGE CAKES LARGE PKG LARGE PKG LARGE PKG 2LB PKGJBc LBPKQ 28 C 28 C 28 C 15 C iln.y from 10 iinl.ll 4:30 o'clock at the'. Ntuiirn.liiclc "Public Marknl, Church alrunt, under I Ins wponwor- Hhlp of the St. 'Francis' CYO. •PcM'HtmH winning to donate <:nl«>n art: iwlted to contact Murgrntln DoeKan, chilli-man of the commlt- teo. STAKT VOU 1IOMTC , tliu Ijiilicluml Vlclor.v)— Th<* American fri'lKlil'T Lnlii'liiriil Vlc.tiir.v IN Ili'lidini? for .lupun |.n- ilu.v with AMIIT|<';<II dlplonwl Aii|t»» Wurd and ID otherH pf lilin Miikduit <'oii«niliit<' j»ii1.y. Tho NAIIGATIKJK NKWS (CONN.). THtUSnAY. DF.C. 15. 1IH0—PAGE 11 ship wrlulled mirlior lifter onn llnul wrniiKlii with (toinmuniftt uiitliorllli'H over II pliiifotfrnpli. BUY CHIUKTMAH 8EA1,S AJ-COHOr. TAXBH Tho t), R, trrriHury department now i.'olcctH ni'urly $i,riOO,000.000 ft yeiir in tn-x<-« on iilcohol. LIST fHWG ON YOUR 5HOPP/WG YOU'LL F/WD AT YOUR A*PI At A&P you'll «nd everything you need lor your holiday "feed"—tempting aj> pctiz'-TK, plump poultry, iarrn-iroah fruits and vegetables, high-quality dairy products, luscious bakery treats, candies and other good things galoro. All thoso lorsllvo foods . . . each can. Jar or package—has the price marked on it. This '"every item price, marked" policy at A&P assures accuracy and a convenience for you to chock your purchases with the cash register slip you re- coivo. , . Avoid the last-minule holiday rush ... do your marketing as early as possible. EVtRY HIM PRKt-MARKED! w\. Customers 9 Corner Have YOU asked yourself how YOU would be affected if A&P is destroyed? Would YOU miss the savings YOU now enjoy as a result of our low price, low profit policy? Would YOU miss the quality foods we sell, backed by our offer of "Satisfaction guaranteed or your money will be cheerfully refunded"? In other words, would YOU be better off, or worse off, if the anti-trust lawyers succeeded in putting A&P out of business? MINCE MEAT Sweet Mixed PICKLES A8.P KKCTKJ.N.) 9QZ PKG NO. a TIN Ocean Spj-ay BEVERAGES CONTENTS IONA YELLOW CLING YUKON PEACHES DUFF'S SB MIX FANCY PEARS DRESSING ANN PAGE m CANS 29 OZ BOTS NO.2H CAN 16 OZ PKG IIBBY'S NO. 2H CAN P1NT23C .QUART JAR "*&?£ \X& .99 gv3" a-\a sW'3 3° -?!ir : i to v " In 'JU°. SO A&P SQUASH A&P CORN A&P PEAS CAN NO .2 WHOLE KERNEL' CAN NO .2 < CAN ^ FRUIT COCKTAIL ™' rs e oni pt \co frod pot* H r -ro. «' Iho /O Jj" J ''ca; a lo gi/f IONA No. 2H Can «* tJ 2 ^B IK * CANS •» «9 .16 OZ •» Qc R&R CAN taP IT A&P NO .2 ^-f( WHOLE CAN A I (n \A TOM. JUICE PLUM PUDDING GREEN BEANS A&P GRAPE FRUIT GRAPEF'T ORANGE JUICE PUMPKIN m 2 EVAP. MILK EGGS SLICED CHEESE ~, „ r*UEr% o RIT FOR EVERY o LB VrlEM-W-DB I CHEESE USE A LOAF CHEDDAR BLEU CHEESE w w HTA.NIJA.HI> .IAI 46 OZ « 1-KICE CAN 4 '46 OZ < FLORIDA CAN , NO. 2M < A8.P A CANS A WHITE ^ TALL * HOUSE «} CANS 4 SUNNYBRO.OK STRICTLY' FRESH GRADE "A"-MEDIUM SIZE DOZ I CHUCK RIB ROAST PORK LOINS Meats L.55' 65' 39' LB •\0i *««•> HELD WHITE CHEESE IDEAL FO.R DESSERTS Mince Ment MMS Educator Crax Educator Saltines VauJliu Extrecti, CllCrricS Hi.uaiunnina m* I A . CHACKfJfS Dandy Oyster NA»ISCO r | . BUBtlY'5 ASSOfirtD WOOKI6S iioMC-si-im Woodbury's Soap Old Dutch Cleanser Ltl I'Kr, IUHNTTT'S HOT 'ACKIII'MAm.L NO. 'I CAM LU 19° 29 C 27° 3l c 27 28 39° P'nut Brittle Seasoning Oatmeal Cookies A-Penn Lighter Fluid c NEW LOW PR/CFS I IONA IHCICI) CAUltOTS in 'jOi'inr ml PKC DELL'S 1 OZ POULTflV PKG CRISI'O II) 111 I'KO I)/. CAN Lll CKC UNIT OF 7 14 OZ C CAN JELLY ANN CACC Crabappie Thrive Dog Food Sparkle Puddings ,AH,prlc«i •ulijoct to tiinrktt rlinmcen and t<rrnctlva at nil Aft t' Solf-3«rvlet In tlili arm. ROAST-HEAVY CORH-FED. STEER BEEF-BLOCK STYLE HEAVY STEER SHORT CUT WHOLE or EITHER END Fancy Native Broiling or Frying »lo 3H Lbs.-Ren. Crossed LB DRAWN, RIADY-TO-COOK CHICKENS LB53c FRESH PICNICS 35° COOKID-SUNNYFIELD WHOLE or EITHER END LB • A n^*f f^^.1M>It Fancy Milk-Foci-5 Lb LARGE FOWL ^,. DRAWN, READY-TO-COOK LARCI FOWL lB59c SLICED BACON 49' LaMD Legs OENUINB srntNo LB 65 Oysters srtNDAiio PINT 65 Smpked ButtS 'UWL'.L",° to 59° Swordfish ^HCVSLICCD u> 59° wOlled rraltl SLICED ID 99 HallDUt TANCV SLICED . u 49_ Frankforts SKINLE.S u53 c Fancy Smelts K^'i'-kg. 35 ' i Freshness Controlled ] From Iho llmo of Jp!iv/?ry lo v/!ion you buy, ovory il-im of Ironh (MJlIti finr) V(j(j« in Innpocloil Irnqiinntly. rlyidly incpoclod lor olf-nl/.o, oll-grado, to kn'rp only Ihono llomn oi lop-qiKilily on our colorful rackr,. All olhor iterrm ar, thoy, "(all !o poritt" a:'o plr:cafl on onr Quk-1: T'alrt K:blo at a ro- GIFT FRUITS:" 398498 Pkico your ordor now. You'ro nuro to ploa:io your lainlly nnd Irien'in wllh thla gill—ll'o boapocl high will) Joslivo foods. Lot your ChriBlrriao Oroollngii bo oomolhing for nood oaling. CALIFORNIA' LARGE SIZE WESTERN CRISP TENDER GOLDEN RIPE FOR YOUR CHRISTMAS TABLE . . Layer Cahe MERRY CHRISTMAS 8 INCH SIZE IACH Squash Pie Apple Pie Mince Pie Dinner Rolls Popcorn Potato Chips Cup Cakes Pfeffernusse 10 INCH SIZE 10 INCH SIZE 10 INCH SIZE ORANGES CARROTS BANANAS BRUSSEL SPROUTS TANGERINES PEARS STRAWBERRIES WalnUtS DIAMOND BRAND CEI-LO 45 Mixed Nuts DOZ I LARGE BCHS 45 16 C 23 § coz35* LB OT. BSKT SWEET JUICY D'ANJOU M *% f% t EXTRA LARGE SIZE ff FOR Mm 3T BIRDSEYE 39 c ccuo Pulled or Layer Figs Fresh Dates Li PKQ LI fKC 39 e 29 C 69 C PKG OF 12 EIGHT O'CLOCK COFFEE RED CIRCLE COFFEE BOKAR COFFEE MUD AND MELLOW RICH AND FULL-BOOIEO VIGOROUS AND WINEY IS BAG LB BAG LB BAG 59 e 63 C 65 C JANE PARKER 5OZ23c 10OZ -)9c PKG PKG HOLIDAY OF 6 All i>rlua« Hiiljjoct to inftrlart chnni{6» ftiid utTuoUTi i t all »&F Slt-U-Survluo ttlort-n In tlilu uro*

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