The Los Angeles Times from Los Angeles, California on January 23, 1970 · 78
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The Los Angeles Times from Los Angeles, California · 78

Los Angeles, California
Issue Date:
Friday, January 23, 1970
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IQ Part IV-FrT., Jarr. 23, 1 970 EogangfltgCtmtg ' Supernatural Theme to 'Dunwich Horror' BY KEVIN Times Staff The best and therefore rarest horror pictures aren't the ones that spill blood and guts all over the screen to nauseating effect, but those that cast a spell of fear and suspense, leaving the grisly stuff to the infinitely more terrifying possibilities stirred up by the imagination. Similarly, the best horror heroes aren't ludicrous, mindless slaughterers, wreaking ever more carnage with each new frame, but are intelligent, melancholy figures caught up by forces beyond their control, poignant and even tragic in their loneliness and self-awareness. Finally, such pictures possess the style and beauty of imagery characteristic of the best films of any genre. Engrossing Film "The Dunwich Horror" (in multiples) is exceptional in all these aspects, a truly engrossing film of the supernatural that has been made with sensitivity and skill. No doubt it cost next to nothing alongside "Rosemary's Baby," which it resembles in theme but differs in its emphasis on macabre imagery rather than highly verbal characterizations. Also, unlike "Rosemary's Baby," with its urban, everyday setting, "The Dunwich Horror" takes place in the traditional territory of the Gothic tale a n eerie mansion perched near a rugged cliff high above crashing waves. To this remote place a strange young man (Dean Stockwell) lures a pretty coed from a nearby university (Sandra Dee) with, of course, horrendous intentions, none of which "THE WILD ARE HUD OVER! IXCUISimi I ffff If f I WINNER -flJJ v I I If 1 11 "w A PHIL FELOMAN PRODUCTION ii iriiiiNC f mm ERNEST ROBERT EDKONO in I CMILIO FERNANDEZ STROTHER MARTIN L.Q.JONES WALON GREEN and SAM PECKINPAH m .".'"' Wi.MiKi. ,p Jin? iiiumi nun inm in R( k. sienncr FIRST TIME SHOWN IN 70 MM Mn. thru Thurs. One Performance only 8:30 Friday 8:00 10:30 PM Sat. Sun. 12:30 3:00 5:30 8:00 10:30 ACADEMY MEMBERS: YOUR 1970 CARD ADMITS Itmmt hiuiuwhw nwmmu...,! , THOMAS Writer will .be tipped off here. It suffices to say that he's determined to revive an ancient race of destructive supermen invulnerable to the defenses of normal humanity. Mood and atmosphere are everything in "The Dunwich Horror," which was made under the auspi-c e s of Roger C o r m a n, whose Poe films it somewhat resembles. In regard to these films Corman has said he equates the mystery and fear of sex with that of the unknown and has exploited this relationship symbolically and psychologically. No Accident Therefore, it may be no accident that in a sense this, well-written film, so ably directed by Daniel Haller, can be taken as a projection of mythic sexual fears, especially since we're led to believe that both Stockwell and Miss Dee are virgins. They give admirable performances Miss Dee, in her credible susceptibility; Stockwell, in his ability to be both sinister and attractive as do Sam Jaffe, as Stockwell's pathetic grandfather, and Ed Begley, as a scholarly authority on the occult. But beyond all individual contributions is the lingering, overall impression of the picture itself, with its disturbing, ambiguous vision of a floating nightmare world. Actor of Year Named James Caan has been selected Actor of the Year by Duke University drama department for his portrayal of a retarded ex-football player in "The Rain People." BUNCH" tl W 1-S1AI 1HM - NATIONAL FILM CRITICS AWARD mi uriru dm i ion ens - CINEMATOGRAPHY 1969 I j U.'IUSS ACCOMPANY 0 BY PAKtNTQR ADULT CilMBSi WMK IM ItH "nil ruumnn mm riwunrnn PANAVISION STEREOPHONIC SOUNU TECHNICOLOR FROM WARNER BROS. 29 .EXCLUSIVE ENGAGEMENT PM PM 83S-e2ll an 836-82I2 YQU'AHD YOUR GUEST TO ANY PERFORMANCE! 0 Jt,..y HORRORS Sandra Dee stars in "Dunwich Horror," now playing citywide. Film is bassd on supernatural tale by H. P. Lovecraft. Film Role for Former Model Angel Tompkins, former model and beauty contest winner, has been placed under option by Universal for a long-term contract and signed by producer Stan Margulies to co-star with Elliott Gould and Brenda Vaccaro in David I . Wolper's production for the studio of "I Love My Wife." The newcomer's only other feature motion picture credit is Walt Disney's "Hang Your Hat on the Wind." Miss Tompkins previously had her own Chicago 'television show, John and the Angel, which received an Emmy nomination. HI funniest comedy to hit town in a long, PARAMOUNT PICTURES presents Bamcf Sliver With SILVIA I AERO Santa Monica -395-4990 MERALTA-Culver City - 838-3432 mm IT WAS A HAW, BRUTAL TIMS O lUiiSiti WAil 10k THERE WAS THE SOUTH... M THERE WERE THE BLACKS AND IN BETWEEN THERE MOVIE .4s a guide to parents, The Times lists currently playing movies as they have been rated by the Motion Picture Assn. of America. The categories are (G) for general audience's; (M) for mature audiences, parental caution advised; (R) restricted to those 16 or over unless accompanied by parents or adult guardian; (X) persons under IS not admitted in any tircum-sta?ices. Movies not rated Medieval Plays Set at Museum The New York Pro Mu-sica will present two medieval mystery plays and a special c o i c e r t today through Feb. 1 at the County Museum of Art's Bing Theater. The troupe's appearance is in conjunction with an exhibition of medieval art on loan from New York's Metropolitan Museum of Art and the Cloister. "The Play of Daniel" will be performed at 8:30 tonight (gala local premiere), plus Jan. 27, 29 and 31, with a 4 p.m. performance on Feb. 1. "The Play of Herod" is scheduled for 8:30 p.m. on Saturday and Jan. 30, with a 2"p.m. matinee on Jan. 31. The Pro Musica's Concert Ensemble will present a concert of Italian secular music of the early 16th century Wednesday 8:30 p.m. There will be two special young people's performances, at reduced' prices: "Herod," Sunday at 3 p.m. and "Daniel," Feb. 1 at 1 p.m. AIN' is the STARRING -a GERARD MiJflbe'Braii MONTI Scfeenplay, Adaptation ind Dialogue by GERARD A GAUMOMT-WTERNATIONAL PICTURE Produced by ALAIN POIRE" FRANSC0PE COLOR WARRENS -Downtown "624-6271 pacific orive-ins flack theatres VICTORY DR lK - N. HoHywood -763-551 1 ACADEMY - Hollywood 465-3491 NUART.WestLA-473-3706 M HOLIDAY-Bellflower-867-7721 CINEMA - Chatsworth - 886-3600 FASHION SQUARE 1 La Habra -691 0633 lARWIN-Simi-526-6357 AMERICANA 4-Panorama City - 892-0718 WARNER - Huntington Park-585-0944 SUNUNDDR-IN-SunIand.352-1401 ths sracsas wsss mm to k wERicus mum muii.jmmmim mm WEEK j ' lOtTlfiOfmAil W CALL THEATRE FOR ADDITIONAL PROGRAM INFARUiTlAM rTWUJWl io amchk inn rwi GUIDE by the MPAA have been rated by The Times and are so indicated by (T). GKXKRAIi "Rattle of Britain" "Funnv Girl" "Goodbye, Mr. Chips" "Hello, Dollv!" "Lola Monies" JT) "Marooned" "The Battle of Algiers" (T) "The Flying Matchmaker" "2001: A Space Odyssey" MATURE AUDIENCES "Cactus Flower" "Downhill Racer" "Gaily, Gaily" "La Femme Infidele" "Paint Your Wagon" "Take the Money and Run "The Brain" -"The Dunwich Horror" "The Only Game in Town" "The Reivers" "The Secret of Santa Vit-toria" "They Shoot Horses, Don't They?" "topaz" "Z" RESTRICTED "Bob & Carol & Ted & Alice" "Alice's Restaurant" "Easy Rider" -WINNER NEW YORK FILM CRITICS AWARD BEST SUPPORTING ACTOR - JACK NICHOLSON Hi , PANOO COMPANY in iKXlitiai RAYBERT PRODUCTIONS presents ess PETER FONDA-DENNIS JACK NICHOLSON IMrnrt ACADEMY MEMBERS; Your 1970 card any performance at the new FOX J 4 HOllYWOOD. FOX THEATRE 463-2184 RED0M00 BEACH lOWS SOUTH BAVt-37 !3! NOOMEKX0WS ivuir nam lKQUBlt MAWEMS HAVE... EXCLUSIVE ENGAGEMENT I VStorts WEDNESDAY freshest, fastest and 3(allmondo f9 OURY, MARCEL JUUWI, DANIELE THOMPSON Music by GOLD CINEMA Alhambra - 282-6136 EASTLAND -West Covina -331-9944- tes cons-TMouea? imsmt ADULTS ONLY gsaaiiia ruumum I ADDITIONAL PROGRAM IHrORUlTinM rniOOTOOl "Last Summer" "The Arrangement" The Wild Bunch" X (Adults only) "De Sade" "Fanny Hill" "I Am Curious (Yellow)" Midnight Cowboy" "Putney Swope" 'Rider' Set Citywide Columbia Pictures' "Easy Rider" will begirt a multiple engagement Wednesday. Peter Fonda, Denni Hopper and Jack Nicholson star in the movie, which was produced by Fonda and directed by Hopper. nidsn HOPPER Turn Page IS f W 1 COLO kf COCUMSi WCTuOf S admits you and a guest to and ENC1N0 Theatre only! EWIN0, ENCiNO THEATRE 784 8233 uni rk JtK "TI1 vlUA-- mm mmmemi tpv 1.11: wj I I PACIFIC S liWIIhifTntATKt I WOltYWOOO ilVO II OOWEB fEE WKIMO J long time!" N.Y. Times GEORGES DELERUE -A PARAMOUNT RELEASE c ' I UDin PACIFIC AT FLORENCE I II I UgniU HUNTINGTON PARK 111 ! IPaBIt "SSSStSl" III 1-1234 ToiR5NS328-6375 Misha Dichter to Be in Recital at Beckman Pianist llisha Dichter will appear in recital Jan. 31 at 8:30 p.m. at Caltech's Beckman Auditorium in s s ACAOtMY AWARD BEST ACTRESS BARBRA STREISAND BARBRA STREISAND-OMAR SHARIF. tsKHERBBff R)3S""if SKJp-BOB 0 NOW PLAYING XAlVtS&X: LOEWS THEATRES COLORADO Pasadena - 796-9704 BOXY-Glendale-243-6393 SOUTH BAY 2 - Redondo - 370 63S5 U REINA-Sherman 0aks-788-8311 AVENUE-Downey. 923-6781 CAll THEATRE Evcwtm LOVES eru vNnien dctco vATf p muu urtDTiiitro etMlwuiori rtitninaj junnimnumtn I C h SMASH ID1" WEEK! ANOTHER GREAT ATTRACTION IN 20th CENTURY-FOX'S NEW 'M( PREMIERE PRESENTATION PLANS 15? See it in a Theatre or Drive-In minutes from FOX WEST COAST THEATRES VOGUE-Hollywood-462-6621 ACADEMY - Inglewood - 751-5! 51 Call Theatre HASTINGS - Pasadena - 796 71 II 351 883S tmm CINEMA .Costa Mesa 546 3102 l!.?.,SiYeM.L OF A'. .71 HOLLYWOOD k WESTERNS! ff-'V, IS 462-5497 Cont. 11:45 A.M. OCEAN m & LOCUST T Cont. 11:45 A.M. 437-9838 w A. Jl PWSAOOUT i ; f SJ) KCp-FA.Ti;pe:.r . -; - ' V" " f II limit,- - ' w'Z'"" Pasadena. His program will include the Bach-Busonj Organ Prelude in D Major, Beethoven's Op. 10, No. 3 Sonata, and works by Brahms and Moussorgsky. .-Withe wop,, WILWM WUER RAY STARK llfiRU KSSiS FLSCK theatres ErVIB ASSY - Los Angeles-389-1 1 1"4 B0YAL-WLc5Angeles-473-163S UNITED ARTISTS - Ingfewood 678-8977 T0PANGA-Woodland Hiifs-883-3300 CINEMA Newport Beach 644-0760 FO SHOW TIMES "J&Jw And Many" nrDvu inmcc a,,;.;.:. ...,.. , 'SutPtil mliwihjuiilj -uumnwii Color by 0lu! ' iu1 IHEAIRES: The Magic Pear Tree your home! PACIFIC DRIVE-INS MI-WAY 39, DR IN - Westminster 534-6282 For Show Times CINEMA 2 - Mon tela ir - 626 3 534 AIRPORT - Sepulveda - 892-1 181 5J TrtTUP '-V THEM ALL! JT I . ND BIG WEEK! 4th and BIRCH 547-9936 I OPEN 11:45 A.M. fL MEN UNWINDING. ,. WITH THE WOMEN WHO KNOW HOW TO TAME THEM! ACTUALLY FILMED ON LOCATION IN RIVERSIDE WHERE IT HAPPENED JIBS SANTA MUNIUA BLVD. OPEN 9:45 AM Jill UlTtl VI CALL 656-1 181 1 frav Sfimie 3VD- 6 55572

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