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The Los Angeles Times from Los Angeles, California • Page 1
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The Los Angeles Times from Los Angeles, California • Page 1

Los Angeles, California
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In View deal with the dilemma of costly oil versus recession. (Part 6, Page 1.) Page 2, Port 1 the rules on vows of obedience to him. (Part 1-A, Pap a) A financial crisis of unprecedented severity is threatening to cripple a number of Orange County school districts. (Part Page 1.) Inside The Times A body found in an unused mine shaft in England has been confirmed as that of kidnaped heiress Lesley Whittle. (Parti, Page Big oil firms were accused by dealers of inflating the price of gasoline and pressuring for more sales. (Part 1, Page ID More than $20 million has been amassed already for 1976 national political campaigns, a study group said. (Part 1-A, Page 1.) Seventy-eight "per cent of Americans interviewed by the Gallup Poll oppose' extra Cambodia arms aid. (Part 1-A, Page 5.) The Jesuits have bowed to a warning by, the Pope against a change in' Los Angeles officials are working hard to persuade Democrats and Republicans to hold 1976 national con- ventions here. (Part Page 3.) riv'ii The savings and loan industry is 'trying to block a $450 million low-interest housing loan program, Gov. Brown said. (Pa 1, Page 3. i i i Three Southland youths are having the time of their lives aboard a ship locked in the Antarctic ice. (Part 1, Page 3.) n- News in Brief SUNDAY, MARCH 9, 1975 THE WORLD 3 Americans Freed by Cuba i Some are blind, others are amp tees, they're all at Donner Ski where a handicap is merely an lncon-venience. (Part 10, Page 1.) The folks who brought you Superman are coming out with the ultimate comic book: the Bible and that's the gospel truth. (Part 10, Page 1) A mortician nanied E. M. Balmer is just one of the gems mined by a Chicago newspaperwoman who collects unusual monikers. (Fart 10, Page 1) -In Opinion Sen. Adlal E. Stevenson III writes about a federal energy corporation to tmmmmmimmwmmmm Wat Nhu Lai, nearPhnom Penh, APWirtphoto THE STATE Nobel Laureate Dr. Linus Pauling has won his battle with the US Food and Drug Administration over high, potency quantities of vitamins like A and an FDA official said In a speech at Stanford University, FDA attorney Jay Geller said the agency is dropping its fight to classify so-called megavitamins as drugs: Pauling, who spoke just before Geller and is a long-time advocate of massive doses of vitamins, said scientific find- ings show vitamin C' not only prevents and cures the common cold but bolsters immunity- to viruses which cause other diseases. The Rev. James Wilkins, Sacramento's self-appointed smut-Bmi-ter, revealed a new weapon in his crusade against pornography. The. Baptist minister said a photographer equipped with a telephoto camera will snap candid pictures of patrons of local sex book Btores, x-rated movie theaters and massage parlors. Then the minister will try to persuade local newspapers and TV stations to use the pictures. No one should object said Mr. Wilkins, "if pornography is good and wholesome." Dist Atty. John Price said the candid cameraman probably wouldn't be vi-olating the law. "But" he warned, he might get himself a mouthful of fist" The University of California will appeal a ruling by a Superior Court judge that a UC Davis special admis-' sions policy for disadvantaged students discriminates against white applicants. That ruling, in a case brought by Allan Bakke, a white engineer who was denied admission to the UC Davis medical school in 1973 and 1974, could force the UC system to scrap its programs which favor, and encourage admission of disadvantaged mostly minority FACES OF WAR Cambodian refugee children wait for food at camp in Three Americans jailed in Cuba on narcotics charges were released be-' fore their prison terms expired and quietly returned to the United States earlier this week, the State Depart- mcnt said. The three were identified as Roger W. Sanderson, 29, of Euclid, Ohio; David G. Libke, 28, of Streator, 111, and Robert Guy Davis, 36, of Palo Alto, Calif. Sanderson was arrested when his yacht went aground on the Cuban coast in 1972 and the other two when their yacht was wrecked in 1973. Ten US. prisoners have been released since October.There are 25 others in Cuban jails, eight of them on political charges. U.N. Security Council members failed again to agree on the text of a resolution aimed at the resumption of Cyprus peace talks, and a scheduled meeting of the 15-nation body was canceled. A spokesman said members would reconvene for further private talks on Monday. The council has been meeting sporadically since Feb. 20 in an attempt to get the Greek and Turkish Cypriots back to the negotiating table. A Roman Catholic college student was shot to death and his wife seriously wounded by two gunmen who knocked at the couple's Belfast home just before they were to leave for a wedding. Police said Michael Adamson, 23, an art student at Queen's University, was shot when he opened his front door. Bullets struck his wife, Geraldine, 22, in the head and leg; The Adamscm? 3-year-old daughter was sleeping in an upstairs bedroom at the time, police said. Fires and earthquakes killed 15 Iranians and injured more than 200 in parts of the country, authorities reported A hospital fire at Newsmakers Government acquisition of a building to store records of Richard M. Nixon was called a violation of public trust (Parti, Page, Syria proposed unifying that na tion's military and poltical commands with those of Palestinian resistance. (Parti, Page 5.) Saudi Arabia has cut its crude oil production to 6.5 million barrels a day, the Middle East Economic Survey reported (Part 1, Page 5.) Compltrd lrm let Angtlti Times, the Let Angelet Ttnui-WailMngton Post Newt Service And malar wire ind tupplemenUry ncwi aenclet. Rasht on the Caspian Sea killed five 1 patients, and earthquakes in Bandar-Abass on the Persian Gulf took seven lives and injured 200, officials said. A huge blaze in Tehran killed three persons, injured six and heavily damaged the ancient bazaar where thou? sands of Iranians were shopping, officials said. "West Germany has asked South Yemen for information about five West German anarchists flown to Aden in exchange for the life of West Berlin politician Peter Lorenz. 'A Bonn spokesman said his government wanted to verify a statement by the South Yemeni Embassy in East Berlin that said the anarchists had been granted only a temporary haven in Aden at the special request of Bona The statement said the anarchists had now been asked to leave. The Aden Foreign mean-' while, said the anarchists were free to leave any time wished it did not say they had been asked to leave. An African theologian, Father Desmond Tutu, has been elected Anglican dean of Johannesburg the first black to hold the post. He will succeed the Right. Rev. Bavin, who was elected bishop of the diocese last September. The election of Father Tutu, 44, was regarded as showing the increasing role of black clergymen within the Anglican hierarchy in South Africa. Army Gen. Herman Brady, 54, became the new defense minister in Chile's military government," replacing Gen. Oscar Bonilla, who died last week in a helicopter crash. Brady, who was chief of staff of the defense command, is the third defense minister in the military government that took power in a coup against the late President Salvador Allende. i1 it Outlook Corporate purchasing managers see a few signs that the recession is about over, but they are worried about the recovery. (Part 5, Page 1.) Supplemental jobless benefits have helped furloughed auto workers for 14 months, but the money is running out. (Part 5, Page 1) The title, insurance industry has kept a low but now it is getting attention it would1 rather not have. (Part 5, Page 1.) For a decade, South Korea has been riding high economically, but now it has joined the rest of the world in uncertainty. (Part 5, Page 1.) SOUTHLAND An American tuna fisherman was 'reportedly sentenced to five days in jail and fined 1360 by the Ecuadorian government after a fight broke out between his crew and Ecuadorean officials. Jim Larkins of Redondo Beach, navigator and first mate of the Neptune Jim, was sentenced for allegedly damaging officials' equipment when they were on board his boat According to radio messages received in San Diego by the American Tunaboat Assa, a fight broke out when officials boarded the Neptune, one xf seven American, tunaboats brought to Port Manta for territorial boundary offenses in January, and allegedly began removing wood carvings from the boat A man saying he wanted to open a'1 -savings account was admitted to a Coast Federal bavings and Loan office in Fullerton just before time, and once inside, he pulled a pistol and "cleaned the place out," police said With employes at bay in ft rear room, the man spent an estimated 20 to 30 minutes taking all the money he could find, an estimated $15,000, then left without incident man and his son were severely slashed in front of their; Cypress home when they confronted a man they thought might be slashing their tires. Donald Winterowd, 43, was listed in fair condition and his son; Donald, 18, in good condition at Fountain Valley Hospital. Cypress police, given a car license number by the victims, later arrested Jonathan Jobe, 24, of Anaheim. Police said the Winterowds had had several tires. slashed in previous weeks. A three-judge panel of the US. 9th Circuit Court of Appeals 'ruled 2 to 1 in San Diego that a blanket warrant" used by U.S. Border Patrol agents to stop and search. vehicles on Interstate 5 near San Clemente was unconsitu-tionaL The warrant originally was issued last July and has been renewed 27times for 10-day periods; However, although; the warrant was ruled illegal, the judges did not order its. withdrawal j. -Y-. The financially troubled SS Catah-na the famed "big white steamer-'-was sued for $32,634 by the city of Los Angeles because the senger vessel's owner allegedly has not paid docking fees at the Port of Los Angeles since August Actually, the vessel owes half that amount in" back docking fees, the suit filed in federal court claims, but the city is seeking twice the amount owed as a penalty. The city is also asking that-the vessel be condemned and sold to satisfy the judgement unless the is paid An unidentified nun was shot to death by police, apparently following an eight-block chase irt South-Central Los Angeles, authorities said A po- lice spokesman would confirm only a "police-involved shooting" had occurred at 82nd and San Pedro Sts. after an auto chase that began at 7:40 p.m. 82nd and Figueroa Sts. A coroner's spokesman said a male, in his 20s, had been shot in the chest'at the 82nd and San Pedro locatioa According to a city Fire Department officer, two other men were slightly injured when the fleeing auto apparently smashed into another vehi- cle. i In a move aimed at banning flights of the current model of the Anglo-French supersonic Concorde in the United States, Sea William Proxmire (D-Wis.) said he would introduce a bill Monday which force su- personic jetliners to meet US noise standards in effect now for subsonic aircraft. Proxmire's plans were prompted by a recommendation from the Federal Aviation Administration that British Airways and Air France j. each be allowed to begin flying three Concordes a day into New York and D.C, next year. Mexico is looking for foreign bidders to help build the longest aqueduct ever attempted in that nation, an 80-mile pipeline to carry Colorado River water to Tijuana. Gov. Milton Castellanos said the need for an adequate water supply must be met be fore Tijuana can be developed projr erly. InS Cmms- A stolen pass by Pete Trgovich in the last minute of play led UCLA ttf a title-clinching, 72-68 victory over USG (Part 3, Paget) The Chicago Black Hawks handed the Kings a 6-1 defeat before a sell-, out crowd of 16,005 at the Forum. (Part 3, Page 1.) role-titter A.J. Foyt is favored today in the California 500 at Ontario Motor Speedway before an expected crowd of 75,000. (Part 3, Page 1.) Poison in Saltshaker York on International Women's Day. They carried placards and banners calling for equal pay for women and expressing solidarity with women around the world Other demands in-, eluded equal employment opportunities, universal child care, ratification of the Equal Rights Amendment, civil rights for lesbians and an end to militarism. The line of march extended for several blocks, tying up traffic on intersecting streets and drawing horn blasts from irate motorists. One male dissenter carried a sign reading, "Ask not what my husband can do for me, but what I can do for my husband" New York telephone company executives, suspicious of arson in a rash of fires that knocked out thousands of phones in the city, said the company had stepped up security precautions statewide. Company representatives met with fire and police department officials and FBI agents to discuss the series of four fires, as well as the sabotaging of a fire sprinkler system in a company garage in nearby Westchester County. Women may be excluded from membership in the United States Jaycees, a US. appeals court ruled The three-judge court ruled unanimously that a lower court had "no power to grant an injunction prohibiting the discriminatory membership policies" even though the organiza- tion received federal funds and tax exemptions. The ruling reversed a decision barring the national Jaycees from revoking the charter "of the New York City Jaycees, which decided to accept women despite the na- tional organization's male-only policy. The Central Intelligence Agency and the US. Army reportedly helped the Washington, D.C, police department develop a surveillance system that produced a index file, which now is being destroyed The police requested CIA help after the 1968 Washington riots and the Washington Post reported that had been spent since 1968 to compile data on antiwar and other protest groups and leaders. CIA agents traveled in police patrol cars' and the CIA provided the police with cars, radios and a secret CIA radio frequency, it was reported A compromise energy-economic program will be completed by May 1, Treasury Secretary William Simon predicted Simon said the Ford Ad-ministration was having many "conversations and consultations" concerning the program proposed by the House Ways and Means Committee and he said he expected a compromise to be reached by May 1. Simon appeared on an ABC news special with Rep. Al JJllman chairman of the House panel, and Sea1 Dale Bumpers Ullman did not comment on Simon's predictioa Bumpers opposed the tax cut proposals of both the committee and the Administratioa' THE NATION 3 Dead, 7 III From Three deaths and seven illnesses have been traced to a saltshaker that contained sodium nitrite instead of salt, Chicago Board of Health officials said. The saltshaker belonged to the first victim Mrs. Charles Edwards, who died on Feb. 7 of what was first thought to be a heart attack but turned out to be sodium nitrite poisoning. After Mrs. Edwards' death, her daughter took some of her mother's belongings, including the saltshaker, across the street to a woman who ran a rooming house. The rooming house operator and one of her roomers subsequently died, and seven others who ate there became ill before the saltshaker was found to contain sodium nitrite. Authorities were still trying to find out how the sodium nitrite got into the saltshaker. Led by an all-female marching band, about 2,500 men and women paraded down Fifth Ave. in New Out, I Say it i Aspin to Haig's Duncan: The travels of Duncan meant trouble again for Gea Alexander M. Haig Jr. supreme allied commander of NATO forces and former White House chief of staff for President Richard M. Nixoa Rep. Les Aspin (D-Wis.) charged that Duncan, the general's beagle-dachshund, had once more got special pampering at Army expense. Previously, Aspin had disclosed that Duncan had been chauf-feured in an Army staff car from Frankfurt to Stuttgart after arriving in Germany from the United States. "This time Aspin said in his "Gea Haig was caught flying his dog from Stuttgart to Belgium on a military aircraft." He credited the tip to an "outraged GL" A letter from the Pentagoa which Aspin published with his state-, ment, said Haig had decided to reimburse the government $21.70 for Duncan's latest rida After disclosure of the earlier Frankfurt-to-otuttgart trip which Haig said he had not approved he paid $46.92. Aspin, "Gea Haig better straighten out If he were a private first class and pulled these stunts he would be in deep trouble." ENERGY, ENVIRONMENT Study Shows Aerosol Pollutant Hazard Lady Leonora Grosvenor, 25, daughter of one of Britain's richest men, was quoted in the press as saying that she really preferred a quiet wedding. But at Lady Leonora's marriage to the Earl of Lichfield, Queen Elizabeth II headed a list of 1,500 guests from royalty, high society, stage and screen, and the press reported the gathering as the biggest social event since the wedding of Princess Anne. Squads of uniformed policemen patrolled the Roman-walled city of Chester as crowds watched dignitaries arrive for the ceremony in Chester Cathedral. The bridegroom is the queen's cousia Lady Leonora's father, the Duke of Westminster, owns a large slice of the middle of Londoa Royal guests included Princess Beatrix of the Netherlands, ex-King Constantine of Greece and his wife, Anne-Marie. i y. I i a 'V. In Merced County, Coy Orr, 57, mounted his horse Danny and headed toward the" little town of Planada for an early breakfast, but Orr wasnt tall enough in the saddle, and he ended up with a drunken driving ticket A constable and a sheriffs deputy noticed that he was slumping as he rode and called a highway patrolman, who jailed Orr on suspicion of drunken driving. Officers said they believed It was the first time ever in the county for a man on a A recently completed study by Rockwell International Science Center shows that the eastern portion the South Coast Air Basin is being mvaded by a potentially hazardous nitrate aerosol pollutant which could pose health problems, reduce visibility, modify Weather conditions and lead to environmental degradatioa The two-year study, done for the state Air Resources Board under a $2.3 million contract, involved an examination of more than 3,000 air samples from 1971 to 197a An official said the pollutants come mainly from industrial fumes and auto emissions. The Anza-Bbrrego Desert Park, which includes parts of San Diego, Riverside and Imperial Counties and is regarded as the largest state park in the nation, will be designated a national natural landmark today during ceremonies at Font's Point in the Borrego Badlands. REMEMBERING -Coretta King, widow of Dr. Martin Luther King, looks to galleries of church in Selma, during service to commemorate 10th anniversary of Selma-to-Montgomery march led by her husband. Lighted cross adorns pipe organ. III Pwt Pat II APWirephoto horse, but just last month, they said, there was a fellow on a bicycle brought in on the same charge.

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