Naugatuck Daily News from Naugatuck, Connecticut on December 14, 1949 · Page 2
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Naugatuck Daily News from Naugatuck, Connecticut · Page 2

Naugatuck, Connecticut
Issue Date:
Wednesday, December 14, 1949
Page 2
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r.yr.E a—XAUGATL-CK NEWS (CONN.), WEDNESDAY. DEa 14. ll)l» DREW PEARSON ON WASHINGTON MERRY-GO-ROUND Drew Pearson Says: John Maragon Still Enjoys Special Privileges; Still No Action On Long-Delayed Perjury Case; Justice Department Slow To Move When Bigwigs Involved. - dc- •HOU.--P. Higher-ups in Justice have ffivon orders to Morris Fay, oiltcient U. S. attorney for the District of Columbia. to pive them a full'''3rcport (>n the perjury CILHO against Marabou uml to make no move without ronsultini; the Justice Dopurt- m f • n t . Tin-. h:tH not boon done in othor im;>ortant caiue. General Benny Meyers also faced «. perjury rh:ir^'p. but no nuoh order went to Fay from the Justice Department. Hi- wa« convicted and jailed without juiy delny or consultation. .li.hri Mnrm:on not only fnrra an :i!m«st identical perjury charge, tint Son. Clyde Hooy of North f'.-miMnn, chnirmnn of the Senate exi>rnditAireK subcommittee, officially r^?r.t the rai-» to tho Justice Department with a ri-qirool for premonition. Furthermore, to extra precautions Hocy went . . to have a . of his subcommittee prno- vn'. when Maragon was questioned so there would 1)0 no legal loo<p- hole for a wriggling out of a perjury prosecution. Kin.-illy. it has been three full ni'.ntlw since the Senate sent its report to the Justice Department, •intl stiil no action. Ordinurliy. ii takes :ibout one week to bring a r.-i.'if .if this kind before n grand jury M.-tr.-ijron. of rotimc, lini! Iliul 11 special White House pass, has :<up•;-li-fl liaiior to r;r-nerrtl Harry V:i-.i;jhan. has ridden on special 7>ri>.sid<-riU:tl trains, stood on the bridge of a battleship with the f'j—.-idfnt when he reviewed tho fleet in New York, and at one time b.uj wm< t,, the White Hoimc at almost any 1lme of the day or'-.t. So while General Benny Mi-yprs can't even (,-et a parole, -M.-ir.-u.'on isn't oven Indicted F.-iihrre to act in the Maragon c:i-j«. brings up a point regarding the Jtixtire Department which mo*! j, ( . t , r ,)e ,] on ' t realise. The !,.',!:<• generally thinks of the JUK';•• J»p.-ii-|rnent -i<i (he protective ! r-i : -.-h i.r the t;. S. government. •vhj,-!> re.-u-herj out to .punish fliw- hore.s-y wherever found and does • '.-' • "••<• ;r> Jjet-p the Federal gov- A r -v:.--w of important cases. '• " ' "'-. indicritcs that the. Ju» t;. .. ricTv.r-t,;..,.,.[ |., (.xtromcly re '<:••:-:• t • ;• > after the big boy in i.-.vo:-:::;:, n!. ,-ind that most o 1ne >~)..;Lnu;> ::,«..•, have been de v-Vyr<-d either In- committees o t'or.Ki-etn or by | nc nrw.ipapcrs Ki-fHiuently it isn't until after '•rirr-.e hn.< been thoroughly aire< by tin- j>re",s and on Cn|-'ilol HII Unit the siKitilled upholders of th law in the Justice Dopartmen move in. An<l if some friend o hi-^'h jxiliticiJ ns-urc is involved •-•uch its John Mar.iKon, «ometimci they don't move at all. Her- are a few notable caws in ALCKK won trial fo perjury-. This case was developed by the House Un-Amrrioan Activities committee, which turned up Hie fumed pumpkin papers. Slnci .he Justice Department flnailv mov.-tl in, however. |tu lawyer have done an efficient and persist < nt job. CONGRESSMAN ANTIREWMA-V I- KKNTt-CKY -Now sentenced "> jail. Various hints of May's Peculiar activities wcre published oy tins column and others for :jome ycarK. but it took the Senate I'lvesticatinc commiltec, undoi • '•" Jim Meatl of New York, to >nnjr out the facts. After that th< ,1 -D< ' - P'"-tment acted. '" I^k A f n'o^H «. S nr- n T Ced <0 " J "-" ThornasU KkulTu^'e^-" Atl^r "hi -.are! ed checks in ThomW, kick(MCI; deals. p] us ,, n i mp<)rtant R _ "eTrJ!: C .^_! Ur ? C[J ovpr *» <h« J«.«- throufili For The Best In Jewelry [C.H.TomlinsQ Near; Bnlldln* k. Conn. —The first public revelation Uuit General Meyers had been up to no pood was published In this column on July 29. 1947, when it was stated that Meyer.i had speculated in the .stock market with as much ns $-1.000.000. Chief Credit belong.* to the Erewstcr committee, however, for br!njrin«- out the facts In the Meycra case and turning thi-m over to the Justice Department. ARABIAN OIL—It was also the Brewster committee which developed the nmaiiinir manner in which certain admirals and tho Navy had overcharged the U. H. •Government for Ani.Iilan oil during tho war. The Justice nejpurt- ment, for reasons best known to 11- Belf, never prosecuted this scandal, but exposure of the facts resulted In new oil contracts and a wiving to tho taxpayers of millions of dollar». SENATOR ELMER THOMAS OF OKIJVHOMA—When u Ki'and jury probingr lobbyists learned about the speculating activities of Senator Thomas, it wanted to indict him, but the Justice Department demurred. Instead. Thomns's frlondit. v/ho worked with him (n speculating—Ralph Moore. Tom kinder. J. E. MncDnnuld, nnd Robert Harris!*— were indicated. He wim not. Thomas has been <lofemle<) during discussions Inside tho Justice Dqpartmcnt by No. 2 blR-wlg Peyton Ford, who hullu from Olslii- homa. Ford al'so di-a,'rjred hl« heels at prosccuUng certain other hlfh- ups in government while the liltlo fellows a.'isoclated with them went to Jail. In fact, Ford Is ,,,io of the weakest-kneed Iti the Justice 1>- Troop 58, Brownies Becomes Two Units Troop No. 58, Brownies, has been divided into two tronon. it wan announced today by Mr: 1 . Robert Prlt.t, loader. They will bo known as Troop 58, which will meet.. Wednesday afternoons, and Troop BRA, which will meet Monday tLfternonriH, In SI. MIchurTx Church purlsh hoiise, Troop riKA, with Ii; momboi'H, met Monday in the purlRh hrjui^e, with MI-H. I'rllt and the MlhneM Rofie nnd Topnblunrn n.h- HiHtnnl. li-nileni, In chargi... A p! t>- |;ram wn» conducted under the new officers, -.'divided Into two groupH MM folluwH: Orcni|> urn-, Judy Carmoily, pronldent; Terry Carmody, secretary; Nancy Blr' 1 . Kail, tronsurer; and Gretchen An- iliM-son nnd Rosemary Fltzgera'.d, Hag curriers. Group two, Judy MurUm, president ; [Undii Hubbell, secretary; Beverly Naug(!s, tr«,i!i- urer; and Mary Jnrie Magnnnlrno and Carolyn Kamernnl, flag cm- rlurw. AH II n ChriHtmas project, thn troi)|> will give toys and books and oonute a sum of money to the Ncwlngloi, Home and Hospital for Crippled Children. Members will meet Saturday afternoon In the parifih house to wrap presents irom ];30 to 3 o'clock. At. the next-meeting of the troop, u Chrismas iiarty will be he.ld. Brownlu pins WCM-I! jiresented to riiiu; girls. They were: Sandra nnd Sharon Ashman, Nancy Blrdsall, Judy and Terry Carmody, Joan Foluy, Carolyn Katnerzul, Mary Jane Magnanimo and Judy Murtha. Guests present were: Mis. William J. BIrdHUlI and son, Mrv. Howard Kumnrzol and Son an-l Mrs, Jiiseph Murtha and daughter. partment when It comes to going after the big politico)* who cheat their own government. On tin: oilier bund, the Justice Department's criminal division and the FJil did an excellent juh- of (racltlng down nnd pmnnRiitlnK v.-u-liiUH treiuK'n IMIMOH notably Axis Sally, Tokyo U<t-M, Herbert Burgman, together with the Judith Coplon documents cane 73tit In num. of these wore any high-up Three YMCA Youth Clubs Plan Meetings Thursday, Friday Three YMCA youth clubs will meet Thursday evening and on» Friday evening, It wan announced today by Wnsley Cady, Y program secretary. The Alpha Trl-HI-Y elub will mout at 7 o'clock lor u Chrl«lmuH pnrty, Mr. Cady said. The Rroup will ulno illHciiiw plans for 11 cako Hiile, Mrs. Ix>ulS Becker, nd^ltior, l<i In cliurgc. AlHii meeting at 7 o'clock will bn the li'reshmoi'c Hl-Y club. At 7:3') o'clock the Alpha Hl-Y club haa n meeting. A program of Hpoit» movlcH will be shown. Friday evening at 7 o'clock, the Gra-Y club will meet under the direction of Arthur Taylor, advisor. Name Chaperones For High School "Snowfall Ball" Mr. and Mrs. Edwin C. Mlllwr and Ally, and Mrs Lawrence J. Mfitzltln will be chaporonos for the "Snowfall Ball.,' an Informal dance l« he held In the Nnugutuck Hl*h School auditorium Thursday evening, D/.-c. 29, under tho Hponhir- ship of the senior class. Music for dancing will be provided by Bob Mete and his orchestra. Tickets for tho dance will go on sale Thumday. Thny may bo obtained frwn membor« of tho Heifoi activities' committee. J, Roger Currier. cltiNH proHlcJont, i« In ohnrgo ol arrnngcmenls. SCULLY, Florist Flower* lor Kverjr OcctuiluD 4110 BALDWIN ST. W»terl/orr tKO T. HOtTIAy, Prop. PHONE WAT. C-7280 BUCKMILLER Funeral Home 22 PARK PLACE Telephone 4334 FLOWERS For All OocMlow FLOWERS TVXeGRAPmCD EVEBTWHEBE MELBOURNE'S FLOWER SHOP UOBUBBKRAVENU« 1W. Ktt LADY DAPHNE" lltllKRISTJMLE Matching Set... Exquisite lingerie, tenderly fashioned for Her ... a tribute to her loveliness . . . opalene rayon aatin just laden with deep, rich lace ... 32 to 38. Gown 9.98 Slip 7.98 Hip Slip 5.98 LINGERIE — STEEET FLOOR iMUBLER LIEBESKIND, 33-35 EAST MAIN ST. WATERBURY FREEDMAN'S STORE OPEN THURSDAY, FRIDAY AND SATURDAY NIGHTS UNTIL 8:45 NAUGATUCK'S BIG CHRISTMAS STORE GIFTS SHE WILL LOVE and TREASURE GIFTS that carry the prestige of Famous Brands. P. S. — Special attention for men doing- Christmas shopping for HER. PURSES . .. Rroucfclo'th, Cfllf, <COnn tf ~t f\(\(\ Kuedcs 3>O U " to *lU"" LOAFER SOX... All color*—B)ut:kH, lirown, Jtcd, (irccn, 4 t» BUXTON BILLFOLDS . $200^600 GLOVES . . . By KayHer and fl»-| /w\ ffOAA Wcnr Rite ................ 3>1UU ^ a^UU FLEECE and FUR LINED GLOVES ............ . ............ $398 to $498 SKI GLOVES . . . lied and Nuvy Pair WOOLEN GLOVES and MITTENS . Pair ........... $100^200 SILK and WOOL SCARFS . . . By QlandKer fl»-| f\f\ . . . beautiful army of colors «>J[UU to UMBRELLAS . . . Bilk and «OQC Nylon , ................... 3>^iJO ^ FOLDING UMBRELLAS . . . to KARU JEWELRY . . . Piiw, Earrings, Necklaces (g-| f\{\ Plus tax .................. 3>_|UU JEWELRY BOXES . . . All colors fl»-f QO Special ................... »X»O DORRET COMPACTS and KITS . . . $100 to $500 NYLON HOSE . . . By Gotham, Gohlstrij>o, OA« ff "| QK arid Kayser ................. */*/*' to * A*'*' BEAUTIFUL HANKIES . . . $298.^ $798 BLOUSES. . . Nylon iincl silk . . . by Camcli iiml Jan Holly UNDERWEAR... Nylon and nilk , . . by Sumiiprufc, Shurloo, liltn- Swan, and Kwyscr . . . including «lip s , «owriK, lull)' nlips, ROBES . . . Silks, nylons, <|tiilted flannels and' clicnillo printK LOUNGING PAJAMAS ... 2 tones ... ^f9o IM $^4^8 GIFT BOXES and WRAPPINGS IF YOU WISH! 191-190 CHURCH STEEET NAUOATUCK STO«E OPKNi THURSDAY Mid FRIDAY MOUTH UNTIL 3:45 Get Your Lucky Coupons Here On The New $1800 Ford Car. 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