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Logansport Pharos-Tribune from , · Page 6

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Thursday, May 17, 1962
Page 6
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Six Logansport. Indiana, Pharos-Tribune DIRECTION CLAIMS COMMISSIONERS SPECIAL SESSION MAY 21, IflOS The following- Election claims were filed In this office t be presented to the Board of Commissioners of Caas County, Ind., for payment at their Special Session, Monday, May 21, 1962: H. Johnston, Inspect., Adams 16.00 J. Carr, Judge, same ...... II.00 'T. Packard, same .9.00 E. Brenton. Clerk, same .. 0.00 H. Dillman, same 9.00 F. Harter, Sheriff, same .. 9.00 L. Angle, same 9.0Li Twelve Mile Comm. Bids. Assn., rent - 15.00 S. Church, meals 21.00 9.00 9.00 9.00 9.00 9.00 0.00 21.00 3.00 IB. 00 9.00 9,00 . 9.00 9.00 0-00 9.00 9.00 9.00 27.00 18.00 0.00 9.00 9.00 9.00 9.00 9.00 9.00 C. Barly, Inspector, .Beth.. 16.00 33. Howard, Judge, same : H. Conrad, same V. Frushour, Clerk, same A. Erdman, name C. Chump, Sheriff,, same . W. Meta, same >I. Church, ~meals M. Nickels, Jan., same ... D. Hoffman, Inspector., Boone G. Bridge, Judge, same .. A. Tranter, same L. Snider, Clerk, same ... E. Stanley, same P. Hoffman, same ....'.... W. Hoffman, -same ». Shelhart, Sheriff,-same E. Boose, same, P. Lodge, meals, same .. M. Moore, Inspect. Clay ., T. Crook, Judge, same .. • C. Fiedler, same B. Cooper, Clerk, same .. B. Savlni, same E. Timme, same M. Williams, same T. Ingmire, Sheriff, same E. Ulerlek, same •1-H Bldg, rent, same .... U. Johnson, meals, same J. Porter, Jr., Inspect., Clinton ' 16.00 B. Powlen, Judge, same,..' a.00 F. Sink, same 5.00 M. Moore, Clerk, samo L. Homburg. same R. Deitrich, Sheriff, same X F. DeFord, same Clymors W.S.C.S., meals, same . ,. W. Lesh, Jan., same F. Wilson, Inspect,, Deer Creek . ' • W. McDowell, Judge, same R. Hensley, same . . . H. Wolf, Clerk, same M. Lef f ert, same D. Beck, same W. Harness, same .... O. Issac, Sheriff, same M. Stephen, same . Lion's C.Y.A., rent, M. Wilson, meals, same C. Elkenberry, Inspect Eel, East J. Young, Judge, same J. Madonna, same S. Madonna. Clerk, same M. Marsh, same. D. WickcrHham, same 3". Black, same .. B. H. Motel, rent, same B. H. Motel, meals, same., C. Everdon, Inspect., Eel, West R. Brlggs, Judge, same J. Applegatc, same B. Helmlck, Clerk, same L. Crook, same J. Robinson, Sheriff, C. Briggs, same ..... 1*. Import. Motors, rent, same I/. Frye, meals, same G-. English, Inspect., I rlHon R. Cree, Judge, same 9.00 I>. Bridge, same 9.00 F. Koebcke, Clerk, same.. 0.00 V. Waymire, same 9.00 C. March, Sheriff, same ... 9.00 W. Brown, same 9.00 M. Michael, meals, same .. 21.00 J. Abbott, Jan., same H.OO J. McCoy, Inspect., Jackson 16.00 C. "Wilson, Judge, same ... 9.00 B. Bell, same 9.00 C. Hendrickson, Clerk, same 9.00 C. ,'Zohrlng, same 9.00 S. Brown, same 9.00 B. Cook, same 9.00 E. Marschanci, Sheriff, same 9.00 W. Wlnlnger. same 9.00 C. Rest., meals, same 27.00 B. Johnson, Jan.,°same .... 3-00 J. Keck, Inspect., Jefferson 16.00 E. Peters, Judge, same ..... 9.00 9.00 J. Moore, Jan., same ....• B. Halm, Inspect., 10th Free., 3rd Ward E. Sage, Judge, same ...-. M. Swartz, samp M. Corso, Clerk, same ... V. Routebuch, same E. Pierce, same D, Binder, same !3. Lewises,' Sher., same ... C. Ijeydet, same . .A v Smith, Jan. same D.. Holcomb, meals, same. E, Bushing', Inspect., 11 Prec., 3rd Ward E. Bechdol, Judge, same .. P. Speitel, same J. Alder. Clerk, same H. Pfaff, same C. Steihman, Sher.^.same P. Reid, same 3.00 16.00 9.00 9.00 9.00 9.00 , 9.00 9.00 9.00 9.00 3.00 27.00 16.00 9.00 9'. 00 9.00 9.00 9.00 9.00 . Main St., M. E,, meals, same 21.00 E, Spencer, Jan., same .... 3.00 A. Brady, Inspect!, 14th Prcc., 4th Ward 16,00 D. OVHarra, Judge, same . N. Smith, same V. Lebp, Clerk, sume .... I. Drake, same *.. . H. Shaw, Slier., same ... G. Messersmlth, same .... E.U.B. Ch., meals, same . . P. Sedam, Jan. same E. Miller,' Inspect. 15I.U Pree., 4th Ward B. Bougl^er, Judge, same A. Miirph'y. same B. Crist. Clerk, same .... G. LatK, same -.. S- Jones, same M. Huff, same V. Ball, Slier., same M. Drlscoll, same L. Frye, meals, sa,me. . .. H. Rush, JH.n., same R. Allison, Inspect., 18th Prec., 5th Ward B. toilers, Judge, same ... J. Pearson, same Ervin, Clerk, same .... C. Clayton, same L. Kissinger, same M. Fosler, same ...... L. Allison, Sher.) same N. Smith, same ame. Is, eei' same e ... me » « ne . . '.., e ... me . . it, ' ' i . . . . ame , . Eel, iB . . • Tie • • same nt, ' ^Ear- fl.OO 0.00 9.00 9.00 21.00 3.00 in. oo b'.oo 9.00 0.00 9.00 fl.OO IK 00 fl.OO 1 T 00 aV.oo 1C. 00 fl.OO 0.00 9.00 3.00 .9. on 0.00 15.00 21.00 io.no n.on 9.00 9.00 9.00 9.00 9.00 'J 5 00 21.00 IB. 00 W. Tatman, jan,, mime ... Ch. Breth., meals, same ... M. Colletl, Inspect., l!Hh Prec., 5th 'Ward W, Ball, .TuclR'o, same B. Murphy, same J. .Tackson. Cleric, same . . . H. Martin, same M. Shaffer, Slier., same J. Ayres, . same . . . L,. Fryc, merul.H, same M. Gillum, jari., same' V. Hardin. Inspect., 20th jr. SarlR', Judge, same .... A. Graham, Clerk, .same ... R. Toothman, Hamo P. Albert. Sher., same .... R. Hardin, same P. Neher, rent, name Oh. nC Breth., , meals, same, O. Hetzner, Inspect., 21st T'reo., 5th Ward ........ 13. Bwyer, .luclR'e, same .... H. Brandt, same . . . .' P. Hockman, Clerk, same . H. Woods, same A. Shanteau, same J. Bookwaltcr, same M.' Carr, Shor., same S. Sirycler, same Jj. Frye. meals, same- 'R. Artrlp, Jan., same P. Hannil. Elec. Btl. Sal. .. R. T-annlnfc', same •p. Hanna, Canv. Bd. Sal... R. fanning, same C. Michael, Canv. Rd. Sal... 3.1 2^.0 IB.f fl.f fl.fl It.f 0 1 (»J !).( 9.1 ft. 1 27.1 3.( 1 fi • !U n. n. a. !). <j H. n. ITi. 27. in. !). '!). 11. 11. ji. n. it. D. 27. 3. 200. 200. (12. (12. :is. 3.00 in,oo 11.00 9.00 '9.0(1 9.00 9.00 ' 9.00 9.00 9.00 3.00 WAO RECRUITER^- Sgt. garet L. Delancey, WAC Recruiting Sgt. from Indianapolis, will be in LoganspbH Thursday and Friday lo talk with interested young women about the opportunities offered by, the Women*.! Army Corps. Sgt. Delancey has been a WA.C since 1948 and, in that time, has spent five years in Europe and just recently returned from a three-year tour in Paris. Through the Army's 30-day 'vacation every year she has travelled through 18 different foreign countries. While in Logaiisporl, she will be al the Army Recruiting office 308 East Broadway. Will Change Slogan on '63 Plates INDIANAPOLIS (UPI)-Samples of Indiana v auto license plates which are made'in large numbers for display purposes and distributed without charge have, been used on vehicles driven on highways, 'it was learned today. The discovery by the Indiana Bureau of Motor Vehicles will result in one of several changes to be made in the 1983 plates, J. Maxwell, douse, deputy vehicles commissioner, said. "These 1 plates all have the. same number—CC-00000—and are widely distributed for display purposes^ Almost anyone can get one," .House said. "We feel that the persons who used these on vehi- :les on the highways did not do so witn the intent of violating the .aw. It seems in most cases we lave investigated, the plate was put on a display vehicle and then the, vehicle would be driven later." But in any case the bureau plans to drop the fourth zero in the 1963, plates and substitute the word "sample." '' . douse said another change will be to'replace Ihe slogan "Safety Thursday Evening, May 17, 1052 Bayh Appears to Have State Demo Support Profits Slip NEW YORK-The Great Allan, tic and Pacific Tea Co. reported its secivid best year in history in the 12 months ended Feb. 24 as sales and earnings fell slightly from the record levels a year ago. F.W. .Woolworth Co. sales reached 'a new high last year but profits slipped. Kevlon, Inc., has expanded into the women's apparel field through , R. Suunders, same 9.00 N. Scott, Clerk, same M. Sloop, same ... M. Gibson, same ......... HI. Collins, same H. Cook, Sheriff, same . . F. Richards, same ... E. Vcrnon, Jan., same ... G. Henry, meals," samp ... H. Miller. Inspect., Miami F. Burnett, Judge, same . O. Cotnor. same W. Rhoadcs, -Clerk, same . B. Oldham, same M. Shcplar, Sheriff, same G. Long, same N. W. Fire Dept,, rent, same ........... '....»•• 15.00 C. Long, meals, same 9.00 il.OO 9.00 9.00 fl.OO 27.00 Hi. 00 9. on 0.00 0.00 9.00 11.00 '9.00 21.00 U. Champion, same ....... 'i' 00 , F. Sca«'noll, same ........ :l«.00 D. Felker. same .......... 8n.no F. Hall, Clerk, wase ..... 1S.J4 V. Porter, same .......... 18.34 M. Lybrook, same ........ , M. Bulmer. same ......... H'3; K. Lowes, same .2S2.00 Hlatt, same meals for elec. Rendezvous. off I, Raymond E. Beekley, Audi, . , tor of Cass County. Indiana, do hereby certify that the above Is R, true and complete list nf Elec-. tlon claims to be presented lo the Board of Commissioner!* nf Indiana, at th-'- Cas.s County, May Special Session on Monday, " ' Raymond E. BeclUoy Auditor, Cuss .County, I ml. the acquisition Inc. of Evan-Picone, By HORTENSE MYERS INDIANAPOLIS (UPI)-District reorganization meeting of the Democratic party Wednesday produced evidence that Governor Welsh w^s right when he said State Rep. Birch 'Bayh had the majority support of party leaders for. the, senatorial nomination. Welsh,, set off a party split last Thursday when he picked the 34- year-old Terre Haute lawyer for the nomination, thereby handing Indianapolis Mayor Charles Boswell a near-fatal blow to his hopes of gaining the nomination. Also passed, over in addition to Boswell were Marion Mayor Jack Edwards and Appellate Court'Judge John GonaS, announced candidates, Gordon St. A,ngelo, Huntingburg, who, was re-elected 8th Districi chairman, explained w'hy his district, along with at least two others, adopted unsolicited resolutions commending Welsh tor en dp,-sing Bayh. "I think Mayor Boswell had pnsiderable support in the 8th htil ;after his attack en the gover- or," St. Angelo said. "But that [inched it. We haj/e 22 votes' in ur district, and the vote was 20-0 n. .favor of the resolution, with wo abstaining. The two absten- ions were from Spencer Counly ;nd I think the only reason they lidn't Vote was because they ladn't attended^ an earlier meet- ng and didn't know what the vote vas about." Boswell had retaliated against Pays"' State.' with the words "Hoosier "We conducted an experiment," Clouse said, "asking hundreds of people if they knew what -slogan was on amazing. the 1962 Almost pjate. It was nobody knew. Poiiticd|-Biz 'LAS. VEGAS, Nev. (UPI) Showman-songwriter Gene Austin a popular stage. and screen stai during the 1920s • and 1930s Wednesday announced his candi dacy' for the.'Democratic guber natorial nomination, "Politics is just like show bus! ness," said Austin, who app'earet in about 12 movies in Hollywood "And campaigning is nothing new to me." Notice IVOTICIT, is' - hereby g'lven that the underslg-ned Board of Trustees nf the Town of Walton, Casa County, Indiana, will receive on the 21st day of May, 1862, at 7:30 o'clock P.M. (C.D.T.) at the offlcb In the Town Hall in tlie Town of. Walton, bids for 10,000 yards, more or less, of hot mix black topping to be applied by the contractor and 5,000 yards, more or less, of chippinjr, including- tar and stone; to be applied by the contractor on the streets as designated by the Board of Trustees of. the Town of Walton, the bids to be submitted on unit price basis. All bids to bo submitted on State Board of Accounts forms and to specify In detail the work to be done, and the approximate length ot time necessary for thn work. Each bidder must submit a bid bond or certified check In the sum of 10% of. the bid with a performance bond to be furnished by the successful bidder. . May, Datcrl this 9th day of 1DC2, a|. Walton, Indians. BOARD OF TRUST BBS nC the Town of Walton By JOHN THOMAS RUSH, President. Perhaps it is too familiar to. us." He said that as a result of the slogan discovery, the bureau will switch to the. slate nickname. "Perhaps people out of state will read the slogan. We realize Ihere is some objection to the word Hoosier, but we are stuck wilh'it, so we might as well use it," he said. The colors of the 1963 plates- blue numerals on a gold background—were announced previously. Another possible change hinges on a ruling by Atty. Gen. Edwin K.'Steers, now being awaited, on whether the present five prices for passenger car plates can be replaced with flat charges of $8 and $1;2. Clouse said that if the plan is put into effect, an identifi' cation may.be, added to the 1963 plate,lo show whether it is an'$8 or a $12 tag. Automotive advertising accounted for over 25% of all the national advertising placed in daily newspapers in I960.' The. second leading category was food advertising, with nearly 18% 25 FIREMEN HURT NEW YORK OUPIJ - An eight alarm fire leveled, a clothin store here Wednesday, injuring 2 firemen. Authorities said 10 men escarfec possible death or serious in jury when part of a roof, unde which the men were standing, cpi lapsed. FOR SALE Used Wheelhorse Trade Ins ,1 Wheelhorse Tractor '1 (Big Snapper Mower ' 1 iPanzer Tractor 1 Springf ields Mowers 1 iTurfmaster'Mower 1 flantam Mower New & Used Tillers 1 iSlarcraft Boat Motor & Trailer Molly's town & Garden Supply North On .St. «t. 25 iVelsh with strong charges that he was "a weak governor with the >ack!xme of a fishing worm" fol- owing the selection of Bayh. In addition to the 8th, the lOlh .nd Sth districts also went on record with resolutions backing Bayh However, the Sth, home district of Edwards, came out with resolution backing him for the nomination. Edwards 'assured the district meeting that "if Welsh changed his mind onec," he -no doubt will change it again, and realize the mistake he made last week." This was a reference to a quotation attributed to Welsh last October favoring an open race. Edwards said he plans to pay his assessment to the state Demo- 1 cratic committee "as soon as I. am'advised of the exact amount." He declared, -"I very definitely am in (lie race and will continue to fight." Endorse Boswell Boswell's home district, the llth, effectively endorsed him last Saturday when it elected him county chairman. In the 2nd District, Slarke County Judge Jack Murray, who is opposing veteran GOP Congressman Charles Halleck, Housa minority leader, urged the district to help get President Kennedy •into the area to help his campaign. Former President Dwight D. Eisenhower already had announced he will speak in the district for Halleck. Despite the rift over the senatorial race, only four new faces will be on hand when the Democratic Stale Central Committee meets here Saturday. They are Boswell in the llth John Pers, Hammond, and Mrs. Curtiss Strong, Gary, in Hie 1st; and Mrs. Nora Kuebler, Boonville, who replaced Mrs. Deloris Day, Boonville, as vice-chairman of the 8lh. AH other chairmen and vice- chairmen were re-elected. Why Buy Expensive Water? 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C. Church, meals, same. E. Rood, Inspect., Tlpton, 1st » D. Woodllnpr, Judge, same . K. HIneg, same •M. Davis, Clerk, sam^. ,. .. AT. Conrad, same V. Keutobuch, same R. Price, same • G. Bbwyer. Sher., same ... G. Julian, same 9.00 .1.00 27.00 16.00 9.00 9.00 9.00 9.00 S. 00 9.00 n.oo 3.00 On. Ch. L. A., meals, same. 27.00 • 3.00 ^ 9.00 n ' (ll) 9.00 n.oo 9.u« '• aa 27. on 3.00 R. Turnpaugh, Jan.. same. F. Adams, Inspect, Tlpton 2nd G. Yohn, Judge, same G. Garrott, samo C. Metcalf, Clerk, same ... W. I-Iinlde, same M. Hammond,' same • M. Berryman, same .T. Plpenger, Sher., same ... .1. Pylo, same R. Drive-In., meals, same. H. SI usher, Jan., same ... C. McNulty, Inspect., Washington P.,Jones, Judge, same .... B. 'Mennen, same I. Roberson, Clerk, samo .. D. Hedde. same B. Mehaffle, same J. De Haven, same F. Martin, Sher., same .... V. Baumann, same TJ. Pres. church, meals, same • • C. Carter, Jan., same :... p. Kendall, Inspect, 1st Prcc.. 1st Ward .T. Smith, Judge, same H. Wagner, same ....'..... K. Leody, Clci'k, same ..., R. Glisinger, same H. Applegate, same G. Michael, same S. Bowman, Sher., same .. W. Wagner, same TJ. Frye, meals, same . W. Knopper, Inspect, 2nd Proc.. 1st Ward G. Zelder, Judge, same . W. Steele, same H. Michael. Clerk, same . .T. Spring, same M. Johnson, same M. Camp, samo .... L. Howard, Sher., same .. G. Johnson, same L. Frye, meals, same .... Jj. Smith, Jan., same H. Watts. Inspect, 3rd Prec,, 1st Ward ....... T. Ryan, Judge, same .... A. Bethke, samo D. Ballinger, Clerk, same A. Hyman, same T. Huffman, same TJ. Hard-t, same M. Shepherd, Sher., same F. Hahn, same Ch. of God., meals, same . H. Oldham, Jan.. same .. L, Moon, Inspect., 6th Prec., 2nd Ward .... B. Elliott, Judge, same M. Batch, same •• M. Binney, Clerk, same . -. G. Hoissor, same • y. Flory, Sher., same ..... M. Ross, same • •• S. Conklln, Jan.. same .... Jj. Frye, meals, same ..... W. Clarev. Inspect., 7th Prec., 2nd Ward 16.00 V. Grow, Judge, same 9.00 INDIANA AT.COHOr.tC DEVKTIAOE COMMISSION 1111 Stntc Offli'K Hl(lK- ImllnnniiollN i.niiAi; NOTICR ow J'UIIMC HEATUMi Notice Is hereby Riven that the jociil Alcoholic Bevcrafi'e Board of Cass County, 'Indiana, will, at 10 a.m. on the 4 day io£ June, 19C2 at the North Court Room, Court House, in the City ot 'La- g-iinsport, Indiana In said County, becln Investigation of the application ot tho -Collowlnfr iiiamed person, requesting Ihe Issue to Llie applicants, at the locations hereinafter set out, of the Alcoholic BevoraRe Permits oT the classes hereinafter designated and will, at said time and place, receive information concerning the fitness of said applicants, and the propriety of Issuinff the permits applied for to such applicants at the promises named: Francis P. 'Amelia, Sr., (Restaurant) Beer, Liquor Si. Wine He- taller, 131. Fifth St., liosans- port, Indiana Anthony '.L. PolslnelH CReslaur- jint) Beer, TjUinnr and Wine Retailer, 11,19 Krie Ave., L.O- R'ansport, Indiana Earl Casey Fair (Resta-uranl ) Beer. Tjlnuor arid 'Wine Retailer 324 Wilkinson St., LoganK- port, Indiana SAID INVESTIGATION BE OPISN TO THE PUBLIC, AND PUBLIC PARTICIPATION IS KE- QUESTI IN'TJIANA ALCOHOLIC: BrOVISRAGH COMMISSION By W. F. CONDON Executive Secretary JOI3 A. HAKIMS Chairman 9.00 r/oo 9.00' n.oo n.oo O.OQ 27.00 3.00 16.00 9.00 9.00 9.00 9.00 9.00 9.00 3.00 9.00 27.00 10.00 n.oo n.oo n.oo n.oo , 9.00 , 9.00 9.00 , 9.00 , 27.00 , S.OO , 16.00 , 9.00 . 9.00 . 9.00 , 9.00 . 9.00 , 9:00 . 9.00 . 9.00 .. 27.00 .... 3.00 . „ lu.on . .. 9.00 9.00 n.oo 9.00 .9.00 3.00 21.00 Alt Wool Textured Wilton JVOTIC1D Notice Is hereby Riven thn-t the underpinned Board ot Trustees of tho Town of Walton, Cass County, Indiana, will receive on the 2'lat day of May, 1962, Rt 7:30 P.M. (C.D.T.) at the office in the Town Hall of Walton, Indiana, bids-for tho combined removal, collection and disposal of frarbaee and rubbish from the streets and alleys In the Town ot Walton, for the period of time beginning .Tune 1, 1962, and end- ins May 31, 19B3, which bids are to be let for contract. Labor and the pick-up are to be performed one time per week throughout the year and shall exclude building materials and other burnable material to he disposed ot by property owners. The successful bidder will hp. required to furnish alt trucks and necessary equipment to perform all labor necessary for tho collection and removal of any and all garbage and rubbish from such streets and alleys, and the disposal of the samo at tho expense of the -contractor. The performance of such contract shall be In accordance with the rules and requirements , of the State Board of Health, and each jldder shall be required to submit, along with its bid, a performance bond guarantee. Tho performance of the work undertaken, shall be all in accordance with the rules arid requirements of the State Board of Accounts. The successful bidder must also furnish evidence that he has secured a policy of insurance that is in force, that -wjll save the Town of Walton harmless from any and "all liability that might occur In the -performance of said contract,' which policy shall be kept on deposit by the. Clerk-Treasurer of the Town of 'Walton. The Liability Insurance shall be in the amount oj not M. Little, samo B. Jasorka; clerk, .same-. B. Horney, same S. Campbell, Sher., same B. Holltngshead, same ... L» Pry*, meals, same .. * > 9.00 9.00 9.00 less than $ Dated this 9th day ol May, 1962, at Walton, Indiana. BOARD OF TRUSTEES at-the Town of Walton By JOHN THOMAS RUSH, President. 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