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1 Mala Powers Undergoes Vivid 'Outrage' Ordeal ly like a certain local studio lot, but never mind). Miss Lupino directed these sequences with a sharp sense of suspense and terror, and has caught much of the girl's subsequent ordeal of shock and shame. The later reels, placed in the California orange country, are less interesting and, almost of necessity, a letdown. And when Miss Powers starts running away from the ranch (despite the fact that she very well might have), it is difficult to suppress a groan and a "Here we go again!" Robert Clarke, Raymond Bill Schallert Wins Play Role William Schallert, whoe. numerous appearances at the Circl.

Theater have served to launch him on a promising screen career, has now been signed for a featured role in "Mr. Big-Shot," stage drama which will premier at Las Palmas Theater Jan. 23. The new play, which will costar John Kellogg, Ann. Gwynne, Lisa Howard and Hunter Gardner, was written by Robert Abel and will be directed by Edmond Angelo.

MARINE SAGA HOLDS OVER "Halls of Montezuma," starring Richard Widmark, tomorrow begins its second record week at Los Angeles, Chinese, Uptown, Loyola and Fox Wilshire Theaters. A film tribute to the U.S. marines, the 20th Century-Fox-Technicolor film has received praising notices from critics and fans alike. LOS angClCS CfmCS2 Bond, Lillian Hamilton, Rita Lupino, Hal March, Kenneth Patterson and Angela Clarke appear in support. The criminal is enacted by Albert Mellen.

A western, Tim Holt in "Rio Grande Patrol," serves as sec ond feature. 1 Wl THIS r.iAGniFieinT a nunc FOUGHT FEAR AtW Fairbanks Again Busy on 'Round Table; Deal Lurks for Famous 'Seeds BY EDWIN' SCHALLERT Douglas Fairbanks who starred in "The Great Man Hunt" (formerly "State and "Mr. Drake's Duck" in Europe, is having the third script prepared for "Knights of the Round Table" and feels that his writer and he have the best approach yet on the Arthurian legends. Fairbanks will probably produce this picture in Europe, and while it will not likely be his next because he has another subject in preparation, it will ba an ultimate goaL Fairbanks has kept the King Arthur feature alive for a long time and has registered various titles to cover the project. Friendly rivalry is offered by "The Sword and the Stone," which Walt Disney has on his schedule, but Fairbanks and Disney have discussed their quite separate versions, as Disney's is to be made in cartoon form.

Columbia will release "The Great Man Hunt" in which Glynis Johns is the feminine lead. AliAX LADD TO TOUR FOR YOUTH GROUPS Alan Ladd, who has declined commercial personal appearance tours as a regular routine, will undertake one for the benefit of hard-pressed American youth, taking in 16 key cities. He tinence of these subjects to our lives today, but rather with the treatment of them, for they lack that which I can only describe as a philosophical maturity. But then, the Filmakers are young and eager, they have talent and they are not afraid to use it. Such a combination would salutary in Hollywood at any time; it is especially so now.

And maturity will come. As Ann Walton, Miss Powers plays a mill-town secretary, engaged to a young man, who is followed at night and brutally ravished by a short-order cook. (The mill town looks suspicious Extra from M-G-M: TOM JERRY TuhniakrCsrttHt "NImMkM" I r. 4STArfV il FOR RICHARD WIDMARK Walter (Jack) Reginald Gardiner ttWIS MIllSTONt ROBERT SASSlf Phon t. 4111 fhon.

Rl 4111 vnriinmic rnnrnvi' NEW YORK TIMES CARTWAY CIRCLE iiimt Wilihir un4 tmittmt TODAY A Robert Wagner Richard Boon i hnoi Phon VlY. 3154 fhon P. 1116 Pnon. OS-l-2444 FtCIAL LIMITED tNOAaCMlHT to ouALiry roR ACADEMY AWARD NOMINATIONS JOSEPHINE HUU-CHAusoMiKunuw xss mrrt wtiuct row PEGGY dow UnMtltt to MUY CHtlC W4 OtCM HODXCT rmi Dm mm PriH nqr tua MARY CHASE mi BECK, ew-wt, HENRY KOSTER COKTINBOItJ KIFOIMINCB FROM 12:31 Kttll WE. rilCB PAMKIMat 2:30 'TOHIGUT 0:30 JOSE FERRER MALA POWERS Produced by Stanley Kramer Directed by Michael Gordon mmm i 3 SHOWS SUNDAY 2:30 5:30 8:30 0 1 I I I I I 1 has been inspired to do this by Dr.

Jerome A. Higgins, head of the Litchfield (Ct.) Junior Republic, a kind of boys' town. Higgins felt that a tour by Ladd during which he will recite his personal ex- periences, would be of benefit to youth organizations gen- erally, and so after he finishes "Rage of the Vulture" Ladd will make junkets with var- ious organizations interested in youth movements sponsoring his talks. When Fred FinklehofTe presents the musical, "My Sister 1 I Box Office. So.

Cat. Music Co. All Mutual Agcyt. P.M. Jl.bO 1.20 Few choice seats $1.80 P.M.

1.80 1.20 Few choice seats J2.40 Sunday 5:30 f. M. All Prices includa tax Cont. 12:30 sS'S 4th Magnificent week if i 5 f- ON GUARD Gene Evans has role in "The Steel Helmet" at United Artists, Stu-dio City, Ritz, Vogue and Culver Theaters today. 'Discords Must Be Says Spike Jones In all the wild pandemonium of a Spike Jones musical arrangement, not so much as a single shot or fire siren is ad libbed.

"The discords have got to be harmonious," says Spike, who brings his "Musical Depreciation Revue of 1951" to Pasadena Civic Auditorium Monday and to the Philharmonic Auditorium next Tuesday and Wednesday. "Let things get out of hand and what have you got? Sour discords!" Some of the boys would like to ad lib a few extra beeps or bangs, but Spike has a sure cure for this impulse; a seltzer bottle which he aims squarely at the face of any offender. 6Fra Diavolo9 to Be Presented Los Angeles City College Opera Workshop will present Auber's comic opera, "Fra Diavolo," tomorrow and Saturday at the John Burroughs Junior High School Auditorium, 600 McCad-den Place. The opera will be staged by Lasar Galpern. Sets are by Rudy Feld.

Dr. Hugo Strelitzer will conduct both performances. Walls of Malapaga Heads Bill at Uclan "The Walls of Malapaga," and "Love Story," open today at the Uclan Theater. Jean Gabin, Isa Miranda, and Vera Talchi are starred in "Walls of Malapaga." Miss Miranda will appear in person tomorrow night. Ul TFT Paramount Presents CHARIESCGEURNV ft wJLP.GEiiCOUTRCHWPlOX A ft) i.

wnn Oxicu HC-MO h.YDI 2nd Fufllengtb failure! ONlT- PnlDE Cf KM MARYLAND1 STANlfY WGGT Ijk CLEMENTS STWA il. -to-" 3 I JUL s-? JVifyv- in mnn imtim in a niir Eileen," with Ella Logan starred, ha may recruit Eve Arden for the sister role in the stage production. Pierre Cresson, who came to Hollywood to test for the part of Sebastian, later assigned to Cornel Wilde in "The Greatest Show on Earth," will remain here under contract to Paramount. RAPHAELSOX WILL SCRIPT 'BURNING SECRET' Samson Raphaelson, the author, who was represented on Broadway during the current season with "Hilda Drane" starring Jessica Tandy, has been engaged by Producer Gottfried Reinhardt to write the screen play of "The Burning Secret" from the book by Stefan Zweig. To be included in this adaptation may be parts for Arlene Dahl and Debbie Reynolds.

Reinhardt, it seems, has the okay of Dore Schary to proceed along these lines at Metro. Kirby Grant has signed for the romantic lead opposite Dorothy Shay in "The Real McCoy," starring Abbott and Costello for Universal-International. This is his first duty at the studio since his contract expired four years ago. Since then he starred in James Oliver Curwood stories at Monogram and recently appeared in "Rhythm Inn." SHERWOOD ANDERSON'S 'SEEDS PLANNED AS PICTURE Writer Charles Schnee has secured the rights to "Seeds" from the estate of Sherwood Anderson, the famous American author, BY PHILIP K. SCHEUER Ann Walton, victim of a crim inal attack, has a tough time living it down.

Most of the conflict is within herself, in the tormenting knowledge that she has been defiled. She runs away. A meeting with a young man, a doctor of divinity, helps straighten her out. A crisis at a harvest dance during the progress of which she strikes down a youth who, harmlessly, attempts to kiss her accomplishes the desired psychologi cal cure, at least in the picture. Ida Lupino Directs The picture is "Outrage," now at the Orpheum, Hawaii and Beverly Hills Music Hall.

The girl, Ann, is portrayed by New comer Mala Powers preceded "Cyrano" in the mak ing) and the minister by Tod Andrews. Both of them, Miss Powers particularly, impress with an ability that all but covers their inexperience. The screen play was written by Ida Lupino and her producing associates in the Filmakers, Collier Young and Malvin Wald, and Miss Lupino directed it. In three movies the trio have now evidenced a willingness to develop new personalities (earlier, Sally Forrest and Keefe Brasselle) and also to tackle raw and violent emotions; technically, they reveal an encouraging awareness of the possibilities in the sight-sound medium. Matter of Time They have also shown what critics call courage in their choice of themes, but as one of the fraternity I feel the choices could have been less uniformly unattractive and depressing.

In "Not Wanted" it was an unwed mother involved in delinquency; in "Never Fear," polio. Here we have rape and its tragic after math. I do not quarrel with the per 0, Kcnsn ijfitf lh and BROADWAY Com. from II Noon RICHMOND) 7-4311 mm HOUY t. nt.

HICHIAMD Cont. (torn Noon CRANITf 1JS rj on 1 1 in 1 1 il i WW 11 Ft CUlViR CITY Doily Son Noon VIRMONT R-3114 1 yj AW 1 1M' fOBERT UPPER? -rfrrTT nTTrnrrn ana may get together witn Kir i 1 1 -pcetj Visa Jemts Eichari the asnsDGpcaDDo lib gb lEOSiaMffi Eve Arden ball Manning on the production. Schnee will do the screen version. The picture might be suitable for Bette Davis, who appeared in "The Story of a Divorce" for Skirball-Man-ning, or Claudette Colbert. The name of Joan Crawford is also mentioned.

s-Stillman Productions will put "The Lady Says No!" before the cameras Jan. 22, with Joan Caulfield and David Niven in stellar roles. James Robinson Justice, recently in "David and Bathsheba," has hppn nrlrlAd trt thp TTp AND Vs to A 1 WARD PHIUP II UN W' 'x 4 4 I I Anthony Quinn wm piay the Irish uncle of MLss Caulfield, a comedy part. Meantime Ross-Stillman is preparing "The Admiral of the Black," by Leila Alexander, and "Judy O'Connor," by Andrew Solt, as future features. Music of Composer Arthur Honegger will be incorporated Into "Storm Over Tibet" by Leith Stevens, signed to arrange the score and as musical director.

It seems that Honegger wrote the score for "Demon of the Himalayas," produced by Andrew Marton while he was abroad. When the film was cut there was enough music left over to provide the substance for another score. Summit Productions reports that Honegger has consented to its use. Lisa Kirk has been hinted as the feminine star of "Let Me Hear the Melody," S. N.

Behrmann play to be directed by Burgess Meredith. Anthony Quinn will probaby play the director in the show, with Franchot Tone as the writer. 4 VViti WILSHIRE near LA CIENEGA Beverly Hills CR. 5-6464 CR. 4-5129 ARROYO 32.56 N.

Piff. Op. 6:45. CA-8831 John Payn-M. O'Hari, TRIPOLI, clr.j A I I ADAIIT tTWC UBI5'H, PflAtCI, 1.

fc- A1PVW a. BELMONT lsvVt. Fr.Pk.Op.6. DU-9-1331 Clifton Webb, FOR HEAVEN'S SAKE Rory Calhoun, ROGUE RIVER, clr. BEVERLY Bev.

Hills. Op. 6:45. CR-64141 KINQ SOLOMON'S MINES, E. Arden-Williama, THREE HUSBANDS BOULEVARD -Wash.

RE-4111 T. Power, American Guerrilla in Philip-pines, elr. E. Arden, Three Husbands BRUIN WeiU'uoii. Open 6:45.

AR-39298 B. Davis-A. Baxter. ALL ABOUT EVE; Crawford-Corey, HARRIET CRAIO CARLTON West-54. Open 6:45.

AX-18922 Kerr-Granger, King Solomon's Mines, Eva Arden, THREE HUSBANDS CARMEI Blvi 8.M.B1. Op.6:45. GR-2728 B. Davis-A. Baxter, ALL ABOUT EVE; Crawford-Corey, HARRIET CRAIO C'THAV CIRCLE

12 :30 WE-7211 James Stewart in HARVEY: Continuous Performances; Last 4 Days EL REY 5517 Wilshire.Op. 6. WE-11101 Clifton Wenb. FOR HEAVEN'S SAKE; Rory Calhoun, ROCUE RIVER, dr. EMBASSY Wojt'n-Srd.

Op. 6:45. DU-34312 T. Power, American Guerrilla In Philip, pines, E. Arden, Three Husbands FAIRFAX Bev.

at fax.OD.6:45. WY-3118 Kerr-Granger, King Solomon's Mines, Eve Arden, THREE HUSBANDS FICUEROA FiK. S.Bar. Op. 6:45.

AD-0515 Kerr-Granear, King Solomon's Mines, J. Payne-O'Hara, TRIPOLI, clr. FINE ARTS Oeneffa. CR-45129 dose Ferrer as CYRANO. Daily 2:30, 8:30: Sunday-Holidays 2:30, 5:30.

8:30 FLORENCE Fr. Pk. LA-7677 Steve Cochran, HIGHWAY 301; B. Hale-Larry farks. EMERGENCY WEDDING GENTRY Cornpton-66 L.A.

LA-55S3 John Payne-M. O'Hara, TRIPOLI, E. Arden-Williams, THREE HUSBANDS COLDEN GATE 5176 Whit. Cont. 12:30 Webb-Gwenn, FOR HEAVEN'S SAKE; Toren-Carey.

MYSTERY SUBMARINE CORDON I. a 6:45. WH-2944 B. Davis-A. Baxter.

ALL ABOUT EVE; Crawford-Corey. HARRIET CRAI HIGHLAND 5604 N. Fig.Op.6:45AL-9648 D. Kerr, Kins Solomon's Minrt, olr. Eva Arden.

THREE HUSBANDS LA BREA 9th-La Brea.Op. 6:45. WA-8502 B. Davis-A. Baxter, ALL ABOUT EVE; Crawford-Corey.

HARRIET CRAIG LA RCH MONT 6:45. GL-7417 KINQ SOLOMON'S MINES, 7:06, 10:27: SOUTHSIDE 1-1000, 9:09 LIDO La BR-2-3633 B. Davis-A. Baxter. ALL ABOUT EVE: Cagney-Mayo.

WEST POINT STORY LOYOLA Op. 6. OR-82444 Widmark, HALLS OF MONTEZUMA, Cock-A-Doodle Dog, Color Cartoon MELROSE Open 6:45. OL-4421 B. Davis-A.

Baxter. ALL ABOUT EVE; Crawford-Corey, HARRIET CRAIG MESA Op. 6:45. AX-16959 B. Davis-A.

Baxter. ALL ABOUT EVE; casney-Mayo, est point btubt PARISIAN Vrt -8ih. Op. 6:45. DU-7-1013 B.

Davis-A. Baxter, ALL ABOUT EVE: Cagney-Mayo, WEST POINT STORY RAVENNA On. 6:45. DU-30060 Kerr-Granger, King Solomon's Mines, Eve Arden, THREE HUSBANDS RITZ 5214 Wils.Fr.Pk. Op.6:15.

WA-1221 STEEL HELMET, the Real Korean Story; Plus THREE DESPERATE MEN STADIUM Pico-Robtsn. Op.6:45. CR-62083 Kerr-Granger. King Solomon's Mines, Eve Arden. THREE HUSBANDS STARLAND 2624 N.

Broadway. CA-8090 B. Davis-A. Baxter, ALL ABOUT EVE; J. Barrymore, High Lonesome, clr.

TOWER Comp. Op. All Nite. NE-61315 T. Power, American Guerrilla In Philippines, A.

Smith, Undercover Girl UPTOWN WeKt'n-Olvmp. Cont. 6. PA-1116 Widmark, HALLS OF MONTEZUMA, Cock-A-Doodle Dog. Color Cartoon VILLAGE Westwood.

On. 6:45. BR-04301 FOR HEAVEN'S SAKE. 7:15, 10:29: 'Toren, MYSTERY SUBMARINE. 9:01 WESTLAKE DU-33920 Kerr-Granger, King Solomon's Mines, Eve Arden.

THREE HUSBANDS WILSHIRE 8440 Wilshire. Ct. 6. CR-58970 Widmark. HALLS OF MONTEZUMA, Cock-A-Doodls Dog, color cartoon HOLLYWOOD APOLLO Op.6:45.

GR-4522 B. Davls-A. Baxter, ALL ABOUT EVE; D. DeFora-A. King, SOUTHSIDE 1-1000 CHINESE 6925 Hllvwd.Bl.Op.12.

RE-4111 Widmark, HALLS OF MONTEZUMA. Cock-A-Doodle Dog, color cartoon FILM ARTE 1228 N.Vine.Op.6:45. GR-7712 KING SOLOMON'S MINES, John Payne-M. O'Hara. TRIPOLI, olr.

GUILD 6126 Hwd. Blvd. Open 6. HI-7111 Clifton Webb, FOR HEAVEN'S SAKE; Rory Calhoun In ROGUE RIVER, dr. HOLLYWOOD Ct.

a.m. HE-9371 B. Davis-A. Baxter, ALL ABOUT EVE: Cagney-Mayo. WEST POINT STORY IRIS 6508 Tlwd.

Blvd. Cont. 12. HE-2184 Alexis Smith In UNDERCOVER GIRL: E. Arden-Williams, THREE HUSBANDS LOMA S.M -Wot tern.



EX-63273 J. McCrea-S. Winters, FRENCHIE, 2nd Hit! CALL OF THE KLONDIKE CRITERION Cont. 12. EX-58282 Power, American Guerrilla In Philip pines, Eva Arden, Three Husbands ROSEMARY Open 6:45.

EX-63279 Jane Powell-R. Montalban, TWO WEEKS WITH LOVE, HIDDEN ROOM BUNDY Pico-Centinela. Fr. Pk. AR-95161 Excitement! Thrilling Adventure! THE CRUSADES: Last Days of Pompeii TIVOLI 11523 ft.

Mon. Blvd AR-31636 B. Oavis-A. Baxter. ALL ABOUT EVE: Lamarr-Milland.

Copper Canyon, elr. WILSHIRE 1514 Wilsh. Blvd. EX-5699S Cable-Stanwyck, TO PLEASE A LADY: R. Widmark-L.

Darnell. NO WAY OUT CULVER Op. 5:30. VE-83124 STEEL HELMET, the Real Korean Story; Plus THREE DESPERATE MEN AAAAAA AAAjAA i iii ei i i t'k'i enjoy a MOVIE wiU TONIGHT mmmmmmmt. 'u'fun miiwi Tickets at Eves Extra Showing DOWNTOWN tOS ANGELES GLOBE 8th.

Cont. 10. RE-4111 Clilton Webb, FOR HEAVEN'S SAKE; Also Suspense Hit, HIDDEN ROOM LOS ANGELES 615 S.Bdwy. 10 a.m. -12.

30 Widmark, HALLS OF MONTEZUMA, Cock-A-Doodle Dog. Colors Cartoon HUNTINGTON PARK CALIFORNIA Mat. Prices 12-5. JE-5111 Webb-Gwenn, FOR HEAVEN'S SAKE-J. Powell, 2 WEEKS WITH LOVE, clr.

LYRIC 7203 Pacitic Bl. Op. 6:45. LA-0602 Lamarr-Milland, Copper Canyon, O'Connor-Durante, THE MILKMAN ALCAZAR Op. 6:45.

LA-330 J. Payne-M. O'Hara, TRIPOLI, Eve Arden-Williams, 3 HUSBANDS INGIEWOOD ACADEMY Fr. Pk. OR-7-1000.

PL-1-5151 Clifton Webb-Edmund Gwenn, FOR HEAVEN'S SAKE: HIDDEN ROOM FOX 115 N. Market. Ct. 12:30. OR-12323 T.

Power, American Guerrilla In Philip-pines, 8 Cochran, HIGHWAY 301 FIFTH AVENUE 5th-Maneh. TW-996B Kerr-Granger, KING SOLOMON'S MINES, Mystery Submarine INGLE WOOD 103 N. La Br. 6:45. OR-7418S Milland-Lamarr, Copper Canyon, O'Connor-Durante, THE MILKMAN SEVILLE 6407 Weat.BI.Op.6 :45 OR-82000 OPEN FRIDAYS, SATURDAYS AND SUNDAYS ONLY REDONDO.

HERMOSA, MANHATTAN REDONDu Op. 6:30. Suiokine. FR-2-5254 S. Winters-J.

McCrea, FRENCHIE, Plus FATHER'S WILD CAME STRAND Opon 6:45. FRontier 28300 Jane Powull-Montalban, TWO WEEKS WITH LOVE, HIDDEN ROOM HERMOSA Open 6:45. FRontier 26245 Kerr-Granger, King Solomon's Mines, Don DeFore, SOUTHSIDE 1-1000 LAMAR Manhattan Beach FRontier 28500 Cagney-Mayo, WEST POINT STORY; J. Payne-M. O'Hara, TRIPOLI, elr.

GLENOAIE ALEX Open 12. CH-51525 Jane Powell-R. Montalban, TWO WEEKS WITH LOVE, ONCE A THIEF GLENDALE Open 12. CH-52815 T. Power, American Guerrilla In Philip-pines, S.

Cochran. HIGHWAY 301 GATEWAY S.Fer.-Brd.Op.6:45. CH-51631 Lamarr-Milland, Copper Canyon, D. Powell-J. Allyson, RIGHT CROSS CLEN CH-5178C D.



Jlollvwd. Op. 6:45. SU-2-2272 Harold Lloyd in MAD WEDNESDAY; D. O'Connor-J.


STate 5-2731 B. Davis-A. Baxter, ALL ABOUT EVE: Cagney-Mayo, WEST POINT STORY PASADENA, SO. PASADENA, A.HAMBRA ACADEMY Open 12:00. RY-16508 Jane Powell-R.

Montalban, TWO WEEKS WITH LOVE, ONCE A THIEF PASADENA Open 6:30. SY-5274S American Guerrilla In Philippines, J. Cagney. WEST POINT STORY UPTOWN Open 6:45. SY-34330 American Guerrilla in Philippines, J.

Cagney. WEST POINT STORY STRAND Open 12:00. SY-38187 E. Williams. DUCHESS OF IDAHO, James Stewart-B.

Hale, THE JACKPOT WASHINGTON Open 6:45. SY-70140 Wyman-Lawrenca, CLASS MENAGERIE; uonn wayne-w. o-nara, RIO GRANDE STATE Open 6:45. SY-2-7139 Robt. Donat.

THE WINSLOW BOY; V. Cortesa. GLASS MOUNTAIN Rl ALTO Open 6:45 PY-11259. SY-93161 b. uavis-A.

Baxter, ALL ABOUT EVE Mitchum-Domergue, Where Danger Llvea EL REY Alt, d.AJBin ce Disney's Show of Shows! FANTASIA; SEAL ISLAND and BEAVER VALLEY POMONA, ONTARIO FOX Pomona. Open 6:30. LY-21353" R. Widmark, HALLS OF MONTEZUMA. HIDDEN ROOM.

Suspense Hit! SUNKIST Pomona. Open 6:45. LY-2503S Bing Crosby-N. Olson, MR. MUSIC; E.

Raines-B. Bennett. The Second Fare STATE Pomona. Cont. 2 LY-2-5544 Cable-Stanwyck, TO PLEASE A LADY: Donlevy-Murphy, Kansas Raiders, dr.

VILLAGE Claremnnt. Op. 6:45. LY-5-2612 Alex. Guinness, Kind Hearts A Coronets: i-iua i wmanng iwr.

Beecham GRANADA Ontario. Op. 6:45. Ph. 61-9193 C.

Webb-E. Gwenn, FOR HEAVEN'S SAKE: S. Cochran. HFCHWAY 301 RIVERSIDE RIVERSIDE Open 1:45. Ph.

5251 R. Widmark, HALLS OF MONTEZUMA. Plus CALL OF THE KLONDIKE LIDO Riverside. Op. 6:45.

Ph. 5741 HFivru'i int. neoo-awenn, FOR puis i.rni;cn. uison, MB, MUSIC OE ANZA 12th and Market. Ph.

1840 BerRman-Ferrer, JOAN OF ARC. BEAT THE A-BOMB: Cartoon GOLDEN STATE Open 6.45. Phone 737 Cagney-Mayo. WEST POINT STORY; Mitchum-Domergue, Where Danger Llvea REDIANDS REDLANDS Open 6:45. Phono 4331 Webb-Gwenn, FOR HEAVEN'S SAKE: Marshall Thompson, DIAL 111 ORANGE COUNTY WEST COAST Santa Ana.

KI-38317 C. Webb-E. Cwenn-J. Bennett, FOR HEAVEN'S SAKE: HIDDEN ROOM FOX Anaheim Phone 3603 Bing Crosby-Nancy Olson, MR. MUSIC: MYSTERY SUBMARINE ANAHEIM Anaheim.

Phono 4211 John Payne-M. O'Hara, TRIPOLI, Abbott A Costello, MEET THE KILLERS FOX t.iu Phona 267 G. Cooper-R. Roman, DALLAS, Steve Cochran in HIGHWAY 301 LONG BEACH CREST 6:00. Fr.

Pk. R. Widmark, Halls ol Montezuma, elr.t E. Raines-B. Bennett, Ths Second Pace Terrific! ffiJ) pj -f rfl' i i 1 1 kr i linn 80N9 CAREY RobKt st.v.

HUTTON DHODIE EDVARDS LOO with Sid Mtlton Richard Monahan William Chun and introducing a dynamic screen personality Gcno EVANS wntten, produced and Directed by Samuel FULLEU A Powty CwtHo PtoeMCtwi Rliio If tune Mum. lot. i. 'T Li UMI lllMIH 1 i mm il Talented Guest Artists Appear A variety of song-and-dance artists lend their talents to "Mr. Music," Bing Crosby film at Paramount Hollywood and Downtown Theaters.

Dorothy Kirsten, Metropolitan Opera star, Peggy Lee, the Merry Macs, Marge and Gower Champion and Groucho Marx are the guest stars. Hollywood Music Hall Continues Double Bill "Film Without a Name," and "Girl In A Million" are current films at the Hollywood Music Hall Theater. "Film Without A Name," uses an unconventional technique and stars Hildegard Neff. "Girl In A Million," features Joan Greenwood. Rourhe, Narrates Comic Jack Rourke is narrating two films for Walt Disney.

NOW WEEK ps They were 3 of a of 0 PATRICIA NEAL WIMIUIKM'UU MO. -Jill McCrea- Wtnten FRENCHIE" 'Mystery Sbmarin'! eEVtRlY HH.tS 1 flu iiiMtrua DANGEROUS kind! DANGEROUS kind i flff; I Ull ii i 0 Slamnf lV VI T-k7Ar4 "0Zr MALA VINTURA ol IAURII liitSat Oris 12 Neil (hfyTj a i whhiri iivo. I 1 1 11 il 1 i lr I li.Itt. Sir. ja WAlNUttlJI PRESTON FOSTER VIRGINIA GREY JIM DAVIS ROSS LATIMER MONTE BLUE KELTOH i nrtgrttoSGMurfio-o-icMMiiKmuo Irak far mm CAil fiuu A.A, a.

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