Naugatuck Daily News from Naugatuck, Connecticut on December 13, 1949 · Page 3
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Naugatuck Daily News from Naugatuck, Connecticut · Page 3

Naugatuck, Connecticut
Issue Date:
Tuesday, December 13, 1949
Page 3
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Social Personal Fraternal Entertain At Birthday Party Mr. nnd -Mrs. Joseph Cubrn.1, 37 Chirrs- srcct. entertained Sunday afternoon at a pnrty in honor of their .-son Wayne, who observed hla 10th birthday Many Rifts were received by the honored guest. Mary Ann Wooster entertained with piano selections. Amoni: those attending were: Mary Ann and James Wooster, Nancy Lee!o, Donnn Putelll Daniel Putelli. Jr, Charles, Richard nnd Thonma Carn, Mary Ann Laudato. Dominic Laudato, Millie and Sonny Spiron/o. John Marino, Jr.. Anthony Marino, Carol Ann Kwijaunkn.5. Ronald nnd Lawrcnre Cab nil. Mr and Mr.i. Emmctt Woofrter, Mr and Mrs. Daniel Putei]!, Mr. nnd Mrs John Marino, Mrs Ann Laudate. Mrs. Ptilllp KwijaulSkas, Mr. and Mrs. Frank Sipiranzo, Henry and Dolores Cubral, John Painter. Mnry Vlctorlrte.' Adeline Snydcr. Joseph San Angclo, Chester Fa*7.!m>. ANNOUNCEMENT MID-WINTER TERM POST JUNIOR COLLEGE 24 Central Ave. Phono 4-8772 Waterbury BKOINS JAN. 30, 1950 MAKK 1-01:11 I* I, ANN NOW MKH KK»IMTIt.VK Imma'nuel Group, Plans Christmas Party Tomorrow The annual ChriHtmns party of the Ladies' Aid society of the Immanuel Lutheran Church will be held tomorrow nipht at 8 o'clock at the church, with more than 1DO expected to attend. All men nnd women of the church are Invited, Mrs. George Vugt, publicity ohu'.r- mnn. snld todny. Those attending are nuked to bring a riO-ccnt gift, for the grub bag, which Santa CliniH will ,llh- tributc before a gaily dccornlej Christmas tree. The Rev. Theodore A. Schradcr, pastor, will lead 'he group In singing ChrlHtmaH carolH Mrs. Raymond Kaiser of Bencor, Falls is in chnrge of refreshmcr.N, nnr) Mrs. Wm,1;im Pohl, Jr.. a>. chairman of entertainment. Members of the society will vlsil the Old People's Home at Southbury Monday night. Dec. in, for a pantry shower and C'hrlnlmn:< party. Those mnking I.he trip .vill meot at the Naugntuck Glass Co. nt 7 o'clock. Orders for homemade: cookies are being received by Mrs. Chart's Vugt, telephone 5898. Procer-i:3 (rom the sale go into the sociolv's treasury, Mrs, Harry Kreldicr prcHldcnt, said. I aver lovely ... ever washable Bright gift... plaid bJouie! See fhese beaufiej in Ship 'n Shore'} holiday color jpectrxim. All certified woihabl* and colorfail. See all the wonders of workmanship: the action-back, the open arid ihut collar, the long thirt-laili that *tay put — won't pop, And thinkl li there ony lively lady on your lift who wouldn't want several? Sizes 32 to 40. Fomoia SHIP 'n SHORE e/ualiiy as seen in LIFi MADEMOISELLE and SEVENTEEN Other Ship 'n Shore Blouses $2.98 up VISIT NAU.GATUOK'S CHRISTMAS STORE And Got Free Coupons With Every $1.00 Value TO WIN A NEW FORD 1 191 199 CHURCH STREET NAUGATUCK Open Thursday, Friday, Saturday Nigh'ts Clubwomen Entertain At Christmas Party More than 100 membera and Kueata of tin: Nauyatuck Junidr Woiran'a club attended a Chriat- mos parly hold last night in the Congregational pariali houae. During a brief buaineas meeting, Mrs. M. Francis Feclcy, president, announced that Mrs. Edwin Mel- i)ournc, Jr., has been :ipj>ninted drama chairman for the dra.inatic club, which will be organized in Lho ticur futvirc. Gucat aololat, Daniel Sweeney, looril !(;nor, and iilH accninpanlat, Mlsa JoHephine I*nmmano, were introduced by Mra. Clayton iJethJof- scn, program chairman. Mr. Sweeney presented a well received program, Including I Jlear You Culling Mo; My Lady Walk« in Loveliness; For You Alone; Ungeduld; Serenade); Morgcn; Amor Tl Vletn; T,o Rove dn Den CJrletix; Idenle; O .Solo Mlo; Nco- politan Love Song; ThunliM Bo to tie Nn CJlrtu Claim, nated l. were dlal.rlbutcd with nmny of th tf) the club'a by Santa glftH do- collection of toya tor needy children of 1lu: bor-. ough. Mrs. Armstrong Durr, president of the Naugatuck Woman's club, and members of the club were guests of the Junior group. Mrs. Durr delivered a Christ mas men- sane. The Aid Society of the Congregational church prcpnrod and served a buffet luncheon. Mm. UIIIT, Mrs. Keeley, Mrn. (ieorgn Oil-roll and Mra. 'Norrlii Kollolt Other ni'-nibera of tin- Naugntuck Wolnwn'n club atlrndlng were: !Mrri. 1'Yederick Konlno, Mra. Willis D. Mori-Ill, Mm, Irving Cutting, Miss Irene S<|ulrcs, Mrs. Waller I .unison, Mia. J'erluy Uruwn, Mr«. Clayton Uouuc'knecht, Mrs. Clifford Teeple, Mra. Raymond K. Kolcy, Mrs. Henry II. Gorton, Mrs. Raymond Kralls, Mm. Everett. Rogers, Mrs. Daniel Ocmcke, Mrs. Clarence C.rcen, Mm. Alglrd Knzemekas, Mrs. Robert Anderson, Mrs. George McKcnna, Mrs. Charles Fellowes, Mra. Peter Drlgnat, Mrs. Stuart Boyd, Mrs. Joseph Rellly, Mrs. Ernest Harding. Mrs. Bernard Rapp, Mrs. Genevlevc Swanson, Mrs. Mnr- tln Lynn, Mrs. Merle Hyde, Mrs Arnold Lundin, Mrs. Frank Strom Mrs. Oscar Hente. Members of the Naugatuck .Junior Woman's club. in attendance were: Marie Marlllo, Mrs. Ann Brown. ISlda Schlaroll, Marlon Traflcanti, Mrs. Franklin Hubbcll Mrs. Robert Nixon, Mra. Thomas' Dowllng, Mrs. John Lnrkln Mil- rlrotl lirown, Pe.-irl Duliots, Arlenn Hrown, MI-H. James Coffey, Helen ', Mary Mazan.ikl, Mrs Marlon Shinier. Mrs. William Ernst Jr. ' ' MI-H. Ralph Hoy, Mra. Whyne Mowrey, Mrs. Cat-Item HiiltbiW Kleanor Oemckc, Mrs. Fnincia Moses, Mrs. Wealey Barlow Mary Beilly, Nancy Anderson, Mm -lames Heavens, Lois Costcllo Phyllis Reed, Lois Welch, Mrs. Arnold Paiilk, Mrs. William Clnnn- mond, Mrs. Robort Schelbor, Mrs • ohn McCulloiigh, Arlene Hulllvitn' Mrs. Ralph Pronovost, Mrs. Hnm- iiel Karto. Mrs. Andrew MnNull, Mrs Charles Noble, .li., Mm. J'Jouald Gll- 1 ette. Mrs. Ellsworth Npnry Mra Roberl Liiwlor, Mra. PJrnest' Krlck- (I'Hi, Normn Widen, Mm. Kdward L,iwe. Marlon n.,|lly, Mrs. Paul <J Mrlen, Mrs. Norman fJlbhs Mll- <lred Ui-llly, Mildred Curl in 'MIU-- nn'''' 1 ' «?'"' X ' Ml ' H ' '""'«"•' Ke««on, t-llen Madden, Mrs. John Dillon Mnry v,, y . j, lni , ,,. ()y _ M[ . (( N< - |(il m^mrmi mnamaax^i Numerous .Small Articles i'or Parties and Grab Bag's Miss Foster's Shop 17 Carroll Court Tunliy, Audrey Patterson, Mrs. )Cd- ward MUHOII, Mrs, Francln O'Nell, Mra. Harold Belanj-ier, Mrs. Roger Williams, Hedwlj^ Makowskl, Rose Mary Rellly, Mrs. James. Nle.s, Mrs. Bernard Cnsaldy, Mrs. Ou.stav Thy- nell. Justine Brophy, Patricia O'DonncIl, Jane O'Daniiell, Jane Garrlck. MI-H. Richard Clymer, Arlettn. Durr, Dorlnu Rurr, Mra. NelHori Thomas, MI-H. James Quinn, Mm. l r ranklln Andrews Mrs. George Kii'Hc.liruann, Mrs. David ICbomole, Mru. KUKOIIO DuwllriK, Sally Fit.-/,- ifcrald, Mrs. William Yannrolla Mrs. Robert Brlnckorhoff, Mm. Con- uliincv Hernard. Other guests Included Mary Gn- leskl, Frances Cuddy nnd Mrs. Charles Kevit. M-R Auxiliary Meets, Tonig-ht ,1'lniiH for UH bowling bnnr|unt, and flnnl pinna for the annual Chri.Ji- maa party, will he made lit a mtjut- in^. of (lie Ladies' Auxiliary of Montiinari - Rndo pout, Jtallun- Amcriean war veterans tonight at o'clock in the Crlst.oforo Coluni- bo hull. South Main utrcot. Pre.s Lillian Oai-Konla will be in charge. Antoinette Zncciirnlll is chairman of tbn party committee. Juv Tungi-cdl Is iil-eiddent. of the alix- lllary'ii bowllriff lonm. All moiii- berii lire nnkeil to attend the Tho Cvithkillc Youth tlon of St. Francis' church will hold a cake tialo Saturday inom- Intr and afternoon, Dec. 17 at tho Naui-al.nck Pu'bllo 'Mrirket, Cluircli street, from 10 to 4:TO o'clock. Anyone desiring to bako a cuke IH roqiK'st.ed to contact Margrotta •DuoK'in, chairman, of tho conrmlt- toc. AN INDIVIDUAL HAIR STYLE Pert, Short and in Tune with Holiday Festivities FASHIONED HY 11'Tp's a cunning and artful ccntor jinrl. nrnmgrmcnt, willi iinnsiiM] IVont. in til.- frilly .I,,ubl..-l>nMK M UI ( K iv, ,,,-rl. ;inil yonlhl'ul i,i r to » pt-Hly fii.-.-. w.m-,1 Mdos expos., the car. A trim napc-lin,- is fxpom-.l by the brushed ii|) luiek. { 'oiisultnt.ioi, "itli Mr. Nornuiii without Open Mori. Thru Sut. !) A.'M. to ti I'. M. Friday Nilen Till f) I'. M. 5522 NORMAN'S BEAUTY SALON 87 MAPLE Yule Party Held By Bristol Co. Group A ChrlslmiiH party waa held r"- uuntly by thu englrieei-lng dupnrt- nient of the Bristol Co. in the Copper K<iltle. Among those attending were: Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Carrubba, Miss Dorothy Messncr, Rlchai-d West, Miaa Jean Calrlwell, Edwnrd Bertucio, Miwa Lois Coleman, Robert Brothers, Mr. and Mra. John Emmett, Mrs. Shirlsy Thomas, -Mr. and Mra. Ja.mea Van ue Crirr, Mr. and Mrs. J-lnrry rJull Mr. arid MI-B. Henry ROSM, Mia:> Joan Ij.imbert, William Calvert. Mrs. Phyllis Hoppe, Misia leamir Don'lan, Mr. and Mra. Wll- ilam Vlrbllu, Miss MarganH, SlnlK, Anthony Sanloro, Mr. nnd Mrs. Frederick Maltby, Mr. and MI-M. Piisriuale Riuiaq, Mr. and Mrs. W. D. McCrea, Mr. and Mr-: Lawrence Plchard, C. W. Bristol, Mr. and Mrs. George Van Vossf-n. Mr. and Mra. John Johnson, ry M(-r,ean, Frndi>rl<:k Baker antl Mrs. Charles HUHltn.. Mil' Mi 1 , Couple Married In Meriden Church Marietta )'. Doyle, daunh- tetr of Mr. and Mrs. Wlllitim Doyle, Meriden, and John Scneh, son' of Mr«. Michael Stench, Andrew uvu- tiue, and thu Into Mr. Suanh wore married Nov. 20 In St. Joseph's church Merldori, with the Rev. Jamea McGrnth, offlclntlnK. Mm. William RobertH WO.H her ilHtor's matron of honor, and brideamalda were Agatha A. Gra- r:ey, New Yorlt cily, anil Carol Ora- coy, Merklon. Cynthin und Jane Pluldock aorvcd UH flower K'rl» Benjamin Benson, Wnterbury. was best man, and uahcra were benja- min Benson, Jr., coualn of the bride, and Charles Decgan, Watcr- oiiry, nephew of the bridegroom. The bride wore a white Burmil ICHRISTMAS! CARDS Election Tonig-ht The annual party of Iho EvanKellno Circle of Hv> Halem l.nthoran Churnh will l>n li(^!U l.nnlKlit In Lhd churcli hall, opening with a turkey dinner al. P:30 o'clock. A program will be prnaentod including enrol alnRlni?, nnd motion nf- the I he for . Dni'lni; the biialrieHM mcnt.lnR, fleeni will (jn elected, wil.h new Hlnle to be prnnnntnd hy rioiiiliiiilliii; eoinmlttin., liiclndhijt MI-B. IrtlldliiK Olnon, Mrs. Robe-t Andin-Hiiii nnd Mm. Adulpb Nelsor., ] Al)ntil .in momhei-H of Ht, Mi-i r.hnnl'H Cliilld hold n ChrlntmiiM pt,r ' ty lant nlK'hl. In tint pariah lionae. A pol.-luclt Hiipper wa>i Bervp.d. A. puppet allow wan pnmerited by Mr. end Mm. l-Iarold Daumo, (llfla were donated by inembera for Chlldren'a Center In Hnmderi, Mri!. O. FoHlor Giunble, prenldenl., win In chai'Ko of the purty. EVERYONE SPECIAL CARDS For Relatives NOW BUY MAIL— I I VISIT OUR GIFT ANNEX ON THE BALCONY Your Christmas Store SWEENEY'S jj •t jj ! {ART mill STATONISKY HTORK? t 213 Church St. — NiuiKutiick NAUGATUCK N1CWS (CONN.), Ti;r.SI)AV. I1KC. 13. 1IMO—PAGK 3, latin gown, fingertip illuidon veil ill ached to n satin pleated cap, ind carried a prayer book marked -vith an orchid and flours d'amour. The matron of Honor wart attired in' an American Beauty velveteen tfowri, und tho brldcHtimldst In iixure blue velveteen gowns. The flower girls were in Ice blue satin gowns, A reception wna held In Mountain View Grove Lodge, after which the couple left for a wedding trip to St. Petersburg, Fin. Tho couple, ire now rcaidlng on Andrew avenue. Mr. Suucli IK an employe of the Rlsdon Manufacturing Co. I>OOIJNG TO SI'KAK Slate Trooper Edward J. TDooling will be guest speaker tonight at a meeting of the Foremen's Club of the NmiK.'itiick Xynthr-Uc-Chemical i'lanln In the c:afeteria SAM'S SERVICE CTATION «nd GARAQK * • Rubber Ave. TcL MOT — Front End Work — I'l.ASTIC TOII.KT SKATS Llfelliiie Guarant<-« ANHortrd Colon $r>.»3 WEISS BEN FRANKLIN STORE CHURCH ST. NAUGATCCK from NOR WASH M'niiH'M love to rei-i-ivc nyloii«--p;jr1iciil;irl.v wlmn they si!'f Famous Numo Nylon* like "As Von I/ike • 11 ". Choose whatever rol- <n-s iin<I weights you Iliink .sin-Mi liki' best, anil wrap up this £\f\ willi confi- 'Icncc. Hosiery from 98c „ $1.98 Norwash =: SHOE STORE 209 Church St. — Naugatuck Remember these dolls last Christmas? . . . how thrilled you were with them? We're happy to.present them to you ag-am — lovelier than ever . . . and at a lower price. Exquisite, unbreakable.8" plastic dolls, with delicate, hand painted features. Silky wigs of real hair, styled in today's mode. Beautiful materials, trimmings and accessories! THE LOVELIEST CHARACTER DOLLS! $"[99 Regularly $2.98 INDIVIDUALLY BOXED r Font KOW . . . (D MAII> oii- IIONOU BaCK KOW . . . (i,) M| ||,|<; SIIOVI'l':il ( fl) 1'AKTV fJIRI, NOT ILLUSTRATED . . . ' A HENOKITA A1>Y Bill 1)10 <7) THIJ NUN (JOWOIKI, COWBOY <«, SNOW QIIKFN (I) IIKIIIKSMAII) ((I) MIKS iWIJITK.T QVWICN OF IIKAKTS INIIIAN QDKKN OK MAY SCHOOL « ^LilkM.^^^ "«.«"K1TA COWBOY q|, REN OF MAV HCIIOOI, »AVH ^ W&amV&&&8W&^^ ENaEtMAN's ^^^^^^^Cteicic^ic^^^tctc^tc^^^

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