The Capital from Annapolis, Maryland on October 1, 1950 · Page 68
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The Capital from Annapolis, Maryland · Page 68

Annapolis, Maryland
Issue Date:
Sunday, October 1, 1950
Page 68
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Church School Officials Meet Sanford, Sept. 31. -- A supper meeting of teachers and officers of the Unitarian Church School was held [Thursday {evening at the church vestry. Supper was served by the religious education committee which Included Mrs. Harold Dudgeon. Mrs. George S. Wll- lard and Mrs. Howard Strang. Superintendent W a r r e n S. Simpson outlined - the policy of the school for the' coming year, after which Miss Mary Howgate reported on Religious Education Week at Isle of Shoals which she attended this Summer. The minister, the Rev. Leonard Helle, reviewed the book, What Is Happening In.Religious Education. * ,| The Cradle Roll party is tentatively set for Frida* and arrangements are in the charge of the superintendent of the cradle roll department, Mrs. Roger Woodcock. Others present at the meeting were Mrs. Leonard Hclte. Arthur Pall. Mrs. Thomas'Mitchell. Mrs. William Waterhoulse. Mr. and Mrs. Thomas BcalcJ Roger Chadbourne and Franfclyn Barrows. .Portland Sunday Tdtgrun And Sunday Pratt HtraU -- Portland, Main* -- October 1, 1850. West Auburn Horse Takes Top Honors In Local Show Rex Dare Judged Champion; Reserve Ribbon poes To E. J. Asselyn Horse Rex Dare owned by Harold O'Brien of West Aubum. was Judged champion of the Portland Horse show Saturday at Tomlln- son's Riding School! Winning reserve champion honors was Windswcpt's Golden Tulip owned by Mr and Mrs. E J. Asselyn. Other results included- Beginners' horsemanship, walk and trot, 1 Walter Mazzacanc, Old Orchard, riding his horse Dream Boy, 2 Martha Sampson Union, riding Skceter owned by Mrs. R E Thuriton,, 3 Jacqueline Hill, Gorhnm, riding Domino owned by the school, 4 Susan TurlU of Poitland, riding Lightning, owned by the school 5. Margaret Soule of Yarmouth, riding Dapples, owned by the school, 6 f Eleanor Pearce of Poitland. ild- ing Chccta, owned by the school. Riding school horse 1 Prince, owned by C D. Bartlett, shown by Tonl Parkci Oak Grove School. 2 Jack Froa. owned by C D. Bartlett, shown by Carrole Parker, 3 Col Cody, owned by H H Hooper. West Rye N H , nnd ridden by Diane Collins, 4 Beaton Belize, owned! by T R. S, and ilddcn by Betty Wlnslow 6 Jess, owned by Cl D BaitleU and ridden by Kathcrlnc Lang 6 Blazer, owned by T R S, nnd ridden by Ruth Andcison. Novice horsemanship 1 Doio- bhy Sahaglan, Oak Giovc. riding Rex owned by C i D Baitlctt. 2 Tonl Parker, riding Jack Frost, Corlso, owner ton. 2. Miss George S. W illiams, Windsor. 3. Mansper, owi Linnell. West Lightning, Mrs. Thoma: dale Horscmansl owned by C 'D Bartlett. 3 Judy Butler, ildlng Scatoh Behe. 4 Yvonne Brot. O. Q S. ildtng Prince, owned bv C.I D Bartlett. 5 Keikl Chut thill Of O G S., riding Jew, owned m c D Bait- lett.l 6 Lois Huntress of Buxton ilding Pilnccss, owned by Percy Brume. Model .saddle pony, 1 Sllve Rhythm, shown bv Betty Win Mow. owned) by Di E.iS Wlnslow 2. col, Cody, shown by Diane Col llns, owned by H HJ Hooper, 3 Skceter. shown nnd owned by Mrs. R. E Thurston. 1 Model three-Raited hoise. 1 Rex Dare, shown nnd owned by Harold O'Brien. West Aubum. 2 March Rose, shown ! nnd ownec bv Fiances Nouise. Portlnnd 3 Cheerful Chat lie. owned bv Pine Tree Stables 4. Scotty May shown and owned bv Kathleen Kershner Farming too Model five-trailed hoise 1 Wlndswcpfs Golden Tulip, owned by Mr. and Mis. Ernest Asselyn Model Moignn horse. 1. King years and u idcr, 1. Diane Collins, riding Napper Tandy, owned by H H Palmei, Oak owned by C. Starbird riditg hfer hoise. Happy Thoughts, 4 tiding link Camp. 5, Join Hefty of South Portlnnd ild by Felix Chai Sally Sue anc owned by M: Farmlngton, owned and r Batchcldcr of Parade hors kin: 2 Spott y Hem v N Fllcka Honey by Sally Fricid. Plttsfield. Saddle ponj and owned by bj Mrs R. E. Thurs- Tweedle, owned by ed by Mrs. Frank S. Auburn; 4, Jubilee's iwned by Mr. and Malnes, Farming- lp for juniors 12 ATTEND DEDICATION--Prominent Saturday at the dedication of Snowshoe Rock at York were, left to right, William L. Grant, donor of the plot of land on which the rock rests; Rev W H Millinger. pastor of the First Parish Church, York, who gave the dedicatory address, Lucian B 1 Horton, York, president of the Association .for the Preservation of Historic Landmarks, and Mrs. Elizabeth B. Perkins, first president of the group who started the movement to provide the marker. Snowshoe Rock Dedicated At York; Indian Raid On Whites Recalled York, Sept. 30.- Ister today gave the address at the dedication of ·A York min- a rock from looper, 2, Betsey Grove, ilding Rex D Bartlett, 3, Joy Marilyn Greene owned by T-Ledge ng Black Magic, owned by T H S . 6, Sharon Cohen, riding lightning, owned by T R. S Walking hcise. I. Tony Allen, owned by M and Mis. Henry Baribcau. Bnnswick, and ridden on 2 and 3. Scott's King of Kentucky. s C W . Clark o f 4 Miss coaster. dden by Lloyd W Sanford i. 1. Golden Nuggett, owned and i l l d e n by Mace Luf' Jim, ridden and owned by Jim Davis. Wlnthiop- 3. Champion i iddcn and owned cihpff. Sidney. 4 owned and ridden 1 Sheiry, ildden Maiycllen Fullam, Watervlllc; 2 Skeetcr. ridden and owned by Mrb. R. E Thurston, Jnlon, 3 Iraq, ridden by Pat Badger, owned by T-Ledge Camp, 4 '"ol Codv. i l d l e n by Diane Colins, owned by · Stale of Ma I Rex Daie, ild IN WESTBROOK Your ' PHILGO HEADQUARTERS Sr* Our Ad*. On P»ie 7B. 129 Main St. Wtitbrook Open Thun. Eve. 'Til 9 Ixdvstv* Midgtt PlUt Bums Ovtr 40 HOURS OH A ··!!·· ·( Oil · for fa«l economy, |*t PER- FECTION--Amctict'* N« ban* better buy. Btmnful «nd tttcitni. You'll bt prond of your Piffcction, ·nd with t ihermotat fhtt-ntrcr foTftn, you'll b» w«rm til over, nil winMr, without work or *»!«. KB ncantnioN ADV. ox r*oi · WESTBROOK HARDWARE ni» Main 81, WMtbrw* On* Tim.. (·· Til » H H Hooper, ne thiee-gaited, 1. Icn and owned by Haiold O'Briei 2 Mv Golden Sport ridden i nd owned by Connie O'Brien, West Auburn, 3 Match Rose, ri iden and owned by Frances Noursc 4 Dream's Rex Dare, ridden br Mrs Olive Bartlett. and owned by Mr. and Mrs C L Reed, Sanfcid. Horsemnnshi i for juniors 13 to 17 years 1 Belty Wlnslow riding Senton Belize. 2 Bairy Fosse Ing Bonnetta's Jennne Mm p Yvonne Bret, Rex owned by Kathleen Ket wned by T R. S.; Fullam tiding 6 Pat Badger Ian Lcvesque Hurd. Portland Open jumpin y Bob Jcfford which a band of Abenaki Indians crept into York 258 years ago, capturing or massacring 300 of ·he sleeping inhabitants, among them his 24th predecessor. · The speaker was the Rev. W. H. Millinger. pastoj- of the First Parish Church, and it was in that raid on the town at dawn one January morning that the Rev Shuebael Dummer was slain on his own doorstep. Commemorating the slaughter, one of the greatest along the coast of New England during the!-Indian wars, the local Association for the Preservation of Hlstoiic Landmarks procured a plaque and at the brief dedication service this afternoon the Rev. Mr. Millinger paid fitting tribute to the early settlers and recalled the hardships which they underwent. It was on the rock, now known as "Snowshoe Rock," that the Abenakis left their snowshoes when they attacked, and the land on which it rests was deeded to the association by William L. Grant, member of one of the town's oldest families. Assisting at today's ceremony was Miss Elizabeth B Perkins, the first president of the group who started the movement to provide the marker, and is now honorary president. The speaker was introduced by Lucien B. Horton, president. North Carolinan Submits Prize Paper At Textile Convention (SpeeUl Dispatch) New Castle, N. H., Sept. 30.-The Piedmont Section was the winnei of the inteipectional prize paper contest held with the 29th Annual Meeting of ihe Ameiican Association of Textile Chemists and Colorists, It was announced tonight i.t the conclud- ng dlnher held at the Wentworth- By-The-Sea. , The pilze wtnniru paper on, A Comparison Of The'Dyeing Char- acteilstlcs And Related Properties of Rain-Grown " ~ in connection uica ui naui-uuuwnj and irru{abec Cotton, was presented by Henry A Rutherford of Raleigh, N. C Second and third prizes respectively went to the Rhode Island and 'hlladelphla sections. Announcement was made that a student intersectlonal contest foi ,he best reseat ch paper prepared among student chapters will be established The first contest will e held at the 1951 convention in New Yoik. Patrick J Kennedy of Wilmington, Del. was named national chairman for the student contest. The resignation of J. Robert Bonnar chairman of the executive committee on research as well as the committee on general research, was accepted with regret. The question of a successor will be discussed at the meeting of the National Council in New York, Nov. 17. Bonnar's resignation is effective Jan. 1. Elliot Broadbent of Phllllpsdale, R I., was toastmaster at the dinner. Other speakers Included Pres. C. Norris Rabold of Cooleemee. N. C, and Tex O'Rourke Among the speakers at the concluding session was G. T. Douglas of the Imperial Chemical Industries, Limited of England. who gave a paper on Nylon Dyeing- Theory and Practice. Total registration for the convention, largest to be held In this area, nearly 1500. and owned by Kathleen Kersh- t. Wateivllle. rid- King. owned by ly. Portland 3 )ak Grove, ilding C, D. Bartlett, 4 hner riding her horse Scotty. May, 5 Maryellen horse Sherry. Idlng Irak owned by T-Ledge Ca np. Colt class. 1 and 2. Easter Queen and Melody Qu :en, owned by Lll- f Old Orchard; 3. Princess, ownei by Howard D , 1 Ipache, ildden ;, owned by M. B Uifkln. 2 Goll Baby, owned by Lufkin. Three-Raited Hex Dare, ride en and owned by Hnrold O'Brici saddle horse, 1 2 Junior Miss. ridden and owicd by Mrs. A. J, 3lngras, Augus Choice, ridden and owned by Plttsfield, 4. owned and ridi Phy , Wcstcin horsemanship, 17 yeais nnd under, 1--Eleanor Nlehoff of a; 3 The Squire's by Sally Friend. Bail E Ft lend. j r . Bonetta's King, by Jeanne Mur- IdjDI, Augusta, riding 2 --Violet Hoyt, 'ony, owned by hei horse Beauty; Steep Falls, riding T. R. s.; 3 --Richard Davis, ridlrg his horse Spotty Jim: 4,--Shirley Christopher. Lls- man, riding hci horse Golden Pal; if Plnnoch, 5.--Winnie Cushion Falls, riding her horse Peggy 6--Sally Sherman, Saco, riding her horse. Duchess. Thrcc-galted i saddle horse un- Icr 15.2 and over 14.2), l.-JMy Joldcn Sport, iriddcn and owned y Connie OBrien, 2.--Lovely Scnorlta, ridden and owned by Hazcn Llbby; | 3--March Rose, Iddcn and owned by Franqes Nourse: 4.--Scotty May, ridden ner Touch and out jumping, 1 -- Ipache, owned by Mace Lufkin, 2--Gold Baby, owned by Lufkin. State of Maine five-gaited, 1 --King's Ransom, shown by Stephen Burns, owned by C. L Reed, Sanford, 2 Windswept's Golden owned by Mr. and Mrs. E. J As- Tulip, shown by Fred Swasey, owned bv Mr. and Mis E J Asselyn; 3--April Breeze, shown and owned by Mr. T, S. Pendergast; 4--Lord Jeffry, shown and owned by Rosalie Allen, Augusta. Bridle path horse, 1 -- Silver Don, ridden by Jeanne Murphy, owned by Mr. and Mrs. E. J Asselyn: 2 -- Fascinatln Rhythm, ridden and owned by Mrs. Osborne Tracy; 3--Happy Thoughts, i id- den and owned by Joy Starbird, West Rye, N. H , 4 --Napper Tandy, ridden by Diane Collins, owned toy H H Hooper Combination horse (same rider and driver), 1. Rex Dare, owned and shown by Harold O'Brien; 2 Lovely Senlorita, owned and shown by Hazen Libby; 3 The Squire's Choice, shown by Salley Friend, owned by Earl-Friend, jr.; 4. Stonewall Pride, owned and shown by Mace Lufkin Five-galted horse 'open). 1. Windsweptts Golden Tulip, owned yy Mr and Mrs. Asselyn; 2. King's Ransom, shown by Steve Burns, owned by Mr. and Mrs. C L. Reed; 3. Bourbon Born, shown by Emily Oraf , Palomino horse, 1. Golden Nuggett, shown and owned by Lufkin; 2. Little Sandusky, owned by T. S. ·endergast. North Windham; 3 Golden Pal, owned and shown b Wlnnlfred Cushman; 4. Goldei Lady, owned by Lufkin. [Road hack. 1. Fascinatloi Rhytim, owned and ridden b ridden by Jeanne Murphy, owned by Mr and Mrs. Asselyn; 3. Rldgecrest's Victory Ace, owned. by Mr. and Mrs. Reed: 4. Happy Thoughts, owned by Joy Starbird. Fine hainess horse, 1. Windswept's Golden Tulip, owned by Mr. and Mrs Asselyn; 2 King's Ransom owned and driven by Mrs. Reed. Portsmouth Given Surrender Picture Portsmouth, N. H.," Sept. 31.-A reproduction of A painting of Fleet Admiral Chester W. Nlmltr aboard the USS Missouri at the surrender ceremonies Sept. 2. 1945. In Tokyd Bay, was presented today by the Navy Department to the City of Portsmouth at a ceremony held at the State Armory in connection with the navy's art exhibit, Operation Palette. Capt. Leon N. Blair, USN,,chief of staff at the Klttery Naval Base, presented the reproduction made by Comdr. Albert K, Murray. USNR, to Mayor Rlchman S. Margeson. , The exhibit features a carefully selected group | of 100 paintings depicting a graphic record of the navy's role during World War II. Sanford-Springvale Sanford, Sept. 30. -- A varied irogram has been arranged for he annual Harvest Festival concert at the Methodist Church at 7 p. m. Sunday, sponsored by the church choir. Choirs of Methodist Churches of Old Orchard Beach, West Newfield, Kezar Falls and Kennebunk assisting on the program. Rufus Perkins of Old Orchard Beach is to play th epiano solo, Master, the Tempest is Raging; Mrs Ruth Moulton of West New- ield is to sing a contralto solo; Xmald Butler will sing the solo, Beyond the Sunset; and the or- tan offertory will be played by ,he Rev Lewis Bickford. This program will be followed by a hymn sing and refreshments in the hurch vestry for the visiting choir members and Miss Ruth Harmon, organist of the church will play. The office girls of the Allien Novelty Shoe and Universal Shoe Corporations feted three fellow workers at a recent dinner party t the Seven Elms, West Lebanon They were Mrs. Agnes Lelmbach. who Is moving to Alabama where ler husband will be employed as cutter by Goodall-Sanford, Inc , who was presented luggage; Mrs Rita Belcher, telephone operator, who was presented a bassinet; and Gwendolyn Norton Becomes Bride Of Kenneth I. Miller In Bath By Staff Photographer Hennessey Mr. and Airs. Kenneth I. Miller Bath, Sept. 30.--Miss Gv endo- lyn Esther Norton, daugh er of Mr. and Mrs. Carroll Iorton Steep Falls, and Kenneth Miller, son of Mr. and Mrt Irving Guy Miller. Liming ton, were rrjarrled here today The Rev. Curtis L Stanley. pastor of the First Church of the Nazarcnc. Bath, performed the double ring ceremony at the parsonage Attending the couple weie Miss Joyce Hasty and Roland man, both of Limington. Mss Leora Giant, who Is concluding her duties following 15 yeais nd who Is to be employed in the 'ost Department of Ooodall-San- ord. Inc. who was presented a urn of money. Present at the party irere Mrs. Arlene Hewey. Mrs glala Hitching. Mrs Hilda Trafon, Mrs Mary Patch Mrs Dorohy Therrlen. Mrs Zelpha Hill, JLis Gladys Hill. Mis Antoinette louin, Mrs. Esthei Rooney, Mis. Yances Libby, Claiic Aiseneault, lennis Johnson Doris Johnson, udrey Taylor and Sara Germer- an Announcement Is made of the arrlage this month in the Chll- ren's Chapel of the Unltarian- niversallst Church, Portsmouth, H of Miss Margaret Allison /illard, daughter of Mr and Mrs ohn W. Wlllard of New Castle id Perley Everett Armltage. USN, on of Mr. and Mrs. Perley E \rmitage. Portsmouth, N. H., for- erly of Sanford. The ceremony" as performed by the Rev. Wilam W Lewis The bride was at- ndcd by her sister, Miss Anne Wlllard. Wilmington. Del. and ew Castle and Dlrck W. Armit- ge, brother of the bridegroom as best man and another brother, ichael Armitage. ushered The ceptlon was held at the Folsom- alter House. The bride Is a sen- r at the University of New ampshire and the bridegroom Is n electronics technician, third ass in the U S. Navy and Is sta- oned aboard the USS Witek. at orfolk, Va Capt Peter Augustinos, husband Mis. Lois P. Augustinos of Gull- ford, formerly of Sanford, is serving as the order of battle officer with the G-2 Section of the First Coips with the United Nations Forces in Korea. Capt Augustlnos had a total of 32 months overseas duty in Worl News Of Thte Yorks York Village, Sept. 30.--Robert Ostreicher, son of Mr and Wee- Miss Marcla Bailey, South Wind ham. was ring bearer The bride wore a suit of maroon gabardine with corsage of white roses Miss Hasty woie a gabardine suit of navy blue with corsage of yellow roses Miss Bailey wore blue taffeta and a corsage of pink roses Mrs Miller was graduated last June from Standish High School Mr Miller, who attended Uminu- ton schools is employed at Steep Falls, where the couple will make their home. Section C--P«*» Nine Kennebunk Beach Hotel Is Sold Toledo Couple Buys Widely-Known Sea View Kennebunk Beach, Sept. It.-The Sea View Hotel, owned and operated by the Hubbard famllv for 67 years has been sold to Mr. and Mrs Ebcn D Moon. Jr Toledo. O One of the first hotels in this area, the Sea View was built n 1883 by Joseph Hubbard Miss Edna G Hubbard has been operating the hotel alone slnca 1839 She nnd her mother bcctm* propilctojs In 1918 when Joseph Hubbard died Mr and Mm Moon the new owners, have been summer vls- tois hcie for 27 yearn and Mlsf Hubbard will assist them in conducting the hotel In the 1DM season The 8«a View which him SO rooms and ran accommodate 125 guests, is widely-known and has clientele that has summered here for more l*h«n 40 years Springvale Woman Presented Shower Sanford, Sept 30.--Mis Homer Oaulhiei was hostess at n stork howci at her home at 95 Main Street Thursday evening for Mrs Alwvn Poulln of Doisey Street, SpilnRVnle Others present were Mis Laura Cosctte Mis B.irbaia Mitchell, nd M i s Rnbeita RORCIS. nil of Rorhctei N H Mis R l l n Mc- on M i s Constance Edmonds. VIii Yvonne Poulln. Mrs Bettv m on MM Glennn Pen Is Mrs fvetto Aisenault Mrs Florence \r.senault nnd Mrs Arthur Rov j'merick Mrs Bernard Ostreicher has returned to the University om Maine vhere band and their daughter Miss Felicia Fcls, is in New Hope Pa . where she attends the Solcbury School Mis Emily F Pnul of (he South he is a member of the sophdmore Slde rctU rned Wednesday from class. Philadelphia. Pa. whcie she has Lawrence Lapham, YHS basket- 'been for a.few weeks Usltlng her ball coach, was elected treasurer dau Khter York Harbor Mr and Mis Joe Waircn Ger^ rlty have returned from » bu-sl- ter"of Mr"'and"Mrs.""DaniellAll's- , nc » trip to the West Coast They of the Southern York County League at a meeting recently Miss Shirley May Austin, daush- tln, has returned ot her studies at the Bouve-Boston School of Physical Education in Medford, Mass , a school which is affiliated I with Tufts College. The first meeting of the Woman's League of York, Inc will be Monday, Oct. 9. It will be a luncheon meeting. President Is Mrs Oilman L Moulton. Douglas Bell, of Honolulu, a student a t Harvard Me dlcal School, and who recently retimed from a Summer traveling abroad has been visiting Comdr C L Gaasterland and Mrs. Gaastei 'land at Grant House Dr Herbert Pels of "The Orchard" has returned to Washington, D C. where he is attached to the State Department Pels left Friday to join her Mrs hus- Eliot Eliot, Sept. 30.-- Students from Eliot this week are John Murphy to Harvard University. Susan Douglas to Emerson College In Boston, Marlon Tobqv to Gotham State Teachers College and Robert Ncaley to Syracuse University. George Hubbard of Winthiop Limerick. Sept 30 Willis J Hamilton has relumed from Oas- onla N C nnd will be working t the Saco Lowell Shops for sev- cial weeks Bemaid F Cairoll Is now at Oastonln electing ma- chlneiv foi I he same f i l m Guests at the parsonage are ihti Rev John B S Fllrpatrlrk s son nnd daughter-in-law Mr and Mis Ernest Fllrpatilrk and their son James Asbuiv Park N J The flist meeting of (he Re- scat rh Club w i l l be held Oct In the ConRicgntlonal \estrv Tin officers Mis Jessie D Chase, piesldent Mis Eva Bond Urn p i e s i d e n t Mid. Margurrtlta Haves venelniv and Mm Hallla L Kendall Par.sonsfleld tieas- uier w i l l be (he hostesses Theta le mnslr nnd M i s Avis Cas- Kc7nr Falls w i l l be guest speaker Ml and Mi* A R o x i e Wolfe. ., . New Yoik are passing pmt of Robert Tiler J r , manager of iheli \ncnllon nl theli summer the Maishall House and the Em- home on the Old New field Rond 5If? n '_M, , S . w l f _ n n d t w o l M / S t l Matlhlns Kins relumed Tuesday In Camp Edwaids Mass, a f t e i pa.sstng se\eial rtavs w i Mi nnd M i s E d w i n Wnljon left shortly after Labor Day .,, Mrs George WentwoHhl who *"' passed the Summer at the Emer-1 son. is now back In Biooklinc Mass sons, will leave In Oclobcr foi Sarasota, Fla . where he opcintes a hotel They plan to return to ,, ,,,, ,, York Haibor foi the Summer of j K i n g who has passed (he Sum!195] Miss Mary Stark, daughlei of 'mer w i t h hei parents lelurncd with him Mi and Mis EiiRene F Weeks nnd children Clnlie Mnisha nnd Stephen lefl Sundnv for llirlr apnitment Steams Village Med- foid Mass M i s Weeks w i l l resume t c i r h l n R at Tufts College theRt Rev and Mis Dudley Scott Stark will be married in Rochester. N Y. Oct 14 Guests at the Marshall House this week were Mr and Mrs Walter Ruprecht of Englewood N J .. ... whose daughtci Is Mrs James S MI-iS Jennnlnc Pioxenchcr nnd Erwin. Brlxham Road Cm i oil Peletson New field nnd Mr and Mrs Marshall Morgan Mi nnri Mis Lnwienre Pelei- linve returned to their wlnler son Poillnnd motoied to Lons- home In Mai vein Pa dale R I Monday on n business Miss Faith Stanwood is now in l "P - - - - - - Wllllnm Mnlhews. "liiesldence In her wlntei home on I M r his [ub- Ladies three-gaited saddle horse i War n He Is a graduate of th 1. My Golden Sport, owned and'Command and General istaf Mrs. Ssborne Tracy; 2. Silver Don WHY *AY MOKE 7 Cubic Foot Modtli " 199 · Only $ Down · Pay 35c a day on Mtttr Man WU1E TODAY *r PHONE 4-M1I OUE SALESMAN WILL CALL WHITTEN'S APPLIANCES Maine s largtlt Crtaey Dtfler 104 OCEAN STREET "KNIttHTVILLr SOUTH PORTLAND TMDI.D48 ACCEPTED M IM+m MVID r. mOTTIN. to*. orin i «. M TO c r M. *HO*UI onw TOBAY rat* *.,» ridden by Connie O'Brien, 2. March Rose, owned and ridden by Frances Nourse; 3. Lovely Senior- Ita, ridden by Lillian Sawyer, owned by Hazen Llbby: 4 Junior Miss, owned and ridden by Mrs A J. Glngras. Morgan horse, open. 1. King Coriso, owned and ridden by Mrs. R. E. Thurston; 2. Miss Tweedle, ildden by Hugh Smith, owned by George S. Williams-; 3. Mansper, ridden and owned by Mrs. Frank Linnell, Auburn: 4. Jubilee's lightning, owned by Mr and Mrs Thomas Maines. Western trail hoise, 1 Fllcka Honey, ridden and owned by Sally Friend. 2 Lady Blondina, owned by T. S. Pendergast; 3 Peggy of PInnock, owned and ildden by Shirley Chiistopher. 4 Beauty, ridden and owned by Eleanor Niehoff. Senior western horsemanship (over 17 years). 1. Sally Friend riding her horse Flicka Honey: 2 Marian Skillings riding her horse, Boots: .3. Mrs. Herbert Homes. Jr.. riding her horse Bullett; 4 Eleanor Niehoff riding her own horse Beauty. Saddle pairs, 1. Stonewall Pride ridden and owned by Mrs. M. B Lufkin, and Ace's Superstition ridden and owned by Burleigh Lufkin: 2 Lillian Russell, owned and ridden by Harold Bulger. Jr., Glamour Boy, owned by Pine Tree Stables; 3. Fascinatln Rhythm, owned and ridden by Mrs. Osborne Tracy, Happy Thoughts, owned by Jpy Starbird; 4. Irak, ridden by'Pat Badger, owned by T-Ledge Camp, Skeeter, ridden by Ken Rowe, owned by Mrs. R. E. Thurston. Senior horsemansrup (18 years and over). 1. Sally Friend, riding The Squire's Choice, owned by Earl Friend, jr.; 2. Olive Bartlett, riding Dream's Rex Dare, owned by Mr and Mrs. Reed; 3. Patricia Knapp, riding Stonewall Pride, owned by M? B. Lufkin; 4. Mrs. Herbert Holmes. Jr.. riding Beaton Belize, owned by T. R, 8. Western pairs, 1. Boots, owned and ridden by Marian Skillings, Steep Falls, Cheeta, ridden j by Pilchard Chapman, owned by T. B. s.; 2. Spotty Jim, ridden and owned by Richard Davis, Champion, ridden and Awned by Eleanor Niehoff; 3. Lady Blondina and Little Sandusky. owned by T. 8. Pendergast. School and holds diplomas from the Army Intelligence School anc the Army Language School o Monterrey. Calif He Is a graduate of Sanford High School. Albert Gorman, 14'/i Islam Avenue was tendered a farewel party before leaving this week fo service in the U. S Army. He wa presented a purse of money. Alva Larando served refreshments anc music for the party was provided by Arthur Martineau and Lei Labbe , Louise Brown was honored a a birthday party at the home o her parents, Mr and Mrs. Charles Brown, jr . 10 Oak Street, Spring vale and Mrs Emlle Provencher assisted Mrs. Brown in serving of lefreshments to Joanne Syl vester, Emerv Gould, Carole am Bonnie Merrlfield, Joyce Green wood, Constance Nutter, Susan Beale, Joyce Gerry, Miriam Geary Kathy Edgecomb, Janice Goading Michael Provencher, Joan Lolley Patricia Murphy, Jovcej Gianopoulos and Linda Brown. Miss Jean Marquis has returned from a visit In Newton Center Mass, where she was the guest 01 Mr. and Mrs. Edmund Sweeney. Mrs. Donald Bridges and children, who spent the Summer with her parents. Mr. and Mrs Joseph Adler, 42 Mam Street Springvale , while Dr. Bridges serried a residency at Lylng-In Hospital. Providence. R. L. have returned to their home In Bangor Mrs William R. Dolan has returned to her home on Edmund Street, Springvale, following a visit with her husband, a patient at the Veterans Hospital In Rutland Heights, Mass. Topsham Men's Club Starts Fall Meetings Topdum; Sept. 30--Topsham Men's Club will begin Iti fall activities with a meeting at 8 p. m. Thursday, in Topsham Engine Hal). Leroy Nellson will be the presiding officer. The annual fall program will be discussed. All men in the locality are invited. Dr. Russell E. Pinfold, Brunswick veterinarian, will be the guest speaker, and will talk on his experiences in Hawaii, where he formerly resided and practiced. Movie* will be shown. ' lias arilved at the home of father, the Rev Earle N bard, pastor of the East Methodist Church and pin pass the Winter In Eliot Mrs Arthur Nelson of Providence. R I , and John McDonald of San Francisco, Calif, are I the guests of Mrs. Byron Howard of Park Street The Intermediate age group of Mass Cape Neddiek In R n n p e Fnim ^nv momlnft bv moloi for n \islt ' w i t h Ihcii d n u g h t c i and Girl Scouts In Troop Eight meet with Mrs. Helen Ordwa the vestry of the South Eliot Methodist Chuich Friday alter- noon Membeis of the Women's forum voted this week to sponsor a new Brownie Troop for gfrls. will in « 1ICW J31UW1JIC 1IUIHJ IOr KI1 l, Ml,-, e..- 1 raged seven through ten, under h *£.!£"* Emery has resumed t.h» i»ri»«v.i n «r M-. »!,,,,,, ner studies at Tufts College the leadership of Mrs Anne Clark Mis. Clark will conduct the group at her home and announce the date of the meeting as soon as all the rangements are complete. will first ar- 4-H Clubs Will Make U. N. Flags Skowheian, Sept. 30.--Clotilng eaders of the Farm Bureau 4-H Club leaders of Paliryra Skowhegan. Madison. South Ion and Cambridge are Invite 1 to attend a training class for and So- the making of United Nations flags, the class to be held Thursday al ;he Municipal Building from 10.30 a. m. to 3 p. m. These leaders] will be expected to ,go back to other communities near them to make flags. | This nag-making plan Is sponsored by the .National citizens' Committee for! United Nations Day. Oct. 24. and the Extension Service of Maine Is asking each country to haVe such a training class. The cost of materials for the lag for each community will be bout $2.50. Arrangements for the meeting re in charge of Miss Agnei P. White, Somerset County Home Demonstration Aunt. [ Such flam will be displayed In tore windows,, public buildings, it church and school events at ports meets and In parades. Skowhecan, Sept. 3*. -- Skowhegan Orange, celebrated the end f its attendance and progjram ontest Wednesday night \ supper served by the losers In the ontest following the program. Over 70 attended. j Plans were nuuto for a special meeting to obstyrv« Booster Night Oct. 13. I Donald Neil! son of Capt nnd M l s Anlhonv Olnnqiietto Mnl- Mis W G Neill nnd Petei| d c n Mnvi Hutchlns. son of Mis John Q I Rohc " Phllpol of the Chem- Adams Winchester Mass nnd 11 " 1 B n n k n " d T " lsl Com P a nv. Cape Neddick. have resumed their nnd M t s p " 11 P° l hnv(% returned studies at Dartmouth Oollene to Ncw Y o l k n f t p | P""" 1 " l h l r Mr^ and Mrs Jesse Tufts with x » c n U o n w l t h lll ' PaierK-s, Mt. theli two daughters have moved and MM Andrew F Phllpot Coi- ·- · -- nlsh Rond Mis Mn--on Ban Enst Fnlls Chmeh Vn and her Mend Mrs Jcnne-.s Win Myci passed seveinl drivs the past week at the BSrr vjmmei home Senility Farm The second mectlnR of the new- Iv foimed Lions Club wns held last Tuesday evening at Sokokls Inn Llnwlck Mills Village with Mi nnd Mis Hov Rlffenburu putting ori the dlnnei for them Guests w e i e piesent from ihj Buxlon Club At the surface of the sun assuming he could live and i cumin solid at the high lempeialurca pietnlllne Iheie n 200-pound man would weigh about 5580 pounds His uclRht on the moon would be about 34 pounds Berwick Mis James Sever has returned to Cambilddc Mass aftei a few days at her home here York Mr. and Mis Arthui D Campbell Plnckney Street Beacon Hill Boston, passed several days at their cottage on Freeman Stiect this week Frank Ellis Hancock who was graduated from B U law school In June and later admitted to the Maine Bar, has opened a law office at Ogunquit Hancock lives at Cape Neddick Arthur Chase has been named president of the Yoik Beach Chamber of Commerce DRIVEWAY CONSTRUCTION Avwagf Driveways Co»t Approximately $100 This Drlvoway Cost Only $71 SAME TYPI AND QUALITY PAVEMENT USED ON HIGHWAY! PREI ISTIMATES H 4-7125 We specialize in pavemenU, using llhtmlitow CoMivto and r*Mtra»loii Macadam built with clean, ( tough, well graded crushed atone. RICHARD L LANE. , N c , ' GENERAL CONTEACTOE ·S Mofflliwl Way. Portland Tol. 4-7121

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