Naugatuck Daily News from Naugatuck, Connecticut on December 12, 1949 · Page 2
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Naugatuck Daily News from Naugatuck, Connecticut · Page 2

Naugatuck, Connecticut
Issue Date:
Monday, December 12, 1949
Page 2
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PAGE i—NAUCATL'CK NEWS (CONN.), MONDAY. DEC. 13, DREW PEARSON ON The WASHINGTON MERRY-GO-ROUND Drew Pearson Says: Justice Dept. Should Investigate Rep Victor Wickersham's Payroll; Highest Man On Congressman'T, Pay Roster Is An Oklahoma Salesman; Wickersham'-i Father Runs Elevator For Capitol Workmen. m>;t(;n—Now that tho case fit Crontrressm.-in Parn.ill Thomas has been disposed of, the Justice Department mipht take a look at another Congressman, This one a Democrat. lie i-, Victor Wickersham of Mancum, Okla.. a likable gentleman with considerr.blo skill at manipulating tbe congressional payroll. Congressman Wic-ko.rsham sVatcs in his self-penned biography in the con^ri.-sionrvl ti-coid that he WLU* "reared on cotton, wheat, and daily farm near Mancum. Okla., and on %vhcat and (poultry farm near Grecnsbur^. Knn.s." For a farm boy. the congressman has come a lonf,' way. He now operates bin own teal estate business, not merely hi Oklahoma, but ri);ht In the nation' 4 ' capital, and has one re,-\l estate a«ent drawing money from the contjt <?Hs!ona] payroll. T' i* important, to remember that congressional payrolls aro not paid for by a member of Congress. They are paid by this taxpayers, and allotted to oacb member of Congress in order to help him run his office and perform services for the people of hbi fli?- trirt. Thus, when money voted for this purpose is diverted lo run k real estate firm, it aciually robs th" peonlp who sen-1 n congressman to Washington. Two Intrr«>MinK IS'iime* The congressman from Oklahoma, has two interesting names on his payroll: 1. ./nines W. Taylor—who doe* not w "irh in thi Congressman's tbe Herd Kqulpnient Company of Oklahoma 4~ily. He Jr.iws a .$7.720 a year from the Congressman, and J-I.OOO for »", Hini; machinery, plu» S17.:)O fiom the taxpayers each month in the- form of an army 2. l_!oyd Maf'.'new.-) — who liimn't been around the congressman's office -.-incc la,«it mmmor. but has rn.-in'* rca.' e<,-t,--t,. firm at n p-'ilary of S2.29S -- from t be taxpayers. l'n!o,uc fact is -thru Wilker:!-.-. •:!•••. i nice, when '.', <lcl led. didn't even recognize Taylor's rfirnc. j'lie s-crctnry in charge, t ubrey WiH. sc.-.-tchcd his head. (V.Tally rcj.nll- r-t thrit ;.he c<.nt:res;-,i o Mn knew 'i .7;.-.-: Tayl./r in Hobart, Okla. Yet 'i'- • •!••!• i.-; hiyhe^t on iho. on'.cc pay r'i--;<.-r. presumably sho uld be in Truman As Reporter All Mel with iienell und pud to take not<!H, J'n^Bldcnt Triinmii turiiH tho luhleH uu n'i>orlern ut at press conference held by r'harloN KOKN, 1'resldentiul Hccnv tary, at Ki\v Wi^st, Florida. Truman, a contributor to the dully Kwlcrul licglstcr, a-ikeil tliei surprised iieWHliien u lot of embar- anHliiK <|U«-HtloiiK. (Intcrnatloiiiil) Washington workinc bard for the 1'ollu 1 , buck home. Witt remembered Matthews without ay trouble, but re]>orted he was working In the Congressman's- real estate office. Jie hadn't been around the congressional of- llce for months, Witt said. This column then put through a call to Mr. Taylor In Tlobart. Okla. Jfere is the lruii!i<:rli|jl of I In: coiivtmtiilun: Question: You used lo be 'u (he sheriff..; office, didn't you, Mr Taylor '! Taylor: That's right. Q.: Whom do you work for now ? A.: The Herd Equipment Company. Q.: Do you also work for Con- Wicltcrsha-m? A.: Yes. Q.: What do you do for t.he Cun- A.: Oh, J work ;is a clerk. Q.: What kind of clerical work do you do? A.: Oh, I answer letters for him. Q..- Docs- the Congressman gut many letters those days? A.; No, not many. Q.: You mean to sa.y you j,'el. $7,700 a yai- just, to answer a few letter;] A.: You ollKbf lo tulle In the Congressman about that. Q.: Well, do you work full time for Mr. Wlckcrshiun? A.: Yes. Q.:' T thought you said you worked for the Herd Equipment Company. A.: Well, I'm on contract with them. 1 work on contract. Q.: Do you kick back any part of your nnlary to Congressman WIcUerKbnm? A.: No, sir! Q.: Then how do you explain KcUlriir $7,700 a year just for answering li frW lottOI'M? A.: Well, 1 bettor call you back. I I'll call you tomorrow. j Mr. Taylcir did not cull back. Trust KstuU? Kiupliiyee, This column also put through a call to the other secretary, Lloyd Matthews. Hen; U the transcript of tin- convcrnntlon: 'Question: Do you work for C'.-jn- KrcHiiiiinn Wiekersham? 'MalthevVH: YCM, Q.: lu hie ConweiiHlnniil offlei- 1 ' A.: No, I work for hln real estate company. _Q.: If you don't work In bin ConiircMslnna] office, how do you account for tbe fact that you nro on his congressional payroll? A.: (Pause ) MOW do you j (n ow | I rn on his eorij,"resiilc>Mal payroll '! Q.: There's no inlKtnlso aboiit, lhn.t. 1 i?aw it. A: Well, when 1 say I don't work In hi-, conKi-esslonal office that doesn't, include th<; pOfl,-ilb||f|y that I work for him on the outside. nc Ul Q.: I urn aware thai you work for the Co,v-r(w,mnn In M H real Pf ale office. Thill's the poinl Why should tbe taxp-fyera ,,-iv v for I hat '.' ' J - y U N A.: f mean secretarial work Q.: Do you do -ecre,,,rla f worl, '"i the oulnlde Tor the. Cmurn.-e< man? - ' "h"-u- A: You will have to talk to Mr Wickers));,,,, ,,botjt Hint Father Kuns lOli-vator ConKn ; ...sman Wlckcrsliam, dcs- 1 le tbls diversion of conKresslon- MI ••Dilarlm. )H | r ,,, |/ ir j nv , Port his 72-y,-a,-ol,.l r,,lher, l-'rank w <-,„.,.„,„„„ (U|( Kot |iljn ( _ Mead runmne; a.n elevator for n,,, till" In'''"' 1 '"' 1 W '"' ! "'-" :( '" 'lie. <'a,'l Mr. Wickd-sham"' beon^on'thn government ipayroli for seven Years ,,« , L watchrnun at u,o I,|.i)i ary of Coni;re«n. DNIEPER DAM BACK IN ACTION SUPER CAPACITY ^utinucttc ELECTRIC I RANGE 2 FULL SIZE OVELMS-6 SURFACE UNITS " V\ -• The range that makes good cooks better I 3 - 4. 5. 6. •SEE THESE FEATURES. Two "5000'' Super Capacity Ovens for more and belter cool ing and baking. Available with 4 or 6 surface units. «. The Lexington with 4 Vari-Speed units, b. The Supreme with 4 Vari-Speed units and 2 7-heat units, Vari-Speed Control gives you exactly the heat you want from simmer to sinle. 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(International) What's Doing In Naugatuck Why Thousands of Ooctorr Prescribe pleasant tasting (CAUSED BY COLDS) PERTUSSJN acts at 0 it notonlv relieves such couhin coughing Flower* for Evory Oecanlon *80 I«AH)WIN ST. W»t«rUiry LKO T. SCt)Lt,Y, Prop. PHONE WAT. G-7280 A Calendar of Events Today, Tomorrow and Every Day Monday, December 12 Union Clly Community club bln- Ko pnrly, Pollah National church l'» H. H p. m. Annual Christmas parly, Senior r'ltib ii!j.:ht, Nauiiatlick Junior Wo- mnn'.M club, <,'oriKrii|;atlonal |,url(ih liousc, S p, in. Tuenday,, December 13 Meet inn, <"hrl.ilmn;i party, Hop Hi (/ok school 1' as- Hociatlon, at rtchool, 7:30 p. in. School Nl;:ht mcctlnic, Hop Brook icliool f'!irenl-Ti)iu:hi>r Ion, wh'-ol iMidllnrlum, H p. rn. Catd party, J'ond Hill Comrnu- nlly club, H p. m. r dlrmer-mimtinj-; of tl.o Junior Chamber of Comnriorco, An- inborg'H restaurant, Z a ark Place. Tea for parents and teachers, ";Jri p. m. Central Avenue School. 3 to B p. tn. \V«'<llt«N<l«y, DIM-. |.| Public card party, uponsorcd by M:ij;nollfi ICnciimpriionl, Odtl Fellows hall, «::)() p. m. '•', of Salem Hchool Parcnl- T(!acher association. 8 p. m. Thursday, I>ec. 10 Kiinta I.aiidn by I lellcopt.i-r, ;j;ir r , In N,-ui(;:iliick. Meeting,' of the Nnugatuck Valley IVfaehJilent, Marine Col f.:i league, Odd l.'"cllows hull, H p. m. Moiillnff of UK- Nuugatuck Numismatic Association, town hall,7:30 p. m. Friday, »««. 1(1 Mcclinp of I he Ladies' au:cill;i"y ol the Naturalue.k Valley Detacli- oieni, Marine Oorfw /l,caj;uc. Odd I-'<'llows hall, H p. rn. Chrl.Ml.mriH *:ono(<rt, Nniigrituck Hli.;h Mchnol A CaiiJclH choir, >:i'])t t t>} ttuflitftthtin, H:in p, n,. •Social, entertainment, 1'oml Mill Community club g y m. ^ Nntiirdity. l>c<<(>nil><ir 17 NlCWH-Halem Playhoiino Christma.-) Party for Youngsters Salom Pl-iyhouse 9 a. m. NaitK/itiicIt Junior Woman's club Yulotldf! dance, Hotel Hilton, Wa- terbniy, o fl , m , to 7 „ m Sunday, Iliw. 1H KII;,'|OH cblklren'.-i Christmas party. 2 1>. m. In Odtl Fellows Hull. Carol Klnjf by children of Glon- rUlgo urea, sponsored by West Slat Community Club, -I p. ni. AND GIRL WANTS A BICYCLE 2- Wheel Bikes $ 39 95 „, $ 59 95 3-Wlieel Bikes Just Charge It Pay As Little as Xincoln © Store WEST MAIM ST. 1-lMt Monday, I)<jc. l(» Regular monthly mooting, Nau- ffatuck Fcllowcraft Assn., Masonic Temple, Church struct, 8 i>. m. Wednnmlay, Doc«m)>er 21 Meeting, ChrlHtmna party, American LcKlon auxiliary, Memorial 1 tiimn, H |;i. rn. Mooting of Pont No. 17, American Loglon, Legion Memorial Homo, Ceilar utroot, ft p. m. ' Thursday, llee.-nvber 22 ('iwimunlty Carol SlnK. shoo on The Oruon, 8:30 p. m. Hh-lirhi'lfle Hall, Nnu«iiuck Woman's club Ju.ilorottoH. Children's Chris-tmas Tiarty, Pond Mill Community club, 7 p, m. XMA8 1'AH.TY Memberii of Cub Pack, No. 7, of Kt. Mlchael'H Illplscopal church, will attend a Christmas party tonight at 7 o'clock in JJCWJH Memorial ball In K 1 .. Michael's- pai'lsb house. A. brief business meeting will tie held, after which the party will take place and refreshment.!.! will bo served. The boys will (iocoratn a ChrlnLinuH treo and Santa Claun will dlst.rlbuto K' Christmas Seal Committee Plans "Bangle Week" Tn connection with "Banffle Week" in the local public and parochial schools, tho Naupatuck ChrlHlmuH Seal CommlH'JC, n branch of the Waterbm-y Tuberou- loHlii t,eiiKtie., eallw to tho attention of parents tho following fact.:) about tuberculosis amonij- younp people. Tuberculosis can strike at any ago, but lj a greater threat to young 1 adults In g-oncral than to children and older people. Striking with -(creator frequency durlni? a person's most productive ycnr», lubnrculoHta kills more yotinff people In this country between the CH of 10 n.nd 34 than any other diHoaso. Tuberculosis Is a communicaiblo dlNDiuio thiit to easily spread from person to pei-HOn. A largo perecnt- iissa of people, by tho time they bo- eome adults, have been Infected with tuburtiuloftlii R-erms. Of lho«« who htivo "taken" tho g-ormn, or tubercle bacilli, Into their lungs, I he majority do not get. tnborcu- loKlH. The natural instance of their bndlon IM (A1 0 to fl(?ht th« Korans acleqimtoly und ollher kill Ihivm outrlKht or keep lh<m well under control HO that lubarculonln doea not develop, Thaw who devoir^ active disease tiro people in whom tho tu borolo 'bacilli «ot tho "uppor hand. The rowlsranco of their bodies IH cither v/cak 01- tofnporarlly luwtr nd and the tubercle bacilli aoizo the opportunity to do their de- Btructlvc work while defenses arc clown. TuhorciiloBln attracts yo>m« and old, but It l,s ;i»ntloula.rly danRor- OUB In younR adulthood beglnnlnK nt adO'loscenco. Many doctors l>e- llevo that the many physiological changes that come about at that time make adolescent boys and girls more susceptible to tuborcu- lonis than when they were FMJ KPIDEimC It, ^s ostlmated that iho Influnnxa opldomlc of 1018 killed 550,000 nco- plo In the U. 8, FLOWERS For AU OocMtom PXOWBBH TKLKOKATHJED EVKRYWITEBB MELBOURNE'S FLOWER SHOP IM KUBBKU AVENUE FOR THE PERFECT GIFT SANTA SAYS fitflCKSTONE AUTOMATIC WASHER 'Mori- cl'l'icictil, AK'I Kxc.limi vc J' Xii Minn !iV(;rn{?(! Wriiif»cr NoiKolesfi, vibrationlosH, i:nfe, nlmplo, nnd ilnpnndnbln . . . and Kiiiiranl.eod by I31n.t-.k- H(oni> Coi'poration . . . America's iildesl washer inanufac- CARLSON FURNITURE Co., Inc. 175-185 CHURCH STREET NAUOATUCK, CONN. Open Thursday, Friday and Saturday Nights SEE OUR LARGE DISPLAY OF Plush Toy Animals FOR CHRISTMAS USE OUR LAY AWAY PLAN VIC'S SMOKE SHOP ii CHURCH STItEET — NAUOATUCK TItE NEW OFFERS VOU THE FINEST IN B1TK AND 1'UMPEKNJCKEL • DELICIOUS I'ASTRIKS • FANCY KOLLS • CAKES FOB SPECIAL OCCASIONS 122 School Street Union City Dial 3985 Approve New PO ForWatertown BRman James T, Patlnr- Bon announced today that preliminary approval has been granted for tho construction of a new Post Offieo at Watcrtown. A site muni bo Hclfctod, and Federal money will t<p nulborizod for the drawing of iplnn-* for -.hi. nc-w bulldlnf?. Final approval muHt be Krnnli-d by tho PoHtnwistcr Ooncral nnd tho Director of the Ocnera] .Services AdmlnlKtratlon before woi-li will bo Initiated on the project BUCKMILLER Funeral Home 22 PARK PLACE Telephone 4334 M KI:TI NC; rA xrici.Kn A meeting of the Juveniles of Beacon Valley Grange .scheduled for loniuhl has been i-aneeled. nccord- in^' lo Mrw. Olive f;r<'«'iiw<,/i(J. rnn- tron. Th<' Kroup will meet Monday ceninK, Dec. 19 in tho hall nt which time |.:an« will he made for i he Christmas dance to be held " 4AMTOS GfcKEKAL Rudlulorn, Uultorlm Wn»hln K MHc.hlnnx. Rally Carriage* HlryrJm, Snldp.rllic LAWN MOWKK.S SIIAKi-SVm <BO Bnbber A>p, I>hon« SS77 For The Best In Jewelry IC.H.Tomlinsonl Nrnr.v llullitlni For Christmas... HER A HEADQUARTERS Alt SEW1NO MACHINE SUPPLIES Makoi it caiy for anyon. to lew perfect buttonholet with foil machine ililchet. CARLSON'S ciijmcii NT. .XAI;«JATI;CK OjK-n In day filgMit Until Christ U»6IJT STOCK OF FINE WAFCHIJ IN VYATERBURY AMERICA'S GREATEST WATCH VA1UEI A. Her Excellency 21 Jewel* Gold Filled Case .......................................... *49'» I. Hij Excellency 21 Jewels Gold Filled Cose .......................................... *52'* C- Hij Excellency 21 Jewels Gold Filled Cose and Bracolot .................... *7!" D. Her Excellency 21 Jewels Gold Filled Case .......................................... *52 5 » ftkn Indudt Ftdtral Jan JEWELERS SILVERSMITHS SINCE 1900 08 BANK STREET AT CENTER 3T., WATERBURY 1 »•>.••• , •« '- ICASV I'AVMK.VTS INVITKH: tn addition l.o the iMiHlomury .'!0-<la.y cbiu«e «i-cr,i;;i>, Mh-haels invl','5 divided p;ir-ni«ntji i-i . tm .-i!i ivc.^kly or mortbly nccoiintn. .NJIrhnrl.., : n ,-ik>.s ivuilnblo, at no addi-d cc,nt. the lov.c; (< : rn i •)ffcrod by fine jewelers unywh.-rf:.

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