Naugatuck Daily News from Naugatuck, Connecticut on December 14, 1949 · Page 3
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Naugatuck Daily News from Naugatuck, Connecticut · Page 3

Naugatuck, Connecticut
Issue Date:
Wednesday, December 14, 1949
Page 3
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Social •••••••••^^••^••rBMM^a^a^^^^aaM^ Catholic Womerf Plan Christmas Program Sunday Final nrrnngementu for tl-o presentation of n Ohi-lHtman jilay by children of St. Frnnck.' parochial school «H rntorlalnmont nt the nnnual Clirl.itmn.'i Ion of iln I.'auRatuck Council of Catholic Women worn diHrusscd last ni'^ht i.' n m*M>t \i\x of (hi* cxffuUv • board of the council held al the r.nme of Kathtrrinc and Doroihv O'Toolp. The piny, tir.dcr thi- direction oil' S.stor Edna Marln, will be prc.wnt- ed Sunday afternoon in Columbus hall nt 2: IS o'clock, "with 90 ,:hll- dren to participate. Council mcmbei-H may lnvi:e guests, and following the i>Iay, rc- frrHbmrnt.'i will he Served children who performed In thn production. MI.<H Phyill.i Morriii and Mr». John Joyce request nil members willing to n.H.Hiut with uu-i;im;o- mpnt.i be .-it the hull Satiirdav mornlni: 'it 1(1 o'clock. Bonrd members a.isistlnj; are risked to j pi- •viflf! Kuppllrn at »)in! lime. Mls« Franc.f.-i Oiirldy. prfiilden'. reminds members that Chrlxtmus Blfts will be received Sunday a-. penionn renldluK at Tfome. the tea for Meadowhrook ME .IT A CIJTiWAV flUt THAT IMI'OBTA.IT EVKNT1 W» C«» FN no., . r(>0 life FORTH A V, HIIOI" »»•• A" or 81., Wtfcy. IMBIMBO'S Personal Evangeline Circle Names Mrs. Johnson, President Fraternal Alr.s. Wallace Johnson WTIH elect«d prt-ftldi-nl of the Kvn n|;ellni> r:ir- "!'! of th<; Sfilirrn Llll hnr.'in clulrcii 'U th<- annuitl moctlnK -md <:lecti(ni •j( offleei-H hold lu.Hl nlcht in I he church hall. Hln' tiiKrceeds Mm. Wil- MH PeterHon. Other officcr-H to u erve during Uic '•oinlnc yerir arc: Mr.-i, i'"r- r ie.'(t lCli>,'lun(i, vice pri-iiiilcnl ; Mr.M. Harry Carlwon. reeled oil secretary; Airs. Harold 1'elcrnon. rooloetcd ' reaHiir<.r; Mrs. ricdrf;'' I'ninler, fi- 'inneliil Hoi'retiiry; Vivien Anderrion timl Mm. Art bur PearHon, plnrilnlii; Ellen AnderHon nnd Audrey Ander- BOM, auditor.'!; Mm. Willlii Potonion and MI'H 1. V. OlHun, flower ciim- 'nittci.>; Vivien Andcreon, Hcrnji book: Esther I,undin, publicity; Florence Anderson, Mm. Nftrnian SenrH and Mrn. WIIIlM I'oternon, noinlnaltng committee. A turkey dinner \vn.s served by Mrs. Robert Anderson ; , m | ineni- Oer« of the fourth (,'roup jirecedln;,' the huMlni'ss meetlni;, which v/a:i conducted by Mrs. Willis Peterson <ind nt I ended by r>. r > memhofH nnd Hvi- KllcMl.M. The hall wa ;i de ( :,,i'ateil f or ClirlnlmK.-i and Included u lai^r "iKhled tree. The devotional period WHH conducted by the president, and Mr.-i. Hurry Cnj-liion ri-ml the mlnutc.-i of the hint mooting. The president Rave a report of 'ho ncttvitioK of tlie past year, and Mr-M. Harold Polornon preii'onl eij the 'n-.-iMurer'ii report and alno th(> n- tiort of the llower committee. A report wan (jivi'n on Hie I'air hold laiit rnniith. Mm. Louis Hiicltlund wn« accopt- ed ns a new member. The Circle X S GLOV£S A. gift every woman loves and nlio ran't hnvc too ninny. Handsome gloves lo Ktiil, every taste by dawnelle. $2.00 FKKK COri'DN's NBW KOH1) With KOK Norwash *J209 Church St. SHOE STORE Naugatuck /\ nrdsley awnelli» donated n 'nun of money lo tin- n- lid commHtcr of (he ehurcli, whleh will cnri- for I he tiei-dy dur- IM/: the. Ji(jli(l.-iy .Me.-t.'.'ofi. A t-',tt'\. '.vmi pri'Hunlird the Hi-v. l.ionuld I.. Kent, ]i;iHtor and bis family. Th<- next, nieetlni; will he Indd .Inn. Ill, with hoflle.'i.He.-! to lie annomu-ed, Uurlnr. the pioKriim c;uo', sln^- inj; W.'IH eomiui-t eil. tin<l /illilc:-. wel'(; Mliown of the full- bnollui .ilirl ilili- me I'oojii, Slhlei! al.'io wei--- of tho "Littlest Camel." Knell member fui-/iiMh''d n Kifl fin- pntientn [it. Ui<: l' 1 nirfli;ld Hlate hoHjillul, InHl.Mid of tho UHiinl i;rab bn^; K'"- OrrnijiM for 1950 wt;ru nppointe.d HH follows: (irollp One, Mr;i. .lumen Keynoldii, elinh'nnin ; Mrn. Kny uionil .loliiiMon, Mr«. Wnllnre .Inlm- yon, MI-K. Anthony I.upo, J ( 'lm-cnce Antler.son, Mrs. fl).-orj;e .lobnnori, Mr.M. Henry JobiiMnn, lOllen Wood tn, MrM. (liiMtuv -lolmHon, MI-M. Geoi);e Painter, Vivien Anderson, Audrey AnderMon, Mr.M. Norm.'in .lohniion, MI-M. l,oiil:i J'.neli lund, jMni. C)He;u Andernon. fjiouji Two. jr,hi»i. J,i,renl/.'u,n, uhalrnmn; Mr;i. Adoljib Nel.-ion. Mrn. Axel CarlBon, ;-.irn. I<:rne;d l:',i>n- luml, Mrn. Kdwnrd Clnrher, Kredn t'etorwon, Mrs. Iilrlc l-'niljrlelson, Enthei- J.iitulio, A«ne H AnderHon, MI-M. Joel Andei-don. I'aullne I'enr ••«'ii, Mrn. Illldlni; (Jinori, Mrn. Marry C.-irlson. Mrn. Carl Hiilmon- :-;oii, Itulb \Vedin. Cii-oii|> Tliree, Mr::, lionnld Kent, ehiilrmim; Mr;;. Htephnii I .in,liny, Mrs. 'Frldoir Nelson, Mrs. J-Idward Mr;). Herbert liohlin. M'I H. Itohert Aod.'l-HOII, Mr.'l. VVlllirt I'l'liiMion, Ml'M. J. IjOiliM JohiiHon. Mrs. Norman Sr-nrs. Mrs, ICrir Anderson, Mrs. I. '1. Olson, Mrs. A no re w Anderson, l-Jtliel SalnioiiMoii, Mm. Normari yundholm. 'irollp J'"our, Mrs. .naymond Oirl- •ion. ehalrman; Mm. Ibirold I'eter- son. Mia. lllbnei- .Sanl'ord, Mrs Miles J.Jerry, Mildred Carlson, Mrn, Eldon Robs, Kllcn Anderson, Mrs, Alfred Krent/.man, Mrs. Adrian Olson, Kstber AnderHon, Mrs. A r- Ihur Parson, Mr.M. Arlhur Nelson, Mrs. Arthur Pearson, Mrs. Wallace Nelson, IVI la Anderson. — i !••• in mmmmmtn^nuf Christmas Cards and Wrapping- Paper Miss Foster's Shop 17 Carroll Court Parish Plqtyerv Luther Pkmning 25tlj Holly The 2ri! h annual OhrlHtrnMH ilanee, liponMnred hy the l-'arlmi IMf.yerM of the ConKrt'.Kallonnl (!blirc'h, and known as t.lio llolly Mop, will be held Wednesday evi-- nini;, ,1 >ec. 2.S, in tin- parish honmt on the flreen. Two danc one for yoii ft'rlock, io h lurnia.1 danc ; o'clock. Mimic fo provided by rlio.Mtra, wh for the dimcon nine; Mr. mid Mr«. JS. co-preHldents of tho are helrtf; arr/iT peoiilo from 7 ffillowcd by the for adnltn from 0 to bolh ilancoH will he Joe Hock and hla ov- han furrtlfiliod nniMic ' 1!M7. Leonard Borg, PnrlHh Play- ecu, are general event. Mr. and will nerve an Junior Hop. Knborl Urown and Hara Emory are chairmen of the rof ri'Hhmonl. eonimlltee, and Mr. anil MVH. Krnnk Howled, iiro in charge illc decoration:!. TIcketH may i.hlnlned from Donald Klrby, 'l l-houe ;;7ril, 01 friwn iMcmb«rn iii: ! coirimiMee. chairinon for the. Mrn. Wcidoy Co,' nponHorn of Ihi, of 1,0 o!o- of I AII Officers At | Meeting 1 Last Night All officer.-! nt' I ho SlHU-rhood of ('oii|:n'i;allon Hi-lh Inrnol worn rn- i-lri-liMl liiMt nlj;til. »t tho annual iiii'ctlnj; Hi-Id In UK; community cnn- U'l-, 1-IK I^nlrvii-w avunuc. Tlif off'kMM-M ;irn: Mr-.s. HarryPllM- Itln, prndili'iil ; Mm. llymun Alpiii-l. vli-i'-pri'fddcnl ; Mr.-i. Murniy Kugoll', Leo Lieberrrmn, Inko .'ii'cri'lnry; Mm. I reasnrer. Installation coremonloH will place ul I he next Koneral in of <'oii|;ri;i;utloii .Urjth Israel. The slale was presented by Mm, Sidney U'eisa, Mm. Aaron Wolimmnn, Mrn. Hohorl llarria and Mm. Julun Don, nominating committee. A Chanukan party will be hold Sunday, Dec. 18. at the center, with n musical proitram to bo proHonted and (,'il'ts dlslrlljuted from a jfrab haj.;. Mrs. MorriM RoHonblnt.t IH chairman of the party. A liiiffet. anpper will ho fiorved New Vear'.H lOve. with Mrn. David Coldsmith in ehartfe of arranKC- mi'iilH. Keiiei'vatloiiH should he made not later than .Dec. lifi with Mrw., (deplume (18(31, Mrs. Rosenblatt and Mm. Samuel Kiovman wor<! appointed to inve.stl- Kate co.stH and styloM of chiiim, of which J0(l will he purciiuned for tho community center. Hostesaca for the evening' were Mm, Pllakin and Mrn. Roiioriblutt. A :neotlni; of t.ho Second Dintrlct American r<oKlon auxiliary will be hold tonight ill. H:'M o'clock In Pythian hall, Wo»t I-lavon. $29.50 ^$39^0 I HAD LEY'S SLASH PRICES ON 380 HEATERS FOR QUICK DISPOSAL! d «U Pov»« lu \, * daotne coop' 6 , tot ih ese — - \rt »w' bcnqc We're loaded with hcalom and ll'n bocn warm oulnlclal Thal'i why wo'uo clonhod prICBn on •very llcalor lor quick dlepoiall Hurry in lor a "Hop bargain! Sorry.. No Mo!/ or Phone Orders/ None Sold to Dealers.' DOWN! "SSVL HUM L Names Officer* Allan Johnson WIIH oloclcd president of tho Lulhor Ixmguo of the Salem Liithm-an church nt the an- iiml mne.t.InK hol'l rncnntly In tho hiiruh hall. Other offlccro named tiro: Unity HuHtfaltlH, vlcr.-pre.side.nt; Robirt Olwon, financial KocriiUu-y; J'Viin- :I:H llan.Hcn, Hccrotury; Robert. Swanunn, treasurer; Durlonn Ncl- ion. pocknt tostarnnnt nocrctnry; Ucrlel Olson, chaplain. Team captalnH to bci In charge if i>iit.i>i l tnlrimont and refroHhmcnlH are: ICllHO Pnti>rsnn nnd Carl Po- liirmni ,tcum on«; Alnn 1'elernon Almqiilnt, tiittin two. War Mothers Meet Friday A mooting of tho American War Mothor.M will bo held Friday OVH- ul. 7 o'clock at tho home of Mrs. Harry Krcldlor on Ouk street. A pot-luck mippnr will bo served, afler which a brlof himlnoHci munl- iritf Vlll bo conducted hy Mm. VClna Moutin, president. A Chrlxtmmi program IH plnnnnd, and Klft.M will be. distributed from a K''iih bat?. Tho lumlntitt will 1> C us- ulslcd by MI-H. Mau Krauu. Thn annual mooting and election of offlcem of the Ijidloa' Aid society of tho Salom Lutheran church will bo held tomorrow iwcMlni? lit 0:.'IO o'clock In tho church hall. A ChrlHtrmui party will b (( held In con- Junction with t.hp meeting. Mern- hni-H roquoHlod to fnrnlnh a gin for imtlBntH nt l.h« Soulhbury Training school. Smoker Tonight At St. Mary's Hall Boxing and wrestling matches! will foiit.urn thii Hrnoknr for man of St. Miiry'fi Church tunlifhL lit H o'clock In thn church boRumnnt. Boxlnf? mrilchoM will fan turn VvF.- li;ni) Mnrlln VH. Put Mnlann uri-.l the Surantun IwlnM, Wllllum aivl Gone will meet foi' n three rounder. In wroKlllnK. Don IBronmin will fiu'.n on<i of tlxi MntoH broth- tfl'M. JiimcH McKcnrm will hi; prlnrl- ,dil HptMikor nrifl rcfrisHhinenlH will hi! Hurvitil at the ('lf)M(' nt the ).ro- Ki-am. A lui'tfc attendance IH ex- pecl.nd, Ramona Council Plans Election JSInoUon of offleuni uf Rrimomi Ciiiincll, l.)eK>'(>u of Poculiunluo, will bo hrld TtiGHdny evening, Doc. 27 at N o'clock In Odd l.<'oIloWM hall, according to platm dlHCUiiHMl lant night Hi a mooting of (ho organization. ' A Christmas party for children will ho hold In conjunction with the mooting, with all ninmbura re- (lUUHloU to furnlah a 20-cent gift for tho children's jrrab OHK- Mrs. Jofii'iih Pln.Hky IH chairman of ur- ranf;'«rnontn. A larj, r « ntt.oridanco WHH recorded (it InBt night's mooting, during which u cliiHM of canrlldtitUH were, with a loam from Kyod- ta Council of. Bridgeport In chni-Ko. ,A siippor was nerved prior to the NAUOATWCK NEWS (CONN.), WKDMCSDAV, PKC. 11. in«»_PAC;K 3 What's Doing In Naugatuck i XMAS J'AIITY Thn unnuul ChrlHtmm! party of Uin Wunltday School of ReHnlon will 'altii plm:<! tomorrow afl.ornoon In tho MothodlHt. church, Automoblleg will hu nt. the ronpoutlvc! nohooln to nick up children promptly at 2.30 o'clock and take them to the how I church. A Calendar of Events" 0 " 10 8 «•• m rrt j m Meeting of Post Today, Tomorrow and Every Day Wednesday, Dec. H, Public curd party, sponsored by Magnolia, Encampment, G'dd Fcl- IOWB hall, 8:30 p. m. McelliiK of Salem school Parent- Teacher HHUocltttlon, 8 p. m, Thurmlay, l>e<-. 15 fianta Jjinds by Helicopter, 3:15," In Nautfiituck. Meeting of the NaURiituck Valley Detachment, Marine Corps league, Odd FcllowH hall, 8 p. m. McetlnK of tho NauKUtuck Numismatic As.'ioclallon, town hall, 7:30 p. m. Friday, I>ec. 10 Mooting of the Xj\dles' auxllln-y ol the Naugutuck Valley DetwH- ment, Marine Corps (League. Odd Fellows hall, 8 p. m. ChrlstmtiB concert, Nuupratuck High school A Cnipclla choir, school auditorium, 8:15 p. m. Social mcotln^, entertainment, Pond Hill Community club, 8 p in. Saturday, December 17 NEWS-Salem Playhouse Chrlnt- mas Party for Youngsters Salem Playhouse 9 n. m. Naiipatuck Junior Woman's club Yulnlide dnneo, Holnl Klton, Waterbury, 0 p, m. to 1 u m. Sunday, Doc. 38 Eagles children's Christmas party, 2 p. m. in Odd Fellows Hall. Carol Sln(? by children of Olen- ridgo area, sponsored by West Sine Community Club, 4 p. m. Monday, Hoc. II) Roguliir monthly mooting, Nau- gatuek Feiiowcraft Assn., Mnsonlc Temple, Church street, 8 p. m. Wednesday, I)IMM>III|HT 21 Mooting, Chrlstman party, Amos- Ican Lcplon auxiliary, Memorial No. 17, American Ix'Klcin. Legion M'-rnorlnl Home, Cedar ntrect, 8 p. m. Thursday, I>e«<>mb<>r 22 Oornmurilty Cnr.,1 Hin«. Horseshoe on Tin- Green. 8:3<) p. m. iCHRISTMASi CARDS for EVERYONE! SPECIAL CARDS For Relatives NOW MAIL- BUY— VISIT OUR GIFT ANNEX ON THE BALCONY Your Christmas Store 1WEEN1 j,ART nnd STATONRRV STORK V 2UI Church St. _ .Vanuatu, k Write a letter to Santa ...Mrs. Housewife! and mail it right away 7300 SERIES ROPER. Buying's Convenient... Right Now Santa likes bargains as well as the next fellow/ That's why • not-too-subtle suggestion to him now will help put » new ROPER Gas Range In your Mocking on Christmas morning. There's an outstanding selection of these dif. linciive beautiei from which io choose. Prices represent exceptional values. Terms are the easiest Imaginable. How about it? Wouldn't you like a new ROPER Gas Range? Cooking's Much Easier With Exclusive W^rfCbokirk|?0 "SIMMER-SPEED'! TOP BURNERS Perfect Control t>J Heals "STAGGERED" COOKING TOP More Viable Cooking Span $& LARGE "3.-IN-1*? BAKING OVEN Speed, Even Heat, Eeonomy "SCIENTIFIC- COOKING CHARTS For Baking, Cooking, Broiling • "SERV-HOT" BROILER GRILL Servei Foodt Hitt from Cool Tray SEE THE NEW GAS RANGES NOW IN OU R SHOWROOM OR AT YOUR DEALER'S Small Down Payment • Convenient Terms THE CONNECTICUT ^^ LIGHT & POWER Co I ji - »,>•' -*a-iv -WVS Busiaeit-Manageif, Tax-Paying

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