The Los Angeles Times from Los Angeles, California on August 20, 1953 · 71
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The Los Angeles Times from Los Angeles, California · 71

Los Angeles, California
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Thursday, August 20, 1953
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ii Mam LQgangClClCimtl' THU AUG. 20,1 933ort III j Custard Pies and South Seas Lure Bud and Lou; Bing Says No Marriage BV ElUnV SCHAIXKRT "Hish and Dizzy." which will Incorporate old dav of eus-tird pie comedy-maklnif, and a South Seas adventure feature loom large, among future prospects for Bud Abbott and Lou Costello, tht Indestructible and Indefatigable comedy tram. The South Seas adventure aubject will probably b made next year and therefore may be preceded by "High snri Dizzy." which, by the way, was the title once upon a time of a Harold Lloyd short-reeler. Before these films designed for Universal-International, itnd which Lee Loeb has been writing, the comedy duo is ulated to play fire fighters in "Fireman Save My Child." They are keeping pretty close to U-I in these later days, rather than engineering Independent projects. MISS CHILE OK 1952 DISCOVERED FOR FILMS 'We Believe in Love," with Dorothy MeGuire, Clifton Webb, Jean refers, Maggie McN'amara, Louis Jounlan and Rossano Brazzi, who all have top roles, gains a new and provocative personality, who may become a contractee of 20th Century-Fox. This is Fenorita Mirella Puelma, Miss Chile of 1052, who was visiting In Italy with her parents when she was discovered by Jean Negulesco, director. She did little theater work in Santiago, Chile, besides representing her country as an international n.uty contestant Negotiations are on foot for Zy Carmichael to appear ;i cafe owner in "The True ! the Brave," to he direct-In- Gottfried Reinhardt in tpe. with Clark Gable and hurl's acceptance depends .Minn Baxter, who starred for the King Bros, in "The Car-n il Story" in Munich, is due here tomorrow and will shortly prepare for her engagement in "John Brown's Body," due to open at Philharmonic Auditorium in September. The King Bros, meanwhile are to discuss their picture and possibly their newly planned "The Boy and the Bull" with James R, Grainger, president of RKO, over the week end. Frank and Maurice King, Incidentally, are to leave for Europe to prepare for this picture Sept. 1. THREE 'ANGEL STREET" VILLAINS TOGETHER John Emery, who made such a strong impression in "The Dazzling Hour," with Olivia de Havilland, at La Jolla Playhouse, is returning to picture with Vincent Price in "The Mad Magician," to be produced by Bryan Foy for Columbia release. The oddity is that Price, who was the original male Mar in "Angel Street'" in the Broadway version of "Gaslight," will have his two successors in the role in the same film, one being Donald Randolph, just cast, and the other Emery. Eva Gabor has been rumored as a feminine lead. Bing Crosby, questioned about a possible matrimonial future, declares, "Oh, nobody wants to marry a crochety old man like me." But that's the height of understatement, since tiver the phone from Hayden Lake, Ida., Bing's voice was very youngish Indeed. He is to return here soon for "White Christmas," with Danny Kaye, his first picture since "Uttle Boy Lost," soon to be released. TRAIN RORBERV OCTOGENARIAX RESUME Blackie Whiteford, 81 years of age, and reputedly the sola lurvivor of "The Great Train Robbery," made in lfKM, has been recruited by Henry Hathaway as a Scandia jailer in CfeW ' fj writer. Its sure-nre for ramrln Duncan Tony Curtis or Rock Hudson, Pamela Duncan will have one of the leads, maybe as a pirate queen, in the picture of that, title to be produced by Harrison Dunham's Archway Productions, M'INTIRE QUITS FARM FOR 'FAR COUNTRY' John Mclntire, one of the most, capable actors, who spends much time on his ranch in MnntBiiH, wilt join "The' Far Country'' (Universal-International) troupe not too far away in Jasper National Park. Mclntire's later assignments were in "A Lion Is in the Streets" and "War Arrow." Richard Denning will be the villain with George Montgomery and Martha Hyer in "Battle of Rogue River" at Columbia. Sean McClory is reputed to have made such a decisive lm pression in "Island in the Sky" and "Plunder flf the Sun" that he is likely to go right into "The High and the Mighty" for Wayne-Fellows. This will mean he will forego his en. gagement with the Abbey Players in Dublin this fall, McClory will also be with Douglass Montgomery and Leora Dana in "Dial M for Murder" at La Jolla Playhouse. Script Completed Claude Hlnyon has completed the screenplay for "A Woman's World. f 4fr IV Jr ",t- g HwnoiM T i3! I j jBiar mm.. M oniti rtut V'r JSKOW'Mk Uv fT; 5r "MSDON my rF f J lmM (ACKFISI jsr syii-ji n if I DOWNTOWN 1 HOtlYWOOD I .T IU , sWJjR ill h 'Hit hiu.mi 73rj "rir'.'rrr I I jmlLLL'J ll 'JumM Aunt Baxter Lana Turner starred. Car. on his TV arrangements. Eliza'be cnaelWil London f irmce vanant. Elizabeth Taylor and Ml- ilding are en route to for a two-month va- ith their 7-month-old son Michael Howard, who will visit Wilding's parents. Wilding lately finished "Torch Sung" and Miss Taylor was iu ''Rhapsody" at MGM. "The Three Sons of Zante," original of the Arabian Nights type by Thelma Rob inson, has been purchased 1 TI-! -I Ti I 1 John Rich is the screenplay ennvon Miffing VIRGINIA MAYO - DAU ROIEUSON STEPHEN McNALLY ' ARTHUR KUNNICIITt t-..TCHNICOtO a EDMUND GRAINGER nmam V "FLAME OF CALCUnF Ri I MALM FLESH f"WMi o Baseball Tale, College Farce on Dual Bill BT JOHX I RCOTT The double feature program now showing at Loew's State and Vogue Theaters definitely puts the accent cs youth. "Big Leaguer" turns wi to be a human interest story of ambitious young men trying out for positions on the Giants' baseball team; while The Affairs of Do-bit Gill is" is a lightweight, lightheaded comedy that burlesques college life. Of the two, "Big Leaguer" de serves top billing, since It contains less hokum, stars Edward G. Robinson and Vera-Ellen, the latter playing a straight role with no singing and dancing, and generally seems a better film effort. Robinson efficiently portrays the manager of the K.Y. Giants' training camp in Florida, where come 200 baseball-mind ed youths. You will find the usual types, with most of the in terest on Jeff Richards, a min ing town chap who jumps college, where his immigrant father has sent him, to try out for the "iig league." Usual Types Richard Jaeckel plays the self-assured young high Rchool pitching champ; William Campbell enacts a showoff; Bill Crandall por trays the son of a former baseball star who is trying to please the old man; and Lalo Rios is a Cuban recruit. While the lads are working out in the training ramp the story develops documentary flavor, with considerable narration being used to further the effect It's all very interesting at least to sports-minded spectators. Vera-Ellen as Robinson' a niece provides romance with Richards and surprises pleas antly with her straight acting effort. Richards does a good Job as the boy whose foreign-horn parents can't fathom Americans liking for baseball until they see a game won with a ninth-inning home run.' This is a cheery little opus with all hands happy at the finish. Robert Aldrich directed Herbert Baker's screenplay. This Is College? Maybe college life has changed since this reviewer was exposed to higher learning. If it's like that portrayed in "Affairs of Dobie Gillis" I'm going bark. Such jolly, beautiful girls! And such expert Ringing, dancing and romancing! the script by Max Schulman is, shall we say, charitably, innocuous. You will snicker here and there watching the frantic, hectic antics of Debbie Reynolds, Bobby Van, Barbara Rulck and Bob Fosse as they trip through their freshman year. Hanley Stafford, father of Miss Reynolds, doesn't like her romance with Van and there are other mixups Involving the kids and their professors, particularly Hans Conreid and Charles Lane. While the collegians are modern, the songs they sing come from another period, including "All I Do Is Dream of You," "I'm Through With Love" and "Those Endearing Young Charms." Most everyone war bles and dances and a good time is had by alL Don Weis directed. Duncans Will Present Take-off on Tallulah ' One of the several comedy numbers the Duncan Sisters will do when they star at the Turnabout Theater for two weeks, beginning next Monday, will be a take-off on Tallulah Bankhead singing "Bless You and Keep You." Davis Reports Jim Dttvis has reported to Repuhltc for his role in "Jubilee Trail." 17th WEEK SPECIAL ADDED MID AY MAT 2:00 r.M. 2 VI EX J Ol 1 J tBFSl7uinST,,tn WILLIAMHOLDEN V I r LlV M . CKL' "Ml THflTPC I WN TAYLOR ai mumn AS S-ttM IS S-M7 miaaiidiiisi"ij THE SOUNDISG BOARD Met Singers Offer 'Boheme' in English BY ALBERT GOLDBKRA I What to all Intents and purposes appeared to be a modest replica of last lesson's much-discussed Metropolitan Opera production of "La Boheme" In English was unveiled before a nearly capacity audience in Greek theater last night as the first of a series of six performances. Three Metropolitan Opera singers Xadine Conner, Brian Sullivan and Frank Guarrera were present to sing the same roles they did at the Met at various times and, although the stage direction was credited to David M. Pardbll, it seemed to tally in most respects with the descriptions of Joseph Mankie- wicz's new staging for the Met. And the English translation was that of Howard Dietz, which the Met had specially commissioned. Koanres Clear All this made for an Interesting exhibition at least dur ing the first two acts, all that a late start made it possible for this - reporter to observe. While the Dietz translation with Its determined and often times disconcerting rhyming may not be the ideal solution for an always delicate problem, it at least makes all the nu ances of the glory perfectly clear, it is idiomatic without straining the romantic flavor of the text, and U is thoroughly singable. That it also imparts to "La Bohema" a certain operetta character that is not ordinarily apparent when the work is sung in Italian, may have been due mainly to the impact of novelty. You ran't expect singers to be too serious about matters that essentially are not very serious when the audience knows precisely what is going on. Rated for Diction For the most part it was possible to understand the text without any particular effort. There is always a tendency when opera is sung in English to rate the singers according to their Intelligibility, and this is not a bad idea at this stage of the game when audiences are still unused to opera in the vernacular and when singers still have to learn that they can't mangle the language as recklessly as they do the mum- IF A Lov Story of Show Business! MtllafHMft I ninn fro t usiii mm mmm Ikmm IHMtt tku H mimm. lwl ItnyMt SobaU lj SMI MS Im Ufti l 0kM. (rt imm Ikm HtMMftiiHi I In ItaijM Mn torn lasiw Imm. Mot Mum. torn MnrmM I Film. Uutt ! lMrt Skim. M h kiM. tmm mm -n 1m sim. mi It I4MMI. MMM IHKtM If II.14IMM IKCttisivt a1 Winn" 1 Wil'.hni ( ta Brea 1 Bdwv nr ft.fWn in a , CtmlQn,t?'li Mill I Ml fi?rlAlf SHOWS , riirt kr TKMNICOIOJ tOt IMOIMATI CU HO 36191 All HAT iisuvie tldrt, Im m Ml, lm,r, Ht, Itmtw CW. M.M C tV It Ml K , U Afltnl. IMt tllra lilra fM Mckli mmAmtrnd ..I,,,,..IJ lls Turn. LOS FELIZ 1121 N. VERMONT OL-2169 I ft' WINNEI tr ' umui mn mwmtisns I ttiibaii fcaej luicai it h uiii m C ' 2nd Thrill Hit JJOv MP 1.1. J .1 L2i lASr DAY" OSCAI WltDI'l The I IMPORTANCE of BEING EARNEST CktlHNK01t bo-Jumbo they customarily sing. According to this system of rating Mr. Guarrera, the Mar-j cello, comes out well on top.j for his diction was Immaculate at no expense to his sonorous and beautiful voire and no handicap to his admirably natural acting. Miss Conner a surprising blond Mimi also did very well in thii respect though it is so prano who usually encounter the most difficulty in enunci ation. And her voice was clear and lovely at all times. In view of his operatta experience it was rather odd to find Mr. Sul livan frequently mouthing his words, but aside from tbat his tones were firm and assured and he presented an ardent and romantic portrayal of the poet. Definite Character Frances McCann was not as articulate as she might have been but she sang well and, either through the direction or through her own resourcefulness, contrived to make Muset-ta a far more definite character than Rhe usually is. The others were not invariably understandable but there was adequate sinsing and good characterizations from John Arnold Ford as Colline, Frances Barnes as Schaunard, Charles Gonzales as Benoit and Nico Lek as Alcindoro. Mr. Pardoll's direction re tained the questionable first act Met ending wherein the lovers remain in Rodolfo's room, and though we can't say how original his handling of the second act was it was cer tainly an improvement on the traditional routine. Rita Glover's sets were attrac tive, with a built-up proscenium of a city street that blended nicely into the Cafe Momus scene. Jame Guthrie's conduct ing was authoritative and well Informed though the orchestra was again the weakest part of the ensemble, and the chorus, though diminutive, was ade quate. From MGM in color M-6tM presents In caler ky ttarrinf Freel Attain, Cysl (harlue, Oiesr livsst, Nanette Fakrsy, Jack lucnenes with Jamei Mitchell; ttery and tcreea play hy Bitty Cemdtn and Adelph Orssn; tengi hy Howard DUti and Arthur Schwartz; directed hy Vlncmti Minntlli; predwcid ky Arthur Fraid EXTRA a !r-lV. 0M M'l-M Tr jZ- .-, Tnu t ir r tichnicsloi , "T0UT?l INDIANS" EXCITEMENT ALL TH E WAY! M-G-M i .JltIW Cheaters L l m I m -i m mm E 1 slsasi i t l mmm A tMHTb fMirrsMTiVOGU 1 1 J I 1 "i " I V I1' m um M,W'w2 ' m SYMPHONIES UNDER THE STARS aid SATURDAY "POPS" TICKETS NOW ON SAlE'Alwgyt 10,000 teats at 50$ each 'Buy books of 10 coupons $5 TONIGHT 8:30 P.M. JOHNNY nrillli Ml HIM II . I H H1IIHI li lt. I.H MWt 101 ni(l. fill N. MICNUNI. I. CH. K Ct SATURDAY J 8:30 P.M. 1 sN A j GREEK THEATRE 0itFriINMIK.iii;mi(rfarmj.N0RMlWCJ12M IAST 5 TIMES , Hue. 21, 22, 26, 28 and 29 . ONE NIGHT ONLY! Thursday, aug. 2; n i m p.m.. ALICIA MARK0VA- wono famous bauewn Wl OII9 TUPINI n fULL SYMPHONY ORCHESTRA MiaTZUUR, SCATft AVllliRIF ALL PERFORMANCES nun tuiiim tot omci I ll 1 li I. t P M l SO. l(mPllCEtSt,IMII.M- 3 50 IL UNO Sllf-AOOMHIO TI1 INVElOFt LFRED LIGHT OPERR Philharmonic Ait ceouft no. i)0"un i m D0RETTA '.' THE MATIOMAC HIT! '.IT'JZ IMCR,lAf FALMA 9th Week Tiro Barrymores in Film Together After 20 Years Ethel and Lionel Barrymore appear together on the screen for the first time In 20 years in ' "Main Street to Broadway," now at United Artists and Hawaii Theaters. The two Barrymores appear as themselves in the story of a struggling young playwright who attempts to launch his first Broadway hit. It marks their first Joint appearance in a motion picture since "Rasputin and the Empress," released in 1933. Richard Rodgers, Herb Shriner, Oscar Hammersteln II, Mary Martin, Helen Hayes and Cornel Wilde are among the Broadway personalities ap pearing In "Main Street." TL.MSttl VA"tNtBl0. ofthe DIANA PATRICIA LYNN'MEDINA! . (Ml II 1 Iti 71 t H,M . T 4t II rm ntMiw -in MMSKiiHit nmtt m Htuu'l jgSSk FalMMtM sArGsT5d 3l"MVltfe WARNER BffOS. sm OMiwa dmT"v'r" WlLTEBN GlLMORE IsaaillllWMllMi IHHWIlllJI aci I Van nuvs I WIKIOl-7111 W IT1-J4H I vOo lcM m 'CHIT tiiH Hw twit t'Hi mMs" Century Olympic HM WO !-! Mlfi 1 3-4441 Was Mtlll ItilHI' WW "HIM fWI WW by TECHNICOLOR ; Tichnlceler, "The land Wajen tmusivr ! r i pi. tt ,r Hi MG M iovi Hm. fir. TOulHrHA UUlXAll D0DIE GILLIS tt C H iux.ll ' ll n..i it M t"l(i lebta IiihMi Irth Ih Hi l- Ina. Mv mi VW W U !,. t.HllI I) Ml ll; Ii im im. a poken Drama WILLIAM STEINBERG CONDUCTOR Mahler's "The Song of th Earth" JENNIE TOUREl Mezzo Soprano DAVID POIERI Tenor GERSHWIN CONCERT GREEN - ANDRE PREVIA CONDUCTOR PIANIST By Irrmttment with MSM wTLsl IHl IWUIIIM 1 l Um Mm M III t- MU t U MMIKW IKTI. Pk.M M t 2WPPKC flWIY HAROLD LANG in the New York Production K-starrint CAROL BRUCE with BEVERLEY eOZEMAN I HARRY CLARK M tve by Richard RnJ(n togk by Jek 0Hfl Lyn ty Lofini Hul Unni fey AfeHrt AII4I CALIF, music CO. m S. HIU ST. IBd all mutual agtnciis SEATS RESERVED MAILORDERS NOW! TO J70 N. VltMOW, IPS AHWUi 7' DRAKE, (SEATS AVAIUIU lor oil mriuwmM rmMiMowTidi onia. U (AW. XUIK (0. Hi ui Mutun icwni rm ,,'i!o mo. m. i to ii 1 10 MORROW ui. mis. i n m mi X P.M. Hi 4A P M. i 'White Witch Doctor at Globe and El Rey "White Witch Doctor" now screens at Globe and EI Rey Theaters. The Technicolor African adventure film costart Susan Hayward and Robert Mitchum. Ireland Locale Director Richard Thorpe Is now in Ireland filming sequences for "Knights of the Round Table." .lAUGH JAMtOm ni 1 xhTnese 1 wiw mm mmm M 2nd f.arurt 'NO ESCAPEVuw AYRES ls'IiuT I i ii Birrv JONES HAYNES HUDSON A UMITC T1T .CA Mil' Win Imij'i HVt Ml Tl UNCI ( Pill 4 WITH THI PURY OF A HURRICANE . . . he foughf for thi bayou women WEEK I '...ol.JkS I". Last 2 Weeks Panoramic Screen Technicolor ;" uii4tJj,n,iiMiiii.Tnrjn I 1 1 1 4 r 1 ' T ' 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 IIII I Li 1 " uowba TODAY) MR, icour MASTER1 IIVIRLV-Blv Hllll.O.l:4S. CR I4141 0. Dalloy, KID FROM LIPT PIStD T. eurtl-Jnt l.liiht H0UDINI, cir, S 0 u t e V A R B w7h.. V or'l iti, RI lillT Cary Orint O. Krr, ORIAM WIFSl All lull SO(jSIrrJ.lavi0jllr, iRUIN -Wllliood. Ob, 1:10.' tRd-40111 Ryan-Flomini'l-undiiffn, Hinnah la, clr. Boblmoit.OodilaTil, Vlea iquod CARMit-IIO Mn. iTilS, H0-tJ arbara ttanwyek, ALL I DMIRSl Mlluri limmoni, AtlAIr With llrintlr ll REV S51T"willhlrl."bB.. WS'lliOt HAynarll Mitchum, whltl Wltah Dr., olr.H Pop.Prieai; Hw Jlna Jamai IMRAItV WairB Sril76ll.i4S 0U 4jri 0, Rally. Amartean In Rarii, dr. AM laatisot, OSTtCTIVt aTORV PAIRCAIl - 8.. la.0R t :45."wV-31ie Cary Qr.nt O. K.rr, DREAM WIFli Lulu Camn, Slory al 9tiii. elr. FIOUEROA- Fi.-U.Bar. fi:45. AD 031S C,y Q.aill U. Kilt. DREAM WIFE; All Inn tat: Sim I ol 1 Lo.e.. clr. FlNI ARTS ; f.56 Wihh.Op.i. Cn-5i404 Lat i Wetka! On Panuramic Strefii; SEA AIIUUHU US III Tachnicolor FLORENCE FlaitnceCcmulan. LA-7U77 30 Guy Mjdi.un, OHaitl Falllltr Rl- ar, clrj CtaiiijRennic, Danu. Crotiii'l SOLO en Vats -si76 whit. Op." ;I5 30 Ryan-FleminK-UindiKan. Interna, clr. I Victor Mature, GloryBri:l i'ORDCrVl LaBrea-Mel.Op.6 :4S. W H-3944 Leslie Caron-Mel Ferrer, LILI, clr.f KirK Pouj-lae. T H FJUCGLE R HIGHLAND 5604 N.FiK.0p.aT45AL-9C48 Grable.Robertson, Farmer Takes Wile, dr.; Goddard-Robinaon, Vice Squad LA 8 R E A 9th-La Brea.Op.6 :45 . W A-S502 Barbara Stanwyck, ALL I DESIRE; Mature-Simmons. Affair With Stranger LIOO La Cleneea-Pioo.Op.6:45.BR-23633 SPECIAL KIDDIE SHOW 1:30 P.M. LILI. dr.; THE JUGGLER LOYOLA-Man. 4 Sep. Oo. 6:00. OR-8444 Largest Screen in L-A-; Cl'lton Webb, MiScaujmaster-L. AyreitNo Escape MESA Cren.-siauson.6p.6:45 "AX-1C959 Barbara Stanwyck, ALL I DESIRE; All leataJSOCi Altalr With SJranser PAHiSIAN Vrt.Sth. Op. 6:45. DU-71013 Brouaht Baok by Popular Demand! RedSlioes, dr.; Cyrano de BoiHCrae RITI MlTwHihlrarbp', S:0a WA-12Q? Wide-View-Stereo Sound, Tech., Stewart " Oru.Rolantl OuryeaHUriOER BA ITadTuM Pieo-Rbln.6p.6i45XRG083 Cary Giant D. Kerr, DREAM WIFE; leilioCaron, $toryot 3 Lovei1elr: ?f ARLANO itM N. Broadvuay. CA-8090 Williams, DANGEROUS WHEN WET; All Seatejoc; ALLJoesiR TOWER Compr Ct. 12:30. NE-6-13"l5 30 G. Madihon, Charge Feathar River, clr.; Crain-Rennie, OantterouaCtosMnx UPTOWN We'at,n-0iyin."0p7s. RE -41 lit Wide View Screen! C. Webb-Edmund Owcnn. Mr. ScautmasterNe Eeapa r VTLLAOE Westwood. 0p!e:30T BR 04301 D. Oailey, KID FROM LEFT FIELD; E. Flynri; Master ol Ballantrae, dr. W E ST L A K E - A Iv . W iT. 0 p. 1 5 : 1 5 D U 33920 Cary Crani o. Kerr, dream WIFE: All Seata 50c; Farmer Taki Will. clr. W I LSH I R E- 8440 W il. Op .2 -.007 W V -31 54 Coooer. RETURN TO PARADISE, dr.; ily 2; Sat., sun., hoi. i:a noon DOWNTOWN IOS ANGELES CLOSE- Bvy nr.Sth. CI. 10:45. RE-14111 Heyward-Milchum, White Witch Dr., dr.; at Pop. Prices; New Jesse James LOS ANGELES- 615 S. Bwy. 10:45-12:30 Largest Screen in L.A.; Clilton Webb, Mr. Scoutma ter; L. Ayres. No E-:c:ipe GLENOALE ALSX-Ct. 12:00. CH-5-1525 E. Flynn, Master of Ballantrae, dr.; 3D Rytn-jFlemiilK, INFERNO, clr. 0LENOALE - Open 6:30 CH -52815 Williams, Dangerous When Wet. dr.; V. DeCartQ.R, Hudson,Sea Devils, clr. 5ATiWAY.FerV.Brand.6 :45 CH-51631 Chandler. Andrews, Sword III Desert; Lancaster Fontaine, THE UNAFRAID LONG BEACH CREST Atlantic near Carson. Open 6:00 Vietar Mature. GLORY BRICAOE: Dan Bailey. KID FROM LEFT FIELD PASADENA, SO. PASADENA, ALHAMBRA ACADEMY--Open 12:00. RY-1-6508 e. Flynn, Master of Ballantrae, clr.; J. Chandler, Great 8iouicUprslng. clr. U PTO W N Open 6 :4 5 " SV-34330 Oroble, FARMER TAKES WIFE, dr.; RarbartStanwyc.k, ALL ID ESI RE FtRAND Onen 15 00. SY-3-8187 Orable, FARMER TAKEC WIFE, clr. I CrainjRcnnlo, Danneroui Crossing STATE Open 6:45 SY-27139 Leslie Caron-Mel Ferrer, LILI, dr.; Pima, TONIGHT WE SING. dr. R I A LT 6 0 pen 6745 ," P V -"l 1 25!) , SY-031 61 Williams. Danneroui When Wet. dr.; BorboraStanwvck,ALL I DESIRE E L R FV Alhamft-arbpT 6 :45 AT-24941 T. Curtls J. Leiah, HOUOINI, dr.; Grahle, FARMER JAKJES WIFE. clr. MONROVIA - Moniovia. ELIIott S-2286 Peck-Hayward. Snowe ef Klllminlarn, dr.: Flvnn-Df Havilland, Cant. Blood REPLANDS REDLANDB Open 6:45. Phone 4331 Le-IH Carwn, UTORT OR S LOVES, elr. I T. (turtle. J. Lelfh, Hmidlnl. elr, As You Like It Offered Tonight Shakespeare's llghthetrted comedy "As You Likt ; It," opening tonight at Pasadoa Playhouse, Is the final offering of the 19th annual Midsummer Drama Festival featuring eome dies of the Bard. Shirley Men-cher, Richard Vath, Philip Cary Jones and Donna Woodruff are featured. LOS ANGELES PREFERS liCS.inr lprin . .jane RUSSELL Marilyn MONROE I HOWARD HAWKS' "GENTLEMEN PREFER BLONDES" CharlM COBURN'wWkrracNNicoio OF THE YEAR! IPS. 1-4111 I zia MO. 1.1114 I SCREEN -JIMMY STARS Robtrti John 5itk i DOCS ' IUCRS PANORAMIC SCREEN I both Thoatrst iT.cii i JtTi tiibjad WA, llll foa HITZ ThMtrt HOUVWOOP APOLL0-Hwd,-Wit n.0n,l;45 H0-74S22 rouiht Rick By Popular Olmand! RED IHOtl elr. I tyrant o SlrearM CHiNafel-Op. i, Md-HSM, SS K111 iana Riiiull.M. Meniee, Omtlimen Prefer Blondee, eolor an Wide Seroen hollVwooo isTaa-t t,m. hTmSStT Ladd. Arthur. Van HaRin, SHANI, elr.i arbara Hanrok, ALL I ORIIRE iPis--eoe ho)."ri. o,u:oo. ho jjhJ Clifton Wibb. Edmund Owann, MR. IC0UTMAITE Ritt.JIfrai,JUjhcH voQue-tiTa hw. id, tt, u. ho-tsssi Ed. 0. Robinnan.Vara tlkn, SIS LEAOUER i Affair at Oebie SIIMt OCEAN RARH. IANTA MONICA, VINICe) CUtVtR CITY WUT I . ROME 12:30. IK 1-327 - 30 Miuhum-Darnelt, teeand Chance. elr. i O. OaHey, Kid Fram Celt Field CniTERIOH Cont 12:JD. EX-5-82il 3D Rrati.Fllmii)-Lundiian, Inlerno, tir.j piable, Farmer Takei Wile, elr. F0: --Venice,'62D Llncaln. ES'6421t Cjry Client O. Kerr. DREAM WIFE; All klali SOc; VANQUUHEP, ttr. 1UNDY Pica at Cen. Op, 1:45. tX-64414 Uean Martin-Jerry Lewll, (cared ItIN: All Seal! 50c; Bealt from JO. 000 Ftthoma WILIHIRE 1314 WllthTilve). SX-S-699S Leille Caron-Mel Ferrer, LILI, air. : 0ron-Pideon, Scandal tt tieurlt, air. culver vs-isue 30 0. Madiian, Charie Feather kiera air l V. Mature, 0L0RY SRIOAtE HUNTINGTON thtf CALIFORNIA Cent. 12:80. Ji-5111 30 Ryan-Fltmfni-Lundisan, Intlrnt, dr.; Vleor Mature. OLORT SRIOAPS PARK PacTfla Blvd. 11:00. JE-3443 Jekyll-Hyde Thriller, NIANOiRTHAL MAN; 2nd Hit. Man From Tinglers ALCAZAR 4426 Eirjage O0-llielA-33Oe Ltblie Caron, Story of S Lovei, clr. 0rable, Farmer Takes a Wlfillr; T0WNE-- 6918 S.East'n Ave . BiM Oardeni Roht. Mitchum-L. Scott. RACKET; J, Wayne, ALLEGHENY UPRISINR INGLEWOOD AOADEMY Fr. Pk. OR-71000, PL-151S1 E. Flynn, Master of Ballantrae, clr.! Jeff Chandler, SIOUX UPRISING, clr. FOX 115 V. Market Ct7l2:30. OR-82323 Victor Mature, GLORY BRIGADE; 0. Dailey, KID FROM LEFT FIELD FIFTH AVENU E 5th-Manch. TW4R Silvana Manuano-V. Gassman. ANNA; Jennitrr ,lon-s. RUBY GENTRY RSDQNDO, HERMOSA, MANHATTAN REOONDO Op.6:45.Smokin. FR 2-5254 3D Mitehum-Darnell. Second Chtnee, dr.; Y. DeCarlo-R. Hudson, Sea Oevlla STRAND Open 6:45. FRtintler. 28300 C. Grant-O. Kerr, DREAM WIFE; 8. Crawtard-J. Derek. Last Posta, elr, HERMOSA Open 6:45. FRontlar 2-634J Tony Curtis- J. Leigh, Houdini, elr, Ooddard-Robinson, VICE SQUAD LAMAR Manhattan Beach. FR-28500 Witliaml, Danaerous When Wet., elr.; Mayo-Lancaster, SOUTH SEA WOMAN VALLEY STUDIO CITY Open 6:45. SU-2-237T Wllliome, Dangerous When Wet, dr.; V. Mayo-B- Lancaster, So. Sea Woman EL "PORTAL No. Hwd. Op. 12. ST.7298S 3D Milchum-Oarneli, Second Chance. dr.: Dailey. Kid From left Field . VALLEY N.HHywd. 00 6:45 SIJ-2-2273 Judy Garland, SUMMER STOCK, elr. Jane Wyman,THE BLUE VEIL LA REINA Op.12:15 Mat.Dly. ST-41141 R T?vlor-A. Gardner. Ride Vapuera, dr.: 0. OJHey. Kid From Lelt Field VAN NUYi-Open 6:45 STate 5-2731 3D Miuhum-Darnelt, Second Chance. dr.; Milland-Dahl, Jamaica Run, elr. RIVOLI Van Nuvs Op.6:45. ST-5341? R. Taylor.E. Taylor. IVANHOE, tlr.l Gary Cooper, DISTANT DRUMS, elr. ORANGE COUNTY WEST COAST Santa Ana. KI-3-S31T Taylor-Gardner, RIDE VAQUERO, elr.) Dan Dailey, KID FROM LEFT FIELD FOX "Anaheim. Phone 3601 Ladd-Arthur-Heffln, SHANE, lr. Kirk Oouel.n. THE JUGGLER FOX Fullerton. LA-S-Jiel Cary Grant-O. Karr, DREAM WIFEl Leslie Caron, Story ol 3 Loves, elr. POMONA, ONTARIO FOX -Pomona. On. 6:30 LY-2135S Astalre-Charisse, BAND WAOON, tlr.l V. Llndfors, No Time tor Flowers ( ST ATE Pornnna".li"ontr27bor LY-25S44 Richard Todd, SWORD and ROSE, tlr.l Oallev, KID FR0MJ.EFT FtLO vTlLARE -C'i,remmit.rinr:30. LY-52HJ L. Caron, STORY OF 3 LOVES, clr. I Tony Curtis..!. Lelrh, IIOUOINI, clr. OR ANAOA-Ontario. 6:H5. Ph. 81-9191 30 Mifdiiim-Darnell, Keconri Chance, dr,; Vlr'or Moture. O'nry RIVERSIDE RIVERSIDE Cent. 2:00. Ph. 8251 Fred Astalre-Cvd ,Charie, BAND WAGON . dr.; No Time lor Flewera OOLDCN STATE Cont.'jiOO. Phone Ttf Leslla Rerun, STORY OF 3 LOVES, elr. I Wyman. Let's Ra II Aialn. err,

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