Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana on May 16, 1962 · Page 16
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Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana · Page 16

Logansport, Indiana
Issue Date:
Wednesday, May 16, 1962
Page 16
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Sixteen Logansport, Indiana Pharos-Tribune ANN LANDERS Man Is Married But He's Still Mama's Little Boy Dear Ann Landers: I am mar-1 LIFE ried to a man who is all son and no husband. Although he will never see 30 again he still behaves like a'child where his-parents are concerned. He phones his mother every morning before breakfast to say "hello." He discusses everything that goes' on in our home and takes their advice. The reason I'm writing is because of what happened last night. My mother-in- law telephoned me and said, "I hope you'll like living in California, dear." I told her I didn't know what she was talking about. Her reply was, "Oh, didn't you know Bud accepted the promotion and you'll be moving out west as soon as he can sell the house?" It burned me up to hear this' news from my mother-in-law. What can I do about it? — OUTSIDE LOOKING IN Dear Outside: At this point you can rejoice. The news that you are moving out of town, even if it DID come from your mother- in-law, is all good. It could mean the little boy will have to grow up. Let's hone so. * # * Dear Ann Landers: I read the letter from the woman who years later couldn't pet her college sweetheart out of her mind. You told her she was living with a dream and that if she saw the guy today she probably wouldn't give him a second look. Well, in 99 cases out of 100 you'd be right and I know you must aim your advice at those 99 — but listen to what happened to me: .1 had day dreams (and night dreams, too) about my college sweetheart. After 17 years I was still unable to rid myself of those romantic memories although I was happily married ' and the mother of six lovely children. Last month I ran into my college love at a funeral. He was more handsome than ever—still 1 slim and straight. His wealth of jet Hack hair was streaked with gray. He had smile lines 'around his beautiful eyes. I confess I found him just as exciting as he was 17 years ago. Now I wish I hadn't seen him because my heartache is even more acute. My advice is to leave well enough alone, girls. Don't go looking for trouble. It's bad enough when troubles finds you. - I KNOW * * * Dear Ann Landers: Is 'a 15- year-old girl entitled to some privacy? When I get a telephone call cither my mother or one of my sisters hangs around and takes in every word. When I write a letter someone is always reading over my shoulder. When I receive a letter it is opened by anyone who happens to get hold of it. I can't toll my sisters anything in confidence because it goes straight to my mother. And she tells everything to my father. When I complain, my mother says a teenager should have nothing to hide. Everything should be open and aboveboard— letters, phone conversations, and secrets. Is she right? I've been in the homes of friends and they don't have these problems. Please print your opinion. — KISHBOWL Dear Fishbowl: A child who is old enough to read should bo permitted to open his own mail. And he should not have a committee at his elbow when he writes letter. Telephone calls should be private, and a ,confidence should be a sacred trust. Resolve to do better by your children' than is being done by you. * * * Are you going steady? Making marriage plans? If so, send for ANN LANDERS' booklet, "Before You Marry — Is It Love Or Sex?", enclosing with your request 20 cents in coin and a long, self-addressed, stamped envelope. Ann Landers will be glad to help you with • your problems. Send them to her in rare of this newspaper enclosing a stamped, self-addressed 'envelope. Copyright. 1962, Field Enterprises, Inc. ^TODAY'S 13 HOME By JOYCE SCHULLER CHICAGO (UPI) - What role does a husband have in your spring cleaning? As professional house cleaners at ServiceMaster see it, it's a matter of knowing your man and now to .work with him or around him. Here's their rundown on the male personality types and how to deal with them at spring cleaning time: The scavenger. No sooner do you finish cleaning out closets and storerooms than he begins sifting through discarded items for old fishing tackle and worn slippers. The only way to deal with this type is to keep him at a safe distance from rubbish piles. Don't give him a chance to undo your hard work. The artful dodger. His solution to the confusion of house cleaning is an elaborate get - away plan, which may involve staying late at the office, a bowling date or even an out-of-town business trip! Since his presence would only add to the confusion, it's best to let him go his way and not count on his help. The strawboss. He's freer with advice than help in shouldering the work. The most effective tactic here is to appoint him head ol the "launching team" or "time and motion" expert, then take over quietly behind the scenes. The lost frontiersman. This is le lost soul at spring cleaning me, a sad sight, wandering from oom to room, looking for a familiar chair in which to settle nth his paper. While he consid- rs cleaning a spectator activity, e will pitch in if given "special ssignments" such as washing nd putting up screens. The "King Farouk" type. He ising above the clutter, scarcely .otices signs of upheaval, car ontinue comfortably to eat, reac ir watch television, oblivious to ictivity . around him. The quick est course is to clean around him Everywoman's hero. This obvi iusly enlightened gent arrange, o help with heavy jobs and clean ng of the garage, cellar, and at ic. Generous by nature, he call n professionals for cleaning rugs upholstery,, walls and takes hi wife 'on a spring vacation. STATE FLIGHT OF THE BnilDDii Shown at 8:40 only IMPORTANT! Be surf to get your "Motion SicknoM PilU" at Ihe Box Office. —PLUS— Shown at 7:00 & 10:00 Also Pluto Cartoon FRIDAY THE 18TH Is The Day for " The House of the Living Dead" STAGE SHOW DO NOT MISS Itl ONE DAY ONLY ISIS THEATRE WinamaC; Ind. Thurs.—Fri.—Sat. Doubt* Feature "TiHEMAGIlCiSiWOiRD" (color) Basil Rathbono—Anna Helm also "(11ARZ1AN1S GiRiBAITiBST (color) Gordon Scott Sun.—Mon,—Tues. "THE IROMIAN SIRRINIG (color) Vivien loigh—Warren Boatty NO APPOINTMENT NECESSARY! CremeOil Cold Wave ONLY ....... $3.50 Including Haircut Open Daily 8:30 to 5 p.m. CLOSED All DAY WEDNESDAY LOGANSPORT BEAUTY SHOP NEU SMITH, Operator 5th t C. Broadway Ov*r Ballty't JOSEPHINE LOWMAN Modern Techniques Aid in Removing Superfluous Hair Twcezing is on way to remove superfluous hair. Folks differ in their original pat- ern of superfluous hair distrib- ition and thickness. Some very young women have a heavy [rowth of hair on their legs and ,rms and may even have some lairs on their face. Others may lave a very light growth. However, the distribution and thickness of superfluous hair also is lefinitely connected with the ag- ng process, or changes in the glandular system. No doubts the glandular changes it menopause often are responsi- ile for these unwanted hairs, and he dark or coarse facial hairs •vhich often appear at this age are especially distressing. Not Alone If you are having this trouble, ,'ou are certainly not alone. Becent studies have shown that even n the age group from 15-24 five )er cent of the women examined lad a rather heavy growth of facial hair. In the 25-34 age group .0.5 per cent had facial hair. In the 35-44 age group 15 per cent of the women had the problem of lairs on the lip or chin. In the i5-04 age group heavy growth of lair on the lip or chin rose to 35 )er cent. After 60 get out the awn mower! No, it really is not this bad. Vomen differ, of course, and not all are bothered by superfluous lair, and those who are have such wonderful, modern techniques at heir disposal. Depilatorieo, of course, are widely used. If you lave a few dark or coarse hairs on your chin, you can tweeze .hem away. If you do this, be sure not to jerk the hairs out. You should use a slow, steady pull. You also should pull in the direction in which the hair grows. This is more comfortable and also is important should you ev«ir wish .0 have them removed by elec< ;rolysis. Permanent Method Electrolysis is the only method of permanent removal. Therefore, f you are tired of repeating the ;weezing job, or if yours is an out-of-control situation, see a well- xained and experienced electrolysis!. Men always have- a heavy growth of hair on their face from :heir first shave on. However, the .oss of hair on the legs and the eyebrows is similar to that women experience,. Of course, there always are exceptions to the average in all such matters as superfluous hair. Tomorrow: "He Lost 20 Pounds —Has Some Tips for YoiuGirls!" (Released by The Register and Tribune Syndicate, 1962) HOUSEHOLD Wash walls from the bottom up. Dribbles of cleaning solution, on dirty walls make streaks that are hard to take out. The easiest way: use a sponge and liquid wal cleaner. No rinsing. * * * African violets prefer .warmth, freedom from drafts and no direct sun in summer. Water from below and empty out excess water when top becomes moist. Water on foliage is injurious. # * * Rules for decorating a young ster's room: make it colorful plan it to be adaptable to fast changing needs; and make it a indestructible as possible. SUMMER TERM Monday, June 11 and 1 8 Courses Include: Stenographic and Secretarial Beginning, Intermediate and Advanced Accounting Comptometer and Business Machines Approved lor Veteran Trainees Indiana Business College CROSSWORD PUZZLE Answer to Yesterday's Puzzle ACROSS 1-Bimilian estuary » G-Speck S-Bank of a river 12-Ireland 13-Caoutchouo tree 14-PertaInlng to an era 15-One who applies tattoo 17-Story 18-Raln and hall 10-Constltu., tlonal 21-Relattve (colloq.) 23-,Southern . blackbird 24-Sklll • 27-Part at monk's habit fpl.) 32-,Tump 34-Mohammedan name SB-Part tit fireplace 36-Contour of the face 39-Chineso pagoda 40-Tear 41-Tran3gres«! slon «-Natator 47-Dln 51-Mohamri medan magistrate 62-Brought back IH-Dillsead 55-Compasa point 56-Plntall duck 57-Glrl's nickname E8-I''emale deer 53-MerIt DOWN 1-Fondles 2-Sea In Asia. 3-Ceremony 4-Foker etakcs 5-Palr G-Butter substitute (colloq.) 7-Turtles S-SclJs to consumer 9-Country of .Asia' 10-BuddhlBt dialect 11-Flsh sauce IC-Gi-eat bustard 20-African antelope 22-Scurrled 24-Everyonft 25-UnIt*of Portuguese currency 2G-Sunburn- 28-Beverage 23-Llkely 30-Inlet ' 31-Muslc: as written 33-Allows 37-Goal 38-Shade •12-Loop 43-Strlke- breaker 44-Dlnilnlsh 45-Koman date 4G-Clty In Nevada - 48-GIrl's namo 43-Prophet CO-Paradlse 53-BlshoprIo 26 28 34 52 17 10 11 30 -48 SO- Distn by United Future Syndicate, Inc. ((, Wednesday Evening, May 18, 1%2 | a True Life Adventures Ii>INOSAUR __ _ )_)TTER NAHUrSE'S SCKK* FILE. THESE -FRAGMENTS TEU_ A TAUE/ NOT OP V=A11_UKE, BUT OP ONETIME <SREKTNESS. THOUGH EXTINCT NOW, THESE MIGHT/ 'REPTI1-ES KU1_ET7 THE WOKU7 T=OK 14-O MIL-UON VEARS. 5-lc» Dairy products are an important part of a healthful, balanced diet. Companies who manufacture and process these products reach the public with the help of daily newspaper advertising. In 1960, 'or instance, they invested over !18 million nationally. WHAT'S NEW United Press International A new filter makes the last brew f percolator coffee as fresh as he first, eliminating sediment ind rancid oils no matter how many times the coffee is reheat- says its manufacturer. The ilter is inserted in the percolator op, the coffee is then placed within the filter and the comers jf the filter are fitted onto the >ercolator spindle. After brewing, he filter with grounds enclosed s discarded intact. • M * You hang a new decorative irick to give interior or exterior walls a new look. First, fix stain- ess steel strips in verticle rows along the wall. The strips have clamps which hold the bricks firmly. Once the bricks are hung, you fill, a special tool with mortar and insert its sp'out between the brick joints, releasing mortar in the precise quantity needed. No footing 'is needed. The resulting brick wall is not load bearing. But the manufacturer reports it i about a third as costly as an ordinary brick wall. ° * * Now you can reach for cannec bread when fresh bread becomes stale or when a supply runs out, Ten varieties of canned staff o: life have just reached the market. They range from rich fruil loaf to special breads for people on wheat-free or salt-restrictec diets. Advertisers of professions and services, aware of the growing demand for their functions, are increasing their flow of information to the public. In 1900, they upped their national newspajrer advertising expenditure 25.1% over 1959. CINERAMA STILL THE MOST EXCrriNCi" I MKHAHA THEATER w FERFORBMICf* MK> PRICES MATIHEES wio. i SAT.. . . , jaafM. si.w jus CVEMtMCS SUK ......... MOP.M. JJ.20 JUS MOH. Thru THtlBS.. .8:15 P.M. P.20 51.75 FRL snr. iwuom . 8:15 r.u. C.M 32.00 IN DIANA Theater Indianapolis 4> Indiana :Tlie ONLY Theater in INDIANAJTM Can or Will Show CINERAMA FUN in the SUN resqes £*, 6>j*fdu JMUWUM Men's Short Sleeve SPORT SHIRTS 2** Washable combed cotton and acetate. Sizes S-M-L •m » *-»** SHOES Women's Coffon Sfeevefess BLOUSES Regular V.OOf Big savings on coo), comfortable sleeveless blouses. Easyorc cotton broadcloth in a wide range of styles. Gay mulct-stripy, solid edocs. Sizes 32-38. WOMEN'S JAMAICA SHORTS KWS Combed, cotton jamakas in solid colors and checks. 2 pockets aod serf belt, Men's Crew Sox, 3 prs. 881 white, pink, blue,liloc, Women's HALF SLIPS Shadow panel,^fc m lace trim, in ^J fm g m jf BRHZE BONNET 37 Phone 4276 59th Year Barnes Office Building—Logansport Big Value'. 24 GRILL with Hoodf Spit/ Motor marine Sandwiches ilnThelBig Bun Box office open 'HI 10 p.m srx70« pfasffc Baclc TABLE COYER Vmyl SHjCQ laminated I JO to white Boys' DECK RANTS Sanforized cation twill. Sires 6-16. Cord belt TONITEONLY Cimiarron Shown at 10 p.m. unforgettable story of a man, » tend, a lov*4 DMS-M »m«rt< EDNAFERBEirS Kresge's Special Price Large, size deluxe, barbecue grill.with motorized spit, adjustable grid, and hood. WAGON GRILL wifh Hood, Spit, Motor The Monster at 8 -p.m. IANT BEACHBALl 23'VINYL A^ SWIM RING 00 THE RAGING SPECTACLE Of AN AGE THAT WORSHIPPED ASAVAGE BEAST! Combination barbecue, smoker wagon widi 5 position, grid. Hood door coo- verts ,to serving shelf. 1 TEGHHKOLOR-.TOUISCOPE I MATHIAS- RosANNASGHIAFFINO- «RioLUPO- ^BAHAGLIA 4*33 2-pbBfoffingPai.. 422 £. Broadway-Open Friday's Til 9 p,m. S. S. KRESGE COMPANY Girls' PEDAL PUSHBt SETS Cotton Pants 1

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