Southport Telegraph from Southport, Wisconsin on February 14, 1843 · Page 3
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Southport Telegraph from Southport, Wisconsin · Page 3

Southport, Wisconsin
Issue Date:
Tuesday, February 14, 1843
Page 3
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Weftker.--N«w York city papers ry liOth speck of the woather be- Mf warm--'doon and window* open, and ftwa *ut. H«rc«ry at 00. Tho Buffalo EeoaaaM* aayt that Buffalo Crectc is now frM frocn ice, Mid that the unusually large ·Mater ofJvMaelt moored there are duon- gaged from the ioe. The Connecticut ri- · war was open and in navigable order on the twlh of hat month. The St. Lawrence river was dear of io« on the lllh of January, and tail boats had corrmenced run- ·Wf. Aa Eastern paper speaking of the warm VMiMr says that tome of the most ergi- ·wrt astronomer* declare thai, for the last wi* ·oalha, th« Garth has been rapidly approaching the tun; and is now nearly two million* of miles nearer the 4 orb of fire ' tk*a it w«t in Juno last, in Wisconsin, if the io'licatioa of thermometers or frequent freezing of oars and noses may be taken at an evidence, we tmve been fast receding from tho sun during the past few iths instead of Approximating. growing plenty.--Tho N. York Journal of Commerce speaks in a cheering ·tanner of tKe present condition and prospects of trm money market in that city.-- iiuod notes are readily dincounle J both at the flank* and in the streets at 5 anil 5 1-2 per cent, per annum. This state of mo- wy matter* in the city, will Inve a lon- dencr to relieve the pressure in liic country, ·* llto country it nlwiiys more or less pjvernud in this respect by the sliito of thins;* in tt»i city. Tlio cry of hard times and wsrrily of rnonuy 1ms been iitcussnnl fur · lonir, time, and a n y t h i n g l a t h e shape «t rrlmf will bo gratuful now a to thu pco- The Buffalo Economist lay* that the entire chain of Railroad from Buffalo to Boston !· now complete. Lake Erie and the Atlantic are now bound together by bnndi oflron, and the reciprocal interests of commerce will be greatly promoted. It is supposed that ta toon as the arrange, rnents of the line of can are perfected, the distance between Buffalo and Boston will be accomplished in about 36 hours. STATR PUNTER or NEW-YORK.--The late law of the State of New-York, in relation to the state printing hnu been changed. The office of state printer of N.York has hitherto been ona of immense profit. The public printing is now divided into three departments: 1st A State publish legal notices and the laws of the legislature. 2nd. A printer to the Senate, to do the printing of that department of tho legislature. 3d. A printer to the H jtise of Assembly. Thu Legislnturo have elected Edwin Croswell printer to the State; Ebenezer Muck has been elected printer to Senate; nnd Messrs. Carroll Cook, of the Troy Budget, printers to the House of Assent- mount-) which they claimed, believing that they were not justly entitled to the same, and that faithfulness to his trust forbade him thus to expend the public money. It was of no advaatagn to him personally to withhold the payment. If the claim was just, it was just not against himself, but a~ gaiasl the Post Office Department, i. e. against the American People, as represented in that Department. Yet it is precisley for this claim or those claims, that Mr. Kendall is in durance. As against him,it is a cause of rauk injustice, and requires the immediaie interference of Congress.-We trust that there aro no \v higs in that body so unreasonable as to be willing that an individual should bo compelled to pay the debts ol a nation, or in fault theruof be subjected to personal inconvenience a ad damage. If any such there are, they are more to be pitied than Mr. Kendall. W« are glad to see Ibtt he bag prosented t memorial to the Satiate, praying for relief. It has been referred to the committee on claims.--Jour of Com. R. H. DEMING, Justice of the Peace, faf be found it all busmen hours, ia ihe room formerly occupied by F S Lovell, directly under the Foal Office. DXMDS, BOKDS, and CoirrB.icre.djtwn pon favorable terms. January 24, 1843. Tin- ll'itlsi: of l»i|'iit:itivo» linvo ta- k-n vlion ofi tin- ilillorutit rcsottiti'Hjs of- frrntl tiy tlws cimitiiiltcu ol w.'iys nnt means, iu rc^nr.l tu lh« l-'xclifijiit-r. Tlio iliflbrotil he | i'-r w«-rc v i ' t i - ' t down hy largo mnjuri- Vl.» rt -ti "f M-jivii.'liiHotls, w h i c h resulu. t . .ti |irii|i',M-i! in Hit ct tin; rrstnriitiuii of thi SiilcTn-isurv (ilnn it) opposition tu nil olh- « r so lit-1 no in ii'lfiiinislcfiiig the finances. 'J In' vol.- on Mr. Atliorton't rr.snliiiioti ·tmid ya* !*."»; HU//.T 110. Il llitTelWc t i _ ).-ar* that I he S ilj-Troaiury sclionu in af- t.-r n i l rfganlc-il w i l l i greater 1'nvnr by tlio |ifHM-nl Congress, i h u t i tlio lv\olii'|iii'r pro- p-.-t in whatever aspect it cull be Immghl lie- Tut, HoMett* M I T I . N V -- T h u Court of I n q u i r y in Ilie c»so of the Homer* huvo I their labors to n close, anil have Und their '!ceiiiii lo the Defiart- ·e*I at Washington. It is g-n«rnly iitnlnr- stuo'l t'mi tin- d;cisiori i if tho Court ia fa- voruLIf lo Muokoii/.io; ulilmugh I ho roporJ i.|' course h:is not lecn otlicinlly published. No OIIP c.xpectf.'i! a n y otli.-.-r ru.stilt, than tlio ni'ijuiiul of MiKkt.'iiziu !y tht- Court ol'ln- .juiry. In ihu nicanlimo lliu Pri-iiili-nl oi" the II. SlaU-t, u r i l r r i - l n (7niirt M a r l i n I (u oon- vrno ul tlio N ' i v y Y;ml, lot 1 thu t r i n ! of Mitckcn/.iu iuul lh" ufl'ii'rrs if Jio Suincrs, (or ili. i x v c t i t i ' i n of Sjiotif-r, C r c n n v c l l . · tut Snmll. It is utiJorskioil lh i l t h i s o r d e r of tho 1'iX'siileut lui'* been i»ucil in com|ili- mice with llio reijiicst of M n c k o n / i c nnd tii* brothur olli :or.H. Thu tri.-il tif Mni'kun- zie by a M i l i t a r y Court M.iriial, bars till jirocrcJingi thori'nt'tur, anil renders any inlciI'uronco of tho c i v i l n u l l i o r i t y in tlic ease unc'inntitution.'il. \V'hcth(;r Mackenzie chose tn s u b m i t his c-nso to n riilil.iry lo uvaid tin: i n t e r v e n t i o n of ili civil court*, is ti matter of which tho people w i l l juJga for thomitclvf.s. It is true, tl'inbti huvo been expressed w h e i h o r tho civil authority, would in any circumstances hivt; had jurisdictiou in the cnso; yet it is tho opinion of rrt.iny eminent j u r ists, M.ickeir/.iu could havo been bnnight before « civi! court, provided Ihoro hnd been no Court Martial ordered. GES. JACKSON'S FINE.--The proposition which has for many weeks been pending before Congress, for refunding to Gun. Jackson, the fine imposed upon him nt New-Orleans, has not yet been finally decided. One thing worthy of notice is, that tho W h i g metnburs of Congress, as well as the Whig presses throughout the country, generally, lnk; ground against refunding to Gen. Jackson the fine of $1000 unjustly imposed upon, and tho icmovalof the imputation which that transaction casts upon his history. Dots this aversion, on the ptirl of the whigs, to render nn net of justice, lo the Hero of Now Orleans in his declining years, arise from the fuel that thoy cannot forgive tho old General, for g i v i n g I ho British such a drubbing on ihu memorable 8th of J a n u a r y ? The AlbanyArgus.of the 30th ult.remarks, that orn of thu remarkable ineidents in the history of the season, is the tnrly opening of navigation of tlio Hudson river. Several stearnbuats have already made thei passage between New York and Albany. hope that no one will be dcteir- i cd from rending Mr. McUufTie's speech, found on the first pngo of our paper, on necoimt of its length. Tho speech covers tlio whole ground of oppoiition, to tho mil itnry occupiuicy of thu Oregon Territory; hy our government. We intend to select for publication, from tho many speeches which have been made on this suuject,one on the oilier side of the question as soon as practicable. (t?" Wmconsin Drnwerai. Messrs. K n a p p ])eltny have retired from the chnrgo of the Wisconsin Hemocrnt. The Uenuiorat is hereafter to bo conduc'ed hy Shi'liion iXc //yor. 'i'ho pa^ur u n d e r the ' control of its new editors, will we doubt | not, be made nn efficient democratic journal i ;uul w o r t l i y of public pnlronngc. 1'iuNTiNii."During the Into meeting of the Legislature :it Muilisiin, there were some r;ire develorHitnenN o f i h o l f o v - oruor'n consistency. The Mndison Express (n whig paper) srjys, t h a t his l-'xccl- toncy sent Harrison Uccd to innko u piop- osilion tu the Legislature to do the public i printing. Rceil proposed to tho members to perform tho p r i n t i n g nt n price con.sid- crabiy less than bus formerly been piiiil Now what renders this m a t t e r w o r t h y of ·notice is, thut the Governor has all along strenuously denied the legality of tho meeting of tho Legislature, yet he is anxious to get a slice of the public printing for his paper, tho I'.nquircr. The ttacino Advo- «i»tc, in speaking of tho subject, significantly remarks ihttt 'the Governor must be trying to pull himself up the boot-straps.' Miller 'Yabernaelt.--Tho Roston Olive Branch, of the 31st ult. says, that this wonderful structure,which wns reported to dove boon suspended in its completion, by ·vdcr of the Mayor, is now going on rnp- i'Uy. Tho immense roof is now being raised in tho form of a pyramid. It is surrounded by n high enclosure, nnd none but believers are allowed to come wihtin. Tho M i l w a u k e e Sentinel soys thnt ar- rnngemrnts nre being made for constructing a wharf at that ptiice. The plan of construction we understand, is similar to the w l m r f at this plnce. Tito citizens of Dnrien, ftenesce county New-Yurie, liKva held a public meeting nnd pnsswl rcsnIn)ions retjucsting the Logisla- ture to alxilish till laws for the collection of iicbt. It is probably not intemleJ to intor- fere with present contracts. As startling ns any movement of this kind may appear, the subject is destined to become "one of general consideration at no distant day. Twenty-four members of the House of Representatives, whose votes stand recorded in favor of the B a n k r u p t law as it puss- cil nt tho last session, voted for the repeal of the law tit the present session. A Cincinnati paper says that whiskey is lieUl tit 14 cents per gnllon in that city; that there aro but few buyers nt that price, and drinkers constantly decrersing. Horace Grecly, of the N. Y. Tribune, lias received official notice from James F. Cooper, that he will be prosecuted ngain for a libel, provided he does not make certain retractions. The alleged libel is found inGreely's account of the late trial of Cooper vs. Greely, at Saratoga. "A.MOs KENDALL."--This name is not so familiar to the public ear as it was wont to bo when its owner wns Fourth Auditor of the Treasury, or Postmaster General-yet tho memory of his nuver-tiring zoal fur (he aggrandizement of the democratic party occasionally brings out his name in con- nexion with poverty, prison bounds, nnd all that. It is a fact that Mr. Kendall is, and has been for se»srol months pnst restrained within the jail limbs of Washington city; but it i* on account of debts Jue by the go*ernmrti;t. In form they may be due by him, (for the Court has so decided,) but in fact due by the government. The case is this: Mr. Kendall, while Postmaster General, withheld from Messrs. Stoek- Ign dt Stokes, mail ceotractors, certain a- DONATION PARTY.; To be held at the house of W. P. W A T T L I s, Pleasant Prairie, on thi 2:ld Jay of February, for the benefit of Kev. .M. Bourn and Her. Abner Barlow. A gcncrnl attendance is solicited.--It U requested that donations will he labelled with the name to whom donated, or specified wbvn handed in. C O M M 1 T T I I O F a K N T L B M X . t . Sidney S. Derbyshire, Chun. F. Morgan, Milton Tolcott, W. P. Wattles, A. B, Jixckson, J. East man. P VV Wilder, John P. Stephens, C Ktllogg, K II Dcmiog. COMMITTEE 01' LADIES. Mrs Dcrhyshire, Mrs Morgan, MrsTnlcott, Mrs TKttttles, .flfrs Jackson, Mrs Eastman, Mrs Wilder, Mrs Stephens, Jlfrs Kellogg, Mra Dcmiitg, Afra Dcniick, Miss Eliza Stephens, Afiaa Sarah Ann Bristol, Miss S. Martin. QQ*) BUSHELS OF OATS 9 «F*r «F wlinte( ] at tn c Store of W B. Slocum, in exchange for (Joodu, far which the highest price w i l l lie paid. Also f)0 barrels I'urk wanted as above. Fob. 14. W. H.SLOCL'M. W A N T E D I M M E D I A T E L Y , T! contract fr hi'winy and delivering, c*C|[% Fioi-rr OF TIMBF.U at this VflLr*^ plnce. For duscrijition and particulars, enquire of GEO. I I . S T E B M I N S Soiitliport, Feb. 14 MASONRY MASONRY T U T smriicrilirrs lifg lenvt' to say to the of Souitiport, they are ready to uontrnc for any a i n c i u n l nt ihe ibllowin;! kinds of work:-- lirkk Laying, lMlltins, I'luitermg, Stone In all their various truni i ti. l i, wliieli they [iledse llicm.sclvt'd lo do in us good ntyle as any in this c.-uuntry.--Having followed tho business in most o tlti princ.pal ciliea in the Union, they IV-trl confidcn thai ihi-y c«n givi' perll'L't Kalisfactton to all sui-li as nuiy fnvor thctti w i t h a call. All kinds of country prndure taken in cxchang for w u i k , or a ULrral credit given if required. Wnun-el an apprentice to the above husincss, 17 or I n y i M r s o f u g e , to whom (jood cncuuragremen will or given. Southporl Feb. 14th J843 ;»4 S S M L ESTABROOKS. T O A L L C O N C E R N E D I'leaBe t.ike nntice, that all ACCOUNTS on Book, if not settled by CA«H or NOTE, on or belbr the list iliiy of February next, will be left wi'.h th prnper ollieer for i m m e d i a t e collection,without atr further notice or respect to persons. Thii notice w i l l he understood as genera!; nnd if you do no sue it, it will he because wow da not take (fie papers February 7, i843. W. B. SLOCUM. SOUTHPOUT ACADEMY;. T HE s i x t h term of thia Institution will com incnce in May next, under the auspices of O-jrin F. D I N A , M. A. and JOHN VV. DAHA, Jr. SlionU Hiiflieient pntronnge he received to wsr r n - , t t h e a i l i l i t i o n a ! r.ippnse, ihe sei'vicea of a younj, l.ady, now a popular tencher nt the east, will hi secured to superintend ihe Feiu.ile Department. T h ^ h a s e n i p n t f-tc'ry of the new Methodist Meet i n it l l o u - e w i l l l u tiitu-d up expressly fur ihe ac cciiiHni)d.ition of the sehool.--Terms a* heretofore iNrnice of the prci-iae lime of the coumienceinen will be given hereafter. \ IH'I,LF.N, Pres't. B'd Trustees. M. FmsK, Sec-rclury. _ F t b n i H i y , 184:!. 3:ttf F R U I T T R E E S TOR SAM'.. T il E suhacriher, proprietor of the A'nrse. fij and Ilorticu/lurat Garden of 1'eoria, Ills. ftv i:i^ removed tu tliia place for ihe purpose of es- h liaiiini; a prriiinncnl Nursery in the v i t m i l y , would iniiirin the publio that he em) furnish tho co- miiuj fprini, FRUIT TTKM of all kinds, suitable for i:iilnvatio!i iti this clinmtc, emhracing more tban t h r e e liunilred varieties of Fmils, of as choice a se- ection as can be furnished in the United States; --con.tiatint; of-- App!«'i Pt-ar, Tench, Plum, Cherry, A p - ricot, JNeclnrinc, nnd Quince trees: --aUtj-- G r n p c Vines, C u f r a n t s , Gooseberrins, Unspberrios, Strawberries, O r n n m e n t n l Trees, Shrubs, Plnnl.i, Hardy Roies, Vines, Creepori, HerUncenusi Perennial Plants, Bulboui Roots, Splendid Pconios, c. C. A variety of ihe above trees were delivered her* last fall, and several loads will be brought un ti a soon in the spring as the season will ndmit. Al' trees sold will be wan-anted to l« in good order.-Prices as follows, viv.: Apple trees one year from the graft, $lJ,OOper 100: 2 years do. Sl.VtlO; older $20. I'lu in trees 2«" to 51) cents each; Pear trers fiO cts.,Cherry trees50 to 75,Peach trees PJJ ro 37J, according to size and variety; Quince trees '.'. r , Grape vines 25, tfec. Nurserymen can be supplied w i t h tho true K:)(;tif!i niaznrd cherry stocks nt ^G per hundred. Ail orders received before ihi* 10th of April enn be tilled. Letters requesting inlorma- lion will be prcmpty replied to,--Inquire at the Wisconsin House. E. B. COLEMAJf. ff. B.-- I would exchange Fruit Trees for ihe following articles, viz:--A double wagon, one single wagon, one sett of double harness, one single do. one horse and a few cowa. E. B. C. Snuthport, J a n u a r y 1843. 32-I9W Bristol Boarding School, S S. FOWLER will commence the Spring · Term of his School, on Monday the 27th of February next. A number of pupil* can be accommodated in his family, who will be considered in all respects members of his family; and their morals, health and manners, as well as the culture of their mental powers, will receive constant and ««reful attention. The assistance of Mrs. Fowler, who has had some years ol experience in teaching, will be given in school when necessary. The pupils will have access to a library of entertaining books. A suitable proportion of the evenings will be devoted to study, reading and music. T u i t i o n for common school studies $2 00 For h i g h e r English branches 2 50 Boanl pur week 1 00 «· " under 13 years of age 75 Some produce will lie taken for beard. Unsiol, January '-4; 1842. 32 __^ C ASH advtmcud on goods left for sale nt the Auction Store .W. CHASE. ADAM II. VANSLYCK, Deputy Surveyor fur the Countr of Ilacine; Scrivener and Conveyancer. K7 Office ID the basement of Durkee'i build- ng. Southport, January, 31, 1843. 31 Bibles ait if Testament*. A VERY Urge «upply of Bibles and Testaments belonging lo the Southport Bible Society, can b« found at my offic*.--Prices of Bibles Cram 00 o g4 50. T*it»ment8 tram 10 ccaw to 40. E Q MYCATT, Depotiior; W I S C O N S I N W H O L E S A L E CASH STOKE. T O f t R E Y * R U S Agents for JOW H. NICHOLS, Brockport, JV. Y--corner of Sottth Main and Mafkc* streets, Southport, W 1 H A V E j u « t received from M* York an extensive «'*«'"£"' °/ J*°°"- ·ho VVUcomnn Mnrket, which they will «ll at WHOLESALE OR al the lowest prices for SHAVING AND HAIR-DRESSING OONK ST H . H . H O W A R D , IB the Log Cabin adjoining ta« Tcnpciaaee Ilooae. O* The Public are respectfully invited to (ire lim a call; and every thing comiufe wiihia the line of hix profession, will receive bia entire attention. ECT' A ahtrg uf patronage in aulicliej. READ! READTT WUST UrcCKlVlil) from N u w York ** un entire QRW Stuck of Goods, consisting of * gunerul assorlmeut of STAPLE DRY GOODS, GKiK'rUUES, CROCKERY II A K £ W A E E , et rtttrra, All of wruch w i l l be sold low for cush, or exctmnged for most kinds of produce.-- tlnving trii;J the (Jri/dit System and found it a bad one for both sdlor nnd buyer, we have determined to soil our go.-uls for rendy pay, and i\l such reduction f r o m - c r e d i t prices as w i l l make it an inducement for all who wish to purchaso»for ready pity, to give u* a cull before pitrchnsingelsewtiHre. D L I S E I W H I T N E Y . Southport, nov. 30, 18-12. H A R V E Y D U R K F E H AS resumed business at his old Stand, north tide. of tin! bridge; where he offers tor sale a guoj and general Btor»nictit of S T A P L E D R Y G O O D S , Groceries, Crockery, tJttiss and Hardware: -- ALSO -Naili, Gltt»s, faints, Oils, I'arnish, Patty, Dye Stuffs, Jpc. JK-.,All of w h i c h will lit- oilered at tmtisiially low prices, for ready pay. [Cf 1'lcnM lank in. W H t T R F I S H , -- A fLwiiarrclj «nl by Suiilhpiirl. lec. KliJ. ___ H. I H ; | { K K B . " W I N * DOW G B UUI.IXGTO.N, [ V e r m o n t ] nnd I-AKOI \Vimluw lil-i«s: H hy 7, I t ) !iy !'., 1 1 hy 10, 10 by ID, l.» hy 11, iitiil \'i by '-'(I, iimmU'MC-liireif -it f t i . r l i r i g l o r i , Vermont, and ilcehleelly [he next c y l i n d e r tihiis mii in the Uriiiec! .M.itP-1, fur s \ i p !iy II. l i I J U K \'.B. H .AIR fur plimering; any i j ' i . i n l i l v "it hund and f i i r a : i l i i h y I I . J ) U U K Kl-l. XES.--Cullitts' Yankee Axes, for sale - by U. D U R K E E . DO THE PEOPLE k\HU. T ill AT thfisnb.icnher a nelling L O W K K T H I C K S (at tho A U C T I O N STOIII of Warren Clique.) (linn c-rtu be bnu^ht at n n y other slure in isouthporl? I'lonse eil! and*c« i f i h i i ij nut true. E. C. HKD1MGTON. Southport. Nov. 23, 18-t'J. SHElil'S' G K E Y , STEEL MIXED, A N D BLACK CASSF 1 \rERES. OO Ouncns wool lo the yard-- 8s lo 1()» per yarj, *"* tar - At the Auction Storo Nov. 2a, ______ G~XT R~AT FA M I L Y A N D 1) CTvlfK S I I E R T I M O S . V AKIOUS qiialiiio^ Cotlon OiKid*-- S to 10 ct«. per yard, for inlehy K K D I N G T U N , At tho Auction Store. Nov. 23. S I! O A [{. A H I N D - ' O M K ;irtirlo cif I ' n r t n liic.i. nt 10 els. por lh. f c r a s l » t y HEDINtM'O.X, At the Auction Store. Nov. 2a. _ sV." "foi iNtTt)" dopyi-uT. B UT liitlo inferior to Java, nt 11 i-i-. p"r 1!). for .ateuy U E I H . N C T O N At the Auction Store. Nov. 23. HOSTON I R O N CO. N A I L S , B Y tlir Cask or linglo punnrt, nt 7 CH. r r r "'. for mlo hy I t K D I V G T l i M , A t the Auction Sin re. Nov. M. KAST BOSTON n O t l R L K t l E F l N E I ) LOAF S U G A R , A T 14 cl». pr Ib. for sjln hy U K I ) l \ « r O N , At th« A u c t i o n Store. R E A n Y- M A n R C"LOT HI"N c^ C OATS V««T» a n d P A M T A I OO.NB, mmln hjr tho hot workmen in Neiw Kiiglnml. nml will be mlcl at nhoul tho namapricaa ihnt tho cloth irimingt usually coil in SoutDpnrt, hy ItKI)liN(i'l'(J.\, At :he Auction Store. L~\ i\TP O 1 [,. bmni Tory £« pf r trillion.Htr ante br 1' I,* 1 \t V f * Trl V A I ihe Auclion Sioro. Nov. 23. YOU Niril YSON '!'E -\, i l a b y |{I:1H.\(M'ON. At the A u c t i o n Store. Nov. 23. TIIE'QUESTIO.N HAS BEEN ASKED, H OW run I t i - m i u t M N -.HI hi-t (!u»d? « low?-I answer, thi-y \ven ho»ght licfire the Tnriff pitted--wore l i n u a l i l niusily fur t,'n«li, nnd on fhorl (inin. My expense 1 , arr r.ol cienvy; nnd I am w i l l i n g lo «''!! C, nxl-c nt niirh [irafils, rn liic F'urmcr and Me- cha'iic ran aflurd to pny. E. C. R E D I N G T O N . Soulhport Nov. 23, 1-M2. IT HAS HE UN I II NT ED, T HAT lh-i sitbiK-rilior ^Mincf.ifn hi» Wool rf (iooiw from Cn:iail.i,ornl can therrfor'* sell ihem l o « o r l h n n lii«ni-li;hhiir-i. They wore iimniif.ictnred from wool rawed hy himself; (an,| ^i [| K . pruMui low pruuM of »oot) ran bu ullurded at DM price* at which he ii selling them. EW ROYAL B. WALDO W Ol/I,I reaped fully inform tho Ciliz««n» o Suuthnort nnd vicinity, thnt lio hiu jiuit received from HO.STON. n Inrgn ami well (elected oiMjrtment of mcrehindizo, cons is ting of Groceries, Hardware, CKOCKERY AND GLASS-WARE, II.1TS, CAPS. DCK)rS SHOES, PA1YT and DILI! and Sfcof. Flo* ««·**** cwr TORREY RUSSL-L would ·*****'' *%· * n ^ C !SS « Region* thM thev .r. prepared to roak. LIBERAL ADVANCES m CASH or MERCHANDIZE oa ^--M SHOT LEAD AND COFFER. And as this poittw nearer uud.ccomromlateJ with keltuf road. »*« n or Chicago, thoy hop* to nccif · · largo .ban «f tho pHtontg* of Minerals. THE BEST ASSORTMKfrT IX 'illK n'KSTKKX U S U A L L Y CALLED FOU J.\i\t J^LlILt ( J O U ; i U k J K V- . i » - w » - *- - ' - -- - ^ ^ ^ ^ · ^ · G R O C E R I E S , H A R D W A R E AN|C|OCKIIY. IRON, STEEL NAILS, GLASS-WARE, PAINTS, OILS, GS A*i MRiMriWKKL 1WF. W(KDS: SCHOOL BOOKS, STATlOM/CaY, **. M DRUGS AMU MElHCIJfBB, DVE WOODS; SCHOOL JOINERS' TOOLH; «I:NTI.BMKSI»S AND LAIUBS' I*OOTB AND .HOW; MATS, F L U , URAL, S K A L K T T K AND CLOTH CAfS. C. C. Messrs. T O R R K Y dt 11USSKLL wouldinform the Public that their Goois will M sold remarkably low, nnd nsk nn exnmintition of the same. SOUTlll'OUT, W. T., rKC. 7, I r W . 94-tf Lumber, Itoom at»ii Stash. y N aJiliiion lo a well assorted L U H U K U YtKi, B the subscriber \\sin nvido urruu^cmuata fur k-q- ing constiinilv on hatui R K A 1 ) Y - M \ D K IIOOH8 A N D BASH; Of superior minlily. Ciinh ia murh wantiril, and [lurchaswrs cnn innko liu.-ii- uwti tt-rins. Ollire, near I he Luke, south of YVhititi; A, Co'x. warotiouHr. January 8, J8-IJ. 2iJ-if T. NKWKl.l,.^ C A S H F O R W I I E A T. RVSSEtX. TORHIIV Will pay 50 cents per bushel, for good winter \Vhcat; one half cash and one half in mcrchandi/.c. J a n u a r y 2, 1813. y^nn,\ crti-KKits--fresh anil of [iriinc i|ii.iltty, fo ^·3 jal L . nt Is per pound, by lliwni.r. A. TOHHI.I . ^Jf,ti.iNij-\v.ix, \ViiterK, (Juilb, Blank Iliuikx, ^5 Scliool Hooks and oilier stationery, for sal" hy "" - · - rfj Torren. O iy. ami n half cents per pound.--AIe«sr«. Kn-^fll T u r r e y v i l l sell a good artlr-lu ol Klnnr nindu from w i n t e r wheat, at one dollar and tilty cents per hundred. R tjs-ii;r.r. it TOHKKV h»*c a quantity of I,og C Chains for sulir unusniilly low. B iioiiiri.uTifi, I'ansimirr.i, t'alttil I'laths largest, ln-sl nnd uhen|'-st n^sur'inetit i ' c rrlor)', tor sain hy Hi'ssKr. . Toiti ths -- the in itie itior. P uji'V -- a q u a n t i t y of m:ichine-niade Putty, escellent article, for sale hy liussclty- lorrry. H EMP and Cotton J*ut'(fiftif of an excellent iji ity, for sale tiy UUSKI.I. . Tuniu v. Cash. MJessus. Torrey Russell, J -*-*- agents, huvo received on consignment, a largo q u a n t i t y if Tables, Chairs, ik-Jstuuds ic which they will sell cheap for Southpo'rl Jnn. 2, 1S-13. H'HHtCtt. CORDS rituarnboiU Wood, for w l i i r h r;levun shillings per cord w i l l he pnitl in Goods at cash pncps, at my sioro. J. L A K K . " i7rd T» n d ^.Tt',Tn ho S f l ' T n i ' n l l T M V B K F . T . JirilllW-A few of n very pood iit the Sotrniroitr M A i t i . K r . OOMS to rent in JiiiiK'-i S Mun.*on'5 I I O H - I - in 1'arkbircet, cast of Alain street, snviih wanl. .1. S. MI'NSO.N. R A l l of which will bosolitat price* i-rrrii|)ondiiig mth I bo tints), and to ihe nmfac'iun if cu»!jmcr«. To Iho Piililif. IL/" The puhsrrih'.-rs deem it proper to nnnonnee lo the public the " (iarlitnd of liic Won nnd Wisconsin" Monthly Mn^iuine," livrclofore pub- linh'-d hy I'M ward Young, Ks[., hos paswd inio their iiiinds. The first number under the new arrangement, will make its appearance nenr the ctoci- of February, nnd thereafter regularly on Ihe Ifiih of every succeeding tiionth, until the clone oi the vol- 'ime. Instead of 2-1 each nuniticr hereafter will contain hut !G--the nmomu of rending matter, however, will not he lessened, a» it ismtende'l in increase the size of the pages to a sufficient f xtent to make up for the decrease in the number. It will he puhUihed in a form similar to thai of the .New World. The title nf thn publication will be iimply " The Wisconsin Monthly Magazine," and in charuetrr will be somewhat chnnged. In adililiun to literary articles of the lighter kind, which »ha!l be of the he*t clmrnclcr, unless the taste and judgment of the publishers he at fault,--a portion, nnd probably the larger portion of the Magazine will hi; tnk"n up with ninlters ol a weightier and more useful k i n d , r e l a t i n g to education, inornls, science, and wh.itev- ver rl-ri may !end lo iriBtruet nnd improve. An iwmietliinfr of a depnrtnro from ihe original |la:i of i h e work ,a contemplated, and m, in confeqnniee, the publication may not hereafter he cpiite do ac- rrptahle to m a n y of in *tih?f.-riljers who rtlith not h i n g hut lipht rcndmc, it may he pro|w-r to i n i i - inate that they who w'th to discontinue will lie considered :it liberty lo do so,notwii!iMandin[; tricir fuhscrijilion may Imve hecn l o r n full yrnr, wiih ihis conditinn, however, tint the fix month? whicli Inve. elapsed, be previously pnid lir. The puhlishers will be pleased lo receive rn- trihnlions from any and every part of th; territory, upon all topics, interesting nnd useful, whether "I R general or lorn I chnracter, 7 he t' r '"»l olyct is lo promote pubhe intt'lliyence and morals: «ni lie who by ihe u** 1 «f his pen, ipdixpntod to eriKii^"; in an enterprise uf t h i s k i n d , will iicid ihe i-ohtinir- if t l i c Mag»zinc at nil times open for his c n n l r i u i n i D n H --will tind here a m e d i u m tliroit({h which his llioufthts and redections may be eoininiiRi'-aled. Jf ihcy who have literary latent du not tind in the noble ehnrac-tcr of the olij»ci img^Hed an adeiiu%ta motive for its e.tercisc, the publishers mud f:ui to present a sufficient inducement in the premi-:e«. Correspondents will please adilress ilu-ir rurn- riunicationj to the " Wisconsin Monthly M-t{a. line," Southport, VV. T. CHAD. C. KHOI.U, C. LATKAJH Soiithprtrt, Jan. Millemm! Millfri«mn Hitleriim'!! 1MTILLER has prnphccied that the world will ^·'-'· :o an end next April, and as the mjb*ci- herhas determined to pay his debts previous to 'hat lime, he is under the necessity of calling upon all 1'iose. indebted lo htm to make immediate pnyni 1 nt. If this call is disregarded, he assures ihcm liiey «!iall have all the h.?uefit» irinini; from n iliurough application of the law. K. M. KLV.NEY. articU'. for s:ilu liy i; W H I T N E Y . MUILIMNG, BUILDING. «ubxerih*r hn»iti(t ti»e« enfn(»J lor T IIF. yenrt [insl :i» HoUnt f tin-in r«» «»l Joint Km ihe 1'ity of New Vurk, h« is |wcp-ir«d t» mwKtB or- Jen of all kmd» in Town or reentry. l«i(n« and Plain f»r Chnri-hc*, Cuita«» and * llla«, li«f»l»»f vi i tli nil or.lew in ikflbUBitw.iof ItuiMing will b«M. i-ciiK'il »tlh noalnert nml dempali-n. All kiud* of Mer«hauJi»e and IVoJuc* Ukcn in payment. . *'ur furllior p»rlirnl»rs M»qmrot,t denee of J.Laki-.cornor ..f t'hirtf. and Tamer* will riml ii to ihtir aJiiBiaf* to ei (ore eunlractmn ·Iwwlitr*. Somhnort. Noy. IS, 1M2. C H E A P E R T J A N E W. B SLOCUM, I N FOU MS his old friend* tntl cu ·to- me ri that he ha* now a full nnrl com* plctc ft^snrtmcnlof Goodt, which ho it de- tormtnri! to si-It n LITTLE C H E A P E R . Thun can !*· bought wett of Lake Miclii- gr\n. (t/* lon't forget tht store on Main st. between Scott nnd Morrison's. NEW 800DS! NEW 100 r~pllK xiidu-iirMT irnn jii»l n ci iveil frutu Mew York -L u fr. «li timply uf Well selected Goods, t Such D* arc iintril t.nnc want* t-f ihi' ruuntry; whirh n i l l he ]i low furTAHti, in I ho Durkcc ItiiiMiiHI rornrr uf ami Aturl.el»lr»'i.i--in « hirli bnililing he I'mt (MKei- in *lii kiTi«. A JCKK! mpply uf tiu-^li Miil:ili!» (o the "ennui, and ai piicr»»fiirh rannut fell of firinK nalisl'in-non i» fumuiiu-M, w i l l bf kept roo- kttiiuly oti linini. 'I'hP pnhlir «ri- re«fi"i- lu ran und eitiniitiu fur IliPiuneltir. J. Southport, Nov. 33, 1B1-J. HutchinsoDj Wheeler ft Peters H AVI-: JUKI reei-ivt'd per Hunker Hill, t tarn" ut din in lo llii-ir firnirr l.rk uf liuudl, they will *oll low for t'o-ll or 1'rmlnci 1 , Southporl, Nov. 10, TO T TUK FARMERS AND MERCHANTS OF WISCONSIN. [IF, luhscrihcrs Imve taken th« \Varo lately b u i l t on the wlmrf nt Soi THTOIIT, wliurc tlicy propoito to do a iliMf a Hit f'tftMUHf *«i«M AM) Produce nn*in«M* T I I K V wn.i, \'i~ AM. riMi-'.s I'AV CASH FOR Will-: AT. Thpir liicilitii;!! tor Stonigc nnd Shipping w i l l i:n:ill: them to pay rvnrly. if not q".itcnsg'toJ prices at arc g i v u t i i n Chicngo. To Mcrcliunls nnd Farmers who wi»h tu »tor c tlioir Protlucc for «hi|imcnt In cn.sirrn and (,'.Tti;n)a miirkotg, fncilitic* will lie gircn nnd advances maJo whon re- HALT, ko|)t coliilnnlly on hnnj, nnd A well furnished M'.MHKIt Y A it U adjoin tlic promise. __ WHITIXG tr CO. Tl I K "(JlinjA(JO WEEKLY EXPRESS T\/1I.L leave the T.mptTtnr.,: Haute in South * * |xrt rvery Atnnduy lor ;hic«(;o: l'«M«»g»r» and Freight ^rried on the UIUM rruwnahlc Itrmt, All order* left at the Tempcranre llouw wiU b* promptly ativnded to. ttJ' A share ol public rmironnge ii mlicilcd. JOII.N T. HIIEI'AXD. December 7, AT TIIF OdOCKttV ANI* O ATS, pnmtw*, Inrd, luni, bacon, beef, drM vi:ni«oii luimH, hniier, chftw «nd flour, ia tx clmni;i! for Rroi.-irrics, fruit or inrdirine. The nubM-rilK-r ulna ii]teni)K to kicp conn»»tly on hnnd a guixl Mipply of cnuh'r-i to arromrnodal« KiirincrH »nd olhern ih»t may f;nnr hint with acatl nt (he grocc rjr and npnthecary ot/MainH. T»«,», c.ike^, couki'.'! 1 , cracker*, drird href, h^er, eider. nun. april-s c: J, H. T tlKtuilnrrilifTH have now gni ihe above e*(*. liliJittifni in fuil operation, and ara prepared la Kiipply S'lulhporl and the adjacent -o»nU)r, with Air, Strung tterr, und f'umtti/ TaftU tUeri war r.intrd p q u n l tu any mi!e in 'ihe country.-- Al»o, \ eau of the li'fl '[imlity, always on hand. N II t.'unli juiid for Itarley *t the Houthoorl Brtwcry. KPICEIt 4, CO. __Spuihj)on, January, I8TA 30-Urri ~" s A s Ii~" "~ 4 NY rj'iantity of 8 by 10, or 7 by t sns'i. mudo by Itutnl, nutj for M!O (»r il ccnis per light, at tlio snuh factory, in the rear of S. Halo At C«'» store. II. N. MIKU. Southjtort nee. 2rt, 1842. ~~ (iLASS ANI)UTTY. " ' I-:i v r comtantly on hand, flnrj for M)« clieap at thn M( h fnctory ia lh« ofS. "·tl«"SsCo *»toreal^« cents por l 8 UPE1U-1NK UL18H

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