The Los Angeles Times from Los Angeles, California on November 21, 1969 · 93
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The Los Angeles Times from Los Angeles, California · 93

Los Angeles, California
Issue Date:
Friday, November 21, 1969
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CECIL SMITH Elizabeth Ashley Returns to Acting Television drama of the studio type that was once the medium's crowning glory in the so-called "Golden Age" of television 13 now such a rarity that NBC will have fewer on the air this season than you could once catch in a single wees. Elizabeth Ashley Out of such a sparse supply, it seems foolish of the network to offer two tonight in a hack-to-back double bilL One would think they would be used sparingly, set aside as special events. However, tonight we have in f succession the opening shot of the 17th season of Hallmark Hall of Fame - plays in a spy thriller called "File on Devlin' (Channel- 4 at 8:30), followed by a David Shaw, original comedy, "Mirror, Mirror, Off the Wall," the opener of the second season of Prudential On-Stage dramas (Channel 4 at 10). , George C. Scott and Maureen Stapleton, whose recent appearance in a Johnny Carson special was nothing to write home about, are involved in the latter exercise, while the Hallmark play utilizes such talents as David McCallum, Dame Judith Anderson, Helmut Dantine and the reemergence of Elizabeth Ashley. Half-a-dozen years ago, she was, to exhume the old cliche, the toast of Broadway, winner of the Tony Award for the long-running hit, "Take Her She's Mine," and the star of the comedy smash of the decade, "Barefoot in the Park." Her entry into Hollywood was one of those' celebrative things, like the arrival of Cleopatra on her barge. Brightest of the bright young stars, she made in quick succession a series of big, big movies ("The Carpetbaggers," "Ship of Fools") and married a movie actor (George Peppard). And then she quit. - , . She Retired at 25 : Elizabeth Ashley turned in her false eyelashes and retired at the ripe old age of 25. - - Now after four years she's backi rebuilding a career via television. She played in a mercifully forgotten drama on NBC last spring; in addition to "File on Devlin", she's just completed the two-hour TV movie "Harpy" for the new CBS CC-100 project, costarred with a rare harpy eagle. "Frightful beast; scared hell out of me. It was the star; when the sun was too hot, IT got the umbrella. I didn't!". As to why she left ("to make a home for my husband, see that he had his dinner on time, realize myself as a woman") and why she's back (there have been fissures in the marriage, even a separation, though there's reported calm since the birth of 18-month-old Christian Peppard), I was less interested than in what the long layoff has done to Elizabeth as an actress. "I think I'm a much better actress because of it," she said. "I was much, much too successful much, much too soon. I was a star at 21. 1 was the youngest person to ever win the Tony. Acting was my whole life. I was THE actress. Nothing else mattered. No outside relationship was important. I threw my whole life into everything I did. If that sounds arrogant, you have to be arrogant to get up there night after night and tell people: 'Love me, love me, love me'.1 That's what we do, you know. Having More Fun "Now I think I'm free of all that. Every part is not the end of the world. I'm free to deal with my craft objectively. As to what it will mean to my career, I don't give a big damn. I just do the part as it comes a3 well as I can. I'm having fun acting. I never did before. "Particularly, television. It's so easy to be a TV snob. But you can do good things in television without throwing your life away as you must with eight performances a week on the stage or six months climbing the Alps for. a movie,. "'Devlin', was fun. Working with director George Schaeffer was fun. There's a man who understands actors. That's why he gets such good work from them. He has empathy. An actor goes into things so defensively, goe3 into life defensively. But you can lean on George. He knows. There are actors who would lay down their life for George. "'Harpy1 was the chance to work with a bright, young, new director, Gerald Sindell. They should have given him a hand-held camera and six people and said go. Instead, they loaded him down with enough crew and equipment to make 'Ben Hur.' But that boy has an eye. Despite all that unwieldy equipment, he gets things on the screen." She paused, a dark, big-eyed, intense girl-woman. Sunlight glittered on the huge gold scarab ring on her hand. "Most people," she said softly, "live lives of one chapter. That's all they ever know Is that first chapter of life." For Elizabeth Ashley, chapter two? TODAY'S FM HIGHLIGHTS 8.00 i.m. KNX (93.1) News 1 30 KNAC (105.5) Stock Market 9,00 KRHM (102.7) featuring Harry Eetts (Stereo) 8.15 KP0L (93.9) Rhapsody 10 00KMAXU07.1) Caffeine Club 10.00 KRHM (102.7) Featuring Peggy le (Stereo) 11.00 KRHM (102.7) Featuring Joni Mitchell (Stereo) 12.00 noon Kf AG (92.3) luncheon Concert (Stereo) 12 00 KNX (93,1) News 1:00 p.m. KNC3 (97.9) Midday Melodies (Stereo) 1.00 KRHM (102.7) Featuring Steve lawenre (Stereo) 2.00 KFAC 02.3) h'mti. "Pastien et Bastiennj' Overture; Gi3rouno, " Concelo in A Minor; Mozart. Syrrphome Cortcertante in E Mj?r (Stereo) 2.00 KRHM (102.7) Featuring Eydii Germs (S'ereo) 3 03 KPOL (93.9) Commuter's Carousel 3 00 KUSC mS) Collector's Corner 4.03 KRHM (1C2J) Featuring Sweetwater Stereo) 4;tS KVAX (107.1) Operation Request 5 ttO KNC (105.5) News 3.03 KRHM (102.7) Strictly From Dixie: Featuring Tediy Buckner RfJKVAX m7,l Ml?iC to Dining COO KXLU (S8.9) Te'emann, Concerts in B Major; Schumann, "Cami-3l"; Mizart, Sij M.meti Cler-ti) 1 30KJ3; CI) S:-;rj Wjrfd 2.C0KCE GUI S rf3z!is, "Dm ; Fiemmtese'; Godird, 'Ber-' r-;ss'i Grieg, "lyric &ite" (-'---) 7,msi-'M Cr?7) Ferrjrirj ArJy V-'.-' irsi (St) I.MKCEM r.1.7) C;r Vsart, FRIDAY TV LOG colors Prwram mar vim c m O (3D (9 "ream House Game I telecast ta color. KNXT (2) KEYT KNBC KTLA XETV KABC KFMB KHJ KOGO KTTV 0 Password Game e is) Classroom Instruction Education Q Office ef the President Guest; Richard N. H. Nash, president, LA Commodity Club. 1:15 - Q Q CD (B Apelle Report (live) c special Television transmission from Apollo 12. G) Places In News Education 1:30 (1 CD Cuidlng Light Serial c tl rjo) Another World-Serial e ft Father Knows Best Comedy a (3D Let's Make a Deal t lm AngeiM. channti 4 h uhf in f ) Truth or consequences Game e EBFi r&utnaM 0 Technical Comer-Gene R. Morgan U and 47 arc uhf m Paint 5Pnm. ft 5C SnCO Education Information for thwa low t furnish 3 .. tuuuaiiuii ttV tha ialavifitit action. 'Iha Tlm 1:45 SSSot. u t,!!iout 3 Anntun Espinolt Education Motion picfurai art raira im tar (3) (4) (5) (6) (7) . (8) ; (9) (10) (11) KBSC KCO? (13) KEBS (15) KWHY(22) KVCR (24) KCETA (28) KMEN(34) KMIR (36) KCST (39) KLXA (40) KPLM (42) (52) Clwimafc (. t, 11 M and If ira faeat. ) m Sad DIwjo, Ctnnel 1 In $) Barbara and Ciinnel 14 In Sun Gernara camo. Chaniwlt n, 21 ana 04 art UHF, family ylawinfl. MA tor rnarurt aiK- , rhlnnt In Ciwlna clititcM (including itto-asart; ana IAUJ - . tor aount aniy. A itar () praratflna vroflrni la tticates B it M MvarUMffKflt.. 1:50 MORNING ., 2:00 C (T) Secret Storm Serial e tl Qo) Bright Promii? Serial C Q Julia Mead Counseling c OS) Newlywed Came e Note: Programing an Channels 2, 4, 7 ri 1 1 ovs tocr- and 11 Is subject to pre-emption due to m Human Jungle Drama coverage of the Apollo 12 mission. vra Commodity Report Morris Auster 7:30 f Foreign Legionnaire Adventure O The His and Her of It-Variety e O It Is Written Religion c CO Wonderama Children e 0 Bozo's Big Top Children i 8:00 fl Captain Kangaroo Children e O Uncle Waldo-Children c O) Leave It to Beaver Comedy (If) Sunup Variety c O Daphne's Castle Children c rjoj Today Discussion c CD Cumby Children c Q Business News; Market Report 8:15 O African Anthology Education 2:15 3 Stock Warket Summary Jr30 O CD Edge of Night Serial e O 03) Letters to Laugh-In c O Virginia Graham Talk c OS) Dating Game c Q Movie Drama (1957) Valerie,' Sterling Hayden. UJ Hazel Comedy c 3 Quest for Adventure Drama (23 Rifleman Western - 3:00 O 83 Comer Pyle Comedy c O It's Tour Bet Game c fJD Classroom Instruction Education fj Highway Patrol Drama 8:30 (6) Dobie fiillis Comedy O Flintstones Children e CO Rocket Robin Hood Children 8:45 ) Human Relations and Motivation 9:00 O CO lacy Show Comedy e -O 5ol It Takes Two Game e . O Love That Bob Comedy ' O Movie-Drama (1940) Chad Hanna," Henry Fonda. ' O Debbia Drake Exercise c O Jack La Lanne Exercise e C9 Underdog Children c 3 Business News; Market Report 9:30 O QD Beverly Hillbillies-Comedy c g Bronco-Western (6) David Frost Variety O (30 General Hospital Serial c (8J Movie Adventure (1957) c e "Omar Khayyam," Cornel Wilde. fTJ Movie Drama (1958) c "tady Takes a Flyer," tana Turner. CD Mighty Mouse Children c CD Bozo's Big Top Children c 3 Mr. and Mrs. North Mystery 3:30 O locky Pair Game c CI Mike Douglas Variety c O Ozzie "d Harriet Comedy Q (3D One Life to live Serial c CD Hobs Kelly Children c 0 TV Reader's Digest Drama $4 What's New-Children (3 Farm Report- News c CI Concentration Game e O Movie Drama (1959) Orders to Kill," Paul Massie. (6) Mike Douglas Variety c O Western Star Theater Q Movie Drama (1949) 3:45 g) Seguro Social c 4:00 O Movie Drama (1951) c Valentino," Anthony Dexter. O Naked Truth Drama O C5) Dark Shadows Serial c Slattery's Hurricane," Richard Wid- en uv Favorite Martian-Comedv mark, Veronica Lake, Linda Darnell, ra p.tar Sunn Mvsterv lj uumu uniiaren c ei All About You Children 9:45 CO fiuidepost Spanish Lesson 10:00 O (8 Andy Griffith Comedy e (3) Movie Drama (1957) ft 4 Sesame Street Children e Q Consejos Para Su Proteccion e 4:15 CD Friendly Giant Children ED Mundo Femenino Variety c 4:30 CS Movie Drama (1957) Three Faces of Eve," Joanne Wood- "Three Faces of Eve," Joanne Wood ward, David Wayne. F (U4 hrsJ ward, David Wayne. F (Hi hrsj O fjl Sale of the Century Game e Q Divorce Court Drama e Q Movie-Comedy (1966) "Girl-Getters," Oliver Reed. O Business News; Market Report 3 Guten Tag German Lesson 10:15 CD Mr. Merchandising GD Places in News Education 10:30 CI love of Life Serial e CI do) Hollywood Squares Game e CO Wonderful World of Women c CD Stepping Into Rhythm Education 10:45 &3 Places In the News Education Science Children (6) Dark Shadows Serial c fj News Bill Bonds c O Robert W. Morgan Variety c C3 Flintstones Children c CO (H Munsters Comedy Q Movie Western (1937) Range Defenders," Three Mesquiteers, O (H) Sesame Street Children c CD Dolor tfe Amar Serial fifl) News Fouch, Chandler e Muslca Mexicans Variety 5:00 CI News Jess Marlow e Q News Tom Reddln c () News Reynolds, Smith e O Flipper Adventure c 11:00 O CD Where the Heart Is Serial e , mt,timatr!hiirir. O m Jeopardy-Game o 0 News-George Putnam e S irf.?' Batman-Adventure c " """i-uiandrn rxerr e g News Students CD Romper Room Children c O Business News,- Market Report 11:15 O Tell Me a Story Education 11:30 O CD Search for Tomorrow Seriate (D Galloping Gourmet c CI Name Droppers Game f J Anniversary Game c O Temps Baxter Ward e C3 Sheriff John Children c CO American West Wyoming I ED (J? Sesame Street c AFTERNOON "Abduction From the Seraglio" (in English) (Stereo) 1.03 KFAC 192.3) Schubert, 'Die ZwiT- lingsbruder" Overture; Haydn, Symphony No. 19 in D Major; Beethoven, Concerto No. 3 in C Minor (Stereo) 1.00 KUSC (91.5) Airbag 1.00 KB3I (1075) Bach, Preludes and Fugues LOOKMAX (107.1) Golden Era Dance Bands 100 KXLU (E3.9) Janacek, "Our Father"; Schoenberg, Serenade for Septet end Bass Voice (Stereo) 10.09 KFAC (92.3) Collector's Shelf (Stereo) 10 00KPOL (93.9) String Shift 11:00 KGBrl (33.7) Telemann. Trio in E Minor for Flute, Oboe and Continue? Beethoven, Trio No. 9 in E Major (Stereo) 11:00 KRHM (102.7) Featuring Ray Charles (Stereo) Hollywood Press Club to Feie Mario Thomas Mario Thomas will be honored by the Hollywood Press Club Monday night at a dinner at the Marquis Restaurant. Club members have been asked to bring their girl" in honor of That Girl," title of Mis3 Thomas' weekly series for ABC She will receive a plaque from the group, presented by club president Bob Lein2on. 12:00 O Boutique Variety c O ITP) You're Putting Me On e O Movie-Comedy (1932) "Horse Feathers," Marx Brothers. OS) Bewitched Comedy (8) Virginia Graham Talk c CD News Bill Johns c 0 Stock Market Class 12:30 CD Canto do Mexico Travel 3 Of Land and Seas Mexico e CD News Fernando Escandon Q little Rascals Comedy 5:15 3 Artists and the Arts-Children 5:30 (T) I love lucy Comedy O News Reynolds, Smith e (ij News Ray Wilson c O Candid Camera Comedy 061 News Sam Rinaker c O Gilligan's Island Comedy e G3 Movie-Western (1951) Last Musketeer," Rex Allen. F (1 hrJ 64 Geography: Funy Edged Science (J5) Misterogers Children O Viruta y Caputina Variety EVENING 6:C3 O News Jerry Dunphy e (3) News Reynolds, Smith c O News Huntley, Brinkley c STi m it world Tu:.rt.i O Steve Allen Variety c O (E Days of Our lives-Serial e Tm Mystery OS) That Girl-Comedy c 7 JAMES STEWART "THE O News Jack latham c C3 Dialing for Dollars Came e Q Market Analysis A. 6. Quinn 1:00 O leve Is a Many Splendortd Thing Serial e . y ! qd friendly Giant? Ronndahoot I snci-ui Television transmission from Apolio 12. Please Turn to Tg. 26, Cot, 3 RARE BREED" COLOR! O Movie Drama (1966) c Rare Breed," James Stewart. Q Dick Van Dyke Comedy Peyton Place Serial CD Star Trek Science Fiction C TODAY'S BEST BETS Hall cf Fame, 8:30 p.m. (1) (Special) Dame Judith Anderson, Elizabeth Ashley and David McCallum star in Hall of Fame's 19th season premiere, 'File on Devlin," the story of a writer's mysterious disappearance. "Fanny," 9 p.m. (2) Charles Eoyer, Leslie Caron and Maurice Chevalier star in the 1961 screen version of the Broadway success. A young woman is courted by a young man and an aging, wealthy widower. On Stage, 10 p.m. (4) (Special) Mirror, Mirror, Off the Wall stara George C, Scolt and Maureen Stapleton in a comedy-fantasy about a writer who is challenged by his pen-nama for possesion cf his life. 0 SLnt U$ antra Fri.,Nov.21,1969-firtlV 25 E3 L. r ? w 11 i- I -' ! i.S j .' . ' hi '-JJ;M Jill v'-!::f J' ni- ':';'r - J: ;-' W ' yC' - .-.''Vv.; - , . ) 1 U , v rv I p V V j) J V .0 fife .M:v,'.w.wi':v,.'Ai k v ' I- I : a- d- v t I , - 1 Si : ? 4 Judith Anderson Elizabeth'Ashley and David McCallum star in this tale of internationar intrigue. The suspense begins with the disappearance of a famous writer in Asia and continues through the 90-minute drama's climax. George Schaefer directed this "Hallmark Hall of Fame" presentation, which was written by Michael Dyne and Edward Essex. V V Mf it M id, --j 'ff s . r' 1 r .mf mmtt George C Scott and fttaureen Stapleton play dual roles (that's four altogeierr5pi&: -counting) in this fascinating comedy-fantasy. Scott is a serious author who writes a racyV . 'novel under a nom de plume, only to find his pseudonym's personality taking over his lifeA 'As if that weren't enough, his wife (Miss Stapleton) develops an alter ego, too! The) 'Prudential's On Stage" drama was directed by Fielder Cook and written by David ShawJ! r 1 l I ! t

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