The Los Angeles Times from Los Angeles, California on March 4, 1975 · 31
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The Los Angeles Times from Los Angeles, California · 31

Los Angeles, California
Issue Date:
Tuesday, March 4, 1975
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'K v' v " if ff -I hi II ! 4 fart HI-TueSn Mar. 4, 1975 lot angtlrg Zimti Jim Bush: Over the Continued from First Page , ; , are individual One athlete will train J tjy running up a hill every day. An other might run it three times a week and go to speed work on alternate days or perhaps long easy runs on a flat surface." Thje hill used by most Bush clients rises 508 yards from the UCLA landscape, but any hill will do. Jerry West used to run one at the Bel-Air Country Club. Says Bush: "JTiere is a climb of 30 or 40 degrees on our hill at UCLA. It isn't steep until you go to run it The reason I prefer it to a flat surface is that running a hill is a resistance type exercise. It fights you. When you tire it's harder to keep your form, so a workout like this is more valuable than, say, lifting weights. I got the idea some years ago watching' Peter Snell train on a hill in New Zealand." Athletes working with Bush aren't allowed to jog up the hill. I hate the word jog," he says. "It's a word we ought to get rid of. When I hear it, I immediately think of a guy plodding along, pounding the ground, and jarring his whole body with ev-ery step. Joggers jar their spine, their knees, their hips, their ankle joints, everything." According to Webster's, to jog is to move at a slow leisurely or monotonous pace. Bush: "I've been with men and women who bragged that earlier in the day, they jogged two or three miles. They'd have been better off to i- v !'. V: ' hate the word jog. It's a word we ought to get rid of.' run a bit faster and not so far. When you move faster, it's easier on your body because you're brushing your weight over the feet distributing it quickly over various portions of each foot." By contrast, he says, "Joggers come down with all their weight on each, foot That's what I have against jogging." Running is Jim Bush's bag, and in his opinion the optimum training distance is one mile. ; "That's enough," he says. "It's enough to give the cardiovascular system a good workout and also the respiratory system. They work hand in hand. But don't start out running a mile. Experiment. Run until you're tired, then stop and walk a while, staying at it till you get in a full mile each time." It doesn't hurt to carry a stopwatch. Bush: "Your first goal should be to break 7 minutes, then 6 minutes, then see how close to 5 minutes you can come. Few people can run a mile that fast, but think about 5 minutes. The greatest thing for a man's or woman'sphysical fitness is to run a mile at least three times a week five times if you can handle it" A running program should always . be supervised by a specialist Bush stresses, and never undertaken except after consultation with a physician. "Some people in their 70s can run a mile and some in their 30s shouldn't," he says. "Don't go out on your own. See a doctor first." Dr. Robert K. Kerlan, Ram team physician, concurs. "The first evaluation to be made," he says, "is whether the individual should run or not There are other exercises. What's needed is a health prescription, an exercise prescription." Many MDs share Bush's low opinion of jogging. Here's Kerlan's slightly different view: "A lot depends on the running surface. If the surface is soft and the runner is one who tends to glide rather than pound, jogging can be ac- 1?v "I .. ceptable." . There is no optimum way to run. 'ty On the contrary, according to Bush, ,v- there are almost as many ways as i;; runners. 4 "You can't learn running in a book," J he says, although he has turned out k V one book on the subject and is writ- WESTERN NATIONAL ?S ! SPEED BOATS IfLATAi I TRAILERS CANCAS KAY POWER BOATS ! SKI BOATS SM ROUGH WATEF, CRUISERS UP J ENGINES If ft SMALL Ulj BOATS ? ACCESS' DOWN R FLARES now :in FUN FOR THE WHOLE FAMILY!! f KvK INST, oailt in w. wair SPECIAL SEMINARS USCG AuX Tmi. M IW ' t ' wm Ini. Mtfiiw axie TIK. S M Nlt'" WlW OKI Cltntct Mir. 7-S-S in n II I III-. I llrrr ' m mm w sr-:v v n IFEET-I-O I f l25-kREJ -Will Mil r7 fuo.vvcn I Mllll I I II I Wfnli ARR TO NX M hA , ,fRAT70NS Hi Jim Bush ing another. "The problem is that humans come in all sizes: short and long torsos, short and long legs, short and long arms. The key to coaching is to respect individual differences and the key to running is to relax. But what might be relaxing to one person isnt to another." In learning to run, experimentation is advisable in all aspects. For instance, says Bush: 1 "There are at least three ways to hold the arms high, low, and halfway in betweea To arrive at an individual's most relaxed position, we first have him let the arms drop. Then, as the arms are hanging, bend the elbows up to an angle that feels good." The most important equipment is the right shoes. Bush recommends training shoes. "Tennis shoes don't provide enough support," he says. "What you need is a shoe with good arch support, a secure top and enough sole to cushion some of the shock of landing. The most satisfactory shoe is the Adidas SL-72 but there are other good makes." Bush has been coaching track and field for the better part of a quarter century but doesnt look it A slim-waisted, well-proportioned, Cleveland-born son of an insurance man, he is a walking (or running) advertisement for physical fitness. The hair is blond and full, the clothes mod. Pushing 50, he seems much younger. Twice coach of the year at UCLA, Bush started less auspiciously at Cal. As quarter miler and hurdler in his undergraduate days, he was often injured. The recurring ailment a hamstring pull. This eventually led him into the area of perhaps his greatest expertise: how to avoid and how to repair hamstring tears and pulls. (Hamstring: the tendon at the back of the knee.) Such injuries have brought down thousands of football and track stars. Says Ram coach Chuck Knox: "In the last two seasons we've had fewer pulls than most teams and one rea- 'Your first goal should be to break 7 minutes, then 6 minutes . son is the use of theories and methods advanced by Jim Bush. Just as important is to get a guy back quickly after a hamstring pull and in that area again, Bush is an expert The most serious hamstring injury we've had in two years only kept Lawrence McCutcheon out of a couple of games." Knox credits Ram trainer Gary Tuthill and Dr. Kerlan along with Bush for the success the club has had , in holding down injuries. . Says Tuthill: "In treating a hamstring, Bush is a great believer in active motion as soon as possible instead of isolatioa After McCutcheon was hurt in a Sunday game, we had him walking again by Friday and jogging soon after and into a striding phase soon after that Communication is the most important' thing in cases of this kind. You don't push the guy beyond what he thinks he can do. You ask him if he feels like jogging before you ask him to." Tuthill has seen the day not long ' ago when a hamstring pull might INBOARDS & OUTBOARDS-I-O SJ POWER BOATS KAYAKS SKIISe CANOES TRAILERS SPEED ? BOATS INFLATABLES DOWN J RIGGERS FISSi'w'G BOATS SKI BOASgitiiyiMALL J SMALL PARTS tHioi TJENg'Tn I CCESSORIES-CHARTS INBOARDS & OUTBOARI? LARGE TO SMALL-SEE . INBOARDS i OUTBOARDE D ;:;,J march 9 HUltS M.N MOSJi ai PEN WEEKDAYS 3 PM. WEEKENDS. 120011 ft V III , knock a running back out for the sea-' soa The old way of treating such an . injury was to wait for it to heal first "In fact," says Tuthill, "a lot of clubs ' still use the isolation method." , s Says Bush: "The problem with a lot of rest is that the muscle atrophies. It's better to get the person running within 48 hours, as long as he doesn't , run too fast I tell him: Tou pick the pace.' " Bush has been advising football teams since the middle 1960s. His first client was George Allen, then coach of the Rams. The stretching and striding exercises Allen instituted in an embryonic form at the time, as recommended by Bush, have since spread in , more and more . sophisticated forms throughout much of the league. - "All-out windsprints are too tough on a football player's legs if he runs them often " Bush says. "Better to run at a pace somewhere between a one-half effort and three-quarters what we call striding and do it a number of times each day." It is a commentary on Bush's meth-' ods that' tennis player Kathy May also runs the "striders" that make : training camp a hell on cleats for the Rams each summer, v ' Kathy confesses she didnt know what she was getting into when she went to Bush two years ago. "I had been playing tennis for a long time," she says, "and, I remem-. bered how well I moved when I was 10 or 12 years old. But in my early teens I began to slow dowa My dad (David May II) thought coach Bush could help me and he was right Tm back on my toes now and my reactions on the court are faster than ever." The training program Jim lined up for Kathy was similar to those he arranges for other athletes. Tve been doing three things," she says. "I run that hill two or three times a week. On alternate days I do 10 or so 50-yard sprints. And every day I jump rope. I jump three times a day for as long as I can last a couple of minutes maybe. It's the boxer jump: one foot at a time( as fast as possible." By sprints, Kathy means striders. "We're discontinuing them for the present," says the UCLA coach, "while she's on tour. And well have her run the hill only on her days off. In all sports, the running programs we work out are meant for the offseason only. And even then, we make individual variations." Bush's off-season schedule for Laker Gail Goodrich includes no sprints or striders. "The 50-yard striders are for quickness," Bush says. "Gail plays basketball all the time in the off-season, so he doesnt have to work on quickness, just endurance." Though Goodrich isn't fond of ; Bush's hill, he runs it With enthusiasm, Goodrich lists four benefits of his work with the UCLA coach. "I haven't had a muscle pull this season," he Bays, "and that's rare in the NBA I have more stamina, it keeps my weight down and it gets me thinking about the seasoa" Of the many kinds of exercise recommended by" doctors and trainers, walking ranks down the list for Bush. "There's nothing wrong with a brisk hike," he says, "but if your doctor allows running, you get more out of running. It builds more strength." Bush thinks any healthy man or woman can profit from a course of instruction with a track coach, and the example he often uses is actress Elke Sommer, whom he taught to hurdle and put the shot for a role as a Soviet track star. , "She's a "very well-coordinated woman," he says. "She could be a great athlete." Says Elke: "Coach Bush is a stickler for correct form. In one scene when I was running away from the secret police, I had to hurdle a baby buggy and Jim made them turn the buggy around so the handle would be on the other side. He said the way they had it the first time, it would be impossible for me to hurdle it properly." Says Bush: "I never paid so much attention to form in my life." See eolffe most advanced club desig n. Contour sole, rounded back and Ipw center of gravity. The ball gets up fast. With no turf drag or back edge bounce. Walter Keller Golf Shops BRIDGES BEATS NBA PLAYOFF DEADLINE BY MAL FLORENCE Times 5111 Writer When Golden State signed Bill Bridges to a contract Saturday night, it assured the veteran forward of appearing in the NBA playoffs for the 1 2th time in 13 years. Bridges, 36 next month, made the playoffs with the St. Louis-Atlanta Hawks, the Lakers and now the Warriors, the Pacific Division loader. : One of the league's best defensive players, he was r e-, leased by the Lakers last December. He'd apparently retired and planned to enter law school. But the Warriors prevailed on him to help out and signed him in San Francisco's airport a half-hour before the league deadline for participation in the playoffs. ' Golden State is looking ahead to a probable playoff meeting With Chicago and needs a defensive forward of Bridges' ability to play Chet Walker and Bob Love. f The Lakers; who meet the Hawks in Atlanta tonight, have been virtually eliminated from the playoffs. They ' trail second-place Seattle by eight games with 19 left. v But Los Angeles could be a spoiler in the concluding weeks. It has three games remaining with Seattle, two with Portland and one with Phoenix all contending for second place and a playoff berth: . .. Seattle coach Bill Russell on Bill Russell: "I try to live my life so that every day I can look a man in the eye and, if I choose, say "Go to hell.' I like to think of myself as independent I am not nice to people just to be nice. I dont smile just to smile. I don't cooperate just to cooperate. I owe nothing to anybody, except myself. I must be my own man." On autograph-signing: "Autographs are so impersonal. Normally, the person asking for an autograph does it as a matter of course, never looking you in the eye. The feeling is that as soon as he gets it he might toss it away. ' -,r 1 "I'm not a product. I sign autographs for no one, not even my friends. If I sign for my friends, I must sign for everybody or I am practicing favoritism." On Boston, which he calls "the city of segregation": "It's a city of ethnic pockets the Italians in the north end, the blacks in the south end, the Irish in South Boston and the affluent in the Back Bay. I don't to Boston again." . . , PRO BASKETBALL STANDINGS NBA WESTERN CONFERENCE PKiflc Division W L PCI. CB Golden Stat ...37 31 .569 Seattle 31 34 .477 t Phoenix 28 34 .452 1H Portland 27 37 .422 VJ Lo Angeles ... 22 41 .34 14 Midwest Division W t Pet. 01 Chicago 39 24 . 19 K.C. -Omaha ... le 2 .554 4 Detroit ......... 34 34 .500 7V Tonight's Schedule Los Angeles at Atlanta. Channel 5. K ABC, 6 p.m. (delayed), Seattle at Buffalo Boston at New York " Phoenix vs. Kansas City-Omaha at Omaha Detroit at Milwaukee Chicago at Golden Stat Cleveland at Portland , Only games scheduled ABA Eastern Division t - W L Pet. GB , New York 46 19 . 70S Kentucky 45 20 .692 1 Milwaukee 19 34 .40 10 EASTERN CONFERENCE o. LOUil Memphis Virginia . Atlantic Division W L Pet. Ci Boston . 44 l .691 Buttalo 40 25 .I5 S New York 30 35 .43 15 Philadelphia ... 2 37 .439 16V, Central Division W L Pet. GB Washington ....41 17 .731 Houston 35 31 .530 13Vi, Cleveland 32 33 .492 16 Atlanta ........ 25 41 .379 23'4 New Orleans.. 15 41 .231 32 Monday's Results : No games scheduled Western Denver San Antonio ... Indiana ........ Utah San Diego - Monday's Results No games scheduled ; Tonight's Schedule New York at St. Louis San Diego at Utah Only games scheduled MECHANICAL ESTIMATOR Process pipinitrtitment wirk 11-ttri'Mt preferrel Well titiblisliei' eompinr. Excellent ketief its. Sens' resume ttt Box Y 158, NIL. Times tauil Oepotmlly mpleyer MF Electronic Printing Calculator HAND NHL HOCKEY HELD ACDC CET THE ANSWER woblO S Fsrf sr SPpwr ii los anqeles .. Tu nings v. Kansas City SCOUTS . Tattifht, lees. Mir. 4, 1 im. O004 eeel avedebK. Ticket el toi Office, Tleliotron A Mutual Attend. Hear all games on KRLA 1110. rimllf Nih: Jrs. (14 1 under) I Ladles Vi erica I J3.7S t $4 28 setts. For Reservations call 073.1300. IN PRINT BN TAPE. For checking. Now. 0 ter. Because you've the preol. i . WITH CANON'S POCIETRONIC . World's smallest mc printing calculator, small, it fits in your po , et. That's why we call the Pocketromc. . CORDLESS. COMPACT. COES ANYWHERE World's smallest LSI. V rn PAauLOUt Select a its own built-in, aoie Dauery, ,wav delivery. THOMAS CADILLAC wants your lease. Please call 629 4789 Air Filter include) in error March 75 Cadillac for immod late ml Pirn 11 Ail for Only Includes up to 5 quarts of quality oil, an OIL FILTER and expert lubrication. I . With this Coupon i CAR TELEPHONES IOWIST MHCI IVtN PHONE CONSULTANTS 2710 I. WABLOW LONG MACH 43.T0TT BASEBALL CAO ' MSH M!0 FOR PRE ItiSi 2ASUAU CUDS (213) 325-9038 USED CADILLAC DGJYGLTS AT BOBSPREtM CADILLAC Pleote Coll 161 v31 lAliltUSINS V Where is a vacation dollar worth spending 1 this season? Sunday's Travel section reviews' all possibilities, from a weekend jaunt to a three-month adventure, from Andalusia to Zanzibar. Read Travel, and learn what to : avoid, and what not to miss. It's a weekend extra with The Los Angeles Times. care if I never go im mm J"3 20 46 .303 26V9 14 52 .212 32"i Division W L Pet. GB 9', 14'j 50 17 .746 41 27 .603 34 30 .531 30 35 . 462 1 27 41 .397 23'i CLOSEOiJT! electro. recharge m v m m y;. OFFICE MACHINES SINCE 1B19 l --lil II jJJJJ ' "'., If If le ft" ' ' milium1 in mi i , m -'i; m i - - ft II 'I- miVmt II i f n I I f ST"... me mi 1 use id. TORRANCE HOLLYWOOD LOS ANGELES ,.....!.? Terranc Slvd. 1531 N. Cahuenta 6434 Sunset ,"!.i!t.lSl?I.lI.,.H Phone J70-45? Alexander's Bldj. (213) 4S6.S40B " .. 7U.fl. 1 l tst (213) HO 8-5271 (next te lolly Ror) M:JIHI.) Hawthera Blvd. Validated parking DOWNEY WEST COVIN COSTA MESA ORANGE ' 1447 rirestone Blvd. 5S0 N. iuji v. 2701 Harbor Blvd. 419 . Main Vi Mile V. 105 V Mile No. SB Frwy. Neil te 1 Ml. Ne St Frwy. (213)a.1141 (213) ICB-I5BB PHr 1 Imports (714) B33-S2I1 Ntit to RB-Furniture (714) 556-03(3 3 edition. 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