The Los Angeles Times from Los Angeles, California on June 28, 1953 · 79
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The Los Angeles Times from Los Angeles, California · 79

Los Angeles, California
Issue Date:
Sunday, June 28, 1953
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Viw " uryymnrinnm t'rwoiyi rt'ftTVI't irwwui ''"" I w v 1 X r- SUNDAY BRUNCH is extra raisin scones. Pat the rich 6-inch circle, then cut into flaky crusty top, brush with MEET MRS. GUNDERSON Peggy Is Warm and Helpful BY MARY TRO.TA DAVIS When you meet Peggy, as Mrs. Harley J. Gunderson is known to her friends, you feel you have known her all your life. A tall blonde with a warm and friendly smile, she is a genuine, natural and thoughtful and sympathetic The new second vice-presi dent of the Junior League of Los Angeles is a doctor's wife who does a million things but never neglects her family. Her enthusiasm extends to many interests, which she and her husband share together. The Gun-rlersons are a team, whether playing bridge, excellent tennis, executing a household decorating project or discussing the latest book they have read. When Painting Stalls Harley is expert at planning decorating projects .which the couple execute together. Tables, lamps and "valances have been beautifully made by Harley, while Peggy sews on spreads and drapes and Harley III, 5V4, gets in on the fun when the painting starts. Peggy is an excellent cook and really enjoys fixing unusual and delicious dishes that have just the right touch of herbs, sour cream or wine, witn no help, she serves a delicious dinner to the many doctors that Harley brings home on a moment's notice. Streak of Actress There's an actress streak In Peggy, who has an uncanny ability to express herself with ease and who will discuss a problem in which she is inter ested with great enthusiasm and clarity. Her extempora neous speaking ability stems from a keen, logical mind and a ouick sense of humor. The only child of a lawyer father, her ambition at UC, Berkelev campus, where shes took many law courses, was to eo to law school. However, the war interfered and, following eraduation. with honors, she decided to take a business course at Wright MacMahon Secretarial School. - .... Romance Steps In, Romance stepped in, a'fter a stint as secretary at Hughes Aircraft, and the newlywed Gundersons led a Navy life. It wasn't exactly a dog's life, even though they rented three rooms In the Corona dogcatcher's home when Harley was stationed at Corona Naval Hospital! , Peggy got tired of letting the dogs out of the wagon and accepted a job as assistant Girl Scout troop leader, then as leader, while Harley learned furniture-making in the physio- - therapy class at the hospital in his spare time. The crafts; they learned at Corona are now being applied to their period style home with successful re suits. Her logical and analytical business mind and her talent for organization have been put to good use in Mrs. Ounder son's positions in the Junior League of Los Angeles. All-Time Record An all-time record in adver tising sales was made when she served as business manager of insTirsinimv lEFORf AFTER Nose Correctlont Fact lifts Phont tr Writt Evelid Wrinkles for Irrformttiot Ears Set tack No Obiiiatim Fact Peel DR. S. GOLDBERG J5.4t,Nw,,Tvt.,h"'- HO- 9-1834 M VEAIS m IHf MM! tOCATION 0 J ) "A A ,. special with these tender, flaky baking powder dough into a four wedges. To assure the milk and sprinkle with sugar. Friendly, unassuming woman and her interest in others is sincere. V lit Mrs. Harley J. Gunderson Floyd Huff photo the leagues News. As ways and means chairman this year she successfully headed the Junior League Race Day at Hollywood Park. She was of in estimable value on the finance and legislative committees, for which she organized a panel on socialized medicine. , She has served as scholarship adviser for the Kappa Kappa Gamma house at UCLA, worked at the Venice Well-Baby Clinic, Childrens Hospital and St. John's Hospital and has served as secretary in the Red Cross office and done political. precinct work. She is serving on 'the board of the Neighborhood Settlement Association and on the neighborhood work committee for the Welfare Council.; Child-Care Chapter Party Set Tonight The, Mildred Strauss Child Care Chapter will give .a' patty tonight in the Deauville Club, Santa Monica, starting with cocktails at 6 p.m. Dinner and dancing and a special program will follow. , , In charge of arrangements for the event areMmes. Frances Lehan, Edna Lcvine, Edie Bartnof, Evelyn Leon, Jean Koretz, Ann Feldman and Lois Soter. Yearly Picnic Planned The annual picnic, sponsored by the Adopted Children's Association, will take place July 12 in Garfield Park, South Pasadena. There will be games for the children and other entertainment. PERIODIC PAIN m Menstruation is natural and necessary but menstrual suffering is not. I i i i i : j . i i rj . JU51 hue i miuui laoier, tana, ana j go your way in comfort. Midol brings W faster relief from menstrual pain ft relieves cramps, eases headache m-A k.u tk. kl..u n , 1 itu ultra nit uiuca. : a . WITH r Southland Sunday Breakfast Entertaining Proves Popular BY MARIAN MANNERS j Entertaining atSunday breakfast is ,- growing .', in popularity here in the Southland. . Understandably so. Breakfast or b r u n c h menus needn't be elaborate to be effective. Informality in the keynote, which makes for easy hostessing. A fruit course, hieat, eggs, bread, cereal or coffeecake or both, and beverage make meal preparations not at ail compli cated. For example, you" might select frozen orange Juice con centrate, bottled prune Juice or maybe canned or frozen grape nectar. Meats could be bacon, sausage or even creamed dried beef to serve on frozen waffles. Many Varieties of Cereal Ready-prepared cereals come in wide variety. Choose from popular sugar-coated flakes, shredded wheat, oat cereal, bite-size wheat or rice cereal and the like. Or perhaps choose a cooked cereal such as old- fashioned or quick-cooking oats, nutritious natural wheat MARIAN MANNERS THE TIMES LOS ANGELES 53 Enclosed find cents for copies of Marian Manners' leaflets on canning and freezing plus the free new leaflets on "Preparing Fruits for Home Freezing" and "Hawaiian Food and Fun." ( ) HOW TO CAN OR FREEZE BERRIES AND CHERRIES ... 10 cents each. ( ) HOW TO CAN OR FREEZE APRICOTS AND TEACHES ... 10 cents each. ( ) HOW. TO CAN OR FREEZE PEARS AND TLUMS . . . 10 cents eath. ( ) HOW TO CAN TOMATOES, FAVORITE PICKLES, SPICED FRUITS AND SPECIALTIES , , . 10 cents each. Name" Address City and Zone No (Please print name FREEZING, LEAFLETS BY ROX1E HOAVLKTT I Summer canning, preserving and freezing gets into high gear! Marian Manners, Food Editor, is announcing the arrival of , two more especially prepared up-to-the-minute leaflets on canning and freezing. "How to Can or Freeze Pears and Plums" and "How to Can Tomatoes, Favorite Pickles, Spiced Fruits and Specialties" are the titles of these three and seven-page leaflets which are filled cover to cover with answers to the many questions you've been asking regarding canning. Specialties Detailed Step-by-step directions for both hot pack and cold pack canning are completely ex plained, followed by favorite recipes for treats such as mint ed pear marmalade, pickled pears, spiced figs and watermelon rind pickles. Included are detailed direc tions for' freezing plums, prunes, pears, tomato juice and tomato pure? and instructions for preparing specialties such as pickled walnuts, pickled fresh dates and cherry olives. . Free Extra , Leaflet Both leaflets also include charts for purchasing fruits in proper quantities to yield desired amount of finished product. This information, as well as the many recipes, canning and freezing details, was care fully selected and sorted by Marian Manners and her staff so as to bring you Southland homemakers the exact informa tion you need, clearly and sim ply explained in the most up-to- date method possible. IT5 for Your Smile! Just use this original soW-brijtlt brush rtgultrfy. It's designed for both teeth nd gums. Try it tnd ttt tkt difftrtnet! la 3 silt fr all tlit family f ill IMW W 42 Ask Your Druggist LbbbbJ V'...?." cereal or even oldtlmi corn- meal mush. Bakery bread, too, .gives us wide choice for toast. If you wish to prepare special bread or roll, we have two excellent suggestions for you today. The orange-filled rolls have a tangy orange filling. The raisin scones have a wonderful fruity flavor; to make them crusty and brown, brush with milk and a sprinkle of sugar. " Sunday Brunch Menus Here are several Sunday brunch menu plans we've found successful and popular: Menu I ' , , Chilled Orange Juice Crisp Waffles (frown! with Creamed Dried Beef Milk Coffee or Tea Men 1 Orange Flavored Applesauce Kggs Goldenrod on Toasted Shredded Wheat Coffeecake flutter or Margarine Milk Tea or Coffee ' Menu 3 Honeydew Melon with Strawberries Com Flakes Milk French Toast Orange Marmalade and address plainly) CANNING OFFERED Each leaflet sells for 10 cents. and be prepared for the economical fruits and vegetables as they arrive in peak season. With your order you will also receive free the new extra leaflets, "Tested Tips by Jean Porter on Preparing Fruits for Home Freezing", and "Hawaiian Food and Fun New Reci pes, Menus and Party Ideas." 90 at Jewish Home lo Be Entertained Ninety fathers, residents of the Jewish Home for the Aged, will be luncheon guests Tuesday of the Senior Auxiliary of the home, according to Mrs. Sam Shiell, president. Mrs. Celia Pons, chairman, announced that the evept will take place at the home, 325 S Boyle Ave. Mrs. S. A. Krone will present gifts to the elderly men. Mrs. Simon Lewis is chairman of hostesses. Mrs. D. B. Nanas has charge of reservations. Palms Junior High PTA Elects Officers Mrs. Merrill Morehouse Is the new president of the Palms Junior High School PTA. Other officers are Mmes. Fos ter Evans, Max Dawes, Fred Parent!, James Healv. Huarh Bruce, Henry Upton. Albert Zeldman, Jules Dimapt, R. M. fcntrekln, Charles Skenfield, John V. Tabor and Vincent Te Maat. The latter is faculty representative on the board. lfll D 1y? a4 WITH EASY 11 MIRACLE SPRAYS Pgt your weeding tools away W EEDON E ... siirtel. H MNr Wtedone takes the groan out of weeding. Spray weedn away. It kills over 100 weeds and woody plants, including dandelion, plantains, poison oak, Japanese clover and wfld blackberry. Contains 2,4-D and 2,4,5-T -no vapor injury to theplantayoulike.Hann-lesa to people and pete. Won't kill grass. Look for the big red can. Ill Mil W HI JIM 1 1 CM JIM Plastic Applicator ' to At your oertftt supply ifort AMERICAN CHEMICAL PAINT CO. Mtktn W IranstlaataM; lottoM; (rvinmt; SMrJtaat; ACP Fnat Tim Soot; ACT Rom I Ftoitl tat. ACP Soil Cwrditnttr; Crt-SM; Wtsdott Crik tins hM .Myic , , r Coffee or Tea . ' i Mena 4 Chilled Crane Nectar' Poached Eggs Rroiled Bacon Corn Meal Muffins Orange Marmalade Milk Tea or Coffee Menu 3 Chilled Prune Juice Oatmeal with Raisin Scrambled Eggs Fried Bacon Corn Meal Spoon Bread Strawberry Jam Milk , Coffee or Tea ; . Menu Cinnamon Sprinkled Applesauce Sugar-coated Flake Cereal Milk or Cream ' ' Baked Eggs Canadian Style Bacon . Coffeecake Butter or Marcarine Milk Coffee or Tea RaiHln Scones '4 cup seedless raisins 2 cups sifted enriched flour 1 teaspoon salt 3 teaspoons baking powder i cup granulated sugar Vi cup shortening 1 CRg Milk ' METHOD: Rinse and drain raisins. Sift flour with salt, bak ing powder and sugar. Cut in shortening. Add raisins. Beat egg lightly and add enough milk to make si cup. Stir Into dry mixture. Turn out onto lightly floured hoard and knead lightly, Divide dough into thirds. Pat or roll each to 6-Inch circle. Cut each circle Into four wedges. Place on greased baking sheet Brush tops with milk and sprln kle with sugar. Rake at 425 dee. about 15 minutes or until well browned. Makes one dozen large scones. Orange-Filled Rolls 2 packages yeast, compressed or dry V cup water (lukewarm for compressed yeast, warm for oryi 1 cup milk , Vt cup granulated sugar 1 teaspoon salt V cup shortening 5Vi cups sifted enriched flour (about) 2 eggs . METHOD: Soften yeast in wa ter. Scald milk. Add sugar, salt and shortening. Cool to luke warm. Add flour to make a thick batter. Add. softened yeast and eggs. Beat well. Add enough more nour to make a soft douah Turn out on lightly floured board and knead until smooth and satiny. Place in greased bowl, cover and let rise in warm place until douhle (about one and a half hours i. When light, punch down. Roll out to long narrow sheet V4-inch thick. Spread ,wlth orange filling. Roll up Jelly-roll fashion and seal edge. Cut into 1-inch slices. Place cut side down in greased muf fin pans. Iet rise until doubled. Bake at 350 deg, about 20 min utes or until browned. Makes four dozen rolls. Orange Filling 1 cup granulated sugar Vi cup enriched , flour : 1 teaspoon salt 1 cup ground whole orange V cup water METHOD: Mix sugar, flour and salt together. Add ground orange and combine.' Add water and cook until mixture thickens. When cool, 'spread on dough. Makes enough filling for four dozen rolls. You may telephone this department for help with home- maicing prooiems, recipes or menu ideas. Dial MAdison 2345, 9 a.m. to 5 p.m., Monday through Friday or write to Marian Manners, care of The Times, Los Angeles S3. CLUBS TODAY Los Angeles Chapter, National Secretaries' Association Swimming party, .Holiday House, 27400 W Pacific Coast Highway, Malibu, 1. Mildred Strauss Child Care Chapter, Mt. Sinm Hospital Dinner, Deauville Club, Santa Monica, 7. Mizrachi Women's Geulah Chapter, picnic luncheon, 1306 S Spaulding Ave., 12. Cat Magpies Tea, program, uutmore Hotel, z:ao. YOUR I LAWN "EDGES YOUR LAWN WEEDS NEW! V Put your ras$ clippers away TRIMTONE.. . tris laws tips Trim tone contains the marvelous new chemical MH. You trim edges in the time it take to stroll around with sprinkler. It actually stops growth for six weeks. Trim by spraying lawn edges, grass around flower beds, between flagstones, etc. Economical, too the $1 package covers an area 6 inches by 500 feet long, f -II. pki $1 2V4-M. slif. H 1ft. Hf. IS spray Trim ton or Weedon FUm any wertw-Utp gallon jug. Don not cut or scratch hand.. ENGAGEMENTS KLEIN-GOLDSTONB Miss Diane Goldstone, daughter. of Mr. and Mrs, A. A. Goldstone, to Richard Klein, son of Samuel R. Klein of Beverly JiiHs. The bride-elect was jrraduated this month from Stanford University where tme was elected to Phi Beta Kappa and Sigma Del ta Pi. She will return in the fall to do graduate work, Her fiance, who was graduated from Stanford last June, is now In the School of Law. He is a mem ber of Sigma Delta Chi and Phi Alpha Delta. GOLDBERG JAFFESON Miss Jewel Lee Jaffeson, daugh ter of Mr. and Mrs. Reuben .laffeson, to Laurence Martin Goldberg, son of Mr. and Mrs Samuel Goldberg of Montebel lo. She Is attending LACC where she Is a Alpha Sigma Beta. He attends Los Angeles State College where he is af filiated with Delta Kappa Phi, SMITH-HOAG -Miss Patricia Louise Hoag, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Edgar D. Hoag, to Robert M. Smith, USN, son of Dr. and Mrs. Fred C. Smith of Trona. LOMBARD-STERN Miss Mathilde Stern, daughter of Mr and Mrs. Meyer Price Stern, to Daniel D. Lombard, son of Louis Lombard and Mrs. Sphar- dj Lombard. LASKARIS-DESBY Miss Helen Desby, daughter of Mr and Mrs Nick Desby, to John P. Laskaris Jr. The prospective bridegroom, a premedical stu dent at SC, was winner of Bank of America scholarship award. JONES-PIAN Miss Arlene Pian, daughter of Mr. and Mrs Max Pian of Beverly Hills, to Jerome Jones, son of Mrs. Law rence H. Jones and the late Mr Jones. The bride-elect attended LACC. Her fiance is an alumnu; of UCLA. They plan to wed in the early fall. Bay Area Air Force Squadron to Meet The Ladies Auxiliary, Sant Monica Area Squadron, Air Force Association, will meet Wednesday in the home of Mrs Robert Enger. 11829 Pacific Ave.; Culver City. Mrs. John Henry Is chairman of a committee , sponsoring monthly parties for patients of the plastic surgery ward In Wadsworth General Hospital. A recent benefit party in Mrs. Henry's home will pay the expenses of the first party. The first of the Sunday Eve ning Buffet Suppers on The Deck which have been inaugurated at the Huntington Hotel In Tasa- r"ena was attended by many gay family groups on the opening Sunday. We were reminded aain of Pasadena's perfect cli mate for out-of-doors aining when we noticed that most of the guests were seated out on The Deck of the Ship Koom. Long tables ladpn with really su perb dishes gave diners a cnoice of delicious hot or coitt meats, salads and vegetables, while the genial chef who presided at the pastry table W?S kept busy serving enticing desserts. Why not visit Pasadena net Sunday and enjoy the "Buffet on The Deck" at the Huntington? For reservations call SY-2-0266. Are yon one of the women who has recently inherited money? If so, you should know. that Mrs. Average-Investor shows a prefer ence for the better Mutual Funds. Investor-participation in 100 and more different securities has its charm for the small investor. If you Want to Know more about Mutual Funds, Hazel Zimmer man, one of the nation's top mar ket specialists, can tell you, 632 S. Westmoreland Ave. For information phone DU-81778. Imagine having a lovely cold wave permanent in just one hour! Yes, from start to. finished wave, you spend only sixty min utes having th smart new Lady Mien wave at T. W. Mather's Beauty Salon in Pasadena. (Air- conditioned!) Call SY-6-6161 for j'our appointment, upen won. and . Fri. eves. Free parking. Colorado at Merengo. ' For line handbag repairing, see Parisian Handbags in the Broad way-Spring Arcade Bldg., 542 S. Broadway, street floor. Expert work, low prices. Small repairs while you wait All work guaranteed. MA-6-0985. Sell your diamonds and dia1- mond jewelry to the largest dia mond brokerage house west of Chicago. M. Weinsteln, who has been in business for over 40 years, will pay you the highest possible cash price. Diamonds can be disposed of now advantageously. Suite 719, Roosevelt Bidg, 7lh at Flower. TR-0696.' Leah Mackay to Work in Children Hospital Miss Leah Mackay, who was graduated from Bennett Junior College, Millbrook, N.Yn early this month, plans to spend her summer doing volunteer work at Childrens Hospi tal. ,The daughter of the A. Calder Maekays of Beverly Hills, she will enter SC. .',y..V V -V ., i& P0S1T1UIIY I V rhLUtiJIO m soiiBiimi! j ;-'"-".i,.t. " jf . . V : . . t J ...positively prevents peeiingl Sensational SEA & SKI is greaseless... non-sticky. Gives the most glorious long-lasting suntan you've-ever had. Actually conditions your skin as you tan-. Now you can stay in the gun all day . . . even the first day. (Just follow easy directions on label.) Positively no drying alcohol, no messy stains. You tan perfectly... nature' way. GIVES INSTANT RELIEF TO SEVERE SUNBURN I UttANTEIi Your mnty rtfunM if you d not find SEA A SKI betttr in ti any yther tunlan tniuet. Week-end size ...... .59 4 oz. jrlass .... , . .98 4 oz. plastic squeeze .... 1.19 8 oz. plastic squeeze . . . . 1:91 and lareer sizes Plus Frfml T O' LOS No more wondering how you win look m a rew hair-do! Thei Jr'agic Mirror allows you to actu-j ally see yourself in many differ ent hair styles before your hair is cut, then you and the Master Hair Stylist decide on the most becoming! Phone the Magic Mirror Beauty Salon nearest you for details and appointment. Baldwin Hills, AX-3-C133; Brentwood, AR-8-4205; Pasadena, SY-6-2668; Lakewood, L.B'. 5-6458; Long Beach, L.B. 70S-424. Have your figure analyzed by a highly trained Lov-e' Brassiere Expert, who is fully qualified to recommend t h e. r custom-fitted Loy-e' that's best for you. No charge for this Service which is available at both Lov-e hhops where these famed bras are sold in a range of 18 models and 500 sizes. $"-$! 2.50. Pasadena, 368 E. Colorado. Santa Monica, 309 Wll-s ti ire. Brighten up your summer cabin or home with a new lamp or fixture from Valley Lighting and lamps, 12205 Ventura Blvd. They have a wide selection for all types of homes. Special this coming week if. a solid brass wall lamp for only $4.95. Phones ST-7-4208, SU-2-4088. The enthusiasm shown by customers of the May Company Beauty Salons for Mr. Denny, famous New York Hair Stylist, has resulted in a "return en gagement" of Mr. Denny at the Crenshaw store, from June 29 tnrough July 3. Phone AX-3-4311, F.xt 236 for yctir appointment. The Denny Special permanent wave, regularly $20. is offered during the Anniversary for only $9.50 Hilo Hattie, Hawaii's beloved comedienne, can be seen and heard nightly in the "Islander" Room at the world famous Hol lywood Roosevelt on Hollywood Boulevard. You treat your guests to the very best when you in vite them to this hotel, famed for its superb cuisine and excellent service. You can let them take care of all the details for you, confident that you nd your guests will be delighted. Simply dial Hjp-9-2442 for Information. SUNDAY, JUNE 28, 1 953-r8rt HI Sojourning in Hawaii I Dr. and Mrs, Joseph Marp1f of . Pacific Tallsades r regt tered at the Hotel Jlana-Maul, Hawaiian Islands. Also a guesf there is Miss Doris Groves of W 5th St. Jf First Suntan Lotion ever created that rry way than ANGELES' Did you know that you ran make reservations for any of the famous Hilton Hotels across the nation simply by calling the asv sistant manager right here at.The. Town House on Wilshire Blvd.? I- or the convenience of its guests,; ' Hilton Hotels nave established an Inter-Hotel Reservation System, by which you can obtain an im mediate reply on reservations at' my of the Hiltor Hotels up to twos ; months in advance! When making pjans to visit New York, Wash-V ington, Chicago, St. Louis, El ' Paso and other cities, you can make reservations here at The Town House. Through this Inter-Hotel Reservation System reset-- . vations are also accepted for the : magnificent Carihe Hilton in San i Juan, Puerto Rico, t he newest ho- tel in the Rjcturesque Caribbean.-; For further information calW Mary Ann Jorgc-nson, DU-9-5658.'! Have yon enjoyed dining at Thsi Den, in Pasadena? They serve delicious dinners, late evening suppers, cocktails, in the charm ing, Old English dining room.;; Paneled walls, "brass lamps,.1; English prints and red-checkered '. table cloths invite leisurely din- ; ing. 670 N. Lake St. SY-3-0984. ' those annoying skin blemish- : es (acne, pock-marks, etc.) cari f be removed by Miss Hale, spe- . cialist in facial rejuvenation ; She can also make you look 10 to!; 15 years younger in just two weeks! Phone DU-4-7039. The "Spiral'' permanent ware, the ideal wave for long hair, fine hair, or hair that has no body, can be had at the Irene Johnston) Salon, one of the few featuring "Spirals." Un- doubted iy this salon is the best equipped in Lob Angeles for all types of permanent waving. "No hair is too long or short to wave" the answer to difficult hair problems. Also a complete beau ty service. Hair tinting, bleaching; by experts. Hair cutting by Hr,'r-Floyd. Sensibly priced and per- sonally directed by Irene John-.1 ston, 811 W. 7th St, 2nd fl. Phone " TUcker 3746, Vx blk. from Statler 1 Hotel. ' Snperflnon hair expertly and permanently removed by Mabeiy Brentwood (Smith), electrologist." 4 649 South Olive St. Phone VA7 8095. Booklet mails on request! :

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