Naugatuck Daily News from Naugatuck, Connecticut on December 14, 1949 · Page 8
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Naugatuck Daily News from Naugatuck, Connecticut · Page 8

Naugatuck, Connecticut
Issue Date:
Wednesday, December 14, 1949
Page 8
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PAGE 8— NAUGATUCK NKWS (CONN.), WEDNESDAY, DEC. M, 1040 .-*ubll*i>*d Every icvenlng iJExoept Sunday) by CHE NAUGATUCK NEWS CORP. NAUGATUCK, CONN. Telephone* KZ8 and tt» AM Department* ICixteretf «• Mcond cla«» matter at tb« port office In Natigatuck. Conn. SUBSCRIPTION RATES Payable In Advance 1 Month .. .11.80 1 Year . .|lB.y Member: American Newspaper Pub. NT. B. D»Hy Newspaper Put. Conn. Newspaper Publlgnera AroMa WEDNESDAY. 14, 1049 Two Good Thoughts A letter from a prominent NaU- gatuck resident who prefers to be known as "A Homestead Avenue Taxpayer," published in today's issue of The Naugatuck Daily News, very capably calls attention to two salient points- winter service and winter cour- tesv. Tribute is paid Supt. of Streets Leo J. Brophy and his men, and wp fierce that they arc deserving of praise for the speed and dexterity with which they attack any problem of hazJirdoua «n»w or Iro conditions. Surrounding towns hnvc hern known to look with envy upon the condition of Nuu- ^iituck streets following serious snow and ice storms over a period of years. It's a point well worth praisinf:. The other point so ably raised concerns failure of borouRh residents to do a small job. while taking It for granted thut the Street department will carry out its functions without delay or difficulty. Of course we're making refer- once to the seasonal topic of clearing and sanding sidewalks. Too many uccidenta arc caused by carelessness, and not the least of these offenses is that of countless residents who are cither just too lazy or just too inconsiderately thoughtless of their own and their neighbor's safety to- do something about slippery walks. None if us, in right mind, would permit our sidewalks to be c -uttorod up with broken glass or nt her trash. Th*t would be clown- rii;ht dangerous. And discourteous. Kd'. is there anything more dan- ;-.TIIH:. in life .tnd limb than tt MiS.-w::lk rutted and grooved with .K-V.-.V. or glazed and glassy with i c p'' Think of that next time the conditions occur, and they will. Think of your neighbor's safety and of your own. If you do you'll take the time and trouble necessary to sidewalk safety, winter style. And then will arrive the happy day that we can classify all residents In the same lofty category •with street department crews in the performance of an important obligation. Groves' Confusion ' Some persons profess to be confuted bv the testimony of General Groves before the 1-Iouae Committee on Un-American Activities. But none seems to be us confused as General Groves is. One day the Kcncrnl, director of the wartime atomic bomb project, denied thut either Henry A. Wallace or Harry Hopkins put pressure on him to jjlve secret materials nnd information to Russia. The next day he aald, "In the interests of the United States," ho withheld from Wallace, then Vice President, a number of atomic reports which were distributed amoni; other top Kovornmont official. To add to his confession of bewilderment. General Groves also announced that his testimony bo- fore the committee should not be construed as completely refuting the story of Maj. George Raccy Jordan who had testified that hljfh administration nidus, Including Hopkins, rmd helped the Soviet obtain material and documents durinc the war. What Is "burning up" radical radio commentators, columnists, etc.. is the fact that they arc placed in the position of attpmpt- In^- to deny thut the things Major Jordan speaks of occurred. This iH«Lttrlbutable to the loss of fare by the rccl« In thl» country since the war. The apologists for Russian spy activities, had these charges been made five years ago, would have retorted. "So what?" Without question thero is more here than meet the eye. The Mouse committee will be remiss in Its duties If It doesn't pursue the Investigation relentlessly. tions. Through the Bale of Christmas Seals they have raised since 1907 a total of $225,700,000 to support tuberculosis control pro- grama. An astounding fact Is that since 190-1 the death rato has been cut 85 per emit., and today it is leas than hnlf what it WILS In 1022. Ignorance, Insanitary conditions and lack of preventive care 1 aro the cause of many fatalities, but from having been in 1904 tho cnuao of -the greatest number of fatalities, tuberculosis is now reduced to seventh place among death-causing diseases. It will probably be many years before this deadly communicable dim.'HHt! is almost totally eradicated. But the fight goes on relentlessly with 4.he application of every known scientific medium. The money that is contributed this year for Christmas Seals will help to speed the day when TB, which docs not spare young or old and attacks many at the time of their greatest productivity, will be as rare as cases of yellow fever or of smallpox today. Do You Remember? One Year Ago Normnn Mcrtclmeyc-r, 33 Homo- Htcad avenue, WHH elvctncl worshipful muster of Halem IjOil|;c, Mason,s, Huccecclinp Gcor^rr H. lilnluall. New offlccrn were In- Htallcd Dec. 21, 20 Years Ago The Naugatuck Red Cross Chapter released its 13th annual honor roll listing the namcx of 2,592 mcmbcrH who participated in the annual drive for funclH. Household Scrapbook I^cllovoH Coughing A mixture of the juice of two omomi. ono. tablespoon of ^ranu- ated Hii^ar, and om; teaspoon of water will unually relievo that ir- ritatlnR cnu^h. Take one Icuwpoon every half hour. Hani If one wishes to test the froah- ness of ham. run a knife into it rl^ht clone to tho center knuckle. Tho ham IH «ood If the knife comefi out .sweet and odorlcwu, but if swcary nnd with a stronR odor, the ham i.s not. fit for eating. fniHtine Windows You can make a frosted window from ordinary Blasts by diasolvlni; Home epsom Halts In cold water and painting thin on the KlasH, Look And Learn 1. What WHH the first full-length talkinpr motion picture? 2. What. South American country IB named for its geographical location? 3. For what is Noah Webster noted? •1, How many suns constitute a Presidential salute? 3. "The Jazz Singer," otarrlng Al JolMon. 2. Ecuador, because of its location on the Kquator. 3. His American dictionary. 4. Twenty-one. MODERN ETIQUETTE Q. When a bride In writing a nolo of thanks for a Klft. to u close friend of hem, should her hunband also «!j;n the note? A. It Isn't necessary for her husband to si(, r n it but who should lake care to mention bin name in her k'l ti'r ,IIH, "Clmrli'.M nnd 1 both thank you for your IhoughlfulncHB. etc." Q. Should Individual diitheH bo provided for the various vctfc- tjihlos when ^Ivlni; a dinner at home? A. No; this is done only in ros- tuurnnlH. , j, Q. If a man is aittinp: down in some publlr. jilace and a strnii •woman uddrciMsc-s a remark or question to hlrn, In H necessury for him :u rise? A. Yen. hi- HhouUi rl»e, unloHB the woman i.s ;i.lao seated. TB Still Menace Great as have been the strides of science toward conquering tuberculosis it still causes more deaths than any other Kerrii dlH- <Ti:u\ Almost 1.00(1 Americans die from thin scourge every week, which is characterized as "tho moMt Important of the truly pre- vuntaliln dljiratirH." Nearly 100.0UO cases were reported in the United Stales lust year, to which must, be added 100.000 previously reported, nnd nobody knows how many undiscovered cases. Since 1904 there has been a national rampulKn u»fttlnst the disease by the National Tuberculosis Association. Throughout, the country there are 3,000 local associa- Tho White Mouse is In such poor condition a strong wind could blow it down, according to news from WanhinKlon. 11 must be admitted it has carried a heavy load in recent, years. AT>V. "We, THK MUSIC SHOP—' 1)1(1 .you ever cut it record? Illi you ever hour yourself AH other hour yon? Conic Into THK MUSIC SHOT nnd, In u mutter of seconds the Webster Wire Kftcnrdnr wll permit ymi to listen to your own voice. Free—gratis! Also, for frm% pleiiKo come In fo u «ropy of u new miiKa'S'lm; c.iil "Your Mimic.." Don't he,, UN on« (i our cnstoiiH'rH admitted, UHhame- '.<> unit for thin mH|?it'/.lnii, You i;e« wuld Illcu to mw; tin; response I tlilH ciilunin. Wn'tl like to know I It IH roiMl. Hiving Ncimet.hliiK itwa with n» NtrliiKH attached, permit UN to roughly gunge tint value; a "Wo, TIIK MtJ.StC SlIOl'—" TIIK MUSIC SHOT Is lit H Church street; telephone niimhi Is NaiiKUtiicli M87. TIIK MIJKI SHOP Mi'llM "pvi'rythlnir musical' On our floor IK u fine, fiill-Uej Ixiurd [illino for KU!« ut a Npecli price now. "Buy with confldi'iico ut Til MUSIC SHOP." Patrolman JamcH Hi-nncsacy t.nlu^s no r.hJinr-eH in tur-nln^ on the. boixju^'h'n <'hrl«UniLH street, llKht.M..,lii .pourlnK rain the Other afternoon, Jim irmdo sure he used a \voodezi pole to push tho switch... he luid been offi'i-ed a metal pole by a nearby Hlore-keop- er but settled for a shock-proof wood broom handle. Birthday Krwr:n(, r s tomorrow co to Judith KlnHitl, who will bit 10 years' old. . . u fifth Krndo pupil nt Kubbur Avenue School, dim lives ut 48 Gorman street. Arthur St.lnson, a native of Naugatuck, recently elected trcnsurer of the New Haven Railroad, is among those being mentioned for the president's post on the road, which is being vacated early next month by Laurence Whlttcmore. ...Art Is a brothca- of First Ward Burgess Harold Stinson. Officials of the Connecticut State Kmploymont Knrvlcx* report bring very rushixl these days with seasonal employment nnd uni^in]>lf>y- ment making many Hiauires In the overall employment; pictures and thoreforn upHotllng th« regular offleo routine, Tho chicken coops at Meadowbrook Farm have been rnaed, nnd it makes for belter uppearanco of tho property. . .Mrt. Marl ha Smith, town farm superintendent, de- utrous of making tbe farm as much of a homo tin possible, never forgets to have Christmas decorations... who has n. large lighted tree outside the home and a sleigh beside II.... now she's looking for a Santa Clans to put In the sleigh. The Christmas spirit him come the town hall... tho borough clnrk'n offlco Is gaily decorated with red hells, greciiH, eiiodli-n and other ornaments. . ton u hull em- ployes are looking forward to t.b o unnual Christmas party Thursday. Mrs. Ted Russell parked her car on Church street yesterday and started to cross Maplr; street. .. .suddenly who cried out. oblivious to everyone, "Oh, my meter". . .retracing her HtepH «he Inserted pennies in the appropriate placo. .. could have been <the sight of Patrolman Ted Klimasxewskl doln;; traffic duty at the Church and Maplo street Intersection reminded her of the duty. We sec tho waiting room In thn AnHonlu railroad H(Jit Ion IH Kolng to ho opon Bimdiiyn. . . a Hlmllur ruqiimt has been Hindi- locally, but no itiinnuncoinont haw bucn forthcoming from tho railroad that It's Kolnf? to lio dotin. Borough officials hnvo many comments from residents on tho Installation of thn public telephone booth nt the end of the Maple street bridge. .. they like 11. 1,11 Illtchcnelt of Field street IH HtrtiKgllng along with ,_» Inwl «-UH« of laryngltlN .Him 1 * dllll at her Church Mtmrt store Job despite (lie handicap. Curd Ann Krykookl will have two candles on her birthday cake come Friday...Iho little tot puts thi! Jlttfjrn Into her relatives at hor Bridge street, home, but she's very happy when she can climb utalrs without getting caught. Railway KxproHN men In thn bor- rviigh ar» rf^slgnnd to the font that they'll have dinner* at a lute hour for thn next couple weelis. . . .out bright and early In thn .morning, they uro seen still making deliveries at 7:30 in thn evening. Bobby Siir/.dnk, Naugatuck High HC'.hool junior and member of the NHS basketball team, has been laid up for the past several days with an attack of grippe... Bob missed last Saturday's game with Junior Republic nnd will prob- n,hly bo on the sidelines when the Greyhounds play Wilby, Saturday, We understand that l r lo Nloiv- liiKkl, our fuvorlto waitress, WOH giving leSHOns In square diiiiclng at Snleln .school yesterday .. How 'bout giving us u Cow los»on», With the brand of ball Milt Welssmun's Naugatuck Highlanders' basketball team him tiean plnylng In their home games, It seems surprising to us that, they are not playing to Btandlng room only crowds. . .In their throe home games, they have knocked off three of the top semi-pro teams In the state. And their lineup has been studded with court stars known far and wide across Conn. , . .lust goe,» to show yovi that Naugatutilc In far from l.ho sporting town that It Is cracked up to be. Beacon Falls school bids In thn lower grades will not only be dl»- ml-tKed from school early, but will bo provided traiiHportutlon to Niui- Kiituck tomorrow ufbsrnoon to see Santa Clans land In bin hell- copter and later vltlt with Santa In thi; NKWS oCCIcn . . . bu»lne»H- men of tho lown gavn Walter Okoskl sonno financial UHKlsUuico to make It possible to charter thn three busoij for tho ovent. liYiink Hemplensk^ "mayor" of Beacon Falls, has been on the sick list thin week. ..Frank Is said to be the victim of a severe cold. . ..Pal. (Kcvlt) Koplkowskl Is still on duly at, tho Beacon Fulls warehouse switchboard despite a sore throat and a cold. Johnny Brunn and hi* winter, Mrs. Gladys Keating, are ffnttlng ready to entertain employuM of Jlroon'H Sport, Shop at thn annual ChrlstmiiN party next Mini- day night. WALTER WINCHELL In New York MOW YOHKlcnS ARE TALKING ABOUT... jnMriinpolltuii'H I)iM'.mtilM*r covor jy Gfiorgl. The beauty on it la Mrs. ion Honlcir (Bmilah Penny). Hor 2nd cover.... ICiiUmrlmi Cornell. Uirrlng In "That. IjiiUy." Ono of Broadway's electric personalities, who can make » stage ahlmmcr just >y walking across it... Tony Mar- In'n knack for making u ballad mrr. Which makes It difficult to navvy why ho offers imitations of ithor IarkH...Tho exciting baskot- >all game between the Chicago SlaggH and tho N. Y. Knlckorbock- (with the score 80-80 and only 20 seconds to go,) A WMGM announcer interrupted the tension to •emlncl llstenera It was t.lmo for the Ted Musing program. .. The perslst- >nl rumor that Harry Vaughan tho President's military aide) will csign quietly. Milton HcrU'Mk of our network's signoff Sunday night: "This is A. 3. C., the American Berle-casting Company." He did it (a la swish) 0 convulse all of us — Including 3apt. E. Rlckonbttdcor, who brought 1 $5,000 check from the Hotel Car- bc-Hllton (San Juan) for tho Hun- ygn Fund—and listeners from here c> FaJrbanka, Alaska (and every Stato In tho land), didn't "appro- clato" It. They thought It was a woman. And that w« wisro cut off .ho air, which wo weren't... Tho darn thing convinced uomo of us ill over ugaln that thoro aro mnro iHleniit'K than arc roportod by all ,li« radio ratings put together. Juot by counting tho complaints! Inn popular cha|p'laln of the V. S. Simute (Rtivull In tho publlnher). Sol* J0,000 llrnt day and 60,000 in throo days. I»n1t that a record for a rcllgloun turn a? ..The nlco flux! ownntl Iby Sloan Simpson, the Mayor',* bi'lde-to*o. ICvoryono liken her after one mooting via tho front pages...Thu new musical hit, "Gentlemen Prefer Blondes,' 'which npoofo itho "Twlttoi'lnif Twtmtl<m. Makes you realize The Spsakeaay Era Iti now aa dated as "23 Skidoo". ..Tho- "Who'd Who" on the State De-pt router, which includes such monickers as Homer Bufflo- hldo. Outorbrldgo Horsey, Patricia Do Ixwoly and Donovan Q, Zook . . .The Wall Street Joumail'a revelation njboul tho ehe-mlcnl contents of the human body. Formerly valued at 08c, they aro now calculated' (at current prices to be worth about $31. The mink eur-iiuiff» offcrrd by some swank 5th Avenue stores... 'elor Llnd Haycu' amusing platter; 'Disc Jockey Blues"... The news lieturcH showing how Algcr Hiss law aged hatwoan trials. A horrible example of the effect thut comes 'rom worry... Tho humpty-dumpty 'lop of I ho Arnoi-lcari-Sovlot Friendship outfit. It IB listed by tho JUH- ice Dep. an n "front," Tho hull lad a 1,200 capacity. Only about 100 showed up... The revelation In Plain Talk mag: During 1948 strikes cost the U. S. almost $4 billion... Bntsy Drake's ear-comforting chanl- ng in "Dancing in the Dark" Or whoever cloow tho delightful thrush- Ing for her... Dan Parkor'H article In Collier's... Honny Youngman's lino: Cong. J. Parnell Thomas (convicted for padding his gov't cxpenao ace!..) should have gotten a padded cell. Kleltl MiirNlial lYIorttgoini'ry'M vta- II, to tho Kltz heituly salon at Alt- rnan'H. Not. for a treatment. -junl to vltill tho lady In charge. An old friend... Julio Fink, known around tho tracks ad The Speed Boy. Ho has been barred from major tracks by the TRA. He is taking his case to the Highest Court no mailer how much It coata him. "My honor miiHt bo protected"... Sec'y of Commerce Sawyers Ht.atomont that If wo have tho same rate of improvement In the IriBt half of tho 20th Century (as we did In the flrat half), tho national Income (In 2000 A. D.) "will bo one trillion dollars'!" And they said FDR liked "big flgurefi"... The New Yorkers who are wondering if Margaret. Truman Isn't undergoing Home sort of ghimmer campaign. BOCBUMO her recent photon aro That Attractive. The booh NurprlNi) click, u collection of wermoni* callod: "Mr, Jones, Mont tho MaaLiir," by tho lnl« Rev. Peter Marshall. Ho wa« Tho way (tome papcra waste newsprint for an item like this: "Shirley Winters and Monty Clift kissed each other 108 times in a Him." So Wot?.... The Ru'ban Bleu's new feature, a gal named Jo Hurt. And the way she toys with "Lonely Town," an New Yorky OH the Stork Club.,.The show ait Kitty Davla' whore Jack E. J^eonard's clowning- juist ended anil Prof I/evlnson's begn.n. Both expert entertainers. . ,Tho diction- error In We'b»ter't* % which defines "goon" as a grave, solemn, serious pnruon. Oh, Noah! .The D, QUITO- way toevcc program, a* toi'gtlmo aw tho old Palace Wlla. Charloa Andrews doo.'i the Bcrlpling. Howcum it hopn't a sponsor?.. .The cinemn, "29 Acacia Avenue," a flop until It changed the title to tho tantalizing "The Facts c-f Ijovc"...Tho thrilling cont\r>mauon in yo»terday'.» papern of a Wlneheil blast. Following our Hquawld): "How come that Judge AriKstrong trust fund for hlii bigoted foundation IB tax-exempt?" Uncle Samson's Hontlnoln in tho TrcoHUry Dept. went into action. The Armstrong Foundation ia no longer tax exempt. Now Yorkers urn talking about the silly rift which turned M. Berie Into a PiiKllac<:l. Only recently remarried to lovely Joyce iMatthowH, they uro footHl,u>mplnK at each other Illto filly kids. She wtoyod In New York because nhe had a. role In a show In Newark, while Tic two-week h'olidayod at tho Roney Plaza .. (Tip from an authority on tho nubject to tho wc11mcan|ng friends of both: Butt out! They will wind up hating you all when they reconcile!) The way alt tho Hollywood film producers were warned that (Continued On Pago 10) Classified Ads Start Here Employment Help Wunted—Female YOU MAY 111! Till; O.NK wo nr- looking lur. Wd nc«d (2) Hmart w<iim.:n Id lid ntt nriKhtMirhnod TV-|»r<'M<-nl:i- tlvoM, . .To earn l!"')il mon»y. I,i-l i,n MhnW you wluil othiTH uri- ilolnu. Wrliu Avon I'fuduciH. IJIwt. Miiiiwr. 705 Wont Main HI.. Mprlcli.n Conn. M'ANTBIV— Mhlillr-iinril hull- »r widow 1. llvo 111 with Incnl ruui>lii (Uli1 <)n tluuoti- wi.rk,. Cull !(72a ulli'tlmi). For Sale HOUMW For Solo FOB HAI.K—4 room IIOUBC In KIKM) roiMlltlmi, ijirKo uliH'o ol laml ncnr J'ctcr I'nul Co. 1I1BNIIY M, MllHl'IIV lit)u\ KKtitlc and A|>i>rulHalM I'Mirine ft-4032 Waterliiiry lluj or Si'lS u IIUHlnfhH .lOMKI'll IIA l.l'KMIN, llriiknr liinuniiK)', l.utB, lUnl H,«lul'i 2(1 K. .11»In .St. Til. 4-1HS* \Hu). F. A. JIHAZ1CK1 — ltn«: ICwtatu — 174 1'HOSl'HCT HT. PHONE M2B BTONIS HOM1C 14,400 IMMEDIATK OCClil'ASCV—5 room». hcnti liri-iJlncu. Quick milo. Call any time. M. Pearl Liimpert, Jlcul EKtal':. 3-6SI2. 1!YHO1.I,Y'N ltEAl> KHTATK •IS HprillK SL T«l. a-iCS Wntirrbury, Conn. FOH HALK—Wunt BWo. ,1-rdom l-l»m- lly houHU, nttturtil Illu bulhroum. KANT Hll>r,.-i;-rcH.m. l-dunlly ho<IK«. All HlluitLuil on Kood luctitluim. All immediate ocruuitncy. 1'ATKV I.ABHIOI.A Kxtiitv AK«nl Phono NUUK, 'JUdH or Wiliv, f,-224!i Itoot ana Bord, inc. rUnltorn InnuriviicB I7« OriinJ St. Phonn 4->t(Il Wlby. Ll«l Your Property (or Quick B«l«. The A. R. Mftrtlno Co. Houl IEiitmt» And Apprateal* 201 E. M«ln 8t Phon. 1-1186 Wtbjr. WALTMB A. NOHWASH. AKy. INSURANCE nKAUT 209 Church dt Phon, 4784 N«i>« I'Oil H.M.I'.—z inrnlly houxo with 1 rooms on nuch Hour, Rood condition, Hue location, prloocl rcammably. Oill Anthony Knrror 4233. Ilixunincc & Ileal KHtale 1 KAMII.Y— 0 roomR or. HlKhmnd AVB. To!. 60B1 JOHN IIBAI.Y. 118 Churn]. MODI: UN 4 . noosi HVSOAI,OW- Ili.SOO. MO!)KH!« A • ItOOM 1IOMR on W«Ht Hlilo, (lrtii)hic«i, oil h<*ut. DKACON VA'l,L»— l-rudm*. 2 unll'i- iMlu.d, Illu bath, oil heul. A HIIIOl'UKY. ; j hono 24»3 or K144. __ _ Wanted to Buy NKVV 1MB PHILCO BEFHIGKUATOK r S199.50 7 CH. Ft. — 5 Year Warranty $20 Down . . . $8 Weekly 413 NO. MAIN ST. UNION CITV Phonn 0101 15 CllimCH ST. TKL. 'WHO Open Frlilny Till 8 1». M. WANTK]>—Good 2 Inmlly houna. r, ,„• C roomB on e«ch door preferred. J htov K rimh customer walling for mioh n llntlni:. IIICNIIV M. MURPHY TtuKl ICnlato and Ai>prulNalH Tolophono 3-4032 Wnterhiiry I>I!K TO IN<:ilKAMI!«iTirK;iFA!riirTi7r Knoll fltrmH, I am looklntf lor liirni UHlliiKH In UToxtcrn ConnKcllmt. MADOHN" kllAl/l'Y Oxford — ]'linn<; 2(191, Kt-ymour Ijlilil For 8nlo I'HOHl'KCT-Hummll iw. A „]„, ,,, land i-.onlulnini! iibonl an upro. Mnxtly lnvdl. OorifDOlm vlow. J'rl<:<< low lor OUlrlt HltU 1 . NIIIIN & NHIIN UlSAI/rOltH & INSURANCK 141 Bunk HI. Tol. 4-21W For Rent llooran To Bent FOH UKNT—lloofn lor Knntlomnn cer- Irully loi'.iitAd. Call at D'j AXC riiono 11:110 Announcements 8a Aimrtinnntu For lUuil FOH ItK.VJ'—r> rooms, 2nd floor. J'j; Hubliur Avc.. Boro. I'Orlgon, I'Aimant, Emeraude, or "Paris"—in glltlerlng "Cinderella" Slipper 3.50 Boudoir sot of Muguel doj Bois —spring's own fragrance In porfume, toilet wator, sachet, dusting powder 4.50 Male-up sot In I'Orlgan, I'Aimant, Emeraudo, or "Paris" 4.50 A Xmas Boll bringing lipstick, compact, golden perfume Purjef; '• Emeroude, lOrlgon, I'Aimonf, or "Parlj" Watcrbunj's Dependable TAImant bath occoisorie!— toilet water, talc, bath lain. Also In I'Oripon, Emoraude, "Paris" Fragrance series of lOrlgan — lipillck, rougo, toilet water, laic, sachet, and perfume Purser. Also In l/Almant, Emeraude, or "Paris" 7.95 COTY __ : 3.75 Charming UeI! Towor with two exquiiite Coty perfumoj —I'Orlgon and Emeraude Gift box of perfume and face powder/ In Emeraudo, I'Orlgan, I'Aimant. or "Paris" 3.00 5.W- The Fragrance Bar- lO.oo Eniomblo for her boudoir In I'Orjgan, L'Alniant, Emoraudo, or "Paris" Porfume Purser and Toilel Water of Coty's famous I'Origan, I'Aimant, Emeraude, or "Paris" Plumed Perfume "grenade." Choose L'Almant, I'Orlgan, Emeraude, or "Paris" 3.50 loilet water service of Coty's prized Muse, Asumo, and Le Vertigo All PRICES PIUS TAX Compounded ind Copyrighted by Corf, Inc. In U.S.A. Announcements 8a ApnrtmenlM For Hem KK.NT-.', K.,,I,I i,|.t. ll.-i.t. lUi- HlHllCll. J'lKint! 2'jHO. 11 Ix>Mt und Found LOST— Ulin-lc c<,. kcr xiuinlfl <I.,K. I yr. .III. HID.WITN "i "Illlu-kll'." I'.. .),.-! I i-li.'ll.-i . Tt-l. r.M». lib Opportunitlea DUSOHYI T1IIB8TTI Htop A I Tk« UTIlAlfsVlLLK KPA New IkTit* Uoiul DHES»IMAKI\U «nn Altcratlo** don* roanoiutble. Phono G841. Mr>. MoUull-c. 17 13ln«h/tm Ht t Olr Kod* V<»»uila Open 7 a. m. to « p. m. Kxcopl KundKy CAMPUB - Church Btre.t Announce mrnt N IIRIHTOI/—OviTlx-ad itai-iiTi- Cull Huwnr'l T'H.iwy :il Wmcilmry. 13 SpecUl Notice* CIIKIKTMAN TI1KKK AM Klz^K. Sl.r.O ;., {« 00 LCHM 6« c II I'!c-k.-il I'D TKANyi'lJ.MTV FARM KAI.KKIIIIO.M tr'Uto CA, .\ll(Ml..|mry. Conn. vIlvvrlvK On 'I'ii.-.-< ;,rul Th'Jrn. Fitzpatrick-Romano nOOKKRKI'IXC). BVHTKMH— A'ltllli- Kpflcrnl mi(1 Htftto Taxi's oj»-n 3 • l>. in, ilully. )|.,|n.,,n Jiio.k (R.«,i, ?.i Tel. 7l4.'i nr f.007. CIIIIIKTMAS TI1KKH — .lii«| r'-turnivl with » laiK'- ml|>i>ly .,1 Oiri«lni,n Irrt-H, Makn y*t«r noj<-*-t|..n c-arly n. K, I'.MIIKKTS X07 M«rlrt.'n Ilel. T.-l. 4-:'0-,7 W.l ( v. )lav». V,,,,,- |.-|il I <•.,*!» AMi KKM< i|ilC!.i;i> 1'rlcc. I'ulli'il ]••.,!• and Ui.:l!v.-r..,l. A. BTKRNHKlu;. T-l 7r,C, WIKMAM M. CH1TTJC.XUEN InKurimco — ll«al ICntxtu ISO Chur.ii HI. I'hone Automotive 14 AuUm For 1S41 l'nck:ird fllppiT I NIT lliiilxi.n a-rtoor K..<!:in )!HX KniK<M' Ki dun 1H4N Nliiili-lilikr-i- r.,,n,l, 4-,l r K,.,|;, : , UKr'HAMC'N NI'KCIA I. i:i^7 Tiji-raplant. . . .. |i: i: KICKS* IN IIOTOIIK 12:i Ilulilx-r Avv. J-hfinn 4M? - Ktuili'liukor I'UI-K * TtDikK K<-a HI>II Motor K«l»n 1(i7» Tlliinulitrin Av.. Watrrvlllo We an: mill iniyinc K r,,«i ,.|i. B n I.'KIM! Ciim iiml Trui-kM Tel. r..QlC9 Wutorl.u, y ETTKIIT—Carburntor «n<J r<-n-r«li.r •«rvloe. Oiork tiow (,,r wlni<-r. A ft B AUTO BISRVlfB 614, B»nk 81. Tol. e-1322 Wlliy A-I t:SKD CAHS JIAH'iAlNH I!)42 Htmlchakcr Sedan HMO l-lymoutli Oujpn I!i3!t riinvrolct K«-dnn 1941 "UtH dull Omix- KM7 Forrl Tuil'ir !!M7 Kurd JM'-k I'll I!i4!l Clii-vioU-t 2-ton Sukr Tru-k Numor'nm Other* At Ixiw I>rl">n The Naugatuck Fuel Co. X7 Chni-'jli Ht. - Opi-n ir>pninso S'r" PHOIIATK Mi'llri [Jlslrlcl ol NnuKatlli k. XN Courl. JJer. I; A.I).. i:n:i KSTATK -.1 1>,Kt,L.E K ItfTTON', Iftlo .,1 NllUKalU'k. In Bald Dl«trl--t. «!.-- CIMIHIill. llpnn iippllciiilon ol 1SAI1KI.I.K K. HAKNKK ttrnyliiii Hinl l«l|fi» »l n-1- mlnlstrjrtl'»n mity !>«• Kft}nl«><l en ('Mate, ar< PIT :i|»pHrrttl<-n on lit*- J Illlly IIIMf'HirH. H In OltPKIC i:l • tcrrnlni-d HI thr- I'rol,(il<- Mff!<-.. in Nan KalucK. In Main l>lHtrirT, ..n Th». 2'.»Mi rtay ol Oorcmbc-r. A.I), I'M;i. af 2 20 '»''-!o.-k In iln> «lli>rm»in --111.1 iimt tmii' .• I,.. Hlv««n ") III" p'-nil'-hi-y ..( fiiio :'i»i,li'fi- llon, and OH- Mini. utH ]>la<-i< i,f ln-itr- ono time In n<>m'- M-W n clrrlllulliin In i-jilil Iilnirn-1. an.1 l.y l«>Klimt a i-i>iiy llii-ri-.,! ,,n (h. HlKii-|XiHt in III'- tov.-n *,[ NiiiiK:ttiji-k, III xald Dlj'trli-l, nnd liy »i>in1lnK. |>-.><I- nirc pn-rniid. ;i Ilk" m.ii.-.- in the known IH-IPH n-nldlnt; f>iit»l<l«- ltil» IMHIrlrt at l.-nvl ^ iiuy.c (,,-!,,r,. » a ;,i diiy iiKHlKn«-il. ANN .V. t'NIlKltHH.U NFW tNGLANO'S lARGFSr HGIFUM SIORAGt IfRMlKAl BUNKER "0" Fuel Oil ^100*- per F. O. B. Our Terminal Hrlilfeport, Conn. I'honn 4,^r. BUCKLEY .- REFTER SERVICE lOWtR FUEL COSISj Hawley Hardware 120 Church Street Christmas Suggestions ELECTRICAL APPLIANCES TOASTERS, MIXERS, Etc. also SLEDS — TOYS SHOE SKATES PYREXWARE, Etc, Phone 4086 We Deliver CAESAR KRZYKOW8D fainter — Decorator W BUENNAN HT. TIO. «7M Free Estimate* Full Imunuioe OiTermc*

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