The Austin American from Austin, Texas on April 17, 1935 · 7
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The Austin American from Austin, Texas · 7

Austin, Texas
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Wednesday, April 17, 1935
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THE AUSTIN AMERICAN. AUSTIN. TEXAS. WEDNESDAY. APRIL 17. 1935. Dizzy Dean Injured as Champion Cards Lose to Cubs For Delivery Service Telephone 4391. SPORTS SITUATION Why So Many Swim Records, Ed Barlow? U. T. Instructor Talks Of Medica and Kiefer And Weissmuller By WELDON HART "Maybe the stars have something to do with it," Ed Barlow said. About the current flurry of wim-minjr-record-breaking, the U.T. water specialist meant. I had asked him why. of late, certain swimmers could hardlv set out on a practice swim without smashing national and world's records right and left. "Jack Medica, the Lniversny u Tl-Vitnirton swimmer wno been leading; the attack, happens to be the greatest middle distance swimmer who has come aions. "And he's had competition thst's what makes records. A ca pable swimmer's periormance usu ally varies directly witn nis npi- nenfs ability. Ana aipn Kan has been chasing Medica rlsrht into world-beatine marks, finish-in? a scant two feet behind in several races. "I don't know why we have middle distance swimmers like Medica and Flanapan today maybe for the ssme reason we have mils runners like Cunningham, lovelock, Bonthron. Maybe Windy City Nine Whips Red Birds By 4 to 3 Count Hartnett With Home Run, Double and Single Is Hero By the Associated Press CHICAGO, April 16. Diixy Dean suffered a painful leg Injury in the first inning of hia 1935 debut Tuesday and the Chicago Cubs defeated the world's championship St. Louis Cardinals, 4 to 8. Dean was struck just agove the ankle by a hot smash off Freddie Lindstrom'a bat and waa forced to leave the same with the Card trailing, 2 to 0. Ha waa taken to a hospital for an X-ray picture, but it was believed he suffered only a hone bruist thst would keep him out of the game not mors than s week. Gabby Hartnett was the hero of the stuck on three Card pitchers with a home run, double and single. The Cards belted Lonme Warneke for 12 hits. CHICAGO AB R H PO A Galan. If g 2 1 1 0 Herman. Zb 8 0 12 7 Cuyler, cf . 2 0 0 0 0 Lindstrom, 3b .. 4 12 8 0 Klein, rf 4 12 8 0 Klein, rf 8 0 0 0 0 Demaree, rf 0 0 0 0 0 Cmirn, lb 4 0 0 12 1 Hartnett. e 4 13 4 1 Jurges, aa 4 0 14 5 Warneke, p 8 0 0 1 3 Babe Accounts for All Runs as Braves Win By the Associated Preas BOSTON, April 16. With all the characteristic flamboyance of the great man in a crisis, George Herman (Babe) Ruth, the ancient they waived out of the American league, started life all over again at 40 in the National league Tuesday. He personally touched off the season for his new mates, the firaves. by slusrrinr one of his ancient enemies, left handed Carl Thrv just cme along. it written in the stars. Better Than Tarzan Enrlnw doen't believe that Med ica neoeswrilv is a better swimmer than Jnhnnv tveisFmulier wa sim ply heraus? he has crarKed nnst of "Tirznn oil recnns "rveicmullor was a riram . n came in 1nt at the heeirmins nt hf mortem sned swimminsr era. nd he revolutionised trie wivm theory of swimminc No other ath-lt in snv sport hs had more effect on that snort than Weisrmil- !r had on the water same. 'He didn't hive tn mmnwin Medica has. Tf he hrfl wen. wno knows what he would nave none. But Medica is a exeat middle dis tance man. nossimv xn firT.iv snd a mntch between him end tVeissmnller In his prime vuiM b the swlmmini equivalent to the rnnrincham - Ponthron - lovelock -Venz'ke mile tn be rn at Princeton soon. Vodka use a hvhrid stroKe. iali Parlow. "whirl! has snmcthins In t. f the American crawl, which -,V(issmii'!f'r used, end the so-call-r 1 .Tripanee crawl" TOTALS 30 4 g 27 ST. LOUIS AB R H PO Martin 8b 6 1 2 0 Kothrock, rf 5 1 8 1 Frisch, 2b 4 0 2 8 Hedwick, If 4 110 Collins, lb 4 0 2 8 Deiancey. c 3 0 0 6 T. Moore, cf 4 0 0 4 Durocher. sa 4 0 2 1 J. Dean, p 0 0 0 0 Tinning, p 0 0 0 1 nWilson 10 0 0 Harrell. p 2 0 0 0 xxE. Moor 10 0 0 TOTALS 8S 3 12 24 12 xBatted for Tinning in third. xxBatted for Harrell in 9th. St. Louis 000 100 C20 3 Chicago 120 000 01 Errors, Martin, Delancey, Lindstrom. Hartnett : runs batted in. by Frisch, Collins, Herman. Lindstrom, Hartnett 2 ; two-base hits, Martin, Collins. Hartnett; three-base hit, Medwick; home run. Hartnett; stolen base, Galan; sacrifices. Herm-n, Klein; double plays. Warneke to Herman to Grimm, Herman to Jurges to Grimm, Jursres to Herman to Grimm ; left on ba?es, St. Louis 8, Chicago 7 : ba. on balls, off Tinningl. Harrell 1. Warneke 1 ; struck out; by Tinning 1, Harrell 4. Warneke 5: hits, off J. Dan 2 in 1-3 inning. Tinning 2 in 1 2-3. Harrell 8 in 6 ; hit bp pitcher, by Tinning 'Galan ; wild pitch. Warneke ; passed ball, Delancey ; losing pitcher. Harrell. I'mpires Quig-lev. Moran and Pfirman. Time, 2:12. Dodgers Shellack Phillies PHILADELPHIA. April 1. f API The B-coklyn DooVers celebrated the openine of the 1933 baseball season Tuesday by shellacking- the Phillies. 12 to 3. Van Linirle Mungo, the Dodjrers" star twirler, he!' the Phillies to five hits and himself connected three times for as many rinelcs and accounted for five funs. liROOKLYN AB R H PO A Hubbell, for a tremendoua home run In the fifth inniny of the sea-aon'a opener with the New York Giants, drivinsr in or scoring; all four of hia team's rune, making one circus catch, and exhiliratins 25,000 fans, five governors, and a host of celebritie out of all thoughts of the bitter cold weather. Everything Is Ruth The Braves beat the Giants, 4 to 2, as far aa the ball game as a whole was concerned, but beyond that everything was Ruth. Back again after 15 years with the Yankees to the city where he started his career as a lanky, turkey-necked rookie from Baltimore, the Babe rose to the occasion as he has so msny times in the past when the spotlight was upon him, the bands blaring his reople cheering him on. Leading the enemy was the screwball siuthpaw, Hubbell, the man who fanned him insloriously in the 1931 all-star game in New .rk. the man who each time they have met has walked off with all the lienor. Ends With Home Run The Babe killed two birds with two mighty swings of his bat In the first inning, with Shorpstop Bill I'rbanski on base, he drove in the Braves' run with a single that almost flattened Bill Terry on the first base lines, Thfn he scored he second run himself as singles by Wally Bfrger. Pinky Whitney, and Baxter Jordan followed. Then, after fanning with equal mislit in the seconing inning, he smote the blow that clinched things for the day. With Urbanski auain or bnre, the count two and two, the Babe unwound himself at Hub- bell's waist-high fnst ball on the outside and sailed it far over the riqht field wall for his first National league home run, the 724th of his career. The hnt score follows: NEW YORK AB It HO A u. Boxing Revival Is Coming Up Baer Agrees to Defend His Title Against Braddock Perry Suddenly Gives Up Movie Plans And Leaves to Play on English Team The current swimming phenomenon, lwwovor. Is not Medti- net Kifhorine Bawl. 1nore Kirht rr prv of the other women record-brekirs. but a It-ycsr-old Chicago high school bey named Jack Kiefer. "Tntil recentlv swimming experts believed it impossible to swim the IflO-yard back-stroke in one min-tjte." Bsrlow explains. "Such a feat m ennsldcred rnuohlv eo,uivnlent to. n snvinter breaking 9 flat in the hundred " F- Pid It But this him of a German mili-tnrv efficcr. this callow youth who ran barely eneak Pnglih. swam the lOft-vard haclc-streke in a minute. He best that be swam it in 59.5 seconds, and he's been keeping tin his ret'iMtinnal times in the longer event'!. Onlv lat week Kiefer cracked tv-n world' heek-stmke rccerds. sinmin:r the 21(1 meters in 2:21 an' the 22" yard in 2:21.1. Parlow says that Kiefer has un-tisuM form, swimming hich in the water, sho.ild'rs leose and UKine a tmke which is virtually the pirlean crawl reersed. tVitb it he tears through the wster on his back s? fist as Clark Allen. Pnnthwest lOnference freestyle chamnion and record holder, csn swim free-s.tyle ' pwimminc as a competitive snon Is advancing so rapidly, with the lielrt of a few particularly- talented ird'-iduatj! like Medica. Kiefer and P.awl. that the records appear in for a bad time nf it for a few vears, .as in track, the ultimate is readied or approached. Bcvie. rf S Rordagaray, r I rey. sa .... Kenecke. cf Leslie, lb CLccinello, 2b Ti-ylor, If ... StrijH). 3b . Ipez, c . . . . Munito, p ... TOTALS PH1LADELPHIA- Thjotza. 2b Watkins. cf Allen, If J Moore, rf ..... Camilli, lb Verieez. Sb tivan, ss W'iSson. c C. Davis, p Poland, x ransen. p 0 2 0 1 2 I 0 1 9 1 1 3 1 S 1 0 6 3 1 J. Moore. If Bartell, sa 4 Tirry. lb 4 OK, rf 4 Leiber, cf 4 Jtckson, 3b 3 Koeiiig, 2b 4 Mancusn, c 3 Hubbell, p 2 C Davis, x 1 A. Smith, p 0 1 0 1 1 1 3 0 1 6 1 0 0 1 0 0 1 0 TOTALS 32 2 i a Batted for Hubbell in 7th. 14 10 . ,8S 12 13 27 11 AB R H PO A .. 4 0 0 2 2 Wavnlna- to local eolfer: Out of , o!?r sky. Tim Moyoiban has swrnned down unon them. This is the storv ?s it was told to pte- About 11 a. m. Monday Tim (let ided be wanted to ploy col'. He rusbel down .and botsrht a fancy et i f club- from Potsv Allen, rushed John Pil rell out of bed and th two rushed out to Willow Pnr'nir" for a session on the Cap Moles-worth-Kd .Tunlcin layout. Won't T!k, Eh? Questioned re?ardinc his score, Moynihan pulled a Carbo. "I stive out no information until I find out what kind of score you hoot," he Jtatpd fthis In partial enswer to a. chnllenpe flunsr forth, perhaps a iittle hastily, by this correspondent. Neither will I put out anything, eycent to rdmit that I rarely ever equal Walter Haecn's three rountjs at the Cavalier Country club. Vs., ;st Sunday. Flayincr with Ky Lsffoon atralnst TralsT Wood and Henry Picard. the Hals had lS-hoI scores of 64, 81 and 65. Keepln up with the sports A-nrld: Chief Chewchki, the "ln-ilan" wrestler who salted Scotty rawkins' eyes here last summer. hs been accused of somethin new. The Chief, they sav. carries a tiny hypo-lermie needle into the ,-lnr. 'i'h which he Injects a wwerftil Heep-productna potion nto his hapltss opponent's anat- imy. LA GRANGE LOSES, 2-0 LA 3P.ANGE, April IS. The La ksrane pem'.ns lost a heart-break- n 2-to-0 contest with the Luling Red A Whites here Two floiiwu iilllinss, one in the eighth and one n the ninth, smothered whatever khaacea tbe locals bad at scoring. Ivivin, p , 1 0 2 0 3 0 I 1 12 2 1 1 1 1 5 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 ; Batted for Davis its 4th. Drocklyn 303 002 10312 Philadelphia 000 800 000 8 Errors. Wilson, Allen. Stripp ; runs bat tel in. Frey 2. Cuccinello. Taylor 2. Stripp Mungo 5. Camilli. w ilson, Boland : two-basa hits, Taylor 2, Stripp 2, Cuccinello ; home run, Frey : double plays. Fray. Cuccinello to Leslie, Lopez to Frey. Camilli. Ryan to Vertex, Chiozza to Camilli; left on bases. Brooklyn 7. Philadelphia 5: base on bails, off Mungo 4. Pavis 1. Hansen 2. Bivin 4; struck out, by Davis 1, Bivin 3, Munso S; hits, off Davis 7 In 4 innings. Hansen 2 in 1 1-3. Bivin 4 In 2-8 ; hit by pitcher, by Davis fKesiie); wild pitches, Davis; losing pitcher. Davis ; umpires, Beardon. Stewart and Sears; time, 2:01. BOSTON Urb&nski, sa .. Mtllen, 2b .. Ruth. If Thoir. pson, If Bcrprer, cf Whitney, 8h . . Lee. rf Jordan, lb ... Hogan, c .... IJrandt, p .... AB R H O A 3 2 3 1 2 0 2 0 1 1 1 2 0 0- 0 BABE RUTH Cleveland Beats n 1 4.1 Drowns m Nth Hornsby Bats in Lone Run For St. Louis By the Associated Press NEW TORK, April 16. A great boxing revival loomed Tuesday for the coming outdoor season as Max Baer accepted Jimmy Braddock as his heavyweight title opponent June 13. and dates were assigned for a battle between the sensational Joe Louis and Frimo Camera, as well as the third welterweight championship tussle of Jimmy McLar- nin and Barney Ross. I Mike Jacobs, head of the new ; 20th Century Sporting club, took a lead of 2 to 1 in his promotional war with Madison Square Garden as he snared the McLarnin-Boss engagement for May 20 at the Polo grounds, and the Louis-Camera embrogllo for the Yankee stadium June 25. The garden, with Baer tied up, landed the heavyweight title match but only after lengthy arguments with Ancil Hoffman, manager of the champion, and a -final concession that gave the titleholder the radio rights to the affair as well as 14 per cent of the net proceeds. If Baer wins, the Garden's domination nf heavyweight championship affairs, unbroken since Tex Riclard tied up Jack Dempsey. ceases, for the Caltfornlan has no holdo-er contract this time for another fight. Braddock did agree to defend the title for the Garden if he won. HOLLYWOOD, Calif., April IS Leaving behind offers of a movie contract, Fred Perry, international tennis star. Tuesday was en route to New York and a boat lor nis native England to resume net play and possibly patch up a broken romance. The Englishman, world's singles champion, packed up his bags and abruptly deserted Hollywood 12 hours after his fiancee, Mary Law-eon, British actress, announced in London that their engagement ?as "off." "He wants to live in America -nd By taw Associated Praaa become a screen actor. 1 don't want to live over there. I have my in-terests in London," said Miss Law-son. Perry, always reluctant to discus bis personal aftairs, said nothing in response to Miss Lawson's statement. Monday he talked again with film studio executives where negotiations have been underway for several weeks, but apparently an agreement was not reached. "I speak with responsibility and full knowledge of the facts when I say Mr. Perrv has not turned nro- fesslonal. despite many rumora . ad reports to that effect." said Perry T. Jones, secretary of tttf Calltor-nia Tennis association, with whom Perry talked before boarding a train for the east. "On the contrary," Jones continued, "he left for England for the purpose of competing In tennis tournaments wtiich the Enfflisb. Lawn Tennis association ararnged for him and to place himself at tne disposal or his country and his tennis association in the defense of the Davis cup championship. Can You Write a Slogan? Slogans Must Be in the Mail by 9 P. M., Monday, April 22nd SEND YOUR SLOGANS IN TODAY By the Associated Press ST. LOUIS, April 16. Cleveland opened the baseball season in St. Louis Tuesday with a closely contested 2 to 1 victory over the St. Louis Browns when Glenn Myatt doubled in the 14th inning to acore Berger who had walked. Rogers Hornsby, manager of the Browns, played first bas for the ailing Jack Burns and batted in Sammy West with the lone St. Louis run. CLEVELAND- AB R H PO A HuBhes, m s j 2 2 g v of mix, ll 7 o 2 1 Avenll, cf 6 0 0 1 k'. lb 6 0 1 23 Ti "ale. 2b 6 0 8 1 Campbell, rf S 0 1 4 Berger, 2b 5 1 1 3 Matt. c 6 0 1 6 Harder, p g 0 1 1 3 Ltano County Girls Enter Tennis Tourney LLANO. April 11. Three girls from tho Lne Grove school of Llano county will compete in the regional tennis tournament at Pan Marcos April !S. OIpc Cook and Ellen Nobles won the girls' doubles for the third "or:s?eutive ye.r. TVna Smith won first place in the district girls' sinples. &a 4mA j -'S J kS KJ Capitol Chevrolet, Inc., Chevrolet Dealer, Will Give Valuable Prizes Jfor a Suitable Business Slogan $50 FIRST PRIZE In and Silver a $150 V Credit r'oucher $25 SECOND PRIZE In and Silver a $125 Credit Voucher $15 THIRD PRIZE In and Silver a $125 Credit Voucher HONORABLE MENTION $100 Voucher Chicago Negroes Win Here The Chkatrn American Giants defeated the Claybrook Tig-ers of Memphis. Tern.. Tnesdav at Sam Hufton stadium. 7-0. These same two foams will play the final game Wednesday at 4 p. m. This was the first dpfrat the Memphis team ha had this vear. Hf,lf of the ffrandstand will be .eserved for white fans. TOTALS . ... ST. LOUIS West, cf Clift, 3b Hornsby, lb Pepper, If Burnett, ss Bel!, rf Hem? ley, c ,,, Melliilo, 2b ... 2ewsom, p .... TOTALS Jl 4 10 27 S Ntw York 000 002 Ol'O 2 Boston 200 020 OOx 4 Kuns batted in, Terry 2, Ruth S, Jordan ; twu-base hits. Terry, Lee ; home run, Ruth ; sacrifices, Mailon 3 ; left on bases. New York 6, Boston 7: bases on ba!l, off lltciidt S: struck out, by Hubbell 4. A. Smith 1. Brandt 5; hits, off Hubbell 9 in 6 innings, A Smith 1 in 2 ; hit by pitcher, by A. Smith (Urbanki) ; passed ball, Miincuso; losing pitcher. Hubbell; imrires, Rigler, Stark and Pinelli ; time 1.45. Red Sox Blank Yanks NEW YORK, Anril !. (AP Wesley Ferrail turned in a two-bit pitching pr-foimanc Tuesday as the Boston Red Sox shut out the New York Yankees, 1-0. in the opening game of the 1935 season. Bill Werber. Red Sox third baseman, scored the only run of the. game on an error bv Lou Gehrig. BOSTON AB R H O A Bishop. 2b I 0 1 1 4 Werber. Sb 4 1 2 0 0 ReynrWa. rf 4 1 1 Cronin, aa , 4 0 1 0 6 R. Ferrell 4 0 110 Sorters, If S 0 8 0 Alrr.ada. cf S 0 4 0 Dablgren. lb t 0 14 0 W. Ferral. p I 0 2 TOTALS . , NEW YORK- Comba, cf ..... Rolfe. 3b Selkirk, rf ... Gehrig, lb Dickey, .11 1 i 27 12 AB R H O A 4 0 0 4 0 4 0 0 2 2 10 110 1 0 1 14 0 1 0 ft 2 2 Chapman, ef 1 0 0 0 0 I.aneri, 2b a 0 0 a a Crosetti. aa 101 Gomex, p 2 0 0 0 2 Walker. 1 0 0 0 0 TOTALS 29 1 27 IS 1 Batted for Gome in 9th. Boston Old "H I09 1 Nw York 000 000 0000 Errors. Gomes, Gehrig; two-base hita, Reynolds, Warbar, R. TarrelL Gehrig; double playa, Rolfe, Lanerl and Gehrig ; left on baaaa. New York 2. Boston 4; basaa on balls. Gooses 1 : strike outs. Gome 2 ; umpire, Dineen. Kolls and Donnelly ; time. 1 :35. Mountain League Results SMr' S Tkt Jasrm Amtrien KERRV1LLE April 1. In Mountain league gin e Sunday, Comfort bent Kerrvi'.le 5 to 0; Boerne walloped Legion. 13 to 1, and Fred-erickfburj defeated Bandera 5 to 0. fundav Eandera will play t Frederickeburg, Comfort at Kerr-ville. and Lefien at Eoerne. Longhorn CCC Team Loses Seci' r Austin Ammcn MARHLE FALLS, April 16 The Inirhorn Cavern CCC team played McGregor CCC at Marble Falls Saturday. The icore waa t to t in favor ct th former, Pirates Crush Reds CINCINNATI. April 1.-AP)-Bang-ii- out seven runs in a big seventh inning. Pittsburgh crushed Cincinnati, 12 to t, Tuesday in the season's opener. PITTSBURGH AB R H PO A L. Waner, rf 1 2 1 0 P, Waner, cf 2 120 Helman. If 5 1 1 1 0 Vaughn, aa 4 2 2 2 4 Traynor. 3b 2 2 1 1 Suhr. lb 2 10 8 1 Lavapetto. 2b ( 1 2 2 S Padrirn. e 4 2 1(1 Hoyt, p 4 12 11 .40 12 14 27 11 I 1 1 1 TOTALS CINCINNATI AB R H PO A Myera, aa 6 Byrd. if i Riggs, Sb 4 Bottomley, lb 4 hafey, cf 4 Goodman, rf 4 Lombard!, e 4 Piet, 1 0 Kampouris, 2b .......... 4 Freitas. p 1 Frey, p 0 Schott, p 0 Pool, ai 1 Hoi linjrs worth, p 0 Campbell, ass 1 ..52 2 12 42 23 I AB R H PO A j ..5 1 1 7 0 ! .. 6 0 0 2 3 1 .6 0 1 16 0 .. 0 2 1 0 I . 6 0 J t 8 j .. 6 0 0 2 0 .. 0 2 7 1 1 ..501 6 4 .. 4 0 0 0 3 TOTALS 49 1 x 19 iq Cleveland 000 001 000 00 012 I bt. Louis 100 0 00 0 00 000 00 1 I Errors. Hale. Bercer. Clift : n.n ht. ted in. Hornsby, Vosmik, Myatt; two-base J nits, nugnes, Campbell. Fepper. Vosmik. ' Htmsley, Myatt; three-base hit, West; i sacrmces, Burnett, Hughes, Ne 30m ; double plays, Bersrer to Hughes to Trosky, nu-nett to Jleliilo to Hornsby; left on bates. Cleveland 12, St, Louis 10; base on balls, off Harder 3, Newsom3; strike outs. Harder 6, Newsom 6; wild pitch. Newsom ; umpires, Monarty and Owens ; time, 8:05. Stable Reinstated ARLINGTON DOWNS, April 1S. & The stable of I. T. Houston, whk-h was suspended recently for "harhoring" a suspended trainer, has been restored to good standing, the stewards of Arlington Downs announced Tuesday. Whizzaway Takes Race ARLINGTON DOWNS. April in. (A') The Genesco stable's Whizzaway won his ninth consecutive race Tuesday when he beat a field of five other horses in "the teet" race here for a $1000 purse. The winner paid mutueU of ?fi,50, $3.40 and $2.30. The STORRS-SCHAEFER Stylist V. P. RUSSELL Today and Tomorrow Who will conduct, a Special Showing of Spring and Summer FABRICS Your inspection is cordially invited. V Jud James Co. 2118 Guadalupe Sonny Smith Jud Jamea DIRECTIONS First priza goes to the person who aenda in tha best slogan. Second priza goes to the next best, and so on. Here are five examples of slogans which arc now in use by other firms. They will give you an idea of what to send in: "Be Modern Drive a Chevrolet" "Chevrolet The Car of No Regrets" "Chevrolet Beyond Experiment" "Tomorrow's Car Today" "Chevrolet Rules the Ways" It is not necessary to use either the name Capitol Chevrolet, Inc., or Chevrolet in jour sloean, although one or both may be used if desired. Send as many slogans as you wish. . THE JUDGES WHO WILL DECIDE THE CONTEST ARE: Dr John C. Thomas, Norwood Bldg. Geo. Rowley, American-Statesman, L. Searight Bishop, Sales Engineer. my We Do This It is a well-known fact that high-grada advertising is the life of business. In advertising, short, catchy phrases and sentences, called slogans, are very valuable. We need them and will gladly pay for them, and are taking this) method of getting a number of tuggestions. Most sloeans which have brought fortunea to business houses were thought of by someone not connected with the house. Silver and credit vouchers will be riven to people who least expect them, Only a few minutes work Is all It takes. Equal prizes in case of tie-All prizes are given free. Successful contestants will he notified by mall. Credit vouchers are transferable. More than one honorable mention prize will be Issued. Any one credit enod for face value not to exceed nne-ha!f the purchase Drice on any used car or used truck in stock. Credits expire April 27, 1935. All slogans must be In the mail by 9 p. m. Monday. April 22, 1935. TTse coupon or plain white paper I hereby submit the folio winpr aloffan for the judges' consideration. I ajrrse to abide by the derision of the judffrt without question : ( Street and Number. Send all Slogans to Con- Department, Capitol evrolet, Inc., by 9; 00 p. m Monday, April tfna. Town (Write with pen, p encfl or typewriter.) A V JULUU-r John Tladv, rjgci, tnn PRESIDENT 220 EAST 5TH ST. CHEVROLET DEALER L.S.B. AUSTIN, TEXAS TOTALS 87 1J 2? x Ran for Lombard! in ninth. ax Battel for Schott in aeventh. in Batted for Hollingsworth In ninth. Pittsburgh 040 009 T01 12 Cirrinnati 010 080 00S Errora. files. Hafey. Goodman : runs batted in, P. Waner, Harm an, Vauehan. Traynor 2. Lavazetto 2, Padden. Hoyt I, Mvers, Byrd 2. Bottomley, Goodman, Kam-pouris: two-basa hita. Rinta, Hafey, Lombard!. Kampouris : home ran, Brrd ; stolen bases, Suhr, Myera: aacrifiaaa, Suhr. Hoyt, Freitas : double plays, Freitaa, Myera to Bottomley, Vaufhan. Lavagttto to Suhr; left on baaaa. Pittaburrh 12, Cincinnati 6 : baae on balls, off Hoyt 1. Fraitaa 4, Fray J, Schott 1, Hollinssworth 3 ; atrike outs, Hoyt 8, Frtitaa 1, Hol-linsrsworth S: hita. off Freitas i In S (none out in ?th), Frey I In 1-2, Schott 1 in 2-S. HollinRsworth I in 2 : wild t-iteh, Holling-sworth ; winning pitcher, Hoyt; losina pitcher, Freitas; umpires, Klem, Matrerkurth and Barr; time, 2:21. Brovvnw'ood Tops Hill Country League Standing 5sref In r 4s AmTiran IXANO, April After two weeks of play In the Hill Country league, Brownwood )g leading: the Fix clubs with two straig-ht wins, while Llano, Pan Saba, Richland Pprintrs. and Marble Falls are next In the percentage column with ene victory and one loss each. In Sunday's games. Marble FsJIs nosed out the Liano Cowboys, g to 4, in a (tame played here: Richland s?piangs defeated Pan Saba, 7 to 2. at San Saha, and Brownwood ran over Lometa, 15 to 2- at Brownwood. Lometa holds the cellar position In the loop, with two defeats. The games scheduled for tiext Sunday are: Llano at Lometa, San Saba, at Marble rails and Brownwood at Bkhland Spring. 1 A Not a nickel ciar . . . but it only costs five cents Who says that's a contradiction? Nobody says so who's smoked a Lovera lately. To a cigar smoker a nickel cigar means certain things, but never the smooth, mild, fragrant smoke that is Lovera's. No, you've got to find another a, a. r, cisjul co.4c,,iLA.i, s"J A TEXAS r. rl FAVORITE ) S at ten cents for over J xN 25 years A 1 label than "nickel cigar" to wrap around Lovera. It's a quality smoke, now as for over 25 years; and the sound taste of Texans has kept it in the lead for that long time. Try a Lovera the cigar that costs 5c and smokes like more. NOW ONLY Olttrlbute BRANNON-SIGNAIGO CIGAR CO. Dalle, Heueten, San Antonle, Fart Wert

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