The Weekly Courier from Connellsville, Pennsylvania on September 19, 1902 · Page 7
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The Weekly Courier from Connellsville, Pennsylvania · Page 7

Connellsville, Pennsylvania
Issue Date:
Friday, September 19, 1902
Page 7
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THE COURlEfl, CONNELLSVILLE, PA., FRIDAY MORNINCJ, SEPTEMBER 19* 19021 MGES A! (MOOD A Hew Engine House to Accommodat More (Locomotives. THE YABDS ABE TO BE EXTENDED So u to Ql« Ftcilit'.M **. Iwniui of Wtst Sa for About 2.000 0«"s. START WILL 1?E made this week 01 the erection of th additions plannec p- the Baltimor Ohio manage ment for the Glen ·wood shops, th ·western, lay-ove t for most of th crews on the Pitts burg Division running out of Connells vllle. In connection -with the new en gine house will be a coaling trestle sand hoist, ash pit, from which the ashes will be removed mechanically and a new power house, designed fo the installation of im electric power plant. This project Involves considerable rebuilding- and a rearrangement o: much of the east end of the Glenwood yards. The company Is now engaged In providing In these yards trackage for 300 cars additional, and plans are -under way for rearningemcnt of the yards, in part, so that there will be an increase in capacity for about 2,000 cars over the present limitations. The new engine house will describe about 215 degrees of a circle, will bf erected directly across "Vespuclus stree: from the present engine house and wil be between Gloseter and Lytle streets Because of the near approach of fal certain temporary provisions are to be made that otherwise might not figure In the general scheme. The foundation for the new engine house will be of permanent construction, while the superstructure will be a temporary frame building. The permanent superstructure will likely be of stone, brick and steel. "When completed the engine house will provide stalls for 25 locomotives. The electric plant will be largely for the transmission of power to motors to be installed at the points where their use will result In economy. The general scheme of reducing the cost of shop operations, however,' for the 1m mediate future, is not likely to be carried to the extent ol introducing Individual variable speed motors. When the engine house is built the present engine house, having IS stalls, will be used for running repairs and tank work. The arrangement for removing ashes from, the ash pit mechanically, which is also to be Installed at the new Conn ells vine shops, embodies a pneumatic lift, the constmction of a narrow-gauge track along the pit floors and the use of a number of four-wheel cars, each with a capacity of about two ton: The- scheme is as follows: After the , ash pit is constructed a narrow-gauge track, probably 30 inches wide, will be placed along the pit floor. "Upon this will be operated small steeel cars. A locomotive may be placed at any point over the pit and a car run directly under the firebox. As the ashes are removed from the ashpan and the fire cleaned the car can be pushed along the little sub-way until It comes in line with the hoist. This will be operated by compressed air. The crane will be fastened to the ash car and the latter lifted into midair. 2t will then be pulleu across and over a standard gauge car, standing in position on a track parallel to th«- ash pit, and dumped. This method will greatly reduce the cost of removing the ashes and will be a. distinct advance over present methods. The hoist, in a general way, will be similar in appearance to the ordinary traveling crane. However, it will not travel, and will only have two movements, vertical, or up and down, and a, lateral movement. It will be so placed that locomotives, when passing over the ash pit, will pass through under the hoist. The plans for a rearrangement of the Glenwood yards, so as to furnish accommodations for 2,000 more cars, have not been worked out. The improvement will be made, but Just what details will be embodied are mattters of the near future. QUEEN OF TEE~BIYEB. That 1« What th* Jf*w Boat Colombia 1* The new Plttsburg and Morgantov.-n packet Columbia made her maiden trip up the Monongahela river out of Plttsburg to Morgantown, Tuesday, taking the place of the steamer Edgar Cherry. The Columbia is a beautiful sldewheel craft, built especially with a view of speed and to accommodate the growl ng passenge r and f reign t traffic along the busy Monongahela river. The latest and ail the Improvements that go on a modern steamboat will be introduced. She will have a full length texas, accommodating the crew and HO passengers, while the main cabin, staterooms room 100 more. Her electric light plant will furnish a searchlight, two arc lights and 387 Incandescent lights, 100 of which will Illuminate her cabin. She will have staggert wheels, 22 fevt In diameter, a swinging stage, and with wide guards and large hall can handle big excursion trips. Her ware, furniture and culinary outfit will be elaborate and fine. The hull of the Columbia was built by Axton . Son, Brownsville, the cabin by the Aubrey Lumber Company. Brownsville, the machinery put on by W. D. Britton, Chief Engineer for the company, the painting by Boggs Co.. Plttsburg, and the electric power by the Pennsylvania Railroad Supply Company of Pittsburg. The length of the Columbia is 172 feet, beam 48 feet and depth of hold flve feet four inches. She has splendid power equipment, having three slx- lUie boilers; cylinders 17^ inches in diameter with 5 foot stroke. CapL John Britton, who has superintended her construction, says she has the fin-, est swinging stage ever put on the Monongahela river built steamboat. and that she runs without those vibrations so common to side wheel steamers. The aggregate cost of the splendid boat is 545,000. B. Jk O. Excunlo* to ir»*hincton, B. C. The Baltimore Ohio railroad, battlefield route, offers very low rates to Washington D. C.. October 4th, 5th, 6th and 7th, account 36th annual encampment of the G. A, R. From all stations east of the Ohio river tickets will be sold for regular trains of October 4th, 5th, 6th and 7th, valid for return until October 14th; except If tickets are deposited with Joint Agent, Washington between October 7th and 14th, and on payment of 50 cents they will be extended to leave "Washington until November 3rd. 1902, inclusive. Call on ticket agent* Baltimore Ohio railroad for full particulars. Pullman reservations should be secured in advance. Ozo White Foam Liniment will cure IL Ii Is good for everything 1 a liniment should be «ood for. Way not try it? For sale by J. C. Moore. Connellsville, ud W. A. B*igbey, Ne-w Haven, s DEEDS EHTEEED FOE BE00ED. R»kl Estate TraDiterretl In tli* County Pur-tag thel'art W«ek. C. W. Ritenour to Porter J. Ritenour, lot of land in Connellsville borough, $2,500. May 27th, 1902, Irvin R. Ritenour to Jane R. Stillwagon, lot in Connellsville borough; $GOO. May 24th, 1902. Samuel E. Frock and Cyrus Echard to Joseph A. Mason, Peter Rutsek and Pasquale Bufano, lot m Bullskin township containing SS acres; September 5th. 1902. Leo PuisakafskI anil w i f e to Home Boyd. lots Nos. 354 and 355 in Bverson $500. October 25th, 1902. William P. Franks to Andrew P. De bolt. lot in Uniontown, being lot No. in plan laid out by Nathaniel H. Jac queue; JSOO. September 6th. 1902. Josiah, alias Joseph Walters, t George Porter and C. J. McCormick lot In South Union township; JT.OO July 3th, 1902. William M. French and w i f e to Frank Stilhvagon, two lots or pieces in Con nellsvllle township; $700. Septembe: 15th. 1899. Enos Fox and others to Comial Fox lot In Connellsville borough; Jl. January 21st, 18S7. Charles Welhe and wife to Mrs Mary M. Minor, lot of land In H i g h l a n d addition to Connellsville; J50. Jul 2nd. 1902. Mrs. Josephine Pagan to Mrs. Carrli Hoover, lot in Connellaville borough $1,000. August 25th, 1902. J. Remvrist Davidson to Frank Zacharias, lot of land in Connellsville 51,800. August 25th. 1900. Richard Herbert and w i f e to the Trustees of United Jlrethren in Chris! Church, lot in Bullskin t o w n H h i p ; Jl September 13th, 1902. John Burns to John Slsley, two lots In Connellsville township; J600. J u l j 28th, 1HQ2. George S. and Margaret Blackstone to Simon P. Hays, lot in Connellsville township; 575. October 9lh, 1891. Simon P. Hay to George T. Zacharias, lot in ConneUsvIllc township J100. June 13th, 1902. Alexander J. Francis to A l i c p H Harvey, lot in Connellsville borough; $1. August 25th, 1902. John L. Sisley and w i f e to W i l l i a m M. Sisley. lot In ConnelNville borough 51.300. February l l t h , 1901. Ass. M. Sterling to C. V. Everly. lot n Point Marion; 11.000. March 22ml, 1899. , C. V. Everly to Andrew Sterling, lot n Point Marlon; J-.SOO. September llth, 1902. Aaron W. Ritenour to Waiter M. Prinkev, lot in Springfield tow n s h i p . 51,000. December 2Sth. 191. First Presbyterian Church of Con- nellsvtHe to Plttsburg ConncllRvlIle Hallway Company, lot In GinsonTillc, 5500. September llth. 1902. Loveless Prayer and Emma Lawson, both of Leith. Jacob L. Newcomer and S. Ellen Barnes, both of Uniontown. Gottlelb Aibey and A n n i e Corriston. both of Ohiopyle. James Johnston and Annie Xea.1, both t Ronco. William K. Van Omer of Continental No. 3 and A n n i e C. Fike of Miirklfys- burg. James A. Woody or California, Pa., and Lena M. Baker of Fayette City. Thomas Karreil and OHa M. Halgh, both of Courtney, Pa. Isaiah Wright and Jennie Adams, [oth of K e i f e r t o w n . Harry Stickel and Margaret Burns, both of Perryojjolis. Edward Hlnes of FootedaJe and N e t Ue M. RIchey of German township. David Ansell of Connellsville and Jertrude Minor of Pennsville. Walter H. Grim and Hattle Ritt-nour, io:h of Springfield township. Chas.' W. Hal! of Springfield to\\n- hip and Mary White »f Saltlick town- hip Exeunt!cm R»t«« t» Pittsburgh On Thursdays, September llth, ISth and 25th .and October 2nd, 9th, 16th, 902, the Pennsylvania Railroad Company Railroad Company will sell excursion tickeU, from points on the Ittsburg and Mononguheia Divisions, and the Indiana branch of the Western 'ennaylvania Division to Plttsburg, and from the Western Pennsylvania Division to Allegheny City, at half, with price of admission added, ticket to be sold for less than 75 a. Including admission coupon to the PUtaburg Industrial Exposition. tickets will be good going only n regular trains leaving stations at or Before noon on. day of issue, and will e valid for return passage until the oilowing day. Inclusive. All Were Sured. "For years I suffered untold mls- ry from bronchitis," writes J. H. ohnBton of Broughion, Ga., "that of- en I waa unable to work. Then, when verything else failed. I was wholly ured by Dr. King's New Discovery or consumption. My wife suffered In- ensely from asthma, till It cured her, nd all our experience goes to show it s the best croup medicine in the world." A trial will convince you it's nrivaled for throat and lung dis- aaes. Guaranteed bottles 50c and 1.00. Trial bottles free at J. C. Moore's, Connellsvllle, Pa., and W. A. Beighley's, New Haven, Pa, 1 O. A. R. R»t«a to WBHblDfton. For the Thirty-sixth National En- ampment, O. A. R., to be held at Washington, D. C., October 6th to llth, he Pennsylvania Railroad Company 11 sell round-trip tickets to Washlng- on from all points on its llnea at rat* f single fare for the round trip, Tick- ts will be on sale from October 4th to th, inclusive. By depositing tickets with the Joint Agent at Washington etween 7Ui and 14th, and the payment t 50 cents, an extension of the return mit to November 3rd, may be obtained. For specific rates and further nformatlon apply to nearest ticket gent. Union Veteran Kncttmpment. For the benefit of those desiring to ttend the National Encampment, Un- m Veteran Legion, at Chicago, 111., ictober Sth to llth, the Pennsylvania Railroad Company will sell excur- ion tickets to Chicago and return, rom nil stations on its Hnes, on Octo- er Sth, 6th and 7th, good to return un- October 16th, Inclusive, and at rate f single- fare for the round trip, plus 1.00. Low R»t«i to ChloHKO. Account Union Veteran. Legion leeting at Chicago, tickets will be Jld via Pittsburg Lake Erie rail- oad, October Sth and 7th at rate of ne fare for the round trip, plus $1.*0, ood to retarn October 16th, 1902. See L, E. agents or write L. A. Robin, General Pasaenger Agent, Pltts- urg. Pa, Headache. Money refunded If Ozo Headache owders fail to cure. They are the Description of a physician and are perfectly harmless. Four cures, 10 its. For sale by J. C. Moore, Con- ellavllle. and W. A. Belealey, New Haven. s Stop, th* C.u«h »Dd Works Off the C»ld. Laxative Bromo Quinine Tablets ure a cold In »ne day. No cure, no pay. Price 25 cents. NEIGHBORHOOD NEWS, Items of Interest From Near-Hy Points Itoiled Down for Hasty Keitdiuc. Smallpox at Greensburg is spreading and the Fourth Ward School has been ordered closed by the Health officers. Blue law advocates arc ngu'n a f t e r the news dea'.c-s in Washington, Pa., for selling Sunday papers. William, alias "Dutch" Shanes, \ \ h o Is alleged to have operated I n Pennsylvania and West V i r g i n i a , was last, wet'k sentenced to three years in the PcnitenLinry for bui'gJ.iry. Thomas Smith, aged 37. was instantly killed \vhile .it \voik in a m i n e of the Webster Coal Coke C o m p a n y at K u m n i e r h i l l by a fall of rock on Sat- urd.iy. James S. McNary, Captain. Company K, ISth Regiment, N. G. P., says: "We used Ozo Diarrhoea Remedy with great satisfaction In recent camp of our regiment. Can unhesitatingly testify to Its merit." For sale by J. C. Moore, Connellsvilte, and W. A. Belgrhley, Xew, Haven. s James E. Hippie, a brakernan of A l - toona, aged 32, was run ovei and k i l l e d in the Derry yards, Saturday. Street ears have been started on the branch of the Pittsburg, McKeoapot t Connellsville otreet r a i l w a y b e t w e e n Sccutdale und Ml. Pleasant. They arc- being liberally patronized. Mrs. Elizabeth Sharkev and her daughter, Mr.s. Jacob Bailey, of Everson escaped from their b u r n i n g home in their night clothes one night lust week. The fire started from a waw s t o \ e and the two women n a r r o w l y escaped w i t h their li\es. The reason why we recommend Ozo Headache Powders Is because we know they are reliable, will cure headaches and are perfectly harmless. Four cures. 10 cents. For sale by J. C. Moore, Connellsville, and W. A. Beigh- [ey. New Haven. a Leon Cloy, aged 15, waa killed Sunday night in the PlttaburR: Coal Company's Lauiel Hill mine. He V.-IYS loading cars with his father when caught by a fall of stole. Monessen business men have organized a. company and will apply for a charter and ask Council for si chlao to furnish the city with electric llghu. Mary Brunton. a 17-year old Moy- ersd.iie girl, killed herself recently whlU» out walking \vlih a girl friend. She had been, reprimanded by Jieil fathor for being out late at a dance. Mrs. Mary Kelly was killed on tho Baltimore Ohio nil 1 road at Rank i n , tost Thursday night. ! There IB no better remedy for pain !n the stomach, diarrhoea,colic or summer complaint than Ozo Diarrhoea Kern - edy. A trial will convince you. 10 and 25 cent bottle*. For »ale by J.C-Moore, Connellsville, and W. A Beighlcy. New Ha fen. n · McDonald fair lost wt*k attracted from 7.000 to 10,000 people j day. Patrick Hogan and Otto B r o n n i n s were arrested at. Greensburg last week for blowing the eyt'h out of a b i t l k horse An Italian boy aped 17 years is at large in Somerset c o u n l y a f t e r k i l l i n g a fellow workman on a section car two 1'cekn ago. He stabbed th' 1 ir in to d**ath as the Ftctinn cnr u t i s sp'M^ltnR along the Somerset Cambn.i branch, t h e n jumped off and escaped. GUIDE TO WASHINGTON. C«tOn«for thflG. A. K. Kuc*mpMi*iiH from B. O. KullruMd. Many Inquiries have been made con- rnJng 1 Washington and its m a n y ace» of Interest. Your a t t e n t i o n Is respectfully called to the i l i u s t m l e U 'Guide to Washington," publishf-d by the lialtimore Ohio railroad, as on.- of the most complete, correct and the cheapest (rulde publishLH!. The information contained t h e r e i n is c a r e f u l l y complied and assists visitors in t o u r - ng the city to the best aiKuntai**' in the Hhorteat time. It Is b u a u l l - 'ully printed on h p a v y pap*r, the cover containing an wcquHiU' sttM-'l engraved portrait of tho "Stu.irt" i suitable for framing. AH the half tone Illustrationsjirc mud- f i u m recent photographs. This Guide may be obtained f r o m all ticket agents of the Baltimore Ohio Ld. "The Grt-at BuUlefteUl .Route" at 10 cents each, or w i l l be Bent to any -.a for 15 cent 1 ). G. A. R. Posts ordering 50 or more w i l l be f u r n i s h e d at special low rales. A folder contaln- ng a correct, battlefield map and special maps of Gettysburg and Anteltorn will be* forwarded w i t h efLch copy. Ft*r further particulars address C. W. Baa- sett. General Passenger Agent, B A O. Railroad, Baltimore. Shatter* All Jt«corU. Twice in hospital. F. A. GuJled^e, Verbena, Ala., paid a vast sum to doc- ors to cure a severe case of piles, caus- ns 24 tumors. When ail failed, Bucken's Arnica Salve soon cured him. Subdues inflammation, conquers aches, kills pains. Best salve In the world. 25 cents at J. C. Moore's, Connellsville, Pa., and W, A. Belghley'a, New Haven 1 Major Keener TV111 Settle. It Is likely that the prosecutions againat Major John L. Keener o£ M u r - jantown who ia under i n d i c t m e n t foi :alse pretense, will be settled. Keener'*, ittorney has compromised "with all the West Virginia, and Pennsylvania (Ted- tors, except t h one who s e c u r e d his arrest, at 50 cents on the dollar, and expects to settle w i t h the remaining ne in a few day-t, 8 mi day -Exciir*lon to Plttnburc. Popular excursion to Pittsburg and return, Sunday. September 21st, on ,he Baltimore Ohio railroad. Only il for the round trip from Conr.ells- dlle for special train leaving at 7.45 A. \1. A full day to vlfeit the famous parks and "zoological gardens. Call on agent Baltimore Ohio railroad for ull particulars. ! Central Park Lots, : McKeesport. S Men's g Fall Shoes. Display of some of the newest Styles for Early Fall and Winter wear. New ones arriving every day. Ask to see the Po. Tay. Toe. The newest fad. W. B. LOVELESS CO., Sixth and Penn Ave., Pittsburg, Pa. JuuruuuiiinnnirinnAnnnjjuinnxruo AtKnmlment- Notice. A M K N D U K X T TO Til K CONSTITUTION pKOPOsi;r TO Tut; CITIZENS or THIS COMMONWEALTH FOK THI31B AI'- I'KOVAJL. OK K13JKLTIOV BY THE GENERAL ASaHMHIA OF Till: COMMONWEALTH OF PENNSYLV^NIA.. PUIt- OF T1JB C O M M O N W E A L T H * IN PURSUANCE OF ARTICLE X V I I I Ob' ' i H H CONSTITUTION. A J O I N T KHKOLLTIOV Proponing nil n.mLMi(lmi?nt to w?-:Uou t c i ol article one of elm L o n n t i t u t l » n , HO ll'rvtu tllBCtnirKP i)I H Jury t n r f u H u r o I n i w n * oj other necL-HHitry CIUIH nliliH nut V. ark mi 'HKtlou 1.' Be It mulvcJ it tin- Somite nnil FJtitiKf* uf lEi-l'rt;*entiittve» (if tin- Conn, wmltli of i'eniiKv.vuuiii. in (tuiicml A«-i'» met, Tlnit tin 1 foiliiH-liijr be proimm-il ui. __.. a m e n d m e n t tn (.tic I'or.HilMiUon; thai IK to miy, tlutt Hoctlon tun oT ankle out.ivltlch "No pcrfton Hhnll.iu- iiu.vIndli'tiiMi' oftenne, he iirrx'i'ct'ed iiKHliiHtcrinilnrill.v by iuluritm- tloti, except. !n CIIHPH uHnIiiir in ttie liuni or naval force*.or In tlic mitUttu, u.!ici\ ItiacUitil nerrlci» lu Lime of u nr or p u b l i c rlac^rr, or by leiivc uf Lin- ooiirt ol O|tpru*(iln:i ur iiiin- demeanor In ollk'f. No pcrnon Hhnll, for the mime nrfciiw. bo tw ice put In fmipu-dy of life or limb, nur Hlmll prli-nlf properly be taken or applied tn public uw, u Ithoiit tuitharit.r of \n.v imrl \vltSimit J*jt*i compeiiHiuion bclnjr iiPBt iniulo or aerureil." b« mi ended wo it* to rend IM follow w: No pirnnn nunl1, (or aiir Intllctnblt 1 uffenitf, be procoedfd HKn.lnm crluil'uvllj v jy Infoniid- tlon. exrt'pt in ciiHt'H nrlf-lnn t:i tlic In.-.d or nnvttl lorcen or In t.'ic iniiltttit, n-Jien in Jicttnil Horvlce In tlno ot witr or public djirurcr, or by U'tivp (if tlif cnurUor opprenitlnn or :n!n- demennnr in olllrr No pprnon Hlutll f u r t l ie game offenxr. be twk'cput it. Jenpurdv ul Hie o r l l m t i ; but n i l l m h i t r K H U f the J n t y for full- lire to Rurt't', or otliLT nocfHHnrr eatiF', nneill not work AH (i-(|ultttii! Nor nlmll iirtrnrft property lie t«k*n or iipplld to piitilli w t t t i f j u t n n t t i o r l t r of !«w uinl without conipenmitlon bclii^ lli^t nunk- A triit- rottr of tbe Joint ftCHohitlnn fT. V\. (HUl-ST, Secretftry nf tlit- Coniniuim unJtli A M i : v n M K N T T O T H F rovSTITl'TIOK jfi. I'KOPOSri) TO THE CITIZBNH OF THIS t'O.MMONUTAl/I H P O R T H H m APP R f J V A t , OR HKJCCTION m" T H K U K N E H A L A M S R M B L Y OF THE COMMON- W E A L T H O K P E N N S Y L V A N I A . PI'B- LISUKU BV O R D r . H O r THKsr.rJUZTAKY OK T H K C O X I M O N V V K A L T H . I N PL'Itsr- ANt'E OF ARTK'LK \ V 1 I I OF THK t'OV- bTlTf TIO A J O I N T R K S O L f T H i N r ° P n i l "tlon n «rTMe I ('omn l innwpiiUii " n '' t """ Socllon 1 jie It mtolnil bv tlif Hc-tiQf find Hnn*e.ol P^cprpw n t n t l v e t of the Common vrcttltlf of I V ^ U H v l r i i n l j i in firrjpnil Ah^eniblv raft. t h e f u I l n u i i l R l f l prripowd HM «» ntnvmimt in to thr ( onittiuitlon uf tnf Cnrn- monwi'd)th ttl Pi'nni*ylvfinlu, In IH cftriliinnn with tht 1 nriirlHlnnH ol tlie t 1 ^KItte^·nt^ rtrlMo tlic-ivol. Add in th* rnd of n f f t l u n *r\tn, i-ttrit' tftn*. tin- follnwhiic irorilf. 'Tiili'^ hfftjrt' lily.Hiich prnjiDHt"! hpfi'lal or locnl lfi« « nitl brtvr ncn l1rnt HtibinUt(*c) to n. p o p t i l n r vote, ... .. ,, . . _ u l or MptTlitl t] n't Ion In tlif l(ir«lltj- orlotVLlltlpH u bp uflpctef! br Itf opcrntton. nik*r nn order of the court uf common ^*RH , of thr rtMpecttri' countv uftpr horvrtiiK *(ld ( p H f H t l i i n »rn n tit], nntl »linM hii.\t« b^i'n np- fireil by *i tnnjorlty of the roti-rx rtt · i p h j election, f'rovldfd, Thnt no niicli flcrlton ilmll Iw held until tne (li*rrt'i- of court ( t u t h o r - Uinir t fie f*aTiic«h till h / i r c lrt-n m h ^ r t t w l 'ur li-H«*t thirty di n d n \ r f In t lit- lomllty or court m»r dlri^t. i A true topv of ttio Joint IIonolutli»n ! U W H K i E h T . Union Supply Company, ·DEALEBSIN- General Merchandise. · 45 DEPARTMENT STORES, 46. E HAVE NO CUTi'PRlCE GOODS TO SHOW YOU AT PRES- ent, but invite you to see 45 stores full of New, Fresh, Clean Goods. All the old goods we had are gone, closed out. Nothing in our stores at present but new, fresh stock. Our last clearance sale was a good one. We cleaned out everything. Now come and see our new stock. We have Domets, Cantons, Wool Flannels, Blankets, Gloves, Yarns, Underwear, Hosiery, etc., and you must have them. There is only one place to buy them, and our stores is the place. This is our opinion, come in and see ii you do not agree with us. If you do, your visit will save you money. Shoes. The factories are crowding our new Shoes in and we want to crowd them out. We want to sell you the next pair. We can fit your feet, please you in prices and guarantee wear. SANITARY PLUMBING, s^^s FITTING, Furnaces, Stoves and Ranges. Tin and Slate Roofing. Carey's MaRnes'a Flexible Cement Roonr.n- JOHN B. SKINNER, Trl-Matc Phoac 2H. 137 Plttsourf Mrecl, Councllsrtllc. Connellsville Planing Mills. Clothing. Clothing is another thing you will be interested in. Let us make you a suit. Best workmanship and trimming guaranteed. Prices will talk for themselves. Our ready made goods are not excelled and rarely equaled. You will only need to see them, and that is what we request you to do. We wil] then sell you. Seeing is believing, in this case when you see the goods, you will believe they are right, but when you wear them you will know it. We Sell Everything. If there is any- t h i n g you want we have it. We can furnish your house, clothe you, shoe you and feed you, all to your perfect satisfaction. I Union Supply CompanyJ We have la long-establis'ied reputation for good m a t e r i a l s and good workmansh.p, and we are Building Contractors of ripe experience. Plans and estimates! kinds of b u i l d i n g p r o m p t l y furnished. Dealers in Flour, Feed and Hay. Office and Mills, 201, 203, 205, 207 South Water street. TIIE UNION SAVINGS BANK Or PITTSBURGH CAPITAL,, Sl.OOO.OOO The man with money to invest can rind no safer, more satisfactory place for it than The Union Savings Bank--where it will earn 4- PER CENT. INTEREST compounded semi-annually--and where the principal will always be available, if you should need" it. Write for the I'.ooUlet tellinj; about the ^ystejn uf " B.m!in^ by Mai!." D I R E C T O R S H c i WICK M . .% K 1 \ * J A M I S * t.PFA GCO. I \\ HI ]"· i M C M 1,-Ul'W A. \ V . MLLLON M. B. MELLON F. J. HbAHSE J O H 1 I'UHTfcKFlELD Frich Building, Pittsburgh. Pa. CALHOUN CO. Telephone 34, Connellsville, Pa. Go to Tannehiirs for the best Wall Paper, Tobacco and Cigars, Hammocks, Newspapers, and a fine line of stylish Stationery. H. A. CROW, NOTARY PUBLIC, Loan -- Insurance Ait. Title and Trust Building. HENRY GOLDSMITH, FIRE I N S U R A N C E Beir end ut Onk Hnll GlotUh.g StoiB, 48 MAIN ST., CONNELLSVILLE, PA. J. DONALD PORTER, REAL ESTATE AND INSURANCE. Leading Compunlcn RcprcHcnttd. SuUson JJulldliifi:, ConuelUvIIle, Pn. I'. II. PI:.VDLETON. MHH. JOHEITIINE KriD PENDLETON RED), HuccoBriorH to DuShunu'e INSURANCE AGENCY. Welhe B u i l d i n g , Main and l'HUbiiir Street*, Coiwellurille, Pa. DOM CO., Insurance Underwriters, Connellsville, Pa. Representing Old Reliable Companies. Extraordinary!! ·LOVELY GIRL" ORCHESTRA A T T H C New Exposition This remarkabfo organization, fifty ctrong f has taken 3oitcm by storm for tha past tan weeks, and it will do tha game with Pittsburgh's audiences. YOU MUST HEAR THEM!! 127 Superb Exhibits 10 Star Attractions Music Hall Beautifully Re-decorated Excursions, at one fare for tho round trip fir« run from this city to Pittsburgh. every walk 105 N. Pittsburg St., Connellsville, - Pa. Pop and i Mineral Water; Pure and Fresh. Prompt df liveries and shipments, Telephone I \ 64. Coughenour Co.. Barge's Old Stand, CounollavUle, A brand that t* a brand IE a guarantee of excellence. It stands for reputation--Quality --unchangeobleness. T h a t means-- Pillstey's Best. Some grocers have a way of Kuaranteeine; any flour they happen to have because tbe prottt ia large. Don't jsay the Pillsbury price for an inferior brand of flour.

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