Naugatuck Daily News from Naugatuck, Connecticut on December 15, 1949 · Page 5
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Naugatuck Daily News from Naugatuck, Connecticut · Page 5

Naugatuck, Connecticut
Issue Date:
Thursday, December 15, 1949
Page 5
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COMVEN8ATTOX Currli- Miller. VValei bury, who claimed .she suHtniruicl an Injurv will receive payment of $100 and a $138 doct.or'B bill. according; to a stipulation approve; I ><r!:t«rel»y by Workman'H O»m- tn hnr rlKhi knee March 8 while j pensatlon Commissioner Hariv employed by (he Risdon Mfj; <-<).. ! Krnmiw. We offer — Limited Amount NAUGATUCK WATER CO. STOCK PETER PAUL INC. STOCK At. Market THE R .F. GRIGGS CO. 35 I.KAVKNWOHTJ1 ST., WATKRHIJICY TKL. WAT. P.-OI71 Open Thurs. & Fri. Till 3 P. M, Sat. 6 P. M Pi 2098 SOUTH MAIN STREET Nationally Advertised Quality Meats Wholesale Prices AlljSales Itemized Buy Branded Quality Meats Only for Protection ™ Consider These Low Prices Then Shop Early SWII'T'S IJONKLKSS - NO VVASTK PORK ROAST H>39c AKMOril'S MACUIN'K SIJCEn BOILED HAM 32 CL'DAHY-s n;ix CUT LEGS of VEAL CtT FROM SWIFT'S UKANDKIK STKICU BKKF STEAKS ib5 9, IHORT — s KGS OF I.AMB SWIFT'S jiABY I.KAN BOSTON BUTTS CLDAIIY'S rtlUTA.N KKADY TO KAT Shank Half HAMS SWIFT'S rKNDKK TASTY PORK STEAKS Ib 39 SWIFT'S BABY Fresh SHOULDERS in29 CfDAHY'S MKATY SHOULDER Vt4L CHOPS FKKSII DKKSSKI) I.AIUJK SI/.K Roasting Chickens CL'IJAIIY'S Sliced BACON Ib 39 HV-OKAI1E SI'ICKl) Luncheon MEAT 8 POI'MJ CAN- SWEET OLEO MARGARINE SWII'T'S COUNTttY STYI,K PIECE BACON TASTY SAUSAGE MEAT Ib 29 Open Daily Next Week 8 A. M. to 9 P. M. CHRISTMAS TURKEYS • HAMS • CAPONS CHICKENS • OBESE • DUCKS • At Lowest Prices Jersey Cattle Maps Are Available To Farmers Mo?-e t.hiin 00 Conneetlent riir- n eni are llirted tui breedern of p irubrud Juivi-y e.nltli! In Ilia Jal- cit brucdcrn' iiinp pulillidii'd by II c Connecticut Development C immlflHlun. The Jurncy innp f(d- lown thu format of this olberii In Hie ierlf:M Hliuwlm; Iho naineH and locatlonn of farmB and the owners and jrlvlntf ibo K|V. ( . of l.lie held an well :\» the health te.stn nnd rccurdv conducted on the farms. Pl;in« are under \vny for n Nlinllar innj) <ni tin; Ayr.'iblre breed whlnh will lirlnp ft total of Hisvoii aia.|».« to tl, ( ; public CMh'M 1 ." (irevlonnly :;/llbIlNhed 111- fliidn fnifiTHiey, [ lol::leln-FrleH Ian, Aberdeen A:i/.f»H find Herod, Hlier.p mid HWlni). Coplen of • .Ici.uty map or any of u,,. dliiK inaiJtf will bn inallud on requcHt by I'm Connectl- I) I'Vc-lopiniml. Cirminluiilon (»('! Office Htiildin;?, Hart, li d Ifi, f'onn, TIMIIKH IIKSTKOYKO WiiHliln/rlon Forenl. anil wood 'Irn.H nnnunlly denlr»y enou K h ti m - >er to niiik,, ,1,70(1.()()() t, )n n of newsprint. New Ski Area Will Open On Saturday If There Is Snow Tho now Wainrl.'jwn Ski Ai-ea will he open for ."ikllruf thin weekend, IT there; IH enough Know on tin' l..100-fooL idope. Construction of faclllUns on the hill hurt gone ahead rapidly In npilc of bad. weather conditions thc.Me pant, turn wei'lix. Th<> l.uw '<| ! oli.« IHIVO been HOI. In position with thiilr wlieolit ntt.iphed. This wcidr. the rop» will be Hit-tins; on thi! M'KM'ool. low and a motor will be; liiiitnlleil ill lln.' top of Hie Hlop,!. When the molor IH In pohlllon, n pre-rubricated motor Kliack will In: ni'L up ai'uiiml II. The wannlnfc hut VVIIH coinplol- ( t.l lu«t wcclcjiul, ojuitsf.l for lloor- Inj,' and iSonrn. Theso will bn In- .'ilalli-U during din week n.nd v.orli will iHtirl on llm blj; neutral I'ltvp'Iat'.o. II 1 Ihuri.' In HIIIIW for itkllmr, hut will bo open on HiUnrday, and nifToo will I»! '<c,rvi(d to Midl- ers on 'emporary counters In the .'iruielc bar. SIlllH Illld nil I pole will NAUfJATUnt NKWS (CONN.), TlirKSDAV. nr.C. 15 iniO-PAGK 5 available- for renln] :\( I In- lint. Itny Kullcr of VVa(«-rl>iiry will n|icral'-' Hit: tow mill act ai< man- nj;iT of llm nltl cnntcr. Kolinrt J-'uMc-r will Ini on duty a;i ln-ni] of UH; »ltl patrol. 'I'his week tin' Connecticut l.lKM. *. Power Co. i; t l.o In.' briliulni! In it pub' In |.|u vlrli- power lino* lor nljvhl. illu- -inlnaUon, In a Week or ro, lorin farm will be able to DMI. UK- 'ilfipc for nljflil BhiliiK. - Kiivernl Mldleiw have iilready bei-n out to try I ho hill and murk DM! a few experimental ti-;iil><. Hoyii from Mi-Tnrnan Hrlmol In Waleilmry cairn, up |,-mi week Ihri'e afternoon"! in H«I iou.i practice on the slc»; ••. Tim Wntfi-town Hki Ar-ri !„ Jo- r.'iicd on [.Minpbii't 'F. projxTty J.etotii Main Stn-i-t from Olson'a <('ir:.\i;c. Knlruni-e In on Cherry Avenue a.t the top of (be hill. The|,ni.'nt in opi'r.-iu.<l by .lacli (irndy and FCdward Hcjul- den of \Vali-ibury and Jiilll Qui«li y ..f Walerlown. ItAKIMtKltllY STATKH New VOI-K ami Mieblirnn It-ad In the eonuiierrial in-odiicllon of ranp- hi'iTlen in Ibe 11. .S. LARGEST STOCK OF FINE WATCHES IN WATERBURY MAN'S 17 .IKWKr, filtllKN, M let, gold casts. ."i diamond llnl. $200.tlO l.AIHKS' 15 .IKWKI. OKUION, «ohl mind rtiiHu and brucnli!t. ' 17 .IICWEI, I.ONGINKH, \A kl. ifo MAN'S 17 •::'.ne. )!fl7.,50 I, HAMILTON, ; { oltl Tiled MAN'S 17 .IKWKI. LONOINKS, |,'old I'lllod (Mill). 'ITI.f.O r,AI>IIf,S' 17 MfiWICI. IIAM1I..TON'', ;;old filhsd Bum). I.ADIliS' 17 TICWKI, IttT.OVA, «old filled aunt: $II7.i»(l MAN .i 17 .IKWKI. ni.'I.OVA MA.VS ,f .IKWKf. Kf.f.'fX, 1,'olrj'filled pi !UKl bre.eel:!t. I.ADIKH' 7 .IKWKI. BULOVA, ,olled ,-oIU Plate case. Time to pick the perfect S' 17 .IKWKI. HAMILTON, 11 kl. l!( ,M MAN'S 17 -JKWKIy HAMILTON. S nld 'Illed I.ADIKS' 17 .IKWKI. Ufl.OVA, rolled ;[old t)inte '.::<-M. $:i.i.;r> MAN'S 17 JEW'EI. It[;I,OVA, ;;o!d fille<J r PIMCKS INCMIDK THE FKKKUAI, t'AX We have lots of time for you. Our. shelves are brimful of famous-make watches, each on an outstanding- example of precision, accuracy and high-styled, gleaming beauty. We have lots of time to help you select the right watch for him or her . .. and YOU'LL have lots of time to pay. I.ADIKS' III IKWKI. KI,<;iN. 11 lit. gold eti«c $71.50 MAN'S 21 .IKWKI. KIXilN. M kl. ~,,|,] -illed. KASY I'AVMKNTS INVITI'JI*: In , u ld!- llon l.o Hie cvmloitiary outlay nlmrKe ne- f.oiint, MI::hai"I.s invili'H divided pnyinenlH In MiiKill weekly or monthly amonnlM. Mlchaeln rnalu-H aviillable, at no added .lost, tin- lowest lerins offered lit no adrled "OHt, Uie lowe,.;t Iri'niH offiiccd by ilnr jftwi-lerM anywhere. • IKWICUOKS . . . SIIA'lOKSMrniS SINCK 1i)OD 68 BANK STREET AT CENTER STREET, WATERBURY MAN'S 17 -IKWKI. HAMILTON, K o|d, filled I.ADIKS J| .IKWKI. IHJI.OVA "old Pilled case. $~1..-,0 ,., 1HC j,!,,.,,,. MAN'S in .IKWK». KI.OIN, ,;,,|d filled ,.„.«,. and briinilot. .$41S.OO '' A 'a'f '^,.00° W "'- liAMI1 -™*' -'" ri "" (1 ^^ '"^K.- m)LOVA. Kr ,,d -„„„, ,„„,. LA,H,:S' ,5 ,KWKL K..OIN. ,o,d filled ,„„,, w..rxi if'S51 MAN'S 17 .IKWKI, fiHUKN t'OUHKT WATCH, nr.ld filled r:.»ie. *!5!l.,-)(l I.ADIKS Irt .IKWKI. (iHL'KN, «ol<l filled •caae. $88. ;5 1.ADIKS' 17 .IKWKL LONOINKS, 11 1u. K »l<< case,. $115.00 MAN'S 17 .IKWKI. I..ONGINKS, M J :t . "old cane. $!Ufi.(H»

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