Naugatuck Daily News from Naugatuck, Connecticut on December 12, 1949 · Page 4
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Naugatuck Daily News from Naugatuck, Connecticut · Page 4

Naugatuck, Connecticut
Issue Date:
Monday, December 12, 1949
Page 4
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PAGE 4—NAUGATUCK NKWS (CONN.), MONDAY, DEC. 12, 1040 Kvery lUvenlng (jCxoept Sunday) by fHB! NAtJOATUCK NEWS COUP. NAUGATUCK, CONN. Telephone* 1228 »nd I2SV AH Department* Kntercd u cecond clan* matter at the pout office In Naugatuck, Conn. BUBBCRJPT1ON RATES Payable In Advance I Month 1 Totir Member: American N«-«r»p«P« r Pub. AM'C ft. I. Dally Newnpaper Put. AJW'D Conn. Newepaper Publisher* Aas'o MONDAY. DKC. 12, 1949 Not So Little League The first financial report of the Bo.ird of DircctorH of the Peter J. Foley Little League is further pr.'>of thRt the Little League is a major program, financially as well as civically. That a $50.000 Btaclium and club- houHe hail boon provided with n cash outlay of $5,000 IH indeed :i major accomplishment. And the wrirk thai hns been done to encourage fine and sportsmanlike play among borough youngsters speaks for Itself. More than $10.000 was rained for the Little League during the past year and a balance of more than J2.000 is on hand for the season ahead. It goes without Buying that the work completed could never have been done for only $8,000. It was an unselfish and Inspired spirit of aid and assistance among each and every one that participated that made possible this exceptional report. The Llt- Ue League haa grown In Nauga- •uck because the public has favored its growth^ and because those who administered it have, • ach In his own way, contrlb- i ted something special to its pro; ram. Next year, not ono, hut two kittle Leagues will be In opera- t >n. If current plans materialize. We hope that the experiences of will profit both. From their c ntinued successes, the youth of 1: >> borough will reap untold ;,:ofits. I: It A Game? Price changes are frequently pv.zzling, even to those who have :-:• ;ne understanding of economic:. For months or years the price <-f u familiar product will re- r....ln stationary. Then it sudden- iv shoots up almost overnight to :: :ioint half aw high again as It w. a before-to tho HUrprlMO l)Ut n"t the pleasure of consumers. If enough consumers are miffl- (.•ntly surprised and displeased •>• .J If they refuse to bo satisfied I// published explanations, the irmbllngs of their rcsentmeut-'arc r- ard in Washington. Then" 'the c: ances arc good that there will !• • an Investigation to ascertain wlicther the law of supply and <!'mand caused the rise or who-th- (r some skulduggery has been •• "oot. That sequence of events la now I- ilng repeated, with coffee as the illaln or victim of the piece. Cot' re prices have risen more than -3 cents a pound In this country ; i recent weeks. Coffee-loving Americans have been asking why and have boon told a number of things, many of them contradictory. Their temperature has been going up. Now a subcommittee of the Senate Agriculture Committee has Jumped into the situation to find out what's what. The committee lias yet to get enough evidence to support u conclusion. But it has heard the State Department's estimate that Brazil's coming coffee crop for export will bo from 000,000 to 1,000.000 bags bigger than this year. It has also heard a hint from Its counsel to the effect that an organization of Central afd South American coffee growers may have been acting as tt "cartel" to push up coffee, prices. Is coffee iri short supply or not? Have producers been getting together to keep the supply down or to convince the trade—or the public—that it is low? If this is a game Americans ought to know It so they can play it, too. Good Manners During the next two weeks there will be extra reason why people should employ their best manners at all times. During tho Christmas shopping season streets will bo unusually crowded by pedestrians and automobiles. Unuaual care In driving will bo Important, with particular attention being paid to pedestrians at cross walks. Many children will be down town, attracted by the Christmas displays und looking for Santa Claus. Stores will bo crowded and salespeople unusually busy. Customers should be patient, with a thought for those trying to servo them. Clerks, loo, should cultivate the holiday spirit. After all, they <lo work short hours now, at attractive pay raten j and tho war is over. In short, if everyone will cultivate the holiday spirit now and rftnln It until Olii-istnms Night, Christmas Day will take u;irc of itself. Kansas man haii juitt completed a field oaU harvest, whleh is surprising. Wild oats, of course, can bo harvest any time. Do You Remember? One Year Ago Wl.Uiam l-'ernaritlir/., Jr., pronl- denl of I,ooul 21H. URWA, CIO, Kpoakini; a.s nn Individual, f;uvc hlH indorsement to the borough Hchotjl conntruct Ion )>ro^ratn, which WIIH iipprnvod by tho frcc- men later ttiat \vot;k. 20 Years Ago The Liidlcn' Aid of McUiodiHt Church ended their HUCCCHuful fair with a. throe-act play directed l)y Mrs. Raymond Paul. Household Scrapbook Enurncl When clennlnK enumolcd tablo.s or chalrH, wlpo them off with salt which haM boon moiHtoncd with vinegar; then sponge \vith clcnr water and wipe dry with a nol't cloth. White Silks While »I11<M may bo cleaned by placlni; them tiolwoen a layer of rioui 1 or cornHtareii and wrapping In whlto UHHUO for a. few day.M, Tlu-n Hhake and bi-unh out tbo flour or corn.slarch. China , Care should be t.akon when wawli- i,- | sr old-docorati,'d china. Wash in tepid water usinK only a little HOII.P, as the soap tonds to dull it, and even causes tho Kold to rub off. Warden ] lurry Carter IIUH an exlreniely comfiirt.abie now ebalr to K'> wll h |I!M ni-\\'ly in'(|ulri'il .sti'd < all tbfil'H needed to nmtie ilie ofrico fit. for the ehlef o ea rjiol rutive ij: a paint, jot, and I I he I'loor. MODERN ETIQUETTE Q. Whal should a hostess do when sho i.s cntorl {lining sovoriil ijuoHtH and ono of them show.'! plainly that she Is thoroughly bored? A. Ignore it and devote all her attention to the others. A ^uesl who is this rudo will, of course, not bo invited again. Q. Whon a woman is alone in a hotel In what way should sho cull a tnx'l? A. Ask a bell boy to ullend to this. Q. Isn't tbo bridegroom mippOKcd to pay for tbo wadding music? A ; No; this expense should bo borne by tho bride or her family. Look And Learn 1. At what nffo does a boy need UH much fond an a f;rowii man? 2. What Is bullion? 3. What. Shakespearean play has to do with the quieting of a woman's laHhlnK tongue? man's tongue? 4. What was tho most expensive empire over established? 5. What mythological character fell In love with thc Biiituo ho hud carved ? AiiHwerw 1. Between tho u^cs of nine and fourteen a boy requires ns much food as a man, and during the next five years more than a man. 2. Uncoined gold or silver. 3. "The Taming of the Htirow." •i. That of Ibo Mongols under Kublal Khan. 5. Pygmalion. \Viirk Is progressing very satlM- filelorily on converting n portion of the <,orl.nido Wtiltteinoro house at the corner of Churclk and Wn- t^rr streets Into of flees for the r'. S. Kuhber t'n. footwear pbint. ...\vord has It that, much of the personnel will IHI transferred hero from the Nr.w York offli'en. Rita. (Clark) Miller's dog is on his way I (, Ari/.ona . . .it may Mound like a long trip, but. .the dog ban travelled a great deal. .. .last your the dog- wan in China, with Mrs. Miller e.nd her Holdlor husband. ...when Itlta returned to thl.s eounti'y a:i China, bi-came a dan- gor '/.one, Hie ilojv was shipped from tbo Kar Kast to Snn l-'ran- el.sco find then <;omplo!.ed bin t.i'ip to Naugalnck by railway express. . . .now he l.s riding (be rails again to join, tbo Millers In Arl/.ona. Volloo Chief .lolin <iormley, re- ralllm; some of (be real eolil winters of years pimt, elalnm lin worked up ii sweat, ivallilng |, (( u'ork Saturday morning wlion the leniperatiirn was "wu-y up ariiunil six above." Tbo filthy Naii|,"iluok Illvor iip- liroachod being bonullful onriy Satin-day morning, as clouds of vapor rose Into thc cold air... the vapor frosto on trees along tho river banks... because of tbo cold air', few passers-by stopped to notice the scene. Speaking of eold weather. .. It wan NO cold .Saturday morning that, steam escaping from I bo footwear plant; holler room on Water street fro/.e soon after escaping. .. portions of Uio Naugii- tiiek river, south of Mmlon J'ark were, fro/.en over. Mcmbi'i'H uf Nauimliick Vulley Jielac.liment, Marino Corps league, its niixlliary and frlondH put. on' a first, class variety show at. Kooky Hill Veterans Hospital Friday night ... Krll/. Klambt performed despite a bad leg...Mary Anne VVooiiler, nevon yearn old, tumbled and danced and B tolo Ibo heart M ,,r the hundred:) of patients. . . iho doVnehmont and auxiliary are planning to proncril. suc'li Hbows at the bimpltlll every two or I hrco nionlhs. We haven't, seen him lately, but. Tony Stlon has a iinli|iie method In eating a sandwich nnuln from u fried egg, sunny sideup. . .he Ims it. down to a system so nothing squirts. J'alrolinan Tod Kllrnaimowskl was wearing earmuffs Saturday morning. . .a. gcioil Indication that, the temperature: was far from comfortable. Adele Addison, lyric soprano, who presented a concert here last Friday nlglil. ,|,-ll u |,le<l the imd- lenee by reinenilierlng It particularly enjoys her rendition of "Tho Cuckoo." When Die ball.ory In her enr wont, ileail iho ot lie.r morning, Kny CIIHO enjoyed I he walk downtown. , .Init as the day progressed, and sheVmile the trip three llmea tiy foot she iler.ldctl there's nothing Ilko vebiculnr .travel. Members of Major Vie Guinness' art classes Tuosda-y nights arc ace.ompllsiilng much .. . among the 10-momber C!HHH is Patrolman Harris Hurki;. . . M rs. VVillard IS. Hil.tlo a.lKo Is a st.udent. .. she's bad considerable commorcial art experience before coming to tho borough. Thanks much to the N'augii- tllek .Iiinior Womuu'H club for UN Invite to l.hfi annual ClirlHtatuiFi party tonlKbl In Iho ( Jon grog it- tlomil parish liDnse. Seeonil Ward Hopubllcn.n Burgess Ijouls DuCarlo Is being kept busy theso flays as chairman of the Mtroot. oominltteo of Iho borough board... tho parking situation Is getting rather serious In Naugnluck, and It's nearly a full time, job Inspecting tho various streets, The first, combined Horvlco c.luh niwlliig ever (o |,,i held In tlui borough takes plaee Thursday night, when members of the Jto- lury anil Kxchango clnl>s get together In St. Mleliael'H purlsh bouse at (ii.'KI. . , tbls will be one of the fo\v evening rniMH/liigH when HotaryaiiMs an; not Included. Wonder If thc budget adopting problems will bo up to the freemen again noxl, year, or a board of finance and borough board... Kttdy Anderson, superintendent of woll'nro, probably will have an unusually high budget for next year... this year's already Is way above lasty<;ai"«. and probably will bo considerably ovorox- pcndecl. We have a nice letter from l'i "biiriit-np eill/on" but IK; forgot to sign It.. . . Anonymous letters won't lift printed . . Wo must know tin; author . . for Putrolmnn Henry Rack! la in ...r a cold ride noxl. Thursday... Loo Dlnnftiy Is convinced that, potatoes aro tliu staff of life... IJoin Coin.) says tho most pleasant way to upond u aay at work In l.o linnillo n. cnr of black. . ..Kddlo Urashkii Is tho cigar- smoklngoHl. iiinn on Luko Kano's iioftbiill loam. .. Wo don't think much about It living in New England, but can you imagine a Christmas that comes Just before the long summer vacation at the closing of school... Can you I magi no Christ- maii In midsummer with no tmow, no Icicles, no wintry wind .. .that's Just what luippons In Bra'/.H and other southern count,rleM. Third Ward Burgess «u N Klim- iis/c,\vMkl took his youngster fa three Christinas parties yesterday... Mallnmn Cliff BwlrNkl IN getting lots of sleep In propura- alon for the heavy Christina* rush. . . THERE WAS A SANTA CLAUS KNOW nr LOADED/ WALTER WINCHELL In New York Man Almiit, Town Major Hae-ey .Ionian, who ehnrgod that Russia, got, uranium ihlpinoiilH, aljegoiljy ban HOIDIJ /tit his apiirtniniil vmlln, the glfl >'f Koviot. gononi 1 . .Constors Miy rfarold Uo.yd, .Ir . Warren's dghlr Virginia nre a Ho- iTieo-anfl-Jullotehlng. . . A v a Onrd- H'l 1 plnnoM buck toilay leaving rllsc- loekny lilll Wllllnmti' Imnrt In nil. oi-ii. .. Phillies' Jut b.'iMi'iinui likldlo Waltktm (bo wan shot by Unit Kill ii Chlnngo) l.s Going f-Uondy w?th >no of Ibo nurses. .. Howard Job 17; ion stifles the Will) Stroal: hir/v. but bis fnrnocl e.hnln will mnrry Chllds. . .5tli Avenue passorshy op- joyc-d tho show Onrbo and Vnlim- .Ina's husband (Goo. Se.hloe) put >n. Holtl bands right out. Ion J. JOPoIltlcians dreaming of nti ffiisonhowor-Pnul Hoffman tlcl-.H '52.. .British novelist . AHe VVaugh and his wife hnvc alomle'd. Front llie Maroh 21 column: "Jl«v mombor tbo 20 N'a/.is lni|>ort.'.K| r rom Germany to bo witnesses iKiilnst eonvlfli'd trillion) Chandler mil Rent.?-Well, OIK! of I bom d'.'d- wtird V. Sltllei) Is now a lecturer if. North wen! ern U'" From the 'N. Y. Times, Doc. 2: "Tho Govornmorit today ordered tbo deportation of K. V. Hittlor, a nallvo born American, who boo'.imo Oormnn cltlxan and brimdnai-l. from Station 'Debunk' In Berlin uring tho war." Dick Tracy (of Hir> oomle st,ri|)K) get.s married In abnul six w.i-ilcs .Hob Mopo's Now Dent (bott.n- than ti'DR's) given him no% of tho 10! on his films...T, Qulnn will b'. Hie noxl. pro 1 /, of thn Title Guaran- ton A Trust. That's better Ibnti being I-Ionilrnan of tbo Mint. ..Ga..| Million eompol.lsb is gcttlns; 1,0 knon herij thai, some now givo CUH- loitu.'rs free morning pnpyrii:i. . . "Olgolo" (a Derby throat) IH owned by Junnt nnd Dan Kolly— not Jay I'uley. . . James WhlUakcr of lh« Mirror Ca nuwumnn longer than most) has finally written a novol, "Run Sheep Run." S&S will publish in May.. .Communists aro forming a committee for tbo -!n- fi^niio of lawycni "Kiinvlctod of coii- tompt 1>y Judge Medina." They are. trying to got. ox-AUy. Oon. Blddlo on it. Blddlo shellacked tho Com- niunlnl.H In the Hurry Bridge-it e.'is:;, The Nal.lnn, il wi-ekly, -/.ecilivim an iilouH tor Fi'ocdotn of thu I'ro.t-t, ordered nh article nbntil thn Hl(;h Gourl frnm. a Yalo law pi'of. lli^f name Is Fred Jlodoll . .The imigu- v.ino udvortinod It. - then doolded not to pT-Int It. . .BecaiiBo Rodell '-c- fiiMecl (ho snys) to lot it eonsor ;l ("inplo of erltlelnniH of Mr. .lustli-,- l''ollx ll'i-iilikftirti.!!'. The erltleli.ui of him is mild comparod to th,» eritlolsm the author dlroeleil ;il Hovonil others on tho High Boneh ..'.Hodell tiirnod It ovei' to tho Now Republic "to got. fnslost iiubUon- tion". . .Ho P.S.'s: "I am anU-Wn.l- laee, tor;, but T tblnk the Now no- public has lonrne.d Its losson." Hilly RIIHK, la nil lord of the, /ii'ir- feld Theater, and the ticket brokers aro at war again. Ono broker retaliated by putting the M. Tod'.ls f.Ioan Blondell) in front of tho B. Roses (EHonnor Holm) at the "Blondos" pi-oinlor. . . Ono of tho biggest holiday gift ItamH Is no!UI logno. You don't dunk yourself in It, you pour It on,..P. Cluindlo; 1 und uliirliil. Mnry liold arn a % !,c l''olH«nnnk>r flftciii'al.lon nightly .. "Doath of a Siilcsmun" (this IH official) has -paid Its baokors n. profit of $30,000 n month for the. punt il immllis. A total split, cf $00,000, . .Dosplto 1h,o donifils, Intl- r.ialos fear Mrs. Henry Fonda will lllo In Fob,..M. Rorlo helped Cnhollo ChiirllloH (Bonton) coll'ji:!, •irin.OOO,. .Talk lubout putting on airs! Tho teolinlelan who win! awnrdoil the Iboiiter-llghtlng Job at l.lio ".N. promptly wont out and got himself a brand now IIOKO. Dg in th» Sljito Di-n't inn) HID Volco of America RnmdcuMlM Tho ''Inflldo" tailing this pnrngrnp'n in from an affidavit concerning Yniilf ICI-niindak,..I. rocnntly described him as .onco working' wllh Hitler's stooge, tbo Grand Mufti... His npnnsor (for loctureti) at. ;i rc- eent flop mooting In Now York was Merwin K. Hart. . .Hart reportedly paid this Arab $2,000..The affidavit in my possession confirms what T reported about Bandnlr; also Hint bis application for a vi'i i. to tho U.S. was denied In 1048; that ho got one In Great Britain and curnc hero 3 months ago; and J TVTEW YORK—I suppose, when all la said and ll done, that any resemblance between the life that la lived In N;CW York and the life that ROCS on elsewhere all over Amctica, Is very purely coincidental. This Is a nation comprising two separate countries, New York and the United States, and It might just aa well be Senegal and Manchuria. For tho latent proof of all this, we conio to Bill Owen, an English comedian who even aa you road this is sweating over his lines at a rehearsal ^^^^^ of the Katharine Hepburn version of Aa You k Wrai^^H Like It, now in the process of being readied for M^R^H thc Arnorican stage. <MM^^R It was only a little more than n. month ago Mol Heimer that Owen was ntlll In London, with no pressing thought of appearing before American theatergoers. Then thc producer of An You Liter, It, in England on a business trip, saw Owen's performance in thc fllm Thc Gay Lady and promptly decided ho was tho man he wanted for Touchstone in thc Hepburn troupe. Owen has two children and a charming wife and he supposes that If he had thought the proposition over for a week or so, he might not have come. However, he didn't think it over, and In a matter of hours was on the plane for New York. Three days. That was all he could stand, at first. Three day*. "I was confused," he says, now. He Is being polite. Two things picked him up by the iscruff of his neck and threw him for a total Joss—the rudeness and tho complete absence of smiles. Bill Owen Is a small and genial man, up from the English music 'halls, who sounds a bit like all the Cockney impersonators you ever •have seen In Hollywood films, and ho enjoys seeing people happy. But In New York he found no smiles. "Of course, I'm speaking In generalities, and one really can't do thnt, you know," ho says, "but tho stonlness of the people's faces •tunned mo. I realized that nearly everyone hero must be too busy to sm'llc, but Jt is still startling to come across." HE TOOK HIS FIRST TRIP In Ui-s <Un'« an-1 mib-.vay taverns of Manhattan, and because Jio ha-1 i'i<\<\-.n often In tha comparatively bright and shiny underground !n London, he was depressed further. Salca people were Incredibly short and rude with him, something thc New Yorker accepts stoically but which brings tho visitor up sharply. Ho was tucked Into an J8.50 (dally) room In a mldtown hotel, next to the cubbyhole where thc valet pressed pants, and all In all he was beginning to feel astonished and dizzy and morbid. As You Like It might, just might, have lost its Touchstone at this point except for one thing. Bill Owen accepted the invitation of a friend and one-time American soldier named Johnny Metzler to coma down to Bradford, Pa., for the weekend. When he got off the train in Bradford, he stepped into the other American world. Men and women smiled in thc streets and they gave directions courteously. Johnny Metzler teaches school there, and he dragged Bill down to the schoolhouse and had him lecture to thc kids all day long, afmcmbly after assembly, on tho.British theater. They loved'It. Finally, on Saturday night Bill Owen wont to a Veterans of Foreign Wars meeting, and when Motsslcr announced that he had a one-time lieutenant in the British Ordnance Corps with him, they virtually tore the roof off the place wllh their welcome. In brief, they made Bill Owen feel at home irt Bradford. «••»•' WELL, BILL'S COME BACK since then and he's made a few rflkle rule adjustments and he has made a temporary peace with tho big town. Ho hasn't had a chance to see many of tho sights or do many of the things that the tourist is expected to do, but ho has changed his hotel residence to one more in keeping with a dollar allowance that has a 30 per cent bite taken out of It by America and he is beginning to detect a smile here and there. "There's a counterman in a diner who looked right through me, 1 the first three or four times," he says, "but now he's warming up and even trying to moke little English jokes. "I suppose that up to now I've been Just another face, another torso, to him—but he may be beginning to see me as a human being at laut. Maybe that's thc way all New York Is. They takn time to warm up." Ho has been impressed by ono thing In America—the great talent and tremendous drive of Miss Hepburn. He has been unimpressed by one other thing in America—our football. "I say, I just don't get It," ho says. "They line up and try to kill each other and then, when they're all piled In a mound, one chap studios tho situation carefully—and jump* squarely on top. I don't get it at all, I'm afraid, old man." Changing Color MV"X SPTCAKS \V:i'-h;jixf "n Thr .-xf iTrct.'iry uf I''.s Irf.hh In- "'I' the pn:tt J'l yearn h."i "loot ed piiotcrily of about M-'illlion. 500-rnilJUin dollars r\ y-'r." Her.- l> ; >- Ji-<l I" nri iiifi-ition :•.->.:, I, tbrealeiis our (li-moeialu- i i•„ A nv. JT ' . Al I bused "We THE MUSIC SHOP ..... " iKluc Knrlrw <il ski-tclii-- ||| ( . rr<|iii'xts of miisiral kliiiiilil Iw <vrlll<-n liy 1'iMipl,. ri-iiii' In mid for roc«ir<lln»f wlmsi- iuinu> I hey «lnn ttii'iw, ro«''irdi-<I h y dii-v liiiiiw ulMini, tin- li ..... s Illu- they don't knmv uliat <ui u rmllo xtatli«ti llu-y lii'Jiril nf . . . nil (ll.-y know "i ••:, \>:inl ro'onl. n\ Our (iiicslluns MI-I-. "Did It voriilKf". "was il .1 man minr.'", "l^'lial arc- SOUK- ilon'l miliiiK . lu-uril ni-vc-r U Hint «n m> -, hu\f u or wo- ,,f t) u - DOCTORS nt the Los An|.;clc:; Conn- \ ty Jail hospital nro unuucccrsfully | attempting to old convict Charles | Howard (above), 29, whoso skin coloring nncl hair h:ivc.nlmor,t completely changed from blank to while. Howard declared he first noticed cracks appearing in his skin. They Inter incrcnxcd in :>.:<•. and bccnmo blisters, leaving him with white skin. tlntcrnational* Hint bo nllojjrdly brnggrd n.i.-ii NnvomlHT) ." ''A/nrrirfiri!; rue :;ii.-k (•r:-f. I may bcconii; ;i brn;ul«"isl i-r nn I ho Volri- ul' Amrrli'!!. Tlii-y wiM iiiwur Kiiiipi'cl II whi'n I slant ii'y rojnnrkn for tho Arab;?." rily c'Mlor* nn- muffing ,i tilralfr: A fronl-p:igod nobli-ninn i:< oni/.y for Miircln Kdglngton. lnji- st ripper at tho Hudson Thpiitor •?! Union City, N. J...GOO. ROHM (At- lino Jndgo':i Itmt discard) l» br-'iv: consoled by modol Marian Schoaf- fcr...Thc Feds arc interested in the undorwnrld buy./, ihni :i f:im.- 1 blato (>xn<:tillvo nccoplod » !;irt i r ono million In cash... If you f-n-'lrl KOO monuK fi-om rnHtnurrjntu in ill ?•- l)i£j)ly, you'd .slop urndlnff Hi-rnnn-..- loud piirrols. . .Kcnlurkinns rxp:'<". "noman Bath" to win (no Dorby in IflTO. They pick "Kanfnro' ID win in .IfllVI . . .T,nvo T>ottfr: "Your i Item about the noun-duo book, I 'Hitch Your Wagon' (about I',o:-nt i Bnlchcn, the greaf wnr fighter fa uoriK'.'". <•!<•. . . l-'uiiiiy IliliiR, w«. 'isiisilly Dili's- — to our own IIIMII/.I-- ini-iil — wlial ri-cordlnif is H.uit4Kl. One that stump* us in this: "My r;iUlo IH l» n o 1 working. Will .you soil me a tiilx- to jj<-i It MurU'd ngiiln 1 .'" \Ve julvise, slnr<- radio I ulies art- not »Jlke, thiit tb«- '•imloin'T brliiK In alj mi,,., f,,r u Iree (<••.< Ini;. All that. U n,,;-^nr\. «'II<-1>, IN u new liilx;. If not TIIK Mi-Sit; SHOP IH a dependable plaee to lirini; ii "not uorklnit" «••! lor ri-pulr. (TIIK MllSir SHOI- I* Ilt 8« (hilrtli street). coNsfinifioli' A new Mifc :md cri^y way to treat ojiiMipaii,,,, without hauh. habit- lornnns llrug^ and irntunLs. Just n few hannlcv, tablets a day with water provide necessary hulk and liibriciilion for iiotmal healthy- cliMimutinn. Recommended by doctors Buy • bottle of NOKMAI.AX tablets from our di,i,.,tiM today. R'; c __ m ,, ncy 'nck if not i:,, mp lclcly o NORMALAX ^.,:„,.!,. * NEW ENGLAND'S URGEST PeiROLEUM STORAGE TERMlKAl the U.S.), was road by him Hour tbo North I'olo". .'Tboso of ii r : who know bliii enii |i<n y(n , u,ni ib,- L. In Hurry L,. Hopkins stood i r /Loyalty. MATKHJAI. TjKo of 'pumlci- and pumieite , roacbod a record 007,7-IC lonu In the I U. H, In 19-IH. ' BUNKER "0" Fuel Oil ob^ Per gallon F. O. IJ. Our Terminal Bridgeport, Conn. I'bonf? B-3MI .-•••^Wii BUCKLEY (»-, BETTER SERVICE'LOWER rUEl COSTS FOR CHRISTMAS (JIVE AN AS LOW AS $2.00 A WEEK Stipe r»P*io«red Cfiatii* ASK ABOUT OUR FREE TRIAL PLAN Nothing Kite to BUM Station Svlrrlor Ptrturvt Sharp mni am the WIN A NEW $1800 FORD CAR Coupons Free With Every $1.00 C.aah Purchase!! Admiral I'roM.'ntN . . "Slop The Mimic" . . AHC TV .Network ThtirNiliiy, X I 1 . M., KST. RADIOS £ APPLIANCES. 15 CHURCH ST. 413 NO. MAIN ST. 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