The Los Angeles Times from Los Angeles, California on July 3, 1952 · 33
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The Los Angeles Times from Los Angeles, California · 33

Los Angeles, California
Issue Date:
Thursday, July 3, 1952
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WEATHER REPORT OFFICIAL ('r Jely . usi) FORECASTS ui tndM hi VMbIIt: Haxy sunshine today and tomorrow with eight and moraine low clouds and local foe near yww. oianuy warmer aiiernoona man jiu mil near out. Sewtkera California: Generally dear ana tomorrow out mens ana morn ins low clouds and foe on coast. Sllibt- w warmer west poraon. Barr sunshine today and tomorrow, with local early moraine, foe. Slightly warmer . Vwathera Callfarnia Intermediate Valleys: Clear today and tomorrow. Sllght- Jy wanner aiiernoona. Saathera Callfarnia Mseataia Area!: Generally clear today and tomorrow but few afternoon clouds. Mot much change m temperature. ffcelaera Callfarnia lateriar ana Deaert alleys: Generally clear today and to morrow, inunuea not. meh lemoera. turea today 93 to 10s upper valleys. sua sio iower vaiieys. Artseaa: Mostly clear today and tomor row but partly cloudy afternoons east poraon with few widely scattered alt ernoon and evening tbundershowers ex treme southeast portion. Mot much change 1st temperature. WIND AND WEATHER Paint Ceneeptiea to San Diega: Light Variable winds today and tomorrow becoming west to southwest 8 to 15 m.p.b. in afternoons. Fog and low clouds night and mornings clearing partially in aft ernoons, sugnuy warmer alter noons. WESTERN WEATHER SUMMARY A trough of low pressure extends from northern Mexico through Arizona and California to the Southern Oregon coast. A broad ridge of high pressure stretches aouthwestward from British Columbia. A rather weak pressure pattern persists off the Southern California coast with more than the usual amount of surface foe and light variable winds. Winds are ex pected to increase slightly by Saturday a ud less log is indicated. NATIONAL WEATHER SUMMARY It was gunny yesterday throughout the nr west wttn maximum temoeratures reaching normal or slightly above. Williams and Red Bluff reported temperatures or ioi a eg. Meaioro, or., warmea 17 aeg. above Tuesday to a high of 96 dec. Portland. Or was up 9 dee. above yesterday ta 79 dee. and Seattle temperature climbed 4 dee. to 72. The only precipitation In the west was .02 inches at Bonner's Ferry in Nonnern laano and .43 at west Yellow stone, Montana. Xt was cooler over the Mortnern Plains wttn temperatures 17 dee. lower than yesterday. There were mod erate to neavy snowers and tnunaerstorms from the Dakotas eastward to the Great lakes. Hail was reported at Sioux City, la., and International Falls, Minn., had 1.21 inchest of rain In the last 24 hours. Devil's Lake. NX)., reported 1.40 Inches and Fargo, N.D.. 2.71 inches. There were few showers In Kansas. Central Texas, Missouri,, parts ot Kentucky and much of Florida. Tampa reported 1.15 inches, Goodland. Kan.. 1.14 inches. It was warmer over the Central and North Atlantic States but temperatures remained below SO dec. Temperatures were In the 90s and ever 100 deg. in New Mexico. Texas, Oklahoma, Kansas. Arkansas and southeastward to Alabama. Blythe, with 108 deg.. was the hottest reporting station. Phoenix. Ariz., reported 106 deg. Brookings. Or., with 87 deg.. was the hottest station on the immediate Pacific Coast. LOCAL TEMPERATURES Wednesday's maximum and minimum temperatures at Southern California points, as reported to the Los Angeles office of the U.S. Weather Bureau, were as follows; Station Max. Mln. I-os Angeles 78 57 Bishop 37 56 Blythe 108 75 Burbank 84 55 Catalina Airport 77- 54 Culver City 70 56 Daggett 106 65 El Centre 105 72 Long Beach 77 57 L A. Airport 67 57 Mt. Wilson 80 63 Needles 110 73 Newport 70 58 Falmdale 100 52 Pa5adena 84 54 Paso Roblrs 96 53 Riverside 91 55 Sandberg 86 60 San Bernardino 95 54 San Diego 71 59 San Gabriel 87 56 San Pedro 65 56 Santa Barbara 68 54 Santa Monica 63 55 Thermal 107 74 Torrance 69 56 UCLA 68 55 TEMPERATURES ANT PRECIPITATION OVER THE NATION WEDNESDAY Precini- Btation atax. Abilene Albuquerque 97 Amarlllo 99 Atlanta 85 Baitersfleld 97 Bismarck 75 Boise 77 Boston 87 Brownsville 92 Buffalo 87 Charleston 82 Cheyenne "73 Chicago 98 Cincinnati 91 Denver 87 Des Moines 90 Detroit 91 Dodge City 101 Duluth 78 El Paso 98 Eureka 63 Flagstaff 85 Ft. Worth 99 Fresno 98 Grand Junction 94 Helena 74 Mln. tatico 72 68 68 67 63 60 43 63 77 60 70 S3 69 70 60 70 69 69 55 73 49 42 77 60 61 50 71 74 70 75 43 74 68 65 76 74 76 70 74 66 66 72 75 47 58 69 57 45 55 49 67 75 43 64 59 58 73 53 46 71 73 70 56 74 48 55 32 74 .56 .03 .69 Honolulu, 82 Houston 95 Indianapolis . . . . , 95 Jacksonville 86 KallspeU 72 Kansas City 92 Knoxville 90 Las Vegas 103 Little Rock 99 Memphis 94 Miami 88 Minneapolis 88 New Orleans 93 New York 4 North Platte 92 Oklahoma City 94 Omaha 94 Pendleton 83 Philadelphia 85 Phoenix 106 Pittsburgh 87 Pocatello 74 Portland. Me 88 Portland. Or. 79 Rapid City 75 Red Bluff 101 Reno 87 Roswell 99 Sacramento 97 Salt Lake City 78 San Antonio San Francisco 88 Spokane 76 Springfield, Mo. 93 Tampa 88 Tucson 102 Washington 82 Wichita 100 Winnemueca 81 Winslow 96 Yellowstone 87 Yuma 107 .28 .39 .27 1.15 .43 ALASKAN STATIONS Anchorage 63 47 Fairbanks 56 50 Juneau 50 47 VITAL RECORD MARRIAGE LICENSES ISSUED ArSENSON BRADY. D. 28. C. 24. ANDERSON OWENS. R. 27, G. 28. APOOACA MARTINEZ. C. Jr. 19. T. 20. ff AJJDRT-MCCARTHY. D 3, M 23 33 ELLIS KRIEGEK. A. 65. D. 58. BEHMAH PEARLMAN. M. 25. D. 19. BLEDSOE WELUNO. W. Jr. 24. R. 11. BORTON GRAHAM. P. 52, D. 53. BROWN GREGORY. C. 18, P. 18. BURTON LAFPERTY. B. 19. M. 16. CAPLAN S ELBERT. M. 26, S. 16. CAVE BRITT. R. 24. B. 21. CHRISTOPHER BROWN. 8. 18. A. lg. CIANCIARULO HINTON. J. 25. D. 23. COOPER OKIL. R. 25. O. 20. DAWSON ALLISON. C. 34. E. 34. DIAZ SMITH. A. 20. M. 18. DOW BAILSY. R. 18. M. 19. DOYLE WO ERNER. M. Jr. 46, J. 37. DUDLEY KENNgy. F. 53. O. 53. DURST PITZER. H. 18, H. 18. EDWARDS FRICK SON. W. 22, J. 18. EDWARDS HOTSON. R. 20, L. 18. FOSTER KELLY. B. 31, H. 29. FROST ERICKSON. V. 29. G. 28. GELMUSS HOLM AN. B. 37, L. 45. GIBBS OREOAVICK. F. 31. L. 26. GOLDSMITH GOLDBERG. M. 38. L. 27. GONZALES VALDEZ. P. 73. E. 41. GRAJEDA GARCIA. R. 37. M. 32. GRAY REYNOLDS. F. 24. D. 19. GUAJARDO MARTINEZ. B. 18. D. 18. HARDIN FARMER. O. 28, L. 32. HARRIS MARK. E. 21. 8. 17. HARRIS REYNOLDS. R. 32. R. 29. HENDRY 8ABLIN. H. Jr. 29. V. 36. HOWARD COHEN. J. 46. I. 33. HOWLETT McMAHON. C. 33. M. 2S. HUGNES GILBERT. R. 47. V. 41 ISHAMAEL THOMAS. S. 25. 1. 25. IWATA HASEOAWA. M. 34, D. 35. JACOBO LUJAN. A. 28. R. 19. JACOBS ALANIS. W. 35. S. 20. JACOUBOWSKY BUTCHER. P. 23, M 22 JENSEN DALOAS. L. 71. B. 67. JIMENEZ HOLCUTN. J. Jr. 27, E. 19. JOHANNSEN FRENCH. V. 23. J. 23. JOHNSON MARTIN. A. 23. B. 24. KEITH HALL. F. 27. B. 19. KNAPP HALL. B. 19. 8. 17. LAREAD FERNANDEZ. J. 21. L 19. 1ARSEN DAVIS. W. Jr. 24. D. 21. LEE OB.BERT. O. 40. M. 46. UBL1N LIDSTROM. C. 45. B. 47. LLOYD GRIFFIN. J. 18. D. 16. MACIAS MORENO. A. 55. A. 39. MacLAURIE PARRISH. A. Jr. 22, Jt. IS. MAJDALI CULVER. F. S3. P. 18. MARSH MAN MACY. O. 33. C. 31. MATHIS VENTER. B. 31. G. 28. MATSKER HICKS. F. 50. A. 48. McCORMACK JONES. R. 18. B. 17. McGINLEY SCHOW. R. 18, B. 18. ME.ITA VAIZ. 8. 20. I. 20. MEYER WHALEN. F. 22. V. 19. MOORE ALEXANDER. W. 47. E. 42. MORGAN RO8T. R. 33. A. 30. MORLACCHI DE AZNAR. M 55. O. 48. MORRIS HEYWOOD. R. 24. J. 21. MORRISON POWELL. R. 22. R. 20. MURRAY KENNEDY. J. 26. B. 19. KYR1CK JOHNSON. W. 22. L 22. 5 WeatheivConditions July 2, 1952 V y . ? : i oeNvw JT wichita W st loins " ,r yV." ,c- i High Temperatures end Areas I UtNEw ORLEANS mf Precipitotien Expectee) Thursday V wV '3 V 88i 0 X WEATHER FRONTS ' RWN w;gS-: j 100 j STATIONARY Ml WM WIND- NATION'S WEATHER This map shows we other conditions throughout the UnitedStates yesterday. It is based on information received from the United States Weather Bureau. MARRIAGE LICENSES ISSUED NEWTON EATON. H. Jr. 20. N. 18. NIELSEN WEBBERLEY. R. 25. S. 17. NILSEN 8ATERDAHL. L. 28. . 19. OBERJOERGE SMOOT. A. 21, 3. 18. PARIS PETERS. E. 36, T. 32. PEPPER BOETTCHER. N. 43. M. 42. PERKINSON MOORE. H. 55. B. 55. PEZZULLO RUBIN. J. 21. G. 21. RAMSEY BLACK WELL. I. 34. E. 34. RICHARDS ANDERSON. S. 21. A. 21. ROENICKE KRANZ. F. 25. C. 22. ROSENTHAL KATZ. M. 31, S. 27. ROSTEK PASOUARIELLO. H. 36, R. 26. SCHINDLER BENNETT. A. 31, T. 30. SCHROEDER HOPPER. M. 34. K. 33. SCHUETT VIDO. G. 23. I. 23. SCHUMACHER ROUTH. J. 27. L. 24. SCHUMANN O'LEARY. F. 55. E. 56. SHOPA HONEYMAN. A. 29. M. 29. SIMON KAUFMAN. S. 41, C. 34. SJOGREN HJELLE. K. 31, D. 25. SMITH GULLEY. B. 59, T. 45. SMITH HERRERA. V. 38. L. 33. SMITH HOLZAPFEL. H. 24. A. 19. SMITH KENSICK. J. 24. L. 22. SMITH PACE. R. 39. E. 42. SPAULDINO BERG. G. 36. D. 35. SPIEGELMAN OR K AND. J. 24. L. 22. STEWART MARIANO. W. 26, M. 2L SUMNER PETERSON. C. 43. R. 30. THOMPSON HUME. H. 41. H. 34. TILMONT HUNTER. N. 21. D. 16. TRONE WOLFE. M. 19. S. 17. URBINA SALCEDO. F. 27. 8. 23. VANDENBERO DIANE. E. Jr. 19. M. 17. VEALE O'DONNELL. A. 21, E. 17. WALKER KING. R. 43. L. 43. WHETTER POWERS. F. 55, E. 50. WILLIAMS POWELL. C. 22, D. 22. DIVORCE SUITS FILED ALMAGUER. Mary against Michael. BROWN. George L. against Ruby L. BROWNING. Betty J. against Cecil H. BYRD. Johnnie E. against Wayne E. CALLAHAN. Emily against Martin J. CLINTON. Dora B. against William P. CORRAL. Cbarles D. against Josephine D. CUSHMAN. Julia D. against Robert L. DENBERRY. Rosemary against Kooert . DILLARD. Andrea G. against Woodrow W. DOHN. Dorothy J. against Billy H. DUNN. Benjamin E. against Edith A. EDWARDS. Leila M. against Paul E. EVERLY. Gwendolyn I. against Roy. FERBER. Lothar W. against Ditie. FERGUSON. Don against Alpha. FIRMAN. Rose M. against Steve H. GARCIA. Katy M. against Edward P. GEHERSKY. Faye O. against Dale D. GEIGER. Dorothy E. against Ralph E. GREBE. Arlene L against Don E. GREENFIELD. Joanne A. against Calvin. GUERRA. Emily against Frank J. GULLOCK. Jeanne against Henry Z. HARSEY. Betty M. asainst Verne A. HENRY. Barbara M. against Marshall A. HERRINGTON. Ethel D. against Donald D. HICKEY. Mary E. against John B. HILL. Erma A. against James J. HOLEHAN. Jane M. against Hugh B. . HOLL. Wllhelma E. against Elizabeth B. JONES. Adell against John W. RAN lKK. ctnei against irving. LANG. Marilyn E. against Merrill X. LEE. David against Lucille R. LEWIS. Elsie M. against Gilford. LIGHT. Paul against Julia. MANTZ. Frank E. against Elizabeth R. MARTINEZ. Anna M. against Frank C. MARTINEZ. Jose E. against Linda J. McKAY. Theresa M. against Gordon W. MECARTEA. John E. against Ruth. MOODY Mareuerlta P. against Erie L. MURRAY. Grace M. against Harry P. OLSON. Caillta against Carl. PATTEN. Kendall T. against Marie L. PELAYO. Daniel against 1 neima js. PEREZ. Elm a against Ralph. PONCE. Josephine against Celestino M. POWELL. Ruby J. against Elmer E. RAPORT. Louise M. against Anthony. REDONA. ooal M. against eamuna. ROBERTS. Virgil D. against Carmen. ROSEN. Rosalyn asainst Paul. RUS3ELL. Bernice M. against John A. SANCHEZ. John against Rena. SCHULMAN. Leona against Meyer. STANPIELD. Nlnfa against George. STEVER. Elizabeth F. against Manfred R. VAN MULLIGEN. Betty against Henry. VELASQUEZ. Angle against Gregory. VOMBRACK. Frank N. against Leola A. WADS WORTH. Mary B. against Ralph X. WAINER. Lucille 4. against Keuoe. WALKER. Bertha L. against John L. WILLIS. Julius C. against Raso T. WILLIS. May X. against Harvey E. WINTHROP. Marlene against Roger V. WRIGHT. Cleora W. against Clifford A. WRIGHT. La Jeane against William H. WRIGHT. Mary L. azalnst John T. YAVENDITTL Catherine against Michael. ZECK. Marilyn J. against William R. DIVORCES GRANTED AMOS. Virginia from John R. ARMS. Estelle M. from Clifford. ARRA. Mary G. from Michael E. AUL. Duane from Dorene. BALL. Muriel C. from Robert W. BEHLING. Adelma M. from Milton H. BELK. Evelyn from Fenton H. BELL. Francis L. from Harold O BLACKMORE. Mary L. from Alvie. BOOTS. June from Beverly L. t BROWN. Betty L. from George B. BULL. Isabel P. from James E. BURDICK. Patricia from Clyde A. . CARLSON. Edwin C. from Velma. COFFIN. Everett S. from Doris K. COHEN. Olvmpia B. from Emtio. CROW. Mable L. from John M. CUMMTNGS. Jeanne E. from Chanley X. DAMERON. Audrey E. from Merle W. DE MARIO. Helen P. from Fred A. DILLS. Ruth M. from Earl J. DONAHUE. Gloria M. from Jack R. ENGLE. Mercedes D. from Loren R. FELTS. Elaine from William. FIELDS. Lucille R. from Thomas X. FOGG. Betty from Lawrence D. IIL FREEMAN. Pauline lrom Elmer B. GABEL. Jean from Edward F. GILLIS. Stella from Curtis. GREENWOOD. Annunsietta from Ralph. HADDON. Eloulse from Benjamin A. HARRIS. Marilyn J. from Jack J. HARVEY. Julia J. from Richard. HICKS. Myrtle L. from Arthur L. HUNLEY. Madolyn M. from Billy D. INGRAHAM. Beatrice from Joseph. INGRAM. Evelyn R. from Lawrence X. JACKSON. Charlotte from Rodney H. JACOBSON. Ruth from Milton. JOHAN. Joseph A. from Florence. JOHNSTON. Maethilde from Malcolm. KELLNER. Tola M. lrom Hyman M. KOHL. Charles R. from Dorothy J. KRAMER. Shirley from Edward. LKGROS. Ilamae from Walter W. MALONE. Hiawatha P. from Anita C. MAUPPIN. Gladys M. from Louis D. MCDONALD. Elizabeth A. from Harry Jr. MrGEE. Hugh F. from Evelyn V. MESSERLY. Shirley K. from Joseph A. MILLER, Eunice from James O. MILLS. Patricia C. from Frank E MORSE. Paul M. from Barbara B. OLSON. Harriett N. from Roy. OOHMAN. Hannah from Walter X. PAGE. Lily Y. from Maurice R. PEER. Lucille B. from Thomas V. PHILIP. Rosemary from William G. REKKEDAL. Margaret B. from Ider. RIGUEROA. Elisa from Frank M. ROBBINS. Joan B. from Richard M. RUBENSTEIN. Mariorie C. from Leror. RYPPERT. Margaret B. from Nell J. SEARCY. Mary A. from Clarence J. SHAFFER. Elizabeth M. from Ezry C. SHEETS. Kay M. from William L. SHORT. Mildred V. from Vernon 8. SIEGEL. Ina from Joseph J. SPARKS. Irene J. from James X. TTLLERY. Clara from Louis L. TURNER. Elizabeth C. from Buford A. VALLA CCHI. Moselle from Alexander. VAN DER SLUIS. Arllne from Richard H. VAN DE WOUWER. Beverly L. from Constant 8. VARADY. Rosella M. from George A. WALKER. Bally from Willie. WHITTON. Blllie from Kenneth R. WILSON. Lawrence K. from Mavis L WOLZMUTH. Bettie M. from John X. Deaths, Funeral Announcements BAGl'LEY. William. Services 3 p.m. today at Pierce Brothers' Little Church Around the Cerner. 3443 West Manchester Boule-- vard. Inglewood. BI0CINA, Seire, husband of Mary, broth er of Marco Biocina. Rosary at Niland Mertaary. Re-dondo Beach. 7:30 p.m. Friday. Funeral at St. James Church. Redondo Beach. Saturday 10 a.m. Interment Calvary. CLAMPETT. Adase. ConninrliaBB A O'Connor directors. COMCK. Boae. Mallnew gtmews. directors. COORDT, Albert J.. beloved husband of Eva B. Coordt, loving brother of Victor Coordt. Hannah Bands and Jessie Howley. 8ervices Saturday 1 p.m. at Hollywood Cemetery Chapel. Utter-MeKin-ley', Wllshlre in charge. CURRIER. Caroline Marian. Services 10:30 a.m. 8aturday at Brown Colonial Chanel. 17th and Sycamore Streets, Santa, Ana, Deaths,. Funeral Announcements ENCISO, Pedro, husband of Ramona En- ctso. Mass at the Church of the Resur rection today 9 a.m. Interment Cal vary Cemetery, Ivy H. uvemoitser, Inc., directors. WRFCIYMAN. Mit Services today, 1 p.m.. at Hollywood cemetery cnapei. uremia Aioriuary, directors. GABSON. Hubert 8. Services t n.m. today in the Church of the Recessional, Forest Lawn. Pierce Brothers' Alhambra, directors, OLIDDEN, Homer W., loving husband of Adeline M. Glidden of Sierra Madre, father of Mrs. Frances Hutchinson of Estes Park, Colo., and Mrs. Elizabeth Lone of West Los Angeles. Funeral services today 3 p.m. at brant inanel. Sierra Madre. GOLDBERG. Louis M. Services today. 2 p.m.. at Hollywood Cemetery Chapel. Greman Mor tuary, directors. HAMILTON. Rodney S. (Ham), beloved husband of Geraldine Hamilton, father of Pearl Ncrell and Nina Foley. member of Hollywood Lodge No. 355 iAM ana other Masonic bodies. Services Saturday 11 a.m. at St. Stephen's Episcopal Church, Beaumont. Edwards Brothers' Colonial mortuary, directors. HAMMOND, Lena Kraassman, late of 1750 Meiwood Road. Glendale, beloved mother of Mrs. Wlllard S. Ford of Glendale. and Calvin Hammond of Compton, grandmother of Mrs. Joe o. Rooerts ol La Canada. Richard Ford of Lot Angeles, and Jack Ford of Burbank. Services Saturday at 10 a.m. at the graveside in Forest Lawn Cemetery. Kiefer Eyerick Mortuary, Glendale. directors. HEI.NR1CH. Walter A., beloved brother of Paul X. Heinrich, brother-in-law of Ethel A. Heinrich. Services Saturday at 2:30 p.m. in rne wee lurk o' the Heatner. Directed by Forest Lawn Mortuary. HIBSCH, Ada E. Edwards Brothers' Colonial Mortuary. HORR, .Millie. Directed by Forest Lawn Mortuary. JAHNKE, Marie C. Services today. 12:30 p.m.. at Edwards Brothers' Colonial Mortuary. JAHR1KS, John H., beloved husband of Betty, son of Leah Hinchliffe. Services private. Please omit flowers. Utter-McKinley's Strother Hollywood in charge. KALI MANN, Clara. Services and Interment Chicago, IIL Malinew A Simons, directors. KEALER. Cyrus K.. beloved husband of Gertrude (Trudy) Kealer, loving father of Ronald, Robert and Jo Ann Kealer. brother of Herman Kealer. Services today. 12 noon, at Hollywood Cemetery ChapeL Greman Mortuary, directors. KEITH. Mrs. Jennie Merrel. Funeral services Saturday. 2 p.m., at W. A. Brown Son Funeral Home. KEENER, Carrie N. Services today, 2 p.m., at W. A. Brown Jt- Son Funeral Home. KOERPER, Peter, of 246 North Madison Avenue, Pasadena, July 1. 1952, survived by his wife. Mrs. Augusta Koer-per: 2 sons, Walter G. Koerper of Pasadena and Philip H. Koerper of La Canada; 1 grandchild; a sister, . Mrs. Pauline Loesch, in Germany, and bis brother, John Koerper of Kansas City. Mo. Services 2:30 p.m. Saturday at chapel of Turner Stevens Co., 95 . .North Marengo Avenue. Pasadena. LANO, Lueretia Louise, sister of Mrs. Ruth Klrkham and Mrs. Grace Lehr-kind. Services today 2 p.m. at the Roy l. Klinker Mortuary, Huntington Park. LOSHONCY, Julius Andras, loving husband oi cuzaoecn ijosnoncy, latner of Gl-zelia Allen, brother of Irene Knight and Louis Loshoncy. Requiem Mass 9:30 a.m. today at St. Stephen's Church. Utter-McKinley's Viewuark. directors. MARSH, Ceeeil L. Graveside services 10:30 a.m. today at Inglewood Park Cemetery, Pierce Brothers' Los Anreles. directors MCDONALD, Lydla E. beloved mother of weine Jeflerson, Olive G. Whitaker and Leslie Graham McDonald, sister of Elener Field, also survived by eight grandchildren and 11 greatgrandchildren. Services Saturday at 2 p.m. In the Little Church of the Flowers. Directed bv Forest Lawn Mortnarv. MAULHABDT. John Gustave. beloved hus- oana or Bertna H., loving father of Mrs. John Marine;, George and Herman Maulhardt, also survived by 8 grandchildren. Recitation of the Rosary 8 p.m. Monday at Pierce Brothers' Los Angeles. 720 West Washington Boulevard. Funeral 10 a.m. Tuesday at St. Agnes Catholic Church. West Adams at Vermont. Interment f?lvrv MUSSEB. Dr. Fred C beloved husband of Bernice A. Musser. father of Marilyn Blrthrong and Cpl. Frederick Musser. Services Saturday 1 p.m. at Utter-McKinley's Wllshlre Chapel, 444 South Vermont. NORRIS. Anna. Services today. 11 a.m., at Edwards Brothers' Colonial Mortuary. PATTON, Charles A., formerly of Monrovia ana Wilmington, passed away July I, survived by his daughter, Mrs. George W. Ludwick of Eagle Rock, and his sister. Mrs. W. L. Graves of Wilmington. Services 10 a.m. today at McNer-ney's Mortuary, Wilmington. Interment Monrovia Cemetery. PFERDNER, Pearl Gertrude, loving mother or Eimer neraner ana b granacnu-dren. Services 3 p.m. today at Utter-McKinley's Vlewpark ChapeL PROVOST. Joseph E. services today. 2 p.m.. at Edwards Brothers Colonial Mortuary. BIGGINS, Alvlra. sister of Mrs. Lillian Kose. Herbert, lueonore ana josepn Rigslns. Services today. 1 p.m.. at TJtter-MeKlBley Cresse Highland Park Chapel. SCHEIDECKER. Philip. Edwards Brothers' Colonial Mortuary. SMITH. Albert O. Services Saturday 11 a.m. at cam-Ion Chapel ef Pierce Brothers' Alhambra. STAFFORD, Adele (Dee), beloved wife of Fred O. Stafford, mother of Fredric H. and Frank R. Stafford, grandmother of Patricia Joan Stafford. Services Saturday at 1:30 p.m. In the Wee Kirk o the Heather. Directed by Ferest Lawn Mortuary. WATSON. Bertha, late of 345 East Orange Grove. Burbank. loving mother of Helen Madaras, sister ot Grace McMa-ban. Services today. 3 p.m.. at Clter-Me-K in ley's Jewel City Mertaary. WINKLER Dr. Emit, loving husband of Alice Graham Winkler. Services Saturday, 1 p.m.. at Utter-McKinley Cresse Highland Park ChapeL FUNERAL DIRECTORS W. A. BROWN & SON W. Wylie Brown Charles T. Powers South Flewer Street. RI-S141 CUNNINGHAM St O'CONNOR ESTABLISHED 1898 Two Convenient Locations XMO MELROSE. BOLLYWOOD BR-23!0I 8.HI WEST WASHINGTON PR-0397 BRESEE BROS. & GILLETTE SIXTY TEARS OF FRIENDLY SERVICE 9 W. Washington Blvd. PR-S1!5 MORTUARI IN FOREST LAWN EVERYTHING AT TIME OP SORROW TELEPHONE CLEVELAND S-8131 Forest Lawn Memarlal-Park Assn.. Inc. BRAMBLE-BEST Reverent Christian Service. Moderate price IRIS TOBEevMAN STREET. PR-Z25C GR0MAN MORTUARY JEWISH FUNERAL DIRECTOR 830 W. Washington Blvd. RI-3?1 GLASS AND MORTUARY (JEWISH! ESTABLISHED 101K Ml W. w aakdngtea Blvd. r-1231 MAX. TEMPERATURE M Fire Department Promotes Paul B. H. Paul, assistant chief of the County Fire Department's mountain battalions, has been named to the newly created post of assistant chief in charge of construction and research, County Fire Chief Cecil Gehr announced yesterday. Other changes included the promotion of Battalion Chief R. W. Percey" to assistant chief commanding mountain battalions and Assistant Fire Prevention Engineer L. H. Dutton to fire prevention engineer. Chief Gehr also announced the promotion of Capt. Noel Manchester as a fire prevention engineer. Phone Rates Raised in Sunland Area Permission to increase telephone rates in the Sunland-Tu-junga areas from 40 to 65 cents a month for residences and 85 to 90 cents for business service was granted yesterday by the State Public Utilities Commission. The order, which also provides for the increase of pay-station service to a 10-cent minimum in the area, was issued on petitions filed by the Sunland-Tujunga Telephone Co., which serves territories" of Sunland, Tujunga, Shadow Hills and La Tuna Canyon. The company had sought increases which would have totaled $60,504 a year but only $36,500 was approved. Under the order, effective Aug. 1, the company also was authorized to discontinue purely local service, substituting extended service. FUNERAL DIRECTORS FIERCE BROTHERS PRospect 4151 UTTER-McKINLEY It CONVENIENT FUNERAL CHAPELS Main Offlee: DU-8-248 EDWARDS BROTHERS COLONIAL MORTUARY l"HVenice Blvd. PRosneet 8181. ARMSTRONG FAMILY 1201 SOUTH HOPE STREET KI-6348 WALLACE B. WHITE. 864 W. Washington HOWARD J. CALLANAN. PB-3Z43 CEMETERY LOTS Lots at Forest Lawn Liberty Section, spaces 1 ft 2 Lot No. 1610 Sale to best offer. L. W. Wonn, 2756 Main. Riverside. FLORISTS CALIFORNIA FLORAL CO. 108 3. Spring St.- Phone: MI-0917. PHOTOGRAPHY DO YOO HAVE A PRECIOUS PORTRAIT THAT IS WORN. TORN OR FADED f Austin Studio Master In the - Art of Photography can restore that precious heirloom to its ortstin al newness. ALL WORK GUARANTEED TO YOUR SATISFACTION. CONSULT YOUR NEAREST AUSTIN STUDIO or Call DU-2-6341 SHIP MOVEMENTS AT HARBORS HERE Compiled by Marine Sxehanee. Ref er to steamship companies for dock time, rates, reservations and ports of ealL ACTIVB Arrived Vessel Berth Abraham Lincoln (Nor.) ..178 Anthony (Pan.) 240 C-Coaster 200 Canche (Pr.) 231 Capestar (Lib.) LB-29 Cane Verde (Br.) 230-E Carleton Victory 229 Diemerdyk (Dutch) 188 Dona Natl (Phil.) LB-3 Oeorge Olson 143 Garden State LB-5 Hoegh Silvermoon (Nor.) 230-B Hoegh Clair (Nor.) LB-7 Hawaii Maru (Jap.) 177 Illinois (Tkr.) 241 Karen Naess (Lib. Tkr.) . 172 Kyawa Maru (Jap.) . ...LB-1 Lions Gate (Swed.) 59 Margaret Schafer 224 Minnesota (Tkr.) 172 New Zealand Victory 58 Pelopidas (Lib.) 101 Pacific Fortune (Br.) 190 Ouisqueya 147 Silver Gate (Swed.) 51 Syosset (Tkr.) 238 Ttoga Star (Lib. Tkr.) ... 160 June 30 July 1 July 2 July 2 July 1 June 30 July 2 July 1 June 30 June 29 June 26 July 2 July 1 July 2 June 30 July 1 June 29 June 30 June 29 June 25 July July July 1 July 1 July 1 July 1 June 29 June 28 July 2 Trondanger (Nor.) LB-2 &aren Olson 224 VESSELS : Vessel Berth Imperial Edmonton (Tkr.) 97 Katie (Pan.) Anc. Tlconderoga (Tkr.) 169 Tomishlma Maru (Jap.) , LB-4 Vessel Berth Alan 8eeger (Tkr.) 233 Axtell J. Byles (Tkr.) 119 Asoromonte (Ital.) .Anc. Fermland (8wed.) ... Fernplant (Nor.) John B. Waterman . . Laura Maersk (Dan.) Oceanslde ...150 ...180 ...179 ...178 78 Pacific Express (Nor. .LB-53 San Luciano (Mez. Tkr.) LB-77 ' VesaeL Frees Berth Hawaii Maru (Jap.). San Fran. ...177 Hoegh Silvermoon.. . . . Portland 230-B new Zealand Victory, New Orleans.. 39 Vessel. For Time Arsena (Pan.). Yokohama .. 4:25 a.m. Harry Lundeberg, Ban Marcos 9:25 a.m. LOCATION OF BERTHS Outer Harbor. 34 to 73: San Pedro. 1 to 98: West Terminal Island. 20S to 241: Lone Beach Pier. A - Fire Inspector Rescues Woman in Burning Home Fire Prevention Inspector Robert Webb rescued Mrs. Frances Gilbert, 43, seamstress, from her burning frame residence yesterday when he saw it burning as he was-dnvmg past. "I was driving along on a routine assignment," Webb explained, "when I saw smoke pour out of the windows of a house at 820 Broadway in Santa Monica." The inspector, whose job is to reduce fire incidence, rushed into the house before turning in an alarm on his car radio. He carried Mrs. Gilbert from the burning dwelling. She was treated for burns at Santa Monica Hospital before being transferred to General Hospital. Her condition was described as good. Mrs. Gilbert, too hysterical to be questioned, could not tell the cause of the blaze. Santa Monica firemen theorized, however, that gas which escaped from a dining room heater was ignited by a pilot light in a water heater. A flash explosion probably resulted, they said, igniting the wooden structure. Jefferson Letter Given to SC Library A letter written by Thomas Jefferson 126 years ago to introduce his grandson to the Governor of New York was given to the University of Southern California Library yesterday. It will be placed on public display. Mrs. William Benbow Thompson of Los Angeles, an SC graduate whose husband is also an alumnus and a member of the faculty of the SC School of Medicine, placed the letter on permanent loan to the library. Tomorrow will be the 126th anniversary of Jefferson's death. The letter was written at Monticello on March 26, 1826. Jefferson died on July 4 of that year. The donor received the letter from her father, Charles Edward Locke, who was pastor of the First Methodist Church in Los Angeles from 1908 to 1920 and later Methodist Bishop in the Philippines and in St. Paul. Bishop Locke got the letter when he was pastor of the Delaware Avenue Methodist Church in Buffalo, N.Y. He received it from the granddaughter of Gov. Clinton of New York to whom Jefferson wrote it. Sisters Sought for Rites for Vetera ri Actor Olin Francis Attempts were being made yesterday to locate two sisters of Olin Francis, 60, veteran stage and screen character actor who died at Culver City Hospital Monday night. Friends said funeral arrangements are being delayed until Mrs. C. A. Patterson and Mrs. Leona Luke, both of Culver City, are located. They are believed vacationing in the Northwest. Mr. Francis, who lived at 3737 Kelton Ave., Culver City, was a charter member of the Screen Actors Guild and appeared in many silent pictures. ' Smith & Salsbury Mortuary, Culver City, will be in charge of the services. CD Publicist Named Richard J. Wood, Los Angeles newspaperman, yesterday was appointed public relations director of the city's Office of Civil Defense. Wood succeeds Carl W. Blumay, who becomes assistant to Adm. R. W. Berry, defense director. VESSELS IN PORT YESTERDAY (Te From San Francisco Portland . Reedsport W, Operator Fred Olsen Line . . Alpha Shipping Co. R. Chamberlln & Co. San Francisco .Independence Line Yokohama Triton S.S. Co. Avonmouth Donaldson Line Norfolk U.S. Lines San Francisco ....Holland-America Line Charleston De La Rama S.S. Co. Westport '. Oliver J. Olson & Co. San Francisco States Marine Lines Portland Java Pacific Hoegh Powell River Canadian Gulf Line San Francisco Osaka Shosen K K. Oakland The Texas Co. Aruba ...V Chile S.S. Co. San Francisco Nippon Yusen K.K. San Diego Johnson Line North Bend Oliver J. Olson & Co. Estero Bay ....... . ..The Texas Co. New Orleans Pacific Transport Line Vancouver Marltima Samsoc Manchester . Purness Line Golf it o ... . .United Fruit Co. San Francisco Johnson Line Estero Bay .. .....General Petroleum Santo Domingo Sleling & Jarvis ' San Francisco Interocean Line Empire Oliver J. Olson Sc Co. DUE TO ARKIVB LAST NIGHT (4 p.m. From Operator Estero Bay Imperial Oil Co. Vancouver Triton S.S. Co. Seattle Keystone -Shipping Co. San Francisco Kokusal Kaijl VESSELS DUE TO ARRIVE TODAY From Operator Honolulu Keystone Shipping Co. Avon ......Tide water Associated Vancouver .... Melbourne .. .. Garibaldi S.S. Corp. , .British Tankers. Ltd. Fern-Vllle Far East Arrow Line Maersk Line ..Oceanslde Lurcber Co. i . Fruit Express Line . .Compagnie Da Boleo Galveston Charleston Ban Francisco San Diego New Orleans . Santa Rosalia VESKKL9 ARRIVED YESTERDAY (Te 0 Berth Vessel. From C-Coaster. Reedsport .. Carleton Victory, Norfolk 200 229 VESSFLS SAILED YESTEEDAT (Te 4 p.m Vessel, For Time Agamemnon (Br.), New York ..7:10 a.m. OBITUARY Mrs. Marie Frese Funeral services for Mrs. Marie Frese, 86, widow of Adolph Frese, founder of the Frese Optical Co., will be conducted today at 11 ajn. in the Little Church of the Flowers, Forest Lawn Mortuary arranging, with inurnment in Forest Lawn Memorial -Park. Mrs. Frese, 743 N Orlando St., died Saturday. Born in Germany she lived in Hollywood 66 years. She leaves two daughters, Mrs. Gertrude Hudson, with whom she made her home, and Mrs. Dorothy Rogers of St. Louis; five grandchildren and three great-grandchildren. Mrs. Caroline A. Reid Private services for Mrs. Caroline A. Reid, 86, of 1326 S St. Andrews Place, will be conducted today. Mrs. Reid died Monday in Pasadena of a lingering illness. She came here from Denver in 1901 and was born in Jamestown, N.Y. Mrs. Reid leaves her son Robert H. of Sacramento, three daughters, Mrs. Horace B. Wulff- of Sacramento, Mrs. Homer I. Mitchell of San Marino and Mrs. Edward L. Redman of La Canada, and seven grandchildren and two great-grandchildren. Roman Raicherr Sr. Funeral services will be con ducted in Chicago Saturday for Roman Raichert Sr., 65, who died last Tuesday following a short illness. Mr. Raichert, of 849 Craig Ave., La Canada, came here from Chicago four years ago and was in the wholesale sewing machine business. He leaves his widow, Sophie, and four sons, Henry, Roman Jr., Edward and Leonard. Mrs. Georgette K. Smith Funeral services for Mrs. Georgette K. Smith will be conducted at 2 p.m. Saturday at the Church of the Recessional, Forest Lawn Memorial-Park. Mrs. Smith, a native of Terre Haute, Ind., died at her home, 127 N Citrus Ave., last Tuesday. She leaves a son, Kemper Smith of San Mateo. Three Mothers Plead Guilty in Gem Holdup Three young mothers yesterday pleaded guilty to robbery in connection with the Feb. 27 holdup of Robert Rein, jewelry salesman, at 14517 Sylvan St., Van Nuys. Jewelry valued at $1000 plus $80 in cash was taken. They are Mrs. Betty Coulter, 21, of 2307 Chandler Blvd.; Mrs. Edith Weatherby, 20, of 619 E Elmwood Ave., Burbank, and Mrs. Ida Mae Benton, 20, of Chattanooga, Tenn. Their respective husbands are serving prison terms in Colorado. The women accompanied their husbands into the jewelry store and stood by while the men robbed Rein and his wife Dorothy, police charged. Superior Judge Philip H. Richards, before whom the guilty pleas were entered, scheduled probation hearing and sentence for July 22. All three are in the County Jail. William Hageman Gets Comedy Lead in Play Comedian William Hageman will play the principal comedy lead in the Burbank Civic Light Opera production of "The Gypsy Baron" July 11 and 12 at Starlight Theater in Stough Park, Burbank, it was announced yesterday. Hageman has appeared in two previous productions of the city-sponsored organization, "Die Fledermaus" and "Blossom Time." He will portray the part of Kalman Zaupin, the Hungarian hog raiser of the operetta. 4 P.m.) Due te July 2 July 2 July 2 Sail Destlns'loa Antwerp Cape Town Reedsport San Jose de Guatemala Yokohama July 3 July 3 July 10 San Francisco July 3 Yokohama July 3 Antwerp July 2 San Francisco July 3 Redwood City July 2 Yokohama July 7 San Francisco July 6 Redwood City July 3 New York Indefinite. July 2 Tocopilla July 3 Yokohama July 3 San Francisco July 2 Bandon July 2 . Avon July 3 Yokohama July 2 New York July 2 ..San Francisco July 2 .....Puerto Armuelles July 4 .Antwerp July 2 Portland Indefinite. July 4 .. July S .. . Antwerp . .Redwood City to Midnight) Dae te Sail Destination July 2 . .loco July 3 London July 3 Martinez July 3 , New York Dee te Sail July S July 4 ... July 3 .... July 5 July 4 ... July S .... July 4 .... July 3 .... Destination ..San Francisco Avon ....Cape Town .... .Melbourne . . . .Yokohama , .Ban Francisco . . . New York ..Crescent City July 9 . .stocknoim July 3 .-. Vancouver p.m.) Vessel. Frees Canche fFr.). Karen Olson. Berth ..231 . j200 San Francisco Empire - Vessel, For. C-Trader. Baa Diego Time 7:25 a.m. Basin. 101 to 149: Wilmington. 150 to SOS, l to LB-101 Lewis J. Scott Funeral services for Lewis J. Scott, 67, motion-picture director, will be conducted today at 2 p.m. in Pierce Bros. Lincoln Heights Chapel followed by inurnment in the Chapel of the Pines. He lived at 1442 Paducah St. and died Monday. He leaves a son, Francis F. Scott. Dr. Emil Winkler Funeral services for Dr. Emil Winkler, 85, retired music educator and pianist, will be conducted Saturday at 1 p.m. in Utter-McKinley Cresse's Highland Park Chapel, 5860 N Fi-gueroa St. He died Monday. Born in Germany, Dr. Winkler at 14 ' toured the United States as a concert pianist. Dr. Winkler leaves his widow, Mrs. Alice Graham Winkler, organist for many years at Grace Presbyterian Church, Highland Park. Rodney S. Hamilton Funeral services for Rodney S. Hamilton, retired Los Angeles police officer, who died yesterday in the Queen of Angels Hospital of a heart ailment, will be conducted Saturday, 11 a.m. in St. Stephens Church in Beaumont. Lt. Hamilton joined the force in 1911, and retired in 1941. He leaves his widow Geraldine and two step-daughters, Mrs. Pearl Norell and Mrs. Nina Foley. The funeral arrangements will be under direction of Edwards Bros. Colonial Mortuary. Sun, Moon and Tide By U.S. Coast and Geodetic Survey ew ftfttr l0 U- "00 Julr 21 July 30 Julr 7 July 13 THURSDAY. JULY S Sun rises 5:46 a.m.. sets 8:09 p.m. Moon Uses 4:35 p.m.. sets 1:51 a.m. TIDES, LOS ANGELES HARBOR July Low High Low 3 1.25 0.3 7:55 3.0 11:43 2.4 4 2:11-0.4 8:51 3.3 12:40 2.5 5 2:54-0.9 9:34 3.5 1:36 2.4 Hish 6:30 5.9 7:1 6.3 8:0.1 6.7 8.-S3 7.0 6 3:37-1.4 10:14 3.7 7 4:20-1.6 10:54 3.9 8 5:02-1.6 11:35 4.1 9 5:44-1.4 12:11 4.3 2:30 2.3 3:32 Z.l 0:41 7.1 4:16 2.0 10:29 6.9 8:13 1.9 11:18 6.4 Tides are tiven In order of occurrence. First column denotes time and second column height in leet above or below mean lower low water. Light face type denotes a.m., black face. p.m. Times listed are Pacific Daylisbt-Savina Time. Wednesday's water temperatures: Long Beach. 63; Santa Monica. 63. ANNOUNCEMENT OF FUNERAL SERVICES fokcorclutWkj Beip:Bkotheis SOTH YEA Pierce Brothers Los Angeles Mortuary Maulhardt, John G., Mon. 8 P.M. Rosary McKee. Elizabeth Moreno, Manuel Gerard, Edean Allen. Kathryn, Ffi. 10:30 A.M. Lehenbauer, Otto Pierce Brothers Hollywood Mortuary Bennison, Raymond C, Thu. 3 P.M. Ferris, Nellie Howell. Mary F . Pierce Brothers Inglewood Mortuary Lindstrom, Margaret E, Thu. 11 AM. Baguley, William, Thu. 3 P.M. Pierce Brothers Crenshaw Mortuary Hoffman, Edward Pierce Brothers Lincoln Heights Mortuary Chapin, Victoria, Sat. 10 A.M. Scott. Lewis J., Thu. 2 P.M. Pierce Brothers Alhambra Mortuary Wright, Ruth I Smith, Albert O.. Sat. 11 A.M. Pierce Brothers Monterey Park Mortuary Schmidt, John, Thu. 10 A.M. Pierce Brothers Valley (Van Nuys) Pickens, Floyd, Sat. 10 A.M. Lee, Rebecca Kallos, Rose Pierce Brothers Todd & Leslie (Santa Monica) Malsburxer, Harry, Thu. 1:30 P.M. Eckstrom, Robert R. Berj?, Amber E., Sat 1 P.M. Pierce Brothers Venice Mortuary Drury, Frank R . McAndress, Millard I Services at Other Locations Marsh, Ceceil L Thu. 10:30 A.M. Graveside, Inglewood ; Park Cemetery GaKliardi, Louis, Thu. 9 A.M. Our Lady Queen of the Anjsels Catholic Church Garson, Hurbert S.. Thu. 1 P.M. Church of the Recessional, Forest Lawn Cemetery Gladselter. Anjela, Thu. 9 A.M. St. Toan of Arc Catholic Church Maulhardt, John G., Tue. 10 A.M. St. Agnes Catholic Church Leighton, Kathryn W.. Sat. 11 A.M. Grace Chapel, Injtfewood Park Cemetery ' For further information telephone PRospect 4151 Time of services to be announced later Perce Brothers HtlCHIOtHOOv MOIT.AIIIt only mill si let aspery -mt tint of Meet JUIY3,'32 Madison 2345- 202 W. 1st St., I. A.. Lest and Found 5" DOG $500 REWARD Into. lead. ret. Ig. black bulldog, wht. chest, half writ. face.Wht. feet. male.(Llc.26113). CR-51354,Br.2586 oo. poodle, mln. black male with wht. collar. 1952 lie. Vic. Sunset & Beverly Glen. Rew. Cr. 15447. Sod. Boston toy black, wht. lace & chest. Spay. Jem. "Patsy." Vic. May Co. Wllsh. Reward. WA-8389. boo, poodle toy. white, lit. yel. on i ear. Rupture on stomach. Won't eat. Male. Reward. WO-19476 SOO. boxer, lawn, blk. muz., wht. mkgs. 2-yr. male. Reward. Ar. 75757 DOG, male ter., lawn. 7 mbs. Boys pet.lst,JalmdaleiFrlt13.CW2180 COO. cocker: tan, 9 yr. Spay. fenf. Burb. 11c. Child pet. AX-14530. GLASSES, gold rimmed, lost near 3rd it Catalina or 4th Sc Rampart. Reward, CA-20289. STEEL mold lost, large, solid. Appro. 24"x24"xl4" Vic. West Florence. Inglewood. Western to Slau-son to Santa Fe. Reward. Sierra Rubber Products. , OR282271 SUIT box (BuUock's WUshire). Lost downtown L.A. Return to Miss Weir, Mayflower Hotel. Generous reward. No questions as kecL WATCH. 143C. pink gold 17-J. Lady Elgin, cont. 6 rubles St 2 dia.Farm-ers Mfct.. 624. Rew. HE-4855. WRISTWATCHTIAMOND. Ladies. Lost vicinity Sak's 5th Ave. store. Wllshlre. REWARD. WA-2066 MISS I NGjPJRSONS 7 WANT SOMEONE LOCATED? Investigated? Quick St discreetly Continental Detective Bureau Bonded. 124 W. 6. Rm. 224.MU-7401 Bmintit Announcimtnt Q BETTY I have gotten my quick freezer. What a deal. Meat at wholesale, freezer pays my rent with savings St I got a discount, too. If you haven't gotten yours yet, contact Mr. Dee at AD-34266 right away. He's wonderful. Don't forget. AD-34266. Marge. NEW uncalled for tailor-made suits, sports coats 4c slacks at Vs price. Tom Williams. Tailor, 526 8. Spring. HEIRS Cash on legacies-trusts. No fees. Heirs Adi.Ser.215 W.7. VA-1159 LEARN to drive. Crenshaw Driving School. 6701 Crenshaw Bl. TW-6688. UNREDEEMED furs. Save 50 to 70". . MarkweU Sz Co., 707 8. Hill. 5th floor CIGARS clear Havana seconds, off-colors. Big savings. 2861 W. PICO. FALSE teeth rellner $1.50. Dental Plate Control. 542 S. Bdwy. R. 230. HEIRS Cash for legacies. NO FEES Nat'l Estates. 742 S. Hill. VA-4820 PIANOS We will store a piano in your home free. PA-1677 LOTS of funl At the Alligator Farm. 3627 N. Mission Rd. CA-12311 BANQUETS. 20 to 200. Eleda Restr., 4296 CRENSHAW. AX-15035. Pyorrheq.Deadieefh Ho-96678 LEARN TO DRIVE DU-84591 CLASSIFIED ADS placed anywhere. .WORLD WIDE WANT ADS.TR-9983 FREE Classified placing service. Nelson's Advertising. MU-1561. DIAMONDS AND JEWELRY Diamonds-Old Gold-Antiques Cash paid at once. We pay the most NEW YORK DIAMOND EXCH. 629 So. Hill. Rm. 706. VA-4268. 3 LADY'S PLATINUM RINGS. 32 Diamond cluster $550 7 diam. engagement ring . . .$250 3-row diam. wedding band. $175 Sac, by pr. pty. WA-9615 aft. 7 p.m. WE buy diamonds, gold, silver St furs Since 1903 MarkweU Co.OTSJHUl, 5th floor YOUR OLD WATCH or old JEWELRY taken in trade for a DIAMOND. i May Diamond Co., 632 S. Broadway CASH FOR DIAMONDS. Gold. Silver. Rm. 311. Taft Bldg.. Hlywd. St Vine HONEY colored cat's-eye ring for sale. Long Beach 28714. RING, exceptionally fine diamond. Approx. 1 k. Reasonable.EX-41319. DIAMONDS & JEWELRY BARGAINS M. Welnstein's, 719 Roosevelt Bldg. t!!AiUSLAiP , BELTONE, half price. Practically n new. - '51 model. Lomita 677 J HXEH9IJS' . SELF-HYPNOSIS for self help. 45 yrs. exper. Les'ns. prlv. DU-34684. a.m. LEARN to hypnotize self& others. Tawny, Ph.D. 2610 W. 8. pU-83630. PERSONAL ADVISOR? WORRIED, upset? Bring your problems to me. Nationally known spiritual advisor. 3 question $1 St stamped return envelope. Pearl H1U. 15350 Archwood St.. Van Nuys. MYSTERY LADY OF RADIO FAME" FEATURED with RIPLEY'S AUTH-ENTIC St WORLD FAIR. RE-32373. IN A RUTTTRY GOAL-REACHERS. P.O. BOX 13045. W.t.Aza. ADVICE, SCIENTIFIC READINGS ul-7 p.m. 8760 SUNSET. CR-50439. SOCIAL CLUBS ALONE? FRANCES DeMONT 430 SO. WESTERN AVE. DO-8-3466 Since 1S3S A LICENSED SOCIAL CLUB LONELY? 4 Leaf Clover Club, oldest in West. Est. 47 yrs. Magazine sent free. Public dances 8 p.m. Tue.. Thur.. Fri..Sat. it Sun. 337Vi W.Pike. Long Beach. L.B. 704536 or 657481. ALONE TONIGHT? MEET DESIRABLE COMPANIONS ,155 S. Vermont Ave. DU-93544. FOR "DATES" OR MATES! SELECT CLIENTELE RUTH ROSS 7144 SUNSET. 2-9 P.M. HE-1329. LARGEST Oldest Club Endorsed by ministers Low fees. Write CLUB ELITE. Box 71. Los Angeles 53,Cal. LONELY? Write GOLDEN W E S T CLUL Box 765-M.San Fernando.Cal. MEET FRIENDS. FRANCES MILLS Pers. lntrod. 1532 Venice B1.R1-3075 PERSONAL intro. Glenbaks Soc. Club, 1114 W. Glenoaks. Glendl. CI-41513 Clara Lane, 542 S. Broadway SELECT Jewish lntrod. Mr. SeeliS 10-1. 4-8. HU-20156. 1611 N.La Brea. JEWISH INTRODUCTIONS. GL-4830 JEAN BELFER. 7166 SUNSET BL. Air Transportation 12 FLY THE LUXURY FLIGHT CALIFORNIA HAWAIIAN to HONOLULU $129 Plus Tax Lockheed CONSTELLATION Flights FIRST CLASS LUXURY SERVICE at the LOWEST FARES 70 Discount Return Cocktail Lounge Delicious Hot Meals Steward and Stewardess Sumbereffe Seofs STANLEY 7-2195 or your Travel Agent P. 8. Govt. Irregular Air Carrier. FLY INTERNATIONAL AIRLINES New York $75 Chicago $69 DAILY FLIOHTS HUSBAND AND WIFE RATES Call for tree travel booklet HE. 8138 6042 Hollywood Blvd. at Power ' N.Y. $75 CHI. $69 Lowest Fares. Direct Flights -' DC-4's Non-Stop Airliners 3 PHONE FOR SPECIAL VACATIOW - AIR-WAY TRAVEL MA. 6-5545 323 W. 6th st. SBlte 604.' TICKETS DELIVERED FREE ' mxaa caijl. Au-ot 1 1 . Chicogo, $70 New York, $80." Nonstop flight, scheduled departures. Lockheed Terminal, BT-7262L f ' pi' miailftliiIM tl V ftU aft A fo-i&L.-fMdbLjJJkmJJf

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