Chicago Tribune from Chicago, Illinois on June 16, 1977 · 22
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Chicago Tribune from Chicago, Illinois · 22

Chicago, Illinois
Issue Date:
Thursday, June 16, 1977
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f 6 Section 2 Chicago Tribune, Thursday, ML ", k r"m M -.,,,.. .-j----... sari... J. i ii -it, .r II Ii in Maj. Gen. Urquhart (Sean Connery) takes refuge in a shoots a German soldier who peers in a window in a Big-budget 'Bridge' By Gene Siskel Movie critic THE ARTISTIC question posed by "A Bridge Too Far": Is it possible to make a spectacular, three-hour, big-budget war movie that has an antiwar theme? Joseph E. Levine has spent $26 million only to prove the answer is "no." In a Tribune interview four years ago, Francois Truffaut said he didn't think it was possible to make an antiwar film that showed any fighting. Battle sequences on film, Truffaut said, carry a positive power impossible to control. Sure enough, even though "A Bridge Too Far" tells of a stupid and costly World War II battle, one can't help but watch it and think that if only the Allied soldiers had been smarter, they wouldn't have lost the battle. "A Bridge Too Far" makes only losing a war seem unattractive. "A BRIDGE TOO FAR" is based on (he best-' selling Cornelius Ryan book about the disastrous l$ff Allied invasion of Holland. Conceived by amfii-" tious British Field Marshall Bernard Montgomery over General George Patton's sage objections, the plan was to knock out German positions in northern Holland and move across the Rhine into Germany itself. The assault involved an assortment of Allied land troops and thousands of paratroopers. If the invasion had worked, it might have shortened the war in Europe by one year. Failing as it did, it only delayed the then certain German defeat. Cause of failure: Allied command egos got in the way of good soldiering. Having suffered through years of military training, I'd like to think I understand basic military tactics. But even during a second viewing of "A Bridge Too Far," I'll be damned if I knew exactly who was .doing what, when. Two things got in the way: the .number of stars and the amount of battle footage. As for the stars, "A Bridge Too Far" has an impressive array. Robert Redford arrives two-thirds of the way through the picture after we've seen the likes of Sean Connery, Michael Caine, Gene Hack-man, Elliott Gould, and Ryan O'Neal in uniform. But and I don't know how many times I've written this sentence when you have a large cast like that, it's virtually impossible for any one character to grab you. More often than not, "A Bridge Too Far" isn't a story; it's a parade of famous faces. As for the battle footage, it is more often tedious than glamorous. The paratroop landing provides a spectacular five minutes. OTHER ACTION FOOTAGE is routine. Soldiers get shot, one burns while trapped in a tank. Jeeps explode. Ho-hum. Oddly enough, the moment of combat with the greatest audience appeal is a solitary argument between Sgt. James Caan and medic Arthur Hill. Will Hill operate on Caan's horribly injured buddy? The scene has nothing to do with war, antiwar, or even the particular battle being fought. It simply grabs audience interest through old-fashioned, melodramatic screenwriting. . Despite all of the well-known American actors in "A Bridge Too Far," a couple of Englishmen steal the show. Edward Fox (the ace assassin in "The Day of the Jackal") is likable as an enthusiastic British general who envisions the battle as "one of those Hollywood Westerns," with his English troops as "the cavalry coming to the rescue in the nick of time." Anthony Hopkins, the crusading father of MOTION PICTURES NORTHWEST Titneli 1050 TOstcafd 1 50 4 50 800 11.00 SIAHHIV.YtlMHJV,! IV MIM IIIKIMil llll.ll IK. Jtrititta dfoicr I SECOND ) ARRIVAL OF EVA 9 20. 12 20. 3 20. 6 20. 9 30 PREMIERE STARTING FRIDAY JULY 39th ONLY AT THE "ADMIRAL" THEATER A MUST SEE!!) WHERE MORE COUPLES ATTEND THN ANT Uim H HIIULT THFAT FMMILFORD0g CLINT tASIWOOO 6 30. 10 Ob (H, "THE ENFORCER" BURT REYNOLDS (10 only "HUSTLE" l A a u TJ'T -Finn, l&l ai : 00 LOGAN WINNIE IHE POOH- S 10. 20 LiniESI HORSE THIEVES- 3 20. 6 30. 0 MONTCLARE T I Of MO OP HELL HOUSE- a 40 t' 00 PORTAGE -srSHo; ENJOY UFE 00 OUT TO A MOVIE1 A Ust Timet Today I -SUBMISSION " m tno. u(, no IHa I jTtAgHt5iV.i.l I ST4BTS FRIDAY S" ill MIX HltMVMLS If ttlMl.llllt.lV. J MOTION PICTURES SOUTHWEST Hi 11 M-tVJH tl 10 Tit 1 JO P M If OMl UUL atCHMO WlOttUk 'ROLLER-COASTER"! IN UHHMDim IT lilH iI-1i-Hi w ftuL aiwiua oim uofow "THE STING" Tp00-lllf0lTl8O-T0KW TV "GONE IN 60 SECONDS" "00 FOR IT" AT IrOO ft Rt STARUTE " kSno THE EAQLE HAS LANDED" PG t 45 "VOUNQ FRANKENSTEIN II 00 VERT tUNDar-T A.M. TO 4 P M. HAMMOND HI A MARKET hlli n W . BUTCH 101 toU.! C.U taifl a44,ll4 All.. IK OIIN 7 00 -JMOW ilAtllAT OuW ' 1 m'.'SLAPSHOT'll, jiissoym BREAKAl. POLICE WOMAN' IJAVS iQittKa LM t TRICK irIMFrem"HJCrY1ll VABr jjjjHrmijijioi OR THE 'WHERE LOVE OP I BINir THE LILIES I BLOOM Ve" ' " "l'. Tr. II.,.., Gons In 60 SECONDS , M GO FOR IT .0-43 II 10 Man Witt 'J.UTI tiTlht GREATEST! THE FARMER S3' bjf'irii;.to'ii"iMwia. -n-Til B DA lit A I j. l iO - iJN 11 SO tH 1 30 P. M U I "FOR THE LOVE OF B E N J I" 1 tlQfrttt-TiltVtit J June 16, 1977 Dutch home with one of his wounded officers and scene from "A Bridge Too Far," overspans itself TRIBUNE MINI-REVIEW A production too big "A BRIDGE TOO FAR" Directed by Richard Attenboraugh; acraanplay by William GoWman baaad en tha Conwllut Rytn book; phoiogrtphtd by Owtlrty Unaworth; tdltid by Anthony Glbba j production design by Wry Mirth; mualc by John Addlaon; product by Joaaph E. Ltvlm ind Richard P. Ltvlnt; Unlltd Artlala raltiM at tha Wood and outlying thaatara. Rtttd PG. . THE CAST It. Gin. Browning . Dirk Bogarda Stiff Sot Dohun Jamtt Citn Lt Col. Vindtltur .... Mlchttl Cunt Maj. Gtn. Urquhart ... Stan Connery Lt. Gtn Horrocka Edward Foi Col. Stout Elliott Gould Ma. Gtn. SoiabowiM . . G. Hackman LL Col. Frost Anthony Hopklna "Audrey Rose," is just right as a proper but priggish English colonel. These two performances have energy; most every other characterization is sluggish. . That may be because action dwarfs personalities in-"A Bridge Too Far." The people who made the film wanted it to be a big show. It is that, but not much more. MOTION PICTURES lit. Run Chlcagoland THE SKY COMESTHE SCREEN'S MOST INCREDIBLE SPECTACLE OF MEN AND WAR! scp1iE!x'iiiCp TOO EMI PG iMarnu. swmio sutamij -" Ol OM1J Rtndolph at Dairborn 332-371)2 MIDNIGHT SHOW HIGHTLT . Palalina 3S8-1155 Oahbrook 325-5150 Evargraan Park 836-8800 SOUTH ai ntu Mm t Opto 5J8 taim iV'Slap Shot" n Vs's? MARQUEnEKiW "FOR AtlP AP BPkl lilt 2-4-6 the i.uvc ur ocridi to ft ENDS THURSDAY! BARO PR TILL 30 . ATtW-Hlft-tOOSPQ "THE LITTLE GIRL WHO LIVES DOWN THE LANE" STARTS FHI "ISLANDS M THE STREAM IIAMIII 45 w. mm St. RunMAb ALL SEATS to 6.30 WALT "WinnieThePooh" HI DISNEY'S 101 liTTiEST Horse Thieves i mini 1.90 I id UIUIIW wmOiKi 1.90 ni-KAl IX) ADULTS ONLYI h" A LADY t 'FELICIA' UWFiE nafHf S?3E Htrpar Mr-3"3t MTDE rAHrtiiiianaSJOSI'UaW BOBtRT BEDFORD (rTU, (Tml ENDS THUBSDAVI THt 5TINB JOHN WAYNE -BOOtTIPt COOBURN BRIGHTON .N "GO FOR ir i so "GONE IN 60 SECONDS" aiUEM VFIl 791n A Erchanga ES 9-lyntLICrl FREE PARKING 3041 LITTLEST HORSE THIEVES" PLUS WINNIE THC POOH" 6 JO-SOO OUTOF ' WHEN WAS THE HAVE BEEN Gtn. Ludwk) , Hardy Krugtr Dr. Soaandar . .' Laurtnct Ollvl Hiviar Brio. Gtn. Gavin Ryan O'Naal Mtf Cook Robtrt Rtdford Lt. Gtn. BWrlch ...Maximilian Schalt KititerHont Llv Ullmann Fltld doctor Arthur Hill MOTION PICTURES lit. Run Chlcagoland iiTriFlrv'iilc A HlUIXili 'lOOFAK lnvit lai alcMitbaaUi DirkltoKanlc ) MidiaclCaiiie ScaiiCoimci'y lxlwnit) Vox lllioit Could GciiclliH-knvin Anthony Hopkins IIaixlyKni!cr liiuviK'c()livicr UyanO'Ncil ItobcitKctlfoid MiixiiuilinnSclrCll l.ivlJIIinann imHrbua Kwn Moa 6r trim Addiaon -wnway WilliKinCotdinAn jiMcpirE. Levin KklwrdKLoin Kkluiiil AttctibonNigli I'lnavikion I ng mi .4ni1ic.,.i,ieai"ini:ca:lj ' "J United ArtisU n .ISafSH Nllet 596-4500 Northbroolc 35-4445 Oak Frk 386-8220 Tlnlty Park 429-1010 Homawood 798-1140 Marrillvilla. Ind. (219) 9B0-0588 SOUTH t A BRID&I TOO FAR 1i0O-4i0O-7i1 1-10:30 , SILVIO STREAK 1:00-4:004:00-1:00-10:00 SUBURBAN THEATRES NORTH -D(lFI(l "ONI IM M SBCONDS" worn it AT TiOO Iditl "THI LITTLI CIRL WHO LIVIft DOWN THI LANI" -IVANSTON- tV ANal UN 1702-16 CENTRAL SI I "SLAP SHOT If 7:10 ?4Q II The Late Show" sS ! , AT II 50 Til ft f M 4IJN 11 0 Til 1 K) HMMMMMSVPaSisiakTH LAST TIME YOU TO A MOVIE MOTION PICTURES 1 it. Run Cliicagolanal .It J If f I' 1 "W 'PtHTri'iliii-iir-ii.;.. Fli Hiimiiiuuwuiiuisii.'ti' J STARTS TOMORROW THE! THE! BREMEN OEERBPOOK TINLIT PANIC 4It IDia OfERfllLO t72ltl THE THE HILLSIDE MERCURY OLD ORCHARD HILUlOf 44I4JJ0 ILMWOOOrAAK 4U4IIB CKOKII OR UOO THE THE THE RIVER OAKS WOOOFIELD YORKTOWN CAiuMircirv aaiaooo acHAuwauao ati-iua iomiard Attoota THE THE CROSSROADS DOUBLE DRIVE-IN ' MIHRIUVILLI.INUANA aitNOWa CHICAM1miImM tn MOO TWIN DRIVE-IN SORRY. NO PASSES mLim aa FOR THIS ENGAGEMENT "The Year's Best Movie 'Star Wars' has brought fun back to the movies and glowingly demonstrated they still can make 'em like they used to. A grand and glorious film." Time Majji-riai iLm r-, I . LAJ l-"-J'J'""J PANAVlStON IJOW EXCLUSIVE HECORO-BRE AKNG gap Daily at 1-30,3:40.6:50.8.10:15 Mionignt snow t-ri. a sat. Daily at 1.3:15,5:30,7:45,10 Dally at 1,3:15.5:30,7:45,10 Midnight Show Frl. V Sat. Midnight Show Frl. Sat. Starting Friday Juna 17th ' ORLAND SQUARE, Orland Park NORRIDGE, Norrldqs Suburban NORTH -EVANSTON- fffTefar.a3 W10 Sherman UM U-laCaLlliJ Ru 7 00-10 10 DAY OF THE ANIMALS 'RUBY The STING" HI 7 Chudjjuo 7:10-9 35 PG -GLENCOI- "SLAPSHOr 7:30-9:45 -HIGHLAND PARK- Y II TIL 4, P W - SU1 1 "FOR THE LOVE OF BENJI" HAULNtWUAN ROBfcHT HIDFORO THE STING' Highland Park 445 432-3300 "SILVER STREAK" 1AKI FOREST DEERPATH !io7 M.25 234- .J A. 14 iflTis "LATE SHOW" c. -IIRERTYVIIU- LIBERTY ALL SEATS M "ROCK Y" TOWr.HT ht 7 no nn ) in -MUNOELEIN- unynri riu J" sr nwnHbbtaiii IFaatuiaal700, (00 MOTION PICTURES 1st. Run Chlcagoland IU il THE EVERGREEN VIHCAIINfAHK IX MOO THI A FILM BY GEORGE LUCAS ENGAGEMENT at thai Ifiaalrai app iciG.riun.( Sou'.O Daily at 1.3:15,5:30,7:45,10 Miomgnt snow Fri. & Sat. Theatres NORTH MORTON GROVI A NILES MORTON GROVE w M" Andy Warhol's "bad- adults "HEAVY TRAFFIC" ONLY "FRITZ THE CAT LAWRENCEW00D.-1N "GONE IN 60 SECONDS' Plus "GO FOR IT" NORTHBROOK EDENS 1 5:30-8:30 'A BRIDGE TOO FAR' MATINEE DAILY EDENS 2 1 :30-3 40 S:50-00-10:1S SBBJARg, DOLBY SYSTEM 6TEREOPMONIC SOUND -SKOKII- Sarkrm 5rrfienat On Wmk Onlyl A STAR IS BORN . 5:00-7:10-10:00 ! if 4 Atodmmf Awerdt HTM S:3-7:43.'5S 11.i5 to 8:10 tV Alfie 7K4LINCOLN ALL 4H SIVUIMB On 3-4214 SEATS I THE LATE SHOW" 7 00 8 45, 10 30 -WAMKEGAN- tiiaiiipaki mi... i tvHurcuHrt ur ve-in kz Gana Hackman -DOMINO PKINCIPLf MOTION fKTURlS 1st. Run Chlcotjolona St tht frtttut tin tht Wftlt itttrtytt! KtllsHtftt Millu linctl Mtrttits ftttthtmi 43 Sertimln Strut .TV P vT"'- Hatha? AkJ' aa-M. 1 a- . . .-.Ja. , J ItmillHIIU bMllBrf ttlCeitTd a-71 fa RON HOWARD in GRAND THEFT AUTO" starring NANCY MORGAN MARION executive producer ROGER CORMAR . produced by JON DAVISON - RON HOWARD directed by RON . marintep 1 Y I I r f I I I 7 WEEKEND! tWwaB n.tRSE itehsiePOWERS rHuSIIVERS nil shaughness. Sx ameche JSSrRIHUR JULIAN .-MARTYROTH JON MILLER i-hN0RMAN t'OMR "" t mtm SPECIAL ADDED ATTRACTION-WALT DISNEY'S" SIACkseardVohost" j liaT Suburban Theatres NORTH -WAUKEGAK "GENESEE to3N- ;"STARW.m80HAV NO passes 1 -00-3O0-5 -7:40- 50 P3 wiLMrm- 2:0(M:00-6;00. 8KX)-100 lc-.dw.hCTA. 1st-run matinee daily "For Love Of Benji" NORTHWEST ARLINGTON HEIGHTS AAkiiHGifiti Wutie Fantasy Of Cmdttreiia lonT (G) 6:45, 9 05 ENDS THUR5. "THE SLIPPER ROSE1?- STARTS FRI. THE LITTLE OIRL WHO UVES DOWN THE LANE -DES PLAINES- DESPLAINES-tme laTTshow- 6 30. 9:55 1 "ZANDT1 BHIDa;- B.15 -IIGIN- s mripiu outdoor 9IMm.Cn RATED X ADULTS 0NL.Y mBOUCTI0f.0FlOTELEP "PROCESSION" ILK GROVE VILLAGE l AHAiia 1050AfLj A KLIV UHUCHgn.Rd.l.a.3tao X "ROCK Y" HANOVER MRK- "fOR TMS LOVI Or . BENJI" 1lMJOil-TlatHllt KMIRT MV On "THE STING SHOW IN HARVARD U.S. 14 1 RL 1rV-tlS-43-44S1 'Double Expose' Of Holly s7 "CMEF NURSE" IB 440MMAN ESTATES THUNDER8IRD rT? "AIRPORT 77" -MT. PROIRECT- I1WV1 hv 700 AND 900 MOVIE RATING GUIDE I A SERVICE OF FILM-MAKERS AND THEATERS Undtf tht MottOn Picture ICotto of 8-R4gultloo. I now. I (PQ) Prntl ouldtne tuomtod worn mawiai may not M auiatM -for (wB-.nQ4jn. (RJ RESTRICTED-Ptonaundar 17 not admrnad. unlau accomparHad try parani or adui guardian. (X) Ptraona undar U not admttttd. prtntad aa a raadar aaevtea by THE CHICAQO TRIBUNE B MOTION PICTURIS 1st. RunChlccnjolana Ha ., .- s . HOWARD A NEW WORLD PICTURE METROCOLOR WIANTHEIAFFBOATS! t lulu m attwitutiow co K Cmoi NORTHWEST -MT. PROSPECT- lllll.l'llllilitiJM1 rllllll 411-liriSli 'iy,f.I.l 04JLT IIJ4 Tn. IJ4. UTlii TU Iv "ROlLEKCOASTER"innuuouND 7R4iilQ-Mirv-VKn tj "FOR THE LOVE OF BENJI" iiie-ii4i4a4aaii-iaaa a MoatRT RiDroaa I sa aiTiw -HUES- WOODY ALLEN "ANNIE RAIL" faPtOIALLfc OF MtN 4 WAR 'A BRIDGE TOO FAR IAHHAIH miCliLL JHUmt WEEKOATS TO 4:30 SAT. SUN. HOLS. T0 130 M .00 -NORHIDOI- iV.I H H I Hfi THIATRI f4 NOW OPINl ROLLERCOAtTIR IN Hill. .III.. 1:0a-3:15-Si3O-Ti45.1Ol10 60NI IN 60 tatOni 7:13-10: 30 CO f OB IT i30-:00 Wi Bmrbrm Strmtiand Ont Wmmk Only A STAR IS BORN ' 3:00-7:30-10 00 I aiio-aiis-ioi30 Starts Frl "STARWARS" I Nawman In SLAPSHor- Piua . Fatar Fonda In "FICHT1NO MAP LIBERATED WOMEN 'BHOTMER SISTER GONE m SO SECONDS'-Warhol'a "SAO" WILLOW CREEK "A Bridge Too Far" 5:30 AND 8:30 -PARK RIDGK- iioviiMMar rlVflVnilflV SSOO PRICES 30 HUBRYI HURRVI LAST FEW DAYS Rnr!?oBa "ROCKY" -PROSPECT HEIGHTS Diiuisinrre sjmsmmiw mtnaunu palatine ro SILVtR STREAK 7:30 30 MOTION HCTUR1S 1st. Run ChUogolamf R0U .1 IS r-. ut i " ,-Vaa-V TOSSTEfllSACKSEN written bvRANCE HOWARD and ., NORTHWEST 'ROLLING) MEADOW MEADOWS 'NETWORK! Plus "EAGLE HAS LANDED" SCHAUMBURO RL S3QOH 2-4 30-7-8 30 -PG "THE STING" SI SO la 3 p m. iajiiiny. lo gap Sal Sji 00 FOR IT at 200-3 20 and 8 40 pajl ai i 40-t-oo a lo-ro -done m ao aecoHM- pc. -WHEELING-ADDISON -DUNDEE-SKOKII aa Gone In 60 SECONDS EAGLE Has Landed to For Th Lovs 01 BENJI BIG BUS io m PT7T7TT11 QPIH 7 PM CK.Idi.n tr.. !.. unM Gons In 60 SECONDS ' GO FOR IT 10:30 a. orTh Lov 01 BENJI BIG BUS loio ri ion In 60 SECONDS ' EAGLE Has Landed iom WEST -ADDISON- ADDISON "pS?" . I love of benjt;IS 2;IS 2 S3: II "ROCKY" Fiml WCEK T004Y AT: 703 ANO SH -ilRWYJ N- 404 W drrnaai . "BERWYM Ktfm SLAPSHOT- 1 MINUTE WARNINO Alter $1.23 All Tlmaa M" 'SS. R1TZ ?JS M "Houaa by tha Laka 1 30, 10.00 4 "THE FARMER H 8:18 -CICERO- OLYMPIC L SCAI8 $4 IS SIM Ca-mak I 2 JO. 1.13. 10OJ IPQI "GONE IN 80 SECONDS" t0U HAS LANDED" 4:10, 7 35 M. Calna -ILMHURST- YORK 150 H. YORK PH: S34-087S 'FOR THE LOVE OF BENJI'o 1 20. 3 13. S 10. 70S, 8 00 PU PLUS SELECTED SHORTS S1.00 WEEKOAVS TO 8:30 PM I ra Ch,M.. rr.. au, ILMWOOD PARK--- NorthHartam "MERCURY ZITP" GONE IN 0 SECONpr OO FOR IT jmATiiidmPGi Hill CO nil' EAQLC HAS LANDED i- it .ii " I - !- '' Smi t a I . , a I a .v.a. a,, aa a. aaLn a. .a.ii.,la.j .

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