The Los Angeles Times from Los Angeles, California on January 29, 1939 · 61
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The Los Angeles Times from Los Angeles, California · 61

Los Angeles, California
Issue Date:
Sunday, January 29, 1939
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SUNDAY MORNING, JANUARY 23, 1939. PART JJJ-a.. 7 CT3 I(J1 33 E Clark Pupils Win Roles Thirty-two Given Contracts for Stage, Screen and Radio Thirty-one studenti of the Edward Clark Academy Theater last O'ear won contract on screen, stage and radio. Mr. Clark attributes this record to his practical type of training, similar to that encountered in professional stock companies, which dispenses with exercises, elocution and theory. Ecrrd Clark . instructs his Academy Players through stockj company method, training them! by constant rehearsing and play ing at his Little Theater. Ten plays are presented yearly for extended runs with all students alternating in various roles of all the plays. Students who received con tracts in 1938 are Carmen Morales, Juanita Quigley, Mary Carlisle. Diane Cook, Folmer Blangsted, Barbara Weeks, Janet Elsie Clark, John Harmon, Marion Rottolo, Sheila O'Malley, Kathleen O'Malley, Jan Hopper, I. Stanford Jolley, Roger Gray Jr., Helene Bertell, Irvin Ber wick. John James. Robert Pac-4 quin, Robert Reel, Gladys Ahearn, Renita, Volande Donlan, Mildred Morris, Vivian Coe, Sandra Jolley, Orville J. Emory, Vivian Lee, Hyman Averback, Ben Neems and Katharina Steele. RECENT STUDIO 'FIND' -tetjJbvJ "ilf mNdai i - Educational Aims at Cumnock Broad Cumnock School aims to pro-Tide a continuity of education from upper elementary grades through high school and the first two years of college. It seeks to provide an environment conducive to. the fullest intellectual, spiritual and physical development of its students. Cumnock is co-educational and one of California's oldest private chools. It occupies a four-acre campus In the Wilshire district. It is fully accredited; most colleges and universities accept its graduates without examination. Academy for Boys Harding Military Academy en-; preparations a young person can deavors to provide a healthy, jmake for success as an aduIt js nappy atmospnere anu nne iram- 1 Dana Andrews, student at Neely Dickson' Hollywood Community Theater, who recently was "discovered" by a Samuel Goldwyn talent scout while appearing in one of the theater-school's productions. DANCING DEEMED VALUABLE IN DEVELOPMENT OF POISE icou s lover Theater School Neely Dickson Students Given Film Contracts The Hollywood Community Theater School, directed and managed by Neely Dickson, is the oldest school of its kind In Los Angeles. It combines intensive training in technique with practical experience on the Btage in frequent productions. Studio "scouts" cover all pro ductions and students frequently receive direct calls to the studios. Five students received bona fide studio calls during the past week and three received calls from agents, Miss Dickson states. In addition to the regular faculty, guest directors familiarize the students with different methods of professional directing. Dana Andrews, Samuel Gold-wyn's "discovery in a filling station," was really seen by Goldwyn talent scouts at the Hollywood Community Theater Two other students, James Bacigalupe and Henry Philip Schuler, recent ly were given professional roles after appearing in one of the school's productions. EMBRYO ACTORS IN FIRST APPEARANCE r- "One of the most valuable Ire for growing boys, according to Maj. Wm. G. Harding, superintendent. It occupies a 10-Bcre site near Glendora. acquirement of poise, self-confidence and ease in meeting people," points out Ernest E. Ryan, head of the school of Drama Schools and Little Theatres lim La CAPSTAN L!.GGB.: OF THE TilEATflE, IMC. HIHRY C'JTfYt DALE WJNTrJi, J? Jkerttn 111 1 ' ' ' ' "v1- TO TRAIN STUDENTS TO FIT THE REQUIREMENTS OF THE MODERN THEATRE IN ALL ITS PHASES. ENROLL NOW FOR MID -WINTER TERM Production plaving nightly at Las Palmas Theatre "AMMAL KISGDOM" opens Tuesday, January 31. Inquire 6840 Hollywood Blvd., Hollywood Phono HO. 721 1 Hollywood Community Theatre School Neely Dickson Many Prominent Stage, Screen and Radio Players Received Their Training Here Stage Screen Voice and Diction Dancing "ANOTHER MAN'S SHOES" Now Playing IS Productions staged by the school during the past year. a m 1731 N. Branson Avo. Z I SI tZX Phono HE. 5279-1471 EDWARD CLARK ACADEMY-THEATRE HI. 750 IA BREA BETWEEN HOLLYWOOD AND SUNSET - C!l. IMS The First and Only Theater School of Its Kind Anywhere Senri: Ctrl Leemmle. Sr. -Jem Lstky-AI lotion . Arthar Hmmwtin . Ernst Lutiltacn . John M. Stnhl.Vrm. Colllsr. Sr.-AI H. Weodi. . . . - I ..I C A,.A nnlfllilB Prattles! Staga Ixrlence Net Theory. No Claitu No UiiImi Prillmlnarle-Ne Tims Wattlns rru Trinina ku a,,.., ,an RhAnali an Public PerfermsneM. tt Othsr Taaennra All Studants OifMt.d ky Mr. Clark titwwll. Osenini tsntsht. 3 let eewidy "SUGAR BABY", Conducted Like Theatrical Stock and Repertoire Company RADIO ARTISTS of the future: Vani Arttne. Annoonrtnr, Ptnsjns. Writlni. Pirttnjr la the World's Finest Radm Workshop. IUilr tvvttnrrt on major M.llo sUiirma. Tuns KCA, 8:00 A.M.. 8t.(; KKV D, 1:30 P.M., St.. 4id 4:0U i'.M.. Hun. RENNETT- CARROLL studio KFVO Bids. 3j t. Wottirn Avt. FE. 2161 Marts Oatman ', SCHOOL OF THE THEATRE MAWTUI V 3723 Wilshiro Blvd. Telephone Fltuoy 821S IVlUWinLI rauiiierson Moot tuccosiful living teacher for trio screen. Shortest couriet. Lt tpene. All (raduat-ing pupils are placid. All Individual work. Wonderful opportunity. No school In America ton do more tor you, interviews arranged. sa1416 N. Sycamore Ave. Hillside 6577 BLISS-HAY REN NOW PLAYINO 4TM WEEK "BEFORE Now Costing: "Thought for Food" by Keith Winter y Kanyon Nlaholiaa FOR INFORMATION ABOUT TRAINING IN DANCING DRAMA I ) Tap I ) TlramsUc Art ( ) Voir n4 Tic(ioo j ) 8nnlih ( I ! Trinni ( ) Public Sprskini Ballroom ( I jMirliythmire ( ) Sireen Trainini ( I Padio Broi1catin .1 ) Phyiir! Comiitioning . I Fencinc This survieo' is freo and doss not placo you under any obligation, fust chock tho intsrtsUei. PBlnl your nam ana aaarsss osiew. ana Mail Coupon to I I AeroSatic Pallet subject in which you oro 2o$ ncjclcsa'Tttmc SCHOOL AND COLLEGE BUREAU Cornor FIRST ood SPRING Or Tsl.phoas MAdisoa 214S KAMI For Adull? AnrRESS For Child? CITY., Ttl dancing which bears hi. name. "Dancinpr with its attendant attention to etiquette, naturalness and freedom from self-consciousness provides this necessary training." lie believes that the boy or girl who never learns poise and to make social contacts successfully when young is seriously handicapped later In the social or business world. Beginning Feb. 6 and 17, Ei-nest Ryan's new spring classes for high school and junior high school students opens' at his 17-year-old school. These classes are open to the public, with certain restrictions commensurate with high standards. A staff of experienced teachers gives private or class instruction in all forms of ballroom dancing, including rhumba, tango, I.a Conga, fox trot and waltz, with many original dances created by Mr. Ryan from time to time. DANCE ACADEMY IN TWO STUDIOS California Uses European Method's The California Academies of Ballroom Dancing operate two studios, one in the downtown shopping area, the other in the Wilshire district. They offer clients modern and well equipped studios for private and class instruction, a trained staff of lady and gentlemen teachers and intelligent instruction for beginners, intermediate and advanced students. Since their inception, the academies have favored the rapid European system of instruction in all popular dances fox trot, waltz, tango, rhumba and others. They seek to develop the students' natural powers and sense of rhythm. The academies are directed by Messrs. Von Valdemar and Andre de Beck. Frank White is in charge of the Western Ave. studio. f - V : - V I - -r . si v Scene from 'The Widow in Green' which opened the 10-week Drama Festival at EI Capiton College of the Theater. The event is planned to give graduating students their first experience playing before a paying audience. Offers of Positions Surpass Enrollment Since Taylor Vocational School moved to its new Virgil Ave. location in October, there have been more enrollment placements than student enrollments, according to Mrs. Allenrue F. Taylor, general manager. She therefore believes outlook for general business employment is improving. The new location affords a cultural environment. It is quiet enough to encourage concentration and permits personal, individual development of students. Graduates are offered free employment service. Academy Adds New Structure California Military School Boasts Modern Plant California Military Academy,; now in its 34th year, recently! completed its $30,000 adminlstra; tioh building, latest addition to its Angeles Vista Blvd. plant! The campus overlooks Los An-! geles and is characterized by i fire and earthquake resistant steel-framed buildings, modern equipment and a home-like at mosphere. Unusual features of the plant include an outdoor swimming pool, roller skating rink and a riding ring. Every student learns to ride on horses that have been trained and selected especially for the use of smaller boys. California Military Academy: embraces grades from kindergarten through the ninth. Stress is laid on establishment of a firm educational foundation for boys in their early years. Classes! are small and under the super-; vision ot caretuiiy seiecieci in structors. Children Afforded Theatrical Training The Falcon Junior Workshop.1 School of Dancing, of Hollywood. : a children's theater, is the latest ! Intensive theatrical training for! development of the Flcon:children will characterize th e dancing are part of the currieu-School and the Edith Jane spring term, now just beginning. !lum. Glauburg Studio Starts 11th Year Dancing Master Has Appeared in Many Film Roles Louis Glauburg, owner and director of the dance studio bcs ing his name, has appeared ia more than 40 motion-picture pri iductions. He has played wi:. Isuch film personalities as Mae ! West, Bing Crosby, Carole Lara-!bard, Fredric March, Wallace Beery and the Marx Brothers, i He has won more than lutf ! dance trophies in local compesi lions in all types of dancing and ' has been teaching 11 years, j The Glauburg Stud'ios in the Beverly-La Brea district employ a large staff of experienced if structors and teach all types of dancing. The faculty includes Ardis Money, Jane Glary, Alexander Gegna, Glenn Ketchum and Ernest Mathias. Classes are now being formed in ballet, tap, acrobatic, singing and ballroom dancing for children and adults. All work is personally supervised by Mr. Glauburg. Outdoor Classes Progressive education for boys and girls from nursery to junior high school grades is offered st the Greene Gardens SchooL A large, well-equipped pla3'ground permits outdoor activity and many classes are held in th open. Music, dramatics and Dancing Schools and Teachers ivuAUKOCE tlSLOFF LEADING THEATRICAL SCHOOL OF THE WEST TRAINING FOR SCREEN O RADIO O STAGE If you want to go on the stage, in radio or in motion pictures, don't spoil your chances by offering undeveloped, untrained talent. We train men, women and children to give professional performances before the camera, the microphone and the footlights. STYLE SINGING and DANCE ROUTINES FEATURED f . X . 7; i 1 ; j I ....... -.-I. -1 MAUMCC KOSLOFF RADIO BROADCASTING STUDIO with facilities for broadcasting direct from our own school, with glassed-in partition for spectators interested in teeing actual broadcasts. Complimentary director's studio tests and radio auditions given daily without charge to determine your possibilities. K.F.A.C. Wednesdays and Fridays 10:15 P. M., and on Sunoavi or 1 :30 P. M. FREE OFFER THIS AD ENTITLES BEARER TO ONE LESSON IN ANY DIVISION ucEs:D asd bosded studio agems 8800 WILSHIRE BLVD., Cor. Robertson Blvd. CResitirw 5-7530 BRodshnw 22U6 BEVERLY HILLS The new school term begins in a few days. Here is your opportunity to get specialized training at low cost. Prepare yourself for a better job and better pay . . . expert instruction offers many advantages! Take the first step now. Turn to Classifications 19, and 75-79 of Times Classified Ads -where schools specializing in virtually every field list their detailed announcement. I list their detailed announcement. J Ruth McGregan Nearly Six Years in : Present Location ! The Ruth McGregan Dancing Academy Is nearing its sixth year in its present location. Departments include modern ballroom,: ballet and tap dancing, all adequately staffed. Gerald Jordan, in charge of ballet, is known for his technique, his creative work and his professional background. Bill Cum-mings, tap dancer, has developed unusual routines and dance pres-: entations. He is adept at both ultra-modern and conservative types of ballroom dancing. Miss McGregan is well known in local dance circles and is assisted in both private instruction and class work by Ida Morris. ohe (Srnest &.$yan. SCHOOL OF DANCING Announce the opening of New Class for Adult Beginners in Ballroom Dancing Monday Evening;, February 6th, at 7:30, and Meeting Each Monday and Thursday Thereafter for Ten Lessons Istsrowtisto Clsas T.rtrf WrdaesrisT Ernii Injf rartion 7:S0 t l:JO yollrrarto' bw Anciai Panciuc with Orrhmirs Mnw 1:30 to If, Advanced Clsaa livery Moni4f &remi(, I 30 to 10:30 Special Clauoa for High School Stud onto Evory Friday Ersming. Now torm opens Friday o Toning, February 17th. Teichins; Wiltx, Fo-Trot, Humbi, Tango, ti all th smart new dances, also Ballroom Deportment. Private Lessons 10 A.M. to 10 P.M. ALL PRIVATE LESSONS GIVE.V IX INDIVIDUAL STUDIOS 607 So. Western Avenue Telephone FEderol 1445 Tamon Re-elected Arnold Tamon, ballet master, has been re-elected president of the Los Angeles Dancing Teach-! ers' Business Association. Thej association aims to assure dance ! students the most capable type of training. ill I. ilia: P" 2 1.' LEARN THE CALIFORNIA WAY BE MORE POPULAR! Smart Up-to-Dale Ballroom Instruction Announcing NEW CLASSES FOR BEGINNERS MON., FEB. 6th and THURS FEB. 9tli, 7:30 P. M. Private Lessons Given From 11-11 Daily Gaast Lsisoit Awaits Yea Without Any OWisaUs 623 S. Grand Ave. Entire 4th fl. TU. 3958 519 S. Western Ave. Entire 2d Fl. Fl. 9281 Clan Lsassna IN THE HEARTS OF THE PUBLIC THE PARENTS THE PROFESSION NO UNIVERSALLY RECOhNIZED AS THE . . . World's Fiuest Child Training IF TO0 WAVT THB BEST rOR ynvn riin.i . coxsidkb ONLY MEGLIN KIDDIE INSTRUCTION. Danee 'Drama Vnie Far Cultur or Tks ffsfaailao ETHEL MEGLIN STUDIOS Is AsascJation Wrtk MNCMON A MARCO 2701 VENICE BL. (Hdqtrs.) PA. S14S SfiOO Sunset 8lvd. HO. 5341 TRINIDAD GOMI School of Spanish Dancing; 32 So. Hill St. MUtual 1955 THE ARISTOCRAT Or DANCE SCHOOLS IN THE HEABT OP THE WILSHIRE DISTRICT I i V Studios MsV " of Dance ELISA RYAN, General Director ALL PHASES OF THE DANCE CHILDREN AND ADULTS THOMAS SHEEHY, Dance Director of Ballet and Tap WILLIAM MOFFA, Exhibition Ballroom SPRING TERM OPENS FEBRUARY 6th REGISTRATIONS NOW 3832 Wilshire Boulevard DR. 2207 50 Special ratos to Couplss. HALF-HR. PRIVATE $ BALLROOM LESSONS Top and Ballet eUmtt for ntnllt and rhMm Wednesday and Saturday 7:30 P.M. . includes 6 one-hour group lessons at no additional charge Ruth McGregan , 1S00 Wilshire Blvd. DR. 9929 !6 MAUDE RILEY BALLET TAP BALLROOM EIMPLAUB ""3! TVESTtVOOD VILLAGE. W.L.A. 31388 CR. 56580 - SPRTNC r.T sASSEaS NOW ja. .ja. a --r - - - - LIS Bal room Bellel lap t Lesson J Adult o Childrea Professional Teachers Private Lessons Daily by Appointment Louis Glauburg Ttn I'tart in Lot Angrle .3III4 N. L Brea WE. 9832- THE FALCON SCHOOL "THE EDITH )ANE SCHOOL OF DANCINC" Junior Workshop Row in Setttlon. Closes July 1st Complete theatrical course for children 23 houre per week under practical expefs of world fame. Radio and television with actual performance. Fencing under world champion. Dancing under international artists. Diction, Play-production, Pantomime, Mike Techniarie, Piano, Voico Placement and Singing. AUDITIONS DAILY BETWEEN I P.M. and 2:30 P.M. 5619 Hollywood Bird. JfO. 5.?.6 ADULT SPANISH CLASS for (eqinners ' TUESDAY EVENING. 7:30 . Direction I-LISA CANS I O ERNEST BELCHER 607 South Western Avenue f 1-41 27 TAMON 171 W. 6th St. Endorsed by Screen end Profcuion Original Dente-Routines Fret Practice Stvdta "BALLET SPANISH DR. 0536 NICO CHARISSE School of the Dance 1258 M. La Br em Invites sou te view tleeaee In ballat, tea. tap, shsrsstar, fealireem; slae liirnni. il. 921

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