Naugatuck Daily News from Naugatuck, Connecticut on December 13, 1949 · Page 5
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Naugatuck Daily News from Naugatuck, Connecticut · Page 5

Naugatuck, Connecticut
Issue Date:
Tuesday, December 13, 1949
Page 5
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Red Cross Handles Emergency Case Of Transportation The principal rolo of the American Red Ctx.>3 in di>>n.stei;< ig immediate and long-term help for victims. Recently the NaiifratiJcJc chapter was called to assist in a ruther unusual t'lju-rgency, Mrs. Thehna Andersen executive secretary of :hp lociU chmrttr said today. Mm. ChnrleM Baxter, teacher at the Hop Brook school, nnd JCHSO Dnvi», local mUBlc supervisor, trained nine sixth ijrade pupils to take par- in a radio contest. The Currier Electric Co. Residential — Commercial IndiiNtrlul WIRING and REPAIRS Tel. Naur. 4164 children included Julia Wocmcr, Dlnno EnRloHtftd, Judith Ann White. Rosemary Fogarty, Marlon SmeKulMkl. Barbara Kiiwnimlewxkl, Putiy Piccolo, Jeffrey Wilson nnd Stephen Haas. On the day of the broadcast, no transportation was available; A call to the Naugatuck Rod Cross resulted in immediate help and the n!m; children were quickly transported to Waterbury and. after the conclusion of the program, returned to their respective homes in Nuugntuck. Mrs. An tinmen wild (he following note was received at her office : Dear Mr,s. AnderKon: The pupils of KTiule six, Hop Brook school, who particii;j«ited In a program over Htatlon WATR. Tuesday, Nov. 22, arp most grateful to you for arranging for their transportation to and from Watcr- buiy. We know you will be pleased to learn thnt we were awarded the first prize. Slnceivly yoiir.i, J'upllH of Grado Six. Mr.i. Andcr.ien Hald that meeting this and a thousand other needa Is thft daily tank of the Red Crom. Christmas SALE Of FURS at JANUARY SALE PRICES Scarfs Capes Coats Jackets Furriers Since 1910 A Prillig Label Is Your Guarantee PRILLIG and SONS 109 SOUTH MAIN STREET, WATERBURY . . . Open Thursday and Saturday Nighta . . . ON THE AIR 6:30-WATR NA1X1ATUCK NMWR WTIC— Jimt I'lliln Illll WWCO— Cupl. Mlilnli-lit J:«— WHUY— Curl Mll»»ey WTIC-Kront T'UKO Fnrrell (1:00— All SliitlcuiK— No-VH 0:15— WATIt— SpurtH —Spoi-tn W. it:— strictly SportH WBHY— I.ettci-H lo Snnln \VATIl— I'hlllp Von Ti>liul New \\ WCO— Wlio'H TnlkltiK WIJUV-- KpcirlH WTKJ— WrlKlitvlllo KolkH WATU~ Klimmy Kiiyo wniJY-Li.weil 'rhiiniiin WTIC 1 — 3 Sliir ICvtrn WMIiY NiiiiKiilui'k Vnlli In- 7:(ir, 7 : 1C — WWC'O- FulK.n 1 ,1'WlH WTIC-Muhl II|i -I'lmn WHUV—IUy IH.u-li WATK— lleildlliut Kdlllon WATIt— KiiMtvriiiilfi-M WTIC—NUWH —W lilt V—.1 Itiuny nurniit n -WTIC--THA wiiitv- ciuii in WATIt- IliivM IliinllnK wwno—(liibrlc-l iioiitli'r -WHIl V—TCdWHl-il Tt. Mill-row WWc:o-.-l J.ovc' A My»t<M-y WATII-- Cnrm-Klii ll:tll WTIC—Ciivali-iidi. WI!KY~M.VHl<.|-.v Tlicnlor WWC'D—Crlmi- DIIC-B Nut I'll/ • WTIC- llnliy KnniiliH WI1IIV —Mr. mill Mm. North WWCO—On tin: fJrni'ii WWCo -Simtlllii On A Hlnr ..WimV—Mtn With J,tllKl WTIf .-llnI) II,,|,,. WWC'O—.liilill Him-In •WATIl-KrwIn W. Ciiiilinin IVTIC Kllilinl' M-!(lnn R :ir,. »:00 WWro-.-My»li.|-liniH Trnvi-lor OMTi WATII -CHICS NI.WH 10:00--WllllY-lllt III,. .lni;k|»>t WATIt--Tlnii> lor l)i.Ii.|ii< ( . W'l'm--HI K Tnwn 10:SO-WHI1Y—Siimmy Kayo WTir—1'eojrto Arr Funny WWCO-MuHic Vcm Wnnt WATR—An We 8oc Tt IrtMC-WATJl-ThlH IK Our Town I ; :nn_Alt RlntlmiH— NHWH 11: in—W BUY-WWCO—I,iii-nl Nl'WH II :15-WATR—Simrtn wnnr—Night swit WTir-—Mortnn Oownoy WWrO—TTN Tciflny WTIC—TnTlHh On-h. 11:30—WATl't—flcniM l)nnr« Orch 12:00~A1I HtntliuiH—Nrwn TKI.HVIHION WNIIT-TV Chnnnm » r. :00—Ted Btnolo D :30—TeletuiiON r, :4r>—iinwilv Doofly (1:00-Film Khiirlx B:.10— t^uvky 1'un 6:4C—Mu'Mli: & I'roKrum Nolcn 7 :0n—Kukln. Fran nnd Olllo 7 :30—Morton Downoy 8 :OB—;Milton Uorle •i-oo—'n,,, o-NnlUd 'J:30-HiiHp«n»c in^iin—^i nn i nur ii,,ur 1 I :00—To .Mm—NI'WH »On» fjliunnnl t f, :00—Ted Stocle B-.BO-The Chi»-k Wn^on (i:30— T,ucky Pun (It'll;—nob Hnwnrd Show 7:00—Xlvby Rtonn Qnlntnt 7 :30—CBS— TnlevlHkin NflWH 7:45—Sonny KnndlH Bhow 7 :r,n—Hflrli Shriller Show R :00—Film !' run—Actor'M Htuillo !l :30—«UM|)(.IIHO 10:00—Wenk In Rportn 10: in—TlluuH By Tliirity I0 : :tr>—I'nntomlhi! Quiz 11:00—NowHr««l WNBT Channel' I fi:in—Judy Spllnturn Ti :SO—Howdy Doody n :nn_rjobo'n circun (I :30—TCHHV DOUR It n.-r.r,—w.mtiior 7 :rin—icnkln. Frnn nnd Olllp 7 :»fi—Mi.loily Iliirmoriy n m ] Illiyllii,i 7:4fi—Mown Cnrnvdn—Milton llprli. 10:00—Amntonr Hour " 11:00—You Arc An ArtlHt Whin *l(l«<r>ll lira .ixj whnit trim rlnn DpUuiul «l mil. ti»l Motoring's "next ride" is here! Come in and go for a drivel NEW 1950 STUDEBAKER'S Rough spots seem to flatten out a» though they weren't there. The 1950 Studebaker ii maitcr- fully engineered to (jive you thoroughly relaxed comfort. Its as excitingly new as Studebakers 'hext look" Y«u dant r*H bmk *n hlll.l No tnp ciuncing on the pedala after you stop on an upgrade I Studebalcrr's unique automatic hill holder is standard on Com, mondcrs and Lund Cruisers— •light cxtm cost on Champion*. in and go for a drive in America's most talked about new car—the dramatically different 1950 Studebakcr. Come in and treat yourself to the unforgettable experience of the 1950 Studebaker's "Miracle Ride"—the grandest new thrill in all motoring. The Studebakcr "next look" and the Studebaker "next ride" are selling the 195O Studebaker faster than any car Studebakcr ever introduced before. Come in now and let this aerodynamic new 1950 Studebaker work its magic on you. You won't ever want to go back to ordinary motoring. ''HERE'S WHERE YOU'LL KND." «ay B 'this pretty Gloucester nsheretto to u giant tuna cnu K ht recently in Ipswich Bay^ In he hand, Miss Anno Howo holda onj, of the now frankfurter* ma"lo o tuna meat which were introduced to the public last we«k a* Friday Franks a Gloucester sea foods processing firm *naav Judgment Liens, Attachment Filed Two Judgment and a certificate of attachment Huns have been filed for record in the office of Town Clerk Raymond J. St. John an follows : tJ. S. Time Corp., Employes Federal Credit Union, ngulnut Louise Brown. North Hoadle.V ptroet prop- «rtv In attached In the amount of NATJOATUCK NEWS (CONN.), TUESDAY, nrcc. is, HMO—PAGE t Thn Colonial Trust, Co., ajjalnsl Nlcholiui T. Bulllvan Elizabeth Sullivan. Anna M. Johnston,, all of Watcrbury; joHeph W. Bollard, nltto known a» JaraoH Bollnrd. Nuu- Klltuck; Thomas F. Sullivan, Bridgeport, The Bollard property on Dam- won Lane la attached In the amount of $2,671.70. The certificate of attachment is filed by Clarence H., and Charles H. Nickernon, doing busincsH as the C. H. Nlckerson and Co., Torrlng- ton, against Ida Schmltz. Property on New Haven road IB attached in the amount of $7150. The plaintiff* Claim damages for surveying property. GKAR8 IN DEMAND About 175 million Hears arc u»cd In making five million automotive vehicles HELP WANTED 50 EXl'KItlJCNCKD FOOD CLEflKS, WALK ; ind 7KMALE • Self-8«irvlc<) Meat, IHilry, and DellciitcHHitn Wrttppem 0 % Priill, nnd V»K«t»l>l« Clnrkw 0 0 Hcilf Hi'i'vlc.' Orucnry CUH|I|ITN 0 • <<<'ii»ral C-'iiwIiliTH A I'ulntur Apply Wednesday Betwteen 11 A. M. and 4 P. M at EVERYBODY'S PARK & SHOP MARKET 60 CHURCH STREET ERICKSON MOTORS 1CARI, KIUCKSON, Prop.) 120 RUBBER AVE. HI:AI.LY KOI.LINC; JKIIAKLH I.DAU:; ACiAIN WITH TH}: NKXT LOOK IN CAHI 10 STOBY BASK The perleHlul for the SUtut of Liberty In 10 nlorlcs THIS XMA8 GIVE A NEW MIXMASTER WK AIXO OFI'ER llAMH-TON-HKAtJII GKNKKAI, Kl.KCmilC DOKMKVKK BUY ICAHI.V UKK OUK CONVKNIIiNT I.AV-AWAY FI.AN PAY «I A WKKK LINCOLN STORE 61 WEST MAIN ST. PHONE 5-2263 Every Naugatuck Boy Wants This GARNET and GRAY ALL-WOOL Reversible JACKET Only School Emblem Free From HOY'8 SKI CAPS $1.00 - $2.00 Cowboy Suit $495 TOM MIX Cowboy Boots $695 BOY'S HOSE 3 for $1.00 BOYS SPORT SHIRTS $1.95 to $2.95 BOYS MITTENS and GLOVES $1.00 BOYS 100% ALL WOOL SWEATERS $3.95 SLEEVELESS SWEATERS — $2.95 BOYS FLANNEL SHIRTS $2.45 up CORDUROY SHIRTS $3.95 WIN A NEW FORD!! Free Coupons With Every $1.00 Purchase CASH — CHARGE — PAYMENT BOYS PAJAMAS $2.95 BOY'S SCARFS and GLOVES $2.45 >cr net BOY'S ALPACA-LINED BOY'S DRESS JACKET SHIRTS *10.95 $1.95 BOY'S TIES 50c .„„ $1.00, I

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