Naugatuck Daily News from Naugatuck, Connecticut on December 9, 1949 · Page 9
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Naugatuck Daily News from Naugatuck, Connecticut · Page 9

Naugatuck, Connecticut
Issue Date:
Friday, December 9, 1949
Page 9
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Fire Takes Life Of f 1 T .diri; Iwo Rescued REACHES HER TEAK 1 AS AER1ALIST :-..:. Dec. 9— (UP)— A uJf year old girl wp.s ;h ;.::: u-rdny and. her •>•. hi r.-; were rescued •>:• \vhen fire swept nip. :.- iucn-ified as Linda '.•->'.d brother Donald :--:'!d Ji.-hn were car- by their mother, Mrs. , ' i ::•>-. Arnett had put j .:••-;: in their double- '[ then went across . L 1* with a neighbor. :•.-•. Arnett. wanted to hbjr some dolls she -'e the ArnettC' chil- '* r.iir.utes later, police Avno't looked out her •..r.dow and saw, smoke L '.f-;i«r house". " ' into her smoke-filled i ;•:•::': ipil the two boys | :'':rc-ihcr in the lov/er \ id. \vas • in the upper :•?. Arr.ctt. returned to -h? v.-p.s driven back by i :-.p.d =rr>.oke. T\Vo m?n .' •>. T:H' plrl but they, too, .-..•iv.'isl and reached - ' • :•.-• i:ikon to a hospital '.v-i- pr-,nounced dead. ; n:ld. Evelyn, \Tas in •-•.'. ar:.I her father was ' >:- trying to deter- caxise of the fire that •ne three-room house. HIGH OVER RUGGED Pacific peaks near Pasadena, Calif., circus aerialisv Marilyn Rich (left), 24, prepares to go into her thrilling routine in the clouds as her pilot. Royal Falconer, keeps the "copter on a steady course. At right, Marilyn starts one of her intricate series of somersaults while luspended from rings beneath helicooter. (International Soundphoto) Arrangements J.' -StoTfes. secretary of i ' CK Aerie of Eagles, an: v thit plans ha\-e been .'••r "he past president's ••• i.-.-it'. i"j-?c. 17 in the Aerie r: <i the annual children's - - •:•;.- ;•.. Ije held Dec. IS - •;; --.vs i-iaii. - ~ ; _'. 1 "t't:nment co:nmittce, ;• F-aymond Decker, is also '. •'-' .he annual New Year's •• to be held Dec. 31 in : -~r.-=. On Dec. 11 James ..:•:• director, will speak at ::>-vlinsr. which will be ' ; paying of the district '•. - ••••."! inif tournaments. Re. 'Ji!; be served. AY GRILLE Main St. ijsily Dinner 50c ap •:.«. STAG PARTIES, Et^ ICn^ni, Cackfail Lounge :>;; Liquor License Touring Opera Company Next Wed Loew's, Waterbury Charles L. Wagner's touring opera company will (present the famous operatic twin bill, CAVAL- LHRIA RUSTICANA and I PAG- LIACCI on M r ed_nesday evsning", December 14th. at 8.30 P. M., at the Loew's Poli Theatre, Waterbury. A company of eighty, including a nand-picked orchestra of thirty of New York City's finest musicians, will re-enact the two- highly dramatic, melodic music-dramas. Leading roles will be sung by the most'gifted younger American artists. They will be supported by a mixed chorus of twenty young American singers, each of whom has been carefully selected for voice, appearance, and acting ability. Artistic direction of Mr. Wagner's company for the tenth season will be in the cxeperignced hands of Desire Defrera, one of the world's mo.-t versatile stage directors, who. for many years was leading baritone and "stage director for the Opera Comique, Paris, and the Chicago and Metropolitan Opera companies. Musical direction of the tuneful drama-packed Mascagni and Leoncavallo scores have been entrusted to Nicholas Rescigno. one of. the most talen- ted of today's younger conductors. As usual with Mr. Wagner's productions, brand new scenery by Cirker and Robbins; and entirely new, colorful, and authentic cos- tume.s will grace tha stage. CA- VALLERIA RUSTICANA and PAGLIAOCT will 'oe Mr. Wagner' eleventh operatic venture in the past ten seasons. His productions have set a new standard of high quality opera on tour at modest ticket prices. Barber Shop Singers In Ansonia Concert The Salem Village Four and The Naugatones, quartets of the Naugatuck Barber Shop Singers, will join in a "Parade of Quartets." to be heard Saturday night in the Ansonia High school in a benefit show for the Derby-Shelton community swimming pool fund. The show is being given under the auspices of the Derby chapter of Barber Shop Singers. The swimming pool project is being sponsored by the Derby-Shelton Rotary club. THE AIR TODAY] 5:30—WATP.—NAUOATOCK NEW* —WHUY—111 School HI Lltea WTIC—JUHI PlulD Bill . WWCO—Tom Mix t:45—wnny—Curt Maasey WT1C—Front I'HBU F.irrell 6:00—All Stations—News li; I j—WATIi—KIIDI-IH W\Vi;<>—SimrUeopo W'J'IC—Strictly Hporta 0 :30—WATIl—Von Tolml; Sports WUKY— John A. Cluney ' WWCO—Wlic>'« TalklriK V.'TIC—Wrichtvlllc KolkH B:-l" — WATI1—Guv l^imbarilu WTIC—3 Star Kxtrn WHUY—l^owoll Thornns 7 :00—\VATI1— lluailiinhs lOillticm WI!IIY—r.lnoHl Slar WTIC-Multt Up Time WWCd—Kuiinr. L.OWIH. Jr. 7:J5—WA'L'H— I'luinc Your AnHwcr WTIC—Nil wn WBRV—Adventures ol Babe Uuth WWCU—TwlllKht Spec. 7:30—WATIi— Li.ston to Ann Orenlcr wnriv—cuiu in WWCO—Galiriel Hcntter WTIC—Guost Star 7:43—WATR—Bine Crosby WWCO—I Love A Mystery WBR-Y—Edward R. Murrow WTIC—Album o[ the Week 8:00-WATR—The Pat Man WTIC—Henry Morfjan Show WBRY—The Goldbergs WWCO—RUHH Morgan 8 :30—WATR^-Your FBI WBRY—My Favorite Husband WWCO—On The Green WTIC—We. the People 8 :•!•— WWCO—SpnlllRht on a Star 0:00-WATR—Ozzie & Harriett WTIC—lilfo ol Riley WBRY—Leave It To Joan WWCO—Air Force Hour 9 : 30—WATR—TBA WTIC—Jimmy Durante WRRY—Youmj Love WWCO—.Muet The Press 10 :00—WTIC—Directors Playhouse 'WATIl-LaStarza vs. 'Brloil WBflY—Persuit WWCO—News Commentator 10:1 K—WWCO—Newsrcel 10:30—WTTC—Sports Newsren! WATR—Virun Vs. Felton WBRY—Capitol Cloakroom WWCO-Marvin Miller 10:45—WTT(7—T>ru and Co- WWCO—Music You Want 11 :00—All Stations—News 11 :ir>—WATR-Sporta WTIC—News WWCO—US Today WBRY—Nito Shift 11 :30— WATR—Gems ; Dance WTIC—Dance Orch. WWCO—Dance Orch. 12:00—All Slatlona—Nnwa WNHC-TV Cliunnul « C:00—Ted Rlo(-'lo Shaw fi:80—Tololunen ll;0(l—Film Thcntcr 6:30—Lucky Pup li :4li—Tele-nine* 7:00—Kukln, Fran & OI11« 7:30—Morton Downey 7 :4i>—Nowareel 8:00—M:i ma S :80—\fe. the People 8 :00—Versatile Varlctlua V ::<0—niK Story 10:00—Hi ixlllK 11:00—Orentest FiRhta 11:15—Spurts Highlights WCns Channel S 15:00—Ted steele 5:30—The Chuck Wagon fi: 30—Lucky Pup 8:4ij—Bob Howard Show 7:00—Strictly For Laughs 7:15—Paul Arnold Show 7:30—CBS Television News 7:4"}—Sonny Kenrtt-s Show 7:55—Herb Shrlner 5 : 00—Mama 8 :30—Mnn Against Crime !> :00—TV Theater 10:00—Poonle'H Platform 10:30—Capitol Cloakroom 11 :00—Newsreel WNHT Channel 4 5:15—Jufly Splinters 6 -.SO—Howdy Doody fi:00—Children's Theater <i:30—Easy Does It B :fi!)—Weatherman 7:00—Kukla, Fran & Ollle 7:30—Morton Downey 7 :45—News Caravan 8:00—One Man's Family 8:30—We. The People 0 -.on—Black Rolie 9:30—Big Story 10 :00—Boxlne in-4?;—Oreatest Fltes 11 :00—Sports Hilltes CIGABET ORIGIN New York—First cigarets made in America ,in New York in 1867, were traced to two Turks, according to the industry's records. Liquor Commission Warns Against Use Of Neon Light Sips <By United Press) The State Liquor Control commission warns owners of liquor establishments not to display neon Hig-ns advertising hard drinks. Commissioner John C. Kelly says a number or places have neon or NAUGATUCK KKWK (CONN.), FRIDAY, DEC. », 1949— PACE • OLDEST UNIVERSITY Madrid—The University of Sal:t- marica in Spain is one of the <>1<1- ct in Europe, having been founded before 1230. electric signs advertising package stores or cocktail lounges. He says that such practice is il- lejjal under a section of the state liquor control act. Violations of the law, says Kelly, are "considerable." Kelly says the licenses of some violators, have been suspended for as much as six months. GIGANTIC BIRD London—A New Zealand bird, the Giant Moa, now extinct, weighed about 500 pounds and was believed to be about nine feet high. CHEESE FILL BUNS and COFFEE CAKE CHRISTMAS COOKIES CHEESE CAKES BIRTHDAY CAKES CITY BAKERY MAPLE ST. TEL. S87» Open Dally 6:30 A. M. to 8 P. M. OLD MEASURE Boston—A cubit, the distance between the elbow and the tip of the middle finger_'was used as an ancient measure'ment. !s Good Business To Work Refreshed SOTTLED UNDER AUTHORITY OF THE COCA-COLA COWPANY IY COCA-COLA BOTTLING COMPANY OF WATERBURY, INC. © 1949, Th. Coca-Cola Company »• Real Truck Bargains 1949 Chevrolet 2 ton 12' Stake Truck. Very low mileage—good as new — only $1500.00. 1947 Ford y 2 ton Pickup — Excellent condition—only $750.00. New Ford Bonus Built Trucks from 4700 to 21500 Ibs. gross vehicle weight. The Naugatuck Fuel Co. 87 Church St. Ford Dealer CHRISTMAS CLUB NOW OPEN /v /S /v /v /v /v /v /v /v FOR EVERY MEMBER OF THE FAMILY It's Time To Start That Christmas Club Again The most popular form of saving in America /\ s\ '\ s\ s\ s\ ytv PICK YOUE OJWN CLUB CLASS Deposit Receive Bi-Weekly Nc!tt November $1.00 2.00 4.00 6.00 10.00 20.00 'f+f*+4 S25.00 50.0O 100.00 150.00 250.00 500.00 The NAUGATUCK NATIONAL BANK MEMBER FEDEBAL DEPOSIT INSURANCE CORPORATION • FEDERAL RESERVE SYSTEM '\ s\ s\ s\ s\ s\ s\ /v /v /v y <& Did You Know .«. That you can give up to #3,000 to any number of persons in any one year without having to declare it and without having to pay a gift tax? TKat you can reduce your own estate taxes by distributing your securities or savings by making gifts to your relatives, friends and benefactors? Why not give a lasting gift by buying and giving enough .stock of a utility company to pay the utility bills of a relative, j friend or benefactor? CONNECTICUT LIGHT and POWER CO. HOW LARGE IS THEIR MONTHLY BILL? COSTING TO PAY A BUY 10 Shares 12 Shares 15 Shares 20 Shares 25 Shares 30 Shares 35 Shares ABOUT $ 585.00 702.00 877.50 1,170.00 1,462.50 1,755.00 2,047.50 MONTHLY BILL $2.70 3.25 4:06 5.42 6.77 8.12 9.48 OF iH j I am interested in buying enough shares of the Connecticut I Light and Power Co. to pay a monthly bill of $ I How many shares will I need to buy? I Name I Street-, [ City or Town __— I In the case of married women investors, please giv«>. mairl»n ] first name. (NN)I Why Not Buy Enough Sharem of This Company to Have the Dividends PAY YOUR OWN ELECTP.IC BILL? PUTNAM & CQ 6 Central Row, Hartford Tel. 5-0151 OUR NAUGATUCK REPRESENTATIVE IS MR. G. HORACE BALDWIN Please Call Waterbury 5-0238 (Reverse Charges)

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