The Los Angeles Times from Los Angeles, California on June 9, 1954 · 33
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The Los Angeles Times from Los Angeles, California · 33

Los Angeles, California
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Wednesday, June 9, 1954
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WEATHER REPORT OFFICIAL (lor Ht4neMar JUn f, iM FORECASTS In Ani'lri and Vir4nllT: Ftrtlv rlnudy to(3v ith hurt ir mir! ur houi 70 Mostly mnoT and a Utile ,innr tomorrow. Southern ( Hfornla: Partlv cloud today with tew scattered showers In mountains Windy and cooler mountain and interior regions. Mostly sunny and a little warmer most art tomorrow with diminishing winds. j Southern California Coastal and Inter-! mediate Valley: Partly cloudy, slightly ' rooler today. Mostly kunny and warmer, tomorrow Southern ralifernta. Mountain Areas partly cloudv. generally cooler and windy todiv with few scattered showers Mostly sunny and warmer tomorrow with diminishing winds. Hauthern California Interior and Desert Regions: Variable high cloudiness and! generally cooler today with few srat-! tered ahowers near mountains north I portion. Mostly sunny and a little warm-! er most ares tomorrow. Winds 25 to 40 mob. today, diminishing tomorrow. High temperatures today. 65 to 78 upper valleys; 78 to 88 lower vallevt. Arizona: Variable high cloudings and general! windy today and tomorrow with few scattered .showers northern mountaina. Cooler north portion, slightly cooler south portion today. WIND AND WEATHER Folni Conception to Kan Diego: Gentle, variable winds, becoming westerly 12 to 22 m.p h. this afternoon and 10 to 18 m D-h. tomorrow afternoon. Local northwest winds 20 to 30 off Point Conception. Partly cloudy todav. Mostly clear, slightly warmer tomorrow, WESTERN" WEATHER SUMMARY tow pressure center in Plateau States, fftrong high pressure area in Pacific centered about U'OO miles off California Coast near 36 N 143 W with pressure ridge northward to coast of Canada and Southeastern Alaska. Storm of moderate Intensity just south of Aleutians expected in move eastward into Gulf of Alaska. Mostly sunny weather will continue along the Southern California coast tomorrow with decreasing winds. NATIONAL WEATHER SUMMARY There- were showers yesterday in Washington, Oregon, Central and Northern California and in Northern Nevada. Amounts were generally light. The weather turned very cool In Oregon, the interior of Central and Northern California and In Central and Northern Ne vada. Temperatures dropped to the aoa in much or Oregon and were predominantly in the 60s in Central and Northern Nevada while the Central Valley of California bad temperatures in the 70s. Showers and thunderstorms have been scattered in the Southern Plains and northeastward to the North Atlantic States. There have been showers and a few thunderstorms near the Canadian border from Montana to Minnesota. It was warmer over a large area yesterday Including the. Rockies and Plains and the extreme Upper Mississippi Valley. LOCAL TEMPERATURES Tuesday's maximum and minimum temperatures at Southern California points, as reported to the Los Angeles office of the U,8. Weather Bureau wera as follows: Station s: Weather Conditions June 81954 C A NASA I . ti-M.Q :' i" ' ' ' ; ., I ff MO ".f , O J : A-v u" A. -f: on Ntw o 8 7 & ruwijH 1) V S 63 SN IH'.C SCO High Temperatures and A real of Precipitation Expected Wednesday 60 60 A j tar r- n j i , n H "y.:..; nu ; 93 13 '-: if - OJ'CTY . 1 1 X SB ' J V rs. 1 hi v y 1 v v r TTft.W wtAIntR rRONTS RMH w, YEPMr) i mm v- I I STATIONARY 1 M WIND 89 1 M.A1 : SNOW MAX. TEMPERATURE 60 Council Fails to Dislodge OBITUARY : Los 3ngcles Cimis1 33 WED.JUNE9,1954-PoI I Mrs. Rose Salvaro !Mr. Hibbert, who lived at 'N' Kprnc Avp San flahripl Kosary lor .Mrs. Hose saivaio, diPfi Sunr1av. He leaves his1 Sfj Retiring School Official Honored R7 flf 1 m Svnnna St nr. ti-irlnu- nii,.Q r. rlTMntitn.. t .walk, who died vestorday, will 'Mrs. Thelma M." McRevnolds; Tribute was paid Dr. Ray- :Iip rpcited at s r, m uxhv at Cn. a wn, Attv. Maurice E. Hib-mond E. Pollich, retiring asso-be recited at 8 p.m. todaj at Go- . - , . cllnprintpn,lpt. nf RrhrlE ;ucau &: siai liiiuiu .xuiLuaiy, frarr i3 w wasnington Kiva. SANTA PAULA. June 8 vkasnmgton Councilmen elected on an anti- quiem High Mass will be cele- City Administrator slated failed brated at 9:30 a.m. tomorrow in tnree grandchildren last night to dislodge George Calvary Mausoleum Chapel. Aiassa from the post he has Mrs salvato, a native of Itaiv, held since 19-U- ;has been a resident here for 31 Second reading was given an years she leaves lhree dau h. ordinance Prepared by Coun-!ters: Mr Ge0rgina Hanev, Mrs. cilman Ralph B. Crawford to tiHHi, ,h abolish the office, but the meas- Jennie Salvato, and a Ruehl Thrasher. Mrs. - Nellie last night by 186 members of Re- Wells and Mrs. Elizabeth Cox; the Los Angeles Elementary brother, Hiram Ready, and School Men's Club at a dinnfcr and party at 406 b Crenshaw Blvd. Rnhrf ralif Dr. Pollich, who retired after iODerr jraiie 42 years 0 p)ans I-uneral services for Rotert leave on a foreign cruise. : H. Stalie, 43, will be conducted; special recognition was made today at 3 p.m. in Pierce Bros., in brief addresses bv Dr. Alex-Little Church Around th Cor-' arKjer Stoddard. suDerintendent. son, ner, followed by interment in and Paul Burke, member of the jlnelewood Park Cemetery. Koard of Education. Wendell Born in Arizona, Mr. Stalie had Gist, club president, served as lived in California 30 years. He naster 0f ceremonies. resided at Hoi.s tirmona Ave.,i- NATION'S WEATHER This map, based on United States Weather Bureau information, summarizes weather conditions yesterday. Figure beside cities indicates maximum temperature. Definitions of terms used are: Cold front: A boundary line between cold air and a mass of warmer air, under which the colder air usually advances southward and eastward. Warm front: A boundary between warm air and a retreating wedge of colder air. The warm air usually advances northward and eastward. Stationary front: An air mass boundary which shows little or no movement. Occluded front: A line along which warm air has been lifted from the earth's surface by the action of the opposing cold air. This often causes precipitation. Shading indicates areas of precipitation. Winds are counterclockwise toward the center of low pressure systems and they blow clockwise and outward from high-pressure areas. Deaths, Funeral Announcements; Deaths, Funeral Announcements; ure failed to carry- Council rpnrp 1 . V. ... i 1 T-i : i Liidiuwis weie pctcfwcu as ivicn-j ard Schuetz filed petitions if I signed by 400 voters opposing i narry J abolition of the office. ! Rosary for Harrv J. Ruehl Councilmen opposed to the 60, retired Covina City Administrator form of gov-deaier.( win be recited :" ua.iisu tomnrrmv in tho RaWwin riilla and rarr.K-n Sralio anri! ?u,uVOltff7e.?!a".15?'"iparlt Funer.1 H.mP. pM1in three sons, Fred. Ralph E. andtrc Vott Troubled wjiu.ii oaiiia lauw resiuenis ' RnKort 11 ctoli in decided they did not want a'Mass will be celebrated at 9 n0Qerl Slalle Jr- ; City Manager. Later the Cityja.m. Friday in Sacred Heart kr(- Minnm Shaffer counciihired Aiassaas Admin-im,,, fVlvin3 Mr n ,vrs. iviinnie anatrer istrator without referring it to' "... , j '! Funeral services for Mrs.! ted at 6:45 daUghters, Mrs. Maxins Man-! I VU I M I Hi the people. Early School Razing Ordered Lams Back, Nerves, Debility, lij Pains, Kidney and Bladder Troubles, Constipation, Despondenoy, nwner of th Packard aspnev -t: .u'l,', c'rr.. SleeplessnesSi LoSI Of StrCRglll i " jiuunne jadiwu snauer, ou, vui; - , in Covina from 191a until his be conducted today at 2:30 p.mjTh v( om of tn iim.nt. uuciaM wit .. . . . , r;.. t t . ; Prottaft TrouBle. Many men loflar fram tfc retirement last September, died! m rieice Bros. Little Country ,,t 0thr .hy.ic.t .horttommo, without kiwwim Monday at his home, 413 W ! Chapel followed by interment; S 7 miTS r M feT f n . . .. ' !m Valhalla Memorial Park. HOW TO GET QUICK RELIEF KenoaK Lme, uovma. a eter-!g , Fredonia Kan Mr Thrwih an ociuiivn combimtioii oi tti wri"t an ot woria wars i ana ii, ne Shaffer had been a Southland: -.n " tit ha, stood tt t.t .t ti. :vas a Past Commander of the 'resident for 30 years and died 1,," IoV.hVi?ft'chi & 1 Covina American Legion Post,!1" ner home, 807 ! k 1 r-,.;, t. i Drive, Monday. Max. Los Anpelcs T4 ranmont 78 Tllshop 13 Rlvthe "urbank Culver City . . . r?-ett H ("e;itro ' -.! B-i-ch .. . Airport . . . '-riles 'pnrt Beach ;!nirtale . . . . 95 ...12 ...74 . . . 82 ...90 ...en ...JO . . . 1.1 67 75 74 Mill. S8 42 4B 6fi 54 53 5fc 74 55 5B f 57 55 50 50 50 44 48 60 50 55 57 53 55 66 52 TEMPERATURES AND PRECIPITATION OVER THE NATION TUESDAY Proclpl- Station Max. Mln. tatlon Abilene 92 Albuquerque 90 AmariUo 93 Atlanta 88 Bakersfleld 70 Bismarck 72 Boise 73 P"so R'blcs 74 'Mvcrslrle 75 Sindber-; 62 Ran Bernardino 76 Sin Die?o 69 San Gabriel 76 San Pedro 69 Santa Ana 76 Santa Barbara 72 Santa Monica 73 Thermal 95 Torrance 75 Boston Brownsville Buffalo Charleston cneyenne 64 91 81 95 73 Chicago 83 Cincinnati Denver Des Molnea Detroit 85 83 86 82 Dodse City 93 Duluth 81 El Paso 94 Eureka 55 Flatstaff Ft. Worth 96 Fresno 73 Helena 67 Honolulu 83 Houston 91 Huron 78 Indianapolis 86 Jacksonville 98 Kansas City 88 Knoxville 91 Las Vena' 84 Little Rock. 94 Medford 64 Memphis 93 Miami 89 Minneapolis 85 New Orleans 90 New York North Platte .. Oklahoma City Omaha Pendleton Philadelphia .. Fnoenix 80 84 89 87 73 87 94 PittsburRh 84 Pocatello Portland. Me. Portland. Or. Rapid Cl'.y .. VrA Bluff Reno Roswell Sacramento . . St. Louis Salt Lake City San Antonio San Francisco Seattle Spokane Springfield, Tampa . . . Tucson Vancouver. 73 67 56 76 60 97 71 87 76 96 63 66 Mo. 69 86 88 94 B C 64 Washington 86 Wichita 94 Wllltston 63 Wlnnemucca 65 Win slow 83 Yellowstone 61 Yuma . . 96 ALASKAN STATIONS Anchorace 70 47 Fairbanks 74 55 Juneau -. . . . . 71 45 69 52 60 66 54 82 49 54 77 49 74 39 66 65 43 57 61 59 46 62 50 31 68 55 37 72 73 53 67 72 61 63 65 75 49 73 75 60 69 64 48 63 57 50 58 57 60 37 53 52 43 55 38 54 52 66 sn 75 52 46 44 64 70 60 48 64 60 50 45 44 29 66 .30 .09 .71 .05 T. .02 .34 .20 .04 04 VITAL RECORD Draths, Funeral Announcements BADGER. Norman Nash. June 7th. late of 1208 South Glendale Avenue. Glendale. husband of Mattie Belle Badeer, father of Thomas C. Badser. brother of Alexander J. Badger, all of Glendale. ' Funeral services Thursday. June 10th. 3 p.m.. at St. Mark's Eplsro-pal Church. Glendale. L. O. Scntern Fen. directors. 828 South Brand Boulevard. Glendale. BARTI.ETT, Lydla June, of 1315 Beverly Drive, Whittler, passed away June 7. survived by husband. Edward R. Bartlett. 3 sisters and 1 brother. Services from Siewert-Barber Memory Chapel, Whittler. Thursday, June 10, 1:30 p.m. Cryptslde services at Forest Lawn Memorial-Park Mausoleum. Glendale, Thursday, 3 p.m. BOYLE. Sister Anastasla. Solemn Requiem Mass today. 9 la., at the Lot Anaeles Orphanage. Cunningham O'Connor, directors. BRINE. May Gee. Services Thursday. 10 a.m.. at 8t. Brlgid Church. 84th and Western. Pierce Brothers' Inglewood. directors. . BCTtO, Mrs. norothy. ( Cunningham A O'Connor, directors. CARLSON. Mrs. Helga K beloved wife of Carl Otto Carlson, lovln mother of Alberta E. Carlson. Services 1 P.m. Saturday at rlerre Brothers' los Angeles, 720 West Washington Boulevard. Entombment Mausoleum of the Pines, Valhalla Memorial Park. CONDIT. Fred S., beloved husband of Gwenevere R. Condlt. father of Edgar 6. Reynolds and Reid P. Condlt, brother of Ralph E. and Pierre H. Condlt and Alice C. Bennett. Services Thursday. 11 a.m., In the Wee Kirk o' the Heather. Directed by Forest Lawn Mortuary. Family suggests In lieu of flowers, make contributions to the Heart Fund. Dl'BIA. Gertrude. Services today, 3:30 p.m., at Hillside Memorial Park Mausoleum. Groman Mortuary, directors. ECKENKOTH, Mary. Mass today, 10 a.m., at St. Raphael's Church. Edwards Brothers' Colonial Mortuary, directors. FLATT, William J., of 1203 East 74th Street. Services today. 11 a.m., in the Chapel of the Chimes. E. VV. Holman & .sons, directors. FOX, Rebecca. Services today, 2 p m.. at Hillside Memorial Park. Groman Mortuary, directors. GARTLAN. James. Edwards Brothers' Colonial Mortuary. GEISZEL. John J of 1406 North Hudson Avenue, loving husband of Jane Geiszel. beloved father of John J. Geiszel. B J . Rosary this evening. 8 o'clock, at Blessed Sacrament Church. Requiem Mass Thursday, 9 a.m., at Blessed Sacrament Church. Kindly omit flowers.) White Callanan, directors. GELLER, Mollie. Services today, 3 p.m., at Groman Mortuarv. G1LAKDO. Giochino. Requiem Mais today. 9:30 a.m., at St. Peter's Church. Conningham &- O'Connor Hollywood, directors. GLASS. Edith G., of 854-A, 4ta Street, Santa Monica. Services today at 3 p.m.. In the Little Church of the Flowers. j uirected Dy f orest Lawn .vioriuary. GOLDMAN, Beatrice (Beal, loving mother of Ann Lippert, Rose Greenhouse and Shirley Rose, also survived by 3 sisters, 2 brothers, 3 grandchildren and 3 great-grandchildren. Services today, 12 noon, at Hollywood Cemetery Chapel. Groman Mortuary, directors. . GOODWIN. Mrs. Louise lovlni sister of Frank J. McNally. Requiem Mass Thursday. 8:30 a.m., at Calvary Mausoleum Chapel. Cunningham & O'Connor, directors. HANDLER, Sam, Services today, 3 p.m., at Hollywood Cemetery Chapel. Glasband Mortuary, directors. HAWTHORNE, John Charles. late of 3206 Sllverlake Boulevard, loving- father of Dorothy Fyke, Ellen Clayton, Charles, Leslie, William. Harold, Robert, Stanley and Arthur Hawthorne, also survived by 15 grandchildren. Services Thursday, 3 p.m., at ITt-ter-McKlnley's Jewel City Glendale Mortuary. HELLER, Anna M. Private services wera eonduoted by the House of Hall. HOLMES. Frances, beloved wife of Gerald Holmes. Services Saturday. 1:30 p.m., at Wilson-Carter Mortuary. Monterey Park. KARPMAN. Isadore. Mmlinnw JL simoni. directors. KERN. Arthur H., beloved husband of Mrs. Alice H. Kern. latner ot Arthur H. Kern Jr. and John L. Kern. Services 2:30 p.m. today at the Church of Our Saviour, San Gabriel Turner, Stevens A Turner, Alham-bra, directors. LEMKE, Minna, of Long Beach. Services today. 10 a.m.. at Hill-i side Memorial Park. Groman Mortu-! ary. directors. . LEVY. Jacob. I Malinow & Simons, directors. I MANNING. John E. j Services today. 11 a.m.. at Ed wards Itrothers' Colonial Mortuary. McCANN, Carl C aged 67, a native of I Arkansas, passed away In San Fran cisco, cal.. June 7t.h. 1954: husband of Leonore Hill McCann, father of Mrs. Helen Leary. brother of Miss Carrie McCann. Mary Floy McArdle, and Mrs. L. V. Denniston, grandfather of David F. Leary Jr. and Thomas Carl Leary. Services today. June 9th, 10 a.m., at Truman's, Telegraph Avenue at 30th Street, Oakland, Cal. MIDDLETON, Ames Julia, loving Wife of the late Ray Mtddleton. survived by 4 sisters, Mrs. Belle Uzell, Mrs. Mal-vina Barnett. Mrs. Martha Sorensen and Mrs. Betty Moslcy, 1 brother, James A. Andrews. Services 10 a.m. Thursday at W. A. Rrown & Son Funeral Home. MIDDLETON, Ray. beloved husband of the late Agnes Julia, survived bv 3 sisters. Mrs. Bessie Hourston. Mrs. Ruth Martin and Mrs. Beulah Manilla. Services 10 a.m. Thursday at W. A. Brown & Son Funeral Home. MILBERG. Samuel. Services Thursday. 12 noon, at Groman Mortuary. Interment Hillside Memorial Park. NORDSTROM, Andrew J.. beloved husband of Sennle Nordstrom, brother of Frank Nordstrom and Cecilia Roberts. services Thursday. 2 p m.. at Edwards Brothers' Colonial Mortuary. PARSONS. John C of Garden Grove, beloved husband of Sarah M. Parsons. Puneral services Thursday. 10:30 am., at Honold Brothers' Chapel, Garden Grove PEZOI.D. George M.. of 5339 Ben Alder. Whittler, June 8. husband of Mary A., father of Arthur of Santa Paula. Mrs. Mary Cloud of Pasadena and Mrs. Dorothy Decker of Vallejo. Rosarv Thursday. 8 p.m.. at the White-Emersnn Chapel, Whittler. Requiem High Mass Friday. 11 a.m.. at St. Mary's Catholic Church, Whittler. Entombment Calvary Mausoleum. PHILLIPS. Emma, age 9R. former resident of Hollywood Hotel. Hollywood, Cal., survived bv 2 sons. Grant K. Phillips of Fallbrook, Cal., John H. Phillips of Piedmont. Cal.: also survived bv 9 grandchildren and 11 great-grandchildren, and 2 great-great-grandchildren. Services Thursday, 1 pm. at Fvergreen Cemetery, Los Angeles. Wlnhlrler Mortuary, Santa Ana, in charge. RIE9, Margaret E. Services today. 2:30 II , at Edwards Brothers' Colonial Mortuary. ROOM Y. Dr. Henry M. Requiem High Mass today. 9 s.m., at St Gregory's Church. Cunningham & O'Connor, directors. ROSEN. Max. Services today. 12:30 p.m., at Hillside Memorial Park. Groman Mortuary, directors. ROSENBLCM, Annie. Services todav, 10 a m at Beth Olam Mausoleum. Groman Mortuary, directors. RUEHL, Harry J., of Covina. beloved husband of Mrs. Merle Ruehl, father of Mrs. Mary Lou Schllchtlng of Covina. . ., Rosary 6:45 p.m. Thursday at the Baldwin Park Puneral Home. Mass 9 a.m. Friday at Sacred Heart Church, Covina. SALVATO. Rose, loving mother of Geor-gina Haney. Matilda Middleton, Jennie and George Salvato; also survived by 8 grandchildren. Rosary tonight. 3 o'clock, In Go-deau & Martinonl's Crystal Chapel. Funeral Thursday. 8'45 a.m.. from the chanel. Mass 9:30 a.m. at Cal vary Mausoleum Chapel. Entomb ment calvary. SANCHKZ. Feline. Mass today. 9 a.m.. at Immaculate Conception Church. Edwards tsrotn-ers' Colonial Mortuary, directors. SHROTE, Jack, beloved husband of Margaret L, Schrote, father of Mrs. Marinn MrWiiiiams. son of Mrs. Mabel Shrote. brother of Mrs. Wil- lard George. Mrs. Lawrence Stephens and Mr. H. R. Shrote: also survived hv 2 grandsons. Masonic services 3 p.m. Thursday In the Church of the Recessional under the auspices oi the James GarHeid Lodge No. 566. Directed by Forest Lawn Mortuary. SORTINO. Mariano, loving father of Josephine. Francesca, Ross, Caesar and Frank Sortino. Rosary Thursday evening. 9 fnlne) o'clock, at Good Shepherd Church, Beverly Hills. Requiem Mass Friday, 9 a.m., at Good Shepherd Church. Interment Holy Cross. Cunningham it O'Connor Hollywood, directors. STARR, Ezra C. Services today, 1 p.m.. at Hollywood Cemetery Chapel. Groman Mortuary, directors. STAlllUt. Mrs. Rosa Ann. Services 3 p.m. today. Friends may call at Pierce Brothers' Hollywood, 5959 Santa Monica Boulevard. lAUentown. Fa., papers please copy.) STERT. Rebecca. Services today, 2 p.m., at Hollywood Cemetery Chapel. Groman Mortuary, directors. SWARTHOCT, Dr. Max Tan Lewen. bs-loved father of Mrs. Mark F. Jones Jr., R. E. and Dr. M. Swarthout. brother of Dr. Donald M. Swarthout. Services and interment In Pawpaw. 111. (Friends may call at Pierce Brothers' Hollywood. 5959 Santa Monica Boulevard, from 5 p.m. Tuesday until 12 noon Wednesday.) TABOR, A. E. Ed, loving husband of Josephine. Services 2 o.m. Thursday at Pierce Brothers' Crenshaw, 4601 Crenshaw Boulevard. TENNEN". Jessie, beloved mother of Anna Miller and Mary Dacher, Eva Mashe-kow. Lena Tensen and Harry Ten-nen; also survived 15 grandchildren and 14 great-grandchildren. Services were held Friday. June 4th. 10:30 a.m., at Mt. Sinai Memorial Park. WARD. Miss Mary G. Requiem Mass todav. 9 a m.. at St. Kevin's Church. White St Callanan. directors. WATSON. Harry. Edwards Brothers' Colonial Mortuary, WILCOX. Greta Larsen, born In Copenhagen, Denmark, passed away June 7, 1954, in Los Angeles. Services will be held at 3:30 p.m. Thursday at the Wee Kirk o' the Heather. Forest Lawn Cemetery. Reverend Walter Mueller of Oakland officiating. Plerca Brothers' Los Angeles, directors. WOODFIN, Mary Jane. Services .Thursday, 11 am., at Edwards Brothers' Colonial Mortuary. WOODWARD, Maggie J. Services today, 1 p.m., at Armstrong Family. Youthful Fire Fighters to Get Awards Honor members of the Los Angeles Junior Fire Department will be saluted today and Saturday for their work in eliminating more than 180,000 city fire hazards in one school semester. The new fire chief, deputy chief and seven assistants of the group will be named today during the 10th annual awards luncheon at the Statler, President Stephen Gavin of the Los Angeles Junior Chamber of Commerce said yesterday. More than 750 young members throughout the county will be entertained by the Junior Chamber and the Fire Department Saturday at Griffith Park at the annual awards picnic for battalion chiefs. The program has youths in the fifth and sixth grades of both public and parochial schools seeking out fire hazards in their individual neighborhoods. - irinrr-loi- ceateo tha Ouo-Euthene Method which efere XVill.H,..iCV (ftn .r .... nuir.KER RESULTS. Raliaf la She leaves cft" imtantaefoui. The sensational leianrrflo HrTI'GTO" RE 4CH Tune . , , . , " three daughter.?, Mrs. Helen ttm tm.,m, actios are- thriiiim wait at a Rrpmniitirn nf ,ho r iud ana a pasi president oi we Chadwell, Mrs. Clara Lone- " - ' 8-Demolition of the 42-year- Sacred Heart church Ho,y; worth and Mrs Bertha Schneuj. No Drugs! No Operations! old front wing of the Ocean;Name Society He leaves his:er; 12 grandchildren; 13 great- It.Z'l Kl7Ta4K! View School north of Hunting- j widow Merle: his mother, Mrs. grandchildren, and one great- ;';; .fJ'SUiJ V. ton Beach has been requested iMargareth a Ruehl of Baldwin great-grandchild. ism ouo-Eutmna 'Method can ur , by the State Fire Marshal be- FarK; a daugnter, Mrs. Mary; . tor tree Consultation cause of the fire hazard to chil- and adjacent Lou schuchting of Covina, two James vj. Udrridrt Brina tni, so. crt mi.t this oid.e . ju;i,i-. , ! tuntty to talk over your troubles with Dr. ,4 09 granacniiaren ana seen sis-; Rotary for James ToseDh hii " " ines 1 . .2 atter a thorough examination hy this still1 il,artian. .n. fi.ill l.pvintrtnn licensed authority. Ave., job printer in Southern no ipp nf ralifnrnia fnr 48 voar will hQ Um ,rl U,ta Orliisator of Dut-Eutaew dren, building buildings. Board members sajd the cost u ii n of repairing the wing to meet Ur. Henry M. KOOfiey State fire requirements for Remiipm Mas for Dr. Hpnrvi recited at 8 p.m. tschools would exceed the costiM Roonev, 75, physician and i with Requeim Mass to be cele-j of a new wing. A $90,000 bond!Surgeon, will be celebrated at Derated at 8 a.m. Friday, bothj (election will be conducted Mon- a.m. today in St. Gregory's lin the Church of Immaculate' ; day, June 14 to replace the old j catholic Church, followed by j Heart of Mary, 4950 Santa1 'structure, which has been a j interment in Hoi v Cross Ceme-1 Monica Blvd. Interment will i landmark at Huntington Beach ter y, with Cunningham &;foJlow in Holy Cross cemetery. iiiva. and wintersnurg Ave. it ifConnor Los neeles Mortu-i w. Gartian was oorn in lre- ary in charge of arrangements. I land- He died suddenly Mon-Dr. Rooney, who died Sunday,! day in his home. He was a was a native of Illinois and had! member of the Ancient Order lived here 49 vears. He had re-!of Hibernians. He leaves two sided at 832 S Windsor Blvd. sisters, Mrs. iYiary aussey and has been repaired repeatedly but plaster continues to fall and the foundation is deteriorating. CALENDAR IN MEMORIAM In lovinir memory of WtlHam F. Alt-hoff, who passed away one year bko today. Grace L. Keen, Geo. A. and Edw. H. AUhoff. jfutteral Dirertots UTTEK-McKIXLEY Sixteen Convenient Funeral Chapels MAIN OKFICE DC-S-J4RI Today Kiwanis Club, luncheon, Bilt-more. Investment Club, luncheon, Biltmore. Town Hall, luncheon, Biltmore. Pacific Coast Travelers, buffet-breakfast, Biltmore, 8 a.m. Sales Executives Club, dinner, Biltmore, 7 p.m. I American Institute of Bank-! ing, meeting and tour, Biltmore, , 8 a.m. Associated General Contractors, meeting, Ambassador, 9 a.m. Wilshire Rotary Club, luncheon, Ambassador. Institute of Real Estate Management, meeting, Ambassador, 1:45 p.m. Bank of America, dinner and dance, Cocoanut Grove, Ambassador, 9 a.m. Los Angeles Junior Chamber of Commerce, luncheon, Statler. Rotary Junior, luncheon, Statler. High School Job Started SAN GABRIEL. June 8 Construction of a $3,400,000 San Gabriel High School has started tomorrow , 818 . Spring St. Monday and Friday, 11 A M. -7 P.M. Tuttday and Thursday, 11 A M. -5 P : Sunday by Appointment Clostd Wdnday and Saturday -( T Kidney SIow-Down may Bring Restless Nights and leaves a daughter, Mrs. Ed-! Mrs. Sarah Threll, and a broth-! fo??SS ward W. Boland, and five grand-er, -uan uaruan. children, Paul, Peter, Philip, Patrick and Anne Boland. Mrs. Sara Pearce Funeral sendees for Mrs. !Sara M. Pearce, 72, hospital di- on Crown City Ranch at thejetitlan, will be conducted by San Gabriel-Alhambra border. The school, third in the Al-hambra High School District, will be completed in September, 1955. The 57-classrom school will cover 171,678 square feet and will have an enrollment of 2400. Financing Sought for Night Patrol DEL MAR, June 8 The Del Mar Chamber of Commerce has forwarded a formal request to the San Diego County Board of Supervisors that the county bear the entire cost of the Sheriff's night patrol In the Del Mar-Solaha Beach area. Merchants of these two communities have been contributing a part of the salary of Dep. Sheriff Karl Hunt. DAV to Install Garton SANTA BARBARA, June 8 Omar W. Garton, an Insurance man, will be Installed as Commander of the Santa' Barbara Chapter, Disabled American War Veterans, at ceremonies tomorrow night. TEMPORARY MORTUARY WALLACE E. WHITE it HOWARD J. CALLANAN 91 3 W. WASHINGTON BLVD PB.324S. GROMAN MORTUARY JEWISH FUNERAL DIRECTORS 830 V. Washington Bird. RI-;;nI. EDWARDS BROTIIKKS COLONIAL MORTCARY inoO Venlea Blvd. PRospeet MM. W. A. BROWN & SON W. WYXIE SHOWN 111 South Flnvrr Street. RI-D7I41 TlERTK BROTHERS Prospect 4151 BRAMBLE-BEST Reverent ll TOBERMAN STREET. avid J. Malloy Mortuary ARMSTRONG FAMILY 1501 SOUTH HOP STREET. RI-34K. Jfuncral Directors Mortuary in Valhalla Memorial Park Complete Serriee at One Location Under Direction of Pierre Brothers CUNNINGHAM & O'CONNOR ESTABLISHED 189ft Two Convenient Locations (WO W. Washlnrton PR-Oidt 8M0 Melrose. Hollywood. BK-MtM BRESEE BROS. & GILLETTE SIXTY-TWO YEARS OK FRIKNPLY SERVICE MORTUARY IN FORK8T LAWN EVERYTHING IN TIME OF SORROW TELEPHONE CLEVELAND d-3131 Forest Lawn Memorial-Para Assn., lne. CEMETERIES ROSEDALK Besatlfnl Permanent Convenient 1831 W. Washlnstnn Bird. RE-4-31M. Sun, Moon, Tide Er U S. Coast ind Otodetle Survey tw fitir fUU kUf 9 Qua Pierce Bros. Inglewood Mortuary today at noon in the Hollywood Hills Cemetery Chapel, followed by interment in Hol lywood Hills Cemetery. Born in Canada, Mrs. Pearce had been a California resident for 35 years and died in her home, 1828 W SOth St., Sunday. She leaves two sons, Arthur W. and Charles Pearce, and a granddaughter. Charles W. Hibbert Funeral services for Charles V. Hibbert, 74, retired general manager of the Challenge Creamery & Butter Association, will be conducted at 2:30 p.m. today in the chapel of Turner, Stevens & Turner, Alhambra. Meeting on LATL Called Pay Cuft June 30 July 7 June 16 June 23 WEDNESDAY, JUNE 9 Sun rises 5:42 a.m.. sets 8:03 p.m. Moon rises 2:11 p.m., sets 1:20 a.m. TIDES. LOS ANGELES HARBOR Juno High Low Hieh Low 8 6:00 3J 10:56 1.1 :'! 4 1 Low Huh Low Hish 10 12:48 1.1 6:22 3 0 11:3B 1.8 fi:11 5.0 11 1:34 0 6 7:30 3.0 I3:IB 1.9 6:M 5.3 12 2:14 0 2 8:23 3.1 K:7 2.1 7:33 5.5 13 B:49-0.2 9:09 3.2 l:S! J.2 7:t 5.7 14 3:23-0.4 9:49 3 3 S:0 2.3 5 8 15 3:57-0.7 10:27 3.4 S:41 2.3 8:58 6.0 Tides are nven In order of oreuirenee . ' First column denotes tune and second column height In feet above or below-mean lower low water. LlBht-face type denotes a.m.: bold-fsre p.m. Tims listed Is Daylight Saving Time. Yesterday's water temperatures: Long Beach, 65; esnta Monica, t)2. I Ex-Kansas Governor's Widow Dies Mrs. Stella Stubbs, 84, widow of Walter Roscoe Stubbs, for mer Governor of Kansas, died yesterday at a local sanitarium after an extended illness. Her husband, who was Kansas Governor from 1909 to 1913, died in 1929. Mrs. Stubbs came to Los Angeles 11 years ago. She lived at 449 S Alexandria Ave. Funeral services are pending at Forest Lawn Mortuary in Glendale. She leaves two daughters, Mrs. Lenora Stewart and Mrs. Margaret Sweet, both of Los Angeles, and two sons, Walter and Paul J., both of Silver Spring, Md. ACID INDIGESTION aches, dizziness ar.d loss of pep and energy. Don't suffer restless nights with thes discomforts if reduced kidney function is a$u tine you down due to such common causes as stress and strain, over-exertion or aurpo sure to cold. Minor bladder irritationa iv9 to cold or wrong diet may cause gettinavp niehta or frequent passages. Don't neglect your kidneys if theseondi tions bother you. Try Doan's Pills a mild di uretic. It's amazing: how many times Dosm'a give happy relief from theso diseomforta help the 16 miles of kidney tubes and filter flush out waste. Ask for new, large, economy ! sue and save money. Get Doan a Puis today A special membership meet-i - T ing in connection with current; THOUSANDS negotiations between AFL; gat faster for Transportation Union. Division uiadtbiibu fM 1?77 anrl th T.oo Anrpli OAS' HEARTBURN front Transit Lines has been called for 8 p.m. today. The meeting, to be addressed . r" b,ttf 7"i , T-, j. t-i -TT-, ! minty - flavored tablets. by President France J. Don- nelly, of the union, will be held I X in Embassy Auditorium, 9th J. U111JLU11C St. and Grand Ave. Union members have been operating without a contract since its expiration at midnight last Thursday. The union has turned down the company's 'final" offer of a 4-cent-an-hour pay increase effective as of June 1 and another 2 cents effective Dec. 1. The present top scale is $1.85 hourly. The union asked for 15 cents an hour more at the outset of negotiations. rOK "HUMtY-WORSlY iTOPWACM" ADVERTISEMENT More Comfort Weariag, FALSE TEETH Here la a pleasant way to orercotrf tooee plate discomfort. FASTKETBJ. an improved powder, sprinkled on upper and lower plates holds them, firmer so that they feel more comfortable. No rummy, gooey, pasty tane or feellnir. It's alkaline non-acld). Does not sour. Checks "plate odor" (denture breath!. Get FAS-TEETH today at any drug counter. 1 Ctatttrj CrcMliry iliibirlt 0 4iiMlMa "til 7 VI k A'.'i Hi! IL 1 CEMETERY LOTS Inglewood Park, Avslon plot, 4 lots. !00 ea. Prl. pty. AX-47627, after 4. all yu PaY. ;flewers! ...not Z;j the cost of delivery: V For more, for lovelier flower because there is no hidden cost of delivery, order sprays for Forest Lawn funerals direct from the rorest Lawn rlower Shop. Delivered on lime. "Minnies fresh", rtinne orders may he charged. 1 4 M P fT JL J lovely sprnys irom 4 FOREST LAWN FLOWER SHOP Open every day including Sunday fiirNoa.Lt -t:iveland 6-3131 ZKnilh 41S1 HOllTWOOD HIUS Sllnset 2-0621 ZKnilh 4614 SINCE 1910 . . . Faithful to their trust, Edwards Brothers have been efficiently serving countless families in Los Angeles and surrounding communities. This long record of satisfactory service has inspired confidence in the bereaved who need comfort, aid and helpful advice. Whether the service is conducted in the Edwards Brothers beautiful chapel or the cemetery or church of your choice, every detail will be correct. Simply call PRospeet 8281 for immediate assistance. EDWARDS BROTHERS Colonial 1f(oituti S llnm Ann.Ui' coiHsnom lOO VI NIC I lOUllVAK I Selected by more families . . . year after year. . . than any other mortuary in the West. Reip Brothers Funerals from $70 You C2 n afford a fine funeral when you call Utter IMinleij Utlex-McKinley serves more familiei In ONE WEEK than the average funeral director serves in an entire year. That's why Utter-McKinley can render the finest funeral services at recognized lowest prices. In fact, everything that is needed for a truly fine funeral is offered by Utter-McKinley for as low as $60. You can afford a fine funeral when you call Utter-McKinley. FINEST FUNERALS LOWEST PRICES 60 $145 5245

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