Naugatuck Daily News from Naugatuck, Connecticut on December 10, 1949 · Page 4
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Naugatuck Daily News from Naugatuck, Connecticut · Page 4

Naugatuck, Connecticut
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Saturday, December 10, 1949
Page 4
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FACE t—NAPGATT3CK NEWS (CONN.), SATURDAY, DEC. 10, 1MO tanoiag <JOu»pt y) by NAUOATUCK NffWB CORP. IfAUQATUCK. CONN. An Ittnfmd M Meond oUa* nutter at ' i yart offlc* IB Nauyatuak. Oonn. STION RATES PayabU IB Advance MOPtli ...HJO 1 Taar . fiws W«w«pap«r Pub. AM*!! Dally Nrwspaper Pub. Aarfn Newspaper Publishers Aa»'n SATURDAY. DEC. 10. IMfl Why Risks Are Avoided It would probably, be a manifestation of congenital optimism to expect good result* from the hearing* under -way in Washington beef ore the Senate-House Economic Committee. Lawmakers often »*e only what they are looking for when they examine a controversial question. This group may fall into that pitfall. The committee's purpose, OB Senator O'MohoneJr has outlined it. is to ascertain why many—too many—Americans are not risking their savings In business enterprises. He said people are put- ing their money Into bonk vaults, Into insurance policies and Into government securities, but not Into new ventures. That at leant recognizes a serious situation. If the American economy IH to keep on expanding, thus creating jobs for a labor force that continues to grow In size, new factories and stores and service businesses must be put Into op. eratlon. As It takes money to start them, what Is known aa risk capital must come from some source. In the American economy, It has come in the past from savings by Individuals willing to take a chance In the hope of a profit. The trouble Is that fewer and fewer Americans are prepared to put their savings Into anything but. the safest type of Investments. Promoters of new enterprise* have been having a bad time, and established firms have bad difficulty obtaining funds for expansion. Assuming the committee really wants to know what's wrong, this inquiry can achieve important results. Federal tax policies are largely responsible for the shortage of risk capital. There are remedies for the aliment if Congress will apply them. Everybody but this committee seems to know what they are. relatively few Americans who were Idle. Secretary of Commerce Sawyer nays. In Inct, that tho picture for November won "perhaps more favorable than at any previous .time thin year." Tho low point has been pawned and employment is rising. How far it will rise Is in the realm of prophecy. But it looks as though December should he a good month with holiday business booming right along, and by January the adverse effecla of tho stool strike may hnv« )>ocn overcome. The upward trend should hold well Into next year. That's a pleasant outlook at this Christmas season. People Pass Judgment It appears as if the government's drive against radio giveaway programs may turn out to have been wasted effort. The listeners to such shows—a vast number of whom have become tx-listeners, have taken matters Into their own hands. Four major giveaways have folded, another is beginning to wobble like a dying top, and others still hanging on doggedly now get hardly more than half their . former high ratings. By the time the FCC wins or , loses all the pending suits challenging its power to ban giveaways, it may find that it has i run out of shows to use the pow- c er on. That would be a good out- 11 come. There seems to be no rea- - »on why the government should ^help the people do something they are capable of doing without bureaucratic assistance. The falling off in -the audiences la largely, the result ot the publicity giveaways have received. Some people listened to all of them, even staying home from places they wanted to go so as not to be caught napping when opportunity knocked. Then most of them learned that they would have advance notice if they were to be called. Newspaper readers also have learned that- winning- tens of thousands of dollars' worth of merchandise, isn't &H it is cracked up to "be. Winners get a lot of junk they have no.use for, ana trying to turn', it Into cash is a headache. Income taxes cut heavily into bdpjjfita. What is left after the turmoil is an anti-climax and hardly seems worth the bother. Some listeners alia stopped to figure the astronomical odds against winning at all. More Jobs A welcome conclusion can be ' based on the Census Bureau's employment figures for November. It is that the worst of the busl- » ness recession that began early in the year has now been pawed. That is not to say that the re- Cession is over. Though the number of Americans regularly employed rose. 517,000 in November, inhere were still an estimated 3 r ''409,000 without Jots. In November of 1948 there were only 1,- f 831.000 unemployed. But that total for November a year ago actually represented full employment. It is practically Impossible to put all those who are theoretically in the labor market to work at one time. In fact .economists usually say there isn't «ny real unemployment when statisticians report that there are no more than 2,000,000 persons without jobs. So, as of last month, there were Do You Remember? One Year Ago Mrs. Goda Lundln resigned after serving as treasurer of the Ladles Aid Society of the Salem Lutheran Church for SB years. Postmaster Frank T. Green WOB appointed chairman of Naugu- tuck's 1949 March of Dimes campaign. 20 Years Ago John Tatiglan was named student manager of the CatholicjUnl- vcrslty basketball team. Patrick O'Toolo. a member of the State Police force, was vl«lt- ing with his parents on Muy street. Household Scrapbook Sticking .._ To stick labels to K \naa or U n, mix one part powdered gum arable with one part starch and four parts sugar. Place over wutcr and boll until dissolved, then thin with water until the mixture becomes a liquid glue. Hosiery Cotton and lisle stockings .should DC washed in warm water and r. lid soap suda. Rinse in water of the same temperature. Pull into place and hang by the foot to dry. Vellum or Parchmunt Rust or Ink stains may bo removed from vellum or parchment by applying a solution of oxalic acid, absorbing the acid immediately with blotting paper or cloth. MODERN ETIQUETTE Q. Should one ever hurry through the simple formality of Introducing two persons? A. No. Haste is undignified, and mistakes and embarrassment often result from hurrying through introductions. Take plenty of time and pronounce the names slowly and distinctly. Q. Is it considered proper to send wedding invitations to friends who live so far away that one knows they will be Unable to attend the wedding A. Certainly. Distance has nothing to do with thoughtfulness. Q. If your wife is telling a story to a group of friends and has an important fact wrong, is it all right to interrupt and correct her? A. This is quite often done, and is extremely rude. It is much better to let it pass. Some residents of lower Oak street are iS'pumllnf; most of their five time pushini; earn unable to tret started up the- hill driven) of these curs aru unable to figure why the borough fathers allow parking (in the! caul side and bnnncd the went, or down-hill side. Mrs. Doorthy "Wood lit Service for Veterans reports having HO- cured tho names of 1-1 voteranw who will L>c In hospltiilu during the holidays. .. she reports rmmt of these are World War I vet- oraiiH... families of hospitalized veterans arc asked to contact Mrs, Wood at S for V next weak by calling the office between 8 in the morning and 12 noon... names will be /m.ssed on to veterans groups who will Mend gifts to the men. Tho Myron IliihlmrdH, 8(1 Qulnii street, have a now t<-| ( .vision H ct. . . wonder If tlioy hav« hud It long onoiujh to experience nel^lilior- hood TV partleM. , .. reception Hhould !><• good on top of UIR hill. Dot Loguna reports throe birthdays In her family... Dec. 8 her aunt, MI-B. Wanda Krykruikl of Ti UrklKO street, and her sister, Klorwnco, <i student at Fny Biml- nesH Schoo^ Boston, Moan., observed their birthdays and yesterday her grandmother, Mrs. Stephen Suchenskl, 35 Spring Htruct, added another cnndle to her birthday cake. •Ion .StnphniiH, Mulhi-rry Hill riMUl, celohrat«d it birthday recently. . .ho wan innwt at a party at tli« homo of hlN flanceo, MlsH Clan* O'Donriell, Maple fa'rruci;. many happy returns ,|oc. Work is progressing favorably on outfitting the new Beacon Falls Community Ambulance, according- to Frank Bcmplenskl. It la hoped the ambulance will bu finished in time to be dullvun-d by Santa Clans... moat of the equipment has been Installed. I'olluc Captain Tony Malono Is nurwlng u but! cold... ho IB still on duly however..,Several Ma- plo .'jtn.'i'l. rrwhJunf.H were Hurprlwed this other evening to see a drlvcr- luMH-cur rolling down the street in reverse. . .the driver had apparently forgotten to secure tho cmcM-gcncy brake... fortunately the car hit the opposite curb and slopped without cauMlng tiny dam- Firo Lieutenant Jack Phillips hus returned to his Woodbine street home from St. Mary's Hospital where he recently underwent tturgr-ry... ,J a ,,| t ( H f«,,i| nK better and would \w glad to have Homo of his many friends stop In for a visit. The Philharmonics of Naugatuck have received word from -the Rev. Paul F .Keating, pastor of St Francis' church, that the choirs of that church have been Informed of the Community Carol Sing Dec. 22 at 8:30 p. m. at the Horseshoe on The Green... the sponsoring group hopes all members of St. Francis' choirs will be able to participate. Kids are having a great time taking their parents on window shopping tours telling them what they'd like Santa to bring them for Christmas. Humes, offices anil factories ar« Iwln)? redecorated Ilu-»«-days with minilx or new I f)50 calendars being distributed by various concerns and oi-K-anizatloiiH... From what we havo Hwn'nf Christina* decoration* In Konio of th« neighbor- inn comriiiiiiltli'H, Naugatuck Nliuiild take; unollier tiluo ribbon. Al Plstarelli Is bewildered, and no Is a member of the Terryvlllo KnlghtH of Columbus bowling team, which played the Naugu- tur:k K. of c. tnnrn last Sunday. ....seems thin Terryvillo bowler l» mlHHlnx it bowling hall In n blue and tan case and his bowling shops... owning n 18-10 maroon tiludehiiker, he placed, tho mlss- irur arllcliu* In nuch a car after the matches, but ho believes they were placed In tho wrong 1MB maroon Studebakor.. .Al wonders If anyone has m;t|iiircd tho Itema and an- us bewildered UH ho. It IH rolled to our attention that Baldwin strwt IH tho be*t protected Hlri-ot In tho borough. . . tliron houses are I Dented In tho Kir..«'l, oar.h ocenpl,.«| by a mem. Imr of Ihii Nanifuliiek t'i>lli:i> form . . rrank Murlaho, Joe Summa and Jon Trlano. MrH. Murtln Tnlolnn and her young granddaughter. Lois Tuoz- /.<>, hnve returned from a two monlhK trip to Syria, whore they visited friends and relatives.. .On the return trip by plane, they (flopped at Istanbul, Turkey; Brussels, Belgium, London, Ireland Newfoundland and then La- Guardlu Field, New York. Mr. and Mrs. Ernest Erlckson of tho borough, and Mr. and Mrs Peter McSherry of Waterbury, ar<-weekending at Westover Field, Mass., whore tho menfolk* will bo on actlvo duty for the weekend as lieutenants In the Air Foroo Reserve. Of Church lei- Week Of gututaif. bee. IIth Organizations Plan Yule Parties In Local Churches Seyora) Christmas parties arc planned by various organization,* In local churchcn during the coming week and rchoarunlH aro being held In [preparation for extensive programs marking- thn holiday Heason. At the Salem Lutheran church parties arc planned by tho Luther League, Evnngcllne CliX'le, Ladles' Aict society and Sunday school The Aid Soicety of the Congro. itionul church plum* a holiday party, and at. St. Michael's Episcopal church Parties will bo held by St. Michael's Guild. Cub Scouts, Church Helpers and younger children of the church school. The Sunday school plans a party at the Hillside Congregational church, and at tho Immanuol Lu-horn church a party will be hold for the Cradle Roll members and Ladies' Aid society. The Wallhor Lcaguo at St. Paul'n Lutheran church aJso win hold a party. ST. PAUL'8 LUTHERAN Missouri Synod Sunday school and Btblo clans ':30; public worahip, 10:30' Text- 1'hilllpiana 4, .1. Thomo; "STANI) ' " , .. FAST IN THE LOl t D. ""'" Th. of I II -T~L ™.Miwit i. i..n bJJ(J lanllc District of tho Lutheran Church, Missouri Synod will be ^ 1 "'^'? r ', a , Undav th » Ccongre- ltself frce M e rc "n l (Mission Board subsidy and will U T S sc ' f - au PI«"t'"B cong-re- lo,r M ^ nda y '- T ^« Lutheran lour, Mutual Broadcasting Svn- cm <WWCO and WWIC) 12^0 H1I.L8IDE CONGREGATIONAL Rev. Harry ,1. Kkstam Sunday, 9:45 a. m, Sunday Bible nuhool with M|BH Verna Anders™ and Elton AbraniBon In charge. 11 a. m., morning worship with special obHorvance of Unlvei-ful Bible Sunday. The church choir vlll sing and the pastor will speak on the theme, "The World's B-:«t Seller." 4:30 p. m., annual Christmas concert by the united choi.-s ot the Naugatuck Council cf Churches at the Congregational Church on tho Green, under the direction of Jesse Davis. Excerpts from "The Messiah" and sever-tl Christmas carols will be sung. All should avail themselves of this opportunity to hear excellent «m trie. There will be no evening service In our church, Wednesday, 7 p. m., children's choir and church choir rehcarmi^ Thursday, 7 p. m., on thia nljjlit tho members and friends of the church will gather to decorate the church for tho holiday season. Saturday, 0:30 a. m., children's choir rehearsal; 2 p. m,, Sunday Bible school Christmas rehearsal followed by tho Christmas parcy. Sunday, Doc. 18, 5 p, m., Chrl'ii,- ma« festival of music and ST. FRANCIS' (Itammn Catholic) B«v. Paul P. Keatlnr MMICS at 7, 8, 9, 10 and 11. Children'* Ma«», 9 a. m., down- stall*. ST. MICHAEL'S (Roman Catholic) Be*con F»U« Kev. Jerom« T. Cook Maasea at 8, 9:19 and 11. HOLY SAVIOUR (PolUh National Catholic) Rev. Frank P. Nletnlec Mouses celebrated at 8 and 10:30 ST, MABY'S (Roman Catholic) Bev. Thomas M. Griffin Masses at 7:80, 9:30 and 11. AI)V. i| "We THE MUSIC SHOP "1 Can IliMir It v c rw" v,,ii,, MI . IN In Kloc.k! Tlic firs I allitim p«ir«l liiHt year and c|]r..-?ii. 1. In thn nrtiml v»l<-<.* of (! IJUllu-r*. I)),. hlNl,orv l»-tit<x-ri I y«nm 1»82 and 1IH.1. This n,-w bnglnK with l:i4. r . nnil ends «ii thf (•Ir'fllon rurnpulint <»f I'UK. IN our opinion. "1 c'.in ll<.;ir t Now" IK one of tin- most xalu collnctlonN «'V<T rccordi-d. v.i h«nr flip v»lr<-« of the men WOIIMUI Wtlo s)iU|M-d <li".llll>. Til and narraiioii K i Kdwurd Miirrou-, tin- <",||<MC: HHwmMivl from all ovi-r tli Rlolw. You iLiu' your [xivt will troamitt* till*. r>-<-<>r>l .ii (Alxo lUiilliililr <in an [, I' ord). May w« remind .von. I'li miut rtvordH ami album* ar .. on dlxpllly on the rminh-rs :in nhelven of TIIK Ml'su; silo now : JMiwicui jjffts are alwityi. coma. ST. HEDWIO'B (Roman Catholic) lev. William S. Topor Masses at 6:30, 8, 0:30 and 11. ST. AMTHOWY'B (Roman Catholic) Ptospact, Conn. Itov. Thomas J. O'OonneJl Mosses at 7:30, 0 and 10:80. Members of the executive board of the Naugatuck Council of Catholic Women are reminded to be on hand for a meeting Tuesday Dec. 13 at the home of Katherine and Dorothy O'TooIe... final plans will be made for the Christmas tea and entertainment by St Francis' school children to take place, Sunday, Dec. 18. WflBn tho New Haven county council, Veterans of Foreign Wars, entertained veterans at Rocky Hill hospital recently, the vets began ashing. "Where's Spec Shea?" Spec is usually there to call numbers for bingo playing, but seeing how he's out-of-town! his father Frank, Sr., was Intro^ duced and said a few words. WHAT TO GIVE FOR CHRISTMAS? £*&£> ;,'^->^ «J^p I (#*"" ••^4-^^Ss I Wednesday, Adu it membewhto) 'lass and choh- rehearsal 7'% Thursday _ Walther' hrls party , son of • s ° n ,°/ s lowing- of Hartford will Charles will serve a, concert the BIBLJS C. t. c. A. 8«v. Theodore A Schroder S meeting of young peo- tE£"H-3c- Both the children's choir and the church choir will provide tho mimic for thia occasion. Christmas Day Dec. 25, 12:01 a. m., Christmas midnight service. 11 a. m., ChrluU mas morning worship. Monday, Dec. 20, 5 p. m., Sunday Blbie school Christmas festival. New Tear's Eve church party folio-wed oy refreshments and midnight watch service. 8T. MICHAEL'S (Eplacopal) Her. Wlnfred B. Lan c horat The services for Sunday, Deo. ]i, third Sunday in Advent, and for the week following are: Sunrtav Bee. 11: 7:30 n. m., Holy Com- rrmnlon, Bervcr, Earl Phillips; 0:60 a. m., church school; 10-<5 n. in., Nursery school, Mrs. Bower in charge; 11 a. m., morning priiy- er and sermon, acolytes: Lee Ycaton, Roy Sklerlk, UHhers: Seabury Hungorford, Frederick Naw- tath, James Oarflcld, Victor Outfield; 7:30 p. m., Young People's Fellowship. Monday, Dec. 12: 3:30 p. m Brownies; 6:30 p. m., St. Michael 1 *-. <-.ulld pot luck supper and Christmas party, Mr arid Mrs. HaroM Daume, puppet show; 7 i>. m Cub Scout Christmas party Tuesday, Dec. 13: 6 p. m .. wardens and vestry meeting: 7-30 P. m., Playmaker's rehearsal Wednesday, Dec. 14: 1 p m Pot-luck luncheon Thursday, Dec. 15: 2-15 T> m Weekday School of Religion; 330 p. m., grammar ischool drls choir rehearsal; _,_ p . m ., ^ ^ Saturday, Dec. 17 . 3 Church school "Christmas and arid u take part i n little one p , prompt 7 15 rchcar«a Rev director Urged to 10 " Cholr Or 8anist ^^^^u^^ SALEM LUTHERAN <Au*rmiana Synod) Rev. Donald t. Kent Sunday school »n/^ D-UT i ' a' 45 m a - I" ?° v '^ -orshiplri.45 "As Lately We Watched," arranged by Black; concluding voluntary, "Overture to 'The Messiah'" by Handel. Tho Pilgrim Fellowship will meet at the parish hou«e nt fl-;SO o'clock, and go to the Methodist Church where they nrr. to be th« guests of the Methodiv.t Youth Fellowship. The Christmas vesper service will be presented at 4 o'clock, in our church, by the combined choirs of the Ntaugmtuclc Protestant churches, trained Ly JfistKc F. DovlH. The anniml- Christmas musical service, presented by Taft school, will be held th'i Sunday evening at 7:30 at Christ Church, Watertown. Anyone interested is cordially Invited to attend. Monday, the Junior choir rehearsal, 3:30 o'clock; tho hl«!». nchool choir rehearsal, 6:45 o'clock In the church. Tuesday, the adult choir rehearc- al, 7:45 o'clock. Wednesday, the Aid Society w!l! meet at 2 o'clock for sewing ar>d a Christmas party. Everyone Is asked to bring a 10-cent gift f >r the grab bag. Tea will be serv.«U Thursday, the Week-Day School of Religion, 2:30 o'clock In this Methodist Church, for a Christmas party; the Boy Scouts, Troop Nr> 2, 7:30 p. m. Friday, the Girl Scouts No. 4, 3:30 o'clock. No. 4, 3:30 o'clock; the Girl Scouts Troop No. 22, 3:30 o'clock; the Brownies, Troop No. 57, 3:30 o'clock. The Name of the Hawley Hardware Store on Thursday »•»» !/i:«M.-r(< :i(l.5 omltUnl from tin- a<H.-rlUem.-ti) carried In The- NPWK Ufling .h, name* of the .Nnucutn<[. t ,t,,, |>»rtlelp»||nc In the SIHIHI |, Give-Away event under u:i> here under Ihe •tpnn<.nr<.h!:> .V the JrU-lall Division, .Vj.ii^./nj rrfhunto. Hawley,- an active partlclpunt in ;bK i.iili-s event. NEW !!>»!! PHILCO B E F U I <; K. 'I ,\ T <> 7r $199.50 7 Cii. Ft. — r, V<-«r U'nrrnn Down «2 Weekly fy «3 NO. MAIX ST. V.MOX < II 1'htinr lillll J« CIirHCM .ST. Tin. 4i,VK) Open Friday Till X j». M. FRED'S MI-WAY c;iui.T.E SOI SouMi Main SI. Regular Dally Dinner 50»- up OATEHI7VG FOK VFIUSI S'rr. SHOWERS, STAG I'AKTIKS Kjo Banquet Room, Cookfnll l^,,n, Liquor I.le,. n «<- day, vent, "The Forerun~n7r Lord," (Matt. 11:11-19). of the F'"•-=•-s S'-^sr; at-^tss^-Sr church r-hoi,. «^j -, .. ^'"B^- , . choir and Luther .. s °'°. Ethel Salmons^; m - S Ml Ye league Christmas party Next Sunday, 10-30 a communion service and of new members. Kev. Matthew H. Gate* Meadowbrook Home. ° fflcial Board will the church hall. c °»«»»at!on Ch ° ir; 8:00 ' , 7, Pageant rehearsal Sunday, 4:30, Christmas Vesper service. Thursday, Dec Week-Day School' ( Brownies 3^30 P. in. "• • • ' — - t*' 111 rehearsal! Friday, Dec. 16, 3.30 . Junior Confirmation class- T>. m. Senior Confirmation' «-30 p. m. Brotherhood party. Saturday, Dec. 17 9-3o ,, „ Sunday school choir rehearsal^i party?' "*** TCH ° o1 Christmas CONGREGATIONAL Bev. Wlllard R Eloper »-« h a C m"7or t° h ° 01 *"' meet Ot and senior departments. r> The n h^! Klnner and kindergarten depart- him f W "i meet at U o'clock. The films to be shown are "Children of Japan," and "Wonders of the Sea. Morning worship will be held at 11 oclock with the mlnU- ter preaching on "The Dream of God." Children's story >in t»e "0-shl-me-ga." Music: Introductory voluntary, "The Shepherds in the Field," Mailing; 'Noel Polonaise," Gullmant; "Pastoral Symphony," Handel; anthem, "The Virgin's Slumber Song," Reger, by 1 the high school girls; offertory, flRST CHURCH OF CHRIST SCIENTIST WATERBtJBY, CONN. Corner Holme* and Mitchell Avenues Services: Sunday 10:45 a. m. and 7:30 p. m. Sunday School 10.40 a. m. Wednesday 8:00 p. m. "God the Preserver of Man" will be the subject of the Lesson-Sermon )for Sunday, December 1] 1949. The Golden Text is from Isa'.'ih ol:5. "As birds flying, so will the Lord of hosts defend Jerusalem- defending also he will deliver it; and passing over he will preserve? Selections from the Bible include the following: "The blind receive their sight, and the lame walk the lepers are cleansed, and the deaf hear, the dead arc raised up, anj the poor have the gospel preachud to them." (Matt. (11:5) Correlative passages from t!-e Christian Science textbook, "Science and Health with Key to the Scriptures," by Mary Baker Ertdv include the following (p. 228>: ' There is no power apart from Cod. Omnipotence has all-power, and to acknowledge any other pow. er is to dishonor God. The humble Wazarene overthrew the supposition that sin, sickness and death nave power. He proved them pow- fcrless." Currier Electric Co. Residential — Commercial Industrial WIRING and Kl.J'AIIts Tel. Natiit. 41r,i RAMOS IRON WORKS 4M Bt/RBEB AVK.VfK .l!/ 4 "?*,? 1 AU Ty»r»-|.-., *•«•' * Ornamrntol ««-,] — Portaklc Wflrtta, Kqnlpmen TBI.EPROKR ««T7 TED'S AUTO BODY WORKS 57 HOTCHXISS ST. TEL. BJ59 — Collision Sp*H:iallst!« — "fender* — Bodies — Auto Fainting Service COSlBDfATION AL STORM WINDOWS & HOOISS HEW ENGLAND SALES CO ALSCO tW Bank St.. Waterbury Phone 1-9219 Look And Learn 1. What word denotes exaggerated devotion to one's country? 2. Does a full piano keyboard begin with one or two white keys? 3. What are Leonardo da Vinci's two most famous paintings? 4. Whose fleet of ships was composed of the "Nina',' the "Pinta," and the "Santa Maria"? 5. What is a cargo vessel that has not fixed itinerary called? Answers l.Chauvinfsm, from Nicolas Chau- vln, one of Napoleon's soldiers who even after the emperor's fall, continued to demonstrate such patriotism that he won the ridicule of his comrades. 2. One white key. 3. "The Last Supper" and "The Mona Lisa." 4. That of Christopher Columbus 5. A .tramp ship. IEESE PBCL '*!.„„ COFFEE CAKE CHRISTMAS COOKIES CHEESE CAKES BIRTHDAY CAKES CITY BAKERY MAPLE ST. TEL 8678 j>pen Dally 6:30 A. M. to 8 P. M. Visit Our TOYLAND GALLAGHER'S HAEDWABE 178 MAPLE STKEKT Free Delivery IVlephmir 50t; SMART FCItS Make SMART GIFTS Established JXOT 99 VO. MAI?T ST. WATF.imnRV RADIO — B.C.A. — Admiral Television 8»Ie* and Service SWAN'S Electrical Optractors Sinr<! 1925 25CEDAK ST. TKL. 2574 ANNOUNCEMENT MID-WINTER TEEM POST JUNIOR COLLEGE 24 Central Ave, Phone 4-8772 Waterbury BEGINS TAN. SO, 1950 MAKE YOUR PLANS STOW SEE REGISTRAR FRESHLY CUT BALSAM XMAS TREES Of High Quality Go On Sale TUESDAY At The Y. M. C. A. A Volunteer Community Service Project of the Y's Men's Club

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