The Placer Herald from Rocklin, California on September 11, 1852 · 2
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The Placer Herald from Rocklin, California · 2

Rocklin, California
Issue Date:
Saturday, September 11, 1852
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tklj-JJtaer grrolfc 1 eptember 11, 1852. To theVaens of Placer County, -Tb roMgk the partiality of friends we lave been selected to the responsible po sition of publising the first Journal in Placer county, .auuougn somewnai nn- fident of our abilities, the strong prompt' ings of our inclinations, urge us to the task. In becoming a candidate for popular fa tor, a declaration of principles is due to the public. This time honored usage we have no desire to disregard, . but wil state, briefly, the principles which wil guide us in the conduction of the "Placer Herald." In all matters of religious or politica Concernment, the " Herald" will be free And independent. Thi peculiar advo cate of no sect or party, we shall strive earnestly to do 'equal and exact justice' to all. Whenever the interests either of the particular sections in which we live, or the State at large, may be involved, we shall ever feel it our duty to strike for the right. It will afford us pleasure to a p prove the acts of our public men, bu should duty point to a different caurse, we shall be bold to condemn. Without "friends to reward, or enemies to punish we come anions you, and trust that our comeing may be alike pleasurable and profitable to all. - rlacer being peularly a mining County, we shall labor especially for the developement of this great branch of in d us try and source of wealth. That we may be useful in our vocation, we ear nestly solicit the aid of intelligent miners. The opinions of practical men we con sider by far the most valuable, and the results of their experience will be dilli gently sought, and cheerfully Heralded. Jla the name of our Journal would in dicate, we desire to make it emphatically a newspaper, and shall spare no pains to accomplish this object; news items, there fore, of whatever description, that will Drove interesting to the Dublic. will be gratefully received. In conclusion we beg leave to tender to the citizens of Placer county our ac knowledgements for the handsome manner in which they have been pleased to receive us, and to pledge our best exertions in se curing to them a journal worthy of their confidence and support. Jgents. San Francisco, John F. Da- mon; Sacramento; Gen. Winn; Placer eouuty, all the Expresses; Smith Herrick at Yankee Jim's, and E. Brown at Spring Garden. Mining News. Manhattan company, on Manhattan Bar, four miles from Auburn, having drained the bed of the river in their claim, are driving a very good business, say 50 ounces per day. Rattlesnake Bar, two and a half miles below, miners are doing well; Rattle snake company averaging about ft 1,000 per day. Dead Man's Bar co. are also making excellent averages At Horse Shoe Bar there are a large num ber of people, many doing very well Fluming is carried on very extensively on the North Fork this year, and gener ally very successfully from the junction of North and Middle Fork to Beat's Bar. At Smith's Doton's Condemned and Beat's Bars, from accounts, miners are doing as well this year as ever they Rave done at those places. Outside. On our first page will he found the proceedings of the Democratic convention and various items ; on the fourth, a large portion of Gen. McDou galls Railroad speech. - Mr. Tingley is to reply in a few days, Bis speechy when it shall have been del ivered, will find a place in our columns. COThe news from tlio Atlantic States by the last steamer was not prolific of interest. Commercially there was nothing to note, and the only political items were from Missouri and Iowa, where partial election returns had been received. In the former it Js believed the Democratic party have triumphed And that col. Ben-oil is elected in his district; in the latter, the returns rccieved indicated a demo eratic triumph, ' Suicide. A man by the name of Jim Rhine, a member of tbo Indiana Bar co., on the North Fork of Feather mil tea! suicide on Saturday last, by jump- icjiatotho flume and being crushed by tfi Wheel,' Our Informant states that he bad expended about $6000 and that the work not yielding equal to his expectations, he threatened to put an end to bis life. He was a native of Tennessee. Insanity, growing out of his disappoint- tlifl ra!i ftrff. A w Art Oua Paper. Through tue kindness oi friends we are compelled to make our first number a bad specimen sheet. So liberally have advertising favors poured in upon us, that we have scarcely room to make our expected bow to the public. For the many kind wishes for our success, we return our most warm and heartfelt thanks, but cannot belp grumbling at the inroads made upon our editorial calculations, d long Placer county article, upon which we had prided ourselves, is unavoidably postponed, as are many other important items. We hope for better luck in the "good time coming." Taking Dinner. The Indians near Mineral Bar, North Fork, and the china men, have not been on good terms of late A few days since the Natives watched the celestials at a 'distance, while they were cooking their dinner, and as soon as it was done, made a descent upon them and run them off, after which they regaled themselves at the expense of the "broth ers of the sun." There was no blood spilled, but the Indians left the celestial housekeepers to cleanse their dishes after they had appeased their hunger, a most impolite way of trespassing upon neigh bors. - Thanks. Our Express friends have our thanks for many favors. . Adams & Co. were first with files from the Atlantic States, but Wells & Fargo, and Gregory followed close upon their heels. lhey are all kindly remembered. Lynching. On Monday night last a negro was arrested at tseais car, ior stealing a watch. A people's jury was empannelled, the theft confessed, and thirty-nine lashes duly admintstered. Mend your Ways. There might be some slight improvement in the streets of Auburn. A word to tbe wise, Slc. 03" Auburn has had several nar row escapes from fire recently, all from a careless leaving of matches. Too much caution cannot be used to guard against the devouring element. Political. The citizens of Placer county are among the most ardent politicians in the State. Since we have been here, there have been two poles raised at Ophir, one for either party; two conven tions held, and three candidates for Congress addressing the dear people.. There's a good time coming, boys!" CO" We had intended makingthe Her ald one column larger to the page, but fearing that we might get out of paper, we have decided to curtail the proposed fair proportions. 'Wait a little longer." Chinese War. There was quite an excitement a day or two since, between the Chinese and Indians' A report came in that an Indian had murdered and rob bed a chinaman, whereupon the celestials turned out in full force, capt. John sported a large saber, and liberal rewards WJie offered for the offenders. Two Indians were Brought in and lodged in jail over night, but were turned loose next day, there being no proof against them. Thus ended the only excitement which has disturbed the quiet of our town for several weeks past. OO" Among the items crowded out, are report of the courts San Francisco correspondence and local corespondence. We will make all possible amends in our next. Oca Job Office. Every variety of job printing can bo executed at the office of the "Placer Herald," in the best manner and on the sliunesi uuifcc- nl see f &?" Thanks to our advertising friends, their favors have been numerous and are duly appreciated. PLACER CO. WHIG CONVENTION Pursuant to a call from the Conty Cen tral Committee, the Whigs of Piaccr county met in convention on Saturday, Sept. 4, 1852, at 2 o'clock, p. m. Mr. It. V. Hopkins called the convention to or der by nominating Cnpt. F. G. Russell, oi uoiu urn, as rroiueiu, rranK uaiti- wcll and George Ellmore were chosen Vice Presidents, and J. W. Belden and R. J. Cravens, Secretaries. The convention was opened by praver by tue uev. lur. Hunter, uu motion, n committee composed of one from each precinct was appointed to examine ere- lentialsot delegates, and lor tormina the basis of representation. After an absence of half nn hour the committee returned and I'lnd'1 the following report : That each precinct in convention be entitled to five votes. On motion, the report whs adopted, and the committee discharged. Nineteen precincts wero represented in convention, On motion, the convention proceeded to ballot for the State And County ofiicers. The following ticket was imnnirnouslv nominated for the different ofIices,to wit: wait isenatorJtmci E. Us p.. Yan kee Jim's. 4, ,,!,-John Hancock, Surahville; Thomas White, Horse Shoe Bar. District Attorney 11. D. Hopkins, Auburn ... ... ,1, c i. SAtfrJ-Wm. J. Henson, Middle Fork. County Clerk A. S Grant, Auburn. County Treasurer Dr. H. Hubbard, Auburn, Vismsor J. Bristow, Gold Hill. Surveyor George M Till, Ophir. -Public Administrator Jonu. Roberts, Auburn. Coroner J. M. Patterson, Manhattan Bar. . On motion of R. D. Hopkins, it was Resolved, That this convention unite with the Whigs of El Dorado county in presenting the name of John M. Howell to the citizens of the Eleventh District, for the office of District Judge. On motion, a committee of five, composed of J. W. Chism, A. S. Grant, Jas. E. llale, R. D. Hopkins and T. C. Bei-cher, to draft resolutions expressive of the sense of this convention, to report at 7 o'clock, p. m. On motion the convention adjourned until . 7 o'clock in the evening. Evening Session. The convention was called to order by the President. The committee on resolutions reported the following: - Resolved, That the Whigs of Placer co. most heartily endorse the .national Whig platform us adopted by the national Whig convention at Baltimore, as well as the platform laid down by the Whig State convention at Sacramento. Resolved, That the Whigs of Placer county unitemost cordially with their brethren througiout the Union in upholding and sustaining the series of compromise measures as established by the last Congress, and that we deprecate the fur ther agitation of the vexed questions by those measures so happily and equitably settled. Mesovled, That the" Wlusis of thiscoun- ty also Cordialjy unite with the Whigs throughout the State aniKUnion in ad vocating such a system of national inter- nal improvements as will foster and protect the great interests of the Republic, and, as California Whigs, shall most earnestly advocate the construction of the great ranroaa across me riams, uenevmg the same to be stridtlv national in its character, and necessary to the develop ment of the immense resources or our la-vorite State. Resolved, That the only reasonable hone that can be entertained of the ac complishment of this stapendous work, and kindred enterprises, such as tne removal of the obstructions in our navigable rivers, the construction of light hous es, as well as liberal donations of public lands, and an equitable arrangement in regard to the public domain in California, is to be lound in tne utmost oeteat oi those aspirants to Presidential honors, Pierce and King; the former having ac quired his nomination from the so called democratic party by bis uncompromising hostility, as shown by his speeches and his every vote to. every species of internal improvement by the general government; while the chief recommendation nf the atter is to be found in his bitter and un ceasing opposition to the admission of our beloved California into the sisterhood of republican States. Kesolved, 1 hat in the nomination and almost certain election of the great defender of the American flair and the pre server of the integrity of the Union, Gen. Scott, and the sound statesman, W m. A. Grahrtin, we have an abiding confidence in the triumph of those principles so dear to the hearts of all true Whigs. Resolved, That to these nominees, as well as to the Whig Stale ticket, and the nominations this day made, we pledge a handsome, majority in Placer county. Un motion of ftlr. uuyon, the resolu tions presented by the committee were unanimously adopted. Un motion of Wr, Jlnpkms, a commit tee of two was appointed to wait upon air. Horace smith and fllr. Marshall, nl Sacramento Lity, and invite them to ad dress the convention. Mr. Marshall came forward nmid loud cheers, and addressed the convention. Horace Smith was loudly called for, and made an eloquent and able speech. v James E. Hale, the nominee of the convention for Senator, made a few remarks in his usual happy manner. Mr. Hopkins, from the Whig county central committee, tendered the resignation of that body, together with their thanks for the honor conferred upon them. un motion, tne committee was re-nom iiiaicd and re-electod to servo n the county central committee to serve for the ensuing year. The following gentlemen compose the committee: James Munscll, A. S. Grant, J. E. Hale, II. D. Hopkins, J. W. Chism, G. r. r:riir V I Vv IJ I On motion it was resolved that the nro ceeding of the convention be published in tho Sacramento Union, San Francisco Whig, and I'lacer Herald. On motion the convention adjourned, sine die. F. G. RUSSELL, Prcs't. l. V. IJELDEN, ? v . . It. O. Cravens! rccrctariC8- . Aotlcc. rilOthe Stockholders of the Bear River X- nnd Juburn Water and Mining com pany. You are hereby notified that on the ait day of June, a. d. 1852, an assessment of two hundred and 'fifty dollars was levied on each share of stock in the Bear River and Auburn water and Mining companj, payable on the 15th day of July, 1852. .Also, a further assessment of one hundred and sixty six 66-100 dollars was levied on ench share of stock in miidrompn-ny, payabfo on the 2Sihday of Jug., 1852. You . will therefore take notice that all assessments' due nnd unpaid onutock, such tock shall be delinquent, and forfeited in accordance with article V sec. 127 in the Statutes of California, atmlicabla to com. panies for manufacturing, mining, 8tc. sll 6wJ J. n. CR.flND.ILL, Soe'y. ' MISCELLANEOUS. Alta California Telegraph Co. TnTini' ia lieroliv riven to the stock i holders that tbe first instalment of twenty percent, on each share subscribed of the capital stock of said company, will be receceived on or before the lath oi September, 1852, by the Ireasurer, j. M. Rhodes, at the Sacramento City Bank; . .i i,.r tli fnlliuviil! also at Hie Sim" n""3 VJ v..v - b agents: Win. Gwynn, Auburn; H. Davis, v i. II A Sheldon. Grass Valley, nd Rough and Ready; J. H. Phillips, Pl.worlillA. liv rville. liv order ot me uoaru ui Directors. J. r. OV Jili l u., . J. W. Gish, Sec'y. fell -t J MEMBERS of the CRCESUS HILL QUARTZ MINING CO. are hereby notified that a meeting of the company will be held at the office of P. W. I horn-as & R. D. Hopkins, in Auburn, on the 15th day of September, 1852, at 7 o'clock p. m., for the purpose of electing officers of the company. , Punctual attendance ol the members is earnestly requested. R. D. HOPKINS, sll-lt See.of C. J I. Q M. Co. Notice. mn the Stockholders'of the Auburn and X Bear River Water and Mining Co. There will be a meeting of the above company at their office in Auburn, on Saturday, September lStb, at 2 o'clock, p. m.. for the purpose of increasing the -mitnl stock of said company from $300, 000 to $350,000, and to transact such other business as may be legally presented for consideration. Also, that an assess-mpnt nf 55166 66 has been made on each share of stock of said company, payable iit their office in Auburn, on the 23th day of August, 1852. By order of Trustees. sll J. R. CKAJNUALiij, oec'y. Eureka Store. TTAVING iust returned from San Fran JUL cisco, we are now opening one of the largest assortments ol goods ever re ceived in this section of the country Making large and extensive additions to our store, we will be prepared to furnish orders at the shortest possible notice. Our assortment consists ot all and every variety of goods that any perTon may wish; all we"desire is for them to give us a call, examine our goods, enquire our price, and I will bet a wager we will sell yo uthe goods. WILLIAM GWYNN. Auburn, Sept. II. 'f DR. WEEKS, Physician and Surgeon, at the Millers Drug Store, AUBURN. ' , ALL kinds of Drugs and Medicines for sale, of the best quality, from New York and London. Prescriptions carefully prepared. Pvsicians supplied at reduced rates. si i-i in " ' ; mUE SUBSCRIBER begs leave to in-X form the public that he constantly kees on hand a general assortment of machinery for mining. Original designs gotten up in a manner that cannot tail to give satisfaction. R.J.FISHER. tlotiiiwx. Boot & Shoe Store. 1M1Y, UNDERSIGNED would re-. spectfully inform the citizens of Auburn and .vicinity that they have a general assortment of Boots, Shoes, Clothing, Drills, Ducks, Sheeting, Sic.;-also, Dry Goods, Calicoes, Delanes, Alpaccas, Muslin Bus. P. C. LINCOLN & CO. slltf Cor. of Main &. Court sis. 3Iorrison,& Co's Bseliive Bakery, Broadway, Auburn, Placer Co. T1TE take this opportunity of thanking T V our friends, and the public generally for the kind patronage hitherto extended to us, and while soliciting a continuance of the same, we beg leave to inform them that we have just received an invoice of verv superior coffee, which will be roast ed, ground nnd sold at our establishment as heretofore. Orders from a distance punctually executed. Groceries and Liquors of the best kind always on hand. Hot and cold baths ready at all times. slltf. Daguerrean Rooms. Next the Miners Drug Store, Auburn. BEAUTIFUL and correct Jikenesses taken by a lady. Mining views and flumes on the river taken at low charges, slltf ' iSoda Manufactory. THE undersigned have established a Soda Manufactory in Auburn, Piaccr county, where they are prepared to furnish Soda Water of a quality not surpassed, if equalled, by any similar establishment in the State. They solicit the patronage of the citizens of Placer county, and pledge their best efforts to deserve it FARRELL, BREWSTER & CO. si Mm II. O. Kyersou, TTORNEY AND COUNSELLOR V. at Law,Auburn, Placer co. fsl ltf. B. P. 31) ers, A TTORNEY and Counsellor at Law, Xl-.fluburii, C'al. Philip W. Thomas. A TJrJlFV.AND COUNSELLOR XX A I LAW, Auburn. Placer Co. sll Hale & Hopkins, ATTORNEYS nnd Counsellors at XI. Law. Placer Co Tnl.. will it,.:. joint intention to all civil business entailed io uieir care. Jas. E. Hale, Yankee Jim's. ' R. D. Uopkibi, Dissrict Attorney Aul,urn- slltf BLACKSMITUINO of nil kinds done to order unon the nwrt tKrrr. .i mending and repairing wngions, by . .. .. . A.i'WSK WILLIS, Jeanne empire Hotel, Auburn, slltf PUBLIC HOUSES. Empire Hotel. GENERAL STAGE OFFICE. AUBURN, Placer county, by slltfj H. M. HOUSE. National Hotel, Auburn. THIS House is pleasantly situated in the business portion of the ' town; and relying partly upon the - reputation it has alreud) established, and the arrangements recently made for the accommodation and comfort of its guests, the proprietors feel assured af the continued patron- ....... ft SI 11 age ot their inenus. i . wust, ;.-..t , , -., slltf ' L. Nre, prop's Auburn House. ; 'A THE undersigned have leased the above well known Hotel and made extensive improvements in the dining arrangements, and are using every exertion to make the Auburn House a first rate Hotel. The table will always be supplied with the best the market affords, and the choicest Liquors and Segars at the Bar, and last but not least clean beds to sleep in. . . Good stabling attached, nnd horses to let. H. A. SCOF1F.LD. D. t. sll lm - Proprietors. International. ; THE proprietors of the Iifternationa Bowling Saloon return thejj- grateful acknowledgements to the citizen of Auburn and vicinity for their liberal patronage bestowed upon them during the past and trust to merit the same in the future. Their bar is always stocked with the choicest liquors and finest cigars. f THE SPRING GARDEN HOUSE. On the Divide of Middle and North Forks of American River. - : THIS well known House is situated about ten miles from the Murderer's Bar Ferry and the Junction Bridge, 2 1-2 miles from Yankee Jim's, and having superior accommodations, together with a constant supply of running water, the undersigned would respectfully solicit the patronage of travellers and teamsters. E. BROWN, Proprietor. Spring Garden, Sept. 11, 1352. tf ' Belvidere Hall. , BY ROSETTA 1IENNIAN. ALL EPICURES, whether permanent residents or visitors of Auburn, are respectfully informed that the Belvidere Hall is constantly supplied with every delicacy the market affords. Our supplies from the City are regular and of the best quality. Oysters in every style and of the best qualities are served up at all hours; game of various kind is constant ly on hand; the best porter house steaks await our guests, in short everything that will tempt the palate we serve up cheei- fullv to our friends.- The outer as well as the inner man re ceives our attention: shaving and hair cutting with all the variations, sminr within our perview. Call at the Belvidere Hall on Main st. near the Plaza. slltf. ' SHERIFF SALE OF REAL ESTATE BY virtue of an execution to me directed, issued out of tbe District Court, of the Sixth Judical District of the State of California, on a judgement rendered on the 16th day of January, a. d. 1850, in favor of W. K. Burbjidge, against John S. Fowler, for the sum of $'349,60 with in-ie cst on the sum of $228,00 at the rate of ten per cent per month, from the said 16th day of January, a. p 1850, together with the sum of $26,50 costs. 1 have levied upon, and seized, and will expose to public sale, at the) Court Ilou.e door, in the town of Auburn, on Monday, the 4th day of October, a. d. 1852, at the hour of 3 o'clock, p. m., all tbe right, title, and interest of the said John S. Fowler, in and to the following described tract or parcel of land, situate, Iving, and being in the county of Placer, State of California, and bounded ns follows, to wit: Beginning on the Sacramento river, at the north west comer of Sacramento county, thence northward following the me-andrings of said river to the line of Sutter county ten miles below the junction of Sacramento and Feather rivers; thence in a northeasterly direction and following the line dividing Sutter nnd Placer countiesj to the eastern boundary line of the tract or parcel of land .conveyed by John A. Sutter nnd wife to John S. Fowler, Eugene F. Gillispinnnd Henry E. Robinson on the 11th day of June, a. v. 1850: thence southwardly and following eastern boundary line of said tract as aforesaid to to the northerly line of Sacramento county; thence westwurdly along said last mentioned line to place of beginning. . S. C. .2S1IN, Sheriff. By M. P. H. LOVE, Deputy, Sept 11th, 1852. Administrators Notice. " All persons having claims against the Estate of James Friar Deed, late of Placer County will please , exhibit them with the necessary vouchers to the under signed Public Administrator within ten months from the date hereof, at the office of the subscriber tit Auburn, and all persons indebted to said estate are requested to make immediate payment. JONATHAN ROBERTS, Pub. Adm'r, Placer Co. Auburn, Sept. 9, 1852. sll 4w Hrown's Livery Stable. TN REAR OF CRESCENT CITY X HO TEL. I would rcspecfully an nounce to the public thnt tny stable is well supplied with Saddle Horses thnt will suit the taste ami accomodation of all wh will faver mo with their patronage. J. BROWN, J. Auburn, Sept. 1 1th, 1852. tf A LARGE and splendid assortment of Fine and Heavy Boots and Shoes just received., sll-tf WM. GWYNN,. V

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