The Los Angeles Times from Los Angeles, California on February 28, 1939 · 23
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The Los Angeles Times from Los Angeles, California · 23

Los Angeles, California
Issue Date:
Tuesday, February 28, 1939
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TUESDAY MORNING. FEBRUARY 23, 2933. PART n, A. & P. Sues Food Bureau Store Chain Asks $250,000 Damages in Anti-trust Action Seeking damages of $250,000, the Great Atlantic & Pacific Tea Co. yesterday filed an action in Federal Court against the Food and Grocery Bureau of Southern California, Inc. and others for violation of the Federal and State anti-trust laws. DEFENDANTS LISTED Others named defendants include Haas Baruch & Co., Smart & Final Co., Ltd., Certified Grocers of California, Inc., Spar-tan Grocers, F. E. Hoagland Co., Carl M. Grayson, J. Wesley Cupp, Ralph H. Brubaker, Henry Carty, Sam Seelig, Benny Roth, Sam White, Miller Allen. T. I. Lingo, Meyer Pransky and Clayton Vhiteman. The 20,000-word complaint, filed by Attorney Baldwin Robertson, charges among other things that the defendants en- tered into an unlawful combina-: tion to fix the retail prices of food products. ATTORNEY SILENT Cupp, attorney for the Food and Grocery Bureau, declined to make any statement regarding the action. The bureau, Cupp explained, already is the plaintiff in an action to restrain the Atlantic & Tacific Tea Co. from discriminating in prices? between stores In various localities. Under the circumstances, the bureau attorney declared, it would be improper for any officer of the food group to issue a statement in the case, particularly when a contempt action against the Atlantic & Pacific is coming up for hearing today. It is cited in the complaint that a large proportion of groceries and other food products was subject to an arbitrary price established by the defendant Food and Grocery Bureau without regard to sales cost. It also is charged that the bureau was formed by the defendants for the purpose of enabling them to effectuate a conspiracy to regulate prices under the guise of corporate structure and to obtain personal immunity from any civil and criminal liability. TERRITORY' NAMED The plaintiff further charges that the bureau exerted jurisdiction over the counties of Ix)s Angeles, Ventura, Santa Barbara, Orange, San Bernardino and Riverside. It is averred by the plaintiff that at a luncheon held a year ago attended by certain retail grocers selected by the defendants, the defendant Grayson is charged with informing the luncheon guests that as a result of a survey the 6 per cent mark up theretofore in effect should be changed to an 8 per cent markup. The plaintiff asserts Grayson knew, as did all the de-; fendants, that the survey was; false. ! MARKUPS CHARGED j It is further charged that the defendants financed unlawful ac-j tivities under the name of the Food and Grocery Bureau to impose a tax of 2 cents a case! on tall canned milk which the defendant wholesalers secretly ! agreed to add to the cost of the! milk. The markups on butter; and eggs also are asserted to have been unlawfully inspired' by the defendants. j INJUNCTION' ASKED 1 .The plaintiff asks for a perpetual injunction restraining the defendants from fixing prices at which groceries and other foods i are to be sold at retail; from! misrepresenting to retailers the j scope and provisions of the Un-i fair Practices Act; from attempt-' ing to obtain the support of re-j tailers in coercing or inducing manufacturers to enter into resell price maintenance contracts; from spying on retailers, harassing their clerks and threatening and actually instituting suits in i bad faith; for asserted violations of the Unfair Practices Act, and to perpetually restrain the defendants from prosecuting any suit for the unlawful purpose of coercing the plaintiff to abide by the dictates of the bureau or to compel the plaintiff to raise its prices in any of its stores with the in tent, of thereby unlawfully, horizontally raising and fixing the price of food and groceries including the necessities of life. 'MAN DIES LIKE THE FLAMES THAT RISE' i I !.' r i ; 5 I ; i - U ! fcs VW" w-i u- Underneath this fire-scarred Buddha, standing untouched in the remains of Chipa City, is the above inscription, an appropriate Oriental philosophical reminder. Qulllrn photo CHINA CITY MERCHANTS WILL REBUILD SHOPS RAZED BY FIRE The China City Merchants') Association announced yester day that they will rebuild shops j crackers." Year because of the war in China. There were no fire- Hollingsworth's Son Plans to Take Bride which were destroyed by the fire Monday Feb. 20. The total damage is estimated at $200,000. The fire burned only a small portion of China City, approximately one-quarter in area. Previous reports stating that China City was completely burned were erroneous. The origin of the fire has not been determined. A rumor that it was started by firecrackers was denied by Fong Yun, president of the association, he said, "China City did not celebrate Chinese New The burned area attracted throngs of curiosity seekers to the remaining shops and restaurants still open for business. Stranplv in the midst of the debris stands a fire-scarred !filed aa application Bent on keeping details of their forthcoming marriage a secret, William I II, 32, son of the late pioneer real estate man, and Miss Jane Elizabeth Hamilton, 23, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Edward M. Hamilton of Washington, D.C., for a mar- Studio Union Suing Leaders I.A.T.S.E. Local Asks Accounting, Receiver and Officers' Ousting Suit for an accounting, for a receiver and for ousting of its present officers was a new result yesterday of the . long-brewing trouble among Hollywood studio members of Local No. '37 of the A.F.L. International Alliance of Theatrical Stage Employees. Superior Judge Emmet II. Wilson issued an order temporarily restraining the officers from using any of the locals funds and set March 6 as the time when he will afford the defendants opportunity to show cause why a receiver should not be placed in charge of the Motion-Picture Workers' Union. The complaint was filed by James E. Shaw, a member of No. 37, and contains 80 pages of pointed charges. . COMPLAINT CHARGES Shaw wants to know what happened to some $53,000 of the local's funds and says there are $102,000 of assets in need of conserving by a receiver. He charges that 19 officers and members of the local's board have been raising their own salaries, drawing expense accounts almost as large as their weekly pay checks and otherwise assertedly mishandling members' dues. The union's officers, according to the complaint, were not legally elected last September and it further charges that approximately 1000 votes were cast illegally. SALARIES ASSAILED Since the September election, Shaw charges, the officers illegally levied and collected some 809,000 from members. Among the salaries complained of bv week goes to Lew C. G. Blix, the union's business representative; $150 a week to Joseph W. Carpenter, chairman of the board, and $15 a week to Jack Roper, scrgeant-at-arms. Hollingsworth snaw are tnai of 3u a wnicn ne cnarges goes to Buddah still wearing his mortal smile. Underneath is inscribed: "It is said man dies like the flames that rise." The China City merchants will erect permanent shops while temporary quarters are rising near the large remaining portion of the city untouched by the fire; riage license yesterday with the County Clerk. Hollingsworth lives at 8079 Shoreham Drive, while Miss Hamilton resides at 33', S. Canon Drive, Beverly Hills. In June of 1937 he won a divorce from his first wife, Mrs. Ruth Piper Hollingsworth. Iu ,tJMW.W,l,,., M , -,..,- Pill IIP' iL,lTWIW.Wrri1il.iilTO.iir-r'-iri. mm irn . ,r.... "CORNFLOWER" i?, i r M f Pat Di Cicco Sued for Attorney's Fee Suit for $10,000 fees was filed against Pat Di Cicco, one-time husband of the late Thelma Todd, film actress, in Superior Court yesterday in behalf of J. Thomas Russell, attorney. The action was brought' in the name of Sophie Milne, to whom Russell is said to have assigned his claim, and merely makes the assertion that within the last two years Di Cicco has become indebted to Russell for legal services. ft : !iV' I AMBASSADOR STRIKE HALTS ASSISTANCE CHARITY BALL Six Ambassador Hotel secre taries spent the day telephoning patronesses of last night's scheduled Assistance League charity ball at the Cocoanut Grove to announce the event's llth-hour postponement PYeddie Martin and his swing band laid down their instruments thereby losing about $3000 per week. Seventy-two waiters and other help walked out because .they wanted a closed shop. And A'eloz and Yolanda, "world's highest -priced dance team," twiddled their thumbs impatiently. That, last night, was the situation facing the hostelry's management as the strike rounded out its second day. With more than 500 of the Ambassador's loyal help still at work, 72 waiters and musicians put the Cocoa-nut Grove temporarily out of commission. In the case of Martin and his orchestra, members of the Mu- Japanese Await Doll Fete Day Illustrated en Pag 3, Part I Japanese children of Los An geles yesterday were eagerly awaiting the celebration of "The Third Day of the Third Month." Known as Doll Festival Day, Ilina Matsuri, the holiday falling on March 3 is set aside for dolls, old and new. A special program has been planned by the Japanese Cultural Center. At the Kawafuku Cafe, 2041, E. First St., a wide variety of dolls will be placed on exhibit. Miss Sumako Hamnguchi. who has just returned from Japan where she studied under Onoye Kikugoro, Nipponese drama teacher, will present a program of classical dances of Japan. The affair is open to the pub lie without charge, according to Katsuma Mukaeda, executive secretary of the cultural organi-j zation. 1 sicians' Union, it wasn't a particularly happy or profitable sympathy walkout The Southern California Assistance League's benefit was in definitely postponed and many charities deprived of expected funds, the management said. At the hotel and in the headquarters of the Waiters' Union A.F.L. sponsor of the strike the two factions held their separate meetings. No announcement was forthcoming from the latter, which, hotel spokesmen Unionists Open Indictment Fight Seeking to prevent their trial on conspiracy and extortion charges, 13 indicted members ot the Chrysler Motor Co. plant Local 230, United Automobile Work ers of America, today will ask Superior Judge Clarence L. Kin-caid to sustain a demurrer challenging validity of the indictment The demurrer, filed yesterday, asks that the true bill be quashed on numerous legal grounds- said, had planned a general! mainly that it is uncertain and strike at the Ambassador Viewing the attempt as the first move of a closed-shop campaign against Los Angeles and Hollywood night clubs and cafes, the hotel men indicated that they were not relinquishing any ground. insufficient to sustain the accu sations. The 13 defendants are accused of extorting union initiation and membership fees from workers at the Chrysler plant, 5S00 East-em Ave., under threat of causing them to lose their jobs. TRAVEL UNITED'S MAINLINERS UNITED'S six daily Main-liner schedules to San Francisco enable you to spend the day at the Golden Gate International Exposition without missing a single night at home. Go by United for comfort and scenic enjoyment. For anywhere by air, call United. Also travel agents, hotels. UNITED SAN FRANCISCO 1 Ihrs. ' I i SEATTLE i I 1 DfiRTlAND I I 7hr$.2nin. i I CHICAGO . I I Uhrs.42mifi. I NEW YORK . I I l6hr$.lni,u 1 I 1o58r,iuctloMMrun4-triptru 1 PHONE J sl Trinity p355 V2J AIR LINES S0W SI St., lot InidM 1832 im t, Ho)loo V I ,r , "WICKER ROSE" M M ', .' m r dVS'vir IF JK.-.." S - - "V ' 1 Mt m 11 XVS II II II t I V l l 1 1 X III JM 1 - f r - a fill sr i i i vyrv i i i i i i m i sr i i i i 'M' mi it it 'in i ju i iw. v Mi 1 1 - m"3 f3l'l easily afford Water Heating BIG NEWS! World rontons Wedgwood, Spodo Dinncrwero at fJow Low Prices! Newsl Special arrangements mak possible new low prices. Reductions effective on openstock selection or 16-pc. Starter Sets, including 4 each: Dinner Plates, Bread-Butter Plates, Cups, Saucers. Examples listed below: WEDGWOOD "TINTERN", SET PRICED.. $23.00 WEDGWOOD "BORROWDALE", SET $13.75 WEDGWOOD "CLEMATIS", SET.... $14.25 WEDGWOOD "CRIMSON VINE", SET $9.00 SPODE "CORNFLOWER", SET PRICED........ $16.75 SPODE "PRIMROSE". 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