The Los Angeles Times from Los Angeles, California on March 16, 1961 · 42
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The Los Angeles Times from Los Angeles, California · 42

Los Angeles, California
Issue Date:
Thursday, March 16, 1961
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THE TV SCENE- Creampuff Battle Paar for Course BY CECIL SMITH It was raining in New York. Flecks of snow were like dandruff in the gray lines of the rain. A thousand miles away a pair of heavyweights were preparing to fight for the world's championship and crowds were jamming into Madison Square Garden to watch the fight on closed circuit TV. But in New York the tabloid newspapers were screaming in rain - smeared headlines, about a pair of lightweights named Paar and Sullivan who were scheduled to do battle with poisoned creampuffs. I The battle, as you know, did not come off. It vanished Monday night in a sea of witless vituperation in print topped by a 50- ..mmmmvm'm minute monologue by Paar which was a disgraceful exhibit of small-minded nastiness and personal abuse (the monologue was delivered on Paar's New York show Monday but was not shown in Los Angeles until Tuesday night). As Jack Gould noted in the New York Times: "It must give pause to any thoughtful citizen when networks , allow their coast-to-coast facilities to I be used for no better pur pose than personal abuse. At a time when the rest , Jack raar of the world is concerned over grave issues, the United States presents the spectacle of two grown men, each enjoying an annual income well up into six figures, regaling millions of their fellow citizens with allegations and innuendos about each other." I believe the entire affair was sickening and stupid. - . s i As to the issues involved, it would seem that the right would be with Paar. His slaphappy open formula in which guest performers come aboard to chat should not call for any 'more payment than a token $320, minimum. On, the other hand, .Sullivan's studiously formal vaudeville would seem to demand a straight performer fee, though $7,500 seems excessive for the brief turns most stars engage in. In N.Y. for No Good Reason I was not in New York for the Sullivan-Paar fracas nor. for any .good reason. I had crossed the continent on the inaugural flight of American Airlines' Strato-jet, because, I suppose, the plane needed extra ballast We had tried to break the cross-country record 1(4 hr., 4 min.) but had failed by about 9 min. The weather was unco-operative most of the continent was covered with a thick layer of clouds that lay like whipped cream under the wings. . The marquees on Broadway blinking in the rain read like television logs of yesterday Lucille Ball and Phil Silvers star in two of the biggest hits in town. Most New Yorkers agree that aside from "Ilhinoceros" and "All the Way Home," the season is lamentable. The best musical around is Julius Monks' satiric night club soiree at Upstairs at the Downstairs. (At least, it's the funniest and there was a preen-eyed lass in the cast with the wondrous name of Lovelady Powell.) ' Jean Fenn Auditions for Broadway Singer Jean Fenn was aboard the Stratojet to audition for Noel Coward who has a new musical his first in many years for production this summer. Later, Jean said her greatest thrill came when Coward played her the songs for the new show "a private recital by Noel Coward!" Although the handsome singer has a career that stretches from the Metropolitan Opera . to Las Vegas, she has never played in a Broadway show. Paar and Sullivan ranted and raved. Crowds cheered a television fight in the Garden. The lights on 5th Ave. shimmered brightly in the rain. Previews of Today's TV For complete information on today's programs, consult TV Channels, the weekly television magazine that comes to you free with your Sunday Times. Assignment Education, KCOP (13), 1 p.m. ;.. Dr. Daniel B. Milliken, ' president of Chaffey Col- , lege, will discuss unique iuncnons ot me junior I college. Today's broad cast marks the ninth an niversary of the show. Family Classics, KNXT (2), . 8 p.m. (Special) Richard Basehart and Su san Harrison appear in "The Light That Failed, . KUdyard Kipling's love story of a young artist and an orphan girl. Some of the work3 m this se-i ries have been first rate. The Real McCoys, KABC (7), 8:30 p.m. Grandpa (Walter Bren-: nan) learns a valuable ' lesson in business when an experienced operator turns a neat profit on McCoy's farm produce. Good, clean family entertainment. My Three Sons, KABC (7), t p.m. Trying to live up to a J! him, Robbie attempts re- pairs on a neighbor's piano and finds himself in deep water. Fred Mac-. Murray stars in this smooth comedy. Tennessee Ernie Ford, KRCA (4), 9:30 p.m. (Color) Gordon MacRae, pausing in his night club touring,1 will guest on tonight s show and Ernie's pleased comment was, "I couldn't be more tickled if I was a low cow walking over a tall chicken." CBS Reports, KNXT (2), 10 p.m. ''Crossroads Africa Pilot for a Peace Corps" is tonight's report and deals with the . work of 14 American college stu dents in Guinea during last summer. Golden Globe Awards, KTTV (11), 10:15 p.m. (Special) KTTV looks in as the Foreign Press Associa tion presents its annual Golden Globe Awards be THURSDAY'S TV PROGRAMS KTTV KNXT (21 KEYT (3) KRCA (4) KTLA 5) (III KABC KFMB KHJ K0G0 m (8) (9 (10) (13) XETV 6 KCOP Channel! a. I and 10 art Mtcatad tn San Diego, Channel i in Santa eareara. (tar ( orfcedin eroaram dteatr if it an advartliament. Information tor thesa loss it turnuhM bv tta television itatiom. rha Times can not ba responsible fnr last-mtnute chanJ in eroararm. (CI indicate! color Btnarani MORNING 6:00 O Continental Classroom (C) :10 fl c;ivt Us This Day 6:15 (j Kami Report, News 6:30 C Men and Myths 6:50 () This Is My Faith 6:55 (8) Farm Itrnort 7:00 fl (jll Captain kangaroo U (V Today .,, (10) Cartoons 7:45 Q News 7:55 j Daily Word 8:00 U Movie: "Strange Conquest." Q Chncko's Cartoons (8J Sunup 110! Today 8:30 Q Ding Dong School (6) Kiddie Kartoons 8:55 O Nw 13 Suspect Wanted 9:00 1 CJ I ovfi Lucy tip; say wnen liomper Room lack JaLanne f) I Married Joan INiblic Service fsl Vour Better Self 9:30 f) Video Village O (5) Play lour Hunch (C) Off) Lynn Taylor jf Dr. Hudson O Mexican Film Drama IH Jack La Ratine Waiting Chnrches :45 jg Public Service Film 10:00 f j HQ Double Exposure O (3) (E8 The Price Is Right (C) fj Debbie Drake 8 Ray Miltand Movie: "Government Girl." (TJ Movie: "Three Loves Has Nancy." (Juidepost to You and Your Language 10:15 O Movie: ' 2()th century. Guidepot to Living in the West ; 10:30 fl (J) Surprize Package CJ (3J QO Concentration Q Our Miss Brooks ill Guidepost to Science 11:00 0 m Love of Life ffbj Truth or Consequences (C) (6) Morning Court Guidepost to English 11:30 Q (8) Search for Tomorrow O (D (JO) It Could Be You (C) O (6) Rob Cummings Q Movie: "In Name Only." Lloyd Thaxton 11:45 O (D The Guiding Light 11:55 OS) ws AFTERNOON 12:00 News Holcomb ( Jan Murray O Mike Wallace fj (5) Camouflage X ews m Sheriff John 12:05 12:30 jp Burns and Allen 8J The World Turns fl (10) Loretta Voting 0 Chef Milani O (6) Number, Please Telecourse J:00 fi (T) Face the Facts CI m Dr. Malone (C) Q Movie: "Forever Amber." Q (6) About Faces CJ Topper Assignment Education 1:25 H News 1:30 fj (T) House Party O fiol From These Roots (O (6) Film Drama ELEVEN G3 ELEVEN O HOLLYWOOD FOREIGN PRESS ASSOCIATION Honors outstanding TV Shows and Movios at thi Bivirly Hilton 'Hotol. Among Thosi Eipecttd to bi present: Anthony Franciosa Jayne Mansfield Ronald Reagan Loretta Young Fred Astaire Cantinflas Jane! Leigh Buii Lancaster Olivia De Havilland .Jack Lemmon Judy Garland Joan Fontaine Pretented by Palm Springs Panorama ' fj CS Jan Murray . X' . Lj jA' r , WT ' V ft fT) The World Turns ,,f 4 - ' : '.pn; . . . JfS'- r -" -"S- n4 TONIGHT 10:15 j " ; . ; A .T ' 'J'-'J ' aUlaUtU V) -; ' - NSafy " ' GLOBE i h ADAOBS.' I A'PhinP1 OMy Little Margie . Sfoviet "We're Rich Again." S People's Choice Guidepost to Spanish 2:00 fl QD Millionaire , O Danny Thomas O 3) Day in Court C Paul Coates Racket Squad . 2:30 fl OR Verdict Is Yours C Here's Hollywood o f$ on Road to Reality ff? Focus f Ben Hunter Cartoonaroony 2:50 O Sews 3:00 fl (si Brighter Day If Film Dramas Dorothy Gardiner fcl CD Qe' 'w a Day Q Movie: "Half Naked Truth." (Rj) Jlovie: "The Sun Set at Dawn." 3:15 O ) 8cret Storm 3:30 f OD Edge of Night fj Xews Wright fj (5 Who Do You Trust? ITJ Susie ' 3:40 CI Highway Holidays 3:45 O Tricks V Treats 4:00 1 Amos 'n' Andy O Cartoon Carousel J (3) OD American Bandstand CD Movie: "Androcics and the Lion." Kit Carson Wink Mai-tindale 4:10 4 .."THE SWORDSMAN-.. Action-Packed Drama stars Larry Parks 4:2S (TO) Marcia Hunt 4:30 ft ff) Life of Kiley Ijb Johnny Downs ITJ Wild Bill Hirkok 4:43 O News WUlis 3:00 fj Movie: "Sing Along With Me." New! Best O'Tuna recirje From the world's newest- most modern Fleetside Kitchens on sparkling San Diego Bay T 4 TH:i uTrx : Best O'Tuna ever.. .firmest, tastiest fillet meatl , , Only the finest of the tuna is selected for Breast 0' Chicken. Our hahdpicked Fleetside Kitchens staff skillfully carves only the meatiest fillets; then patiently pressure-cooks each and every one in a secret moisture blend. Now you get the plumpest, choicest tuna and the tastiest original recipes from the sunniest, best-equipped Fleetside Kitchens on earth. That's Why you're the best.o'cooks with Breast 0 Chicken Tuna. Quality-controlled from catch to can. Take home several cans today. ifcOur pride In Breast 0' Chicken's new, specially deslgnod plant Inspired tho truly descriptive nam "Fleetside ' Mchens." Here every modern facility for top quality control antiquttes old'foshloned cannsry concepts. (T) Three Stooges :. ft Popeye ) Bozo the Clown Q Koupy Sales m Movie ' O Movie: "Frankenstein's Daughter. ITS) Poneye , f l Three Stooges (j) Robin Hood 5:23 Q Milestones of the Century . 3:30 O (6) Rocky and His Friends Huckleberry Hound True Adventure 3:53 CJ N'ews EVENING ;00 Viewpoint News Latham ft Bozo Amos V Andy Q News Fleming (8j News News , . . m Sheriff of Cochise ; News Ward 6:05 O Weather Weir (O 8:10 O Snorts Hearn (O 6:13 O S News Huntley. Brinkley (C) ; . Q News , (7) News g) Goodwin Knight 6:20 (0 Cal Tinney 6:23 II Weather Vane fj News Willis 6:30 J News Dunphy, Stratton (5) (10) News ft Curt Massey tO ! ft News Roberts QsT) Abbott and Costello ) Rendezvous (8) R.C.M.P. . Q Cartoon Express Q) Mister Magoo O Danger Is My Business 6:40 01 Weather Hawthorne 6:43 f j News Edwards ft News tathnni tO Q News Roberts, Harmon, Franklin (!) News Putnam 6:3.1 ft Weather , This week's ? 1; VWe - --'-5 , - , ' r-y; n reast W 7:00 O Assignment: , 1 . ' Underwater (3) National Vertet ft Death Valley Days II Sevea Eeya ; -:() Kewa . . ':! :' fj Man and the Challenge , S8ra Hunt Little Rascals (in) Sports Unlimited fl Vojrt Bear f ) Holiday 7:30 f f C Ann Sothern ft Outlaws ' II Jetrs Collie 1 CD CJ) Guestward i Ho . (I) This Day 1061 9 Abbott & Costello Riot ,. "IN THE NAVY".. , (!) Blue Angels ft) Golden Voyage 8:00 U Family Classics (Special): "The Light That Failed." OH Film Drama ft Callfornlans ' O 0D Ionna Reed Ofl Tw Fares West (J) Camera '60 (Special) 13 Los Angeles Premiere!' THE Play of the Week. "Duet For Two Hands" 8:30 fl Bat Masterson ft Boxing , fl CD Real McCoys 8:53 ft News Willis 9:00 f CD Gunslinger ft Bachelor Father : O (il M; Three Sns 9 AN EPIC OF GREATNESS! .. "ROAD TO GLORY".. F. March t L. Barry more 171 Highway Patrol 9:30 O 0) IK) Ernie Ford C O The Untouchables () Man Without a Gun 10:00 O (D CBS Reports . "Crossroads Africa Pilot for a Peace Corps." O C5) 0$ Groucho Marx , (J) News Putnam S News Ward Golden Globe Awards (Special) GSiicken Turn I I V 3 it 3 - - " SPECIAL Richard Basehart is an artist and Helens de Crespo, his model, on Family Classics special "The) Light That Failed," over KNXT (2), 8 clock tonight. Goodwin Knight 10:20 fQ Cal Tinney 10:23 Q Playback 10:30 CS) This Is Your Life ' ft Grand Jnry Q International Travelcade Dimension 6 Ernie Kovacs ft News j Lockup () Tom Duggan 10:33 O Movie: "Road to Glory" 11:00 O News Dunphy, Stratton (T) News ft News liatham (C) ft News Roberts Movie: ' "3R Hours to Kill." Q News Irwin News News 11:13 f fl Movie: "Mad at the World." ft (3) 5 Jack Paar (O- ft News Roberts, Harmon, Franklin ft Let's Dance 11:30 ft Debbie Drake (T) Movie 11:43 ft Pat Buttram 11:53 CJ News Willis 12:00 Q Movie: "Wing and a Prayer." 8 News Movie: "Rings on Her Fingers." Q) Movie: "Men in White." 12:30 O Racket Squad 1:00 ft Movie: "("orvette K-225." fQ Meditation P ELEVEN Q ELEVEN Q -emus tag hung on fore a bevy of filmdom greats.

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