The Los Angeles Times from Los Angeles, California on February 3, 1954 · 4
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The Los Angeles Times from Los Angeles, California · 4

Los Angeles, California
Issue Date:
Wednesday, February 3, 1954
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4 "to angclts time ParfI-WED.,FEB.3,1954 By Dlek Kldsott JJ .,'1 ' f. 7 George Mokslaveskas has v never smelled better tnan Vafter he visited Regina's per-fume and cosmetic counter at Th Farmers Market. Une '""day George was out at West Third and Fairfax and leu into discourse with Regina, tw cot to talkinsr about one thing and an odor and Regina sprayed Oeorge witn a uhtit ftf colotrna that im proved him about three lengths, as they say at aanta Anita. Mokslaveskas couldn't remember Regina's name, but drew an amazingly accurate map indicating the location of her shop, and with the map he included a letter. "You iprayad tern man' par-fume on my hand," Ooorgo wrolo. "Spray wmo on fho tntloiad blot-! tor, and if 11 it rho tamo, I'll tend you a chock. I wat a tail follow In groy twtod tport coal and, wat with Ihroo girlt-a blondo, a rodhaod and a bruntt." Obviously, here was a man prepared to touch all the bases. Come to think of it, what does a guy with a blonde, a redhead and a brunet in tow need with perfume? Anyhow, Regina remembered the incident clearly. It was some cologne named "His," which is a triple-distilled product of "Wh - !' Regina sent him a bottle at his home in Monterey PaiK, and by now George should have the whole town under control. f I J I'll IXPANSIONHector Ei- coboso, I. Magnin & Co. head, .announces plan to open store in La Jolla. New I. Magnin Store Planned for La Jolla Hy Ginsberg, owner and operator of The Antique Shop at The Farmers Market, is a sharp dealer in old items. He can smell an an tique from six furlongs, and against the wind. How do you suppose he missed Satchel Paige, then? Somehow, old Satch got away. And right while Hy is in the throes of a sale. Everything in The Antique Shop is going for 20 per cent off the '' posted price." which would have made Satchel an outstanding buy. Whilo Hy wot out running down 1 7th Contury lobttor trap, Iho Lot Angolot Angolt moved in and picked off Paige. Wo do not know what Salchol't ago It, but it it common knowlodgo that ho hat bitn In baitball for 108 yoart. Satchel is older than anybody. - - No antique dealer in town has a pitcher that goes as far back as Satchel. That includes both his age and his windup. Paige can reach back and touch second base, and often does. LA JOLLA, Feb. 2-La Jolla has been chosen for the newest link in the I. Magnin Co. chain of fine specialty shops on the Pacific Coast, according to an announcement mads today by Hector Escobosa, president of I. Magnin & Co. "Ever since our small shop in ths Coronado Hotel was closed we have been besieged by loyal customers to open another Magnin store in the vicinity," said Escobosa. "After extensive research we decided that La Jolla Is the logical place for a new and larger Magnin store and we look forward to becoming an Integral part of this fast-growing community." Will Open In May The new Magnin store, to be opened about May 1, will be located at 7661 Girard Ave. in the charming Contemporary building now occupied by Armin Richter, La Jolla builder and interior decorator. Gerald M. Greenclay of Los Angeles and Jean Anderson of Fulenwider, Inc., of Denver, real estate agents, handled the transaction for the owners of the property. The building, totaling 6000 square feet of space, will be remodeled and redecorated to con form to the needs of the Mag nin business but will retain an Informal atmosphere in keep ing with the community. A se rles of friendly rooms will be a perfect setting for Magnin clothes and accessories. Expansion Program The opening of the La Jolla store Is another step In the I. Magnin expanson program announced last year. Two new shops were opened in 1953, in the Arrowhead Springs Hotel and in the Senator Hotel In Sacramento. A new and much larger building for the Seattle store will be opened this sum mer. In addition to these, other I. Magnin stores are located In Los Angeles, Beverly Hills, Pasadena, Santa Barbara, Oak land and San Francisco. r0 v til nnc r ma -yaana, or u aaar IUROM Mixrco SOUTH AMIRICA HAWAII ORIINT ROUND TMI WORlft AS-rMt OftgrM at awrt aa 900 off. baataMrart OdyMy. Sa, ana AoSfwMvto Trlot w hdgui a m U O Cay. Ona r"t ftm yl Conferees Split on Price Supports WASHINGTON, Feb. 2 ffl Senate and House conferees broke up In angry disagreement tonight over a bill designed to continue financing of farm price support operations. The House version of the measure allowed $741,548,788 to the Commodity Credit Corp. but the Senate slashed this yesterday to $245,900,917. The conferees did not even try to set a time for another meeting. Farmers Market 1 1- Travel Human Wlk.t.f S-14M Wlaitor UiH 1 I H 1 ! Apple Sauce a la modi A troot for warm lummtr availing! a diih of ehillad, tangy VI Old Fiihlorad App' Stuca with topping of vtnilli lea crm. Juit rha right iwt Urtnaii to it off any mool. You'll lev tho frtth fyll-flavor tilt of VI Appt StuM which li cooUd by a pttantad high ipaad precaM tfiat l rh vittmim and brlgi tia wondarful tatto af Naw Ya4 Stata'i flnatt applac to year On tola at Matt Oaad Faad Star la AnaalM 'ofintotl tawli 4 Aylaibury 120 Maplt Anu U4mwiIIi O' mlnO I iwiiit, n. y. I 8MT... FROM BUST I IT Kk Bp, EI.0H Toot kcwM 14 full kwvy Tkow MgttDaotl 31 INTCREST Men Aoootntr dobukko o to man Acixsjffis orcmco BT Till TIMTH OF AWT jootnTTWuwrRownranRST va km. nam n too px ROOSEVELT CASE Continued from First Pago Statler press conference, fol lows: "We have read the remark able statements released In behalf of Mr. James Roosevelt yesterday, and, after conferring witn Mrs. Roosevelt, we say in her behalf: "1 Mrs. Roosevelt's - com plaint speaks for Itself. It would not have been filed If we did not have indisputable evidence in support of all of Its allegations. Such proof will be forthcoming at the proper time and place. "2 We should, however, be remiss were we not to say that the statements attributed to Mr. Roosevelt and his counsel will be shown to be without basis in fact." Father and Son Sign The letter was signed by Ar thur K. Schlfferman, Robert P. Schlfferman, father and son, respectively, and Laurence Phil lips. Mrs. Roosevelt was not pres ent. The conference was called for 10 a.m. In her attorney's office. It was one of the short est press conference! on record In marked contrast to Roose velt's hour-long session with newsmen Monday. Mrs. Roosevelt's statement seemingly completed the cycle of charges and countercharges between her and Roosevelt un til the court hearing, which promises to be one of the most sensational in Los Angeles County annals. Roosevelt, in a prepared state ment Monday denied the infidel ity allegations. He said his in fidelities were entirely Imag ined by his wife and added that she had held them as a threat over his head almost from the beginning of their marriage. . He said he had signed the letter as an alternative to a di vorce suit In which his wife threatened t name the nine women. Says He's in Debt He charged that far from be ing worth $2,000,000 he is, In fact, $28,000 in debt. He asserted that Mrs. Roosevelt owns one-half of his business and is worth more than $90,000 in stocks, bonds and insurance. All this Mrs. Roosevelt de nied yesterday. Thus matters stand as the pair prepare to appear at a show-cause hearing Friday at! 9:30 a.m. before Superior Judge ! Kurtz Kauffman in Pasadena.1 Roosevelt will be required to show cause why he should not ; pay $3500 monthly to Mrs. Roosevelt for support and main tenance of herself nd their children, and also to show cause why he shouldn't agree to certain other conditions pending completion of the litigation. Roosevelt's attorney said his client still is seriously considering amending his complaint from separate maintenance to divorce. "In view of what has happened," he said, "it is obvious ther ran not liva together 8s husband and wife. We are going to ait down and review oom pleadings before deciding what action to take. Roosevalt. k was revealed yesterday by Picone, visited Mra. Roosevelfa home In Fasa- dena Sunday and visited his three children James Jr., 8; Michael Anthony, 7, and Anna Eleanor, 6. "He went out there Satur day," Picone said. "Nobody waa home and when he tried to teleDhone later he discov ered the telephone had been disconnected, so ne sent a wire to James Jr, asking when he could come out and see him. Two O'olock Date Set "He got a telegram signed by the boy In answer, telling him to come at 3 p.m. Mr. Roosevelt went out there at that time and visited with the children." "Did he speak to Mrs. Roose velt?" Picone was asked. "I don't know," Picone re plied. "I don't even know whether she was In the house at the time." Osteopathic College Names New Professor Dr. Evangeline N. Percival has been appointed to the staff of the College of Osteopathic Physicians and Surgeons, it was announced yesterday by Dr. W. Ballentine Henley, college president. Dr. Percival will serve as the assistant" head of the department of pediatrics In charge of clinical practice. Opening Set for Audio Fair The second annual . Audio Fair will open Its doors to tjhe public at 2 p.m. tomorrow in the Alexandria.- The admission-free, three-days event which will continue daily through Saturday from 2 to 10 p.m. will show developments in the recording and reproduction of sound. Four floors of the Alexandria will be devoted o 100 exhibits from here and abroad, plus attractions aimed at educating the public about high-fidelity. In conjunction with the Audio Fair, the Audio Engineering Society will sponsor technical sessions from 10 to 2:30 p.m. daily. Vernon Chamber of Commerce Elects Officers Floyd C. Merritt, vice-president of Byrdn Jackson Co., yesterday was elected president of the Vernon Chamber of Commerce for 1954 at the annual organization meeting of the board of directors. Other officers elected are George J. Pecaro, vice-president of the Fllntkote Co. Pioneer Division, first rice-president; A. W. Lohn, vice-president of Ducommun Metals & Supply Corp., second vice-president; John 8. Miller Jr., branch manager of Abbott Laboratories, third vice-president, and N. W. Hagelberg, secretary-treasurer of Norris Thermador Corp., treasurer. Hm'i youc opportamty to tali advanug of oar worid-Hcmv& peiional impieva-am or aMdrimg eawM for V$ prictl You uA t inni or kU-tn cm BOTH gtt tttt benefits of (hi wonderful count for the price of one... don I deley. Act NOW! VP'!- 11 SCHOOL Of CHARM t IrOOQJNG mi . VBC ST. HOttywood S-MS1 H. D. Hover Presents E NAT "KING" COLE CbiJoV 3 Hollywood 2-7211 4 BEAUTIFUL BANQUET ROOMS Atrangmnf tan ba mod for yavr grtup to faa (ha fobuooi floor shows. Call Mlu Mllltr. HO. 27211 DINNERS FROM 3.2S Work Ordered on Long Beach Stadium Bridge Immediate construction of the $1,709,420 bridge linking E 2nd St. with Pacific Coast Highway over Marine Stadium was ordered yesterday by Long Beach City Councllmen. Action followed recommendation by City Manager Samuel L. Vickers, who favors construction although the city as yet does not own all the land needed for the bridge approaches. Vickers . said the land acquisition may require condemnation proceedings. Coata Held Favorable Bridge construction costs were termed as "highly favor able" at the present time by City EngineerJesse B. Gilker-son. The first step In the building of the bridge will be the completion of plans by James R. Bole, engineer. v V "T J v T r i i ill Sfc --.js.-.-,. "--s hzzt ef Mint! tine 1(89 Why Take Less Then The Best? only HOME offers you: 65 YEARS OF ABSOLUTE SAFETY HIGHEST RATE AVAILABLE ; on insured accounts 7 CONVENIENT OFFICES Accounts opened by the lOtb tarn from tin 1st Resources over 125 million dottart ICJAXtfUJ BEVERLY MILLS LOfti BEACH m I SprkM 9235 WMsttirt Blvd. 201 L First St, TB. 7991 BM-63O5-CR.4-5201 , LB. M231 mhm .mi MM tniMTINGTON MK MCA0M I POO It Figoefoe St 2616 E. Ftorwee Aw. 118 E. Htiotineto Bf. 1 Cl. B-OZbl M. 911 wv. -JJ g STUDIO CITY 4070 Laurel Canyon Blvd.ST. 7-3101 SU. 3-7341 f. mm tho shlrt-lookf Eton edition th fresh young look we swiped from an English schoolboy adapted here with -very worldly manners, navy or black rayon crepe with white faille and polka addenda; patent wasper, winging sleeves, a soft skirt that'd like a petticoat, please. 12-18 sizes in budget shop, but no phone orders los angeles, beverly hills MOT i Mil for Office or Home Use A FULL YEAFfe WRITING! EVCLUSI VC, SMART DESIGN! NO MESSY OR DRIED-OUT PEM! Hi I .iV m-nm t custom DESK set ! Now th world'a most famous pen Is featured in a handsome, new luxury desk set Here'i a distinctive gift for anyone's home or office, Six-and-three-quartar-inch black Paper-Mate Pen with gold color band. Pea k poised b exclusive Jet swivel holder. Pen and two refills (concealed in underside of base) contain famous banker-approved ink one year of writing. Pen can't leak and ink can't transfer. Does away with messy Inkwells and blotters. Pen is unconditionally guaranteed. PAPER-MATE INK REFILLS 49 Choice of red, blue, green or jet black ink EXTRA1 line ir Initials itimpil with-lit inarfi il ifl pin yn irdir, Phone Orders MA 9.1311 hi SEND COUPON-SENT POSTPAID STATION1RS CORPORATION S2S SO. SPRINO, LOS ANOtlll IS M il Mr mi wilt tmimm mm m. am ' mil mm iniaM Mm to. PtMT.MMi B nma jiili, Im4mi m i ImI4 h Q OMk Q OliMk Mmm trtm. Mrm. CH Inllllll ir,t Killll Mltrlt .Ml. . alack is lift v . a ar u v 31. j A VP-' Pa Vs. 0iB!GHffi.J9 mm - mmm mmmm

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