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Chicago Tribune from Chicago, Illinois • Page 60
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Chicago Tribune from Chicago, Illinois • Page 60

Chicago Tribunei
Chicago, Illinois
Issue Date:

Fttftl Ettata 12 Section 12 Chicago Tribune, Sunday, October 8, 1978 I.E. bivestnumt Prep. Coirtornimumf-Sub. fcent-iiovts, Shops-Subotbo ItBt-Stsret, Stxtpi-SftrctfUii Condomiiiiwms-Suk. Rfrt-Storw, "te-it-Storts, Shop-Cntrol Condominiumi-Sub. Wooo Of U0 snvu.e Street OPEN HOUSE 12 TO 4 Oak hkjsjK SKOKIE TIFFANY, BR. I gilt. Conrie custom appis. E.t ulch. Weik-ia Closets. Ask IO). ELK 4 WINNETKA Sr tl of prime in WinneftkJ'S gmy in- poor mail For furtive, m'a. please hOT-tact Terry Liduv -EX. 53- STORES south ot Loop. Reaspft- do. tor's suites, eath iTg s4. ft. at per mo. or I suite biog. tor ctose mi, NO LEASE abie rent. M-G-M N.W. O'HARE OFFICES OFFICES OFFICES S4ie, very moaern oiier may rm. PARACt" OF HOMES J02TM OrM M3 If RIVCR FOREST OPEN HOUSE TODAY 2 TO 4.30 P.M 7318 LAKE ST. Bright, cheery sparkling clean 3 twrm, l'. beth corwto. Abunaance space. Creel cabinet ii) ist, to Lane St. 'L'. 142,400. CENTURY- 21 WALLACE 4 0T INC 151 1 Evanstao 4t 1'gtS OAK PARK OPEN HOUSE TODAY I 30-4 30 P.M. 413 HOME AVE. 4-C tflrm. BfWt HKMf Pth, o'f k't 4 master bdrm Beautifully 0. -alt Scf 0U HOUSER JOHN HAMCOCK CENTER Suoie4se la)J ottice so4ce. Avail immcd Call 7SJ-SJS3 S341 Church 6JV8900 individual private offices now avail, in luiurteus 1 story ottict bog. Prestigious locatHtn. Muhon Dollar Furnishings LOW RENT CALL Near 3 Ideal Sites tor Stores. 4k AiP Pi frs PlainfS- Cektoo St ill' frontage Se Ft. son41 com-mart a- all utsutiet to S'i; Ift4l for Other uses: Gievt toveiiun: WOOD DALE 'ELK GROVE ARE A-ea Thctinoaie Of Artm. ts-ft His Rd; 3 5 ecrel: Jonrd single family residential in country- Lowest price per crg cost tn arc: Must be sois; ELK GROVE AREA-Coantry Ml vaxant, severe! acres: yeur mint-warehouse facttdv en this high visibility site wil savrrMl hundred feet ef rtentae: on busy Higgins Rd; reouced. Owner ViNNETKA Ki it. Prime of- ELK GROVE Private Oftices ttli secretarial 4-phone ans. rvag Card 4 TWX 1 J01 CARMEN DRIVE 7000 COMPLE1E OFFICE SERVICE h. 3 dh 9ftOI Gross Point. Access to TrhState Toliway. 10 mm to Hare it OS tq North, Near south, south. LHil; rton Assoc must 12 N. State, Entire tioor avail. Saoo so ft. exec, ottices. A. Also ottice trom SIB5. 2J40755 Brokers wvtted. Otr: RTE 81 South of tfv.Ftj to Mpntros, West to Seruc Luiunetrt Pk. Roval Pent House. Fireplace Balcony witft FantasTic view 2 Beartwm, 2 Bath, sarami CONDO REALTY 394-5200 OPEN SUN. 12-4 4 6v aopt. (Dial moor 1141. 1 BR, 6s, tomn ociuxe ot. NE expos. 2 inooot prg Mini, 2." MHO oft brktst 4 liv tms, sec. sys sauna 4 ret rm. THOMAS iko space evaiiae e. eo tanner into pi44se contact TeieiKa C. Lndy CENTURY 21 WALLACE 4 ORTH INC. 1511 Sherman. EvAnston 45-2700 n.w Pliatlm 1 Co I BDRM. Conoo In close Sj4 31400 caOin.t OIS PM- irii-f? tunaoar mho Cent. ELK GROVE-3300 E. Higgins Dli. office. 100-2500 so ft Owner-Mgr. on 437-2000 sv.ytxt 6't twt. AC otcs nr north. 1st-2nd tlr-Ooctors Ad AgerKy (Sandy) Carroll Assoc 7B5 75 OAK PARK OPEN 1-4 A nl not occupied 4 ELK GROV6-genolc -f kit 1427 It. 4 pvt 1 OWCO 251 7150 OAK BROOK DELUXE OFFICE SPACE VARIOUS OFFICE SUITES Ou-lSOO SQ. FT AVAILABLE IMMED. I. SHERIDAN CO. 1100 Joue Biv Oak Biaot St 0337 mmMillt 1.S3 idll possn. is 938 ONTARIO CALL MONDAY O'Hare Field Chicago O'Hare Ottlce Bids. w. Comer Foster-River Rd. Answering Service Available Full Service 992-2200 NORTH MICHIGAN AVE urn. pvt ofc. avail. S1I7 S0mo. 234M21 WINNETKA PRIME OFFICE SPACE Approi. 3000 tt. 2nd tir. Green Bay Road location, NASH REALTY 444 9000 SKOKIEDeiwe Fountain Terr. Congo lo Liv. Rm. CA, kit carpet, drapes Eat-in kitctl. Lndry. room on tloor. Mid 50s. M-G-M MS G'tmwooll N37J WH364 ELMHURST; Mode bid. In downtown business area-commuter station nearb. O't street Miking. Ult 13 1st Offering Mfflt. Con da located in choice historic dnt m. Mail fc trenjp. Cabinet til Ceramic nit tain, crate, rm. EL KUNK HOUSER Div. of F.C. Pilgrim 4 Co 723 Lake St. Oak Park 383-4240 37t 1400 Loop Medical Clinic. 5400 so. ft. Entire 11th floor. Ail set up. 2 baths, CA, J26S0. 3J6-07S5 4,800 sq. M. divided into otttces ot varying size. (Can tor door pien.) s.iO per tt. OAK PARK Wood Date new stores or offices for rent on Irving Pk Ra. 1.900- Prime ffOund floor doctor's suite SKOKIE 3.00a i ft even avail, at wv. nonn Ave, con 4W GOLF OPEN 1-4 1300 17M SQ FT 233 ONTARIO 444-MOJ PILGRIM Woodntdge sultation 2 exam ie. reception area, pot toilet. AC, WILLOW CREEK CONDOMINIUM IN PALATINE Ooen For Your Inspection 11-7 Building Conversion Immediate Occupancy Available 1-2-3 Bwirooms NEW HORIZON E. 359-5407 359-5408 J.W. REEDY 530-0055 MILWAUKEE 4 DEVON Mod. I Story brfc bldg containing 1,750 sq. ft. on 1st fir plus a full bsmt. Plenty ot parking and public transp. S375rmo. net. Call Mond4y. OFFICE SPACE Wabesh, so. ft. l-tt. Mr. Baron 334 0773 ca'peted. COMMERCIAL IMVES. DIV. 298-9555 Ba'ceion 2 earm. 2 turn tonao. Like new w. man custom tea'ure. Master swte. Location--. s. Grand Oaks 498-2600 103? Chicago, Qfc pfc 383 alPO In booming growth area New biog. 300-3UOO sf as low as M.00 tt. I mm. OCC. 9oV 4o00 ft 4 PARK MR OR ArF 375 -41 00 OAK PARK For sale, stoe, free standing newer bog with pawed parting lot. Main ttorotj9hfe'e ot iNn nThFB IM SUBURBS EXECUTIVE OFFICE SPAfF Rent-Stores, Shops-S. CO REALTORS 3413 N. PAULINA HADERU1N 525-9H9 ELMHURST 700 SQ. FT. SKOKIE To See It Is to love It. Ooen Hse. 1-4 By Owner. 201 So yot want to buy condo. Of sen one Our ca.flo run otters ffce best service kesed on II year On EW Toiiway in Western Suburbs. Limited amount of swace avail, for immed. occupancy until RIVER FOREST OH BR. 6ul Ok. Cnoko loc. Close to tunso. 4 shopptnt. immed poss. SoO's. OAK PARK 1 BR. bjltony COverfO pkrtinf. LOW S40't. FOREST PARK BR. ot" unit. Fotrtul LR t90 kit. OR. insioi prkg. be now. GAGUARDO 771-8040 RiVEft FOREST Drake Brand new Dorm is uuo rratric towm. apb'oi, 7,700 $4. ft. on corner location. Only 164,50. New prestige office suite, alt elec NORTH AVE MASON w. torm. dm. area. 7 full D4S. AC, crptng thruout. Compl. Kltch. new addition is ready nest spring Mr. Pelka IM-lftul wide eiwf'tnte condo sates, ownership, management. Can to -daw Inr information. uowting a. co. Ji? gj wi tric, ample parking, at eipresswey. Desirable store available. Near shopping transportation. Approx. OAK PARK It yovr otc want 63RD TALMAN 500 so. ft. store next to mini-supermarket. Good oft-the-itreet parking. 1775 tor details: Call Marty Roth now 334-7000 MATANKY ASSOC N.W.SUBUfcB OFFICES contact: a A. MOURE $. SONS 279 3770 287-5777 AVON REALTY 524-0376 Rent-Stores, Shops-Central aopis mio vos SKOKIE 1 bedroom beautilul apartment in deluxe elevator building near C.T.A. Inside garage available phone 743-0111 Inquire Andy 464-7651 FT $4.95 PER SQ. needs location, we nave n. HARLEM NORTH AVE. The new 1 Si 5 N. HaHem Av Bidg, now renting. CP Sasseman iJ4- OAK PARK OPEN 1-5 ROBERT E. HECK ASSOCIATES LTD INVESTMENT DIVISION 33 Units In prime suburban loc, lest than 8 times gross. Owner will finance. 17 Flat, ell 1 barms, maint free flexlcore bidg, located In fine re-tid. area. 125.000 29 Units. 26-1 bdrms, 3-2 bdrms. never vacancy, fop income. 12 flat, less than 8 times Income I apis Newly decorated. 102 bdrmt, or Harry A Zisook Sons IF-Lincoln Tower. 7601 Lin iRitj, ste04. won-r-n v-a NFW 1,965 SQ. FT. SUITES IMMEDIATE OCCUPANCY McLENNAN NORTH HARLEM ELMHURST OFC. LEASE 9.000 so. tt. AC Great For Accounting, Attorneys, Meoical, architectural Prol. HAWKINS 654-1123 coln. 1 or 2 bdrmt. avail. Occupan OAK PARK CHICAGO Oil ices and commercial space av- RETAIL Store lor rent or sale. 3300 so. ft. good business loc, 3144 W. 111th Immed. occupancy, 779 9550 cy December 631-6400 S41 MARION FONhMAN urjrv cu ir4-ojgr For lawyers, accountants, or Suite w3 lge offices, reception area. etc. 700 s.f. Fully crptd, AC, ready now tor you. 325- SKOKIE 3 br, 2 ba, deluxe, brand new, pool, indoor prfcg, Or By Appointment Anytime 11! It lll.gtc up. immed occup SUBURBAN REALTY 771-3100 Nktly ecortet 4 rm unit with "blt-ln" ciOinel kltch. SHUin oikit doors to enclosed 3T petio. Near Oak Park Mall 4 Lake SI $48,500 W.R. JAMES 453-4U8 aiiaoie trom i to seats heat and air conditioning, will remodel tg suit, reasonable! CAMEO TOWER 7734 W. NORTH 454-7750 Otc space suitable tor prof. otc. 5300 752-0440 621 6. 43rd. WESTERN SUBURB, downtown location. 3.350 SO. tt. 1 sty structure, plus Perking Corner location. High tratfic count. 323 8944 eves. only. dream tilch. Say.OOO 475-3055 4J4J, tw. Acnerman; ELMHURST, YORK AT 1-90 A OFC UNIT 1ST FLR. IDEAL FOR REP F. Wright Indust-Realty S47-7100 OPEN 1 i LA SALLE WACKER BLDG. 221 N. LaSelle Street OFFICE SPACE TO SUIT YOUR REQUIREMENTS Outstanding 4-way view INSIDE PARKING THE LURIE COMPANY Owner Management OAK PARK 4-1 oorms, only Oak Parti: rent stores offices. 8920 Loomis 313 Pulaski 3 W. 79th 484-7117 NORTHWEST SUBURBAN 4000 14. ft. of oeeuT ottice, or store space Folly AC crptd, prttng lot, 1 bltt to t-90 Mr Kler 383 2507 -S ELMWOOD PK. 7241 W. Grand SKOKIE Live Modern. Deluxe 243 BR condos. now under const. Located at Golt 4 Grosse Pointe. Lge foyer, kil w-breat. rm, 2 ba, own laundry rm. indr stalls. Early 7 occov. 433-0OB3; Air many Doitibi ties NORWOOD PARK Medical Suite Pick your colors and move In to rm. suite, attractive rents. McLENNAN 63l-440f) Rent-Stores, COSTOPOULOS RLTY M9 I943 Commercial bldg In choice loc. Harlem 4 North, bldg compeitgly maint. tree. Call for details. 8 flat, prime sub. loc, 4 3 bdrms, 2-1 bdrm, only 7 times gross. 1145,000 543-7910 450 SqFt (Des Plainest 1725 me 940 SaFt (Des Plainest 1400'mo 40S S. MAPLE UNITS kilO Two Lktt To Skll" SUBURBAN REALTY 771-5500 WSO SoFt (Des Plames) EVANSTON PRIME COMMERCIAL 1928 sof-t lues fietnesl si2 m. OAK PARK-Oftlce Space 600 so tt. 5 Rms storage 2nd fir. Ideal for sml studio, law ottice. ins agency, etc. SI8SM0. Avail Nov. 1 384 3171 RIVER FORESTDIi. 2 bdrm. I il bath conflo wown private bsmt. Fully trptd. Encenent closet space. Reasonable taxes 4 assmts. Close to mall 4 trans. 142,500 F.C. PILGRIM CO. 1037 Chicago. Oak Pk. 381-8100 FOR LEASE 6.350 So Ft. in 400 OAK PARK OPEN1 434 40 S. MAPLE Can be used for retail, ottices or warehouse operations. Downtown location on Davis Street, 3640 so ft Alan M. Purling 332-791 2250 SqFt (ScMr.Pk) l'37Smo 2250 SqFt (Arlington ht) S938mo 3454 SoFt (Rosemont) 47020'mo SKOKIE J100.500 Deluxe 4 rms wlge master bdrm suite. Htd. prkg. RICH PORT 2100 SQUARE FEET Vic. 47th ft. Ashland one story central-air, ADT alarm window gates. Owner Wants Fasl Sale) David M. Kaufman Assoc 346-4000 Block on Irving Pk Kd. sulteDie location tor store, offices, assem Eniov sporiotis tivlnt In this lovely bly. Modern bidg. Excl. labor force nearby. Good loading facilities. Pius Dsmr. siMWmo. 5,075 so tt plus bsmt 7 031 so tt (2nd flrl 1450 mo OAK PARK Corner store. Zoned comml. Retail or office. Ideal tor medical center 4 drugs. 900 S. Rldgeland 637 3500 2000 SoFt (Schlr.Pk) lljoumo 4700 SqFt (Des Plaines) 000 SqFt (Ml. Prospect! 13167mi PiuFfi FOREST Soon to be 3 Odrm. unit. All eppll. incio. 11 the 40 l. OLIVER REALTY, INC. Ample parking 777-5000 constructed 30 luury condos 4. 1 NASH REALTY 869-2500 REALTOR 49S-9700 1743 Dundee Rd Northtjrook O'HARE KENNEDY New Plush ottice-850 so. It. AC, SUPER 16 UNITS Complete custom built fireproof new wiring with circuit breakers, gas HW, new storms. Everything is tip-top. Inc. 16M, EllaGospoderek L023 583-3100 MARINE DRIVE 6x6 For rehab 4 Condo conversion. 8 car gar. 1109,000 L02 Roger Merman 583-3100 bdrmt. from siuu.uw to PwBrwnav. 10-5. 1021 Harlem. 3W MOO 7411 W. ARCHER 960 so. ft. In conven. White Hen Pantry mini-center. Ideal loc. for beauty Shop, toys or gitts or small offices. Air free prkg. SUB-LEASE AT 175 W. JACKSON EVANSTON Brick shell bldg. 3700 so ft. 16' heated, all services. River Forest 304-5777 OAK PARK Mlstotlc District PALATINE STORE RENTAL Desireabie 800 sq. ft. store on Rand 4 Frontage Rds. 1375mo. net lease. Immed. Occup. Call Mrs. Schwartl 8906 STREAMWOODDecorated professionally with warm colors, this five room condo is immaculately ceiling. Full usable bsmt wgraded IMMfcDIAlfc OCCUPANLT ROLLING MEADOWS KUNKEL ALAMO fcALlY access, ioneo L-i ottice. restaur-ant or store. Hi traffic location. JAMfcS KAfLAN LCJ ajO-OJUU 763-9110 6546 W. Higgi FOR A SNEAK Deiuae'7 bdrm. completely remoo-eled. Hioh impact landscaping. Covered parklnt. Walk to mall 4 transe 142.500 to S47.5O0. DEARBORN REALTY 771-4400 Good pkng. Near HOWARD 4 maintained. 2 bains, gar wirn opener, CA, all aopls. Low assoc. tee and an excellent location. THE LEASE WE CAN DO CLARK. SlOOOmO. PALATINE 1,200 sq ft. on busy Dundee Rd. ideal for beauty shop, card shop, etc. 3-D REALTY 991-0158 it no answer 991-4400 Rent-Stores, Shops-N. CYRUS REALTORS 866-8200 OAK PARK OPEN (-4 Modern otcs. Harlem-Lawrence. ApApproi. 78S so. tt AC, ianlt. serv. Parking, CTA PARKWAY DEVELOPMENT U- -t- EVANSTON JUST LISTED COMMERCIAN INVES. DIV. 298-9555 44 WAatllNtalUN Goroeous 1 bdrmt. cab kit Wall ERA BEHRENS ZAUN 885 0555 2,966 s.f. Beautiful ottices Just decorated-New carpet Built-in extras Air Conditioned Less than building rental AVAILABLE NOW! Coll Bobby Moss 861-1111 SEAY THOMAS an IC Industries Company applt, io meintenanct. EverytMna brand new. Hurryll HOMESTEAD 3M9205 PARK RIDGE 8500 sq. ft. office bldg. Center ol town loc. Avail, now. May divide. Poss sale. Your RELO Broker 3 room office 400-t- sq. ft. 1750mo. In same buildings. 2 ottices 215 so. It. and 375 sq. It. lor 1180 and S20S respectively. Encel-lent location for and public transportation Call T. Graham 866-7400 13,661 Sq. Ft, of Full Floor VERNON HILLS FAR NORTHWEST CHGOI Over 400 sg ft carpetd. Heal 4 AC Under-root prkg, $320 ERA Callero 4 Catino 967-A800 OAK PARK contiguous space in modern UrfcN MUU5C 912 VAN BUREN "EXCELLENT BUY" 1300' GROUND LEVEL ACROSS-LINCOLN PK. CIRCULAR DRIVEWAY BUSINESS PROFESSIONAL SINGLE TENANT OFFICES ALL UTILITIES INCL 281-4931 or 281-1277 GILLICK 823-4144 HOGAN 4 FARWELL MARKEN REALTY GROUP 3 Bdrm. condo, newly decor. In the 9-story office bldg. in near EVANSTON OFFICE FOR RENT S400mo. Prkng, ground fir, Lawrence Ay 1 bik W. ot Pulaski. Crptd, CA. 777-5339 New Century Town end unit 3 bdrm. Town ho use -Condo. Din. rm. has sliding doors to lge. prtv. patio. RefriB-. water softener, gar. NARCISI 4 CO. MV-4077 CALL JIM OR DIANNE 5800 sq. tt. in prime retail area. Cent, air cond. Brochure avail. Southwest Suburb. Heating, janitorial service, overheod lighting ample HEIL, HEIL. SMART 4 bULtt PARK RIDGE 11.500 So Ft Mod. ac, store In busy shppg cent-er. Avail. 10-15 967-9880 PARK RIDGE STORES 1,200 OR 1,450 SQ. FT. Ideal for retail or otlices requiring high traffic locat'nn. T. Graham 866 7400 Forest Glen 1 100-2500 sq. It, deluxe office space from 16.50 sq. ft. Immed occup. 777-1777 VENTURE REALTY OAK PARK-4 rmi 3 Br), Lo rm. Lt. porch. Appl. Exc, I rk io' 141,000 771-1747 OFFICE SPACE PREVIEW SEE AUTUMN CHASE CONDOMINIUMS 2 BEDROOMS $46,900 JUST MINUTES FROM W00DFIELD ALGONQUIN WILKE RD (JUST SO. OF GOLF) 259-0077 OR 299-1260 A JOINT VENTURE OF ROPP0LO PREDERGAST BUILDERS INC NORTHWEST FEDERAL SAVINGS LOAN FVANSTONJUST LISTED 296-2155 6 room office suite plus reception and storage areas In high traffic mi i ax. nini -Tr-iUUIJUrvi tCC Modern Office, access to Kennedy 4 Edens x-way. Prkg. Reasonable. 774-0408 McLENNAN VIIU Arc rv i wirin iyc-gu VA welcome. 3 lVi bas. Cull hmt rrnt air. U9.900 parking furnished. Exc. access to public trans. Available 1979. JAMES C. LAMBERT 445-8900 ARTHUR RUBLOFF CO. location. 150 sq. It. Call T. Graham 866-7400 631-6400 500-700' DLX AC OFFICE Bob Jane REMAX 893-9620 INDUSTRIAL INCOME, CRESTWOOD Builder must sell 1 vr old fully leased Income property. Quality, no maintenance bldg. Gross rental $19,200. Call Art Sluls to lee. GROEBE INVESTMENT REAL ESTATE 5041 95th St, 436-970H BARRINGTON 4 AREA APPAREL CENTER SHOW ROOM Conv. to Edens 4 Kennedy Xpwy FELBINGER 4 CO 725 1000 600 N. McCLURG COURT 769 sq. It. at S445 month. 735 SQ. It. 41 S42S month. WW cptg, central heat 4 AC, window shades, Indoor heated parking avail, at extra charge. 943-5220 EVANSTON Vacant 3300 sq. It. 2nd fl. Prime downtown loci 251-5600 KENILWORTH Realty WAR RENVILLE For sale by owner. Premium Condo unit in River sqft store. CA, exc corner loc on Grand Ave. ioOO-t- sec dep. 453-0980 ROLLING MEADOWS LEASE GRAND OPENING 5 DOWN 1-1-3 BEDROOMS 556,000 to 100 OPEN HOUSE 11-7 Emerald Green. river e. lane 4150 N. Harlem modern office Heat ac Crptg lanltor parking ZITTEL Real Estate 867-5757 view. 2nd tir. ca. rn. tirepic. Waier soft. Humid. Refrig. Dbl-oven. Disp. crptg. Largely loo svl. r- New bldg. with easy access to Rte. 53. 5550 so. ft. For ottice 4 sales service. SAUGANASH-Olflce or store, 700 sq. ft. Low rental or will remodel. Call B7B108B or 777-7090 Rent suitable for fashion, access, IDEAL HOME OR BRANCH OFFICE 7300' DELUXE Choice SkyhjrborNorthbrook, IL Maior Nat'l construction firm will lease space tailored tor your corn-any In prestige 1 story bldg. Built thai. rnriiArata home thev de upgrad. 2 UK, i Da. coot, ciuonse. (Rte. 53 N. to Northwest W. reos. Aoorox. 450 so. ft. Save basic tennis ct. Immed. poss. Must FLOSSMOOR -HOME WOOD Area VILLAGE W. OFC. CENTER New prestige single story bldg. Ideal for Professional, Medical, Genl. Offices. Unique Southwestern style overlooking a series of lakes. Fully fin. crptd, Heating ac tnci. Conven. to maior xpwys, IC. Now leasing: 796 4055 or 389-9000 Broker Cooperation Invited see to appreciate, tor runner McLENNAN 837 CLARK STREET 3800 sq. ft. Great space 4 location lor any type professional ofcs. Slma Kaye 642-1855 decorating costs. Able to move in Immed. For details, call Biagi, 1026 The Aooarel Center. Chicago, details 393-9619. Lge store, choice loc. nr. Sears. Ideal for any retail. 7112 North Av. 279-1223 alt Spm 631-6400 tit. 312-644-5970 sire high quality neighbor-many amenities. JR David M. Kaufman Assoc 346-4000 to Romwmi ko n. to eioi.i WILLOW CREEK COMMONS 225 S. Rohlwlni Rd. NEW HORIZON R.E. CICERO DEVON Mod ottice. 240 sq ft. Utlls-Jan. service. Eves. 764-1076 ROSELLE-SCHAUMBURG Area OFFICE SUITES New modern facilities, ample ott-street parking. Suites available from 300 sq, ft: to 5800 sq. It. WAUKEGAN 1 and 2 bedrooms, large LRDR combination, wood cabinet kitchens weatlng area, air parking. Financing available. From S22.000 527,500 NASH REALTY 446-9000 SOLCING MEADOWS CONDO Lovely 1st fir 2 bdrm all elec cooking 4 heat Low maint 2 vr old bldg In quiet park like attlna Chnn A franc hlkt Baird Warner tn The Hemingway House 1125 N. Lincoln Plata (At Clark) 33 Otlices To Serve You Store at 6115 W. Addison. Carptd. Good office space 545-2647 A true heritage for your family In Barrington Hills. 132 acres rolling 4 partially wooded. Across from Forest Preserve on Bateman Rd. Sold as 1 parcel. 110,000. per acre Anne Zlegler COMMERCIAL ZONING ON RT. 12 Combination ot charming 3 Bdrm. English Tudor on a wooded acre with your business potential make this a great buy. Owner asking. 1155.000. Near Xpressways-Woodfield Low' 359-5407 359-5408 GLENVIEW For lease stores in small shopping center located on Glenview-Greenwood. 800 so. tt. to 8000 sq. ft. Call Ellen Lata KOENIG STREY COM'L INDUSTRIAL DIV 739-7057 7600 W. empty lot. WESTMONT-PIERS SUN 12-S 3 stores, Foster. 589-1206 Rent-Stores, Shops-Generol PALATINE BAYBROOK PARK 40 a Widow must sell call today J-MARS New on market I Dramatic contemp llylnol 2 Or, 2 ba, soectacular LINCOLNLAWRENCE Large office suites available in modern office, building. Elevator, air-conditioning, central dental Fully crptd, al 4 neat paid or owner. 5 day custodial service. Cuslomiied to tenants specifications. Located 4 mil. W. of Rt. 53 4 1-90 intersection on Irving Pk. Rd. Direct access via expressways to ail metropolitan Chicagoland 4 O'Hare field. Milwaukee RR commuter station blk. away. Call today, Inquire about our various leas- t44J IRVING 5-7 678-030QI Rent-Stores, Shops-W GLENVIEW-Prlme Waukegan Rd Pill LING MEADOWS I'Ii 18 S. MICH. BLDG Midway between Madison Monroe St. Near Grant Pk Underground Garage Units 300 to 20,000 Sq. Ft Chinnack Doughty, Inc Subsidiary of Strobeck, Reiss Co. 134 S. LoSalle St. 644-4800 ILLINOIS WOODSTOCK AREA loc tor rent. Apprx 3500 sq. ft. Da Ptllte uiiwaiir( t-mij, uiuri lover, mirrored 4 pnno. accented wrec. Lighting mbr. wwaik-ln cist. 4 full ba, kit. wwindow, htd. gar. S. SYSLOR. WOLF 544-3100 Phone wkdavs 9 to 5, 724-9704 CORNER store, 9d. lor fast food, 1327 Cass Ln East 960-2480 Immac, dl, 2BR, 7 CT ba, CA, tp, beaut dee wall upgrd eppls. cptg 4 drps. Gar, pool 4 elbhse on pvt lake. Ec loc. Mid SoO's. same nr. pooi, ijuum $47,900, 534-9200; 397-0558, ask tor Anne Zlegler Baird Warner 303 N. NW Hwy. Barrington mg plans. Knone bvj-4iu nr. schis. 1424 w. uivision. loii Ms. Williams 9-6 p.m. 533-21SO HIGHLAND PARK Stores or office space. Central Ave. per mo. vacumn system. KeasonaDie rental. For further Inlormation contact our downtown ottice Monday thru Friday 346-8171. PARLIAMENT ENTERPRISES. LTD. ,0.0. ROSELLE.701 Irving Pk. Rd. ROLLING MEADOWS Nice 2 1800 WESTMONT-The Piers, di condo 1 P.R. 2 BA wutll rm. frol. oar. Store-heated, incl. elec. mak. 1325 mo. cent ac, NEW FARMETTE 7.9 acres with 3 yr old 6 rm ranch, 50x64' cedar barn, fencing river branch. Attrac. brk 4 cedar home offers 3 lge bdrms, eat in kit, roomy dln-Uvlng area. 2 ba, utility rm, bsmt, 2 car gar, cent. air. Barn accomo Sunset Realty 433-0210 bdrm condo, 2 tun good buy at 137,500. INTERESTED IN 296-0900 elb hse, lake, pool, sec guards 4 Hoffman Estates POPLAR COMMONS Try this 19 lot. moneymaker. 4x 311, 13x212. kttwer gas cony, and many upgrades, immeo poss. by owner. 971-1376 eves 4 wknds. Ottice space tor lease. $00 sq. ft. to 800 sq. ft. Newer bldg. AC. htd. 4 lanitorial services furnished. Lo rental rates. Immed. occup. Move-in allowance. Call Ellen Lata. KOENIG STREY COM'L INDUSTRIAL OIV 729-7057 Rent-Stores, Shops-Suburban Strip center with 7-11 anchor 1275 newer eiec, wcd. proi. income or 141,640. Priced at 2 6x Incl Owner financed! Call today! wesTmont-cass lake CA 3 2 baths, carpeted, all GREAT LOCATION ROSELLE OPENHOUSEi 77 CENTRAL AVE Sun 11-4 14 2 bdrm condos. Starting st WA CONSULTANTS 724-6964 529-4760 appliances, lakes 4 pool. 153.900 sq. tt. multiples. New. also veo sq. ft. Hassel at Barrington 827-7766 R. bNGLcRIHl. PINE 973-W00 HOGAN 4 FARWELL MARKEN REALTY GROUP Bob jane KfcMAA BJ4-VOU dates dox stars 61 run nay ion, $130,000 I VACANT 0.5 acre of country property near Union. Build your own mini horse farm. $30,000 Approx. 12 acre hl-rolllni parcel wstreem in Western Woodstock Countryside. $6,600 per acre. HEMrNGWAY PLAZA 1835 N. Lincoln Plaia. Prime ol-fice space. Avail. Now. 666 sq. It. 280-8040 PAi atinf Price slashed WHEATON-Bv Owner. Condo "In The 2 Br, ca, ww crptg, all appls, huge cists, bale, gar, pool. 148,000 690-8674 OPEN TODAY 1 TO 5 PM ADDISON 833-2611 BUSINESS OFFICES For rent in excellent location. Small ottices avail. Rent Includes telephone answering, steno service, copy machine, conference room, carpeting all utilities. Call for information. NETTLETON DELVEAUX 211 E. Lake Street 833-2611 1313 BALDWIN CT 3A SCHAUMBURG OFFICESTORE 795 sq. It. on Roselie Rd. across from 2 shpg. Centers 4 top fast food chain. Also, 2 small ottices, same location. 1st sq. It. 2nd sq. It. ROSEMONT-Beaut. rm 2 BR condo. Pool, I stall pkg. CA, cptg. thruout. Washer-dryer, Dshwlhr, stv 4 refrig. Shppg. across sir, Schis. 4 churches nearby. S49.900 825-7830. WHEELING Now thlt 2 BR. 3rd Fir. condo Is even better buy) Balcony, new 100 N. LASALLE ST. Large And Small Offices Available Immediately; Call: I. Roseman or S. Rebar-chok 644-4800 STROBECK, REISS CO. carpeting, dinette wappt, yri JOLIET-DOWNTOWN ROUTE 53 Former Commonwealth Edison Building 27,000 sq. ft. air-conditioned office space on 2 floors-will divide. Plus 12,000 sq. ft. garage 14 ft. celling-with dock Inside and out. Ideal tor fleet. Large warehouse area -200' radio tower-radius 40 miles. Root parking for 40 cars plus large park 7 ROOM Farm house 5 maturely wooded acres surrounds renovated 2 story frame near Harvard. Broad front porch, 3 to 4 bdrms, country siie kit, 2 ba, LR, OR, den, 2 car gar. $99,500. HOGAN 4 FARWELL MARKEN REALTY GROUP FOR SALE 27,530 Sq. Ft. Well Appointed AC office bldg. on 17 acre site. Executive office suite with wet bar 4 shower, computer room, walk-In vaults, ample washrooms. MARK ROSS 368-5370 ARTHUR RUBLOFF CO. ADDISON 1380 sq. ft. deluxe air cond offices avail, immed. Below young 4 redecorated i ERA CONTINENTAL BOB BOTTINI 893 8200 ROSEMONT 5rms 2Br swimming pool, plenty ot parking. Very low melnt. tee. Walk to church. Call 775-5536. marker rent. WE CAN'T BELIEVE Tt EITHER! PHASE 3 SOLD IN ONLY 4 WEEKS NOW OPEN THE FINAL PHASE CALLERO 4 CATINO ROTHBART REALTY LO. 543-2960 Palatine Hrs 9 9 (184) ROSEMONT 2 bdr. CA, pool, 6 low taxes 4 maint. 698-2888 SCHAUMBURG Sublet prime of flee soace, Woodfleld Plan. New elev. bldg. Highly accessabie location. 600 s.l. reception area and 2 pvt. offices, immed. occupancy. 1410mo. 381-7161 ARLINGTON HTS. FOR SUBLEASE 2350 So. Ft. In downtown area: Below market rate: Your customers can walk from North MILE FROM SQUARE Woodstock's unique charm Is only minutes from this comfortable 6 room farm hse on a high wooded 13 acre wlovely pastoral views. 3 bdrms, 1 ba kit. Mv rm. din rm, artel CONTEMPO COURT OPEN HOUSE 1-4 2241 BALDWIN WAY A DREAM COME TRUE Start out in style when you buy this lovely 3 bedroom 2 bath unit that features a FIREPLACE and pay only 60,9001 Baldwin Way, Dundee Rd West of 53 to Baldwin N. to Baldwin Way OpenjlouseX Over sq. tt. avail. In choice mid-north complex. Located across from shopping center with porcn, ancn. gar, swu. ing lot. Heat plant ana outiaing-excellent condition. Fuel pumps in yard. Call Mr. Kuenster (312) 726-7743 L. J. SHERIDAN 8. CO. 111 W. Washington St. Chicago 60602 Wincgnsln SALE LEASEBACK Ltrgg dairy farm agri-business wlthover $700JX)0 In Improvements. 1275 cash Investment will produce minimum Investment lex credit of 137,000 and annual depreciation of at least 159,300. Prelections show after tan cash an cash return In (3,2) 368-577. Baird Warner IIMtOtiP CONTEMPORARY 8 PHASE 4 PLUM CREEK CONDOMINIUMS SCHAUMBURG NEW SHOPPING CENTER Good For Any Business Corner Plum Grover 4 Nerge FOR INFO. CALL 679-5400 maior tenants, vvm remooei wnn gas FA ac. 4 baths. Full bsmt. Storage. Great potential. C.B.D., INC 477-9100 tasteful rooms employing fine woods, cath. ceiling, brk frpl, slate and imported tiles on naturally MULLINS 394-5400 Large one bedroom condo. Low 30's. Low Taxes. Excellent Loca- "n' C'c'0ND0 REALTY 394-5203 PRIME LOFT SPACE 337 S. FRANKLIN 7,000 Sq. Ft. Or Sq. Ft. AVAILABLE IMMEDIATELY Contact Lowell Roseman or Steve Rebarchak 644-4800 STROBECK, REISS CO. western station to mis easv-to-tino location on a high traffic street: Call for details: KUNKEL COMMERCIAL INVES. DIV. 298-9555 PALATINE-Beaut contemp. condo in choice area close to Rt. S3. 2 BR, 2 bas LR wFP, lots ot Come and See What So Many Hrs 9-9 (167) Schaumburg ttaraae 4 see ci inc Alt. oar. OPEN HOUSE 12-S trt Conv. ranch style wctyd. Purch PXINaTDN GRFFN Schaumburg, sq. (t. Bloomingdale, sq. ft. Oak Brook, sq. ft. And other oftlce space in the West and N.W. suburbs. Lincoln-Belmont-Ashland Mod. 1 sty brk bldg containing 2400 sq. ft avail for immed. occpy. Ideal for retail, savings 4 loan. Prof, bldg. Commercial Invest. Dept. HADERLEIN CO REALTORS 525-9119 3413 N. Paulina 11 S. LeSelle St. Chicago IL ase VAFHA. 153,000. CENTURY 21 GRANT ASSOC 438-B808 Johet ENCLOSED MINI MALL We are looking for retailers Interested in shops, such as sports, arts, crafts, plant, wines, cheeses or other specialty shops. 200-600 so. ft. 200 sq. ft. each. Plenty of parking. CHARLIE CENTER 2701 Black Joiiet Phone Vavrus Associates 815-729-0300 Monday through Friday 8J Tour this Immaculate 2 bedroom 2 bath Townhome with appliances and a super price. 375 rinetree. maint. acres, ooservatory ana greenhouse attached to home. 4 bdrms, 3's ba, fam. rm, dinliving area, kitchens, decks, 2 car gar. Also 36x60' wood barn, brochure avail. $179,500 HEAVILY WOODED 11 beaut, wooded acres enchance this 6 rm story book ranch. Lge Mv rm wsee thru frpl to din rm, 2 bdrms, kitch, 1 ba. Great for animal and privacy lovers. $147,500,, People Are Raving About And Buying 5 LOVELY MODELS 1-2-3 BEDROOM SUITES To Choose From 2 Full Baths Central Air Cond. FlbLU KcALtT 8B-H0I2 MORE FOR YOUR DOLLARS elPINETRtt SCHILLER PARK 884-0800 MULLINS This 3 unit 2 sty. Income bldg. located In Cicero Is unique In every way. Very spacious rms. What crUAHMflliRf-. Come to see PALATINE, BY OWNER; LUXURIOUS 2 BR, BAYBROOK PK. 47' balcony overlooks lake. Cory paneled BRden, 2 ba, rustic kit, gar; many decorator features. Now available at 159,000. OPEN HOUSE SUN 15 or call for appl: 358-0024 or 325-9300 LINCOLN PARK AREA 25x35 tt. storefront in unique mail wstreet 4 mall entrances. Hardwood beamed ceilings, with Arlington HtSNorthfield NorthbrookSkokie OFFICE COURTS Single Story Office Space For Sale Or Lease Joseph Development Co. 441-5100 an investment, riceo in iw Pav-Hanson Realty 656-8282 this newly converted condo, 3 mths. old, crptg 4 painting thruout. An end unit on the 1st fir. makes this a most desirable loc. UffcN aUNUA PHOTO STUDIO 3-story 4 bsmt. Adaptable to many uses. Tall ceilings, finished oak floors. Duplexed 2nd 4 3rd fir. Total 6.000 s. t. floor FIRST OFFER track lighting. Pvt. bath, 2 dressing rms. Carpeted display win JOLIET-DOWNTOWN ROUTE 53 300x3 sq. ft. commercial-stores. Right on Route S3. Ideal for fast food or grocery. Parking lot dow, can Berty 32-UU Reason, assoc. tee. can now, 133,500, ANDERSON CO. 439-4270 Aurora-Business oppty to subl. 3500 sq. ft. mod. ofc. lacll. 1 blk to Starting From 143,500 EXCELLENT FINANCING HEATED PARKING AVAIL PHONE 54I-3SB0 Open Mon-Frl 11-6 Sat 4 Sun 11-5 DIRECTIONS; PLUM CREEK IS LOCATED ON WOLF RD. JUST ONE MILE SOUTH OF DUNDEE RD. (RT. 68) NORTH' PARK College Area HARDING REAL ESTATE CORNER OF RT 47 WOODSTOCK, ILLINOIS 815-338-3850 WEST ROGERS PARK 13 units, 3-5's, 10-4's, gross 132,000. Circuit breakers, storms 4 screens, new gas heat. CAGAN'S RLTY 679-5512 srea. Loadimj facilities in rear. 1600 per month. 221 W. Walton PI. Mr. Bill 944-7373 BROWNE 8. STORCH, INC. PALATINE 2 BR, 2 full bath condo. Choice 2nd tir unit In Carol Ct. Quality construction shows well. Access to 53. Pool, sauna, clubhouse. Many extras. Immed. occ. 398-4600 146,900 CENTURY 21 Village Square basrwest toiiway. conierence rm, kit area, storage area woutside ovrhead dr. W-w crptg wmany other extras. For appt. call between 8 4 5 851-5970. SCHAUMBURG LO 140S DELUXE 2 BDRM CONDO IV baths, CA, lo taxes, pool 4 health club. Elevator bldg. PATERNO REALTY 792-1616 CHICAGO O'HARE AEROSPACE CENTER 500 to 9,000 sq. ft. Avoiobie. Full service. All elec. office bldg. Rent includes cleaning, heat, oir Conditioning electric. In-building restaurant, conference storage rm. Excellent location. Parkway Development Co. 671-0010 Cor. Mannheim Lawrence can Mr. Kuenster (312 726-7743 L. J. SHERIDAN 4 CO. Ill W. Washington St. Chicago 60602 STRIP StUKbSIII PLUS KEDZIE BRYN MAWR-, AREA STORES! NET NET LEASES GREAT OWNER FINANCING LEBOVIC REALTY 561-5400 BARRINGTON 940 sq. ft. store Will County 84 unit apt. complex 7 bldgs. favorable financing available solid masonry and flexlcore 745-0094 INLAND, on U.S. Rt. 14. 1400 per mo. PALATINE 2br. 2-ba. 1st fir. Ce. All appls. Crptng. Drapes. JOLIET-Vacant gas station NW cor McDonough 4 Larkin 536-8257 JHI-WO R.E. Investment Prop. olflce space. SCHILLER PARK FIRST Time avail. Manderly place in Schiller Pk. Lge condo in bldg. Sound fireproof, swimming pool, club house, tennis court. Cent, air, many extras. Don't miss thl nnal Patio off kit. By pond for flshskatlng. Gas grill. Pool, sauna, club house. By owner. 1400 SF OFFICE BLDG Peterson 4 California. Quick possess. 2 wshrms. Option to purchase possible. 998-9494 WHEELING PRICED TO SELL FAST. Most popular unit townhouse quad. 3 gar. w-inside entry. CA. 149,900. RELAX and build equity. Eniov summers by the pool In this lovely 3 bdrm. quad. Includes all ap 400 to 1900 sq ft. incl all util. and use ot indoor pool and sauna. Ideal Chicago-Vacant gas station 7259 S. Cottage Grove, Chgo. II. 314-569-1884 Bolingbrook-200 151,900. 394-3837, bet. 2 P.m. loc, at York and crano. or 595-6621. York Tower 1043 S. York PALATINE Willow Creek. 2 BR INTERDOME (U-68 286-1515 I TYNAN REALTY GROUP LAKE FOREST 3,450 SQ. FT. RETAIL SPACE Road. 150,900, 3 BR 169,500. Spacious Acres REIT must sell acreage on l-SS nr Route S3 with sewer and water. Chicago Eighty units 5000 395,000 with 49,000 down balance at 9J4, 745-0094 INLAND 72 E. RANDOLPH Deluxe full floors avail, of $.000 4 6,000 sq. tt. in this modern new 3-story bldg. Will build to suit. Brokers cooperation invited. For information contact: Eugene C. Larson. BENJ. E. SHERMAN SONS 939-1400 crun I PR PARK-NEWLY pliances, we.yuu apt. Great loc. Kemmerly R.E, Call Al Ruben 359-9333358-5960 LISTED Beaut. 3 bdrm, Condo In fire 4 sound proof elev. bldg. -has t875acre Mr. Greene HELDON GOOD 4 CO. 346-1500 BERKELEY Downtown Offices trom 300 to 700 sq. It. Cptg AC New attrac. bldg. I'i blks to toll rd. 20 min. to O'Hare Full comm. to brokers Call 446-5333 tor appt. SKOKIE-200-2500 sq. tt. office space, immed, occup. Individually div. for one man ofllces 4 up, CA, ground prkg. Call 676-1076 DESIRABLE 3 1 bath ranch unit in Cedar Run. Fully ANDERSONVILLE Avail. Immed. 1,000 S.F. EffL din. rm, oaic, ciuDns. a. pool raciis. IN 140 CENTURY 21 MILLER 4 CO. 451-1470 equip, kit. Lots ot storage w-pull down stairs to attic. 149,500. NURSING HOME High Traffic Area Available Immediately Contact Lowell Roseman or Steve Rebarchak 644-4800 STROBECK REISS 4 CO, AGENTS OPEN 1-4 SKOKIE BERWYN-4338 Cermak 10,125 sq It Will consider div 763-0177 Suitable comm'l prof, offices such as insurance, secret. phone service, photography, medical, leg-ai, etc. Call 784-2121 SKOKIE 4822B Main St. 900 sq. ft. store, suitable lor any retail business or office, ample prkg. Im- LOOKING FOR A "BIG RETURN?" 10 FLAT BUSINESS Great Business Opportunity OR LIVE-IN OWNER McMULLEN 631-8300 KOENIG STREY Buftalo Grv 541-3550 OpenflouseV PALATINE-BY OWNER Luxurious 2 BR Baybrook Pk. 47' balcony overlooks lake. Coiy sanelled BRden. 2 Ba, rustic kit, BERWYN-Dental ole nr Riverside 4 Cermak Plazas 749-2181 med. Poss. 965-205 PETfcR5UN Btbi VALUt! 270- 150 BEDS SUBURBAN METROPOLITAN CHGO AREA. 3 ACRES OF LAND ESTATE MUST SELL CALL GREENE SHELDON GOOD 4 CO. 346-1500 2,000 btj. r-l. yi- tusium ur- WHEELING-NEW ON MARKET Deluxe 2 br, 2 ba. corner unit. Decorator papers mirrored door Irg fully equipped in SYSLOWOLF 564-3100 SKOKIE Choice olflces for rent, 1 ground floors, 2 adloining 2nd tir, covered parking. Rent incl utilities. 131-3650 l-ICt: iVAiniAincu nuiiu-ING! CENT. AIR! PARKING! LAKE ZURICH- Prime 500 sq. It office. S32Srno. Available mid Oct. 431-9600 or 382-2266 BLUE ISLAND-OFFICE Up to 1900 sq ft. on 1st floor, modern Western Ave. building. Call John Mascho, 9-5pm, 385-2600 garage, many decorator features. Now avail at 159,000. OPEN HOUSE Sun. 1-S or call lot AVAIL. NOV. 1ST. CALL MR. 4700 OLD ORCHARD RD. 2 beautiful condos. Units 106 4 304. Has 2 bdrms, 2 baths, exciting decor. Oilers invited. S60's. Karen Davidson. GARFIELD BLVD. 75,000 sq zoned residential, near Dan Ryan X-war. In single family area. For quick sale iNCm NWOOD-store. 3 offices. MILLER SB8-16M SKOKIE Choice loc. for rent. ICtnra. 8. olC. New Stl00 Strip. JPPt. J58-UU24J2S-VJUU. 9500 FT. RETAIL LOCATION Ground Floor-Can Divide Fully air 16 ft. ceiling Private 6 truck loading dock. Now a Post Office Available March 1, 1979 Across from new Holiday Inn. 2 blocks East of Michigan Brokers Invited 247 E. Ontario Owner on premises 664-9310 warehouse space, 1800 sq ft. Avail HOFFMAN ESTATES 74 units, i sep. blrjgs. Super loc. Tenants pay heat 4 elec. Owner will sell on contract with 1350,000 cash. Double trade 650 Graceland, Des PI 827-1117 immed Occup. 3510 W. Dempster immed. 676-3920 BUY THIS BUILDING Put In a Hot Doo Stand, Ic cream 125,000. 332-3200. PALOS HILLS 275-5609 or 967-1554 BROOKFIELD FOR RENT OFFICE WAREHOUSE 2300 sq. tt. Could be retail oulet. Call Bob Atkins 651-4100 RICH PORT, REALTOR parlor 4 a real estate office plus SKOKIE Office In Bronx Bldg, R.AA.C. income trom 6 apis. LEBOVIC REALTY 561-5400 at SWItt, nr boens apwv. rag, 4948 Dempster. 676-4594 LOMBARD-HILLSIDE STORE SPACES FOR RENT Prime west suburban location 750 to 9,000 Sq. Ft. ROOSEVELT RD-HILLSIDE MANNHEIM RD-HILLSIDE BlaurockDCC Really 312-441-5550 SKOKIE Oftlce andor shop 900 ft Ar. 7nnad M.9. Call 10-6 679-6680 HOGAN 4 FARWELL MARKEN REALTY GROUP BUFFALO GROVE 4.8 acres-prime all Improvements, Lake Cook Road, East Of Wleland 12.25 per sq. ft. HEATHER INVESTMENT INC. 799-0830 DRAMATIC Price) Reductlonl Owner wishes early sale. Ideal N. W. Chicago location, offices, or other common. cla( use. Call Weekdays. CALLERO 4 CATINO 967-0555 COMM. PROP, in BrookfielrJ on Ogden Av, consisting of lots. Improvements fully equpd gas statloncarwsh, 2 other rental stores. 12C prkg area In rear. Carwsh needs some wrk. Asking 1190,000, 120,000 down, 279-1378 REALTY SKOKIE- Dally 4 Sat 679-0473 PRESTIGE PETERSON AVE 250 SQ.FT. OFFICE 1165 500 SQ.FT. OFFICE 1330 Deluxe Building includes, AC, cleaning, carpet, parking, LONG-KOGEN 764-6500 THE HILLS OF PALOS CONDOMINIUMS PRE-OPENING SALE Visit THE HILLS view con WHEELING OPEN 1-4 SKOKIE SHOPPING CENTER 3100 Sq. Ft. 1300 Sq. Ft, ALP Main, Tanant 30 W. WASHINGTON BUILDING Excellent space avail, now! Lo BUFFALO GROVE Plaza Verde Deluxe Office Suites 560 To 4,000 SQ. FT. Call Bob Hymen 346-4594 MILWAUKEE PAULINA Marc Realty 649-9425 1327 EXETER Make oiler! VA 4 FHA OK! 3-story Quad In Cedar Run! 2BR 1V2 bth. alt. gar. CA. S40s. LOMBARD ROOSEVELT ROAD STREAMWOOD-Stores 4 shops OUTSTANDING Value, ideal loc. 1100W-3500N. 4 newly remod. cptd, ofcs. 1200 sq immed occup 1500 mo. or will div. 248-8494. ftPPIf-p P.IIIL DING cated in the heart of the business, financial legal community, Custom designed ottices at attractive 9201 NORTH DRAKE IMMEDIATE POSSESSION New luxury 2 bedroom and Den Condominium. Laundry Room in apartment, separate breakfast room adjoining kitchen overlooking deck and swimming pool. All large avail. Irom 1,600 to 4,000 sq. tt, N.iu rtr. on Irving Pk. Rd. struction plons of elegant rental rates, i-un commission to Mr. Simpson 851-1603 KAN new Air Conditioned Stores 4 Offices. ONLY 1100 SQ. FT. LEFT NOVEMBER 1 OCCUPANCY CALL 627-0606 G- Excl. loc. N. Harlem Ave. 11 offices 4 storage area. Gas AC. Many features. 1245,000 FUMO INVESTMENT RA.TY 452-6680 Butterfleld Commons Plata Rte. 53 4 Butterfield Rd. Stores 800 sq.ft. 4 2400 sq.ft. 777-8600 vfrnon HILLS-Just started brokers. BENJ. E. SHERMAN SON Great money maker! Lotts 4 stores, many recent Improvements. Income over 119,000. Owner will finance. Asking 180,000. (151) SHERWIN 273-5420 5 TENANT HEATED STORE 3100 N. on Milwaukee. Solid Tenants, good parking, clean building. Only Call now! CENTURY 21 construction, new shopping cntr on Arlington Hts. A364 398-2700 9000 sq. ft. multi-use warehouse, wholesale, retail, hid. 11000 per CAPITAL INVESTMENT, INC. 275-2556 432-1835 DONNA NK 263-5209 2 3 bedroom condos nestled adjacent to the Polos Hills Forest Preserve over- Rt 60. 24 stores. 4B-ivjy Calumet city Modern reception rm 4 2 offices. 841-6630 WHEELING OPEN 1-4 rooms 2 fun oeins, neateo garage. Price 89,500.00 BERNARD KATZ AND CO, INC. 274 33(H) 85 acres In the heart ol Mich. Wineries Clear water stream, 9 rm Waukegan 1ST TIME OFFERED 1145 PLEASANT RUN DR. Immed. Possl 3BR IV2bth. Split-Duplex! Main Fl. Utll. Rm. 60s. home, 2 nrs. trom iibawv lookina a private lake. CAPITAL INVfcSIMfcNI. irvL. CHICAGO RIDGE New 1 story air cond. prestige location. 600 sq ft, good exposure. Avail now. 10500 SW 361-0760. Aft 5 pm. 448-4960 LINCOLN-BELMONT BLDG. Mod. offices 4 medicaldental suites in neighbrhd otlice bldg welevator 370-715 sq ft GARY SOLOMON 4 CO. 334-5400 375-2556 432-U2 Router 4 Co. 26 973-7000 LAKEHURST SHOPPING FISHER BUILDING 343 S. DEARBORN Nr. Federal Bidgs. 4 Post Olflce 350 to 10,000 SQ. FT. 2 RM. OFFICES 4 LARGER CARPETED 4 AIR CONO. ADJACENT PARKING MR.QUIGLEY 427-0472 G- 16tl acres secluded country setting In City of Peoria. 1012 ac. zoned R-2, City ot Peoria. 6 ad MOUNT PROSPECT 800 E. NORTHWEST HWY PRIME OFFICE SPACE SUBLET OR OWN LEASE AVAIL. NOV. 1, 1978 sq. ft. Cot, Woodgralned panels, exc. cond. Close to trains sta. 4 bus. Ample parking. PHONE 259-8150 CHICAGO RIDGE 2700 or 5400 sq. tt. on 111th Each of these elegant condos In eludes: Brick Walls Windows Rustic Balconies Doors 4 Trim Parquet Floors Prlrtil From 145.900 Developers Special-Vacant 2ac. parcel gn Hlntx w. of Schoenbeck 25Rm-3BR Ranch-can be comb, wadlacent prop. Zoned R-Comm M-G-M A667 398-2700 Arlington Hts. A365 398-2700 LINCOLN-DIVERSEY. 1400 so. ft. Remod. storefront wmovable partitions, hrdwd firs, bath, kit, FHA, AC, full bsmt. 1750mo. Avail, immed. 549-5253 SKOKIE-NORTH SHORE TOWERS Ultra-deluxe 2 4 3 BR 2 bth. Condos In posh new bldg. All new carpet, appls. Lndry. rm. In apts! Sep. eating area! Lg. Terrace! Pool I Near shops, trans! Heated prkgl M-G-M loining ac. peona counry. 1 mi. trom large mall 4 shopping center. Phone (309 685-9874. Retailoffice area and warenouse with H. door. Call Art Sluis GROEBE 636-9700 CENTER Imm. possession, sublease 9 14,940 full improved sq. ft. next to Plywood Minn. Might divide. Great exposure to hlway traffic and commuter train. Grab It! Call Rog Creaden 366-5764 Baird Warner 115 S. LaSalle Chicago IL COUNTRY CLUB HILLS Prime rue Hit I it located at 95th 4 WHEELING Well-maintained 2 bdrm, 2 full baths, CA, harvest gold appls, private balcony, plush earth-toned carpeting in Ivg 4 dng rms. 153,900. CENTURY 21 TOWN SQ 541-6700 office space, near 3 expressways. Immediately avail. Frank Bella, 4 sty. comm'4 bldg westablshed tenants. Vic Clark 4 Belmont. 1400,000 gross Inc. -bldg 4 bus. Financing avail. Call Paul Newburt DeMoon Commercial 899-0400 HEART OF NEW TOWN 2947-41 Broadway at Wellington. Exc. loc. Gifts, Cards. Books, Clothes. Jewelry, Travel, Shoes, Camera. Heated. 372-4870 aaiinopi ElN. 1.000 so. ft. offices BY OWNER. 2 Chicago White Hen Shopping Centers. Truly on armchair investment. realtor, 389-4663. Keen In Palos Hills (Just 14 milel east of LaGrange Rd across the street trom the Sabre Room). Fellow the ligns to the model 500-510 DEARBORN MODERATE RENTAL 7,900 so. tt. Available Immediately Also Smaller Units STROBECK, REISS 4 CO. 527-0095 DEERFIELD NEW STORES space. All utils. included and air cond. Display window 4 ample prkg. Backroom storage area. 566- 675-8900 DARlEN New 9 flat, fully IMMbUIAIt UCCUrAltL 950 SQ FT ON UP BERKSON 491-60O0 home 598-0020 STORE. Clark 4 Addison. 1200 sq ft street level; loading dock. Will build to suit. Rent negotiable. IZUI. or zrj-oaua. OPEN 1-4 SKOKIE- MUNDELEIN De Luxe ofcs Group of real estate appraisersconsultants seeking fel leased, 533,000 Income. 165,000 down, balance 1240,900 by articles ot agreement at 9 rate, 30 no points. 3-5 yr. balloon. 887-1814. EcS WHEELING 5-2 bdrms. quad. IVj ba, 1V2 car attch. gar, Cent, air, MBR has walk in closet, stove, dishwasher, washer 4 dryer stay. Priced for quick sate. Owner must sacr. INTERDOME (U-70- 286-1515 21-VJO WEST CHICAGO-Lorlyn Shopping Plaza on Roosevelt Rd, nr. Rt 59. 1200 or 2400 sq tt-mod storesotc-access Invlt-ed. Call 358-4252 trom so ft each. AC. Call Nick 692-3551 or 566-7890 DES PLAINES O'HARE LAKE PALOS HILLS Timbers 3 huge Mrms. 1 34 bas. ca; crplg. -r tiuLii: gar. open. Im CHICAGO-GREAT CASH FLOW! 5 Stores, 2 double gar- Sget Far, far west on North Ave, iwner wants this one to sell (36) ERA 386-3083 LANDMARK HERITAGE 471S Sheridan Store front. 15X85' Avail now Excellent location lor small bus. Open Jtouse low real estate personattorney, accountant, to sublet 165 sq ft. Pvt ofc wthem In 208 LaSelle St Bldg. Storage rm, Xerox IAKESHORE 33 UNITS med. foss. Low 60's Mr. MUNDELEIN-FOR LEASE Corner store, good terms avail. May remodel to suit. 622-6332 WHEELING SANDPEEBLE 275-6685 675-6381 rivimah. Muino and-craven mach, 4 telephone answering avail. 1225mo. 986-9600, tnc. i-jtuu Terntic 2 bk 2 bth. condo wig. balcony. Upgraded! Lo SOs. OFFICE PLAZA Offit-e AVi Sa. Ft. and more 191,000 Gross-Oper Net 158,000 Excellent tax shelter benefits. Well-Mointoined $510,000 Arlington Realty Group 281-6855 WESTMONT Deluxe Offices 700 SQ. FT. PARK RIDGE M-G-M N8B6 298-3306 AUTUMN LEAVES 5019 MuHord Apt. 106 Brand new 5 rm 2 Br 2 ba parquet floors nice layout Htd. gar. all appl. prvt. bale. J. ELROD 3929 OAKTON (T160 676-0200 HALSTED NEAR BELMONT New Bldg 1,500 Sq. Ft. Will Finish to Suit Brokers Invited M. Supera 943-8539 CLARK 4 Fullerton. Vict, grays-tone, exposed brk walls, newly approx. 1500 sq. tt. Call 281 6013 FIRST OFFER Owner Management on Premises ARTHUR J. ROGERS 327 LASALLE BLDG Small or large offices. Reasonable rates. Full service. Across from Board ot Trades. Parking adjacent. Contact: WHEELING For sale by owner. 2 bdrm, 2Jeth condo. 162,500. Must see. Top quality. By appt. SOUND INVESTMENT Brick 10-Flat only 12 years old. 138,000 gross Income. 113,317 expenses. Ail leased. Well kept. Moneymaker. Priced only 7.5 times Income. Naperville FOR LEASE PRIME CORNER IN DUPAGE COUNTY 26,000 sq. ft. modern bldg. Heavily traffic area. Rt 34 4 Naperville Rd. Call Mr. Kobel 312-357-1970 Only. Call 398-238Jt 12-6 P.m. TO 2,500 SQ. FT. TOM HORWICH 368-5323 ARTHUR RUBLOFF 8. C0 CO. EAST ROGERS PARK 31 lge units In light brick court yatd bldg. Priced al 5.5x'i. CAGAN'S RLTY 679-5512 are In full view from this lovely 1 bdrm, 1 bath condo. Excl. decor. Move-In cond. Inside prkg. Forest Preserves Is your tront yard. 179,900. Call Bernie Brown McLENNAN 11 N. NORTHWEST HWY WHEELING 2BR. 2 bath, all PATERNO REALTY 792-1616 BENJ. SHERMAN 4 SON C. LARSON .939 1400 appls 4 crptg thruout. Low maint. 154,900. 54 M811. RIVER ROAD AT SIX FLAT ROGERS PARK NEWLY DECOR Nr. North, iust off Mich. Av. 800 sq. ft. Sublet Reasonable rent, 337-6744 SKOKIE ONLY $61,250 FOR 3 BDRM, l'a BATH Spacious unit with unusual rec WHEATON-400 sq. It. suite avail. NILES OFFICE SPACE Full service, good parking, custom iavout, competitivt rental. ARTHUR J. ROGERS CO. 297-2200 35-0011 Park Ridge 631-6400 WHEELING-Open Hse Sun 11-5, 1425 Sandoebble, Apt. 219. Price for Quick Sale. 459-3173 LINCOLN A.VE.-29I8 TLCl1 alt lie. DEVON 297-2200 520 N. MICHIGAN 1,300 to 2.1O0 SQ.FT. Prime ottice available Immed. on Michigan Ave's Magnificent Mile Contact Robert Krortn 644-4622 BENJ SHERMAN 4 SON REDUCEDII! SOUTH SUBURBS 32 APTS 5x GROSS LOW RENTS MARTIN MARGOLIS SHELDON GOOO 4 CO. 346-1500 Large 512 rm. apts. with fireplaces and garages. Excellent Op- Cirtunlty for Condo Coverter Call Inda Spunt. SHELDON GOOD 4 CO. 346-1500 immediately, on Nooseveit ko. to new dix. bldg. 1295mo. Mr. Weston 851-1600 PARK RIDGE OPEN 1-4 not incl. 1300mo. 664 0146 500 THAMES PRKWY. BRISTOL CT. APT. I-J rnrnar Talcott 4 Dee RdS.l 20,000 SQ. FT. MODERN 6130 N. BROADWAY WILMETTE Smashing 4 bdrm, 4 ba. Condominium home in lovely Lake Shore bldg. in prime area. Eniov riparian beach, pool, 24 rtr. door NILES Store avail in Lawrence-wood shopping center. 1200 sq. ft. Immed. avail. Call Leonard 966-6900 room, launory room entry trom ear-in kitchen. Top-line appliances. Loads of closets. Central AC. Wallpaper, carpeting, Parking. Call Richard Sack now 334-0010 MATANKY ASSOC DEKALB-131 ACRES EDELMAN SU4-6773 220 S. STATE ST. Beautilul 10 SVl room unit, 2 bedrooms, cabinet kitchen, 2 full bath, fl aft master bedroom). Store For Rent: 7x5x110 2 firs, full Commercial Net Lease 18,400 annual Income. Hammond, Ind store, absolute net lease to prime Estate Must tell. Mr. Greene net hyp npctrpc: DES PLAINES RAND WAY CENTER New bldg. Move in today Elevator, lounge. Great loc. sq. ft. To your design. Just N. ot Golf, 960 Rand Rd. 827-7766 man, 2 Pfks. spaces ana so mucn display bsmt. 3345 N. Lincoln. Mr. WHEELING PROFESSIONAL OFFICES RETAIL STORES WILLOW PARK PLAZA ADJACENT TO PALWAUKEE AIRPORT Protessienal ottice space from 1250 sq. retail space avail, to 5500 sq. ft. In attractive Lance 34V-04B NILES-5600 Sq. Ft. Retail space. High traffic center. Bank 4 tost oftlce on premises, eonard 966-6900 more. CAII tor complete Intorma- 1300 to 5200 sq. ft. 500 Sq. ft. 1150 tion. 398 mo. 24 nr. security. CENTURY 21 IMILLER MGMT CO. 431-1730. MITCHELL BROS. 492-9660 i TTTZ central air, carpeting, appliances, Indoor parking. Only 169,500 B. FRIEND REALTORS 774-2500 SHELDON GOOD 4 CO. 346-1500 3067 N. LINCOLN AVE 25' storefront, 2nd fir. 4 bsmt. R.E.I.T. must sell acreage on Rte. 23 near K-Mart, Sewer 4 Water, will finance. Mr. Greene SHELDON GOOD 4 CO. 346-1500 DELUXE BRICK 12 FLAT Income 132,500. Tvtx's Income. tnly 7 vrs. old. Financing avail, xtra big cor. lot NANNI REALTORS 5731 Montrose 736-3)07 $45,000 DN BUYS 9.000 sq tt Mr. Lynn My-oae NILES-Milwke 4 Oakton. 1450 s.l. store or olflces. 525-2756 IN IWILn HVE SKOKIE BEAUTY OPEN HOUSE SUN 1-4 8001 Lockwood Apt 408 611 rms of luxury. Newly crpt 4 decor. 3 BR, 2 ba. Formal din rm. RETIRING OWNER WILL FINANCE, BELOW MARKET, NO PARK RIDGE Sharp 2 bedrm. OPEN SUNDAY 1 to 4 P.M. 2600 OAKTON Unit 10 DES PLAINESMT. PROSPECT Appros. 1.000 sq. ft. Retail Store space. Golf Rd (58). E. of (83) 439-7300 Webster Ave 3300 soft. Commercial. Loading dock. 1700. 472-5992 NW exposure. 15th floor, 1250 sq. ft. Beautiful Carpet 4 wallcover-Ings. Immed. occup. 337-8111 24 APARTMENTS 142,000 lncome-58000 North 'all Mark J. Lasman for details Northfield-Edenwood Office Court T165 Sq.Ft. Cell 441-5100 Joseph Development Co. central alrc, carpet, apples, walk retailservlceolfice complex. Ample free air and extremely competitive rents. Immediate availability, may remod. or build to suit. JAMES KAPLAN CO 336-6500 NR 'L'. 64-6260. STORE-1536 JARVIS. 1175 MO. to train. 155,500 Agertws-vjjj prjtN i si Mid svu's Must see. aii oilers presented. javio M. Kautman assoc. DES sq. ft. warehouse or shop. Recess dock. 824-1881 WOOD DALE CONDOS 3 bdrms. -t- a den, 2 baths, Irg. Ilv. din. area, brktst, rm. Over 2,000 sq. ft. of luxurious living. Inside prkg. Assumable mort. of 141,000. at 7'4. 187,900. Golf course condo. View ot Chicago skyline. 2 2 baths, 2 Inside prkg. stalls Irg. storage area. Stv-relrig, OW, washer 4 6700 N. CLARK Drlve-ln bldg, some fixtures Included. With parking. Lot 85x125. OMAN 583-BI00 3 LOTS, zoned single family res, Office for rent Cptd, ac, MontroseCentral area 725-4171 72, E. RANDOLPH New building, full floors avail. BENJ. E. SHERMAN 4 SON 363-5309 IMMPFI ING SKOKIE 5220 Oakton Apt 1-5 OAK BROOK PARK RIDGE Super deluxe large 2-bdrm, 2-ba, central air, garage. Immediate occupancy. COLUMBIA 3413 N. Harlem 286-5191 DOWNERS GROVE 3700N-800W Newly remod. store, 750 sg ft Cent ht 4 air, 538-6330 Heavy foot trattic, upcoming area. Act fast. $101. DEVON REALTORS 764-6100 MUST sell. Improvements closed by. Nr. Shopping center. Rand Rd. 4 Central. KOENIG STREY 150 S. Main Mt Prospect 392-7150 547 SQ. FT. PRIME OFFICE SPACE Units Irom 473 sq. It. 4 up. 5 day lanllorlal service. Complete outside maintenance. Ample parking. Mu rnnvtrurtlon Raa. rent. At the Belmont RR station. From 520 to 6000 sq. ft. of first class otlice space. New construction. 1400' AC Crpt, ofc 4 Mfg Space 2100' Mlg Soace. 348-3062 nFPAIil. ARFA Attractive well-malnt. bldg. Nr. Michigan Ave. 4 loop. E. Erie St. 139Smo. 372-8692 Sun 12-5. By Owner. Sharp 2 Br, 2 full ba, newly dec, mint cond, parq PARK RIDGE JUST LISTED Sharp 3 BR corner unit. Slate foyer, din. Inside parking 4 BERKSON 498-6OO0 Store-4057 N. Milwaukee 16 corner), 35x75', 944-685) alter 7pm. Design your own layout. Call Ned Looata, 963-2334 Prestige office suites from 600 to 8,000 sq. ft. Excellent location 4 parking. Adlacent to Oak Brook Center with immediate access to restaurants, hotels 4 expressways. Custom ottices at reasonable Tenant heated-Potential Income, 123,000 140,000 dn-eam approx 10 cash flow mtge reduction 4 appreciation, Call Mr Cole now APE REALTY INC. 641-0159 WINNPTKA tirs, many xrras. Wkdys 677-9720 many other extras. SEBASTIAN 823-3117 dryer in apt. Beau, aecor. Prestigious condo, 14th tloor, corner apt. Fantastic view. 3 2 baths, prof, decor. Over-sired master suite 4 dressing area. Stv. wmicro top, 2 Inside prkg stalls Irg. storage area. Washer 4 dryer in apt. 192,900. Ask for Chuck Stored 3000' ENTIRE FL. 1395 CORNER MADISON-WELLS HEATED-LEASE TO SUIT 3 Exposure-Frt 4 Pass Elev CALL E. KATZ 281-1100 Rent-Stores, Shops-N. W. DOWNERS GROVE Prime retail location, 3000 sq ft, Incl showroom, service shop, ottices and large yard. Avail Nov 1, 1978. Rent or sale. 824-6319 or 963-6680 PARK RIDGE- Bristol Court, lovely lge 2BR, 2 ba unit. Gar, "50 UNITS" Reinforced concrete, Elevator Bldg. All New: Boiler, Root. Ann Income: 184M The REAL ESTATE STORE 4326 W. LAWRENCE 725-3700 Tcog. Pk. 10 yr. New rVMnt-28 apts. Inc 82,000. MGM C883 338-5500 "SUBURUAN SHPG. CENTERS M. Schwachman Inc. 973-2888 rentals. DRAPER 4 KRAMER, INCORPORATED 325-5340 flexible so. tt. now avail, on menanlne fir of The Laundry Shopping Mall, located at corner ot Chestnut 4 Spruce In heal ot downtown Winnetka. CENTURY 21 MITCHELL BROS. INVESTMENT SERVICES DIVISION 492-9660 levator, exc view, by owner. BEHIND MART FOR DEAD STORAGE 4500 SO. ft. BSMT SKOKIE BONAPART CONDO Beau 6 Rm Unit, 2 BR Den, 2 Baths (Mstr Bath), Gourmet Kit, Indr Prkg, CA, Immed Poss. Walk To Shop 4 Transp. Estate Sale. 80's HOUSE OF REALTY 673-0060 PETERSON-KIMBALL Newer Medical bldg. Excl. cond. Income 158,800. Asking 1365,000. COSMOS REALTY 338-2900 5 Aptl-Ft, Lauderdale. equity. Terms or trade 166,900 698-2999 Or 298-4494 laritpprT HTS-deluxe ouad, Highway In business district, RE-NT-Norwood Pk-NW 2000 or 4000 ft. CTA at door. NW train 1 blk. X-wav mln. away. Possible opt fo buy 967-8143 REMAX ELK GROVE 560 sq. ft. ol Office, 1380mo util, contact 956-1600, 100 Gordon. A. Browne 944-7371 rms, 2 BR's, washdryer, trig, stv, BROWNE 4 STORCH. INC. EastWest ajishwasn-gisp, al, cp'o, gar sior age, upper 140's. 541tl08

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