The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on April 30, 1931 · Page 1
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 1

Blytheville, Arkansas
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Thursday, April 30, 1931
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Served by the United Press Vol.. .\\VI1I—NO. 37 BLYTHEVILLE COURIER NEWS THE DOMINANT NEWSPAPER OP NORTHEAST ARKANSAS AND SOUTHEAST MISSOURI HOME EDITION BlythevJlle Courier, Blylhevllle Herald, B'.jthevllle Daily News, Valley Loader. HI.YTHEV1LLK, ARKANSAS, THURSDAY, AI'Kll, HO, 10;H SINGLE COPIES FIV .' RMED BANDITS ROB BANK AT MALVERN They'll Reform If She's Sleulli Slate Association President Enthusiastic Over Convention's Achievement. Satisfaction at the achievements of the 41st annual convention of the Arkansas Bankers association, held at Little Rock Tuesday and Wednesday; was expressed today liy B. 'A. Lynch, newly fleeted president, who returned to Bly- thoville today. Principal accomplishment of the convention was the adoption of a code of practices, designed to strengthen Arkansas banks and prcvenl recurrence of a disaster like thai wlilch followed the closing of more than 100 Arkansas banks last fall To obtain acceptance ami application of this code by all of the hanks of th- stale will be the major uur- l>cs? of (he association for the en- suinir year. Mr. Lynch declared. Mlssijsinpt county bankers, in addition to Mr. Lynch, who attended [he state meeting were A. G. Little and John Snydcr of the First. National bank of this city and M. I... Sumner of the Bank of Osceola. Under the action taken by the convention banks put the new code i-hich fall to into practice within tho next tv.elve months will not !»' clijiWe for membership in the association. The purpose of the code, as outlined In its preamble, is to make banks safe by assuring them a margin of profit sufficient tn cover inevitable losses and to give stockholders a reasonable return upon their investments. Besides fixing service charges on all services rendered by banks, the coric rets forth stern rules on loans, security for loans, and the .'actions of bank officials '•"in ',"• rcjriru * to 'fumis invested -In banks. It demands insurance coverage for bak employes, along with other measures Intended to assure safety of deposits. 'T am convinced that adoption nnd u:;e cf the cede is essential to the welfare and safety of the banking industry in Arkansas, and that shall be raj' sole platform and aim." Mr. Lynch declared. "I nm delighted that the code was adopted, nnd that no sentiment against it was expressed by the more than 500 bankers attending this meeting. I am goin» to urge that it be put into practice immediately." Tt will probably prove desirable. Mr. Lynch believes, to form regional sub-divisions of the present state banking association groups for consideration of the cocie. school of crime detection. She be- Lion Leaps From Lecture Plattorm, Mangles Child CINCINNATI, April 30 (UP) --' room nnd drew near (o gaze with , SSreaking Us leash during n lecture-childish curiosity at the lion, arid exhibition at Whiltler school Without warning the enraged mn- licre today a young lion leaped mnl leaped, snapping the leash. I upon Vlvlmi I.elchncr, 7. nnd In- The Impact hurled Vlvlnn to the I ]ured her critically before she was iloor and the lion sloshed her with Ample and Palatable Men- rcsct«i. :• , us daws. , n -ii .1 Tl'c 'ion and other animals tad; Pandemonium broke us Are i ossible at Low Ccst Says Uncle Sam. (Mill RULE 82 Parents Pkdge Aid to Schools PLUM- EDITOR'S NOTK: This is the sccoml nf two articles on how to nuke the 'family dnllar provide the most in food and ollirr necessities, as recommended by the V._ S. Bureau of Economics. BV RODNEY BUTCHER NEA Sen-ice Writer | WASHINGTON.—Hard times, individual efficiency, reduced income, health nnd Its relation to weight, calorics and vitamins have all been j taken into consideration by De, government in its attempts to tell its how and what to cat. Besides testing and devising dbls ! for families stricken by economic, depression, the experts of the Bureau of Home Economics have also studied the control of weight so as to maintain the best, health and consequent maximum of pleasure in life. And they have worked out food and other budgets for families wit':) annual incomes ranging from $1250 to $2550, which includes the bulk of wage and salary earners. \ Family Budget For >5 Million Wane Earners. There's a budget for a family of l >' five with an income of $1525 a year, for instance, which is especially Interesting because the average wage of more than 25,000.000 American wage earners in 1930 has beep, e.-ti- mated at only $1580. The food allowance in that budget is S-338.88. Other items include: S318 for rent, $55 for father's clothing, S45 for mother's, $40 for the 14-year-old son's, $43 for the 12-, yeSr-old daughter's), $11 • for been brought into the school In one called the connection v.ith a natural history J Howard Miller responded. He lecture by William Hnrwood, Le-, snatched the child from beneath land Stanford university. Vlvlnn • the smitllng beast then used the came Into the room while the lee- trainer's io]v to capture It. llui 1 - Cnrds distributed through I h e schools have been re urne'l with :,. /-. • tvf i : 1)lctise5 nr sllBlil'V more than $2.503 Urges Cooperation Wltlli towtinl " 1C SIOOOO fund needed n out. Some- .-j • • r, • "'sure '"" ^'™ operation of the .. Patrolman ] J roEreSSlVeS 111 UfgaillZ-. Blythevlll L - school system next year. iiniwlnil tin , *•" _... . . . __ . ing Next Congress. MEMl'HIS, April 30. till 1 )-The lure was in progress and withdrew. wood In the meantime was said to j Democratic party should organise pledges of slightly more than $2.503 P ..... , p.- n 1 Lntcr With Drawn Kevolv- evs to Effect Hold Daylight Holdup; Flee in Car MAI.VEIW. Ark.. April 30. (UP> —Three 'unmasked bandits in flight when she saw the anl-: liave fled. Mais. A woman reassured her. "Come both houses of congress, U. S. Sen- Vlvlan was taken to a hospital ! a i or Kenneth McKellar said In an where physicians said an ciner- j interview here today, adding thai in. they wcn'l hurt you," she said gency operation might be neces- t hcy S ]i 0m ,j "be fair to the pro^res- Tlie child came back into the tary to save her life. federal Agents Arrest State Capitol 'Legger . LITTLE HOCK. April 30. (UP)—Fc- d e r a 1 prohibition agents trailed R. F. Williams, 23, to the doors of the capltol and there arrested him, charging him with possession of one gallon of ]i<i'jor. Tr.ey refused to divulge to which office he was going, saying thai, his automobile parked on the Capitol grounds contained 12 quarts and five pints of whiskey. The car was confiscated. [Will Succeed Dr. H. S. | Davis as Club President; Ware New Vice President slves hi making uu committees," and treat them "with every courtesy nnd consideration." Tlie progressives, said Ihe Tennessee senior senator,' are much more favorable to Democratic policies than they are to the old line j Republican policies. They liave long ; cooperated with the Democrats In lire senate, he said, and they arc willing to do 50 In Ihe house. "lu most respects progressives stand for Democratic policies." McKellar snld. "Mr. Hoover and his close associates have treated them very cavalierly and practically have ostracized them •politically. They Pledges were made by 82 parents of sc'i'ool children. What sleps are to be taken toward , i-iiiTVIm; lo completion the campaign for $10,000 will be considered at a icellng tonight of the chnmber of ommerce, to which a citizens com- nltlcc mimed at n public iiieellnK asl week turned over the task of alslng the money. Pledges totaling Serious Flood in Dnieper Valley Adds to Russian Relief Problem. ifOSCOW, Apr. 30 (UP) — Deaths in the Trans-Cnuensus Over 1,200 Farmers reiving Federal Help, Is Estimate Here. " kflssisslppT • county ' fa'rmerV'iWlll receive' approximately $365,000 from lh- government for feed, seed, f criniKr an( j ayrial iu,ra rehnbil- three-year-old^, baby's, $15 for upkeep of clothe?, $14.80 for school lunches, $41.70 for furniture, $28.60 i ___ _____ lor insurance, S6.1C for nswspapers, 1 jr : i;io n '"| h1 ' r ' 0 u g h'"the" l "federa'i S5S.47 for recreation. $2C for sav-1 _, on orr!ce nt . Me mphls, which will! 00 der1 ' Ings, $12 for church or Sunday j recciv( _ no mora applications alter j Sprigs school, S8.52 for health and $103.17 Cecil Slinne was elected president ! of the Blythsvllle Rotnry club at its annual election meeting today. Other officers named were: K. N. Ware jr., vice president: U. S. Branson, secretarv and treasurer; B. A. Lynch. A. B. Fairfiekl and Dr. T. R. Johnsonj members of the board of dlrectori'wlth Dr. H. S. Davis, retiring president. Dr. Dnvls was elected delegate to Ihe convention m'eellmt in Hot Springs May 12 and, 13 with the new president as alternate. A number plan lo attend. Following the luncheon at the Hotel Noble there was a_lso a program. Byron Morse gtwe'hls declamation on '.The New South." which won firet.honOTS at'ttic district rd«h school meet rind which will be piven at Conwny tomorrow for itate honors. H. P. Kirshiicr. O. P. Moss and seed i J ' A - Lccc h spoke of the benefits to derived from attending the Hoi . convention. earthquake were estimated today EU PP li( ' s and miscellaneous at 53fi with approximately 4000 £omc of tfua ma >' scund injured. v "' '' "—" • - . for operating expenses includina | u '{ s believed that the total num- fuel, hgnt, transportation, school Spectacular Reco very Adds Two Billion Dollars lo Stock Values. NEW YORK. April 30. (UP)—A wiris recoverv in prices added more 'than two billion dollars to values of shares outstanding on the flock exchange (May. Accnrdin» to preliminary calcu- Itions by the Dow, Jones and com- nanv industrial averaoes advanced 7 54-100 to 15"! 15-100. Rail av er- a"rs advanced 2 43-100 to 88 42100. Sales totnlr-ri 3.300.000 shares compared to 3.2HO.OOO veslordav. It was the most soirited rise in months and one of the widest sine? H'e bull nnrkft days before the 1929 crash. It Miowiyl a droo just as spectacular the day belore. Doctors, engineers, volunteers, troops from the red army, firemen and militiamen wcve aiding scores i:; the nine districts and forty towns affected. Thousands will be cared for under direction of government commis-, sions and the Russian Red Cross! which has collected nearly 100,000 rubles. The council of peoples commissars has assigned 2.000,000 rubles approximately 300.000 were affected in the Nakhilchevan area where normal economic activities have been suspended and miners have returned to their native vil- lajes. At the same time a new center of distress had developed with flcoding of villages along the Dnieper river. Herding their cattle onto the hilltops thousands of the town nnd country population were abandoning their homes be- I fore the rising waters. Feed and medical supplies were being sent, to collection centers in upland regions. With communication in the flood areas washed out shorl wave radio was substituted to keep touch wilh the outside world Lower streets of Kiev were flooded and if wns feared serious damage would be done to factories In dan- rerous localities. her of farmers receiving aid from this source In the county will be .., prosimately 1260. A week ago but the allocations ore not compul- i 1055 applications already passed sory. The food allowance is almost ] totalled S359.000. Since that time a number of others have submitted applications which have not yet been passed on. Farmers receiving Ihe money will pay five per cent interest from time received until the date Ihe loan is paid. Sixty per cent of , the loan is given immediately after ' the application is certified and the remainder 30 days later. The interest for the first, check loan to October 31! Is deducted from the last check received. Despite Mississippi being the second largest county in Arkansas, there are least two and perhaps three counties which will receive larger sums from this source. Both Phillips and White counties have received more and it is probable Faulkner county's total will exceed that of this county. The money, according to the con- for th" annnil e^h Dcfends "Coldness" on Basis of Wife's Health and Own Moral Convictions. MEMPHIS, April 30. (UP)—Stating that he stands where his church stands in regarding self control as the only Christian standard of birth control, and that he has trie:! __ ._ = _... lo live by such a code for the last | tract, may be used for feed. seed. three years. Ihe Very Rev. Israel H. r fertilizer, and food, clothing, med- elite's name from Noe. dean of St. Mary's Eplsconal icine an machinery repairs which! tllr "° rniHiH-it" fir E Declines to L«t np^v on Rallot for Loca School Director. The "ame of Judee W. D. Grnv etlc will not ann-ir or the baUf, clrctlon Ma IGlh ns A cendidnte for a nlace on thp BM-lhftvlllo school bmrd. To the bol'orn "f a n"iition PI with the cwntv board of Mu^nlion nominating htm ^s n i-nndidite In f he school b^arr* Jndae Gravel! ho* v->-|il»n a-; foMi"-si "I do n" wish to nm for school director an iv-Mc^t m y nnme being on tb the Itvsl Nalloiidl Dank here this afternoon, bound two cmoloye. 1 ;, rifled the cash drawers and csoarjed , with an amount estimated at be r • tween $4.000 and SS.OOO. appToKtoale^wW were .nide al ! n ^ W. Fullnn cashier. and.J. H, ast week's meeting leaving about! Dc , nl >'' "Distant caller, .were the $5.000 to be raised If full term op- °" h ' D ']" s , ln " K **'* *' hcn tw ° erallon of the schools Is to-be as- °', lhc tril > cnt : crc f wlt ", dmw , n £«-' ' M]rc( _ volvcrs. The third member of the band remained In a car In front. 1 , Ritli officers were force:!, to Ha on the floor while one robber bound, them and the otber scooped the niTioy from the cash drawers.. Mo trace of th? bandits had been found an hour .after- the robbery. liave able, honest, and high-mind d leaders. As a body they are both emocratlc and patriotic and always ivc the courage of their convic- ons. Some of their leaders sup- orted the Democratic candidates 1928." Senator McKellar expressed Ihe •cltef it Is possible for the Demo- rats to organize both houses, say- ig the election In November last ear Indicated the voters wanted u i m to assume Ihis position. The Iccllon, the senator said, was a repudiation of the Hoover admln- slration." Success Predicted, for Petition to Force Referendum on Legislative AeL LITTLE HOOK, April 30. (UP)— Arkansas resort centers which' visional rapid growth of "divorce colonies." accompanied by an Inflow of oulilats wealth following adoo- tioirby lITti 10J1 general • assembly of Ihe BO-day.-'divorce law, Viewed (ho situation with apprehension today as petitions seeking a referendum of the act met with increased favor over the state. , Reports pouring into ' the" headquarters of Ihe" Home Protective association here, -/organized In op pcslilon.'to the ^.UcKvdlw_TC<£',Uw Indicated ihe'numbef'oinilJhaurrS; required lo refer the act would bi All But Two of 15 Indicted in Pemiscot County Clean-up Are Free. Harry Bailey of Hermondnle. Mo., formerly of Blythevllle, and Ed?ar Pullam, aU«o formerly of Blvtheville. appeared before Houston H. Buck- .cv. deputy United States commissioner, at Havti. M- . 'his morning and made bail bon: * I SS.OOO each pending trial at the! October term of federal court in Cape Glrardenu on charges of conspiracy to violate the nalional prohlbilion laws. With Bailey and Pullam al liberty under bond, onlv two .of the 15 men. including Sheriff \V. P. Hooded Bandits Escane After R^u^ NEW .ORLEANS. 'April, 30' ; .CUP) / —Four bandits, .wearlnc white, hooH? .» end crrrylnff revolvers, "held . ub .' • he E<vlne : *ronch .of' th:;'. Canal.' I'ank and Trust company, tiere', to--." doy. forced customers, and • em-, ^ plnyes to-lle on the floor, '^cooped ' up between '$3,0f)0 and S4XOO 'and esci>ncd in an automobile. ; .V,' ^ : \The oimriet diove;;tlje' hunk and donned :their nvwks. as thev fjot oiit'of the car. Three of them entered the Hank "while; the fourth kept the motor running. "•'. ', Roumanian Parliament Dissolved, secured before June 12th. the final date for flllng such petitions with the secretary of state. Judge J. W. Wcstbrcok. Liltls Rock, who Is In charge of Ihe asso- clntion's headquarters here, told the United Press today the quota already has been obtained In 12 counties and the petitions are meet- iire with favor In every section. If petlllons bearing Ihe signatures of six per cent of the qualified electors who voted In the last governor's election arc filed with .'•'•', .,f '•'.'•• : 'BBrt/AKESTr~ 5 -Hou»«i\{i;V.'Xi«jI : i2J 3D '(UP)—i'rtiruMer Nicholas' Jpr?a ,'" dissolved iiarliamcnt . clfimrrf a general election' to 'be ., held June 1. ' ' ; .. / •"' Th>; Roumanian reslme emphasiz- . cd the dissolution does not signify ''. a dictatorship is imminent. King.- • C^rnl received newspaner corres- . pondcnts yesterday and said . that -. since his ascension to the throne -. he had adhered lo a constilutlonal , parliamentary policy. He author- • feed denial of reports that a die- • talorship was at, Imhd. the sccreury of state before the act Herndson and Companions Arrive in Miami Today i,,.i,i k,, r^i n . n i ^m™-__ TI ini.on 01 tne petitions. becomes effective June 1?. its operation as a law will be deferred pending approval or rejection by i the electorate In the general dec-1 MIAMI. Fla.. April 30 (DP).— lion In November 1932. As far as could be ascertained persons who actively sponsored the GO-day divorce law during its in- Second Disastrous Fire Sweeps Bagnell, Mo. BAGNELL, Mo., April 30. (UP)— Fire swept through Bagnell again early today destroying five business establishments nnd leaving only two on the north side of the rai- Portu<nipse Onen Attack on Madfiri RAimTnlinnicrc ' rcad lrn( *s. The ilitle town, near on maaeira Kevoiutiomsts ,-,,.<, hllge Dagnell dam was patt)y cathedral here, had on flle today his aaswer lo a divorce petition n:ed by Mrs. Moe early this year. "1 desire to state T have come to this conviction." the reply rend, hrough a slow and steady growth in spiritual development and thought." Mrs. Noe charged In her bill that since October, 1927, the dean has grown cold and aloof, and had reached "such n state of spiritual xsrfectlon." that he no longer cares 'or things of the flesh. The dean declines to concede that the legal code. or. in view of Mrs. Nce's physical condition and his own stron? convictions, the social or religious codes require him to share his couch with her. LISBON*. Portusal. April 30 (UP) —Operation aaalnst the rebels on the Island of ^^adeira has besnn Furressfiillv the minister of marine announced today. Military action Indicated Ihe truce had expired which had kept hosllllltcs suspended for the pasl Iwo days. King's Eves Examined at University Institute a p f B.M/TIMOUE. April 30 (UP) — K : IH Pnjiidhlnok of Slnm with hh roval partv arrived al Johns Hnpkins university nt noon today destroyed by fire March 15. The blazi today was brought under control before it spread to the residential section. Officials said the fire might have started from a defective elKtrlc refrigerator. Two persons were killed In the fire here last month. lachlnery repair: come under the classification "agricultural rehabilitation". of >n the <-itv board i -I. A. r-iech a"d C. :'n? of -Tiide? Grru the list onlv th* two olaces ifii. TTr'v nre M. Buck, in- held by federal officers. They were Prnnk Martin and Clarence Jordan. Sheriff R.-.berUon made bond In the sum of S7.500 yesterday morn- Ing and all the others posted $5.000 bonds. Bailey and Pullam were not held in jail overnight, but were arraigned before Commissioner Buck- lev Immediately urxm their arrest, according to reports. There will be approximately $21,- cumbents. nnd J. L. Gunrd. COO.COO loaned to farmers. In Ten-| --- • ncssee. Arkansas, Mississippi. Lou- • isiona and Alabama through the Memphis office which t opened In Jantinrv. Injunction Restrains Kentucky Coal Miners HARLAN. Ky.. Apr. 30 (UP)— Approximately 400 miners have been restrained in a preliminary Injunction granted Wednesday from Interfering with the property of three Harlan county mining j compinies. entering the property, I or interfering with co n o j r» .1 I or interfering with company cm- r avne noimtl Uver to Jury | p'.oyes. The unit was granted by W Rohherv rvuuuery n PRIBKKR5TIT n-raw Fmes in Tnstire Court. Revolt Leaders Proclaim South China Independent SHANGHAI. Aoril 30. (UP)— A proclamation of "indeoendence" issued today by anti-covernment .lenders on behalf o' tho Chinese nrovinces of Kwanstun?. Fookien. Kweichau. Hunan and Kwan«sl. II was announced n "provls'oml revolutionary government of south China" will be established. Osceol E Farmer ! Federsl rarmer thc olltcome 0{ ers here. cochran as 0( Till! Pavne was bound over to The defendants gave notice they the grand Jury on charges or rob- would file a mollon lo dissolve the Injunction when final hearing occurs nt London. Ky., May 18 Hot Box Blamed for Egypt Rail Tragedy berv and selling liquor and fined $110 on misdemeanor charges of procuring liquor and public drunkenness by Justice Oscar Alexander this morning. j Commitments to the county; farm were issued on the misdemeanor convir.tions. George Duncan, alleged to have County Has No Means of Prohibition Enforcement RENO. (UP)—Besides having the CAIRO, Egypt, Apr. 30 (UP)—A! robbed John Johnson, Number honor of possessing Ihe largest open hot box which spread "flames thru! Nine farmer with Ihe aid of Payne, pit mine in the world in Its district, a crowded pnsscngor coach was! will face preliminary hearing on a Rupe. Nevada, claims another unlq- blnmed today for the catastrophe i robbery charge this afternoon. nnd immediately underwent an ex-: which killed 41 persons Including! nmtnnllna of his eyes In the Wil-1 ten children on the Alexandria! Hungary is such a scU-sustain- n:rr intitule. Dr. W. H. Wllmcr, the Institute, made the ex- ue distinction, which should serve to make it the mecca for liberals. The community has no sheriff. anilnruion. express. Thirty-six were taken to'lng country that salt Is the only t no mayor, no churches, and no en hcspltals at Alexandria In a ;cr- food product It Is obliged to 1m- forcement of the Eighteenth Am- ln»n nn..J!,l_^ I. -".. ' lous condition i part. Icndmcnt. at SO ccn's a cents A sn ' -\. Art.. Anri and Oat 1 ; at 75 hired seven nurohns- | Hugh Herndon, Cant. Louis A. Yancev and Clyde Paneborh. nround-thc-world flyers, arrived here at noon today in their cabin monoobiie. Thev said that after refuel!:'.- they would lake off on the nc:.< leg of their Jcurney for Porto Rico. ,. ' JACKSONVILLE. Fla.. April" .30. (UP)—Hugfi Hern.don. Clyde Pnn»- born and Cnntain Lewis A. Yancey. left tore tod;iv foi Miami where they will slop for lu-ch. They plan to spend the nljht in Santiago, Cuba. Saturday they are scheduled ID lake off .'or San Juan. Porto Rico. T 'i.l DIM T r\ 1 where ths 5' wln !a >' over several Little Rock Man Is Dead. days. Woman Companion Seriously Wounded. Tb» fl'-crs larded here yesterday al :-:10 p. :K. /^" d* 1 Art f^« uuspii '-IVen SI00 Fine di'-lon for Transporting Liquor Henrv Johnson, ncpro. was fined StOO on a charge of transporting liquor by Judsre W. D Oravette in police court this morning, Officers tesllfied that Johnson dropped a pint bottle of liquor In a pile of clncbrs while they were chasing him. Wilbur Hurjh, negro, was fined five dollars In court yesterday morning on a charge of disturbing the peace. One man was fine,d for public drunkenness and one for gaming. <nfo Jrt'l'c G. L. Waddeli's ccurt here this morntne where they drew fines of MO each on charges of bnvlntr stnl'-n nroncrly Six of ihe defendants were n^eroos. Sam Peak. Sam J^nnlnirs. Sam Stokes, Arthur Harris. Honrv Turner and Albert DVJOII. and the seventh a white msn. Jack S'nele. Notices of aot>eal to the Circuit Court were filed bv Bruce Ivy. their attorney. Charlie Hawkins, negro employe of Pete Holland's mule barn, entered a plea of gulitv lo charges of grand larcenv, admltllng the Ir^ft of hav and feed from Mr. Holland and also of cotton seed from Brlckcy & Tyers Gin, nnd Implicating the seven defendants'30. (UP)—Edwin Anderson Alder- to whom he snld lie ss'.d the stolen man. president of Ihe University of property. He wns held lo the i Virginia, died last night at Col- srand jury und?r bond of S2.00Q on onelsvllle, Pa. two charges of erand larceny. He was nearly 70 years old. LITTLE ROCK. April 30. (UP) — A quarrel which climaxed a courtship of three years was today believed responsible for th? shootin? of C. B. Charles. 33, attendant r.t the government hospital here, and the wounding of Mrs. Jfary Plckard. Mrs. Plckard was removed tr> a early today whsre her con- was regarded as serious. Charles died before help could be summoned. A small calibre revolver was found in the room w'r.ere the couple had been visiting but from the position of the gun end the bodies 11 was impossible to determine who had fired the shots, police said. The woman, wounded twice In the head, was unable to talk. j University Establishes Student Loaii Foundation High School Students Exterminate Ohio Pests COLUMBUS. O., (UP)—The Ohio State Student Loan Foundation. Inc.. has been established' nl Ohio State Unlve-sily for the purpose of encouraging arid ad- nisli-rlng gifts from alumni nnd other persons Interested in help- deserving students through loans. No general solicitation wil be made, but 55,000 nlreadj- has been pledged and more than $1.000 nc- tuaily received Loa:is will te made to deserving upper classmen to enable them to complete their educations. The loans will be made on a business basis In that notes will be taken, a low rate of interest charged and the loans will be repayable over a definite period ol VAN WERT, O. (UP)—Extermination of pests in Van Wcrt Is developing into an amusement. A contest recently was held be- WEATHER ARKANSAS—Cloudy, occasional rains tonight; Friday cloudy, occasional rains in cast portion. University of Virginia President Dies, Aged 71) t we«n agricultural students in the I According to the official weath- I two local high schools during the. er observed, Chark-s Phillips Jr., CHARLOTTEVILLE, Va., April | course of which thousands of pests j the minimum temperature here were exterminated. •yesterday was 60 degrees and tha OfUclal records showed that the' maximum 81 degrees, clear. Today mum lempcra- and the maxl- anlmals killed included 4.546 spar- a year ajo the minimum lempera- .rows, 1,180 mice, 822 rats, 53 hawks ture was 65 degrees arc and j nimn R3

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