North Hills News Record from North Hills, Pennsylvania on October 2, 1992 · Page 28
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North Hills News Record from North Hills, Pennsylvania · Page 28

North Hills, Pennsylvania
Issue Date:
Friday, October 2, 1992
Page 28
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MOVIES Friday Oct 2 1992 - News Record Now playing You r daily guide to first-run mov es a'ioca "6d e s ""0^3 oj' tr -e No rtn Hilis 'o r F r d d y Oci ? 'nroug n """hursday Ocl 8 Times and istings are sjojecl lo change so please ca vo^r "-,ea'e r De'o rc a~e'a -g Movie title Captain Ron Rated PG-13 Thea f e r a n d show · ^es Butler Cinemas 7 35 9 35 p m i 35 3 35 5 35 c ~ iveexeids o^V Sr-'on take No' yet reviewed Al Pacino is Ricky Roma, a cutthroat real estate salesman who claws to the top in 'Glengarry Glen Ross/ Intense 'Glengarry' an easy sell Glengary Glen 1 Ross Hero PG-13 Cranberry Cinemas 1 ' C 3 1 5 5 ' 5 7 25 9 4 0 p n- Showcase Cinemas North i 20 7 30 9 50 p m 3 20 5 20 11 5C p HP weekends J° ^ Waterworks Cinemas 1 3 0 5 5 1 C 7 3C 9 35 o r» Waterworks Cinemas: 1 15 3 15 5 20 7 35 9 45 p m Butler Cinemas 7 30 9 40 p r" 1 3 1 0 5 D ,.9e*e^as omy Cranberry Cinemas i 3 05 5 20 7 30 9 4C p r- Showcase Cinemas North i 20 7 20 9 45 p "" 4 20 and ^idnght weeKenc^ oniy Waterworks Cinemas 1245 305 5 2 5 7 45 10 p rr DavW Mamet's prize-winning play, "Glengarry Glen Ross," a ferocious attack of cutthroat business attitudes, has been adapted into a riveting, superbly acted motion picture by director James Foley __ -\J , Jack Lemmon and AJ Ffewnr lead a stellar cast in this abrasive but fascinating portrait of a pivotal two lays in the life of an urban real estate office · We follow the desperate exploits of four salesman (Lemmon, Pacino, Alan Arkm, and Ed Harris), as they try to unload shares in a dubious d e v e l o p m e n t k n o w n as Glengarry Highlands The four cynical veterans have been forced into heated, wmner~-taKe-all " Glengarry Glen Ross - Excellent Rated. R Time 1 hour 40 minutes Shoeing at: Waterworks Cinemas Waterworks Mall Fox InnocerrtJJIood Last of the Mohicans \ R tition by their company As the film opens, they're offered a sales chal- l e n g e b y a _ p o r a t e e x e c - pj| m u t i ve ( A l e c review Jack Garner Baldwin) The salesman w h o b r i n g s in the most money by month's end will earn a Cadillac E l d o r a d o T h e s e c o n d - b e s t salesman will get a set of steak k n i v e s The t h i r d - p l a c e p r i z e 9 You're fired ' With the pressure on, the four salesmen hit the telephones and the road, calling in any and all contacts they can possibly find, hoping to climb the sales charts The key to potential sales though, are the hot - Arifjrassps and phone overnight, and the hujch-desired "leads" are missing Police are called in, and all the office personnel are suspect Just how far have these men been forced to go to survive'' Ma met's screen adaptation is generally loyal to the play The only major addition is a new character, the corporate exec played by Baldwin His presence adds more cynical pressure, and perhaps a bit more clarity, to the issues Physical and emotionaptlaustro- phobia is an essential part of Mamet's play, and itevin more intense on the -screen, thanks to Foley s use of Rightly focused cine- matography^omnipres^nt rainfall andshadawV ^ Mamet'schUtceof^ unrelenting profanity in his dialogue fuels the intensity of tl£ salesmen's fight for survival Since these men must be the epitome of calm and control when they re making their sales pleas, they obviously feel a need to explode with the wildest profanity Mr. Baseball I I i I Mr. Saturday Nlgit Sarafina School Ties Singles PG-13 and emoiional ilde iFBi Sneakers Cranberry Cinemas: 5 9 Showcase Cinemas North: i 740 10 p m 310 and 5 20 p m weekends only Waterworks Cinemas: 1 , 3 15, 5 30, 7 45, 1 0 p m Butler Cinemas: 7 40 950 1 10 320 5 30 weekends only Cranberry Cinemas' 1 10 3 2 0 5 3 0 7 40 9 50 p m Showcase Cinemas North. 1 7 25 9 40 p m 3 05 and 5 10 p m weekends only Waterworks Cinemas: 1 45 4 30 7 1 0 9 40 p m Butler Cinemas: 7.15, 9.15 p.m .115, 3 15, 5 15 weekends only Cranberry Cinemas: 1.20, 3 20 5 20, 7 20, 9 20 p m Showcase Cinemas North: 1 7 25, 9 35 p m ,3 05, 5 10jj,m weekends only Cranberry Cinemas. 1 3 1 0 520 735 9 55 p m Showcase Cinemas North: 1 30 7 15 9 50 p m 4 30 p m and midnigrr weekends only Waterworks Cinemas. 1 45 4 40 7 20 9 50 p m Showcase Cinemas North: 1 25 7 25 9 25 p m 3 25 5 25 and 11 25 p m weekends only Waterworks Cinemas: 1 3 10, 5 10 i 7 30 and 9 45 p m Showcase Cinemas North: i 15 7 3 5 10 p m 3 20 5 25 p m n.dmght weekegds only Waterworks Cinemas. 1 10 320 530 7 40 9 50 p m The Beehive: 7 45 10 p m i · Cranberry Cinemas: 1.05, 3 05, 7 15 I p m Showcase Cinemas North: 1 30, 7 30, 9 3 0 p m 330,530, 11 3 0 p m weekends only PG-13 Cranberry Cinemas 1 1 3 1 5 5 3 0 7 4 5 1-Q-m- Jack Lemmon and Al Pacino lead a stellar cast in this abrasive but fascinating portrait of a pivotal two days in the Irfe urban real estate office s ·a * * ' 2 0 JS'IP Hoffman delivers the comedy per*o r mance of "ne seaso" as Berme LaPiarte a compulsive con artist and tmef more surprised tr-an anyone when he does-something incredibly courageous But i's typical of Berme s luck when the media DuDnc ignore nim ana put the nero s laurels on an impostor rnuch-nore-handsome and appealing homeless man played with suDtie charm by Andy Garcra Geena Davis co-stars Vampire movie filmed in Pittsburgh **«·* Daniel Day Lewis stars m adaptation of James Fenimore Cooper novel ·fr-fr 1/2 Consider this sushi-out-of-water comedy a face-saver Tom Selleck A home run it s not But even mridly amusing will the Magnum man on base especially after recent strikeouts "Folks' 1 and "Columbus-The Discovery Also starring Ken Takakura and Takanashi **Billy Crystal stars as standup comic PG-13 PG-13 PG-13 .Not reviewed yet Whoopi Goldberg is a South African school teacher fighting the injustices of the South Afncan government Robert Mandel-s x 50s co'mmg-of-age drama centered on the specific theme of anti ^eVmtisrr at a WASP prep schoo 1 Brendan Fraser ( Encino Wan ) is impressive as a newly arrived senior feels pressure to hide the fact that he s Jewish ·fr-tr-fr Bridget Fonda, Campbell Scon, Kyra Sedgwick, Sheila Kelly Jim True and Matt Dillon co-star as six twentysomething men women whose lives become entwined in friendship and romance 1/2 Robert Bedford Dan Aykroyd Ben Kmgsley Mary ^ numbers ofi file cards -- doled out by the the officer manager. (Kevin Spacey). a low life corporate shill for the power the "leads" give him O f f i c e hot-shot R i c k y Roma (Pacino) saddles up to a poor sap in the Chinese restaurant across the street from the office, and begins to work his sales magic The aging veteran, Shelley "The Machine ' Levene, works the phones Jike a magician, lying and prying his way to the hopeful sales And less effective salesmen George and Daye (Arkm and Harris) moan about office inequities, and lay down pipe dreams to join a rival real-estate firm, or perhaps to steal the carefully guarded 'leads " Like the play Foley's film plays out in two acts After a night of feverish a c t i v i t y the salesmen come into the office to find it in shambles A thief has broken in rsts w h e n outour they're not in the midst of a pitch The aggressive emotions and desperation of the men in ' Glengarry Glen Ross" create a challenging showcase for the film s impressive cast, and the actors deliver what must be the most impressive ensemble performance of the season In addition" to the office employees, the cast includes Jonathan Pryce. as the unwitting victim of Ricky Roma's sales pitch Lemmon, in particular, grabs you by the_shirt collar and shakes you vigorously for the film's complete running time His performance as Shelley Levene is a scorching portrait of desperation that brings home Mamet s sharply pointed message At 67, Jack Lemmon's at the very top of his game Jack Garner is chief movie critic for Gannett News Service The Mighty Ducks Showcase Cinemas North 1 1 5 7 1 0 9-40 prr 4 15 weekendS-M'y Waterworks Cinemas: 2 4^5 715 9 50 p m PG I Cranberry Cinemas: 1 25 3 25, 5 25, 7 25 9 25 p m j Showcase Cinemas North: i 710,920 I p m , 3 5 11 20 p m weekends only Waterworks Cinemas; 1 10, 3 15 5 20, I 7 3 5 , 9 4 5 p m and Oidaey forties ee Ma IB hno and exciting saga about computer hackers thieves and spies *·* 1/2 This comedy-drama about a pee wee hockey team decidedly for younger viewers Consider this "The Bad News on Ice Skates " Emilio Estevez stars as Gordon Bombay a hot-sheWavyer wno believes in winning at all cost until he s sentenced forOWl to community service the coaching of an inept pee wee hockey team Area theaters · BTutlerCmemas: Clearview Mall Route 8 282-4955 Mr Baseball Hs'o L as' o' 're Mexicans Cac'a n Ron · Cranberry Cinemas: Cranberry Mall Route 9 772-31 1 1 Capiar Ro- M' Sa'urday Might Mr Baseba ie r c S"eaxers - a s t o l f - c Mohicans The V grry DUCKS lnnoce n Blood Singles · Showcase Cinemas North 9700 McKn ght Road McCandleSS 931 1870 The M.ghty DJCKS S'ngles Sci-oolTes Saralma Mr Baseball Sneaxers Mr Saturday Nigni nnocen JJiooa nero Captain Ron Last of the Mohicans · Super Saver Cinema: Northway Mall 8000 McKmght Road 367-1593 Second run filrrs call theater lor 'iT-es Me Wcney Batna- Returns Hellraiser III Basic l*stmc' Dea'h Becomes He' p a'rot Gaiies S'ay Tuned Raising Ca r House Sifter A L=ague^c' T hei' Ow- · Waterworks Cinemas Waterworks Mall Fox Chapel 784 1402 Sneaxer= T-e Migrt/OJG-.S C ' -,a G'er Ross Scioo T es M' 5a'-'2ay · The Beehive Coffeehouse Dessertery 3807 Forbes Ave Oakland 683 4483 S n g e s · Pittsburgh Film Repertory (Pittsburgh Playhouse). 222 Craft Ave Oakland 521 660 1 T he Cannes res j^ ° ^ "^ou Pa* What the stars mean **** Excellent **··* Good -if if Fair * Poor All movies are reviewed by Gannett News ·-- Service. 'Mr. Baseball' not quite a strikeout Consider sushi-out-of-water comedy "Mr Baseball" a face-saver for Tom Selleck A home run it's not Buteven mililly amusing will get the Wfyznum man on base, especially afrer recent strikeouts "Folks 1 '" and ' Columbus -- The Discovery True, at 47, Selleck may be straining a bit to be an ex-World Series MVP in a slump who's recruited by a Japanese team, the Dragons But compared to his King Ferdinand in "Colambus," this is fits-hke-a-bat- tmg-glove typecasting L i k e a g a l l u m p h i n g Gulliver, Selleck s ornery Jack El h o t i m m e d i - ately gets off on the wrong foot "Let's just say I h a d a e n t o Tom Selleck pi av here " he Film briefs Mr. Baseball 2 - Fair to good Rated- PG-13 (profanity nudity) Showing at: Butler Cinemas Clearview Mall, Route 8 282-4955 Cranberry Cinemas Cranberry Mall Rt 19 772-31", Showcase Cinemas North WcCandless 93' -1870 Film review Susan Wlosiczyna yuks at a press conference Things go downhill from there He hates taking off his shoes before entering the locker room, can't understand the plumbing, won't refrain from spewing tobacco and needles the manager (Ken Takakura) His attitude and dearth of on- Jreld talent fail to endear him to anyone But a little cross-cultural sack time makes him see the errors of his ways With the help of lovely and liberated Hikiro ( A y a Takana- s h i ) -- guess who her father turns out to be 15 -- Elliot starts to absorb the Zen of Japanese baseball "Mr Baseball" does tiptoe close to racial stereotyping, but that mainly reflects Elliot's Ugly American behavior And strong support from Takakura, Takanashi and Toshi Shioya as an impish interpreter helps to offset most harm done Fred Schepisi s ("Roxanne"i dir e c t i o n is p r e d i c t a b l e t h o u g h smooth the final face-off satisfies like a cold stadium brew Japanese bleacher bums may munch squid on a stick instead of dog on a bun But a watchable Tom Selleck movie translates into any language Susan W!osrczna reviews movies jor Gannett News Service Marshall siblings take on 'Time Step' Penny and brother Garry Mar shall have ' Time Step" in the works at 20th Century Fox, and she Garry committed to taking his "Wrong Turn at Lungfish play which premiered in Los Angeles several months ago, to Broadway 'Crucible* feature , Trie 'nlpr is sirung m a y desk, but I haven't taken the time to read it " She and Garr also haven't taken the time to decide which of them will direct the feature She's promised to make a tour of Europe in late October to tub- thump for the overseas opening of "A League of Their Own " And before falling out Marc Abraham a partner in Beacon Communications which has been brought in to produce the feature with 20th Century Fox savs "the script is wonderful ' He aho says a summer *94 production start is now targeted for · i t i i - n o * C i u c i b h . Abr.ih.~a- The search is on for a director to replace Norman Jeunson on the screen_adaptaty)n of Arthur Miller's "The Crucible " Jewison not only worked on the project for months, he collaborated with the esteemed author on the screenplay notes that Miller wrote the ptay in response to the '50s witch hunts -and it is still a relevent theme today when mass hystena can lead to people being made scapegoats Jewison is preparing the big screen adaptation of the best seller "Just Cause" for Warner Bros Join the Grand Celebration At Qlapour Shots! Session Includes: * Complimentary Makeover Hairsrylmg Wardrobe Accessory Changes * 16 Separate Poses ^ nstant Viewing of Video f-oofsi ^ Gift Ce r ' cr;s i Affordable Portrait Packages Available HIGH F A S H I O N PHOTOGRAPH^ QO6 PACK MALL 369-7827 UPPER _ F \ ~ 1 NKAR -CPEVVFYI

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