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2 Eotf anffflfSf meal )' 3 HELPFUL HOUSE GUEST JOHN HALL DRIVE A Komar's Tip Helped Feuerbach Set Recbrd The Sponsor Game New Cadillac; EVERY YEAR PER mmsm 25 ImM MONTH fi 1 1 i i i' i -i i -I, -j r--. i I ft Street because it helped him practice speaking 'U It's really funny to see a. big brute (6-foot-5, 290) like that, watching a kids'; program," Feuerbach said. "But we don't laugh at him." i- 4 ADDITIONAL TO NORMAL 24 MONTH OPEN END LEASE a Glenn Davis, Mr. Outside, and Will Kern, Mr, Inside of the Times Special Events Department, get some curious mail.

Those cards and letters keep seeking their support in the matter of conducting fun and games. "You may find this somewhat crackpottish at first inspection, but the longer you ponder it the more it will intrigue, opened one of the latest brainstorms. "What I' propose is a boxing tournament featuring the toughest men in the National Football League one entry from each team. "In the first round," for instance, you could have Dick Butkus of the Bears vs. Buck Buchanan of the Chiefs, Marlin McKeever of the Rams vs.

Jim Kiick of the Dolphins, etc, It would build up to a championship finale worth $50,000 to the winner Are you beginning to grasp the beauty of this?" Well, intriguing maybe. Impossible, definitely. But that's the way it comes and goes in Special Events. Other suggestions have involved golf tourneys, motocross, tennis, yacht races, bike races, handball and even a round trip ride on a refurbished train pulled by an ancient steam locomotive. "We're interested only in blue chip events," said Davis whose department raises money for the many charities the Times Fund.

"But we listen to all ideas. Final proval, of course, is up to the senior executive committee." As might be guessed the blue chip lineup is already pretty well filled by three major events the annual indoor snike spectacular know as The Times Games, the yearly Ram football opener in August and the Grand Prix that climaxes the Can-Am series for sports cars the last weekend in October, at Riverside Raceway. Over the years, The Times has also sponsored the Soap Box Derby, Golden Gloves amateur' boxing, the U.S.Russian dual meet and Pacific-Southwest tennis in build-, ing anchoperating the Times Boys Club as well as raising several million for more than 100 other Southern California charities. falcon premium Premium double belted tire featuring 2 nylon cord body plies and 2 rugged fiberglass belt plies for long mileage and superior resistance to punctures and impacts. Wide 78 series profile.

Discontinued tread 650-13, E78-14, F78-14, H78-14 F78-15, G78-15, H78-15, J78-15, L78-15 World indoor shot put record holder Al Feuerbach says he gets good advice from his house guest, Polish Olympic shot put champion Wladyslaw Komar as long as he doesn't interrupt Kornar's favorite TV program, Sesame Street. Feuerbach said it was Komar, staying at Feuer-bach's home while competing in this country, who gave him the tip that produced Feuerbach's world indoor record toss of 69 feet, 5 34 inches Jan. 27 at Portland, Ore. "He told me to keep my body down lower to get the full thrust of my body into the toss," Feuerbach said. "I followed his advice and it (the record toss) was one of the most effortless throws of my career." Feuerbach, who finished fifth to Komar in the 1972 Games at Munich, said he hoped to use Kornar's advice to break 70 feet during the indoor season.

i'The next logical step is 70 feet, said Feuerbach, who will duel- Komar in The Times Games at the Forum Friday "I think it could; come any time. 60 Technique "I know the "strength is there, now it's just a matter of techniques. I put more reliance on' techniques but you -have to have the strength." Feuerbach said for him, throwing the shot was 60 technique and 40 strength. "For a guy like Olympic silver medalist George Woods, it might be the other way around. But he weighs 300 pounds." Feuerbach said the 32-year-old Kornar's favorite TV program was Sesame QUEEN OF HOPE Lovely Lynda Carter, Miss U.S.A.

of 1972, will reign during Bob Hope Golf Classic, which opens Wednesday at four courses in Palm, Springs area. Bob Rosburg will defend title. VP) Wlrephoto ilr i 'kl'K a 2(D) any size Boyd: 73 Bruins Better Than Wicks-Rowe Club Plus 1.76-3.28 FE tax" and trade-In. Whitewalls 3.00 more. Available in whitewalls only.

'Premium is our designation, no industry-wide standards exist for premium tires. Most American cars. USC coach Bob Boyd said Monday that the cur-rent UCLA basketball team is better than the one that Sidney Wicks and Curtis Rowe led 'to the NCAA championship in 1970-71. "But I don't know if the shock absorbers installed deluxe shock 1 absorbers heavy duty level lifts heavy duty shock absorbers Original equipment Our heavy duty shocks have 50 -greater fluid capa. city, 50 larger chrome plated rod and 100 greater working capacity.

Level lifts provide safe levelride with any load and give better sure footed, control. coil spfing valve design for greater relii ability. installed Most American Cars installed Most American Cars installed ..) MOSt American Cars Bill Walton team is better than the one that had Lew Alcindor," said Boyd, The: Aldndor-led Bruins won three straight NCAA titles (1967-68-69). Boyd reflected on his team's 79-56 loss to UCLA Saturday night' and told the Southern California Basketball Writers: "I was disappointed about our ability to make a game, of it." Asked about his team's move into third place behind UCLA and North Carolina State in the. UPI rankings, Cal State Long Beach coach Jerry Tarka-rian said: "The ratings are very good for: us and they're good for our community, but 'we don't; talk much about them.

"It's nice to be ranked high but I'd rather lower in the nation and ahead of San. Jose State in our conference," Long and San Jose are tied at 4-1 in the PCAA. Billiards Results WORLD CHAMPIONSHIPS At Hollywood Legion Hall -Jim Rempe (Scranton, Pa.) def. Stev Cook (Lima, Ohio), 150-104; John Ervo-lino (Las Vegas) def. Lou Butera (Reseda), 150-103; Joe Russo (Trenton, N.J.) def.

Luther Lassister (Elizabeth City, N.C.), 150-121. Jack Brelt (Houston) def. Steve Cook (Lima, Ohio), 150-38; Clsero Murphy (Brooklyn) def. Jooe Balsis (Minersvllle, 150-23; Lou Butera (Reseda) def. Richie Florence (Torrance), 150-60.

They've all been worthy projects, but none has consistently generated the same excitement as the Big Three the Ram game, the Grand Prix and the indoor track festival, the 14th annual of which unfolds Friday night at the Forum with a typical cast of 250 athletes, 25 events, 17 world champions and an international field of gold medal Olympians from Poland and Italy, "Track and field1? I guess, is my personal favorite," said Kern, the meet director, and it's a convenient way to feel. It always all looks so easy once the athletes hit; the boards. But getting them there and tying it together is quite another matter the grandest assortment of little headaches in the Excedrin yearbook. Among other things, 1 Kern, for example, has been driving to the airport about every five minutes to personally welcome the arriving stars. Saturday he drove through the rain to meet Italy's Gianni del, Buono, who defeated Steve Prefontaineiiv Europe shortly after the Olympics and will be out to do it again to the colorful little Oregonian in Friday night's 2-mile.

The Italian distance star' was due in from another; meet in Toronto, So Kern waited at the gate as. his scheduled flight unloaded. No Del Buono. "Luckily, I started to read the paper while waiting for the next flight," said Kern. "I see his name in the Cleveland story." Sherlock' Kern to the phone booth.

Call to Cleveland meet director. Yes, Del Buono WAS there. Call to Sheraton Cleveland. Yes, Del Buono IS here. Hello, what are you doing in Cleveland? Ho-ho, nothing to worry about, just a last-minute change of plans and temporary detour.

Yes, he's still coming to L.A. And Del Buono finally arrived Monday. The Polish contingent (shot put gold medalist Wla- dyslaw-Komar, miler Henryk Szordykowski, Andre Kupczyk and lady sprinter Irena Szewinska) landed Sunday. Three of them did, at least. Komar was missing.

"No problem," sighed Kern. "I did some phoning. Komar got here ahead of the others and has been staying with Al Feuerbach so they could "work out together. He'll be here for the luncheon today at the Airport Marina Hotel, meet headquarters, with the others." i Duran Will Fight Mexican Here Roberto Duran of Panama, World Boxing Assn. lightweight champion, has signed to fight Juan Cach-orro Medina of Mexico Feb.

22 at the Olympic Auditorium in a 10-round non-title bout. 'ii Duran won his title last year by knocking out Ken Buchanan of Scotland. Three weeks ago he stopped Jimmy Robertson of Los Angeles in a title fight. Medina is' unbeaten in 29 fights. His record includes 28 knockouts.

COLLEGE BASKETBALL (Includino games of Feb. 3) 1 UCLA 121 17 2 N. Carolina 116 16 3 Indiana 106 14 4 St. Johns 101' 15 5 Memphis St. 100 16 6 CS Long Beach 98 17 7 Jacksonville 97 16 8 Marquette 96 16 8 Minnesota 96 14 8 sw Louisiana 96 16 11 Alabama 95 14 11 Maryland 95 14 11 Providence 95 14 11 San Francisco 95 16 11 South Carolina ..95 13 16 Tempi.

94 11 16 Virginia Tech 94 13' 18 North Carolina 93 16 18 Virginia 93 20 Kentucky 92 10 20 St. Louis 92 12 22 BYU 91 15 22 Kansas St 91 1 14 22 Missouri 91 15 22 Notre Dam 91 8 26 Houston 90 15 27 -Florida St 89 ,15 27 USC 89 13 27 Vanderbllt 89 14 30 Duke 88 9 30 Stanford 88 9 30 Syracuse 88 14 Other ratings included: 35 Oregon 86 12 37 Santa Clara 85 14 58 CS San Diego 79 12 71 CS San Jose 75 1 75 Pacille 74 11 75 Washington 75 12 81 Oregon 72 10 86 California 71 8 100 Loyola (LA) 65 7 126 CS Los Angeles 62 8 126 UC Santa Barb. 62 9 133 Pepperdine 61 10 143 CS Fresno 59 9 173 Washington 5 175 St. Mary's 48 6 ntt9s aitt.ttlhcB'llDiPCDfflidflwaM TIRE CENTERS OPEN 8 AM to 8 PM Mon. thru 8 AM to 6 PM Saturday; Noon to 5 P.M.

Sunday Anaheim 535-8121 Cerritos 860-0411 Chula Vista 427-1161 Crenshaw 293-5151 Del Amo 371-4681 Newport (7H) 644-1212 Topanga-883-0803 Long Beach 596-3333 Downey 923-9331 Fashion Valley 291-6011 Grossmont 465-1121 Hollywood 469-6111 Whitrier 943-7211 Panorama City 894-1121 Ventura 642-751 1 Huntington Beach 892-3331 Las Vegas 735-3113 Pomona Ontario 1714) 621-3011 W. Covina 962-3611 Bakersfield (805) 892-5550 Orange 998-1311 Riverside (714) 687-1021 Phoenix (602) 263-6466 San Bernardino 888-1444 Redlandi 796-0417 Northridge (213) 885-7377 Itof 1 he soir NHL HOCKEY. TOMORROW FEB. 7, 8 P.M. LOS ANGELES, KINGS vs.

UPI Cage Ratings Rrst-place votes, won-lost records as of Feb. 3 and total points: 1. UCLA (35) (17-0) 350 2. North Carolina St. (16-0) 314 3.

CS Long Beach (17-1) 242 4. Indiana (14-2) 222 5. Minnesota (14-2) ,127 6. North Carolina (16-3) 86 7. Alabama (14-2) 79 8.

Maryland (14-3) 73 -9. Missouri (15-2) 72 10. Marquette (16-2) 64 11. Houston (15-2) 52 12. Kansas St.

(14-3) 48 13. St. John's (N.Y.) (15-2) 40 14. SW Louisiana (16-1) 36 15. Providence (14-2) 23 16.

Memphis St. (16-3) 20 17. San Francisco (16-2) 18 18. Oregon St. (12-5) 12 New Mexico (16-3) 12 20.

Brlgham Young (15-4) 10 PHILADELPHIA Em -ji FLYERS JUNIORS NIGHT Jrs. (14 I Under) V2 Price in S4.25 Or S3.25 Seat Tickets at Box Office Tickelron FOR RESERVATIONS CALL 673-T300 Fabuloui Jt OKU MWL.U3. Hiram Walker Special The smooth, subtle whisky that captures the spirit of Canada in every drop. Like Canada itself, Walkers Canadian has a proud tradition. 114 years of superb whisky-making by people who just won't settle for second best.

Incidentally, don't let the modest price fool you. Your first sip will tell you this whisky really measures up to its promises. So go ahead.Try Walker's Canadian.Tonight. HiramWalkers 'Canadian The Russian champions, led by celebrated sprint king Valeriy Borzoy, are due Thursday, direct from Russia. "I know they're coming," said Kern.

double-checked every couple of hours with the State Department. They've taken out their visas." There are other meals for differing tastes How can an airline misplace a fiberglass pole? Where's the best place to take a little 25-mile warmup run at With all the international flavor, Kern is probably most pleased about landing 600-yard whiz Martin McGrady, the "chairman of the boards," and Chi Cheng, making her first start in an individual running event since injury nearly ended her career in 1971. McGrady is no Olympian. He's never been too much outdoors. But inside on the board track he runs 600 yards like nobody else.

Three years ago Kern put together the dream showdown between Mexico City Olympic champs Lee Evans (400 meters) of the U.S. and Australia's Ralph Doubell (800 meters) meeting at the neutral distance of 600 yards. They didn't disappoint. Both set world rec'ords. But there was one minor distraction.

Both finished behind McGrady. This is particularly a big week for Chi Cheng. Monday, she took her final citizenship tests. Friday night, the remodeled Chinese supergirl, who still holds four world marks-, finds out how far she's come back. Her leg agonies were finally diagnosed a year ago in Taiwan as a solidified thigh muscle.

Surgeons removed 17 inches of "rock" from her thigh. She spent 52 days in the hospital and then another five weeks learning to walk, let alone run. These are the things that it go," said Kern, just another fan in real life, and he's right. There's no more exciting show Still, I can't help wondering. Just how well would Dick Butkus stand up against Buck Buchanan's left hook? I rVi'i ttlDAV 1 I hiram'- 1 WALKER'S CANADIAN Brand new 73's Immediate Delivery! Pontiac Grand Prix per mo.

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FT-A Pcf. A Pts. Avg. Goodrich 1563 -47-1003 .464 216- 257 .140 153 TO 1150 7 0 West 51 1793 471-953 .494 262- 324 .809 219 541 1204 23.6 McMlllian 53 1888 394- 892 .442 129- 160 .506 305 146 917 17.3 Halrston 28 939 158- 328 .482 140- 178 .787 370 70 456 16.3 Chamberlain 54 2274 269- 364 .739 157- 139 .492 972 223 696 12.9 Bridges 54 1802 220- 455 .484 111- 162 .635 589 130 561 10.4 Erlckson 50 1209 193- 448 .431 70- 86 .814 203 152 457 9.1 Rllev 37 534 106- 260 .407 58- 69 .841 37 51 270 7.3 Prk 40 557 114- 253 AS -41- 47 .872 68 59 269 6.7 Granf 23 120 39- 89 .438 18- 21 .857 37 5 96 4.2 Counts 43 318 51- 121 .421 15- 27 456 130 33 117 2.7 Turner 10 71 11- 35 J14 3- .600 17 5 25 2.5 Team 54 .479 1192-1616 .731 3029 1504 6127 1134 $C39 $0 aMs qt. 33 PINT.

i I titn WhVn i lptd by Hiram Weiktr linpe'ftii urn, III Fiincm.Ckli). BOPrpef Wfi((rJCwi.

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