The Los Angeles Times from Los Angeles, California on October 30, 1974 · 98
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The Los Angeles Times from Los Angeles, California · 98

Los Angeles, California
Issue Date:
Wednesday, October 30, 1974
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14 Part IV-Wed, Oct 30, 1974 '- v - fa Hi n L BUDDIES Stewart Petersen plays with his hound dogs in a scene from "Where "the Red Fern Grows," MOVIE REVIEW Coming ; Somewhere between the fantasy togetherness of the Waltons and Truman Ca-2 pote's ability to remember j with honey and vinegar, j "Where the Red Fern Grows" (opening citywide today) is a gentle family film about a boy growing ' up during the Depression in the Oklahoma Ozarks, and his closely-knit, hard- working, loving family. 5 With help and encouragement from his parents i (Beverly Garland and Jack j Ging) and his grandfather j (James .Whitmore), a 13-J year-old boy (Stewart Pe-Hersen) saves enough monkey, to buy two redbone, 'hounds which he trains to ;hunt raccoons and win the jlocal championship coon-, hunt contest Soon after their victory, one of the I dogs is mauled to death by ;a lion and the other dies of ja broken heart v ; An Indian legend says that the red fern is a sym-; bol of the strongest kind of : jlove. When the two dogs ;are buried 'red ferns grow over their graves.;. ' " , The film has some lovely .moments of family togetherness and good perfor-mances. Beverly Garland is weathered and caring as 'MOVIE REVIEW the Dep I 'Texas Massacre' I Grovels in Gore 5 "The Texas Chainsaw Massacre" (opening city- . wide today) is a despicable film about five young peo-" pie traveling through the 7 desolate flatlands of Texas who seek refuge in a mansion and are subsequently tortured by the family which lives there. The kids riding in a" trailer pick up a crazed-look-ijig blood-stained hitchhiker (Edwin Neal) who stabs his hand with a knife and ; also that of a fat crippled boy (Allen Danziger). . , I For no apparent reason : except severe subnormal , intelligen'ce,.the group decides to stay with the', hitchhiker and his insane family. They scream and hit each other, wear masks of human flesh, eat with corpses at their table and carry on like a child's , nightmare of a chamber of horrors.. ;( fcThe film was shot on location in Austin, Tex., and production notes boast that parts of eight cows, : two dogs, a cat, two deer,. three goats, two real human skeletons, one chicken and an armadillo were used and there were .only N.Y. FILM SOCIETY HONORS LUIS BUNUEL The Film Society of Lincoln Center has presented the first award in its history to director Luis Bunuel. --Martin' E. Segal, president of the society, , presented! Bunuel with a scroll inscribed, The Film Society of Lincoln Center presents its First International Film Award to Luis Bunuel in recognition and appreciation of a career which has immeasurably enriched the art of film." ? ' This is the first in what is expected to be a continu-. ing series of awards to dis- log Snselc Zimti ry a. v 1 of Age in ression 'WHERE THE RED FERN GROWS' A Doty-Dayton release of a Ooty-Dayton production. Executive producer G. Elis Doty. Producer Lyman Dayton. Director Norman Tokar. Script by Douglas Stewart, Eleanor Lamb from a novel by Wilson Rawls. Music Lex De A zevdo. Songs written by the Osmonds. Songs-sung by Andy Williams. Photography Dean Cundey.-Editor Bob B'ng. Animal trainer Harold (Butchf Packer. Featuring James Whitmore, Beverly ' Garland, Jack Ging, Lonny Chapman, Stewart Petersen, Jill Clark, Jeanna Wilson, Bill Thurman, Bill Dunbar, Rex Corley. Garland McKinney, Robert Telford. Charles Seat, Roger Pancake,, Marshall Edwards, RainiePritchard. Running time: 1 hr., 37 mm. MPAA-rated: General ( the mother. Ging is reliable and supportive as the father. Whitmore is touching and crusty as.the boy's grandfather and mentor. Jill Clark and Jeanna Wilson are natural and sweet as the younger sisters. .-. Veteran Disney director Norman Tokar has achieved a sense of nostalgia and naturalness less formulized than in most Disney fare. , "Where the Red, Fern Grows" sensitively, deals with the importance of a 'young boy's first encounter with death and grief, ironically, the death of one of his pals is treated with less compassion and concern than that of his beloved dog. LINDA GROSS THE TEXAS CHAINS AW MASSACRE' ; ' A Bryanston Pictures release of a , . film by Tobe Hooper. Executive pro- ! ducer Jay Parsley. Producer Hooper. Associate producers Kim Henkel, Richard Saem. Director Hooper. ' Assistant director Sallye Richardson. Story and script Henkel, Hooper. Narration John Larroquette. Photography Daniel Pearl.' Art director i : Robert A. Burns. Music Tobe Hooper, Wayne Bell. Featuring Marilyn Burns, Allen Danziger, Paul A. Par-tain, William Vail, Teri McMinn, - Edwin Neal, Jim Siedow, Gunnar Hansen, John Dugan, Jerry Lorenz. Running time: 1 hr., 27 min. 1 MPAA-rated: R (persons under 17 must be accompanied by parent or . adult guardian). about 10 plastic bones in the whole set. " " Writers Kim Henkel and Tobe Hooper seem to have been less concerned with, a plastic script. ;,; Torture and gruesome death through a filtered lens are still ugly and obscene.- . Crazihess handled without sensitivity is a degrading, senseless, misuse of film and time. Marilyn Burns as the only surviving victim conveys a Cloris Leachman-like ' quality ' and shows promise as an actress in a vole that1 just calls -for strong lung power. . ', ;; ; LINDA GROSS tinguished people in the world of film who have been associated with, the New York Film Festival, The awards will ' not be given for individual films but rather for an exemplary body of work. King to Headline , Comedian Alan King will headline a show that will also feature singer-actress Carol Channing at Caesars Palace in Las Vegas. The show opens Nov. 7 and runs through Nov. 27. . I Hi UNDER A Continued from First Face " tion; it is a dissection, a sort of "What Makes Sammy Strum.", . ... The sc ript was written by Ray Connolly, a London journalist long involved in reporting the rise of the rockers. And if the movie; " directed by Claude What ham (whose , television work includes the . initial episode of "Elizabeth' R"), is: enter- ; taining as a soiled pilgrim's '.. progress, it is also a coolly accurate - portrait of the times-and of thei moribund 'and stifling lower middle class life from which rock looked like an escape route the way the movies used to. v ' David " Essex" plays a' bright provincial lad -whose" father (James' Booth) ' had abandoned; wife and child after a dutiful but deadening try ; at shopkeeping in early post-; war. : ' ' ' 'f - The boy has an assured place d at university, on a -scholarship, but it seems ; too much like, work and he abandons his finals and : Mama (Rosemary Leach). He hustles beach chairs at ,' a dank seaside resort, living with his Elvis records in a shabby room and jotting down scraps of lyrics. Enter Ringo Starr as a' slick-haired orphanage graduate dividing his years between a carnival and a holiday camp, hustling h birds and ,two-bit swindles wherever he can. . He is our hero's first mentor, and in no time Essex is a swinger who hates the ' girls he conquers, an opportunist still capable of. self-loathing and a kind of classless floater who realizes, that the challenge is not sink or swim but rise or die. Curious History He makes a last fling at the square world of shop-keeping, marries the nice girl but finds at last that -he is his father's son. He moves toward the rock , world, which he and we have glimpsed throughout the movie, as a- moth to- " ward a hot bulb. ; - The movie has 'had a curious history a ; hit in Britain, abandoned.-by its American distributor after two inappropriate and . accordingly -unsuccessful bookings, though it was very well-received at its Filmex presentation. Connolly and. Whatham TONITE IN Elvis was the god, James and people still spoke of V7 Executive Producer ROY BAIRD Directed Anginal stwy and screenplay by RAY CONNOLLY . - Produced by DAVID PUTTNAM and. SANFORD LIEBERSON technicolor WEST COAST PREMIERE . . Starts Today i 8 p.m. Premiere r. ROCK THAT'LL BE THE DAT ' An EMI Production. Executive producer Roy Baird. Producers Da-, id Puttnam, Sanford Lieberson. Director Claude Whatham. Script Roy Connolly. Photography Peter Su schitzky. Editor Michael Bradsell. Art direction Brian Morri. Music supervision Neil Aspinall, Keith Moon. Featuring David Essex, Ringo Starr, Rosemary Leach, James Booth, Billy Fury, Keith Moon, Rosalind Ayres, Robert Lindsay, Beth Morris, James Ottaway, Verna Harvey, Erin Geraghty, Deborah Watling, Pattl Love, Daphne Oxenford. Bernard Severn, Kim Bra-den. Running time: 1 hr., 30 min. Times-rated: equivalent to PG (soma parental guidance advised). have done a: sequel, "Stardust," " which charts ' the' rise and end of Essex. It is due for release in England shortly,. and for distribution here by Columbia. .-The performances , by both Essex and Ringo are so .assured and easy that they hardly seem like performances. . Essex makes the . character . charming, comprehensible, ambitious,: ruthless. Ringo, a marvelously good and sympathetic actor, lets us understand a lot about the born survivor. Y . - Strong Support At that, the acting is all consistently effective:. Ms. Leach as the; life-beaten mother; Rosalind Ayres as the luckless wife, Beth Morris as a lady as amoral as himself, Robert Lindsay as the best friend who measures what Essex might have done with his life. Early rocker Billy Fury is excellent as Stormy Tempest, a silvery send-up of himself and a whole generation; Keith Moon of the Who has a cameo as Fury's furious drummer. Moon and Neil Aspinall also oversaw the film's score. , "That'll Be the Day," in its antinostalgia look at the recent past, is often ferociously funny, though both the humor and the horror lie in the unsensa-tionalized accuracy of the material. The film, produced by David Puttnam and Sanford Leiberson, is an entertainment which also genuinely illuminates its time. And although it runs with rock, it is on the whole as low-keyed as a documentary, like an excellent hi-fi rig 'with the volume, turned way down. Mac Davis Due Pop singer-composer Mac Davis will perform in a concert at 8:30 p.m. Friday, Nov. 15, at the Anaheim Convention Center. The opening performer will be singer Anne Murray. PERSON Dean the martyred hero Sandra Dee. ... - DAVID RINGO ESSEX STARR KEITH MOON bv CLAUDE WHATHAM t-. (4 A MLOMAR flCTUnr mi MUADIUM PRODUCTIONS pmnt 'THE TAKING OF PELHAM ONE TWO THREE" . WALTER MATTHAU" ROBERT SHAW 'MARTIN BALSAM HECTOR ELIZ0ND0 pii i gabriel katzka edcah i scherick ; . SniMpIlT br PETER STONE iti tn tfw MMl br IOHN GOOEY Mute OAVTD SHrflE g torn! hi JOSEPH 5AR6ENX BMVBBII UlUtSd AlllSlS ' , NOW SHOWING! EGYPTIAN I UAWESTWOOD Hollywood -467r6167 '; Westwo0d-477:0575 J ... .... MM..FII..15-l:1-10:1S-'ST.ISim.M5 Baity 1l:M 2:30 4:M iM 1:45 10:45 j . .15 . j . 10:15 MIDNIGHT SHOW ST VAN NUYS Drive-ln WHITTIER Drive-ln Van Nuys - 786-751 0 Whittier 7?1-6131 WNHI SHOWS START AT DUSK ' RtV(-IH SHOWS STAAt AT BUSK! ALSO in UKEWCOD CENTER I Long Beach - 531-9580 ALSO In ORANGE COUNTY HARBOR CINEMA 2 Costa Mesa 646-0573 CENTURY 21 CINEMA - Anaheim 772 8902 ' - ' HIGHWAY 39 Drive-ln Westminster 531 6282 ' '. "A Fr.QYOCATIVE, SHREWDLY MADE SHOCKER! When Charles Bronson begins shoot the cad guys, it s oitticuit not to cheer him on with loud shouts of r encouragement. And so New York has its first vigilante and perhaps its first real crime deterrent. IT ALL ' WORKS!'.' iKithleen Cafnll, N.Y. Daily News CHARLES BRONSON BftLM)BEHIIUl'ttM "DEATH WISH" Co-surmgVmCZjrTGAABCflU W1UUUI tlWIElA kKMiMwrnnw iHUGiUFiuoscrMneiniwuaui.iuru RESTRICTED , c RLUS - At MMMOUNT nlM AL BlCINQ.HSCRRCO" Color by NOW PLAYING At : CALL THEATRE FASHION CENTER CINEMA Northridge 993-0111 DEL MM Wilshlre Olstrlct 935-6424 N.K. STUOIOS los Angeles 413-6131 THEEE MOVIES 41 Tarzana 996-1300 BARONET Canoga Park 340-7434 RESEDA Reseda 344-0153 i . MAGNOLIA Burbank 781-7984 NOSEMEAD Rosemead 714573 9480 "ROBERT ALDRICH'8 THE LONGEST YARD' IS POPU-, LAR ENTERTAINMENT AT v ; ITS ROUSING BESTI The - action is riot-gun fast from - start to finish." -Charlei Champlin, Los Angeles Times ' fHIWUITWCIWHFItltrS .,-tKllUITtMUMTFIIOIUCTIOIt , - - GimnEYIODS "TKE LCN2EST YARD" NOW PLAYING! AVCO CENTER CINEMA whswie aw wsraiioa nw. ;,. WSIWDM-475 07 11 -- Hon Ihrurn SOO'SOO ' lOOOPM-Stt A Sun 200 ' 4 00 6:00 S OO j 10 00 PM PANTAGES Theatre . ; Mumsooitvmc . HOlirWOM. 449-71(1 Sufi turuThuM. J?30'300' saoacoaioaopw fti S til, 30 3 OO S:3. SflO 410 15PM . I Alum Orange County at A special film. For ,- - ,; OFrem Warnar Irot ; ttimw CoiKmwtieaUona Company COSTA MESA Edwards' Cinema Center 4, 714979-4141 fe rue afin t aa. "V RIOTOUS Xai1 Oil ."' "'rV A Ken : :. OPQO r-: - MONTH I f A Seymour Borde S Associates Release AT THESE SPECIALLY SELECTED THEATRES V HOLLYWOOD . . ' EGYPTIAN 2 467-6167 REOONDO BEACH . MARINA CINEMA 372-1 109 TARZANA 1 NORTHRIDGE MOVIES 996-1300 CINEMA CENTER 993-1711 COVINA 1 ". SegalEIHott Could Arrow !crand CALIFORNIA SPUTJR1 331-5233331-6580 THC LAST DCTAIL(R) COVlNAz Ar"Rosamary'JBaby"... Arrow KwyGraod IT'S AllVt'PBj 331-5233331-6580 . PIUS THC CLOMEJ LA MIRADA ' S.A. Fwy -Alondra 921-2646 Adult Entertainment CENTERFOLD GIRLS(R) CANOY-SNATCHERS(R) SUMUNO BUSTER fcILUIE(R 01 foothill Blvd. . , PIUS E OUCJTIOMJ OF Jutland 35M40L . SONNY CARSON(PG) STADIUM KatellaOranit 639-8770 Adult Entertainment CENTERFOLD SIRLS(R) CANDV-SNATCHERSfR) STADIUM ' Katella-Oranil 63M770 A Different Kind of Love BUSTER 1 (ILLIE(R) P'iUJ LAST SUMMtR(PC) STADIUM KatellaOranie 639-7860 3 Woody Allm Hits ' SLEEPER BANANAS EVERYTHING ABOUT SEX STADIUM Sao. SetalElllott Gould in KatZ-Oranj. CALIFORNIA , SPUTjR 639-7860 ' Plus LAST OETAIL(R) LONG BEACH . CIRCLE DRIVE-IN Long Beach 439 9513 to tJnCT HOK UKGt Mine by HUUC HllKOCI omrrarcwdxicoiq)uMatyirHttwwwm ncMmcoua panniiii Mut Trmlrtl 04NO DC utUMMTM grtsvu TtCHNCOtOB" frirw Bte a Theatre Near You!, FOR SHOW TIMES 1 ; f ! FOX Ventura 805644-7775 COVE 2 Hermosa Beach 379-2465 ' ' CAMEO El Sereno 221-9781 HOLIDAY Bellflower 867-5672 , TRIANGLE North Long Beach 421 8224 I i FAMILY TWIN II Fountain Valley 1 714962-1248 ,.! tMEfllCtlU CINEMA Panorama City 893-8441 ROSECRANS Drive-ln UHwooDitmncuiit ' NI)UI0IWT.3441SI . - ShowtSIrtat6'45PM , ONLY ORIVC-IN SHOWING! r i:lliip FOUNTAIN VALLEY Owe-In Fountain Vally7 142 2481 CINEDOME 21 Orange 714532 3328 ; HUNTINGTON CINEMA Huntington Beach 847 9608 those who want ' , . ... with their love story." 1 ' -Judith Crist PETER FINCH ; LIV ULLMANN . theSabdiotion DAILY: 6K0, 8K)0,10KX) PM I SAT. SUN.: 2:00,4:00, . :00,8.O0,10K)0PM ic ftonwntfit JT toror PARAMOUNT 1 where the Paramount-Rosecrans REO FERN GROWSjC) ME.3-4646 WILDERNESS IQUflNEY(G) PARAMOUNT 2 Georte Setal In Paramount-Rosecrans CALIFORNIA SPLIT(R) ME.3-4646 THE LAST DETAIL(R) ROAOIUM . LAS CHICAS MALAS Redondoeeactt DEL PAORE MENOEZ Cren. DA.4-2664 '3 MUCHACHAS DE JALISCO MAGNOL A WHERE THE Arlmiton " - ' RED FERN OROWSjfil 714649-3344 WILDERNESS KHIRNEY(G) MISSION Adult Entertainment Mission Pomona CENTERFOLD BIRLS(R) Pom. 714-628-0511 CANOY'SNATCHER$(R) RUB1D0UX . Adult Etitertalnment Hwy.99W,Riversd. CENTERFOLD GIRLSIR 714683-4455 . CANDY-SNATCHERS(R) VALLEY TEXAS CHAINSAW US. 99 Central - ' MASSACRE(R) Pom.flnt.714984 5635 PlUI RED SUN(PG1 Van Buren Ave. Arl.njton 688-2360 . CRT RAPE (R LOVE object(r! x on radio &T.VS : most hilarious boners! ; -; V kX "ifith ; i Jr surprise J . Hit single You Blew and sung by UA CINEMA CENTER Westwood 474-4165 . VINE Hollywood 463-6819 SAN VAL Burbank UA DEL AM04 Torrance 542-5889 UNITED Santa Ana WESCOVE CINEMA West Covina - FORCED TO FIGHT HITS m i ; 1 SthThock queen BOXER -S downtown 1 f2Tj 6th and Btoadway j jtjLiMMrtawffiffl F"-s"- NATIONAL Westwood 4792866 . in 7omm and stereophonic sound! ROXY -Giendale -243 6393 CINEMA CENTER 2 Northridge 993-171 1 SHOW TIMES Dai,y a 6 iA I bUlM " A SEXY, HILARIOUS FARCE!" Charles Champlin LA. Times : STARTS NOV. 6 INGMAR BERGMAN'S "SCENES FROM A MARRIAGE" Ckailie Chaplin .T. SPECIAL ACADEMY AWARD i i .' TT. ;. w. . TrTT. , LIMELIGHT with Claire Bloom HUT: "THE GREAT DICTATOR" "THE KID" "IDLE CLASS" WEST LOS ANGELES . 11323 SANTA MONICA ' 77-5581 ' ' SAVE Fri - .. . 1 TWO METROPOLIS Wed-Thurs Nov 6-7 G. 8 Snaw's MAJOR BARBARA. KINO HEARTS t C0R0N6TS ) I ''Pi I Wed-Thur Oct 30-31 I 2 1' l-,n9 . nvf If' by Sam Coslow Danny street HOW SHOWING AT A THEATRE OR DRIVE-IN NEAR YOB DRIVE - IN 842-8171 LAXEWOOD CENTER 2 Long Beach 531-9580 ARTISTS 543-1287 ANAHEIM DRIVE-IN Anaheim (714) 525-3526 338-5574 llD0 NewPrt Beach " 6738350 Return of The Dragon PLMT CITY THEATRE J Orange- 997 0832 UA TWIN A - Cerritos 924 1212 - - ' ' ? CALL. THEATRES i I ." FOR SHOWTIMES 8 10 PM'Midnites. FRI. SAt IVIA I IIMcbb at i 4 KIVI i A IAEMMIE THEATRE , 9036 WIISHIRE . ' BEVERLY HILLS vi CR 4-6869 4 Buster Keaton MOV, m PASADENA 2670 E. COLORADO SY 3-6149 MU 4-1774 40 10 ADMISSIONS $15.00 Sun Nov 1-2-3 by Trultaut ENGLISH GIRLS SOFT SKIN Mon-Tues Nov 4-5 . 2 by Rene Clement " FORBICOEN GAMES PURPLE NOON and, . ' . ffiTaifiiia i - ami nine fiumoni 1 KM ( one i in I WEEK 1 MJ MM Frl-Sun Nov 9-9-10 2 by Hitchcock THE LADY VANISHES THE Jt STEPS Mon-Tues Nov 11-12 Kurosawa, RASHOMOfl - UGETSU i"t

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