The Los Angeles Times from Los Angeles, California on December 27, 1954 · 63
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The Los Angeles Times from Los Angeles, California · 63

Los Angeles, California
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Monday, December 27, 1954
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Log angelgg Cf meg monpay, dec 27, 9 'Wiretapper' Will Bring Bill Williams' Return; Tompey' Plans Shaped BY EDWIN SCHALLERT While Don Defore had originally been mentioned for "Wiretapper," to be produced by Richard Ross of Great Commission Films, the choice is now Bill Williams. This means quite an acquisition, because Williams is restricted to certain definite screen features by his video sponsors. They insist an engagement must in no wise offend the child audience he has gained for his Kit Carson show. So far this year he has only made "Outlaw's Daughter." "Wiretapper" is the story of Jim Voss and his reformation. Formerly involved in rackets, Voss now heads the Missionary Communications Service and whatever he receives from the picture will be dedicated to this. Producer Ross, formerly under contract to Warners as an actor, has been associated with Billy Graham and Colleen Townsend in religious pictures. He will start "Wiretapper" tomorrow. Because of its emphasis on good deeds paying off, Williams was permitted by his sponsors to appear. The picture incorporates an exciting gangster story. Incidentally, it wa3 pressure of his TV work that prevented Defore from accepting the assignment. CONFLICT OVER TITLE HOVERS ON HORIZON Title "Wiretapper" reminds that Columbia also has a story, "The Wire Tappers," taken from "The Talking Bug" by Mildred and Gordon Gordon. This will be made """X ' I Abbe Lane thal, will star. I further hear that Stillman may try to negotiate" for Eddie Fisher. Willis Bouchey joins "The McConnell Story" to enact the role of Newton Bass, who helped in building up Apple Valley near Victorville and promoted the arrangements to give a house to Capt. McConnell in that Southern Calt- : fornia resort area. , DUNNE TO COMB EAST FOR TOMPEF CAST Philip Dunne, due to go to New; York Jan. 2 to officiate at the world premiere of "The Prince of Players," which he wrote for the screen and produced and directed, will remain in the eastern metropolis for two weeks to seek players for "The View From Pompey's Head" by Hamilton Bassp. This is the big seller to which, Parryl Zanuck t has assigned Dunne as producer and scripter. The book is assured of more than 500,000 advance sale, because of being sponsored by. two organizations. Anthony Quinn, according to report, will be the principal star in "The Brass Ring" with Farley Granger, when Maxwell Shane directs that feature for Producer Edward Small. Ashley Cowan, regarded as one of England's finest char-', acter actors who was recently in "Moonfieet" at MGM, remains to depict a royal officer turned highwayman, in ; "The King's Thief" with Edmund Purdom. CRITICS VOTE BRANDO, GARLAND TOP STARS Period of screen polls is beginning to get into high. Famous fives have been announced by the Film Daily with ) Marlon Brando in "On the Waterfront" and Judy Garland in "A Star Is Born" given top place by critics throughout the country. Male run-ners-up were Humphrey Bogart, "The Caine Mutiny;" James Mason, "A Star Is Born;" James Stewart, "Rear Window"; William Holden, "The Country Girl." Female runners-up included Jane Wyman, "Magnificent Obsession;" Audrey H e p-burn, "Sabrina"; -Grace Kelly, "Rear Window"; Eva Marie Saint, "On the Water- Edmond O'Brien, "The Marlon Brando Barefoot Contessa," led the supporting actors with Karl Maiden, "On the Waterfront"; Jose Ferrer, "The Caine Mutiny"; Lee J. Cobb, "On the Waterfront," and Jack Carson, "A Star Is Born," recognized for their achievements. Thelma Ritter in "Rear Window" was tops among supporting actresses, while Jan Sterling, "The High and the Mighty"; Nina Foch, "Executive Suite"; Agnes Moore-head, "Magnificent Obsession"; Claire Trevor "The High and the Mighty," were runners-up. Elia Kazan was given the directorial nod for,';On the Waterfront" with Alfred Hitchcock, Edward Dmytryk, William Wellman and George Cukor recognized as other prime contenders. Ferrer Sings Six Romberg Songs in Musical Film In "Deep In My Heart," color musical film at Loew's State and Egyptian Theaters, Jose Ferrer, enacting Sig-mund Romberg, sings six of tue composer's songs, includ ing "When I Grow Too Old to Dream," "Fat, Fat Fatima," "The Very Next Girl I See" and "Leg of Mutton," a 1020 turkey trot in which Helen Traubel is his partner. s S1 J full lH ftr I y ' MHYIANO COLOR i ty Annur oaraner ana Jules Levy. Either they or Great Commission Films will probably have to give way on the name. Robert Stillman. has secured rights to the screen original, "Spring Festival," by Howard Estabrook. With setting in Brazil, this deals with the harvesting-time fete below the equator. Indications are that Abbe Lane, reported excellent in "The Americano" which Stillman completed in conjunction with Sam Wiesen- NOW!-the Seut4 I v V t" , t 'A f i ... - . s v - ' ., .vim' 'iJ V 111""" S 1 '-V. tv. AT mr. CROSBY-KAE ttsUVisin Visits tfirwif I? ) l r. r I 1 1 JUDY GARLAND is now Downtown Theater in her '20,000 Leagues Top Adventure Film of Year BY PHILIP K. SCHEUER A submarine has just the right shape for. the elongated CinemaScope screen; and "20,000 Leagues Under the Sea," in which a submarine appears, seems equally right in its proportions as the sea son s most adventurous motion picture. Walt Disney produced it, live; Kirk Douglas, James Ma son, Paul Lukas, Peter Lorre and a couple of giant squids star in it; the film is in Technicolor a3 well as Cinema-Scope, and the theater is the Fox Wilshire. Whatever liberties have been taken with the Jules Verne classic ("Leagues" has been combined with his "Mys terious Island") will probably justify themselves with today's audience. Even science- fiction fans are likely to be impressed by the wonders seen both inside and outside the sub Capt. Nemo's Nauti lus and the explosion of something suspiciously like the atom bomb will not go un noticed for its ominous over tones and its meaning in the present day. Ahead of His Time The year, however, is 1868. The bomb, the undersea craft (shaped like a swordfish and powered thermodynamically), the diving suits and otjier ad vanced contraptions are the inventions of Capt. Nemo, who is explained as being ahead of his time. . 'Way ahead! Nemo, you see, suffered cruelly at the hands of an unnamed nation, his family was mur- . dered, and he and his-crew are out to "get" anything or anybody , that sails the seas. ' The world, knowing noth- ing of this, is thoroughly alarmed at reports that a "monster" is , sinking ships right and left in the Pacific Kirk Douglas, a harpooner; Lukas, a professor, and Lorre, his assistant, thus find them selves aboard a U.. armed frigate detailed to locate and destroy the "monster." But the thing which is, of course, the Nautilus beats them to the punch and splinters the frigate. 'Guests' on Sub Our three men, the sole sur vivors (after all, this is ele mentary storytelling) clam ber aboard the sub, where they are allowed after a dousing "test" to remain as "guests" of the moody captain, Nemo. He is played, and wonderfully well, by James Mason in a beard. Highlights in this skillfully Sett in 6 theatres! flMMOMl HCIIKC DANVY ROSEMARY V LnVv CLOONEY ELLEN Sptial ftatvrtH AKitfM )' miwi m unmmi 'ALASKAN ISKIMO ' Cv'wkv TKHWCOIO mm ItltiMrju l f (KM M r I Technicolor l...vll iriiiM m f Hit 1 I I I fm. m. n4i. l? ttarring at the Paramount musical, "A Star h Born." sustained thriller are provid ed by the catapulting attacks of the "monster," the disclosure of its eerie mechanical marvels, a "hunt" for food on the ocean floor, a pursuit by cannibals on a South Sea isle, the sinking of the sub by a warship and the frantic struggle to repair a broken shaft on the bottom, the battle with not one but two giant squids and the climactic escape from Nemo s secret island of Vul cania. Technically the film is a marvel itself, with actual underwater shots made in the Bahamas alternating with surface scale models that defy detection as such. Douglas, at his swaggering best, not only gives voice to a sea chantey but also engages m comical give-and-take with Lorre and (the Disney touch) a trained seal. Lukas makes a respectable, if bewildered, scientist. Mason's achievement is that he lends depth and dimension to the stock figure of the "mad genius. The proof: he some times seems more to be pitied than scorned. Sci-FicJob Direction is by Richard Fleischer from the screenplay of Earl Felton. The picture is distributed by Disney's own Buena Vista. As a sci-fic job, "20,000 Leagues" is the ablest since the previous year's "War of the Worlds." But it, too, has its terrifying aspects, so discretion is recommended where impressionable youngsters are concerned. Nearly everyone else should find the voyage exhilarating. Both the Grand Canyon and Donald Duck are Cinema-Scoped on the same bill. Moulin Rouge Plans Gay Night Gayest night in the one-year history of Ftank Sennes Mou lin Rouge is anticipated New Year's Eve. The Moulin Rouge will be the only place, of its kind on the Coast with such a spectacular stage snow as ' Ca C'est Paris." THE GREAT S? fTl STORY OF JVA' s ATTILA''X THE HUNI t mm - 1EFF IACK. CHANDLER.PALANa LUDMILLA RITA ttt irTt iji.r A r ill M ilrt MORROW . CCOKCI DOUENt tOVAKD flUNt AintNOtO 9CX HiT A I NO I J tmrtt t f;7f t Ui'. I (7 mm $ sir Ko4iiooJ r4 His THE SOUNDING BOARD London-Festival Ballet Performs at Shrine ' BY ALBERT GOLDBERG I ' The legend that Christmas is a good time for show business was at least partially exploded when London's Festival Ballet opened before a meager audience in Shrine Auditorium Saturday night and played to an even scantier one at yesterday's matinee. The most gratifying event of the two sessions was easily "Petrouchka" on Saturday night. Igor Stravinsky appeared on the conductor's stand to direct a score whose fascination and originality increase rather than diminish with time, and while the orchestra was not quite equal to all its severe demands it was no mean pleasure to hear the music as the composer meant it to sound, Fokine Format Nicholas Beriosoff's reconstruction of the original Fokine choreography made all the salient points of a work still unsurpassed in fantasy and richness of invention and the performance achieved an admirable degree of tension with Keith Beckett as Petrouchka, Anita Landa as the doll, Louis Godfrey as the Moor and Beriosoff as the charlatan. The most exciting episodes of the two programs were the appearances of Nora Kovach and Istan Rabovsky the widely publicized refugees from the Iron Curtain in the pas de deux from "Don Quixote" and Rabovsky as the Po-lovstian chief in "Prince Igor." Nimble Feats Both dancers are schooled in a style a little strange to contemporary ballet in that it places more reliance on feats of an acrobatic character rather than on conventional dance techniques. But both are masters of the style, with vivid personalities, a dashing sense of the stage, and enormous and unflagging vitality. Together and separately they whipped the audience to a pitch of enthusiasm not approached by any other of the company's offerings. Both Saturday's and yesterday's programs opened in conventional manner with the second act of "Swan Lake" in an extended version embracing a pas de trois and several solo variations for the secondary characters not ordinarily included. Sparkle Missing Tamara Toumanova made a reappearance as the Swan Queen after many years' absence, and though she is still a beautiful woman and a correct dancer she failed to bring much individuality or any particular sparkle to her impersonation. Nicholai Polajenko managed himself well as the Prince, if without any espe cial brilliance. Michael Hogan was also on the lackluster side in his additional opportuni ties as Benno, but Marilynn Burr, and Dianne Richards were attractive and skillful as the two.leadihg swans. !.? 4311 toll tf nly: ZEnith 7431 "GREATEST 'ik. AIIAYOP MUSICAL 'I TALENT 2 IN ALL PICTURE DOM!", . SUrring ; JCSE : FK"a : mil : wmn : KELEH : m::ri s-COCAVEOOII f TAMAfiA I TOUMANOVA ROBaOSOM and Cutst Stars PAUL KEKSEID i ROSEKART CLGGKEY GEKElFSED KELLY: O OILIER f CY9C!SSE KC'.VARD KEEL twiaumoLVU t ft IAMB WTCHEll TCnYKAXTm - 4 Musical Is .Jj ilt, s'- West plij HOLIDAY :L -Js movie tHniu s2Sass.:4 ji ICYMIAN: Dotrt 'i T pm-S;3Qj,m,todi f. r7 COLO 5 TwRI a JEnRY "La Esmeralda" was the novelty Saturday night and "Alice in Wonderland" was new yesterday afternoon. The former is the second act of a ballet by Beriosoff with nondescript music by Cesare Pugni, based on Victor Hugo's "The Hunchback of Notre Dame," but the content' of this excerpt scarcely justifies the elaborate costumes and decor of Nicola Benois. In its present form it lacks any discernible story line and consists merely of a series of not very enlivening divertissements. Brilliant Technique 'It displayed an interesting new dancer in Oleg Briansky, a brilliant technician in little Violette Verdy, and found Miss Toumanova, supported by agile John Gilpin, in much more "convincing form than she exhibited in "Swan Lake." ."Alice in Wonderland," with Michael Charnley's choreography and an empty score by Joseph Horovitz, recounts Alice's adventures with such immortal Lewis Carroll characters as the Duchess, the Cheshire Cat, the Mad Hatter and the Knave of Hearts, to name but a few. Kenneth Rowell's brilliant costumes, patterned after the original Tenniel drawings, are more successful than his rather indifferent decor, and the piece is most engaging in the lesser episodes played to readings of Carroll's verse. Otherwise it takes an "Alice" expert to make much sense of the overloaded action. Besides Mr. Stravinsky, the conductors were Geoffrey Corbett and Robert Zeller. American Plays Big in Sweden STOCKHOLM, Dec. 26 iBl American plays have drawn the big theater audiences in Stockholm this autumn. Biggest cash register success is John Patrick's "The Teahouse of the August Moon." Hasse Ekman, a soft-spoken movie actor, ha3 the lead. Herman Wouk's "The Caine Mutiny Court-Martial" is another ' ringing success. Lars Hanson, Sweden's most distinguished actor, is probably the senior (68 years) among those who have played Capt. Queeg. He won critical praise for his carefully worked out demonstration of Queeg's mental development, th e m i6hti est stdryof Truth andTemptatioh ever vritten, ever imd! 1 Vnrw THOMAS B.COSTAIN'S MIGHTY BEST-SELLER! I Wancr Bros, THE I aVICTOR saville WARNERCO.00 SHR0PHONIC SOUND fTAIIINC JACK. VIRGINIA FAIAKCE'MAYO PIFR MIlwSlIK PAUL ' AKGEU -NRVMAN VIITTEN FOi THE SCREEN IY LESSER SAMUELS rjjpl ASSOCUTE PRODUaR DIRECTED IY VICTOR SAVILLE PRESENTED IY WARNER BROS. CONTINUOUS PERFORMANCES PrHmt CMWtm 5 at Any turn tUCLUHVI INOAblMCNT AT f THIATf III -1 " ! mm Clbrat Hmw Year's tv with HH.IO...I nawa kiwi t tttz: p. DUSIIIess i0qo m maooo j. WHIN MAOOO HI" Txjwlwlf Ahm 'MiAilbuliM'a (Mm -iLj- . r i rSsWALT DISNEY WALT DISNEY. 3 X- usti k NowJ-,,in;gr PLAN TO ATTEND OUR SHOWS FRIDAY CONTINUOUS UNTII. T T T T ' CK0W tm A TUCATBCCi V- fU i I f i hi? IMH Jnffurtl-IHI STitl ,T7rrHMUil;.'M. OOWNIOWM X MOHTWOOO I LC a mint n.u mm mm an.auu tmptmitt ww-awi mm a) Hui-'ti1 f VAKISHIiNG PRAIRIE I S0UTH S,0E I ptAZA I canooa mXtJf rtAT' WARDMAN CROWN SUNDOWN --c--g" OX I WHinit t MiwfM I tm-i final ' MAMT leUf MTE WWOTHY lAN0Mfi carmen Jones IMKUMf : ri EL REY I fij ' WJUMM I Mtf ACLI MILI 1 OpMtlaHv l;30Slt Sun Hali. Nooii . WE. l-llQi BEVERLY . Hlllt. Op.1 CH M141 Musical Fantasy In CaUrl HANSEL a CRETEL; Wellll, TrubH In th Clin BOULEVARD Wllh. Vtr. 6:45. RE-14111 Edmond O'Brien, SHANGHAI STORY) All Saata SOc: ilana Jame' Woman BRUIN Westwood. Op. (:30. BR 0-4093 Robart Wllion-Laa !, Cobb In DAY OF TRIUMPH In Color CARMEL 8161 Sta. Man. :45. HO-7272S TWO MARLON BRANDO HITS! - VIVA ZAPATA and WILD ONC IL REY 5517 Wil. Op. 1:30. WE-11101 Shakaspeara't Roma a Juliet. Ttch.: Prlia Winnina Film. Tima Out al War EMBASSY Wtsfn-3r). Op. 6:45. OU-34312 miicnum, iMAbn. ur tin,,-v avapv Edmand 0' Brian, Shiald tar Murdar FAIRFAX Bav.'F'fai.Op.f:45. WV-311S H. Bogart. A. Hapbum, SABRINA : Edmond O'Brien, 8HANCHAI STORY FIQUEROA Fi.-Sta.Bar.S:45. AD-2051S H. Bogart'M. napDurn, laint aa i All Seata 50c; SHIELD FOR MURDER FINE ARTS 8556 Wil. 1:30. CR-56464 Humphray BoRart.Ava Gardner In THE BAREFOOT CONTESSA. Clr. FLORENCE Florence. Compton. LA-7S77 Mitchum, TRACK OF CAT, C'Scope: Flynn, Crossed Swords; Oen. Adm. 50e GOLDEN GATE 517 Whittier. Cent. 1 Olsney'a True Lite Ady. Film! VANISHING PRAIRIE; Tobor tha Great GORDON La Brea-Ml.0p.6:45. WH-I944 Reynoidt-Powaii, Susan Slept Herat Stewart-Allyson, Clenn Miller Story HIQHLANO-5604 N.FIr 0p.:45.AL-964 Mitchum. TRACK OF CAT. C'Scope Edmond O'Brien, SHANGHAI STORY LABREA-9th.LaBrea.0p.S:45.WE.S-S502 7 Brides tar 7 Brathera. c icope. Wayne-Hayward, Reap tha Wild Wind LIDO La Ciene(a-Pice.0p.t:4S. BR-23633 J. Poswll-E. Purdom, ATHENA, clr.; Wayne-Hayward, Reap tha Wild Wind LOYOLA Man. A Sep.Op.S:00. 0R-S2444 M. Brande.j, simmane. qesihee, Cinemascope; P. Kelly, STEEL CAGE MESA Cren.Slauon. 0p.S;4S. AX-1695S THE EGYPTIAN, CinamaScapa, calar; ail seata soc; Powell, athena, air. PARISIAN Vrt.-Sth. Op.f :45. DU-71013 J. Powell-E. Purdom. ATHENA, clr Wayne-Hayward, Reap tha Wild Wind RITZ 5214 Wilshire. Op. 2. WE-51221 M. Brande-J. Simmons. DESIREE. Cinemascope; P. Kelly, STEEL CAGE STADIUM Plco-Rbtsn. Op 6:45. CR-620S3 Mitchum, TRACK Or CAT, C'Scope; Edmond O'Brien, 8HANCHAI STORY STARLANO 2624 N. Broadway. CA-S090 E. Kitt, new FACES, Cinemascope; Calhoun, Four Gune to the Border TOWER Comp. Cont. Mat. NE-S-131S Dieney'a Trua Lite. Aihr. Film! Vanish- inn prairie: Lead, BlacK Knight, clr, UPTOWN West'n-Olym. Op. S. RE-4111 Olsney'a True Lite Adv.! VANISHING PRAIRIE- al!0 TOBOR THE CREAT VILLAGE Wastwood. 6:30. AR.3-3042 Disney's Trua Llla Ady. Film! Vanish. inn Prairie; o. wenes. Trouble in cien WESTLAKE Alv.-Wil. 12:15. OU-33926 Mitchum, TRACK OF CAT, C'Scope; tamona u prion, snieio lor wiuraer WILSHIRE 1440 Wil. Op. 12. WV-3154 Mason-K, Douglas In Olsney'a 20,000 N Leaguae Under tha Sea, clr.: Op. 12 DOWNTOWN 105 ANGELES GLOBE Bdwy. nr. . Ct. 10:45. RE-14111 Oisney'e True Lite Adv.! VANISHING PRAIRIE, aha TOBOR THE GREAT LOS ANGELES 615 S. Bdwy. Open 10:45 M, Brende J. Slmmono, DESIREE, ClnemeScope: P. Kelly. STEEL CAGE PASADENA. SO. PASADENA. AlHAMBKA ACAOEMY Open 12:00. RV-1-650 H. Begart-A. Hepburn, SABRINAi Mark Stevens. CR Y VENCEAN CE UPTOWN Open 6:45. SV-34330 Alan Ladd, BLACK KNIGHT, air.; I. Powell-t. Purdom, ATHENA, clr. STRAND Open 12:00. SY-3 I17 A. Ladd. DRUM BEAT, Cinemascope; . Granger-Taylor, Beau Brummell, clr. STATE Open 6:45. SY-2-7136 Farnandel-F. Rasay, THE RED INN; A. Guinness, Stretlord Adventure RIALTO- Op. 6:45. SY-MISI. PY-11259 Derek-Stewart. ADV. OF HAJJI BABA, C'acope: Powell. ATH CNA, color EL REY Alh. Cont. Mat. AT-7J141 Dlnay'e True-Lile Adv.! VANISHING PRAIRIE: Powell. ATHENA, cnlnr tONO BEACH WEST COAST Cont. 12 6-4209 Oscar Hammarsteln'e CARMEN JONES, C'Scope; Merk Stevens, Cry Vengeance REST Atlantia near Carson. Open I tOQ Derek-Stewart, AOV. HAJJI BABA, C'Srono: Rooney. THE ATOMIC KID UPLANDS REDLANOi Open 6:45. Phena 4131 H. Bagart-A. Hepburn, SABRIN At. Creer Carson. HER 12 MEN, elr. SANTA PAUIA FOX Dly. 6:45. Sat.-Sun. 1 p m. Ph. 1014 A. ladd, DRUM beat, ctnamescepe; Richard Denning. TARGET EARTH RIVERSIDE HIVERIIOE Cant. 2:00. Ph. 5352 Oscar Hammarsteln'e CARMEN JONES, C Scope: 0. Regan, Twist at Fata O01DIN STATS Cent. 2:00 Phena 737 M. Brande-J Simmons. OE1IREE. C'Sratie SHIELD FOR MURDER tha Maaplaat Shaw In Tawnl7! T I Ma incraaaa In pHcaal -aT) -t J. i embolic iWxm muict OALA NSW YEAR'S KV CahrkvV, DELUXE I. Ujll 1 1 ...: CAPE' t , jnm MIDACti Mill PEAK IAIEY rHiaLU7ll .... J, J i iiaE f m I "j SAMBLINO Um WrW H HO. S?IM HOUSE" SHAKHHAWS 1 1 4 HOUYWOOP APOLLO Hd..Wlt'n. 2:00. HO-74522 Ounaj'a Trua Lilt A6.l VANISHINO PRAIRIE: also Troubla In tha Qlan CHINESE 0p.11 :45. HO-27S0S, RE-14111 THERE'S NO BUSINESS LIKE SHOW BUSINESS! CinamaScapa. Calar NEW FOX 6126 Hlywd. Op.12. H0-2072S Cresby-Kave-Cleeney-Vera-Ellen, Whit Christmas, Technicolor, VlstaVltlan aVHOLLYWOOD 12:30-Sa.m. H 0-39371 M. Brande-J. Simmane, DESIREE, Cinemascope; P. Kelly, STEEL CACt IRIS 6 508 Hwd. Bl. Ct. 12:30. HO-32184 Oscar Hammariteln'e CARMEN JONES, C'Scope, Color; Tabor tha Great VOGUE 6675 Hwd. BJ. Ct. 12. HO-72SS Dona Day-Frank Sinatra-Olf Veuni, YOUNG AT HEART In WarnerColer OCEAN PARK, SANTA MONICA, VENiCI, CULVER CITY. WEST I A. DOME Fr. Pk. 6:00, EX -6-327 J 60a 'til 7. Mitchum, TRACK OP CAT, C'Scope: A. Ladd, Black Knight, air. CRITERION Cont. 12:30. EX-S-S282 Olsney'a Trua Life Adv. Film! Venlsh-Ing Prairie: Welles, Trouble In Plea FOX Venice. 620 Lincoln. EX-S421S C'lcopa! ADV. OF HAJJI BABA, Clr. M. O'Hara. Fir Over Atrlca. clr. BUNDY Pica at Can. Op. 6:45, EX-64414 Coeper.Stanwyck, BLOWING WILD: All Seata 50c; Hasten, Naked Jungle WILSHIRE 1314 Wileh. Bird. EX-S-699I 0. Kelly-C. Charlsse, BRIGADOON, C'Scope; Clark Gable. BETRAYED CULVER Wash. -Due.. Ct. 1. VE-63124) Disney'a Trua Llla Adv.! VANISHING PRAIRIE: alsa TOBOR THE GREAT HUNTINGTON PARK CALIFORNIA Cant. 12:00. JE-5111 Disney'a Trua Lila Adv. Film! VAN. ISHING PRAIRIE; Crest 1 tha Wave) PARK Pacific Blvd. Op. 12:00. JE-3442 THE EGYPTIAN, CinemaSoape, Celarl Andrewe-Hayward, Canyen Passage ALCAZAR 4426 E Cane. Oe. 6:45. LA-330 C'Scope! ADV. OF HAJJI BABA, Clr.! Wayne-Hayward. Reap tha Wild Wind INOICWOOP ACADEMY Fr. Pk. OR-71000, PL-15151 Disney'a Trua Llla Adv. Film! VANISHING PRAIRIE; Crest of the Waa FOX 115 N. Market. CI. 12:30. 0R-S232S H. Bogart. A. Hapbum, SABRINA ; Orson Welles. Trouble In tha Qlait FIFTH AVENUE Slh-Manch. TW-9968) Lancaster-Sinatra. FROM HERE TO ETERNITY ; Brando. THE WILD ONE REDONDO, HERMOSA, MANHATTAN REOONDO Ct. 1. Smoking. FR-25254 Olsney'a Trua Lite Adv. Fllml VAN-ISHING PRAIRIE; R sonsy. Atomic KlaT HERMOSA Open 6:45. FRentier 2624S Mitchum, TRACK OP CAT, deeper Wayne-Hayward, Reap tha Wild Wind LAMAR Manhattan Beach. FR-2S50B A, Ladd, DRUM BEAT, Clnemalcepei J. Powell. E. Purdom. ATHENA, clr. VAUEY STUDIO CITY Open 6:45. SU-2-2377 A. Ladd, DRUM BEAT, Etnomaseee: Wayne-Hayward, Reap tha Wild Wind EL PORTAL Na. Hwd. Op. 12. ST-7tgS Disney'a Trua Llla Adv.! VANISHING PRAIRIE: 0. Kelly, Crest at the Wave VALLEY N. Hwd. Op. 1:45. IU-23272 J. Stewart-O. Kelly, REAR WINDOW; Wyman, Magnificent Obsession, elr. LA REINA-Oa. 12:45. ST-72942, IT-51141 Oisney'e Trua Lite Adv. I VANISHING PRAIRIE: O. Kelly, Crest at Way VAN NUYS Open 8:45. State S 2731 wayna-Hayward, Rsap tha wild wind I J. Powell. E. Purdom. ATHENA, air. RIVOLI Van Nuye. Ct. 12:30. IT-S1918 Walt Disney's. PINOCCHIO. elr.; plus DISNEY'S CARNIVAL In color , POMONA. ONTARIO FOX Pomona. Op. 6:30. LY-t-1851 0. Hammerstsln e CARMEN JONES. C'lcopa; Mark Stevens, trf Vengaanct STATE Pomona Cant, 1. LV-2-5644 Mitchum-Menree, River ee? Na Return, C'Scapa; J. Agar, Golden Mlitrsss, atr. VILLAGE Claremont. Op.6'45, LY-52012 Wagner.Leigh, Prince valiant, C'Mapat Stanwyok, Cettla Queen at Mantana, clr. GRANADA Ontaria. 6:45. Ph. 61-61S H. Begart-A. Hepburn, sabrinaj Mickey Rooney. THE ATOMIC KIT) ORANGE COUNTY WEST COAST Santa Ana. KI-3 1317 Oscar Hammarstain'a CArrsaKN jonks. C'Scapa: Mark Stevens, cry vengeance) FOX Anaheim. Phone 302 Ven dohnsen, last Time i law panel John Agar, Golden Mistress, elr. FOX Fullerton. LA-S-2161 A, ladd, DRUM na at, cinemeaeopei R. Scott. BOUNTY HUNTER, clr. GlENPAlf ALIXCantiMMua 12:06. . CH-6-152S Disney'a True Lite Adv. I vanishing PRAIRIEi 0- Kelly, Crest at tha Wave OUNOAII Open I M. CH I2S16, Alen ladd. black stmunT, "r-l t C'lcopa! Adv. at Haly Beba, air. , ATEWAV 8 Fer.-Bran.6:45. CM 51411 Mitchum, TRACK OP CAT. C'Saapai; J. pewell-g. ruroem. ATrsgNA. SANNINO BANNING-Eve 4S.6at.6un.1:J.Ph .8114 M. Brende-J. Simmons, vesirei, C Irene i Menu Stevens, trf Vengoawaay iis Mim ' . '

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