The Los Angeles Times from Los Angeles, California on December 1, 1961 · 48
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The Los Angeles Times from Los Angeles, California · 48

Los Angeles, California
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Friday, December 1, 1961
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: 1 4 . Firl It-FtL, DEC 1. 1 Ml THE TV SCENE More Than One Did It Well BY CECIL SMITH At the end of "Victoria Regina," Queen Victoria remembers hearing some onlookers cry out to her during the procession that marked her Diamond Jubilee: "Go it, Old Girl, you've done it well!" One is almost inclined to use the same words for Julie Harris, 4 efi- Julie Harris ft :1 V portrait, less history than a warm and human study of a woman thrust by birth into a position of greatness. Yet we are more moved by the woman than by the crown she wore. " The "most telling scenes are those wherein she wooed and won Prince Albert was, first, the frightened princess talking of the man she wanted for a husband, next the glowing bride watching him shave, ' again the young mother to his child, then the jealous woman fearing his love, then the monarch afraid of his ambitions, finally the widow unable to accept his death. James Donald was brilliant as Albert. Attempted to Explain Producer-director George Schaefer surrounded his stars with a cast that etched unforgettable portraits , on the little screen. I particularly remember Pamela Brown as "the old cat," Victoria's mother; Basil Rath-. bone as Lord Beaconsfield and (Disraeli); Felix Ayl- mer as Lord Melbourne, the man who first told Vic-1 toria she was Queen; Barry Jones as a parson who tried to explain to her the story of Jonah and the j whale, and Isabel Jeans and Inga Swenson as two ' women of the court. Robert Hartung's adaptation was -perfect for television; the scenery and costumes of 4 Warren Clymer and Noel Taylor helped form the exquisite tapestry in which Miss Harris bloomed. g Bus Stop and Fabian 'I The controversial Bus Stop segment starring ;;Fabian, a baby-faced rock 'n' roll singer, is scheduled fto be shown Sunday night. The controversy arose :. ;when a tobacco company that sponsors Bus Stop re-; fused to sponsor this particular episode complaining that the' presence of Fabian would lure teen-agers to a show designed for adult viewing or some such gob- bledveook. Now ABC announces that the segment I-Will be, in part, sponsored by Warner Bros, to pro-irmote the new movie, "The Roman Spring of Mrs. .$tone," which is quite a switch inasmuch as Bus Stop "is produced by rival 20th Century-Fox. 'VVThe show, in which Fabian plays a wisecracking f ' teen-ager accused of murder, has undergone a change :.6t title during the controversy it was called "Told f ''by an Idiot"; now the title is "A Lion Walks Among ; ps." Of course, if Fabian acts no better than he sings, " the entire matter is academic. v , I RECOMMENDED TONIGHT -The first of the season's Young People's Concerts with Leonard Bernstein and the New York Philharmonic. It deals with 'i9th century French impressionist music as illustrated v'by Debussy and Ravel (Channel 2 at 7:30). i Previews of X ounj reopie s concerts. KISAi UJ, i usv p.m. iea-son Premiere) I" Leonard Bernstein and the N.Y. Philharmonic ;tv. resume this excellent se- ries. with "What Is Im oressionism?" Debussy's ' "La . Mer" and Ravel's "Daphnis et Chloe" Suite are played as illustra-tions. j JEtoute 66, KNXT (2), 8:30 p .in. '( A talent huckster (Kee- ' nan Wynn) beguiles a small Pennsylvania town , - with the lure of a Hollywood c o n t r a c t for its prettiest girl. Reliable. Aye of Kings, KTTV (11). 8:30 p.m. ' Tonight: "The New Con- SDiracy" is detailed on . this Shakespeare series. Hans Conreid hosts. I Montovanl, KCOP (13), 8:30 p.m. French singer Patachou! is the guest as Mantovani: devotes his program to unique compositions. Dinah Shore, KRCA (4), 9:30 p.m. (Color) Dinah's guest list is impressive tonight Nelson t Eddy, Frankie Avalon laj Snjrlta CimtJ 2 who gave a superb per- formance as Victoria in Hallmark Hall of Farhe's production of the play on NBC Thursday night. This production was a rich and delicately woven tapestry that gave television its most rewarding 90 minutes of the season. And, in color, it was a tapestry of great beauty. The play, wrought from Laurence Houseman's biographical sketches of the 64-year reign of the doughty English Queen, was less drama than romantic Today's TV and Milton Berle. Mr. Eddy will give us another rendition of "Short'n-in' Bread." The Twilight Zone, KNXT (2), 10 p.m. "The Jungle." A New York executive's hatred for belief in the super natural and what he con tends is its weakening effect on people leads him into taking the longest walk of his life. John Dehner stars. Eyewitness, KNXT (2), 10:30 p.m. Walter Cronkite explores the struggle against Com-munist infiltration in Viet-Nam. Worthy half-hour. Here and Now, KRCA (1). 10:30 p.m. Host Frank McGee takes up the high number of football deaths, a show-business convention and one of this year's novelty. Christmas records. Henry Morgan, KCOP (13), 10:30 p.m. The affable Mr. Morgan takes his stand in front of the old cigar store once more and is joined by Henny and Jim Backus Friday KTTV O.l) (2) KABC (3) KFMB 14) KCOP (5) KHJ (6) KOGO KNXT KEYT KRCA KTLA XETV (7) (5) (13) (9) (10) ChnnH 4. I .n4 1(1 mrm IrvatM In San A 1r l prceain proflfifn In-9rc'M it is n averiwmenl. imormjtion tor tw Ic9 n tiirnhhwl OV m. llvi!ln station Th TimM fn not e responnbi tor lstmimit (hnor$ in prosnms. (Ul indicates color prooMm MORNING 5:35 O 6IVE US THIS DAY 5:45 O FARM REPORT 5:55 NEWS 6:00 Q COLLEGE OF THE AIR O '10! CONTINENTAL CLASSROOM (30 mm. 1 1 color I 6:30 O ERNEST HEMINGWAY O (TO) CONTINENTAL CLASSROOM (30 min i I coloii I (8) COLLEGE OF THE AIR 7:00 O CO CAPTAIN KANGAROO O (31 TOOAY (25 min i aoi TODAY ON THE FARM 7:25 O CJ1 NEWS 7:30 O rjl TODAY (90 min i Q CHUCKO THE CLOWN (SO min.) L10 CARTOONS (30 min.) 7:45 O CARTOONSVILLE (75 min.) 8:00 Q PANORAMA PACIFIC C8j SUNUP (60 min.) (TO! TODAY (25 min.) 8:15 WAITING CHURCHES 8:25 (fQ! TODAY'S DATEBOOK 8:30 O CARTOONS (25 min.) (61 ROMPER ROOM (30 min.) 110) TODAY (30 min.) CD FACE LIFTING BY EXERCISE CD EMERGING AFRICA (30 min.) 8:55 O NEWS 9:00 O IT! CALENDAR (30 min.) f3) CONTINENTAL CLASSROOM O NORTH POLE REVUE (30 min.) 0 f61 JACK LA LANNE (30 min.) O MOVIE Drama (1942) "You Can't Escape Forever." rfb) SAY WHEN (30 min.) CO THE PRINCESS (30 min.) Q) PUBLIC SERVICE 9:15 (9 GUIDEPOST TO SCIENCE 9:30 Q OP I LOVE LUCY (30 min.) (31 CONTINENTAL CLASSROOM 0 HIGHWAY HOLIDAYS (30 min.) fj ROMPER ROOM (fiO min.) (61 LYNN TAYLOR (30 min.) fj ROSEMARY CLOONEY (30 min. (lot PLAY YOUR HUNCH (30 min.) 1 COIOB Gl YOGA FOR HEALTH (30 min.) 9:45 SUIOEPOST TO STORYBOOK TIME (30 mm.) 10:00 O (81 VIDEO VILLAGE O 131 (10) THE PRICE IS RIGHT (30 min.) I color I (61 FILM DRAMA (60 min.) O RAY MILLAND SHOW (30 min.) G DIVORCE COURT (60 min.) 10:15 C9 PUBLIC SERVICE 10:30 O C83 YOUR SURPRISE PACKAGE (25 mm.) O ID lb! CONCENTRATION O WORLD ADVENTURE (30 min.) O OUR MISS BROOKS (30 min.) O YOGA FOR YOU (30 min.) CD FELIX THE CAT (90 min.) 10:55 O (81 NEWS Reasoner 1:00 O C8l LOVE OF LIFE O 'fi TRUTH OR CONSEQUENCES (30 min.) (1 FILM DRAMA (30 min.) 0 (1 THE TEXAN (30 min.) O PUBLIC SERVICE FILM O SINCERELY, MARIA PALMER 11:05 CD PAUL COATES (30 min.) 1:30 O (81 SEARCH FOR TOMORROW (15 min.) O C31 tlO) IT COULD BE YOU O DATELINE EUROPE (30 min.) R f6l BOB CUMMINGS Q MOVIE Drama (1937) "Damsel in Distress." 1:35 CD SCNG0 RT ( SUNDAY ) IN 7:T JACK PALANCE together... in the fight game... each with a reason to win, each with a past they couldn't shake! in HOWARD HUGHES' ic, ly? ujj unj j IK. 4 , $ i A' Television Programs f j K i4: 71 Ml SIC Lroiiiinl Itern-stfin fonrlmis roncprl, 7:30 tonight oer K.N XT (2). 11:45 11.55 n o fal GUIDING LIGHT 13J JO; NEWS AFTERNOON 12:00 O BURNS AND ALLEN O 1 3D 110 JAN MURRAY (30 min.) I color I 0 CARTOONS i'iQ min.) O (61 CAMOUFLAGE (30 min.) (81 NEWS (30 min.) CD SHERIFF JOHN (60 min.) (D NEWS 12:15 PUBLIC SERVICE 12:30 O rs) AS THE WORLD TURNS (30 min.) O not 10RETTA YOUNG O LADIES! THE CONTINENTAL O (31 HP MAKE A FACE CO THE INTELLIGENT PARENT 1 00 Q 18) PASSWORD (30 min.) O Ui'fTdl YOUNG DR. MALGNE (30 min.) 0 NEWS Q 16) DAY IN COURT (25 min.) 9 "High Hopes" -Special! Stars JERRY LEWIS for MUSCULAR DYSTROPHY CD TOPPER (30 min.) CD PUBLIC SERVICE (45 min.) 1:05 O MOVIE Comedy "Tars and Spars." 1:30 O (8) HOUSEPARTY (30 min.) O '31 (10) FROM THESE ROOTS 130 min.) (61 FILM DRAMA (30 min.) O MY LITTLE MARGIE (30 min.) CD MOVIE Comedy (1941) "Rio Rita." 1:45 GUIDEPOST TO SPANISH 2:00 O (81 THE MILLIONAIRE O (10) DANNY THOMAS 0 (3 ) (6) NUMBER PLEASE O MOVIE Drama (1952) "l usty Men." LLOYD THAXT0N (60 min.) 2:30 0 183 VERDICT IS YOURS 0 iTOt HERE'S HOLLYWOOD 0 f3) f6) SEVEN KEYS 2:50 0 NEWS 2:55 O (8) NEWS Collingwood O (Td) NEWS 3:00 O CO) BRIGHTER DAY O SAY WHEN (30 min.) 0 DOROTHY GARDINER (30 min.) O (31 f6) QUEEN FOR A DAY (10) NEWS Top Part for Leslie Lpsiip rairiRh takes a ton r-ole in "Co-operative Killer,'' a drama of Hawaiian Eve. COLOR! 11 PREMIERE MITCHUM co-starring LINDA DARNELL 'i KHJ-TV COL-ORPUk r. f - n J i . , " I FELIX THE CAT (90 ul.) 3:05 1QI H3V!E-Wistni 135!) "Seven Guns to Mes." 3:15 Q (8) SECRET STORM 3:30 Q f8l EDGE OF NIGHT Q PLAY YOUR HUNCH (30 min) I COLOR O CARTOON CAROUSEL O (31 I6i WHO DO YOU TRUST? (30 min ) CD BEN HUNTER 4.00 O AMOS 'N' ANDY (30 min.) 4 "Pawnee," 1957 Western George Montgomery and Lola Albright ACTION O 3) W AMERICAN BANDSTAND (50 min.) (81 MOVIE Romanct (1940) "Wintertime." O WHAT'S NEWS? (30 min.) CD THREE STOOGES (60 min.) 4:15 110) JOHNNY DOWNS (45 min J 4:30 O LIFE OF RILEY (30 min.) O CARTOONSVILLE (30 minj IT'S CHRIS (30 min.) 4:50 O (3) (6) NEWS 5:00 O M0VIE-Drama(1942) 'The Palm Beath Storv." f3i FACTS AND FANCY (60 min.) 0 POPEYE (60 min.) (6) GROUCHO MARX (30 minj f ABBOTT AND COSTELLO Q MOVIE Biography (1940) "hnute Rockne All American." (TO) POPEYE CARTOONS (30 min.) 01 SUPERMAN (30 min.) FLASH GORDON (30 min.) 5:30 ''61 NEWS (30 min.) O SOUPY SALES (30 min.) not HIGHWAY PATROL (30 min.) CD WILD BILL HICK0K (30 min.) MALONE GOES FISHING 5:55 O NEWS ALMANAC EVENING 6:00 (3) NEWS-Hnddy O NEWS Latham I color 1 O BOZO THE CLOWN (30 min.) (61 POPEYE AND PINKIE (30 min.) O NEWS Fleming (81 NEWS Wilson, Mason lio) NEWS Philbin, Roen CD HIGHWAY PATROL (30 min.) NEWS-Ward 6:05 3 WEATHER, SPORTS Weir, Nearn i color 6:15 O dOJ KEWS-Huntley, unnniey O NEWS (8) NEWS Edwards O NEWS Willis HAROLD FISHMAN 6:30 O NEWS (45 min.) Dtinphy, Green, Story, Stratton, Keen (3) NEWS (30 min.) O CURT MASSEY 1 coior 1 1' i At last, a plan for California residents that helps pay Surgical-Medical and Hospital Expenses under one single policy for any age up to 99 The most discussed plan offered. Now, combined benelils in one unique plan. Group participation not required. Your choice of doctor and hospital. Cash claim payments regardless of your present income or other insurance. You need not be presently employed to qualify. Each policy individually underwritten. No in crease in premium because of age. No down payment through arrangement with Bankamericard. Small monthly payments available. Fireman's Fund is a qualified carrier under Retired Federal Employees Health Benefits Act. I" . A? it jiaucnai uwaun duqencu Tpnrrycon t i n ft Cf C representing FIREMAN'S FUND INSURANCE CO. of San Francisco FREE, Genuine Evertfide Eall Toint Pen Upon rcauest MAIL THIS COUPON TODAY NATIONAL HEALTH AGENCY, 2224 W. Olympic Blvd., Los Angles 6, Calif. I would like complete free information about this Fireman's Fund Hospital Plan 420-S with Surgical-Medical rider. I understand there is no obligation. AI201 Name. Street- City. I would like Everglide obligation. KEWS leiifti STATE TROOPER (30 RllJ GRAND JURY GO niaj RAWHIDE m min.) CARTOON EXPRESS (SO minj NEWS m o CD DICK TRACY MISTER MAEOO WATERFRONT (30 riiJ - 6:40 CD WEATHER Hawttirn 6:45 O NEWS Lathi f6LO) O NEWS Roberts, Harmon, Franklin O NEWS Putnam 7:00 3D BUGS BUNNY (30 min.) 0 WYATT EARP (30 mnJ 0 BEAT THE ODDS (30 minj (61 STRAIGHTAWAY (30 min.) O TOMBSTONE TERRITORY 110; MOVIE-Crama (1951) "Close to My Heart." O DEPUTY DAWG (30 minj ' O YOU ASKED FOR IT (30 minj 7:15 O-iF-WS Edward! 7:30 O Y0UH6 PEOPLE'S CONCERTS (60 min ) O T3l INTERNATIONAL - SHOWTIME (60 min.) O HIGH ROAD (30 min.) (6) BEST OF GROUCHO (30 min.) O STRAIGHTAWAY (30 minj (8) THIS DAY 1961 (30 min.) 9 Temple Durante-Murphy Little Miss Broadway" CD BEST OF GROUCHO (30 min.) 0 ART KASSEL SHOW (60 mm.) 8:00 O MAIN EVENT (30 mm.) O (6) THE HATHAWAYS (V) TO TELL THE TRUTH (30 min.) CD ONE STEP BEYOND (30 min.) 8:30 O (81 ROUTE 66 (60 min.) O (fbt THE DETECTIVES 0 MOVIE-Drama "Three Stops to Hurttpr." O (61 TK" FLINTSTONES CD AN AGE OF KINGS (90 min.) CD MANTOVANI (30 min.) 9:00 O C3D (6) 77 SUNSET STRIP 9 "FLAME & THE ARROW" Lancaster-Mayo, COLOR CD FILM DRAMA (60 min.) 9:30 O C8) FATHER OF THE BRIDE O (16) DINAH SHORE SHOW (60 min.) color I 10:00 O f8 . TWILIGHT ZONE 31 DAVID BRINKLEY'S JOURNAL 0 NEWS Roberts O f6l TARGET: THE CORRUPTORS (60 min.) CD NEWS Putnam CD NEWS Ward 10:15 O NEWS-Roberts, Harmon, Franklin CD . WEATHER FRONT CD HAROLD FISHMAN 10:20 CD SPORTS-Ellis 10:30 Q (8! EYEWITNESS (30 min.) O (3) (101 HERE AND NOW 0 THE CALIFORNIANS (30 min.) O PAUL COATES (30 min.) CD HENRY MORGAN 11:00 0 NEWS O'jnphy 3) Ntws Huddy O NEWS Latham RoTorI 6) NEWS 4 yf .Zone. Ball Point Pen without tf Ril I H if'l i ill fttJ u t O.M5Y1E-HsrT8rn331) "Drtcu'l." 0 NEWS (33 BlnJ (7) NEWS Geirhart, Mastn, Dili O NEWS Willi! fi NEWS CD HIGHWAY PATROL, 11:10 O SPORTS-Brundit 11:15 O MOVIE-Drama (1948) ' The Accused." O (3) JACK PAAR (1 hr. 45 mil.) TZoizt (61 MOVIE-Drama "Joan of Paris." 9 Robt Mitchum Ann Blyth "ONE MINUTE TO ZERO" 11:30 O THE HONEYMOONERS ilO! JACK PAAR (90 mm.) ftoLoll PM EAST PM WEST 11:45 CS) MOVIE Western (1941) "Kids From Kansas." 12:00 7 DASHING . . ROMANTIC EXTRAVAGANZA Cornel Wilde & Jeannie Craine in "Centennial Summer" CD NEWS Rose, Fishman I L""x " V"; "k" " 1 Hi ti 'J I '. I i H I i I """ T 1 I IB Ufl H H rfl H Bex 1 V- ,v;r Kyi KFAC proudly presents AT THE WHITE HOUSE, WASHINGTON, D.C. State Concert by PABLO CASALS, Cello Mieczyslaw Horzowski, Piano Alexander Schneider, Violin SUNDAY at 1 p.m. 12:30 O MWE-Bnai nS43 . "I Was an Adventuress." MOVIE-Orimi (1951) 'Tb I. Girl." 12.45 O MOViE Csffisdy 0331) 'The MitlfiwuiK." . . 1:00 O MOVIE-Drama fl 923) 'Tn Greene Murder Caie." 4 LEON AMES Presents . "HELL'S OUTPOST" Rod Cameron and Joan lesfia The Debut cf 'BUBBLES' BENNY . and Hope' Chest AT THE PINK PUSSYCAT 7969 Santa Monica Blvd. Hollywood No Cover OL 4-0280 1330 AM 92.3 FM

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