The Los Angeles Times from Los Angeles, California on April 28, 1961 · 54
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The Los Angeles Times from Los Angeles, California · 54

Los Angeles, California
Issue Date:
Friday, April 28, 1961
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ID pgrtnim.,APR.23j96l 1.03 angtlta Zimti 2 -Ss' v-V ;,x;;:Ct fCf;i' ..-.,; ;?M ... V':: Rock Hudson Will Star in 'Camelof itv Algeria Crisis Delays Musical; vParty for Colette's Daughter BY HEDDA HOPPER NEW YORK: Understand Bill Orr has Rock Hud-i cii's agreement to star in "Camelot," for which Warners paid $1,500,000. Rock's contract at U-I ends in iix months and Ross Hunter, his present boss, doesn't fhink that was too bis a price to pay for the Broadway hit. , Fred Brisson cancelled his Paris meeting with Alan m Jay Lerner on the Coco I Chanel musical when the Algerian situation exploded. "Castles in Sweden," the play he'll do this season, is a screwball comedy and Tony Perkins is reading the script. Fred says when "Under the Yum Yum Tree" is made into a picture Gig Young will be in it. Fred has Coco's ; n Anthony Perkins promise that she'll come to Hollywood any time he wants even this summer . although she didn't fall in love with it when she was here before. Sam Goldwyn brought her out years afo and some of our native customs proved frustrating,' She particularly didn't like our habit of inviting guests for dinner at 8 and then not sitting down until 11. ' .;'' -') --'f; , Manhattan View ;.;iosh Logan was entertaining for Colette de Jouve- nelj daughter of the late French novelist, who had just flown in from Paris and when Jerome Zerbe and, I arrived guests were seated in the beautiful old-fashioned drawing room which has a view of the East Kjver. It should be painted that way. Chatted with David Bruce, whose older brother James is former Ambassador to the Argentine. David has a unique record: Ambassador to France during the Roosevelt regime, he was sent to Bonn, Germany, by Eisenhower, is now at the Court of St. James and wonderfully seasoned for the position. "Mary Martin looked like Mainbocher's best model. Bea Lillie was seeing Cole Porter next day, tells me . he receives friends every afternoon at 5:30 and looks wonderfully well. He's gained 20 pounds and will soon -be off for his home in Brentwood, Calif. Gilbert Miller, whose wife Kitty had just come home from the hos- pital, also there, so was Valentina and George Schlee who's still recuperating from a serious operation. Mairgalo Gilmore on hand as was Janice Rule, star of "Luckiest Girl in the-World.'? Otto Preminger and his beautiful wife told me they're taking off for the Cannes Festival. He's boasting about their 7 month old twins. Josh said he recently entertained some very important Russians in America for the first time. When i he showed them the view of Manhattan from his windows they stood speechless with their mouths open. I said: "No doubt wondering how soon they could take over." , " ' -1;:: Ladles Day at '2V So many lovely women at the luncheon given by . Mary. Patterson and Mollie Slott at "21" and all of them asked about Gary Cooper whom they adore. I didn't have time to talk with a tenth of them, missed Mr.S. Harry Byrd, Jr., Helen Bonfils, Alicia Patterson, ; Margaret Shand, Arlene Dahl and Mrs. Palmer Hoyt. Mrs. Don Maxwell said if I'd stop off in Chicago on Thursday she and Don would fly me to the Kentucky ;' Derby, and Willie Snow offered to put me up at her house. Sorry to miss it but I have too much to do here. - . (Rikawd by CMciao Trlbum-N.Y. Ntwi Syndic, ne mi) m r. IH ......... Si f. iL fm l! It fS - wiiYy ywuny pvepiv icBiny ii ir in Tim urn. 6 th RECORD IREAKIN8 WEEK! - Ruth Wtterburr original production uncut versioh niKtieTMncwui L S F) gone wnn THE WIND I ClARK gabue J lira . LESUE HOWARD-OUVIA deHAVlLLAND , 'I inTKCHNICOLOK k SCUWCX KTUWTIOWi. Km VCTtX fUMiNQ -mm mi-kETHQGIXOWrHUAm .' J-m, HOLLYWOOD PARAMOUNT theatre . ho. 3.3253 Exclutivt Engigtmtnt 6838 HOLLYWOOD BLVD. rimi nt rt rut Cmir Knn tM itrut mm TktMrt ff orrtDUlwrrt UN Thn THURt. (OPINI II 30 A M.) 11:19 4:M U rtKroKMArttts M M AT (0pCN .J0.A M , . , 4;4 , ,.M 3 BEST SUPPORTING ACTOR PETER USTINOV BEST ART DIRECTION. Color and SFT DECORATION BEST CINEMATOGRAPHY. Color BEST COSTUME DESIGN. Color Toniti 1:15. Mat Tomorrow MM S1H Flit Ml KKOIMMCU - tmfla h II I Will tntU Wt tmt KiM tMwl MA M24 SPtCUl MIT PtICt CaDR MOCI I J IN- mm. 6Mein Kanipf ' Horrifying Documentary BY CHARLES STINSON Adocumentary, "Mein Kampf," opened Wednesday at Warrens Downtown and a number of other theaters. Any one who still imagines or half-imaKines that there was anything glamorous, anything essentially glorious and virile about the Nazi thing should see this film and take correction from it. As a documentary it is first-rate; it took a first prize at the San Francisco Festival for its editor Erwin Leiscr. Newsreeh The footage all captured from Nazi archives is di vided into roughly four types: German combat scenes, propaganda news reels of Hitler and his en tourage, home front scenes and unavoidably;- the "studies ' of - "life" at Au schwitz, Belsen, Dachau and the other "factories" whose efficiency we are now being fully acquainted with m the Eichmann trial. The combat scenes are, like all war photography, de-. pressing in their grainy, dark gray impersonality, their endless booming and billow ing smoke. They finally mass up and dpaden the viewer s sensibilities. The home front and propa ganda scenes exert their own greater fascination. There is Herr Chancellor Hitler pinching brave Youth Korps boys on the cheek and smil ing into the cameras for the benefit of wounded veterans sporting their Eisenkreuzen. " Brain Fever There is Herr Poktor Goebbels shrieking (in late 1944) of the Great Victories to come; a fevered lyricism which-'can, still hypnotize enormous crowds of tired veterans . and undernour ished civilians; their uncom- plex faces glow, their round eyes shine with Faith in One roue, une t uenrer, une Reich! We see actual scenes of the trial of those Junkers officers who tried to assassinate the Leader in the summer of 1944. .They stand, stiffly erect, these Prussian Lutherans, noblemen many of them, and sons of noblemen, men of old bpandau s spit and polish and of some far Off sense of honor. They stand still while t a ..Nazi "judge'' shouts himself nearly hoarse excoriating them in language 'dredged tip from the gutters of Berlin. Finally, of course, there is tht logical end of It all: Auschwitz, Belsen, Dachau. Buchenwald. One by one the cattle cars roll out The pinched faces of children gaze out their doors and fre-m ' between their slats. Lines of naked women wait, shamed and shivering and already deathly tired, for the showers. Suitcases, forever emptied, and ' threadbare clothas rise up In mountains. There is a sea of shoes, of spectacles which have seen. the Inde scribable, of false teeth with not one gold filling left At the ovens, here nd IWii 1MW Y 4 t 4 it " I 'J V comes AMcq's fiercest and most 3htcn!nQ story ofloua end cducnture? AN6!EDICKINSON-PETERFINCHR06ER M00REvs3iiJ nhm 2nd featun Meralti lierf j VyfJr Hnni U MA.4-6272 "Tht Millionairess T,c 5lj? Wii-i ii 4!2JS: 'mm Yvokhe Start! Sun. SY 27139 -SMfegr: J-7 ' V, . WESTCHESTEH OTUDKJ CfTY 3 S PARADISE STUDIO CITY WioMcDTnT LOToc" cpcninn l , ,,, WARNERC0L0R WARNER BROS, wm EmM rweALisr. JR. sro ujw TR 71977 ux as torn flu H jom wist h nm m i km Whiti . m dm FreiParkmf I mMiuouiWM.SM j . i- HCKIC Dim Wl J I CULVER CITY SANTA MONICA M0NTEBEU0 BALDWIN f ARK CANOOA PARK PACOIMA MERALTA ELMIRO VOGUE VI N ELAND CANOGA PARK LAUREL VFniAl? DA I lOOC 0RIVE-IM DRIVEIN DRIVE-IN VE 8 3432 EX 5-3344 , PA 1-1225 ED 6 7513 , PI 6-6211 EM 9 2588 1NQLEWOOO ; ENCINO - URBANK WEST ' COMPTOM IAST t. A. : United Artists ENCINO ' CORNELL .0J3C COMPTOM fLORALlv OR 7-2177 ST 4-8233 TH 2-5251 St; mSs AN in ITLaJ 13 VlJf ) klCIJ I UUi ui I Hill Authentic From Secret Nazi nremves! ; . .' i V V- IF E 3DTLEC2 2 Scenes lever Before Shown On The American Screen! r .. WV.V '..VIA s. v.-:.. 3 l - 5 , j' 4 i 4 iv it 1 jVlvv 1 f A HIE TERRIFYING RISE AND HEAR FROM HITIER! OWN LIPS...-THE RASIN8 WORDS THAT SHOOK THE WORLD! iV)7 V. 4 RUill OF HITLER'S REICH! fcnatw! CU'JDJ STtPHEKSOU Wrffleo ani Edited bj El! WIN USER Produced by TORE SXBLRS A MINERVA INTERNATIONAL PR00UCT10H A COLUUM PICTURES RELEASE 5 11017 PLAYII1G! "HI LL IS A CITY" WARRENS TNBEVERIY . i ' - WIRUER I ttMXTl MHWUIIin.1 MUl SI there a door is ajarr showing tht charrtd skulli tad bonci within. Outsidi In diylighl P1m Turn t Pf. 11, Col 4 Li 1 ("" I . f i ium I n. 'iuTl-' . tint i in iif-.n'". J HiJUYwuOO Mm m ED PIX NO 4 (lit toil. 1? WPdl J 'IITTLESHOPA Tt Hli - llA 111 Hiiiiw'4 nr. VIm Cnt. from UilHI HACK SUNftAY IH0P OF HORROM tN flHNf)0 VALLEY D r.n iFnsNii. rtt iM( Ju jurMV. AIL HANDS ON DECK tN I-IM7 LONG HOPE liUntitLI, i RHrbRnk A. Dirkimnn R. Mnori RACHEL CADE IAN0 Of ANGELS lelR (2)1 JL RESEDA A. Dlfklnion-R. Moart RACHEL CADE IAND OF ANGELS Rit iut Rlctun, Atlor THE APARTMENT ELMER GANIRY PARADISE WMIeheiHr A. Diclclnion R. Moon RACHEL CADE IAN0 OF ANGELS 1 Dl 4-9ISJ 7 fl wrsrcHtirm-TOWRANtE D 7T PA "! C Gihli-M. Monro THE MISFITS WHERE THE BOYS ARC PARK ( OA 4.I04R Butt Plctur Actor THE APARTMENT ELMER GANTRY - LONaitACH QRAW.t COUNTY TOWNE N.. Im; BMtk fiA l-IJll Bait Plrturi, Aror . THE APARTMENT ELMER GANTRY LBRIfll HI )-171l A. Dicklnian-R, Mor , RACHEL CADE RAND OF ANGELS RIVOLI . Hi Soil Hsrmri Galsrt br BifMB-s enrrtd , .MM WOMAN N.. Um WOIL0 OF SlliiE WONCn bIi'iIV MitiioNAmtss . U BROADWAY data Ant t Picture, Actor , THE APARTMENT ELMER (AN I AY MOMI -'! GAKMAR M.rilb-ll PA I-I2II . 1.I Pirliir ArfftT THE APARTMfNT f LMER GANTRY VOGUE M.ouh.ll PA I..UJ! c A. Dlrliinson-R. Mwr RACHEL CADE . IAN0 OF ANf.ELl :v, z LA WENT STAR (D I-14IIJ -L Pliant Wilt Dlinnv'i 101 DALMATIANS Sword Shirwoo") For 2 SHOW STARTS AT DUSK CHILDREN UNDtfit 12 FREE m B A1 in MTW 3 J 1 1 4k-' 4'M M tatU 4 fOIOR (WUUKMt NOW-CENTURY' GAGE EDWARDS STAKLiie ,--0 - RESEDA VICTORY 101 ACTUS HIWIY 31 4.52! tONOROPl 7Af ' saw .FRIGHTENING LOVE AND ADVENTURE IN AFRICA'S 1 -TOOTHED JUNGLE I NOW. TECHNICOLOR 'f.ta'Tl - . I BIYUPIC . PnutTflu . ci mn j riliKK. UP; I1IIBII .vivriiun.riunni V .UKI IONS BEACH t If ARBOR ILVD. " S Of ANOlW PAflTASTIC PACItAGHf Maw. STUDIO TORRANCE. ROSECIUNS Bit SKY UtEWOOD StfULVlOA SAN VAl CIRCIC ANAHEIM TM-CtTY ACADEMY l?L NOW-CENT1NEU VERMONT -J UTH BATE . WHITTIER . SAN 6ABHIEL . PICKWICK .'UUfWOOD . 0R1NBC AUTHENTIC! SHOCKING! ' M NtVtfi BttUKt SnVWN IN U.O.H. 'THE TEfiRirVlNS RIE AHD OF HIlLLs i fciJLii BOW-NorwulK BIvq- .E! MonttVn Ny'PulHeU Ct Cit) fOBB-MABl SCHEU-ANNE BAXTER ' m iumfiiib HR I4 ri cx LOS ANGELES AREA CENTINELA 0 4-SH4 Cunt, A luniil. But Plcturo, Actor THE APARTMENT ELMER GANTRY CENTURY OR I-IHI4 - -Cint. 4 C'iht Pit Ronni ALL HANDS ON DECK LONG ROPE f SAN FERNANDO VALLEY LJ CANOCA PARK O DI 4.MH RACHEL CDt- VVrt ; BAND OF ANGELS , Cyo N. Vn BAND OF ANGELS ; Fl ARAL A Dlckimon-R. Moor AN CHEL CADE . M.4 N ilBMyR BAND OF ANGELS GILMORE Wt J UII 3r4 4 PaMaf Pt Boon ALL HANDS ON PECK LONG ROPE OLYMPIC AT'9 o"m,V. 4 R-r - BAND OF ANGELS ; SAN PEDRO Tl I.JW 6( t A'hilw 6. Ford-M. Schall CIMARRON IT TAKES A THIEP STUDIO Imul. at Itfl'i Horror Glor ' DR BLOOD'S COFFIN SNAKE WOMAN SEPULVEDA 8T H.i5?0 Rtftlll. It VHH. VANNUYS ST 4-7510 . -IRmIdii Hi. TORRANCE PR l-MRI Tw. W. nf H'Hm Horrom Glor DR. blooo's corriN SNAKE WOMAN VICTORY ... M TR 7.4423 ALL HANHS W ULUR V'tury ui C'Hwf r luwu irt - a HUNTINGTON PARK, H ' COMfTON I J VERMONT DA .40S V - at 1 11x4 Rt Plcturo, Ador THE APARTMENT , ELMER GANTRY .. PASADENA SAN 04RRIEL ARfA D BIG SKY EL -J.iS5 Diiartt Hnrron Clift ' DR. RLOOO'S corr IN SNAKE WOMAN EDGEW000 COI-II54 M fir. I. tf $ PI Hnrron Gllort BR. BLOOD'S COFFIN SNAKE WOMAN EDWARDS HI Mil 79 Park 4 Llw Oak Put Boon ALL HANDS ON DECK LONG ROPE Hi. An'o-IHIi to. HELL'S A CITY SAN GABRIEL CU J5HI AT U4 Vallayit til tr idt Pletur, Actor THE APARTMENT ILMER GANTRY iJ'Mi!lET4W ALL H?N0sTn'dECK R'am4 l fitnay LONG ROPE Yalhy 4 Vlmla"! ' IAND OF ANGELS 11 cx lO0 BEACH 23 CIRCLE eti.Mi Lan RaR Horrnri Calfi't DR. BLOOD'S COFFIN SNAKE WOMAN LAKEW00O CA 4.1011 twin l Chaffy LONG BEACH U4.HU Rami Pa at V Bait Pirtur, Actor THE APARTMENT LMER GANTRY A. Dickinton-R. Maori RACHEL CADE BAND OF ANGELS Hrllliawar-larlM Pit Room ALL HANDS ON BECK LONG ROPE PICKWICK TH 1-87JS A la' da W Vlitaqf . Bt't Plctur4, ActfJf - THE APARTMENT ElMER GANTRY RESEDA ... ..py32r .... Dl 3-J560 AU "'""a uij uttR Raiaaa it Varawwi LONG ROPE . CfJ yTT Horron Gllorl TH 1.1177 - Wi BLUUU lAirTinj 4.P. B4. it Wl.a.t SNAKE WOMAN Horrors Gilori BR: BLOOD'S C0FF1RI SNAKE WOMAN "Hitlr'$ RI54 C Fill" - MEIN KAMPF HELL'S A CITY V COMPTON nc i-sana Rnaor. tt AN, A, Diekmioo-R. MoorB RACHEL CADE BAND OF ANGELS GAGE TO J7IM, TO W7II aaia it 6rllll , Pit Boono ALL HANDS ON DECK LONG ROPt ROSlCRANS frle:'r.u HI 4.411 ,V". ULUIIU J Win UkaVl Vt RW-r. , SNAKE WOMAN SOUTH GATE "f;:.:.!?' Lfl..HS7 W.iZVlZX'J 411 4 rir.nnm CLWCn wn I n I ANAHEIM - - HnrrofiG.lRfR L mnn 4 0'nil ane numm HARBOR RLVD 0'c.?w-?; Rat. li.iiar iwnu vr HI-WAY 39 , H4-MII Nr. Sin. Br. Bl. ORANGE . XI 7-MII RMtl An PAULO ' Kl .V1H S. 'a n Pit Bfo All HANDS ON DECK. 10NG ROPE But Picture. Act . THE APARTMENT , ELMER GANTRY ' a Hitlir'i Rm Fill UCIM KIMPP ' HELL'S 4 CITt WMITTIER HQRWAIK AREA NORWALK UN 11)17 Naar IxMrlal Hitlir'i Rial I Fill MEIN KAMPF HELL'S A CITY ' WHIT TIER HiV.TMENi" ox mi. pa nut IH.Eu!:IjTEJv WhIL l RnxMtaa ELMER GANTRY If 1 SAN BtPNARfHNQ J BASELINE At 1-111 a aratniat TRICITY Vtl ft. 9041 llaii Barnardlai J, Wivm L. Hmfif THE ALAMO AIL' IN NIGHT'S WORK A. Olcklnaoo-R. MoorB nr.MFi r.inr BAND OF ANGELS rT3 """13 mPor,Bl TTie Tonljht NOW PLAYINQ PREf PARKING) Ct : Bum t:H l. M Pat. 141 Wt 1111 Ta4"M . All Calar . ' MASTERPIECE OF SUSPENSE! DRAMA! I I WEDNESDAY THRU SATUIQAYB ' -a- Im JaKVarai BOLSIIOI CALLET HI IXIVWO CUILD PO. 2 2272 Cent, frem 1 Ml KM UYS tT. 7510 SHOW DOWNTOWN MA. 4-6272 CR. 5 484 Ii TaaPiilwikr'l TOWGKT If If il smat ( CXhm (Mutt 1ft AM 9 9M 1:30 Plei Pa"aa '! ratl y li-1 C4il

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