Portland Press Herald from Portland, Maine on October 8, 1950 · 83
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Portland Press Herald from Portland, Maine · 83

Portland, Maine
Issue Date:
Sunday, October 8, 1950
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Tbea ewhehte a acar Lm Lat pmm IMS M Ml MSI MW MMWi at cals slUlrstckaMa ectTNlNaea wM leetea' w la ike hul cap Dw Sa aJJLM fcJlL MpMMI Mr IMW wggga W9mjt kmerii yea bU every move yw mefcel Chee inis yw tat tayyern keeps he deft Manta Bll-Mmatoh Uflgilmgqbi i Ms totq tug hHflbMMg gdherMMq'iUd Mbhrmnddm Banana Rolls With Sauce Cheese nun h wunoamSmaaaonboh the UUie night that the can profit by makeup When sbu are going out tar a medal occasion and especially if you aro waartng an evening gown or a' riiort eleeved drees malm them up Use a base i Hmild ir cram foynddtODo then apply powtfar AH at them ematt rituals when added together give a womaa that taan-UfuUy flnhhed look AU of tha man datalls of beauty add up to a lovely and ehanatag whom and thay are within the reach of ovary women who win toko Iho trouble Tty this hand exercise: ttt at a table Pretend that yon aro playing o piano on tha tohte top Uft the fingers high andeepar-atetar If you would Hko to have my "Hand Exerdatr sd eelf-addreeeed anvdope with iflat-BO 11 to your request for leaflet ephfaie Lowamn Tib StreeUDm Moines Iowa (Released by The Register aad Tribune Bywtteate 1M) IN THE NOME &n VWWSSK Unit Them ahehva may to mode to fit different wall spaces by ehang-ing tha length of tho center unit or by odd big extra sections hfl tern tit gives directions and an curved shelves Mm St cents Workshop Pattern Sunday Telegram Bedford HUB Haw York IK tablespoon melted butter or margarine Wfcap a illn of the prepared ham October Has Gay Bright Birihstones The -opal and tounushns Head-noting btrthetones tar thorn bom In Oetebar an won fitted to thfa month of gay entering Per in each of them to captured aome of the brUHanee of a dear October day amamorial the opal treasured and lend It became tt woo aold to thdr legal honor But after the pnbHcathai of Sir Walter Scott’s "Anno of Oobateta” tar a it wag ICorad mb of eoums Tha herduo of that dory always won an opal which to bo eamwatedwlUi Jtar Queen Victoria of coifed at the aupontttlon which the novel brought helped to dbpri it when she pre-Mtted aoeh-of her five daughter with wonderful opai-eet jewelry u a wedding gift Opele tan ma I —the white aa "Hungarian opala" which are trandueent to eaml-traaeparent the Hack or "Australian opals" whom body odor to nowhere near te eemt-trandueent to opaque Both af eoures am dlo-tingulahed by tha adnUUaflag pogent of rainbow hum that ploy in thoir 4pths Oml la-ono of the taw bat oo-n It k of whkdi to podwte in the rock In the pn af hordnUte the doptott to trav-‘ by mutUtudoo of mall for the colom which the Iki tho Middle Agm thorn wora great opal mtarn In Hungary Today tho flneot game eoma firom the opal flride of AmtmUs oo-denfly dloeevemd by a ' mter eoma yearn agm While tho' opal to tho’lmky etono tar thorn tom to win bring jog to anyone who- waoi Toiinunns the other October freeuly MrthetonoU 2f Inde ton tadetemrinato latound'lnolmael In o great mo aa parta of world imhidtagm Utotod St The noma te a eomiptlcn at tho ono by whkfi jt woo eolted in It wab dhcowmd to the Teurmaitao Id end the yetlpw hut the red and gm shades am moat taluabte It k aim found to ehadee at grey aad Bathroom Harmony Tb amid bathe 1 eupa rifted flour I ‘ nit i etttorfuUy ripa or aH-yeUow Sift togotfaar flour baking powder odaand' salt Beat ahortealng until ereamy in mixing bowL 1 sugar gradually and conUnuo beating until Ught and ftufty Add eggo and boot writ Add flour mixture alternately with 1 a mall amount at a Ubml beating after each addlttaa nntil smooth Turn Into a weO-greaaed bread pan 1K x 4K x l inch) and baka to a moderate oven (S50PJ until ten Cooking By Marjorie Standish Ant ii at’ the many pm hove that — at boom baking to ms An oc hot baked In oil aorta at waysr-witb all types at fmL Probably your thought always raturn a do to the Baturdayi you knew black' eookatova In year family kitchen Juet a-ehtnbig the teakettle pushed to the baek of tw ton eoffly etiamitng away and whan yam Mother maned the oven door and with a "holdar” (aped tightly in her hand pulled the beeimot to the ftent tho m'encf took off tho eovor that nderfUl orema of beans a mlt pork baktag together with the emennlnge wafted tato the an- B many I a a thqagbt to hold dooe over tho yams n ably tho boom noodod o Uttlo Uteg water at that thno of day end thorn wee the toa-kottlo right on hand to help out Thom won tho think “U—it them walk by my ruga with tho Mono baking away to the Thrift Cooker of a Saturday afternoon AU I eaa do now Ic to ghro a friendly littta pat Is tha cover of tho cocker bcocmc I know that on k wen within that tho Morn and tho St and the eeeeonh : ewey Low hoot Jmt bm i don’t even omA to for eight hears u leng u they ere eooklng on a low heat and I atarted out with tha right ' at beam and water Him and m 'Convenient but Uttlo Hwg at noetolgia goes along with tha boking of Maybo you atm mo a beanpot id bake beam in year e maybo yon mo aa oloeM aerate tar this tittle jobber one of tho rioetrie "MonerioCi hut whatever way you do thk baking of beans ru bet that whea you it k the alar meal at the week -to taarily I think li h the af warit when teg tan to wsye taste better to ma team Ife aueh on eaw to pmpera torn Wjth a dttor a tamed green: or anted hit rang or brawn a cake or pis it juet to oaatar for you as a your own way o I I knowi and m yon this over if tide k the than I eon boor yon my "H Jent jmt the way I do it but wo Hko tho way I do ourt" and that k rightl Aetmny tbk eohuna tei being written tar an tha peopla who aay "I never baka beans BY amoh aaeier to open a can" Or "Yon aw hang a Thrift cooker la ur electric rugs bat I’m Mkgd toma to it- or "Wo i tom front another atsto and I’d Jmt tom to tarn bow to tato You hove tho wag” So tom vwtste hopoe N-wfll to ? typa at fast I you me mBaoto kind of tociM rwttototoil dte m-wtot ktod Ptur tanb- If -you om gotag to foto jftOiaqMBft-glifttHfliiaaiigif Homemade Banana Bread Down East K s dry K pound of aoM pork SK cope water Plekteg Over The Dried You wm find that an dried to to ptefcod-omr That dona them to the queetlon of whether er mot to eobk the boons I Hte is If yon cook tho taane overnkht then yon do not to "portair the toons U t then they toiled” You to bo "par- thay do not both I prafar eoeklng tho ovomkht tar I think to do ttds hat if on k k mTUI Ism and with 0(1 aw I forgot to nut the to omk” tton rattle riaht doom tie ybu tho mat ' morning and get the Bow that tho ever put them into a good-inwl and eovor with odd water Ton win find a good mute-lag of tha dried taana right now k o lino Ides Drain the ' and cover ega and lit aland overnight In the drain the beam end put them' M to ono of loeal otbros ot'a very low p Bow te the flam to odd tho a of the boons tton oflx aU torn until aaeb tom la well-eoated with aU the Be eamfU not toadd axtn mo-lamm too ameh of hk ftevorlng em came tho beam to to very toed) Add tho water about SK eupe ar enoagh to cover tho beam to the pot Been the pork by king data to it tton woeh the perk to tot water Put it down into tho taeimot an top of tho toons Cover too pot The am toady to go tato tho oven A tew temperature te round 3M degrees thorn of tog and they Mould not to real If you era baking tho boom In tho oven Him they need j £ MM ta kept with befitog water at a Tho tom pte Itself needs to to tout eoverad untn tho kit talf-hoar of baking flies imrara tho eamr ao that tha beam win If tar baking flim fallow the Iraettas Tbk appttee oka to oketria lieaner brn you cook eleelrieiny end them k a Thrift Ooeker In your magsihmitv -taefar yml Ike the araettoaa am eat u given atom: too aama amount of seacentaos salt pork pad and do avrrythtog juqt the Mta avrrythtag right to Thrill Cooker ksttis Cow the kettlo and torn the Coker mriteh to High boat aattt the teeming ' k maetodrftan Mm tha to Low and eoottam tho -taam m fhal1 Low mors IT you am a Ntor tton So beam eem attention pntH tha hut hour that thT in cup ritortenlng Vbnte 1 cup maehod ripo bananas (I or a bananea) Gay For gchool Mother! Sew Uik art to a jlftyi Aunper em auto pbttam part Mm ono mote pkeol Aimper u darling in plaid with bioma plefcing up one of Ik gay oaten! Pattern 4M4 eomeo In ekm L 4 A g 10 81m I Jumper takes 1 yds M-huh tabtte bioms K yd r Thk pattern eaey to ms d pk to aaw Is tested for fit Has eompista Bluetrated tastraetkiis Sf mate hi far thk to Amu Adorns com of Telegram 144 Pattern Dept 141 West ITth St M York 11 N Y Print plainly asms addreee with aons ike and style M cente now (In eofau) for our Ml end Winter Pattern by Amu Adorns The tart of tho new-eeoeaa tatikm In eem to sew patter— tar an Chrietmae gifts tes Phu Ifen and-thrifty pattern tar making a falld’e drew DM ft hang yam gtrdko from a Has TtayT keep thoir original tana longer aad tart kngw tog if yea lay ttam flat unfll ttoyto dry tag At thk ttam Thrift Cooker uriteh to the Off allow tho boom to n eodte tog far thk kngth of Urns If you tato two poundo of (fry was tton me throe quartan of a pound of mk pork double the of ocoeeumi mod to the hutoay taemam tho by IK eupfuk in Hr ym tato s ta your thrift ttM 4 COM ftf Mlflr of oaa-dhh mack tha that aay Mma but ha amand dlftaraat to thla Odd to tha Ban Baaana Rath data AJ-laoat aa rimpta aa paellas a baaai la tha preparation yat tha flavec of tide awal la daUgMtaL Whea monaa to cooking lltal aia iiian tliipirt or aB-yrilow InrtlraUng halt flm enough to cook Peeking nakai partially rtpa baaaaaa rtadUy dk- BUY-LlJVES' Sauer ItoTokiOd by is bieHudy kralei far I taMLi tarn ta hlgbptyie freeks sad chle Ulfle kate bat to look year teal ywir hair mart be soft aad tovrty fa If Hie dry brittle aad aaraly fram aeing drying ebaia-pees I beg yaa te awtteh te aaw KREML Bbaawea Car it bee a eelarat eU tatrl It wasfta aberr weadrra net only leaves year hair eHkeaeeft aad aa aaori te wan bat actually aaeoaragee tea aatanl carl KREML Shaw port Beagle new tegredleat "Pellaaa" baa epeelel drone-tag qaalitles tea brtoga aat all year bairie aaiwal eparklleg btgbllgbta aad gleeay Am Tbalh why ICe a mart emeeialty if yoalv weartag year hair leagw a k tea latest fBahlaa BMkas eyebrow lowering eerier ester sf aMI0aecaratel Ifs the woods rful new Hlllsrs Pane vr'-kr-v IV ESI aad tea eeeret la ia tee anils Yaa see aalika erd leery tvrr rears white Meek vk year virias TWEEM5B8 earree at the w tvweriag point Iota yaa sea ovary hair aad plate It aecarairty withoat bhaking ar eqahitlng That's why It sasersa yaa of a pro- Job and vrfcy I ergs yea net te ear bat ate far TVIIUB The east is sorpririagly aaull ealy Mf at an Drag Oemtais Ike tea tefealeas tope Irieke ta gassing Triafce WMk tw tog" now booklet by the "Reoteh” Crilepbano Tape pcepls It'teUa yea tow te nee tape te mark beau quickly imp appliques and peeketa from poteerlng keep pirate full end eves shorten ar adjaet patterns end ueny other tricks Write Itapt BL Mtonmeta Mtatog A MtaCsSt S mr i Peal g Mias copy today Aad be ears te bay "Scotch" Brand Tkpe In the pkld dlepeneer next time yeaYe ehep fit Crystal dear Aleks at a teach Every pereen hi the toe-Uy should have a tell of hk ewnl with year heir letting It grew leng agataf Th Then berate last tho “llcket" (aad it eeeU self 111) to auto It a vlriaa - “ af level lease TONI Hem It leeto aad eefe like sataraUy early hair a wea-dartelly soft warn with a lira “spring" that seta qalekty ead eerily Aad the secret af TONI to this It coo tains lu own gentle Mead af the aery moi meteg fagredienfe need to Met expea ‘ eivo beauty ehep lotions to to leek aa larely aad aa a IN (todadlag teampea aad eri) dent delay treat yeanalf to Hemelto- tha beamy af a TONI 1 ' tar Jmt 91 today 11 tea lehod rod gold fighir and lacquered te prevent i tog Hae a fun eatety eaite ea the tack tool lib YOUBS ter only fid aad flu front severs flam two packages of CAVAUBB Offarattsel HUBBY year order tetar to Nancy ML Sn Medlsm Avo Mew York IA ML Y Oet sraeni 4toy uako stamring gUU god at a fraettoa of the prim yoa'd ordiaarlly pay ' IBB Clga- yea’d ordiaarlly pay I ymfti MteyOtuTi nttee khigeiee rrfne strip eiiid Bud Cream ttte Uriatod — -Jftomjtajjaaff& tabritattEnirirtrif'Sakm K tt teams ao traeml taget tav tottke ef tABDtMT X mutottabetb ream eaeta ttuktlsfees Tmr efcla to rilppereaUg - rawiiraWftSflim pif'VW HAMILTON WATCHES a ran mm wmimNiveu Mar faarfV health flhtqr ykk eeaev la every eiak draia JeeC taearabera bath feed end dbaae Bar deal ikiak rea eaa da k hk Saald dlflafereeale taey etaapiy —1 1 ki daapeaas piy - IWa I dad dial DBANOie fa pafal m for he special ckarnie C -of Iki OfiaaNk1i eeperiegj MBUi IMMI MMIVIff Ml EM nan BM MftMf Sa to also aad phy safe pal a leHeepea Ansla aaee a WA every week mra yea 98 A family healthy where everyone enjoys ieseelm sod digest lose nerves end ml tel sleep- Aad euar -I people have tend tba aaewer by a-1 leaple ewlteb te FOSTCM Both eef- f tee end lea coalaln cakisln and while many people can drink term without lli-ritecl ethers who are eefrte-essei-piMrs setter errousnrss ladlgMllM aad eteeplesa alabts Bet INSTANT FORUM cant de-thle te yaa bereaee ills raMnrtp emfHm-frrm Aad yeall Ilka ha lavlgMailag grata rite Sever! He start today aad drink INSTANT fOSTUM earierierip Her M days see If yea deal test better sleep better and tote better Ia year Oreear'B "taataat beverage Beatles" IPs aa tarn fa feat I palatal cents ter they east yea a "ferntne" la smiles aad happiness That’s why I aay tody eaa afford earns why I tope pea’ll nee BLUE-JAY Cera Plasters They get rid ef Ibeea peaky termaatara In "short order" Cm- the soft felt pad tnataaUy rri levee abas pressure aad Nnpeieelae (axria- rive wHh BLUM AY) wedleallea aerate work te the etabbera ears fit juet a tew days yea eaa Amply lift it aat aad year worries are aver! Yea’ll appreciate BLUE-JAT Cora Piasters’ adhesive tabs tea make ’em stick test aad stay pat eves hi year bath! I Tto feefhaff seaei swiBgead after-the-game parties leave Mule flam far epraeiag ap tko tones That’S why lta smart ta pat fraehly-fragraat SAMI-PLUSH m rear eleaa-ap' "team" ter It fctqs toilet bowla eparkllng bright bathroom atmosphere frisk aad laritlng with aextie no effort from Tea etetely aprlakla la i lo dlreetlens on tto ei wwto teemlcelty te dlrinteet ao it rieeas white It rrieaaee a pleemat drilcate fragraaee Cam-Pletety cffmlaatea etabbera hard tmler etalna m writ m that tavtattta Mm to hatd aad soft water areas wtore gsrua aad “ asw&a?r"- ef tank ma eaereeT if ool rd Ilka ta aseafewdmpaef ' YABttLMY' before fad after exposure fori ffowenptak lettoa performs two at oaaa First U arts aa a' UyfctmaapmtaeUvoMuttrt Uttar Mi: NewspaperHRCHIVE — NewspaperARCHIVE®

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