Naugatuck Daily News from Naugatuck, Connecticut on December 15, 1949 · Page 9
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Naugatuck Daily News from Naugatuck, Connecticut · Page 9

Naugatuck, Connecticut
Issue Date:
Thursday, December 15, 1949
Page 9
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Bowles Extends Congratulations On Traffic Record Congratulations to citizens of ^Taupatuck and all barouKh otft- ciftlA, are extended by Governor Chester A. Bowles in a letter to Warden Harry L. Carter, for the borough's traffic safety record of 915 days witout a traffic cluath. The letter states, in part.. "I have been informed by the Highway Safety CommlKnlon that the town of Nau^atucU hns recorded Blfi consecutive duvn wlthoiil a traffic fatality im of D<-c. '.>, the date of thi« letter." "This is a most unusual rpeord for n community of more than NKW 1MB P H I L C O RKFRIGKHATOU $199.50 7 On. Ft. — 5 Vi-iir Warranty $20 Down . . . S2 Weekly Realty Transactions The following papers have been Hied In the ofllri. of Town Clc.rK Kaymond J. St.. John: Warranty I>«'d Annie Selbaeh to Silvio ;md Ifir- ?illa Gcntlll, (property on South Main Htreet. jvioM/ra/r<> Deeds Silvio Krsilia Gentili to Naugatuck Savinirs Bank, properly on South Main street. Stajiley P., and Cecelia K- Kacx- kow.^ki to Bernard .7. Xmrker, properly on Deerlrin I<nne. 413 NO. MAIN ST. UNION CITY Phone 6401 15 ciirnrii ST. TKI.. i - 4ii» Or»-»» Prlilnv T.H X r. M. Kuj'enc Buehlre.hlo lu Joseph arul Mathmna Alvi-s. 10.000 population In a state with our hi^h volume of intra.state eommerc'.e, and J want to eon- uratulate the citi/emi <•!' Nau^a- luck, and all the pirhllc officials who ahare t.he credit for .netting thin murk, "J certainly hope that your t.nwn can continue it?; excellent record, and I am sure that Police Chief John ("turiulcy arid those associated with hlrn In supervision traffic ate making every effort to extend Nuuuraluck's record o'tiHt 1,000 days." We here; in the fitate Capitol will he watching your safety campaign with cre.-it lntnrK»l. Naujia- tuclt has set a splendid exampli; for tin; rest of our communities and its performance, has played a big pirt in (,'ivinj.r Connecticut Kiich a hirh trafllc .-safely stand- In)-: in comparison witii ulhei Htatc.i." WATER SHORTAGE HORRIFIES HIPPO pr ~ Polish National Church Plans Yule Program, Supper A parish nupper and ChrlalmiiH iplay will TDC presented at the Pol- iBh National CiithoSIc church pariah hull Sunday afternoon at 4 o'clock. After the supper children of the .purlHh will receive gifts from 8»n- Ui. Claua. The committee In charge of arranfromonta includon Mm. Jo- Hophlno fltaritewyk, 'Mm. Sophie Dzleifolowskl, Mrs. Mary Ad'amnkl and Mm. Helen Bofblnakl. Children to participate in the NAUGATUCK NEWS (CONN.), THUnSDAV, DEC. 15, 1M»—rAGE V Chris:Una» program are: Mnrynnn Slkprnkl, Eleanor SikorHkl, Maryann StiyJoWMkl, Florence and Lorraine Swlderitki, Carol Ann Btry- Jowwkl, L>orralnu Hmwlckl, Andrea Mln, Quraldlno Cltizuk, Hoiiolyn KoBakowakl. Robert Bobinaki, Richard Bo- blnskl, Cheater Nlzlolwk, Jr., John Stanczyk, Richard and Edward Taranovlrh, Donald RwMer»kl, Walter Kwldornkl. I'alrlcia J»i«*l«, Robert D«ptulH. Robert fewMU. JamcH RKCzkonmritl, BtophW A4- niimkl, Jamcit and John Qamu)l»- TALLEST BAMBOO Some typen of bamboo grow to b« 120 feet talL THE HEAD KEEPER of the Central Park Zoo in New York, John Gulin doea his best to console "Hose," a Hippo who is most unhappy over the current wiitor shortage und what It-is doiiiR to Jior coinplt-xion. Her tank now hold« 200 gullons ol wutcr inwtcud of, normul l.OCO. (/7i(errmtkmun MYSTERY MAN HERE TONIGHT!! HtRH lONIGHT The MVSTKKV MAN, visitor nf down-town 'itorrs who i;ives iiwny ¥. r > cash prl'/.cH to the lucky people hi- taps, will hi: lit work l.oniKbl n Ifi N niualucli ttcreH, trcordtiiK !o Wllllain Scbpero, ehulrinan of lhf> retail division lit itic NaiiKiitifk .Miamlier of INiinmeree. The Myntcry Man will £<» Into action at 0 o'clock anil will lie on : ti<> job iinfll stores clone, lit H:45 o'elock. J>iiring thin limi- hi- will tap a ner»on in eaeli of the 1 "> ntoren, with a •;'.'> award for eneh tap. Storm vlslti'd by the Mystt-ry Man will be indicated liy a banner displayed In Che Htore wlndowK. Stores to Be Visited by the Mystery Man Tonight Include: - M. Prrodman Co., Carlson Furniture Co.. Inc., Rubin's, William Schpero, (iaiiN, Inc., llaphacl'x, Inr., llawlpy Hardware, Norwasb Sho<- Mtore, C II. Toinlliison, Welns Ben Franklin store, (>, i.', Murphy Co., and Rosenblatt'-). Naugatuck Stores Are Open Tonight, Friday and Saturday Night Until 8:45 OPEN TONIGHT 'TIL 8:45 THRILL THE GIRL OF YOUR HEART WITH Radiant Diamond Buy Mow-Pay Next Year-No Charge for CreditatRay AT KAY... ONLY *2 DOWN-M-w WEEK Breathtaking Chriitmai gift for Ih. on«and-only girl of your dreomt! BriUkint guaranteed lolitalr* diamond, »xqo4- •llely Mil in »treamlln«d mounting of charming slmplicityl Gleaming 14K gold mounting! ITS O.K. TO OWe KAYf JEWELED. Horror Haunted GRIEF stricken by the loss ol elghx of Ills children and step-children in n (Ire that rnxcd hln Bocllne, Pa., home, JJcrt Kdklns. 41), is curried Into n honpltnl ut Wllliamsport, P;i., by John Ilellinan. He was BB- voiviy burned ns were his wife and two children who also escaped dculh ilnturnalional Soundnhoto) Men's Brotherhood Elects New Officers At Meeting Tomorrow Thi! n.nnunl nini't.inK Mnd doc- lion of nfflc'iTj) or tin! Mi-n'n Bro- Ihm'hood f)f I he Salinn l^uthonLn church will take plucc Friday cvfuiinic "t si. biiiKtuc't. l,o bo held in the church hall. A lurkny dinri'-r will flx; snj'vml al (!::',() o'clock with 100 uxpccted to n.ttend. HroUicrhnod mcmbcra may invite their wivoy and g'lrl frlciid.s. riuf:st .M()cnk..'r will l>o the Rev. Harry J. ICItHtrnm, nilnl»l»i' of the Hlil.sldo Conirre^atlnnal church. Devolionii will bi. 1 led by tho R«v IJona.Ul I,. Kent., jnuilor iy{ the Sa- ICIM butlii.'rdh church. Cnfol Hln«- ini; will ho Included In the p«'o- Kr.-mi. Kapfirlfi of UK; yo/ir'ji work will he prirMrnted. Coin Collectors Elect Tonight Ideation of officers of the Nau- Knt.iick Valley NurnlMmntlc luinn- <:lation \viil talu- ()I:ir.t! (.onl^ht al K o'clock in this town hall court, room. The. nominal Inn roniuilltnc In- eluding P.'Llrlett Kennedy, .IoH'tv,.!h O'1-iricn and VlnecTil. Smith, iiave preMerilcd I !i<- following ,'dat.o of officc-i-K: I'r. KvertMt. T. Uoff-rB, j)re;tidi-nl.; ['"'nvnlilln .Andre.w, vlee- pr«^;idenl; Adi'la.!) Olnon, Meei'el.a- ry; .lo.'ieph I'adml.'Lin.ilU, treiiH'ur- <•!•; Onc.'ir Srhillte, (.vnvernor for far yai::; Ur. Itoni'ivi, noveraor 15 EAST MAIN Waterbury SaHsfaction Guaran^ed or Your Money ;^e^ Tired Kidneys Often Bring Sleepless Nights When (llnonlrr of Iddncy function porrnlti nolnnniiun mutter to j-umnln In your lilnml, It iiiiiy.cuiini! nnicKlnic lini-l.acli,., I'hiiuiniillo PRlnn, liiit pnlnn, Innu of jn.p unit unortry, iti't- HIIK "|) nlKlitn. Hwvlllnic, niifllnntn unibir tho cycM. n^rulacln'fi und <lly.7.lnr««. Fnjrjucnt or Benrily i;A«nnKi-ii with nmiu-Unit iinil liurnlnu oon.i.-Uinuii nirtiwil Ihcrii In nuiuuthliur v/runu •With your hiiliii..yn ur lilnililrr. Diai't wiill I Anlc your druKiflnt for Donn's Pllln, ii Btlmulnnt dlurcjUc, uncd BiicccK»ftilly by mlllinnn foi- over r.n yonrn. Coiin'n irlvo Imiii.y r..||i.f HIM! will Imiii thu if, mll.ifl of klclnny liihun Ihioh out imluonoui woitofrom your blouO. Gut Uutta'o PlUiu ""•»»™™ SMART Ii' Mal.i- SMAHT «; Two Groups of Lounge Chairs Thrift Priced for Smart Christmas Giving Juiit. 211 fine lounge chalra uub- utantially reduced u.t the right tlmo lo make your quality gift a hudKttl priced one! Thorn uro noine pnlra but mont are on«- of-u-klnd ... «o make your purchuHCM, oarly from the bent iielectlon. Group 1 ... each $44.50 Values $60.00 to $119.00 High buck heirloom chulr with maple urmn. CoK«w«ll typo chair with nrmhofrnny trim on arms. Channel buck chair with expoued mithoKuny Irumo. CogMwoll chali-H with mutchinK ottomans. Chippendale wing chair. Barrel chulrfc with channeled backH and claw and bull feet. ICnglltih loungo club chair. ' MlKh back barrel chairs. Button tufted back chair* with jipade fe«(. ,'Modern lounge chair. Group 2 ... each $49.50 Values $109.00 to $124,06 ICxtnt lui'Ke button tuftod lounge chair. Slipper chairs with fringed buses., Chipponiliilo wing chiilru, Knucklo arm loungo chair with button tufted back. Fan back chftlr with knuckle arms. Reclining chuir^i with matching ottomnns. Drop Lid Desks and SecretaHes KxqulHlte 83" aolld mahogany block front secretary <lllu«trkt4<l) wllb claw and ball feet. 13 HttitcH Krllles and broken pediment top with flame flnial exactly n» ohown. This I'M Juat onu of the truly fine reproduction.! from our wonderful current collection. . ' $209oo Ivy dirhtMM Itib !)(> NO. MAIN VI. \VA'I MATCHING DESK BASE $144.50 OTHER WINTHROP OTHER DESK BASES SECRETARIES $86.60 to $126.00 $129.00 to $105.00 G-I-F-T-A-B-L-E-S End Table's $16.00 to $45.00 Drum Table* *tl.OO to I .-amp Tablftn »IO.»ft to »5ll.t>5 Mmokcrn Tabloi Pembroke TablnB •>••»» to ( £26.00 to $79.»5 Two Tier Table* Lamp Commodon O9.SO to I7I/M Coffee und Cocktuil Tttblen H4.K5 !,o S1B» Blap T«bl«» $HU)5 to (ZV.&O t« I6A.M to u> H<-wlru; CublnclH Record CablnnU ., ." . . Telephone Sfltn to Convenient Weekly or Monthly Olub Plan Terms Arranged < Open Thurtdoy and Saturday Evening* Until 3:45 P. M. NCORPORATED 91-99 WEST MAIN STREET

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