Chicago Tribune from Chicago, Illinois on July 6, 1977 · 22
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Chicago Tribune from Chicago, Illinois · 22

Chicago, Illinois
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Wednesday, July 6, 1977
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6 . Section 2 Chicago Tribune. Wednesday, July 6, 1977 MOTION PICTURES 1st. Run Chlcogolonct MOTION PICTURES lit. Run Chlcagolsnal MOTION PICTURES 1st. Ran Chlcegoland MOTION PICTURES 1st. Run Chlcogolanal iVa'.VaV.'.V.'.VaV.V.V.V.V (Va,aVl,iVWaX'.'W.V.Vla "A WALLOP OF A MUSICAL DRAMA Stunning performances by DeNiro and Minnelli. THATS entertainment!" 'Tho Year's Cost Filovier tMogup Orphan, teddy bear rescue Disney film Gene Shallit, NBC-TV .mi n m WMM ByGeneSiskel Movia critic rfHE RESCUERS," a Disney ani I fmated film, is the story of a young 1 1 orohaned eirl held captive by a U crooked female pawnbroker who wants to use the girl to capture a large diamond. Toward the end of the picture, the little girl hesitates before jumping into bed with her teddy bear. "Oh, I almost forgot to say my prayers," she says, kneeling on the floor. The teddy bear kneels alongside, its hands also clasped in prayer. The frightened little orphan speaks: "Don't worry, Teddy, we'll . . . (sniff) . . . we'll . . . (sniff) . . . we'll be all right" Now, if you think I'm gonna knock a movie with a sniffling orphan saying her prayers alongside her teddy bear, you're nuts. But that's partly because "The Rescuers" is satisfactory but not much more animated entertainment. TO SEE ANY Disney animated film these days is to compare it with Disney classics of 30 and 40 years ago. Judged against "Pinocchio," for example, "The Rescuers" is lightweight, indeed. Its themes are forgettable. It's mostly an adventure story. What kept me involved, however, was a remark by another film critic, Gary Arnold of the Washington Post. In his review of "The Rescuers," Arnold noted similarities between it and "Star Wars." Sure enough, there are a few. Unlikely heroes (two mice in "The Rescuers") attempt to bring to safety a young woman. A wise elder (a cat) tells the girl she must "keep the faith," which sounds TRIBUNE MINI-REVIEW Mica wars ' "THE RESCUERS" Directed toy Wolfyanaj PjeHhennan. Jodft Lrjuitabary. snrj Art Stevena; story euggaeted toy two Margery Srrarp ivavele; edited by JiiM Matton end Jm Kotord; mutk by ArtJe Butter; art direction by Don Grtflrth; produced by Wolfgang Rttthtrmtn; I 6uni Vitta reteaaa at neighborhood Iheetera. Rated Q. THE VOICES Bernard Bob Ntwhart MiM Blanc Eva Gaoor Madam Maduta GarakHne Pag Mr. Snoop Jo Flynn EM Maa Jaanaila Nolan Uka Pat Buttram like "You must believe in the force" from "Star Wars." A rickety vehicle (a wheezing, old albatross) carries the rescuers to the little girl. Similarities, however, don't make a movie. What is special and entertaining in "The Rescuers" is its main premise: That there is a mice-run Rescue Aid Society that meets in a hole in the wall in the United Nations. The society's motto is: "We never fail to do what's right." THE SOCIETY SENDS an unlikely pair of mice after Penny, the orphan: Bernard, the society's American janitor (voice by Bob Newhart), and Miss Bianca, the glamorous Hungarian delegate (voice by Eva Gabor). Their adversary, the mean pawnbroker, is a blowsy lady (voice by Geraldine Page). She also is the film's best-drawn character. A heavy-set hag in a red sheath dress, Madame Medusa looks and acts like a vil-lalness from a Tennessee Williams play. Only 76 minutes long, "The Rescuers" bogs down in the middle as we wait for the eventual confrontation between the two mice and Madame Medusa, who is assisted by a pair of hungry alligators. To combat the 'gators, the mice use a speedboat, which consists of a leaf as the boat and a dragon fly (named Evinrude) as the motor. These are enjoyable characters; it's the story that's a little thin. BECAUSE OF ITS short running time, "The Rescuers" is paired in many theaters with a new Disney nature adventure called "Tale of Two Critters." The critters are a black bear and a raccoon. They meet as pups and share a couple of adventures before going their separate ways as young adults. Frankly, I enjoyed the short much more than "The Rescuers." FILM NOTE: Wednesday the Film Center at the Art Institute begins its series of Rudolph Valentino films with "Camille" at 5:30 p.m. and "The Isle of Love" at 7:30 p.m. Thursday: "Moran of the Lady Letty" (5:30 p.m.) and "The Eagle" 7:30 p.m.). Friday: "The Sheik" 5:30 p.m.) and "Monsieur Beaucaire" (7:30 p.m.). Saturday: "Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse" (2 p.m.), "Blood and Sand" (5:30 p.m.), and "Son of the Sheik" (7:30 p.m.). Admission to each of the Saturday films is $1.50; all other programs are $2 each. Tickets go on sale at the Film Center, Columbus Drive at Jackson Boulevard, one-half hour before each screening. Gene Siskel reviews the movie scene Monday, Wednesday, and Friday on Channel 2 News at 10 p.m. Animals get into the act at upcoming benefits By Eleanor Page THE SPOTLIGHT will be on animals, especially horses, at three benefits in the next couple of weeks. The North American Riding for the Handicapped Association will benefit from a Celebrity Day of Polo Sunday at the Oak Brook Polo Field. Children from four handicapped riding centers in Illinois will give a demonstration of their skills. The day will start with luncheon, followed by a performance by the Tern-pel Lipizzans, and a parade of celebrities in antique automobiles and of the teams and ponies. After the polo match, a reception will be held for the teams, the special guests, and patrons (those who donate $400 for luncheon, box seats, and reception for eight). Other seats are available for $50 (including luncfaeon, box seat, and reception), and '$25 (luncheon and seat in the Blue Ribbon enclosure). . Hamburger Hamlet, which will present the trophies, will give a "celebrity dinner" Saturday in its new quarters, 44 E. Walton St., in honor of the association. Alys Faurot Bennett and Mrs. David R. Hamilton are cochair-men of the benefit. THE GREAT American Horse Show opens July 13 at the Blue Ribbon Stables, 4475 Lake-Cook Rd.. Northbrook, to benefit the Evanslon Infant Welfare Society. The show, continuing through July 17, will bring trained horses and riders from more than a dozen states to compete for $20,000 in prize money and trophies. There will be jumping for the first time at this show, which is rated as one of the country's foremost such events. Mr. Rythm, "king of the dancing horses," Culver Military Academy's "Rough Riders," and a comedy bullfight act will provide enter tainment. Box seats will be $7; reserved seats, $5; and general admission, $3. William W. Wirtz, owner of the Chicago Black-hawks and the Chicago Bulls, and Marge Fergusson, owner of Rust-oleum Corp., are honorary chairmen. The gala opening party will be a $7.50-a-person dinner in the Silver Saddle Club from 6 to 7:30 p.m. July 13 at the stables. THE ANIMALS In the Lincoln Park Zoo will benefit from the Zoo La La Ball the Women's Board of the Lincoln Park Zoological Society will hold July 15 under tents in the zoo mall. Proceeds from the black-tie, $75-a-person dinner-dance will go toward the socie-. ty's $6 million capital renovation fund campaign. Projects include a new mammal habitat, education-administration building, waterfowl area, hoofed animal building and outdoor habitat, and children's pavilion and amphitheater. The Chicago Park District will match donations on a two-for-one basis for a total goal of $18 million, says Mrs. Keith K. Stocker, benefit chairman. Guests may buy gifts, including T-shirts and kites, from the zoo bookstore. SEN. AND Mrs. Charles H. Percy head the list of hosts for a dinner the Mid-America Committee will give Friday in the Mid-America Club for a delegation of the Chinese People's Institute of Foreign Affairs. Others receiv-. ing the group from the People's Republic of China and a cross-section of Chicago businessmen and their wives will be the A. Robert Abbouds, the Samuel B. Cascys Jr., the William B. Grahams, the John O. Logans, and the Brooks McCormicks. THE JUVENILE Protective Association will benefit from the Ravinia Festival concert Friday, with tickets priced from $20 to $50. Dinner under the tent is an additional $15, according to cochairmen Mrs. Irving Mar kin and Mrs. J. Barton Kalisb. MOTION PICTURES MOTION PICTURES MOTION PICTURES SOUTH COLONY st oo 'i e so MI7Dne "PHANTOM or Trie WIZARDS paradise- PO fflARQUETTE EvelKnlevel VIVA KNIEVEL!" PO-a A 10 A BRIDGE TOO FAR ? I larrr. N. 3:00-i-fK H-QQ I lea I m f rry, M-ai, Si30-7t4S tow Suburban Theatra NORTH -EVANSTON- . v tto-ioas woa-oato wi KMEvcir a WHAT UP ooer . 17 Chicago Ave. 725-9:25 P) EXORCIST ! THE HERETIC mi tSftCicera 424-0041 FIRST SHOWlNGI BARQ.PR. TUX 630 fcnow: 13015 PO "NEW YORK, NEW YORK" LIZA MINEILI ROBERT DENIRO NORMAL AasuTSttMo $1.00 Mf The Greatesf S3 PATRICK WAYNE AT :I5 ONLY (PC) "People That Time Forgot" Ul UflW 3rd I WMem OperHUJ HI-WAY (X) ADULTS ONLVI 'PEACHES H CREAM t 'FftNTA I D&liV t.$0 'TU P Nt.-iUH. it .0 Til !30 1 BRIGHTON SSI A THE RESCUERS" and "TALE OF TWO CRITTERS ratHarparWT-ant HYDE PARK ALI "THE GREATEST" rjJI Robert DaNIra TAXI DRIVER JtUCI TFU 7m exchange ES 8-VtitklLN FREE PARKING 3041 "PEOPLE 5 FORGOT" i SUBURBAN THEATRES NORTH -DEERFIEID- MUtAHO ORION "IX68C:STniTKlPLini(n VOO-4, JO-7iOO tO at ROBtHl SHAW JACCIUfcUNt TIIC DEEP" UIUCTAU fAKMtt. aiMWO KIMHAIVfl ITOiaartrauaT II "WIZARDS" p8,oS,ao -OlENCOf- GLENCOE "BLACK SUNDAY" -HIGHLAND PARK- ofi&it "THE RESCUERS" avaLtunavat, aamaauv "VIVA KNIEVEL" MftMl RUn BIT 5 M w tpo) "THE LATE SHOW" LAKE PORIST DEERPATH & $1.25 TPM & "WIZARDS' Paul warns -nk,. ot n.j.J -llft-RTYVIllf- LIBERTY ALL SEATS1!- "VIVA KNIEVEL" TOUtOHT AT: 7 00 AND 9 15 MORTON GROVE A HUES MORTON GROVE- ' 1" lux, Jam, Boy t Chieta" io puta "SWEET PLAYMATES" Vao iBina ai AaTiit At Wall LAftiU.ftU.nWVU Dlana "THE RESCUERS" Pus NORTH -MUNDEIEIN- utiunri eiu isyrw5544 nwnwbti fain at 7M, G.oo "SLAPSHOr (R) -NORTHBROOK-i EDENS 1 5:30-8:30 1 A Bridge Too Far EDEKS 2 isMOMfcis 'STAR WARS' DOLBY SYSTEM STEREOPHONIC BOUND MATINEE DAILY -SKOKIE- an mmmm. ISMUtOOI I Ma riuai tnii 1.J5 la I lVki!;l. la f- MOTION PICTURES . OOWNTOWN MOTION PICTURES DOWNTOWN Open 9:15 a.m. rssn Last feature 10 p.m. LSJ Open 9:15 a.m. t I VVIWUnUH LastteaturalOp.m. -jkir nAii r - i iririrn frraoi ... . . "The Other Side "feiMMif -J of Midnight" lnn 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 ilu . j-rfyil RICHARD LAWSON ANNAZETTE CHASE & SUPER SPDUK lt Fi,fia:20pm. MEN OF COURAGE RISK THEIR LIVES TO CAPTURE A BRIDGE ... A LOUSY BRIDGE! ROBERT REDFORD JAMES CAAN RYAN O'NEAL GENE HACKMAN SEAN CONNERY LIV ULLMANN ' Pfil I A BRIDGE TOO FAR sotiluu.m.i .r.l. L DAILY In.p..w. WSaSO BEST FILM OF ITS KIND! V Ij BT t 1 r 1 I -MISMAN. STAG . i 1 - ZMI PLVS1 INTIMATE DAM INGS' haralAM 372-M54 d:ahbuhipm' HOUSE OF DESADE plus BETRAYED YOUTH IRaMX-ailnMsiioFrl..sal.i Opan 10 AM Sundaya f 1 31 r ill 2-BIG FEATURES-2J EXORCIST II THE HERETIC R IOiJUiSWiO-IOxOO IT'S ALIVE 9:75-15-:45-B:30 I liked- Itypn ALICE IN WONDERLAND you'll lore CINDERELLA mm naaur na iawM CIXDERELLA X RATUD MISOI ( OMKUY! SHANGRI-LA $1.50 'PEACHES AND CREAM' plus "FANTASY LOVES" Suburban Theatres NORTHWEST -EIGIN- eTIBUIinU OUTDOOR Rfa. 20 at 59 dlAHVItW RATE X ADULTS ONLY "DIRTY WESTERN" EXORCISTS DEVIL ElK GROVE VILLAGE ELK GROVE !" m "ROCKY" i'c?i "BLACK SUNDAY" SK0XIE6T4s1(X) TAWZ. JANE. BOY CMC ETA -WAUKEOAN- WAUKIGANDrive-lnS "VIVA KNIEVEL" , Kua PEOPtE TIME FOBQOT -WILMETTI u n aaTTr " tl Ava. M1-7411 nlLMfillB lakal trtuia Top M Ual 'COUSIN COUSINFirTi'loti)0 NORTHWEST ARLINOTON HEIGHTS. AAnUticitni Barq TU BOO -Oil PIAINES. BAH.MHWATS.IVIBf DAT 'ft 3 3Qf M.-H.50 WLT. IITue BECrilEBCII I fib nMVVkna DiSNtva BOUND THAT THOUGHT M Mai lUCCOOH i,io.i,o.a,jo.T,,a 0 CVEL KNItVtU "VIVA KNIEVEL" AT .,.,0 PO -HARVARD- SHOW IN HARVARD US. 14 4 Rl 173-at&443-446l "PEACHES'N CREAM" "ff "FANTASY" -WOffMAN ESTATES fUHMPIPRBinit OOUMOKSItU "VIVA KNIEVEL" -MT. PROSPrCT- E;f.i;i'ii'i;fifM UT tO lit SI ,0 Ml 1 1 -ROLLERCOASTEH" M tCHtUMPKHmO 3 00-4 M-7 70-9 M VTHE RESCUERS" ituuamamuui "VIVA KNIEVEL" at a4ia a NORTHWEST -MT. PROSPECT- BDftCBrT "WIZAB08-(PG) rnvarw t 7:25 AND :10 -NILEI Liitinli.HAiiiAi.l.'.ltoalJ F iiaaaaaiaajyia iipaaHaaaaiajaiaii pr, I'M, 4 TO. 7 30. 10 IS SHUAILE OFMIN AHU WAH1 lt . I All A ROBLRT CHARIOT IRWIN WINKLER Product. A MARTIN SCORSESE F4m LIZA MINNELLI ROBERT DE NIROi. "NEWARK. NEW VDRK" Soenpky bjr EARL MAC RAUCH l MARDIK MARTIN SmyljrEARL MAC RAUCH Dtcxi b MARTIN SCORSESE , , ProdVnl by IRU'W WINKLER mi ROBERT CHARTOfF OntAl So.P bjr JOHN KANDER mdFRED EBB i : ' fWil Surm mi CorWi-R ALPH BURNS PG! United Artists 4 McCLURG COURT EtNSTON GOLF MILL LAMAR I ., . 0 Pa' -. 3H-4S0 , 3-JlT ' Hi-MIS 424-OMI' CLQL AND SGUARC DIANA. mmmnu A FRANK YA8UNS PRESENTATION A MARTIN RANSOHOfF-FRANK YABLANS PRODUCTION "THE OTHER SIOE OF MIDNIGHT" A CHARLES JARROTT FILM Swm MARIE-FRANCE PI5IER "JOHN BECK SUSAN SARANDOfi RAF VALLONE . miait, FRANK YABLANS . bMUo HOWARD W. KOCH. JR. . Oaaoxb, CHARLES JARROTT .m HERMAN RAUCHER m DANIEL TARAOASH iKOnnftaMit.SIDNEY SHELDON . it,M!CHEL LEGRAND ' "Za R: RESTRICTED -si? 0ITCJL KUSIC fPflW THt HOTflH TtW1 3l NOW PLAYING - I, UNITED ARTISTS 1, FORD CITY Randolph tDaarbom 7501 S.Clctro WATER TOWER KBOLINGBROOK 35 N: Michigan ' ' Bollngbroo .BREMEN DI ANA f tlnlay Parti ' Of Homawood ijGOLF MILL i. . . Nllai . HARLEM-CERMAKt N. R'varf Ida j- NORRIDGE Norridoa ..OAKBROOK OLD ORCHARD RIDGE PLAZA WOODFIELD ST . Oary.lnd. Scltaumburg "...THE ULTIMATE WAR MOVIE. THE HORROR, AND THE COURAGE, ARE GRAPHIC BEYOND WORDS." -Warm CtaaMta. CM-TV aAtMMMM Rn)olpi al Oatborn Norihbri.oh Nili 11? 3TS2 I3S 44 2H-4&0O .. MIDNIGHT SHOW TONIGHT hofftfftvoo) 7fB-1t40 MCtmlvOaf. InaJ, t Suburban Theatres NORTHWEST -PARK RIDGE 25. BARQ, PICKWICK 5600 PRICES 500 PIQQEST DOUBLE SHOW IN TOWN "BLACK SUNDAY" VA PLUS - LAST CHANCE TO SEC IT AGAMI BARGAIN PMCLS-ALL IHEATRtS WEEKDAYS TO M 14 nn SAT. SUM. HOtS. TO ' I .UU -NOPRItXtt- STARWAKS K HjJO-3145 3O0-7iJQ.10t00 rvo aaanajN men on nun ini eiiua spt f MiMaMMi KtUufcCOASUft 1 -PLOPLE TIME FOMUOf-e 40 Fioni Umktr at Prtti ma Cal "VUAWDS-10:10 b ' USA. SHE WOLPO" "- fit HM. Hirwi Kr 01 Sti-10l n -HOLLVWOOO HtOH" '4 W4 HfVfllOEOf CHEFIM (I)f BT IfMlr RT.14 AMD NCWrTT.U WILLOW CREEK "A Bridge Too Far" 5:30 AND 8:30 PROSPECT HEIGHTS PALWAUKEE W Tare, Jane, Boy & Cheetah' (xi -ROILING MEADOWS MEADOWS WARDS' THE PEOPtE TIME FORGOT' SCHAUMBURO- R1UM 1t-3:lJO-7:46-t0.ldFCl "THB DEEP" NO PASSES THE OTHER SIDE Of MIDNIGHT" 1-1M-OO-7-0O-10-00 R -WHEELING-AODISON -OUNDH-SKOKK eaiM 1 .,.. at.f aiMn. SORCERER . mf'.""A','""MOT Z THE DEEP PVH WITH. PICK JANg vmKESCUERS a . IPJ MO DEPOSIT NO RETURN tftt :'I-)Ii"L-I-i J ! so ITTTTTT I OPIM 1 Pl.ffvr.un. VIVA KNIEVELI'.'fir" GRAND THEFT AUTO t&imm 1Q40 111 SOUTH -BLUE ISLAND- LYRIC PARK FREE PO OBEAtESr STFIAHOEP. ( Ourtlritar' -OOITON- PiniTU MtlJChqo.ftd 8I7W -HOUS BY THt LAKE- (R "IAST HOUSE ON THE LEFTS 00 pm GlENWOOO- a piiiiim.m 1S3rd A Ha'atml Uiil.f.WiJiiU Pttona 764200 SOUTH -HARVEY- U 1 HUE V 0S CENTER AVE. nAHVCT 333-M22 ALI IS "THE OFtEATEST" 7-tO:1S PEOPLE THAT TIME FOHOOr 5:30-S:4 -HOMEWOOD- MALIFD AT 17aih ST. 798-1140 I ,00t.W'ABRIDGete9JNO I OHtY TOO FAR' FASSBl I... I. in THE OTHER SIDE HO K TBtf QUIT. OF WIPHIOHT'l'tt'.t tlMMINNflU RllHtHT DE MHO NEW YORK. NEW YORK' If id WTiari 0lltt l:5, ii7t, 7:01, ;45 tiwawiiri SOUTHEAST ruiuMrr cmr- 16IU A loirarct JMi lu K, "STAR WARS-NO PASSES EXORCIST a THE HERETIC H 1JO-3 40-55-:00-IO:1S -THB DEEP 1flO-3:1S-S:30-aoo-10:1$ NO PASSES -HAMMONLV- 41 i "THE GREATESF "PEOPLE TIME FORGOT" "2002 FUTUREWORLD'' WEST ADDISON I -ADDISON- 303 Watt Laka Straat Pttona: S4742 M5 430 e 45 9130 "A TALE OF TWO CRITTERS' II "KNIEVEL" -4ERWYN- M 2 RIT7 730 -i2L. MIS V'BLACK SUNDAY" 'Fun With Dick t Jane" "BERWYM vtv Kwaivnr -whati up oocr CICERO .m ..a ALL SFAT8 f a fj OLYMPIC ".-J, "PEOPLE THAT T1MI FORGOT" "WABP8" 10 ONLY -ELMHURST- Jf 1M) N.YORK YOHIV PH: 834-0675 "BLACK SUNDAY"' S!SS St.OO WEEKDAYS TO tM PM st;.J '.,, jjr ". Swrnng ? JjiMARK HAMILL HARRISON FORD CARRE F1SHR5 - PCTROJ5HING . ' '.: " : . ALCGUINNS5 ' V "Mteenertd Directed by Produced tv Muslcby iGGORGe LUCAS &WKURTZ X)HN WILLIAMS 0ia.M.Hr4-VrT NOW EXCLUSIVE RECORD-BREAKING ENGAGEMENT EDENS Northbrook Dally at 1:30, 3:40, 5:50. 8:00. 10:15 Mid. Show Frl.-Sst. ;XUn Oalby Slaraa SouiMi ' ESQUIRE St E. Oak St. daily al 1:00. 3:15, 4:30. 7:45, 10:00 Mid. Show Fri.-Sat la Dolby Sttrea Sound! ORLAND SQ. Orland Park Dally at 1:00. 3:13, 5:30. 7:45, 10:00 Mid. Show fn.-Sat. RIVER OAKS Calumat City Daily at 1:00. 3:15, 5:30. 7:45. 10:00 Mid. Show Fri.-Sat. NORRIDGE - - Norrldga Daily at 1J.30. 5:45, 5:00. 7:30. 10:00 Mid. Show Fri.-Sat. YORKTOWl Lofnbartf Daily at 1:00. 3:15. 5:30. 7:45. 10:00 Mid. Show Fri.-Sat. MrM -V. .55 IT , WALT DISNEY PRODUCTIONS' P. DAZZLING NEW ANIMATED TWh COMEDY-THRILLER hCi f-- Technicolor iZtfJCfolQ oflVw Critters MVr f'-'Vtrr, h M V".1 Mti-. --K' f f raalifr-.MssW.fitf'Jif;' aWinCarajnt.0 - Soaca MownUr A n IHH(olHHti , OlSNEYLANDyffitlVWALT DISNEY WORLD Suburban Theatres WEST ElMWOOD PARK hercuryjheDeep. NorthHartam MATINEES DAILVI Uo passea. $1.50 til 2:30 every day 2 15-4 45-7:35-9:50 PO FRANKLIN PARK till I IPE Cinema-3034 N. 25th Ave. VILLAut Opan7Ar-AoulUiaoiOklerl :4o "Tarz-Jane-Boy-Cheeta" color .6:30 'Flesh Gordon' -GlEN ELlYN- GLEN ?,To DISNEY'S "THE RESCUERS" ph "TALE OF TWO CRITTERS" -HIllSIDE V 2:19, 445, 720 A t:45S1 SO HI 230 -HINSDAIE- UlUCnXIC SISKEL THIS h'W7S97r" "Cousin Codsine" LOMBARD " I PA lit MAT HI W -SUN. 11. 0 'Tali 30 P.M. MMMTMMW JACOUILINC lltMT "THE DEEP'.' "STAR WARS" 1:MV3:1S-B:)C-T:4S-10:OO la NO FASCES On BARGAIN PMCC OIOROI SIOA4. mCHAADWIOUANK "ROLLER COASTER" , IN SCNtURROUND a:18-4-40-7:1O-tt:10 PO. ' UXA MINN1LLI Nino "NEW YORK, NEW YORK" WEST -OAKBROOK- Hia. 83'Cermalt 1:15-t5 700-9 .50 B "THE OTHER SIDE Of MIDNIGHT" '0AKBR00K -OAK PARK- ABRiDe TOO FAR1 120 S. MAIION tl2 UlNNilU ; npetni oe niro 'HEWVOBK, HEW VORK1 15. 4 20, 7. I K ).5P Wcrtairi In t:30- Sat., San., Hoi, taljo WEST CHICAGO VIVA KNIEVEL!" 005 pa IE PEOPie TIME FOBOOT" IfOO VILLA PARK VILLA OAKS ""MSSS1, GRAND OPENING 1 "PEOPLE tSFORGT.Mra 2 "BLACK SUNDAY" JS,m till I A BABV 623 NOIK 27t-7922 I ibiiH mnn mi mnannri 7:00 8:40 10:15 (PO) WltMflUa WHEATON- WKEATON flSo $1.25 7 "WIZARDS" 'Phantom .Paradise 700 1000 SOUTHWEST DOWNERS GROVE VIIIAI I 5021 HiqhlarKl. WO 6M)21 TIVOLI tl 25 'HI 230 p.m. oSr&i THE RESCUERS" 3:05, 5:20, 7:3S A 9:45 plus "A TALE Or TWO CRITTERS" t 2:15. 4:2S, 6:40 A 8:55 (O) . -NAPERVIU! ARE; . hiiiiiiiiiiii'i.iiiitiiiiiii itii,.. i CY o l0VE our ii '' P. ll7 3:18-6:16.7:15.9:16 n Tw.lior!tSNwTlrtal4.4!S.s.irtVr O "ROCKY" (PO) 1:4Mtt.15 Twbght Show tiefcais 530-8qo tl 5r o & o Walt Manaye (G) "RESCUERS" 1:00-300-500-700-900 : TwAght Show Tkkata 430-500 t V UIUA VlJIEUtl lOrlt t. Ill O 3 454:154 45 TWILIGHT SMOW TICKFTS S 4f 15 SI V "Paorjla TiiM fainvti" or. OldO-330.6.30-7 30430 r If VI IBM E NEW YORK Slraat 9tTLAKr 1 Mila Watt et 59 SSJ&tr "VIVA KNIEVEL" Oiarlee Bronaon "FBOM NOON TILL 3" -NORTH RIVERSIDE- t tl 10 1 4PM I'JM SI 10 TIL y "THE OTHER SIOE OF MIDNIGHT" t os 4 m too-it) on H Mn "THE RESCUERS" wwe that mm t w i weeooc -OAKBROOK- UA! CINEWAU '' oar racvh in rrtRinit A bhlti T66 FAA ator'H IXOrlCiiT lit THE HiRtTIC MEADOWBROOKT "VIVA KNIEVEL" T.l.o00 -JUSTICE- CORK 8501 SO. CORK OPEN 6 PM "SWEET TASTE OF HONEY" "ORIENTAL BLUE PHONE 594-2991 RATED 1)0 IA GRANGE "LA CRANGE,"8Q "VIVA KNIEVEL t" 2:104-10 p m. "WHArt UP OOCr at 4 20 1 8 20 PO . -TINLEY PARK- 6 00i:io 'A BRIDGE jii) no ONtT TWI-AW P.:.;. "iiiiii 1! 5 !. ! tl. 7 40. v W.HB....... 1 1 ,10. 4 10'THt OTHER SIDE NO H :TU, lU'iivr miuniuni rj.,c.i tnO W.-Mlfl 6 73 St . 5.1 . H-.i 16 ? Ir. BOUNGBBOOK I-S5RI. 53 7J9-.W0I I "THE OTHER SIDE OE MIONK3HT" 1:10-400-7 00-10 00 a m R It ; "VIVA KNIEVELr 2.44-8-10 PO IN "Eiorclet : Ttw HERETIC ? 10-3 S"v1 50-7 45.9 40 f m. R -OftlAND PARK- E2 l5lil.Hl. 4b J49-6UC UaowDV'tl JOtntntrlyl 230Si-Su4iol' l -tOftCtntW" t; 45.38 15-7 ,10 45 e m. P( II "fiord at : Tha HERETIC 1:15-3 20 5 30-7 50-10 05 R ill Lira Minna and Rohan Oe Nira "NEW YORK, NEW YORK" 1245-3 3h 25 9,15 PO IV "STAR WAR"1t! -30.7:45.topa t mown wow fri -iathol. sun. Nr. ritMH aM l,C PAnr.AIN MUINF f V CESPLAfSS. BTRtAM-y:t!i.g;HarT,pT. 9t1-i 7tl Vl4 aa..Ba aaiaatipail LfAi. ni tm m m ata a fc.fiinr- i t i ialr fwtt r, ---h eT, an, 4

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