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The Los Angeles Times from Los Angeles, California • Page 88
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The Los Angeles Times from Los Angeles, California • Page 88

Los Angeles, California
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20 P1 Feb. 27, 190 .00 anfff If 0 Broadcasting Obscenity Called a Red Herring RADIO HIGHLIGHTS Raquel Completes First TV Special MEXICO CITY HI Film actress Raquel Welch has completed the filming of her first television special with an episode using the Teotihuacan pyramids as Thief Roles Filled Alan Baxter and Keed-i Morgan have been signed by executive producer Jack Arnold for key roles in the "Beyond a able Doubt" episode of It' Takes a Thief. a background. Other locations for the special, which will be shown in the United States April 26. were London, Paris and Sun Valley, Ida.

Guest stars included Tom Jones, John Wayne and Bob Hope. 7 -4' deserve more attention from the FCC and the public than does obscenity. "It's an old trick," Johnson said. "When you're having trouble with the folks at home, you find an enemy abroad. Meanwhile, in the back room, you go on approving mergers, license renewals and bland programming." Johnson made the remarks during a question and answer period.

In his main speech, he said the working press, reporters and commentators must rebel against media management, newspaper publishers and broadcast executives who "are not interested in free speech, but profitable speech." 40 of Homes Have Color TV Four out of 10 U.S. television households are now equipped with color receivers, according to the NBC's latest quarterly estimate. As of Jan. 1, color television households (one or more color sets) totaled 23.4 million, or 39.3 of all television households. During 1969, the number of color television households increased by 4.7 million, or 25 over the Jan.

1, 1969, total. WASHINGTON CP Obscenity in broadcasting is a red herring issue raised to cover up more serious defects in radio and televi-s i programming and; management, says Federal Communications Commissioner Nicholas Johnson. "It's not the No. 1 priority issue," the industry critic said. "It's a red herring." Johnson's contention put him at odds with FCC Chairman Dean Ku who has said the federal regulatory agency must act against broadcast obscenity before it becomes a crisis.

Major Issue While he refused to speculate about Burch's motives, Johnson said: "Anyone who raises it and runs with it as a major issue is going to have the effect of diverting the attention of the American people from other deficiencies of broadcasting that are much more significant." Johnson, an appointee of former President Lyndon B. Johnson, who often finds himself in the minority on decisions of the seven-member FCC, spoke to the Washington chapter of Sigma Delta Chi, national journalistic organization. He said mediocre programming and broadcasting industiy concentration KGRB KHJ 9Q0 KPOL 1540 930 KREL 1370 870 KRKD- 1150 1220 KRLA -1110 570 KTYM-1460 7(0 KWIZ 1480 1070 KWKW- 1309 XTRA 690 KIEV KKAR KLAC KMPC KNX 1090 Midnight-6 a.m. Johnny Hayes, KRLA; Johnny Williams, KHJ; Nathan Roberts, KDAY. MUSIC-CLASSICAL Continuous KFAC.


8:10 a.m. KFI. 8:15 a.m. KMPC. 8:30 a.m.

KLAC. 8:50 a.m. KABC, KFWB. 5 p.m.-KFAC. 5:25 p.m.-KHJ.

5:30 p.m.-KLAC, KABC. 5:40 p.m. KGIL. 6:05 p.m. KFI.

NEWS Continuous-KFWB, KNX. On the Hour and Half-Hour KFI, KLAC, KMPC, KABC, KGIL. KRLA, KPOL, KGBS, KRKD, KWKW, KBIG, KDAY, KHJ (20 mm. before after the hour.) CONVERSATION 9-1 p.m. Michael Jackson, KABC.

1-4 p.m. Marv Gray, KABC. 6-10 p.m. Ken Minyard, KABC. 10 Midnight-Bud Haley, KABC.

Midnight-5 a.m. Ray Briem, KABC. 7:30 a.m.-Fulton Lewis III, KRKD. NEWS COMMENTARY 8:30 a.m. Frank Hemingway, KABC.

Noon Paul Harvey, KABC. 4:30 p.m. David Brinklev, KFI. 4:40 p.m. Walter Cronkite.

KNX. 5 p.m. Lowell Thomas. KNX. 5:25 p.m.

Edward P. Morgan, KABC. 7 p.m. Douglas Edwards, KNX. 10:30 p.m.-Chet Huntley.

KFI. SPORTS TODAY 8 p.m. lakers vs. Bulls, KABC. 8 p.m.

USC vs. Cal. KFI. 8 p.m.-UCLA vs. Stanford, KMPC.

HIGHLIGHTS 6:00 KPOL (93.9) Music a la Carte 6:00 KRHM (102.7) Featuring Spanky and Our Gang (Stereo) 7:00 KPFK (90.7) The Scene: Education 7:00 KRHM (102.7) Featuring Burt Bacharach (Stereo) 8:00 KCBH (98.7) Opera: Wagner, "Die Gotterdammerung" (Stereo) 8:00 KFAC (92.3) Berlioz, "Roman Mendelssohn, Symphony No. 3 in A Minor; Verdi, Arias; Kodaly, "Galenta" (Stereo) 8:00 KRHM (102.7) Folk Music 9:00 KBBI (107.5) Concert Hall 10:00 KFAC (92.3) Collector's Shelf 10:00 KPOL (93.9) String Shift 11:00 KRHM (102.7) Featuring Christopher Parkening (Stereo) BY POPULAR DEMAND, USDA CHOICE MEATS! at less than supermarket prices! Ever dedicated to pleasing all our customers all the time, the Chalet now offers USDA" Choice Meats in our heretofore exclusively Prime Meat Department. This is to oblige the requests of the many young, on-the-way-up career people in our customer ranks. They want food of outstanding quality at palatable prices and now they've got it! Naturally, the Chalet's Choice Meats are the finest of their class and here's a selection that goes very easy on the budget (prices prevail Friday, Saturday and Sunday) T-Bone Steak $1.19 lh'. Porterhouse Steak $1.19 lb.

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P.ib Steak 79 lb. Filet Mignon 1.98 lb. Spencer Steak 1.79 lb. Standing Rib Roast .79 lb. Ground Beef .49 lb.

AND OF COURSE, USDA PRIME MARCHES ON! In our complete line of incomparable Prime Meats, these beef roasts: Prime Pepper Roast $1.69 lb. Our Bell Pepper Stuffing makes this lean juicy roast verrry interesting. Prime Manhattan Roast $1.69 lb. Cut from the quarter right next to the top sirloin. We roll it in just enough fat to keep it moist and flavorful.

For oven or rotisserie. Prime English Cut Roast $1.29 lb. Finest of all pot roasts with nary a smidgen of fat or gristle! Prime N.Y. Tip Roast $2.29 lb. That hard-to-find small roast.

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cut? Our little secret. The taste? Your guests will rhapsodize. Prime Tri Tip Roast $1.98 lb. A lean and flavorful favorite of the Chalet's fussiest customers. Prime Eye Round Roast $1.69 lb.

Tenderly delicious, it makes dinner an occasion to remember. Sunset and Fairfax in Hollywood (213) 874-6301 131 Palos Verdes Riviera Village (213 373-6753 131 Palos Verdes Riviera Village (213) 373-6753 SALE SATURDAY SUNDAY SANTA MONICA KABC 790 KFI KALI 1430 KFOX KBIG 740 KFWB K66Q 1500 KGBS KDAY 1580 KGER KEZY .1190 KGFJ KFAC 1330 KGIL KWOW 1600 640 1280 980 1020 1390 1230 1260 XERB MUSIC-PERSONALITY 1-10 a.m. lohman Barkley, KFI; Deano Day, KLAC; Dick Whittinghill, KMPC; Bob Hudson, KGBS; Dick Whittington, KGIL 5- Noon Geoff Edwards. KMPC. 10-1 p.m.

Bill Ballance, KGBS; Charlie O'Donnell, KLAC. 10 2 p.m. Jerry Bishop, KFI. 10-3 p.m. Dudley Williams, KGIL Noon-1 p.m.

Ira Cook. KMPC. 1-3 p.m. Roger Carroll, KMPC. 1- 4 p.m.

Roger Christian, KGBS; Mike! Hunter, KLAC. 2 6 p.m. Jay Lawrence, KFI. 3- 7 p.m. Gary Owens, KMPC; Wink Martindale, KGIL.

4- 7 p.m. les Crane, KLAC. 4 8 p.m. Dick Lycns, KGBS. p.m.

Roger Carroll, KMPC. 7-8 p.m. Chuck Cecil, KFI. 7- 10 p.m. Gary Mack KLAC.

8- Midnight Chris Charles, KGBS, Dave Hull, KFI. 9- Midnight Johnny Magnus, KMPC. 10- 2 a.m. Bill Taylor, KLAC. Midnight-6 a.m.

Jazzbo Collins, KFI; Jack Angel, KMPC; Brad Edwards, KGBS; Larry Van Nuys. KGIL. 2- 6 a.m. Jim Holt, KLAC. MUSIC-ROCK 9 a.m.

Robert W. Morgan, KHJ; Jay Stevens, KRLA. 6- 10 a.m.-Jimmy O'Neill, KDAY. 9- noon Johnnie Darin, KRLA; Bill Wade, KHJ. 10- 3 p.m.

Don Hinson, KDAY. Noon-3 p.m. Bob Dayton, KRLA; Charlie Tuna, KHJ. 36 p.m. Don Steele, KHJ; Dick Sainte, KRLA.

3- 7 p.m.-Tom Maule, KDAY. 69 p.m. Humble Harve, KHJ; Russ O'Hara, KRLA. 7- Midnight-Earl Trout, KDAY. 9-Midnight Scotty Brink, KHJ; Jimmy Rabbit, KRLA.

TODAY'S FM 7:00 a.m. KNX (93.1) Young Sound 8:00 KFAC (92.3) Baroque Music 8:00 KNX (93.1) News 8:00 KRHM (102.7) Featuring lana Cantrell (Stereo) (105.5) Stock Market Report 9:00 KFAC (92.3) Morning Music Hall 9:00 KRHM (102.7) Featuring Friends of Distinction (Stereo) 10:00 KMAX (107.1) Caffeine Club 1 0-00 KPFK (90.7) Morning Reading 10:00 KRHM (102.7) Featuring the Carpenters (Stereo) 1100 KRHM (102.7) Featuring Tony Bennett (Stereo) 12:00 noon KFAC (92.3) Classical Piano Music 12:00 KMAX (107.1) Afternoon Show 12:00 KRHM (102.7) Featuring Dusty Springfield (Stereo) 1:00 p.m. KFAC (92.3) Luncheon at The Music Center 1:00 KRHM (102.7) Featuring the Sandpipers (Stereo) 1:00 KUSC (91.5) New Releases 2:00 KFAC (92.3) Mozart, "La Finta Tchaikovsky, Concerto in Major; Casella, "Paganiniana" (Stereo) 2:00 KPFK (90.7) Thayer's Beethoven 3:00 KFAC (92.3) World of Opera (Stereo) 3:00 KRHM (102.7) Featuring Vic Damone (Stereo) KUSC (91.5) Collector's Corner 4:00 KMAX (107.1) Operation Request 4:00 KRHM (102.7) Featuring Judy Collins (Stereo) 5:00 KRHM (102.7) Strictly From Dixie 6:00 KFAC (92.3) Dinner Concert 6:00 KMAX (107.1) Music for Dining and Relaxation Namath's Role in Work on His Life NEW YORK Joe Namath, quarterback of the New York Jets professional football team, has agreed to act as narrator when the New York Philharmonic introduces next May a musical work based on his life. The work was composed by Richard Hyman, with lyrics by Dick Schaap, Namath's ghost writer. Namath's role will take about six minutes.

The quarterback, who has gim-py legs, remarked: "I'm sure it will turn out all right as long as my knees hold up." JM MIME Marcel Mar-ceau joins David Frost at 8:30 tonight on (11). Radio Web Planned for Motorists National General Broadcasting is forming a radio network for motorists called AutoNet. Plans specify a network of from 500 to 800 radio stations throughout the United States, Canada and parts of Mexico. Each AutoNet station will provide regularly scheduled service to motorists on all highways providing them with information on motel availabilities, camp sites, trailer sites, state and national park availabilities, weather reports, road conditions and other information to assist motorists. There will also be entertainment, contests and recreation information.

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LA CIENECA BLVD. LOS ANGELES 35 fj ieps. if,ij.

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