Naugatuck Daily News from Naugatuck, Connecticut on December 9, 1949 · Page 12
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Naugatuck Daily News from Naugatuck, Connecticut · Page 12

Naugatuck, Connecticut
Issue Date:
Friday, December 9, 1949
Page 12
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" rAGK IZ —NA170ATDCK NKWK (CONN.). FRIDAY, IIICC. II, Illlf) Some Trees Have Good Resistance To Winter Storms The Iry hand of Old Man Winter are liable to reach out suddenly nl this -woson for a maiming or f.itnl clutch on holpleiu tree friend*. I<Vvv Hpctiorv* of tho country arc immune 'a bHtzkriuRO from sleet. ice or wnow. In localov where the wnruhtfr is prftty Krim Kunrnilly. 'hi: luitiile property owner plan.i hlrt landnc.i.p- ln« with a wary eye to Old Man Winter's machinations. Some treed have n r<'ji:--<>rm-t>!y «"<>(! fx,pcctall- ey to Mirvlve Ice H-tunnn. while u Ion'-; lint of others have generally poor ri'MiHtanrr, point.i out Don Kowlcr. Djivi-y true .uxpnrt reireai- chcr. Decree of hlnj?o\3 upon so many varylnp factors, such ns weight of the ice, intensity of the storm, extent of storm cxpowure, HpnelnK "nd lonfc'-h of branches, etc., effect can not be dlnciitiwcd with any absolute unllormlty. However, rcaseurch and experience show that the. following troe.n arc uiriMiiK thotie bent nblo to wltli- Btand storm hazards: The aila,nthus or tree of heaven, yellow 'birch, American hornbeam, rshJJtfbarlc hickory, Northern catal- t/«. hnwthorn, common horsechrMt- nut, American bocch, Kuropean i>eeeh, white ash, Kin^lto, Kenluc- by coffeetree, butternut, American hophornbcam, Norway spruce, common choltebcrry, white oak, swamp while oak. TCtmlurn ?'"d oak, Hcurlitl oak, Hiir oak ami Ka stern urborvltne. Those tnoiit likely to be nerlouti- ly dam»K'Hl by Ice irtornin Include: Boxelder, Hlver maple, speckled alder, while popular, 7C:intiirn poplar. Southern poplar, bi^toolh an- PITI, I>ombaiTly poplar, quaklnK HS- pen, mrrlcot, pin cherry, peach, block cherry, common chokecherry, black lociiHt, yellowHtcm white willow and Babylon weeping willow. Will History repeat? WHOLESALE PRJCES Honagrleulluiol product* * h'\ '-Vr farm „. "produclt" We all hope good times will stay with us forever. But if history repeats, will you be ready with a good-sized savings account to see you through? START SAVING WITH US NOW SUPER CAPACITY ELECTRIC RANGE 2 FULL SIZE OVENS -6 SURFACE UNITS The range that makes good cooks bettor •SEE THESE FEATURES* t. Two "5000" Super Capacity Ovens for more and better cooking and baking. 2. Available with 4 or 6 surface units. a. The Lexington with 4 Vari-Spood units. b. The Supreme with 4 Vari-Spoed units and 2 7-heat units. 3. Vari-Spoed Control gives you exactly the heat you want from simmer to sizzle. 4. Automatic Time Control operates on right oven, appliance outlet, or left surface units. 5. Automatic Oven Temperature Control regulates ovon heat to the pre-determined temperatures. 6. Two waist-high smokeless broilers for juicy, savory, fonder meats. Come in and let ut show you why it gives you better, faster, cleaner electric cooking. EASY TERMS TO SUIT STRAITS TURNPIKE ROAD Electric Co. MIDDLEBURY China's Acting President In U. S NSLI Premium Payments By Mail Sent To Boston Connecticut veterans were advls- ert today by Harry T. Wood, m;vn- ixifcr of the Hartford office of tho Veteran's Administration, that •whon National Service Life Innur- itnco premiums payments are made by mail the remittance!* should bo acnt to thn District Office of the Veterans Administration at 55 Trcmont Street, Boston, MftflM, Wood ixplnlned thai, the District Offtco In Boston hand- Urn all NRt.1 account" In New JCnR- limd, and thus Ir. Is d<r»lrnblo that rill premium payments inado hy mall be »ent direct to that office. Plreot malllnjf, Manager Wood nald, eliminated tho nocd of forwarding remlttancRn and expedites the receipt and recording of payments "Reminders of prranlum payment* due are »>ent to NSLI policy holder* every month," said Mana- Ker Wood, "and these reminders are In tho form of aolf-addronHod envelopes, addresned to the Boston DIalrlct Office of the VA. Those envelopes should be used In mailing rcmHUnccB whenever possible, b«cnu«o they boar tho policy holder's mime, address nnd Innur- Actlntr President of Nationalist China, IA Tstui K --r<-n. Is shown an h« and his wife, Madainn !,•• (;iuiii(f, iirrlved nt. llini Sun Franitlsco, Calif., itlrimrl. fnini the Orient. Tin- Chlnt-Hii Clhlpf i>f Htnto will undergo treut- ini-rit for n pcptlr ulcer nl. u Ni-w York lumplUU. (Int. S<iundphoto> Cheerleaders Plan ilinic In Bridgeport Hljrh school cliffrloador.H from ill over UK,- f'tttto will attend tho lr«t Conned lent II luh School .•hcoi-UMuUu": runic tn b« held !><•- •omher I" on the (Iiilvor.'tlly (if Jrldjioport earn|[:-MH .'tnd In thi) J >rld^oj>')rt- A rinory. Tho c!lnfc wil! 50 I ho llr.'tt over iii>ld In the nl.'ilo m'l will l<i) modeled after tho original clinic flawed In 1IMI1 hy Cornell college of Iowa. .'hoorloadorit from Connecticut 'u Ml hluli fiohoulii and Ilii'lr aclviiinvn lu.vo l>oi?n invited 1o nU,cntl to ^Ive them nr. opportunity to dli'eiiMs problemn, oxch.'mj/i; idi'iU 1 ,, a»d ro- ci'Jvc conMtructlvo criUcl.tim on their cht^ei'leaxllMK technique). The irroup will aHaemUle at the ;u m, n.nd af'lor a. tour- nf thf: i::iinpiiM v/lll ho wcOconuj'l hy Jn/mea II. MalMi-y, University iii'rcsldont, fh.irlnK, lunf h at the Armury. Dur- intr the a.n.(;rnofHi /;oH' J i(m Hnivr city cl\eorlc>nd"i':i will le.tul dhioim- HioiiH un all plirmmi of cheerle.'id- IIIM. At. the cluiio n! the clinic 1hi- chcorloiiderf; will Ix: Kiinil.s of Ihi- Unlvor«lly ti> wltnoHM thn UB-Pu- crjo Kfct) Olyrnplf; !'-a;trt bankelb if n rue a.l the AiTnory- Mulch Strawberry Beds For Protection Before Ihft temperature rtropii to 20 dejfree-s above /ero, slrawherry herls .'ihonld ho mulched In nroleci the plarllf t.hrouKh tln^ wintet rrionih.M, declaron A. C'. Hobl), frul np<!»lali»t w-lth the AKrlcultura KxtepMion -Service, Unlvcrnlty o C(innt!ctIrul.. tlnuKjilly the mulch i; nr'pllrd befure mld-Njivi-mber, lur Ih" mild v/i-alhor experlen-eil Ilil^ fall haM made 1111 earlier mnleli intf ii'iniMiew-ary. Ft. a.lno hrin frnahl erl the plants to continue their development of roots and crowns. MMlchlnj; not only prntc.ctH tin plants from severe winter tempor ntui-en, Bobb .said. it cut down heaving whlcli hrenlui III, tiicrohy weii.lconliif; t h < plnnK? and roHutUiit? in lowe yield:!. The matcrhil uwed Hhould bo one that will not become cmnimict am la free from we«d'i. The -most mil Isfaclory la salt hay or march haj Olheni that ari! i»n,t Isfaclnry In clinic wheat oat nr rye nt.ntw, (:•<• l":ivcr., pine needles or HiiwdtiMl Mliht, IlufTy materials Hiich. :IM sal hay and nlr:iwn can b» appllnd t. Historic Moment PRESIDENT of tho Indian Constituent A.'iKombly, Ur. Knjcndra I'rD si/jus the notion's new constitution in New Delhi after it hnd beet adopted by Parliament. The Assembly had Bpent almost threi ycnrs in drafting the document, making the country a democratic 1 «ocular state, (International) fli-pth of four to cljfht Inohen. ho:i(- Dint lriic.1 to hneomn tom- ir'l, Much ,'i..t U'livijM, plno nnudloH itl fjnwiliiHt, Hhould bo applied In Khtor nrnonrttH, If HawdUHt IH u,^-. J, <:ovi!r I ho planlm nn flocipcr inn two inohcs. Alfro, Ineludo 250 ounrls of nitrate of soda or any ii'i- tillrr.Ron fcrtlll/nr with «nch n of I'luwducil, Th« oxtra nltroKnn niii'di'il lii.«ouui v; nnwdiiHt ll«« up o olomenl, t.hcrohy caimlnjf a inrtn/ft: for tho plants. CUANnKRHY STATE HoHtori BOJJH In southnantern /l;iM)iHchiiHott..s normally yield ahout -Ihlrdn of (ho natlon'n annual mnhnrry crop. unco number. Becnuao (he «nvo- ItHnt'K Identify the policy hf)lcl«r properly, tholr UHC IrifuroB imnn«- dlatn and corrort crndldnK 1 of thu premiums they contain. Rcmlt- tancos sent by mall should be In tho foiTn of chock, monry ordcra or pOHtnl n(itn». The Mending of cash by mall Is not dn*lrable because of the danger of. less. "If 11 veternn doon not UHO the VA onvelo-pn, ho Hhould bo «>ire to plvb hl» complete Idcntlflcatlon with hln rom.lttance, In thn form of nnme, addronip and Insurance numibnr. If he doc« not ftlvo his Insurance! numiher he should i;lve his serial number and date of birth.' 81 Oroenahoro, N. C.- UoHorve Air Forno Major John T<ntham, Jr., BII.VH he IH Hurprlnod that t.ho re- porln of radar oqulpmnnl fjoln(,' to RuHHla him stirred up HI> much oxcilomont. Tho major, who Hhut- llctl B-17'B to l.he Soviet Union says that Kutwla hnd access to Bocrct. radar, navigation equipment and the Nordcn bomb ultrht In 1014. RAMOS IRON WORKS «•§ nrBBISR AVP.NMC Rztcrt ir«Mlnr ol All Ty«n«— Fnr«H>n, Hkiint M«UI A Ornnm«ntBl flMinl Work. WiiMtnt Knnl|im*M - TBLBPHOHK «»7J Sunday Excursions to NEW YORK LOW Bound Trip FARE (Tax Incl.) Going Lv. Naugatuck 8:09 AM Arr. New York (GOT) 10:02 AM Return Lv, Now York (GOT) 7:3B PM Arr. NaugatUok 0:36 PM Tickets Limited to Train Capacity THE NEW HAVEN R.R. Vocalist To Present Program Monday At Borough High School MiHH Elizabeth Wynor, contralto, a. nfrncluntn ol the Jullllnrt) school of mualc, Now York, will he pro- onled Monday *ftcrnoon at the Nmigatuck High sRhool auditorium by Dr. Folix Gucnthcr In tho neo ond concert tor atudenta of his music closH. Miss Wysor, who from the time of her 17th birthday combined Europium Ktudy with trnlnlntf undn- Mutzcnauur and iSdyth Wulker, ban bncn called an "absolute soprano," with her vocul rnnfcn extending from "K" bnlow mlddlo "c," to tho colorii- lurn high "c." With a repertoire of n thonnnnd songn In «lghl. Innjriiit'' 1 ''. "he han appeared with fatn'«i» »rch«»traa. InclurtlnK the Nnw York I'hllhnr- monlc and Boston Symphony. Dr. Guonther lnvllen nil NnuK«- tuck music lovers to hear the young Ringer in a colorful and varied program. Acts AT ONCE to relieve (CAUSED *V COLDS) for year* thousands of Doctors pn- icribed rnrnmiN. n act* at once Dot only to rtlleve couihlng due to eolds but also 'loosens upf phlegm tnd mtkca it eauler to r«!m> 1* lift for botb old and Plan To Have Your CHRISTMAS DINNERS AND PARTIES AT ANNEMERG'S RESTAURANT PARK PLACE — NAUOATOCK MAKE RESERVATIONS NAUOATUCK CHEMICAL 18 A SAFE PLACE TO WORK. Last year Naugatuck Chemical's safety record was 48% better than the chemical industry as a whole and ¥1% better than the rubber industry as a whole. Naugatuck Chemical DIVISION OF UNITED STATES RUBBER COMPANY "Serving Through Science" Daring 1949 preferred Ay fmcJk users over the nex two combined -DESIGN TRUCKS This overwhelming preference stems from just one fact: Chevrolet truc&s give morejbr the money/ 1949 mult* bated on Incomplete but conclutlve nationwide reglitratlon flturat. FREE MOTORS, INC. 492 NORTH MAIN STREET TELEPHONE 2211

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