The Los Angeles Times from Los Angeles, California on December 8, 1961 · 103
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The Los Angeles Times from Los Angeles, California · 103

Los Angeles, California
Issue Date:
Friday, December 8, 1961
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Hog Stngeles Etmes. Jij j i j lillivil lUfllllllvlli FRIDAY MORNING, DECEMBER 8, 1961 Port IV ) 'Sardonieus' Can't Do a Thing With His Face BY CHARLES STIXSON Nightfall in Gorslava. A thick murk hanrs over the craggy land. Inside the moldy, mediaeval castle din ner is going on. And conversation. Then our host, the Baron, is interrupted, whispered to by an ancient servant. The Baron rises. "Ah, Doctor," he says to his physican-guest, "I am sorry we cannot continue our talk about ghouls. But I have business to attend to." f That Time Again He excuses himself and scuttles down to one of the castle's torture chambers. A luscious blond peasant girl awaits. And, of course, it's that time again time to. put the leeches on her face. And why not? After all this is William Castle's newest "horror" film, "Mr. Sardonicus," which opened up for business Wednesday at the Or-pheum and practically all over town. (The second fea ture is "Valley of the Drag ons," a Jules Verne venture into the prehistoric.) There have been rumors that Mr. Castle is leaving the horror business. Can this be his last creation? Dare we hope? Strangely, this one, com pared to his others, is almost bearable. His direction is still slow and uninventive- an occasional quickie shot of a skull or a decaying face is still his primitive concept of the ultimate in suspense. But the script by Ray Russell, done from his own novella, is gratifyingly tighter and less rambling than the scenarios of earlier Castle efforts. Come Quick, Distress! The story brings a renowned young British sci-i entist (Ronald Lewis) down to Mittel Europa at least that's where I imagine a self-respecting Gorslava ought to The Debut of 'BUBBLES' BENNY and 'Hope' Chest AT THE PINK PUSSYCAT 7969 Santa Monica Blvd. Hollywood No Cover OL 4-0280 I . I ' jvji in i IVHJU uf ui mumuni; nunu iiniiiiiiy iSSillOandlilihi&t iSAMIIH RRflNSIDN PR0DLICT10M r;,A. ii, rriD ni u DOomimOrJ pi fcxxMaiimi wim iunniiun i ixwvwvmvi'h distributed by MllEDARTISS V" IVt. (Mm. thra Ttnw.) M PM-ISua.1 .W PM M0 K 10 mo p.rfo,mincM on (-t.) yf.lTIiVi lVE.lM..S..l..Hol,Uy.)J0r ) $t SO KM j AIrn, I 3AUf5ljXj5l, Jljtjjj1 MATINU ( Sit) 100 M it 10 ll.H 1.I0 j NAME I I . f.CMTlj J MATIMtl (Smd.) 2:00 PM . . . IJ W 12 M I2 J0 j ADDHESS ' I I V' P 't?'i Of Arc..l.httMt j " ' I V T "vrV KHrf '' til0. IJft'i". I2. " ror. I CITY ZONE ... TATL ........... j . X,'X ,Ma7xzst,Mt Ll ir:ri?rj:ir::::-:r: ' I ....". ' tjTTJ . j to be. His old girl friend (Audrey Dalton) asks him to come; she has married a mysterious Baron (Guy Rolfe) and she is in trouble. And what is her trouble? Or, lather, what is the Baron's problem? It's quite simple. Years before when the Baron was still a peasant he robbed his father's grave for a lottery ticket. And the sight of pater's decaying face with its death grin was such a nasty jolt that his own face became paralyzed and twisted into a frozen grin the classical risus sardonicus. It has resisted all the treatments of the finest spe cialists of the Continent. Can the young British sci entist cure it? He d better. Or the Baron will inflict a face operation on his lovely wife. What will the young scientist do? What happens to the girl? What of the Baron's mug? What about you? Illllllllllllllllilllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllilill SEATS ON SALE NOW AT BOX-OFFICE OR BY MAIL! Qth MEMORABLE WEEK... THE PICTURE EVERYONE IS TALKING ABOUT... Mttn-Coldwjn-Majtr ' ' ' pmtnts Samutl Bniuton's Production 70 MU iUCft TtCMNMMMA TONIGHT AT :15 P.M. SHARP Pirf. Nightly Reg. Matt. Wed., Sat., Sun. SCHEDULE OF RESERVED SEAT AND PERFORMANCES Orel). NIGHTS at 8:15 SUN. t 8:00 t log Sun., Man., Tues., Wed.. Thuri. 1 Hols.. $2. 80 Fri., Sat. t Holiday Eves 53.50 VATINEES at 2 P.M. .Vci'ntsday 2 20 Saturday $2.50 jun,lay ( Holidays $2.80 All Pricct Include To TICKETS ON SALE AT EGYPTIAN Theatre . HO. 7 6167 Southern California Music Company, 737 South Hill Street. Mutual Agencies, Music City Stores, Liberty Agencies a. others. Nlllillllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllll iJ&Mi wnt!enn III USE THIS COUPON FOR TICKET ORDER (Except n;(M) mrnuir fit artrivrn triT mfrt iwrt rirmunirct I ! Yves Montand Here Dec 26 The Greek Theater Association, James A. Doolittle general director, in association with Norman Gram, announces a three-week engagement of France's popular entertainer, Yves Montand, at the Bi.tmore Theater. Will you spend a dollar and a quarter to find out: Rolfe, Lewis and Miss Dal ton are all accomplished ar tists and deserve an adult film. Miss Dalton who was so subtle a young so phisticate in "Titanic" ought to be doing much more film work of a much higher calibre. As the Bar on s evil, one-eyed servant, Oscar Homolka hobbled around in a beamingly low brow burlesque style. He didn't take the film serious ly at all. Good for him. Mr. Castle true to his genius for gimmicks gets on screen before and after. Before to lecture on the film. After to "poll" the audience as to whether the Baron should receive mercy or further punishment. The audience "voted" overwhelmingly to punish the Baron with a case of lockjaw. I made a motion to sentence the Baron to an eternity of playing in William uastles horror films. I was ruled out of order. Cruel and inhuman treatment, they said. FAMILY SHOW 10 A.M. TOMORROW ALL SEATS $1.25 PRICES Special Consideration and Accommodation givtn to Theatre Partial and Groups PHONEj HOLLYWOOD 7 6167 DAILY MATINEES DURING CHRISTMAS -NEW YEAR'S WEEK DEC. 23 THRU JAM. 1 Side Ft. Side Orch. Orch. $2.20 $2 80 $1 65 $2.00 $1.65 $220 $1.25 $1 45 $1.65 $2.20 J QAMIIPI unniuLL CHARLTON HESTON - SOPHIA LOREN in the greatest romance and adventure rap ii rDAM! Duiiiovnonni cmecM AKirunRiv u amm luiiu kl nn and r h bv h u n .A-. -aefc JBV i t-.. - s ILL-STARRED PAIR Helena Nash and Jeremy Slate are seen ai fading actress and her Southern gigolo in Tennessee Williann' drama, "Sweet Bird of Youth," ending Saturday at Civic Playhouse. ELIZABETH TAYLOR THE FIERCE, POSSESSIVE LOVE OF AN IMPASSIONED WOMAN "RHAPSODY' I t 1 1 I I I ELIZABETH TAYLOR VITTORIO GASSMAN JOHN ERICSON LOUIS CALHERN i THE PULSATING STORY OF A FORBIDDEN LOVE! 7 The Love Story ofa Princess I Grace KELLY - Alec I Louis JOURDAN meSwanh i CINEMASCOPE and COLOR WbWXM kssiiloyttLW V i t mi wife fNwooo tM m 3EVERLY :AN0N DRIVEat WILSHIRE Sat. 2 HILARIOUS ALEC alec COMEDY HITS! tfHHIJ VALEHIC lulrt PRICE-HQBS0N-GREENVYQ0O and - PIUS - Egi MuaofiB suit' THE MOST TALKED ABOUT THE MOST SHOCKED ABOUT mm SMASH f7&ta &fSM ' t. a ' M0NTHI W'ISHIRE at DOHENY CR. 4-6869 RESERVE SEATS wAUr-FCE OR OR t -J; : irf"'"i -V 1, 1)11 W. Sm ft.-i. n -."V j t . jjfci 4, et. 4V 04 ,4,. J CMTHAT CMCU TDutil ..... .... ... . p fi -I X' - - t PW V k ALEC GUINNESS -2nd GREAT HIT ev, , 3 limHsm m MX-' H CR. 5-5244 Dally Irem S:30 PM - Sun. from 1:30 GUINNESS fll 6K-& 9 tj KIND HEARTS CORONETS m run PICTURE OF OUR YEARSI LA DOLCE VITA NOW AT BY MAIL I STARTS DEC. W in o in a thousand years 70mm SUPER TECHNIRAMA TECHNICOLOR" Vcmli twi., In Aml 41, Calif. i ..n . ! K I rf etAtt.-A, . altV.oke 'Innocents9 Will Screen "The Innocents," starring Deborah Kerr, will open an engagement Dec. 15 at El Rey Theater. Based on a controversial novel of the 20th century "The Turn of the Screw" by Henry James "The Inno- EXCLUSIVE FIRST RUN ENOAqEMb SUNSET TWO HO. 2-0721 WKTEKN-SUNSI1 1 -fT .K00-IlLirltac "13 MU-r-wt Mln mm TOTTTSTr m SMI s&Bxvtt$K 1 imm LOS ANGELES NEIGHBORHOOD AAA, IOWY.-MANCHESTEK-PL. 3 3437 (ock-Kock-Rock: 3 Wrdi. of Gullir; 3rd ! AlVAHADO, 710 S. Alvarodo-HU. J-88M Sunlor'i Monday; 2-Way sirtnn 8AIBOA, 0713 S. Vrmonf-Pl. S-4104 The X-13; King of Soaring 20 SAIDWIN, la Irto lod.o Rd.-AX. 37145 RaintrM County; Ct en Hat fin loaf IELMONT, 126 S. Vtrmont-DU. 8-1B08 Sutan Slade; Plv Coldtn Hourt till ROBINSON, 4319 S. C.ntral-AD. 17341 Sutan Slodi 20,000 (yi BOULEVARD, 1613 W. Waih.-RE. 4-3944 Young Doctors; I PoJ for Whitt EAGLE, 4884 Eaglo Rock Blvd,-CL 6 01 89 Sutan Slado; Naked Edg, 3:13 p.m. LAKE, 7th and Alrarado-DU. 2-3130 Mtin Kampf; World-f, 12:30 LA TOSCA, 2930 S. Vrmont-RE. 3-7292 1 Hunanrlan Fllmi Today lilMERT, Cronthaw at 43 Pl.-AX. 4-3131 Werld Suii Wong; Goodby Again, 6; 30 MANCHESTER, Man.-Bdwy.-Pl. 3-1431 Mr Sardonicus: Valloy of th Dragons MIDWAY, Pico 1 bl. W. of 41000 Sutcn Slado; tvtryming t uucny PAIMS, 3731 Motor Av.-VE. 7-7171 Sutan Slods; Romanoff and Juliit PARK, 3823 N. Figuoroa-Cl. 3-0654 By lav Possessed; Sins of Rachel Cede .... i.;,(..wl .QA sunt Wong; Raisin in nun, up. :v ,"' PICWOOD. 10872 W. Pico-GR. 7-2649 i Mr. Sardonicus; Valley of Dragons I RAMON A, Sunset-Alvarado-DU. 9-5040 I Sutan Slode; Everything's Ducky REGENT, 4012 S. Vermont-AD. 2-7823 i The Hustler; Young Doctors RIO, Wettern-lmperlal PL. 4-2895 Raintree County; Cat on e Hot Tin Root SOU1HSIDE, Ver.-lmperiol-Pl. 5-1 91 I Colottut, Impt. Mai. Stu. Prev Or. 8:30 (Ti.iikin Kl R,nnou,nVCA. 5 8090 I John Wayne, Alamo, Clr.; Young Doctors STRAND, 4411 S. Broaaway-Au. i on I Lovers (Adults); Devil Strikes at Night i TEMPLE, 5826 S. Vermont-PL. 2 4100 I Come September; Tammy Tell Me True TOYO, Adami & Crenshaw-RE. 2-7103 enirin.mnn: Gale of Hell WESILAKE, Alv.-W.I.-HU. 3-5313 Around World 80 Days; Ditney's Japan WIlSHIRt DISTRICT BEVERLY HilLS BEVERLY, 206 N. Beverly-CR. 5-4484 Kirk Douglas, lown mnnou. rii, r.,LIiu -.uau on kl Cnn TR. 5 5244 Tl.. r,n- F Tnv or. KhODtody MUSIC HALL, Wils.-Doheny-LK. t-ooar Federlco felllm s, ta uoice vp.o CREST, Westwood at Wilthire-BR. 2-5876 D-i.t... r..,niu. rt on a Hot Tin Roof . I . a . . WP i.0375 UCL mR, new nr. - Suddenly lost Sum.; nere 10 nernuy, wv TOHO IA BREA, 9th & la ireo-wc. t l:.. Ailf.,.. c.t.vm Ovii Pacific. 7 am ., . a B-kjr qtn w:l.k:rAnil 7-2171 Kind Hts. I Coroners; won in " STANLEY-WARNER THTRS, HO. 93531 THE WARNER, Hwd. -Wilcox- HO. 6-521 1 Exclusive: Hayward in Back Street BEV. HILLS, 9404 Wiljhire CR. M121 Exclutive Showing: Devil at 4 O'clock WILTERN, Wilthire-Wettern-DU. 7-6147 Mr. Sardonicus; Valley of Drogont HUNTINGTON PK., 6714 Pac.-LU. 5 0944 Mr. Sordonicut; Valley of Dragons SAN PEDRO, 478 W. 6th-TE. 2-72.7 Mr. Sardonicus; Valley of Drogont EASTLAND THEATRES BROOKLYN, 2524 Brooklyn-AN. 8-4983 ...n Slnrle: Bevond All limits MERALTA, 2035 E. first -AN. 8 7914 Mask; Everything's Ducky; looy lyier TERRACE, 3945 City Terr. Dr. AN. 8-6000 The Huttler; Blood and Rotes VCRN, 2811 k. Olympic AN. 2-2222 The Huttleri Blood and Roses EAST LOS ANGELES BOULEVARD, 4549 Whit. BI.-AN. 1-2665 Raintre County; Cat on a Hot Tin Roof CENTER, 4762 Whitiier-AN. 9-8332 Colottut of Rhodet; Everything's Ducky GOLDEN GATE, 3176 Whittier-AN. 9 8186 Ben-Hur. 1 Show-8:00 p.m. MONTEREY, Whltlier & Soto AN. 1-2575 Ml Caneion Eret Tu; Ultimo Rebelde UNIQUE, 3645 E. Itt-AN. 9-7131 Itla Porp Dos; Gavilan Vengodor WHITTIER ROXY, Whittler-OXford 6-2153 World in His Arms; Bend ot Kiver WARDMAN, Whittier-OXford 6-3242 5utan Slade; Beyond All Limitt WHITTIER, Whlllier-OXford 5-2712 Big Country; Don'f Go Near the Water LYNWOOD COMPTON ARDEN, 11709 long Beoch BI.-NE, 1-1535 CI.J.. B:.. Cl.l.n Haii,I COMPTON, 136 E. Compton BI.-NE. 1-3670 Pn.H far White: rnenaiy renuosion, HUNTINGTON PARK SOUTH GATE ALLEN, 3809 Tweedy BI.-LO. 6-6157 U...L ku SJ.rlitA,a.l, Dan't Eat Dallies LYRIC, Paciflc-Florence-lU. 9-2877 Watch for Gala Openlngl VOGUE, 9325 Long Beach Bl. 10. 6 6000 Raintree County; Cat on o Hot Tin Roof BELLFLOWER NUBEl, 16711 BellHower BI.-WA. 3-J7I1 I Bombed rearl nareor; Aiaxaiam LONG BEACH WILMINGTON ART, 4lh t Cherry-OE. 8-5433 ... i, ... . I -f A. .J.I ine nusiier; rramn u? ATLANTIC, 5870 Atlantic Ave. GA. 2 3161 La Dolce vita; Up ine ireex GRANADA, Wilmlnqton-TE. 4-3477 lAKEWOOD. Carton, Nt. 67440 HA. 32530 Pepei Tommy Tell Me irue, o:ij ORANGE COUNTY ANAHEIM, BROOKHURST PR. 2-6446 Blue Hawaii; Detert Warrior ANAHEIM, GARDEN KByttent 8-0148 3-Dt The Motk; House of Fright, color BALBOA, BALBOA OR. 3-4048 Kv ! aiiitedt Hoodlum Priest BUENA PARK. Bueno Park-LA. 2-2816 Sutan Slode; Seven Women from nen BUENA PARK, Grand IA. 1 5337 Honeymoon of Terror; Child Bride CORONA DEL MAR. PORT-OR. 1-6260 raid Wind in Auautti Wemen Like Solon COSTA MESA, MESA liberty 8-15J2 Mr. Sardonicus; Valley ot the Drogont FUUERION. WILSHIRI-lAmbert 1 3777 Porflthi Wlnnt of Chonce GARDEN GROVE, GEM JE. 4-2613 Peck Quinn-Niven, Gens ot Navarone OARDEN GROVE. GROVE-JE. 7-6600 Colottut of Rhodet; Tho Young Doctors HUN1INOTON BEACH, SURF LE. 6 3044 Return to Peyton PI.) Grots Is Greener IAOUNA, SOUTH COAST HYott 4-1314 Federlco Fellinl'i la Dolce Vila IA HABRA, la Hobra-OW. 7-4677 The Huttler; Wild In the Country NEWPORT BEACH, UDO-OR. 1-8350 Sat. Nlte i Sun Morn.i Brotherfln-lv ORANGE, ORANGE-KI. i-1501 Ihe Huttleri Everything's Ducky SAN ClfMf NT!, SAN CLEMENTE, HY 23437 Call Theatre for Program SANTA ANA, STATI-KI. 2 9617 Mnn Who Waaoed Hit Toil: Blue Murder RANTA ANA, Ynsi-KI. 2 8617 N Coll The-tre for Program 4- - - JN,.. jr. J cents" in essence i3 a classic ghost story. It is motivated by two evil apparitions who prowl an old countryside house in England. - Till in. Panorama 110 Vm Nuyt tin. Pantriin City IM. 1-IH7 FRENCH VIEWS I InrrrrTTf? I MJ D 1 ,1 1 i ft la II "ADORABLE CREATURES" AROUND WORLD IN 80 INDEPENDENT TIIEriTRE GUIDE 4. LOS ANGELES DOWNTOWN ARCADE, 534 S. Broodwoy-MA. 1-2820 3-Big Hire 3 CALIFORNIA, Bth ond Main-MA. F-9778 Ahi Etta Detalle; Herlda Luminoio, clr. CAMEO, 528 S. Broadway MA. 8-1974 Cimarron; Sign of Tho Gladiator COZY, 320 5. Broadway-MA. 8-3176 Always Three Big Hits LINDA LEA, 251 S. Main-MA. 4-5648 Musume 18 Ooiken Muyo; Kanda Matsuri MAYAN, 1044 S. Hill-RI. 9-6294 Cuidado con Amor; Muier Ml General MILLION $, 307 S. Broadway-MA. 9-2S95 Grlto Muerte; Poncho Villa y Valentino TOWN. 444 S. Hill MA. 8 6668 SOS Pacifies Sword of Sherwood Forest METROPOLITAN DWNTWN..MA 4-6271 ORPHEUM, 9th and Broadway Mr. Sardonicus; Valley of Dragons HILl STREET, 8th & Hill Colottut of Rhodes; Siege of Sidney St. WARRENS, 7th and Hill The Truth; Angry Silence RIALTO, 8th and Broadway I Bombed Pearl Harbor; Cavalry Charge BROADWAY, Broadway near 5th New Show Tues-Fri-Sun, Always 3 Feat. NEWSREEL, 8th ond Broadway Chimp in Orbit; Documentary: lapland OLYMPIC, 8th bet. Broadway It Hill Gigi: Home Before Dark PALACE, Bdwy. between 6th & 7th Sutan Slade; King of Roaring 20 t GLOBE, 744 So. Broadway Wings of Eagles; Jayhawkers ROXIE, Broadway between Slh k 6th Young Doctors; South Sea Fury LOS ANGELES, 615 S. Broaaway Blue Hawaii; Desert Warrior UNITED ARTISTS THEATRES UA, ALAMEDA, 9th & Bdwy .-MA. 3-4275 Besito A Papa; Pequeno Ruitenor STATE, 7th & Broadway-MA. 7-7425 Charlton Hetton, Ben-Hur, Color FOUR STAR, Wilshire Blvd.-WE. 6-821 1 Marty; Twelve Angry Men U.A., Paiadena-MU. 1-6577 Mr. Sardonicus; Valley of Dragons U.A., Inglewood-OR. 7-2177 Charlton Hetton, Ben-Hur, Color U.A., East l.A.-AN. 1-3924 Tirant; Con Quien Andan Nuettrat Hiial CAPITOL Glenaale-Cltrus 3-4261 Mr. Sardonlcut; Valley of the Dragons WASHINGTON, Pasadena-MU. 1-7575 North to Alaska; Wild in the Country U.A Pomona-NA. 2-3515 Mr. Sardonicus; Valley of Drogont SANTA MONICA REDONDO AERO, Montana at 14th-EX. 3-4990 Operation Petticoat; Pillow Talk BAY, Pacific Palitadet-Gl. 4-5525 The Huttler; Claudelle Inglish ElMIRO, 1443 3rd St.-EX. 5-3344 Raintree County; Hot Tin Roof, Ct. 12 MAJESTIC, Santa Monica-EX. 5-2469 Colottut of Rhodet; Magnif. 7, Ct. 12:30 MERALTA, Culver City-VE. 8-3432 But Stop; Helen Morgan Story NUART. 11272 Santa Monica-GR. 8-5993 Awd. Win.; Gate of Hell; Blk. Orpheut STRAND, Redondo-SP. 2-1611. FR. 2-8300 Cat Hot Tin Roof; Raintree County, 6 pm TIVOLI 11523 Santa Monica GR. 3-1636 Sat. Nite 8i Sun. Mom.; Make Mine Mink GLENDALE MONTROSE TUJUNGA MONTROSE, Montrote-CH. 9-3830 Romanoff & Juliet; Sgt. Wat a Lady ROXY. Glendale-CI. 3-6393-Conl. 12:00 Hot Tin Roof; Imp. Ma. Stud. Prev. 8:30 TUJUNGA, 6721 Foothill FL. 3 6953 1 Bombed Pearl Harbor; Atlantit BURBANK LOMA, 319 S. San-Fernando-TH. 8 7033 Immoral Mr. Teat; Pleaie Turn Over MAGNOLIA, 4403 Magnolia-TH. 3-1586 Ben-Hur, Showing 3:30 4 9:00 p.m. PASADENA EL MONTE MONROVIA COLORADO, 2588 E. Colorado-SY. 6-9704 Ben-Hur, Cont. Daily from 12:00 Noon CROWN, 129 N. Raymond-SY. 6-3131 Bardot, The Truth; Carry on Constable OAKS 85 N. Fair Oakt-SY. 6-2359 Reel Burlesk; Nudie Cutiet UPTOWN, 2316 E. Colorado-SY. 3-4330 The X-15; Trapp Family LYRIC. Monrovia-ELIiott 8-3119 The Huttler; 7 Women from Hell SIERRA MADRE, Sierra Madre-EL. 5-9054 Operation Petticoat; Pillow Talk WEST COVINA EL MONTE BALDWIN, Maine at Ramona-ED. 7-2759 Sutan Slade; Paris Blues EASTLAND, Workman at Cltrut-339 2401 Cot on a Hot Tin Roof; Raintree County El MONTE, Valley at Tyler-GI. 8-6922 Sutan Slade; A Thunder of Drumt COVINA GLENDORA COVINA, 104 N. Citrus Ave. ED. 2-2003 Closed for Alterations GLENDORA, 108 W. Foothill BI.-ED. 5-7070 Susan Slade; Seven Women from Hell INGLEWOOD HAWTHORNE IMPERIAL, Imp. at Crenthaw-OR. 8-5131 Eat Daitiet; Impt. Major Prev. Clr, 8:30 PLAZA Hawthorne-OS. 6 6289 lost World; Journey to Center of Earth RITZ, Inglewood Mkt.-Mnchttr.-OR. 8-7272 Mr. Sardonicus; Valley of Drogont SAN BERNARDINO COUNTY BIG BEAR, Big Bear C. Grant-T, Curtit, Operation Petticoat FONTANA, Arrow The Young Doctort; Teen Millionaire LAKE ARROWHEAD, Village C. Grant-T. Curtit, Ooeration Petticoat ONTARIO, New Rit-YU. 4-9113 Bombed Pearl Harbor; Everythlng'i Ducky SAN BERNARDINO, Crett-TUX. 42-3146 Ben-Hur, Cont. Dally from 12:00 Noon SAN BERNARDINO, Riti-TU. 43-1225 Mr. Snrdo?iicui; Valley of the Draaons SAN BERNARDINO, Studio-TU. 86-4403 Th. Hustler: The X-13 GROVE, 276 E. 9th, Upland-YU. 2-6023 Operation Petticoat; Pillow Talk VENTURA COUNTY CAMAVIUO, VALLEY Closed for Remodeling; Opens Dec 25lh FILLMORE, FILLMORE Gunt of Navarone; Plul Short OJAI.OJAI-MI. 4-2630 Morinet let's Goi Secret of Monte Crista OXNARD, OXNARD-HUnter 3 8312 Co otsus of Rhodeti Sieae of Sidnev St. OXNARD, VOGUE-HUnter 3-9216 The Truth; Make Mine Mink VENTURA, MAYFAIR Ml, 3-63)1 God't little Acre; On the Wolerfronf VENTURA, VENTURA -Ml. 3-3333 Blue Hawaii; Deadly Comaoniont RIVERSIDE COUNTY ARLINGTON, ARLINGION-OV, 9 0400 Blue Hawaii; Two Rode Together RIVERSIDE. DEANZA Mr. Sardonicus: Vollev of the Draaoni CORONA, Corona-REdweod 7-3456 Closed for Alterations EISINORE, IAKE-MA. 1270 Comancherot; September Storm HEMET, Hemei-OL.8 316! Blue Hawaii; Imitation General PERRIS Perrle-Ol. 7-231? The X-Ui Minotaur - PALM SPRINGS, PLAZA f A. 5-3674 C ... HnvM,Mrd tn Bock Sheet PALM SPRINGS, VIILAOE-FA. J-M6 Mr. Sordonicut; Valley ot the Cragont Jm-lT V Ms. . iS, Jfh. In the cast with Miss Kerr are Michael Redgrave, Megs Jenkins, Martin Stephens, Pamela Franklin, Isla Cam- ornn Pptpr Wvnmrde anrl iClyti'e Jessop. Willioni Holdtn Nancy Kwan j iituc unei n nc cii7ic wnWR" ! IIUHkW VI .. lln- Important Major Studio Sneak Preview 8:45 Plus "Cat On a Hot Tin Roof" ON WOMEN! "DEADLIER THAN THE MALE" DAYS "Japan'" HOLLYWOOD ACADEMY, Hollyw'd at Wllcox-HO. 33491 Nuremberg; World by Night, Ct. 12:13 ADMIRAL, Hollywood at Vine-HO. 3-5511 Trapp Family; Big Gamble, both color APOLLO ARTS, Hllywd.-Wett.-HO. 9-9131 Buchholtz os Mon Petit; Anatomy of love CAMPUS, Vermont at Sta.Mon. NO. 5-5881 Cold Wind in August; Susan Slade CINEMA, 1124 N. Wettern-HO. 7-5787 Rocco & His Brothers, 7:15 & 10 p.m. CUNTON, 526 N. Wettern-HO. 7-9101 Cold Wind in August; 5 Golden Hour EMBASSY, Western nr. 3rd-DU. 3-4312 ' Susan Slade; Five Golden Hours GORDON, La Brea at Melrosa-WE. 4-2944 The Hustler; Claudelle Inglish HAWAII, 5939 Hollywood-HO. 9-2273 Colottut of Rhodet; Siege of Sidney St. HUNLEY, 5115 Hollywd. BI.-NO. 4-4616 Cell Theatre for Information LOS FEllZ.Vermont at Fkln.-NO. 4-2169 Rotemary; Breathlett, Seberg-Belmondo MARCAL, 6025 Hollywood-HO. 7-081 1 Cat on a Hot Tin Roof; Raintree County MONICA, 7734 Santa Monico-OL. 4-5744 Twilight Girlt, Adultt, Cont. 2 p.m. NEW VIEW, 6656 Hollyw'd BI.-HO. 4-3757 Tho Huttler; Romanoff and Juliet, 12:30 ORIENTAL, Suntet at Gardner-HO. 4-0744 The Great War; Mary had a Little PAN PACIFIC, 7554 Beverly-WE. 8-7070 Cold Wind in Aug.; School forScoundrelt PARAMOUNT, 6838 Hlywd. BI.-HO. 3-3263 N. Wood-W. Beatty, Splendor in Grate PARIS. 8163 Santa Monica-Ol. 6-1181 The Ruined Bruin; lili St. Cyr at Josette SILENT MOVIE, 611 N. Fairfax-Ol. 3-238? Griffith's Orphans of Storm Chaplin SUNSET, Western at Suntet-HO. 2-0721 Adorable Creature; Deadlier Than Mai VISTA, 4473 Suntet Drive-NO. 1-5416 Not Tonight Henry; Nude Set, Op. 1 SAN FERNANDO VALLEY AMERICAN, Newhall-Phone 259-0888 The Young Doctort; Cat Burglar CANOGA Pk., 21622 Shm. Wy.-DI. 0-1234 Trapp Family; Francis of Assisi CORBIN, Tanana-DI. 5-2222 Don't Eat Daitiet: North bv Nnrlhwul CREST, San Fern., N. of Maclay-EM. 1-6288 wv.uii .jioaa; King or rire IANKERSHIM, 7532 Lank. BI.-PO. 5-5952 The X-15; Teenage Millionaire PANORAMA, 9110 Van Nuyt Bl. EM. 2-1167 Maj. Stud. Sneak Prev. 8:45; Hot Tin Roof SAN FERNANDO, 303 S. Brand-EM. 1-2212 Munecos Infernales; Mujeret De Fuego SHERMAN, Sherman Oaks-ST. 4-9911 Heat of Summer: Naked Venut. Aduli. TOWN, San Fernando-EM. 1-0155 as nesaaiotot; mot No lo Uuiera EDWARDS SAN GABRIEL VALLEY ALHAMBRA, Main at Atlantic-AT. 2-6136 I Bombed Pearl Harbor; X-15 CORONET ART, 130 W. Main-AT. 2-8473 Lav.nH.r Hill AAnk. TU. D . ..... i.iwh, MIS TIWMIUIVI tl REY, 333 W. Main, Alhambra-CU. 3-3521 ureai war; mary Mad a little, 75c GARFIELD, Garfield at Valley-AT. 2-4134 ine lomancheros; Toung Doctors SANTA ANITA, Arcadia-H Merest 7-2195 Parent Trap; Voyage to Bottom of Sea EDWARDS, Aiusa-EDgewood 4-2502 Susan Slade; Claudelle Inglish TUMBLE WctD Garvey-Val. Bl. CI. 8-0893 The Hustler; 20,000 Eyes MONTtREY, Garfield-Hellman-AT. 2-320? Tho Hustler; Romanoff and Juliet SAN GABRIEL, 330 W. LasTunas-AT.2-5168 The Hustler; Romanoff and Juliet TEMPLE, Los Tunas, Rosemead-AT. 6-317? Susan Slade; Imitation of Ufa DOWNEY NOR WALK AVENUE, Downey-TO. 1-5610 Colostut of Rhodes; Village of Damned NEW MERALTA, Downey-TOpoi 1-2281 Impt. Studio Prev. 8 p.m.; Hot Tin Roof NORWALK, Norwalk-UNiversity 4-2219 Mr. Sardonicus; Valley of the Dragons SAN DIEGO COUNTY CORONADO, Village Susan Hayward in Back Street LA MESA, HELIX-HO. 3-4485 The Comancheros; Parit Bluet MISSION VALLEY, The Movie-CY. 8-1220 Not Tonight Henry; The Kits NATIONAL CITY-BAY-G. 7-5731 The Huttler; Bridge to the Sun OCEANSIDE CREST, SA 2-6561 Sutan Hayward, Back Street; 2 lovel OCEANSIDE PALOMARSA. 2-2631 Alwayt 2 Big Featuret OCEANSIDE STAR SA. 2-2895 Pirate & Slave Girl; Beyond All Limitt OCEANSIDE-TOWNE-SA. 2-2155 Alwayt 2 Big Hltt ACADEMY, 37th at Univenity, AT. 4-1000 Odd Obsession; Confessions of Felix Krull KEN, 4061 Adams Call Theatre for Program LINDA-linda Vista Plaia-BR. 7-138? Come September; Blood and Roset VISTA-AVO-PA. 4 6222 Call Theatre for Program SAN DIEGO, Capri-CY. 8-0577 Exclusive: Academy Winner Spartacut DRIVE-IN THEATRES ARLINGTON, Magnolia Dr.ln-OV. 9-3344 Parit Bluet; At Gunpoint BEAUMONT, Cherry Pan, HI. 99 VI. 3-252? Paul Newman In Exodut; 3 Came to Kiil BRAWi EY, Family Dr. In. Fl. 4-3941 Pit & Pendulum; Alakaiam The Great CHULA VISTA, Big Sky, 101 at Main Operation Petticoat; Pillow Talk CHULA VISTA, Harbor-GR. 7-1392 Town Without Pity; You Have toRunFatf COVINA, Covino-ED. 1-5233 Honeymoon Machine; Hell to Texas) El CAJON, Aero Drive-ln-H. 4-8800 The Comancherot; Romanoff & Juliet PONTANA, BELAIR DRIVE-IN Connie Stevens in Susan Slade; Parrlsh HUNTINGTON BEACH, Warner Dr. In The Head; The Canadians IMP. BCH., So. Bay-Hv. 101-HA. 0-3314 The Comancherot: Brldae la the Sun LA MESA, Alvarado Drive-In Youna Doctort: Hel to Eternity OCEANSIDE. Midway-SA. 2-518? Suddenly Latt Summer: Here ta Eternit OXNARD, Sky View Drlve-ln-HU. 6-1212 Mr. 5ardonicuti Valley of the Dragons PALM SPRINGS, Sunair Gum of Navarone: Two Rode Toaether SAN BERNARDINO, Mt Vernon The Alamo; Sniper s Ridae SAN DIEGO. Frontier Dr. In.-AC. 2 6996 Town Without Pity: You Hove to Run Fasf SAN DIEGO, Rancho Dr. In-CO. 4 1337 Operation Petticoat; Pillow Talk SANTA MARIA, Hlway Dr.-ln-WE. 7 3514 Vlllane of the Damned; Time Machine SAUGUS, Corral Dr. ln-259 3121 The Young Doctors; Romanoff Juliet VENTURA. 101 OR.-IN-MI. 2 2293 David ond Goliath) The Big Circus VISTA, Vista Drive In Coll Theatre for Program YUCCA VALLEY, Sky Drive-In Coll Theatre for Program LAS VEGAS, NEVADA SKYWAY. Boulder Hlway-DU. 2-8.503 King of Roaring 20't; Scream of Fear STARDUST, l.A. Hlwey-DU. 2-3192 Nat Tenlght Henrvi The Nude Set BISHOP-INYO COUNTY BISHOP THEAIRE, Main Street The Trapp Family, in Color t Ae. 0 j-y. CP, A A Jay . efAv . i

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