Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana on May 16, 1962 · Page 11
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Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana · Page 11

Logansport, Indiana
Issue Date:
Wednesday, May 16, 1962
Page 11
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Wednesday Evening, May 16, 1962 Logansport, Indiana, Pharos-Tribune Eleven ANNIVERSARY—Ranth style wesiern bats were in predominance in the anti-room-of the new Senate Reception Room in Washington Tuesday where a golden anniversary luncheon of the state of New Mexico was held. Here, New Mexico Gov. Edwin L. Mecheni has a difficult time finding his own. (DPI tlnifax.) Washington Disease Is 'Cocktail Party' By Harry Ferguson WASHINGTON (UP!) - Residents of the nation's capital suffer from an ailment which a psychiatrist might call "cocktail compulsion." Its symptoms are irrational and irresistable desires to give -or attend cocktail parties. The ailmcn has reached epidemic proportions and there is no known cure. Any person with governmental, diplomatic or journalistic connections who is not suffering from a communicable disease or been convicted of a felony easily can attend 1,450 cocktail parties a ye'ar, or about four a day. Not small gatherings in living rooms, but alcoholic mass meetings with a receiving line and an orchestra. Anybody planning to play the full schedule should pause and consider the case of the young at- tache at one of .the big embassies who contracted "cocktail compulsion" in its most virulent form. He conceived it to be his duty to accept every invitation he re ceived. He immediately began playing at least a double-header every day and the more places he went the more invitations he received. He stood up pretty well for about four months and then came the critical day when he was scheduled to attend seven parties between 5:30 and 7 p.m. Two weeks later he was sent home for reasons of health. The minority opinion was the he contracted stomach ulcers. The majority stoutly insisted that he lis tened to loo much inane chatter that it unhinged his mind. Lacks Night Life As world capitals go, Washington is a small town and getting smaller. Between 1950 and 196C (he population declined from 802, 000 to 763,000 because of a flight to the Maryland and Virginia suburbs. It doesn't have much theater. There are a few night clubs and the usual allotment of movie houses. But there is no night life such as you find in London, Paris or Rome. Washington is the nation's political capital, but New York is headquarters for entertainment and culture. The result is that entertainment here is on a do-it-yourself basis. Socially speaking, the people exist by taking in each other's washing. Some entertaining is fo r business reasons. The town swarms with lobbyists—they givp about 40C big parties a year—who are seeking perferenlial treatment for OAS Boasts of Ability to Strike Anyplace, Anytime ALGIERS (UPI)-The reprisal slaughter of Moslems lent weigh! today to the boast of the Secret Array Organization (OAS) that il can strike where, when and whom it wants. Despite the presence of 20,000 police and European French troops, OAS extremists Tuesday apparently were in reprisal for a sudden series of Moslem raids which killed 17 Europeans the day before. The Monday raids were were the first mass terrorism by Moslems since the cease-fire on March 17, although European terrorists have been active for weeks. Authorities feared • that, with tension mounting and nerves becoming more frayed, a chain reaction of reprisals 'might start that could sabotage the cease-fire before full independence is achieved for Algeria. The OAS is opposed to Algerian independence under Moslem rule. It has been carrying out a campaign of terrorism in hopes of provoking the Moslems into vio lent retaliation, and forcing French troops to fire on the Moslems. Such action, OAS leaders figure, would result in a collapse of the peace accords. In all, Tuesday, the loll from terrorism was 77 dead- and 40 injured. This included the killing of 10 Moslems by OAS commandos at Sidi-Bel-Abbes. their clients. They concentrate on members of Congress and officials of the executive departments on the theory that nothing oils the machinery for favorable'legisla- tion so effectively as a steady flow of martinis down governmental gullets. Press agents also abound here and bombard newspaper men and broadcasters with things like this: "Cocktails. Federal Room, Statler Hilton Hotel, 6 to 8 p.m. To meet Joe Zilch." Joe can be almost anybody, but usually he is a man who wants to see his name in the papers and has the money to indulge his whim. Duty Bound There are about 100 embassies and legations in Washington and they are duty-bound to give two or three big parties a year to celebrate their independence day or the birthday of a king, president or prime minister. They bait the trap with the best food and drink available here. The French, with their genius for cuisine and the best wine cellar in town, attract crowds that compare in size with the mob that stormed the Bastille. The Russians put on a good show, too, but their attendance varies. A reception at the Soviet Embassy is an effective barometer of the state of the cold war. If things are going well, all the top level people turn out. But the Russians gave a party just after the U2 ^incident and received a snow storm of regrets that resembled a Siberian blizzard. Finally there are the gifted hosteses who give parties just to flex their social muscles. Some of them are widows, some are married some are just lonely, but they have one thing in common —money and the will to spend it. Still the Cliamp The winner and still champion of the world is Mrs. Perle Mesta. She is. a wealthy widow who moved to Washington from Pittsburgh several years ago and cast a wide and deep net on the social waters. Somwhat to her surprise, she immediately began hauling in some pretty big fish. She was immortalized in the musical comedy "Call Me Madam," and the truth is that the amazing antics of Miss Ethel Merman in the starring role stretched the facts only slightly 1 . Part of Mrs. Mesta's success ie due to her knack of persuading the guests to furnish the entertainment. Among her successes she lists a piano solo by Harry Truman, a buck and wing dance by the late Alben Barkley and a baritone rendition of "Abdul/ Abuftml Amir" by Dwight I). Eisenhower shortly before he ran for President. Of all the people in Washingeon, the^ freshman congressman is the easiest for a host or hostess to trap. He is here for only two years with no guarantee that he return and has. to make while the crystal cocktail will hay glasses shine. Or at" least his wife issues such orders. Depends .On Occupanis Social life in the White House depends entirely on the occupant. The Coolidge and Hoover administrations were known as the social ice age; Prohibition ' was in effect and neither President had any natural convivial inclinations. With repeal things loosened up somwhat and the Roosevelts started •<ervinr> winp al Ihpir din Martea seivmg wine ai tneir oin- Each Primary Vote in Cass Cost $1.04 The primary election in Cass county cosE $1.04 per vote, according to expense figures released by County Auditor Raymond Beckley. The total 'cost was $8.727, with 8,357 voters, compared with a cost of $8,559.45 two years ago, when there were 10,624 primary voters. The cost per vote in the primary of 1960. was only 81 cents. That was the first county primary in which the voting machines were used. THE COST of the primary in 1958 was $10,960.56, but the large number of voters who went to the polls cut the cost per vote down to 92 cents, 12 cents less than it was this time. In 1956 the county spent a whopping $12,881.44 on its primary election for a cost of $1.69 per vote. For this year's primary, the salaries of the 29 precinct election, boards, meals and other voting expense totaled $3,236, while another $1,257.70 represented county election board expenses. THESE CLAIMS will be presented to. the county commissioners at a special meeting next Monday. The commissioners previously approved expenses! totaling $4,233.38, including $1,435.65 for election supplies, $477.75 for printing ballots, and $525.08 for legal advertising. Variety of Food Supplies Await Thrifty Shopper ' WASHINGTON, (UPD—A variety of appealing food buys await weekend food shoppers. At produce counters the selection of .plentifuls includes asparagus cabbage, carrots, celery, lettuce, onions, potatoes, squash and such fruits as avocados, grapefruit, oranges, and strawberries. Broiler-fryer chickens represent an excellent protein buy, along with, various cuts of beef and pork being featured in many stores. Turkeys too, join the selection of maindish plentifuls. Eggs also are a top protein buy /and shoppers will find a wide selection of all dairy products. Fish selections include plentiful supplies of fish, sticks, and fish portions, scallops, and canned tuna. . • • Oh, my aching back Nagging backache, headache, or mtts- - , . . ,cular aches and pains may come on ners. Iruman and Eisenhower,with over-exertion,emolional upsets or continued that practice, but thefe'fj^'S,!!"!.^™,"- And folks prfrdinncr cocktail still was ing. Now guests can choose their cocktails from a tray carried by butlers who circulate among the pre-dinner guesls. President Kennedy made another change: In previous administrations the Pres- that restless uncomfortable feeling. 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