Naugatuck Daily News from Naugatuck, Connecticut on December 14, 1949 · Page 1
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Naugatuck Daily News from Naugatuck, Connecticut · Page 1

Naugatuck, Connecticut
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Wednesday, December 14, 1949
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Tomorrow's The Day--Santa's Helicopter To Land In Naugatuck Today's Chitckle Father (to unwelcome Nultor)— "I don't want my daughter tied to » hopcl>HM Idiot all her life." Suitor—"Of course not ,»lr. Then I take it I have your convent'.'" VOL. LXIV, NO. 292 Beacon Falls Children To Greet Santa Special Buses To Be Provided For Youngsters School children in Beacon Falls will DP dismissed from HChools at 2:4?) o'clock tomorrow afternoon In order to have time to come to Naugatuck to see Santa Clnua ai- rive in his helicopter at 3:15 o'clock Youngsters In the finrt, second and third gradeii will be transported to Naugatuek In three chartered buses, according to Mrs. John Donahue, principal of Center and Nyumph achuolx. Arrangnmcnts (or the buses were made by Walter OKoskl. with the^ cooperation of Beacon Falls businessmen. Santa Is arriving by helicopter at tne U. S. Rubber Co. Church strew parking lot at the invitation of The NEWS. After he lands at 3:15 o'clock. Santa will go to the offices of the NEWS where he will visit with the children and distribute gifts to all those attending. A special detail of police has been assigned to the area by Police Chief John J. Gormley. Both Chief Gormley and Fire Chief John J. Sheridan have approved Sanla'.-i landing 'field. Through the cooperation of the Music Shop and the courtesy <-.f Ai Conn and Rocco Labrioln, a musical setting will be provided for Santa's landing Carols and other Christmas songs •will be piped to the landing field Irom a record j>layer In The News offices. The music will be con tinued daily until Christmas. Tomorrow is religious instruction day in Naugatuck, .but directors of the several denominations have agreed to curtail programs and release children in time to see Santa. Beacon Falls children will be released from school at 2:45 -with joungsters of the first ' thre-; grades to be given transportation in buses. Everything is in readiness for Santa's arrival. Chief Gormley today urged motorists to pe.rk their cars in th»; Santa Claus area before 2:30 p. m No cars will be permitted in the U. S. Rubber Parking lot on Church street and traffic in and out of the A. & P. lot will Le halted at 2:30. Cars will be permitted to snter the Rubber Co. lot just as soon &.i Santa's plane leaves. Santa will b'o directly to The News offices from his plane, which will take off for the North Pole. xtyatitck Daily 400 Children To Attend Union City Christmas Party Walter Staskiewicz_ chairman, announced today that' plans for the children's Christmas party sponsored by the Union City Community Club, have been completed. Nearly 400 children are expected to attend the party Sunday afternoon, starting at"2 o'clock. There will be presents for all children and SantaClaus will be there when the party starts. President Richard Kelley reports the club will meet Monday night at 8 o'clock in the Polish-American Club, with a Christmas party to follow at 9 o'clock. All members are invited to attend. Final arrangements for the children's party were made last night at a meeting in the Cheplick Studio, Myrtle avenue. A delegation from the club plans to meet soon with Warden Harry L. Carter to discuss the sanding of hills in the Union City area during and after winter storms. Several complaints of icy road conditions were received by the club. 'Dedicated To Community Public Service" WKATIIKH MoHlly HUnny this afternuun, colder than yesterday, the high In tho middle 30's. Clear and colder to- nlfchl, the low bi'twcen 10 and 15 <U'Kru«H. Tomorrow; rnuHlly gunny and continued cold. TKMI'ICKATrilK HF.I'OIIT Midnight, 'M ; .'! ». in., :n; a «. m .. 34; i) u. m., 33; noon. 36. ESTABLISHED 1885 WEDNESDAY, DECEMBER 14, 1949 Laased Wire Service of the United Press 10 PAGES Children Meet Santa At Emblem Club Party PRICE FIVE CENTS „.,.„,. S.AATA gutuck and his Thibodeau Photo „..,.„ .... , . . CLAUS. sitting In front of u large ChrlNtnun live nt tho children's ChrlHtmas party «,f the Nau- Elk« Kinhltun Club, toll* u Uirifn K ronp of cbl <lrmi ,f 1,1s •.ulvi-iiluroiiH trip from tlie North Pol.- comlnc visit lo their honii.s C'hrlHtmus Kv -. Abnut 100 children enjoyed thi- party, held ill Ui<> Elks rooms. Santa brought (fifto rill and rafrfslunc-nt.s wcr Three Clubs Plan Party Xmas Day Beacon Falls Correspondent's Phone 0748 Mcmbors of Post 25, Beacon Falls American Legion, the Beacon Hose Co. and the Community Club will •ncot tonight in tho Community Club to discuss plans for the annual children's Christmas party to he held Christmas Day in the club. Santa Glaus will attend the party and will distribute presents to the children. At tonight's meeting, the committee will determine age 'imits for those attending and work iut other details for the party, ac- lording to Michael Krenesky, general chairman. Last year some 200 children at•ended the party under the sponsorship of the three organizations. Refreshments will be served and i program of entertainment is to be arranged. Party Guests Members of Schaffer-Fisher Poi;t 25, Beacon Falls American Legion, at last night's meeting, accepted an invitation to be guests at The annual Christmas party of he auxiliary to be held Saturday night in the post home. All members are invited to attend. The post is cooperating with th« local Boy Scout committee in sponsoring the Scouts financial drivo for the Naug-atuck District, whi.:r> includes Beacon Falls. Those who wish to contribute may sond dona lions to Commander ErnestTrisaHki or any member or officer of thj I'OSt. Adelph Nelson Fractures Hip Adolph Nelson, 56 Quinn street, is a patient at Waterbury Hospital where he is being treated for a pos- lible fracture of the left hip, sustained last Saturday night when he slipped and fell near his home as he left his car. Officials at the ho;> nltnl report he had previously injured that hip in a fall last October. I Mr. Nelson te traffic manager of the U. S. Rubber Co. footwear plant. EXPLOSION Sioux City, Iowa—An explosion has ripped through this meat- packing plant of Swift and Company at Sioax City, Iowa. A policeman at the scene says he be- Mleves 25 persons were killed in the blast. '1 Letter From Santa Claus \ The North Pole Dear Children, What would you think if I told you a secret? Oh yes. around Christmas tiro« I have plenty of secrets. But this is extra special. Lake Sugar Plums! This year the candy making elves had bad luck with their candy canes. And so we are keetfrinf all of them for ourselves. This should last us all year long. Now candy canes are the favorite of all to th« elves. They can use them as walking sticks, then when they are tired, they just eat them. And what about Christmas for you children without candy canes? Why. of course I nearly forgot about that. To be sure you shall have candy cajies. We just made a new batch. We did that las* night and you should see them all hanging from the rafters of the toy shop kitchen. And what fun we had making j them. All of the elves put on big I white aprons and tall white hats. ! Mother Claus had on a big- apron too, and she tied one around me. So we were all wearing- aprons. Then we got busy and spent the whole night making: those candy canes. Love, SANTA CLAUS. P. S. As you read this I shall be on my way to Naugatuck for a special visit on Thursday. My helicopter will land right in the Footwear Plant's parking lot on Church street. And then I'll go to the Naugatuck News offices where j I'll distribute goodias to the joung- I stenj. See you Thursday. Love, 1 Santa. ... lor the person who lias i —keep j-onr children healthy. Serve eTrrjtlitoe. Call "Bill" OldakoiTvkl at thorn Great Oak Karma Pastuer^i-,1 Ui* City Package Store. Tel. 48»i—Adv. I milk. Call S049 (or delivery — Ailv Around The World In Brief (By United Press) HONUS UtII.K OUT N«'W York—The major baseball leagues have acted to r«- pt'al the controversial bonus nil**. The officials, acting upon the In- slxtonco of Commissioner A. B. Chandler, will Instruct th<< minor leagues to take u new mall vote on the Issue. The minors failed to get the necessary three- fourths majority at their meeting in Baltimore lust week. . OOO • EMERGENCY London—Informed sources say the British government might proclaim a state of emergency to deal with the strike of power plant workers. The wildcat walkout, which involves some 2,800 men, already is hampering London's life and may result in n .brownout tonight. oOo, IMMINENT Lausanne. Switzerland — Sources close to a nursing home say that the birth of Actress Rita Hayworth's baby "is "very imminent..' Thejw* sourr.e« say tho movln star vlslU-d specialists ut the nursing homo twice since the first of this week. oOo UNCONSTITUTIONAL Birmingham. Ala.—Muyor Coo- pur Gr<H;n predicts "strife and turmoil" for Birmingham following a federal court ruling dnelarinif th(* city's racial zoning laws unconstitutional. Green says the city will appeal the decision to a higher li'dvrul court. oOo FOUR RESCUED Brunswick. Ga. — The Coast Guard reports that four persons drifted 15 hours on a llfuraft aft or their shrimp trawler burnnd and sank in the Atlantic south of Brunswick, Ga. Tho captain, hi.s wife ant! two crfivvmen CH • caped without injury but barely had Unit; to flout their raft before the vessel went down Monday. -oOo SIGHT HULK Miami—A Coast Guard piano radioes that it has sighted the flaming hulk of u Dutch motor- ship some 300 miles east of Miami and that there was no sign of life aboard it. Eight survivors picked up ye«jtertlay said six other men had taken off in a lifeboat sifter the vessel exploded Monday with a possible loss of 10 lives. TRAP Hong Kons—Chinese Communist forces reportedly have by- pasKed Chcng-tu and are strikiag north in an effort to trap nationalist troops. Roaorts reaching Hong .Kong, say the Reds are following their basic strategy of destroying enemy forces ra.ther than occupying territory. Dramatics Club Enjoys Party The annual Christmas supper of the dramatics club of Beacon Valley Grange was held last night in the Grange hall, with more than 60 attending. A varied program was held including the presentation of two skits by members of the drama group. Gifts were distributed from a grab bag. 200 Attend Hop Brook PTA Party Nearly 200 parents and friends attended l:ust night's Hop Brook School Parent-Teacher Association meeting, to witness a Christmas play, "The King Is Born," by Baker, presented by children of the fifth, sixUi, seventh and eighth grades. The school 61ai3« rooms were open at 7:30, gaily decorated for the Yule-tide, with teachers present to welcome visitors. Miss Agnes Jactoon, principal, was assisted by Mrs. Mortimer Quirke, Miss V«rna Anderson, Mns. Joseph Shanley, 'Mrs. Minnie Baxter, Mrs. Florence Bontempo, Miss Jano Garrick, Miss Alice Hit-key, Miss Anna Lynch, Mrs. SaUie Miller, and Mrs. Lillian Smith, teachers, in planning for the night's program. The building wais decorated with cutout Santa Clauses made by children of the first grade. John Sullivan was in charge of special lighting. Members of the chorus which san.g-, directed by Jessse B'. Davis, included: Sally Eajjon, Rosemary Fogarty, Janet H&as, Madeline Karbowicz, Barbara Kwasniewski Mary Ann Pranulis, Marian Smig-- elftki, Llnnea Wasllus, Judith White and Julia Woermer. Trumpetoi-s were Richard Bul- kovltch, Walter Kean. Geoffrey Wilson and Edwin Zelmeir. Stage hands were Richard Szczcplfowski Stephen Martin, Joann Noble, Dorothy Pruchnicki, Ann Marie Wit- koaki. The school orchestra, was directed by Milton Berkowitz. Members of the for the play were Louis Farrar. Edward Welch, Richard Strzewski, Thomas Bchrman, Stanley Jacctoowski Francis Kockowski, Steve Haas Patrick Piccc-lo, Eric Jensen, Ar^ nold Waite. Thomas Lyons, Joseph Wojtczak, Robert Bergin, Marilin Boroski, Phyllw Webster, June Hotcnkiss, Diane Engclstad, Lois Fox, Elona Valantieju-o, Rosalind Konakowskl, Justine Mlkalchus and Stanley Getsseck. A short business meeting was held, with Mi-s. Malcolm Wilson (president, presiding, during which it was voted to sponsor Girl Scout Thoop 26. Jesse Davis led in group singing, accompanied by the orchestra. Refreshments we're served by the third grade mothers. Post Offices On Christmas Schedules Extra Employes To Be Taken On At End Of Week The Naugntuck and Union City PoHt Offices uro now on longer hour to take euro of the added volume of ChrlHtmus mail, It wan announced today by Postmaster Fnink T. CJrccn. For the remainder of tho week, both oflcoH will bo opon each evening until 7 o'clock for window HCI-- vlce Mr. Green mild. Saturday tho offlcoii will bo opon until 5 o'clock and Sunday afternoon the main offices will be opon from 2 to B o'clock In the afternoon. There will uUio bo /i mull delivery Sunday, Mr. Oreon .said, if tho volume warrants. Starting next Monday, both offices will bo open each evening- until 9 o'clock. Mr. Green said that about 100 additional workers will be employed lo. take caro of the Christmas rush. He said that no additional help has been taken on as yet, but will probably be added Friday or Saturday, with the amount of mall determining- the number of extra workers. There has been a noticeable in- arcane in mail volume so far, Mr. Green said, both in receipt and dispatch . He stated that the regular workers have been able to keep abreast of the rush, delivering and dispatching the mall the same day it is received. Mr. Green asked that residents mark their names on mall boxes so as to avoid confusion -In the delivery of mall by the extra Christmas help. Steinkraus Makes Practical Use Of Naugatuck's Gifts Knights Elect Goggin, Phelan; Unveil Portrait A photographic portrait of the late Rev. John Wanat was dedicated at impressive ceremonies of Ojeda Council, Knights of Columbus, last night In the council rooms. The Rev. S. F. Nalewajk, former pastor of St. Hedwig's Church, under whose pastorate Father Wanat served most of his priesthood at St. Hedwig's, delivered the eulogy and blessed' the portrait. Henry Wanat, Meriden, brother of the late priest, unveiled the portrait. The Rev. Paul F. Keating, pastor of St. Francis' Church and chaplain of the council, offered prayers for the four men of the council who died during the past year and to the memory of all deceased members of the council. Those who died during the past year in addition to Father Wanat were Thomas Burns, Patrick Regan and Louis Buckmll- ler. Election In elections held after the ceremonies, Raymond Goggin was named deputy grand knight, succeeding Francis Caulfield who recently resigned when he established residence In Torrtngton. Gregory Phelan was elected warden, to fill the unexpired term of Albert Juliano who recently resigned because of a change in his working hours which makes it Impossible for him to attend council meetings. Christmas toys, collected and repaired by members of the council, will be distributed to between 2£ and 30 borough children at a Christmas party Wednesday night in. the council rooms. Plans were also discussed for the annual New Year's party and dance. Louis Russo la chairman of the committee. Herman W, Hl.«lnkrnii», Front- dent of the Chamber of Commerce of tho United States, flnd« that serving In thin imiplortartt) tonic* has Its lighter side. He represents Home 2500 Chambers of Commerce throughout the country. Recently while oipeuklng at tho annul meeting of the Naugatuck Chamber of Commerce, Mr. Steln- ICI'UUH wr»H pi'DHcnted with fflftn of products manufacturer In Nauga- Luck. In ord'or to Hliow hlw appreciation for the kind thought of his Naugatuck Chamber neighbors, he idoi-ncd himself with a number of the gifts and then went to the- president of e-ach contributing comipany in the ls\ugatuck area a copy of this picture, appropriately autographed. This Naugatuck Industrial -welcome for Mr. Stoln- kraus waa arrranged by on« of his Bridgeport Brass Coir«iany Direc- ;ors, Lewis A. Dl'bble, a director of tho Naugatuck Chamber. When the presentations were made, the Head of 'the National Chamber wild: "Stop the music! I have hit tho jackpot!" Among the gifts given to Mr. Stelnkraus by hla friends In the Nttugrutuck Chamber were an electric clock, a handy tool kit, a pair of waders and wading shoes, a waterproof »krink-"proof flshinj? shirt, a. box of Peter Paul's Mounds and a box of Peter Paul's Almond Joys, a dog leash, an aluminum ash tray, some safety pins, a 'bracelet of "scopes" for Mra. Steinkraus, a dozen police whiatlcta, .which Mr. Steinkraus later 'contributed to the Police Force- In his hamctown, Wostport, Connecticut, a volume of the history of Naugatuck, a variety of chemical goods, a batch of rubber balloons and an enamel bowl. The accompanying- picture shows Mr. Steinkraus tog god out In his Rotary, Exchange Clubs To Meet The first comibined meeting- of two Naugatuck service clubs, Rotary and Exchange, will take place Thursday evening at 6:30 o'clock in St. Michael's parish house. Guest speakers will be Leo E. Golden of West Hartford, discussing Rotary, and William P. Spear of Hartford, past preisident of the National Exchange club, who will talk on the value of coc^pieration between service clubs. There will be a round table tomorrow noon at the Y. M. C. A., for Rotnrians. who will be unable to attend Thursday's meeting-. MOVE .Terusalem—Israeli Prime Minister David Ben-Gurlon and his staff have moved to Jerusalem In line with his announcement yesterday that the Holy Ctty will remain the Israeli capital until the end of time. The move paved the way for the transfer of his cabinet and the parliament from Tel Aviv-Jaffa later this month. HERMAN W. STKINKKAUS Dateline: Naugatuck gifts, holding a copy of the History of Naugatuck and biting Into an Almond Joy. Other giftis are drafpied in conspicuous spots. Stores Open Thurs. Night Stores of the Retail Division of the Naugatuck, Chamber of Commerce, are open Thursday, Friday and Saturday nights this week, Chairman William Schpero announced today. These evening hours mark th<-start of the long stretch of night openings here for Christmas shopping. The stores are also open nights next week, Tuesday through Friday until 8:45. Mr. Schpero stated. Mystery Men will -visit Naugatuck stores on Thursday night, with a $5 cash prize for each pec- ion "tapped" during the visit?. This feature is one of the most popular ever Introduced here, it was observed, with hundreds of shoppers about whenever the Mystery Men appear. Mystery Men will visit the following stores sometime between 6 and 8:45 o'clock Thursday night: M. Freedman Co., Carlson Furniture Co., Inc., Rubin's, William Schpero, Cians, Inc.. Raphael's, Inc., Hawlev Hardware, Norwash Shoe storo, Sweeney's Art store, C. H. Tomlinson, Weiss Ben Franklin storo, G. C. Murphy Co., and Rosenblatt's. Much interest is evident here in the award of the new $1,800 Ford car, Chairman Schpero declared, with this extra dividend for someone who does Christmas shopping in official stores. There will be free buses from Beacon Falls to Naugatuck each night that Naugatuck stores are open up to Christmas, welcome news for shoppers from the down river town. Junior Chamber Receives Reports Reports of various outstanding committees were submitted at a routine meeting of the Naugatuck Junior Chamber of Commerce last night, It was reported today by Dr. Harold Davids, secretary. A report was submitted on the Chamber's plan to publicize the Hoover Commission report and another on the recent Jaycee dance which was termed very successful. The group also discussed plans for the purchase of more dental equipment for the frree dental clinic at Salem school. President Sherman Brown named Frank Butcher chairman of a com- mitttee to aid the audio-visual aid program in the public schools. Centennial Lodge To Hold Election The semi-annual election of officers of Centennial lodge, No.. 100, I. O. O. F., will be held Monday evening, Dec. 10 at 8 o'clock in Odd Fellows hall Robert Crandall, noble grand, announces that at the close of the business session refreshments will be served. Christmas Seals On Sale Three Days In Savings Bank Christmas Seals will be on sale Wednesday through Friday at t.he Haugatuck Savings Bank, accord- Ing to Mrs. Clarence Austin, chairman of the Naugatuck branch iT the Tuberculosis League of Waterbury. A booth In the Savings Bank will be open from 10 a. m. until 3 p. in. on Wednesday and Thursday and from 10 a. m. until 5 p. m. on Friday. Mrs. Frederick D. Nawrath"and Mrs. Charles E. Brust are cochairmen in charge of the sail-. They are being assisted by tha following ladies who have volunteered to man the booth during the three day sale: Mrs. Walter Norton, Mrs. Seymour Squires, Mrs. C. L. Berger, Mrs. Phil Robinson, Mrs. Milton Forde, Mrs. Kenneth Johnson and Mrs. Norman Wood. Salem Lodge, Masons Beet F.C. Kirk Franklin C. Kirk was elected master of Salem lodge, No. 136, A. F. & A. M., at the annual meet- tng last night in Masonic Temple, Church street. Other officers elected for 1950 are: Luthor W. Tooker, senior warden; John R. Lenncrs, junior warden; Edwin C. Miller, secretary; William J. Blrdsall, treasurer: Appointive officers are: Wilfred H. Kirk, senior deacon; Kazar Ta- toian, junior deacon; Russell E. Weaving, senior steward; Harold Krom, junior steward; Arthur E. Nelson, tyler; George H. Birdsall, chaplain; Norman B. Mertelmeyer marshal. Officers will be installed at a ioint ceremony with Shepherd lodge, No. 78, A. F. & A. M., Tuesday evening, Dec. 20. Right Worshipful Brother Harold R. Perry oast district deputy, will be installing officer. -Christmas Kill «hO|ipln R IH easy nt Hariley'H In Wnterbury. Buy Inuiiius inline annllancaH and, home larnl»liini."s It-oiii u complete ussortmcnl.—Adv. Marinello Seated As Union President George Froehlich, a member of the general executive board of tha United Rubber Workers of America, CIO. last night Flavo Marinello as president of Local 218, URWA, CIO, Naugatue* Chemical Co. Others installed were George Baikus, vice-president; Paul Casimer, treasurer, and George Allen, member of the executive boa:.'d. Delegates to the state CIO convention in New Haven Jan. 14 and 15 are Mr. Marinello, Arden Wolfe and David Davidson, treasure.-. Alternates lire Edward Clark un-J William Hayes. Local Plants List Plans For Holiday Xmas Bonuses To Be Given By Several; Bristol Company Holiday- Bonus Announced Nearly oJl Naugatuck Industrial, employes wlJl have :i long holiday weekend from their respective duties lit ChriKtmjLs, and some will hiivo an nvcn more JoyoiiM holiday nfLer having received Chr|ntnuu> bonuses*. manufncturinjr planta will clow Friday, HIT. 23 after regular schedules, and for the most part wIM resume mrwratlons Tuesday, Do/:. 27. AK ChrlwtmaH fall* on Sunday this year, the holiday will be observed busineeswise on Monday. Wjllard E. Bittlo, factory manager of the U. S. Rubber Co. footwear plant last week announced the holiday production schedule at the factory The Waterproof and Frebric Shoe plants will clrwe Dec. 23 and resume operations Wednesday, Jan. 4. The Chemical Sponge plant and office departments will clor, e Dec. 23 and op«n ogam Dec. BriNtol Co. Bonuft The Bristol Co. win close Dec. 23 and resume work Dec. 27. Christmou bonuses wcro paid Doc! 9, with employes on payroll llsta on or before Jan. 1, 1949 receiving compensation for 40 hours or its equivalent, and those on the payroll after Jan. 1, 1949 receiving 20 hours wag-ps. The Eastern Malleable Imo Co 07 1! -p^ 0fl «,^- K and °P« n *>**• •*?• I he Risdon Manufacturing Co. will make an announcement next week on its holiday schedule and bonus payment. A bonus will be paid at the T P. Butterfleld. Inc., next week and the ipilant will close Dec. 23 and reopen Dec. 27 The J. M. Russell Manufacturing Co., which usually operate* some of its departments Satur- SJT 1 ,T'" CI £l Dec a and «••»»• operations Dec. 27. A bonus will be paid next week. The Peter Paul, Inc.. close,, Dec. 23 and reopens Dec. 27, and an announcement concerning bonasea or tneir equivalent will b« forthcoming next week. The Naugatuck Manufacturing Co. will c ,o S e Dec. 23 and reope^ Dec 27. but no-announcement to made concerning bonuses Announc«ment of the holiday ^chedule at the Naugatuck Ctami- u' ^"R Synthetic divjsi °" of the U. S. Rubber Co. will be made in the near future East Side Rubbish Collection Tomorrow Rubbish will be collected on the East Side of the borough tomorrow, 't was announced today by Street Superintendent Leo J. Brophy. Residents of the west side are isked not to leave rubbish in front of their home until notified through the press, because of weather conditions, Mr. Brophy said. He stated that because of the possibility of a storm, only, one side of the borough would be canvassed at one time. Hospital Bulletins Mrs. Henrique Marques, 73 Cherry street, is a medical patient at St. Mary's Hospital Peter Masone, 8, son of Mr. ai.d Mrs. Peter Masone. 514 South Main street, underwent surgery today at St Mary's Hospital. Mrs. Romaldo Wojtczak, 1?4 Spring street is a medical patient at St. Mary's Hospital. She was taken to the hospital in the community ambulance. Officials at St. Mary's Hospital report improvement in the condition of John Dowling, 62, of 75 Hubber avenue, who was injured last Friday when he fell on Churr.h street. Naugatuck Hailed As Birthplace Of American Air Lines Naugatuck was hailed as the birthplace of American Air Lines by Trevor Cushman, manager of the company'* office in New Haven when he spoke before members nnd guests of the Derby and Shel- 'on board of trade at its weeklv dinner meeting Monday night. " Mr. Cushman in describing tha development of American Air Line, said its beginnings were in Nauita- tuck, where a "B" line was established to convey air mail to Floyd Bennett field in New York. He aald 'his line later was taken over by the Colonial Airways Transport which had the original contract for ' Prospect St. PTA Plans Xmas Party Final plans for a Christmas party to be held Wednesday evening, Dec. 21 at 8 o'clock by the Prospect street school Parent- Teacher association at the school were discussed last night at a meet- <ng of the executive committee in the home of Mrs. Julius Oris, Stanley street. Robert Miller is general chairman of arrangements for the party. (SHOPPING DAYS TILL CHRISTMAS Sugor 'n t pic*, 'n all thing* nic*, Makei littl* girl., they toy. Though many a dimpl.d darling Wanfr a «ix-gun Chrittma* Davl —Snow tires, chains, naUeri«« nuke your car rnuly lor winter. Drlrc IB to KrlckKon >IolorH, lit Rubber Are— Adv.

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